Wendy Williams’ Sex Harassment Scandal


wendywilliams.jpgPopular radio DJ and VH1 star Wendy Williams is suddenly swirling in controversy after her talent booker recently came forward and filed a complaint against her husband, Kevin Hunter, accusing him of sexual harassment. Nicole Spence is alleging that Hunter propositioned her for sex on numerous occasions and also “created a hostile work environment by repeatedly beating up Williams.” Wendy is defending her man – who is ten years her junior and serves as her manager – and when interviewed by the NY Post snapped, “Her allegations are totally false. This b*tch is out of her mind.”

Surely this will all play out in court, but Spence’s attorney is already talking big. She tells SOHH that, “We have clear evidence and other witnesses at the company who will back it up, that Mr. Hunter engaged in blatant and open sexual harassment. He did this in the office, in front of other people. The company was aware of this, the head of Human Resources was aware [and] all of this supports her claims strongly.”

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  1. kiara says:

    witney are you on crack?

  2. andre says:

    hey burn you before,he’ll do it again.you know your husband a bum.he was abum when you met him,come on wendy you that man did that,who’s the donkey now

  3. andre says:

    kevin is a bum,he from brooklyn wendy never tell nobody too leave there man again.kevin is fake,and stop useing the white man name.how can rock a name like that ,with wendy money.he a cheaper with know money.without you wendy he still be selling sneakers

  4. tail says:

    Andre learn to write or speak english. Wendy we will refrain from any judgements until all info is known. I hope it is all somekind of hype.

  5. cece says:

    hi wendy what going on why is she doing this to you . i hope that every thing works out for you and your family this is not good for lil kev .

  6. cece says:

    andre ez bro

  7. QUEEN says:

    I guess Wendy has really made it now she is the one being talked about.
    The girl(nicole) was interesting on the show but it was obvious that she was free with it.
    Thats just one Queens opinion.

    p.s.Wendy is not the girl that was jacked up by dr.dre.


  8. raquel says:

    I am not sure why Nicole would come forward and say sometihing like this, if it was not true! I believe Nicole. Wendy knows, her husband has gone between her back before. Wendy you wake up!!

  9. Hip-Hop Fever Promotions, L.L.C. says:

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    Hip-Hop Fever Promotions

  10. jennifer parra says:

    Maybe you should have let your BOSS know what the get down was instead of being “the victim” and trying to make BOSS Williams one too. Wendy probably could have taken care of it internally, cut you a fat ##&`)!$$+~*%~!% check and sent you on your ” I wanna work for you” way,. Seems to me Wendy is a strong woman and wouldn’t accept any abuse from her man or YOU! If any truth comes out of all these allegations, I’m sure she’s going to straighten all of it out, which means even more support from the public because she will really be on their minds and they will be tuning in to see what her next move is going to be. You my love, will soon be forgotten or only remembered as the one who put a dent in her pocket book, her man will get counseling and Wendy will still be on top( even if her man thought it would be you)!!!!!! Good Luck to all involved

  11. khalila lamb says:

    f…uck nicole if she had a problem with hood heff she should’ve said something a long time ago that chick is buggen stay strong hodd heff kaliya from the bricks oh how u doin heyyyy.. wendy.

  12. Izzy says:

    I believe Nicole Spence Wendy.Why would she risk losing her career for a lie.What reason for her to lie.Wendy i hope that you find the truth sooner than later.I wish you the best and i hope that you and Nicole will be cool again after you find out that she wasn’t lying, she’s so cute and sexy!!!

  13. drea says:

    There is a higher probability that Nicole is telling the truth, and Big Black&Ugly Kev is guilty of what he is being accused of.Why wouldn’t Wendy W. defend him, its that old psycological syndrome. Fear he might leave you regardless of who the breadwinner is in this family.
    Do remember they have a child togather as well. For her its cheaper and easier to keep the DONKEY. Wendy can give advice which is ludacris, but does not seem to want to accept her situation. She’s comfortable. I don’t blame her. SAme situation myself. One more thing did I hear her say she is a size four or six. She more looks like a 10 or 12. SERIOUSLY WENDY

  14. Phyllis Demby says:

    When your moving up there always someone trying to pull you down, keep your head up Wendy because GOD dont like ugly.

    love you

    Phyllis Hackensack NJ.

  15. sweetmurphy says:

    Wendy Williams is female?????? I’m SHOCKED!!!!! Seriously, I thought she was a DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea who she is, but I saw her ad for her show, and I SWEAR to GOD, I thought she was a GUY!!!!!!! Are you sure she’s not a MAN????????? DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. JAMES SPENCE says:

    Hello Wendy Williams my name is James and my wife and I have developed a jewelry line and I would love to send you one of her signature bracelets. Would you be interested? If you are could you please send me and address where I can send them.
    Thanks in advance for allowing us the opportunity to be able to accessorize one of radios top personality.


    James Spence
    General Partner of Inami Jewelry

  17. Butch from the Bronx says:

    I am a 60 year young Man and Look an leston to your show my
    lady is 16 years my jonior I fine your show Smart and SnappyI feel your show best wishes Iam Proud of you Question who is your Foot doctor and were can we me him


  18. mr raymond says:


  19. JANET KIRTDOLL says:

    Hi Wendy,
    I hope all that mess is behind, and I’m sure the person looks like a mud duck trying to get a fast break. But enough of that, I would like to know when your coming to the West coast to do a show, I would like to be in the audience. Stay up like you are and as a Big Woman you inspire me to get up out of this depression I’m in and start dressing, it’s been a long haul, but I tried to commite suicide a few years back due to low self esteem issues. Stay strong my sister and don’t let the haters take place, the devil is a lie.

    Best !

  20. jim says:

    wendy im sorry but your ugly. to much plastic, now you look like a man………….

  21. jimjones says:

    sorry wendy your ugly, to much plastic, and now you look like a man.

  22. Marquetta says:

    Wendy, love your show! Ya no…some people are like slinkies. They are good for nothing but they bring a smile to push them down a flight of stairs! Ha Ha Stay strong and forget about all the crazy people who talk 2 much. Oh by the way…check out my book “Valerie’s Eyes!” Marquetta Brown-Cagg! I’m a newly published Sista! Smile

  23. JELLIE says:


  24. Wendy fan says:

    Wendy I think your are so funny and I love that you have this tell it like it is attitude. You just keep being who you are and be strong. This could be a lie because people like to shut the big mouth girl of the bunch down by finding dirt to push you under the bus. I know this because im a big mouth. I just hope that you have thick skin because people see your succes and they are wishing they were you. Your funny and everyone where i live loves you I have the whole town talking about you and watching your show. You are doing it for the black females and males and from one black sista to another keep on doing it for us. You are a friend in my head and I love you . I will be praying for you ttyl

  25. Don Johnson says:

    Wendy William is a DUDE!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Cano says:

    HI, Wendy the show is a huge success dont let haters ruein you swagg.

  27. Ernest C. says:

    I can see why he did it because you are so fake, you dont know jack you just think you do, so thats why he did it Wendy get a life and get rid of the fake hair and nails and ack like a real woman.

  28. RealSista says:

    Wendy Hoooow you dooing. I love your show but I still wanna know were you ever a man.You have a lot of male features.

  29. Gary says:

    My wife and I are wondering if you are male or female?

  30. China Elishamashen Zodivulkan says:

    Who is Nicole Spence? It is a good match when Perry Ellis stands for portfolio, and Felina Jacqui stands for Exclusiveness, but the talent of an employees has to be based on being good for business. Each employee is hired to improve business not replace personal relationships. So where has the IQ fallen in such a situation as an uncreative work environment. The stupid IQ is not acceptable for business or industry.

  31. A. Turner says:

    Hi Wendy;
    I love your show. Your parents are so loving,fun, and cute. I too suffered three miscarriages. I was told by doctors that I had to have major corrective surgery before I could conceive. Well, ten years later and no surgery, I had a miracle son. He is now 19 years old and is serving in the US Army. I was over protective of him as well. We lost my husband, his father three years ago. My Son and I have always been very close and I just wanted to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing.

  32. MP3VA says:

    A thoughtful opinion and ideas I will use on my website. You’ve obviously spent some time on this. Congratulations!