Return of the Kardashians



They’re baaaack. The whole Kardashian klan was at Les Deux last night celebrating the Season 2 launch of their reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. See more photos below of Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kris & Bruce Jenner, Evan Ross, and Brittny Gastineau.

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  1. Shortstop says:

    Who wants to see a show with a HO and her washed up family. Her mom thinks acts and dresses like she 21 and Khole has anger issues the two little ones are disrespectful and poor Bruce is just a push over. I saw it one time and was like this is what TV haS turned into. She would’nt had a TV show if her and RJ did not have sex tape.

  2. capecod183 says:

    Give me a break! This entire family (except Bruce) is a train wreck! The mother is the pimp foe her slutty, skanky-ass daughters and they could all use enemas to clean out their stinking !~@ es. Too bad Bruce wasn’t there from the beginning, maybe then this family of ho’s would’ve had a chance. It’s too late for them know, all they know is to shake their !~@ es to make money. They put themselves
    above other people. They’re all `&*&& s, even (especially) Mom. What a (*(&* she pimps her own kids for gods sake!
    I’m too through with this “family” and it cracks me up weekly when I read something about them crying about “class”. Gimme a break, CLASS???? what do they know about class? HO class?

  3. mshytiger says:

    I like to watch Khloe on the Kardashian’s. She seems so real to me. She hides her sensitive side, but she definetely does have a caring and sensitive side. I love the show. You all have so much fun.

  4. Just ME!!! says:

    The show is awesome… But sometimes its all about Kim and not the “Kardashians” In my personal opinion… Although, Kim is beautiful… I see me wanting to know more about Kourtney!!! I think she is the hottest of the three. Whereas for Khole, she looks more to be the offspring of China from the WWE, ready to fight all the time. Even in some of Khloe’s posses, you get the glimps of China!!! LOL!!! Kris, the mother… well… She is beautiful… of course, being mommy… she is older but carries herself very well. You can definately see where Kourtney and Kim get their outstanding looks. Again, Kourtney being my fav, I really want to see an episode on just her. Rob… dont settle down with just anyone… keep in the same light as your sisters…. and good things will come to you as well.

  5. says:

    slim; I love the Kardashian i love Khole, i fine she is so amazing thats ma girl hala.

  6. Crap says:

    I think Kim Kardshian is the HOTTEST GIRL her sisters are hot too but KIM KARDASHIAN IS BEAUTIFUL.

  7. Priscilla Ruiz says:

    i really look up to the kardashian girls there unbelievebly gorgeous !:]