Adrianne Curry: Hiding a Baby Bump?



The last time we caught Adrianne Curry she was hurling her birth control pills into the Pacific ocean while her child-hungry hubby watched on with glee. The model turned up on Tuesday night with her man Chris Knight, and her outfit had all the staples of a pregnancy cover-up! Loose dress, strategically placed scarf – is it possible Mrs. Knight is hiding something? Check out the pics below to sleuth it out – while she looks a littke round, we’ve included some pics of her taken at a black tie event on March 14th that barely make a blip on our baby radar. What gives?

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  1. Country78321 says:

    OMG, is she preggers. I can’t wait too see Christopher on Celebrity Circus on NBC on Wednesday June 11th at 8:30/7:30 C.

  2. KB says:

    I really do think she may be hiding a baby bump! She’s always wearing things that accent her curves, so this definetely looks like she’s hiding something, like a little Curry-Knight?!!

  3. Mark says:

    Who gives a f*** whether or not a “reality skank” tis trying to make it with a washed up “actor” from a 1969 sit com.
    I find the “reality shows” that Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry are involved in are a waste of film.
    Chris, AKA “Peter”, We don’t give a damn about you or your life & your Skank Fame )!_**(`)~@+%&&@(` You are a hasbee\n, washed up former child actor…..and that was 30+ plus years ago.
    Get a Real Life and NOT on VH1!

  4. Mark says:

    Who gives a f*** whether or not a “reality skank” tis trying to make it with a washed up “actor” from a 1969 sit com.
    I find the “reality shows” that Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry are involved in are a waste of film.
    Chris, AKA “Peter”, We don’t give a damn about you or your life & your Skank Fame (&!`~*^$^(@`+$+~_ Wanna Be Wife”
    You are a has been, washed up former child actor
    Whom is whoring out his last days on VH1……and that was 30+ plus years ago.
    Get a Real Life and NOT on camera, cause we don’t give a damn!

  5. susan says:

    I may be ignorant, but I think they seem happy – she clearly went after him, but sometimes men need a push. She is a hoot for sure, but as crazy as she is I think there are some feelings of being ‘normal’ and settleing down in a home and family.
    God does that sound corny…..

  6. courtney1250 says:

    awwwwwww I hope so!! no beautiful model would be wearing that unless there was something to hide!! im sure shes waiting for the right time to tell everyone..adorable. chris got his wish :) my fair BABY!! coming soon

  7. jiggles says:

    it’s about time. and good luck to them

  8. amc says:

    if ever a manipulator walked the earth, it’s this chick. she zeroed in on a weak-minded middle aged man and used sex and emotional black-mail (ie tears) to coerce him to marry her. you’d think she was in desperate need of a greencard. she tells him that she wants his baby for years and now that he finally is ready, she doesnt want one. he should call her bluff and get that vasectomy he wanted, since it’d comply with her ‘wishes’. but wait, she said that it was a control issue. not like she has one.

    i sincerely hope that they don’t have kids. i truly do. cos this is one seriously +)@#`*`$^$$*#$#$ ed up relationship. and you can’t say that the appearance of happiness means that they’re ok. they’ve been going to therapy 3 times a week since way before they got married. you do that when the marriage is falling apart… not when you’re about to get married. talk about trying to force a square peg into a round slot! on top of that, they have a doctor on the take! all the referred doctors chris tried all said the same thing: it’s not a healthy situation and adrianne has serious issues. don’t get married. so vh1 had to find a therapist that would agree with adrianne and therefore ensure celebreality gold. he tried mamma brady, but she saw and called the situation for what it was, and offered instead to consult them after the divorce.

    how she charges like doctor pine. she’ll make a mint of of them.

  9. Krissy says:

    I don’t she’ll ever give that man a baby!

  10. Rachelle says:

    you are right because in the grey dress she has a obvious baby bump but in the black dress it doesnt look like it r u guys sure that the black dress picture was taken after the grey dress picture or whattt cause i dont want to think about th other option but i dont think she would have done that it might have been a food baby lol.

  11. brandie says:

    Everyone has their own opinion about both of them. She may be trash to some but if you think about it. She has had a rough life. Being pull from her family at five and molested by a stranger, then raped as a teen. If she didn’t give up on herself by audtioning for the American’s Next top Model, she would probably be dead. But guys come on. She pull herself up from that, give her credit. As for as Chris, some of you don’t know that he made it big in the IT industry and became an entrepreneur. He became more financially sucessful doing that than being a child actor. Last, it was meant, as GOD has things happen for a reason and for them to meet and of all places on a reality show. She fell for him hard, NOT for his money but because he made her heart melt. She is not the only women younger than him he has dated. She was different and of course, her looks, body, and age all had a part, but she stole his heart. They had problems, but it is trully love for them.

  12. brenda davis says:

    is Adrianne Curry pregnant or not?

  13. sarahbelll says:

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