Celebrity Fit Club – Episode 3 – Dunkleman, Out!


Sometimes it seems like Fit Club is about everything BUT working out. Though surely Dunkleman burned some calories at his bachelor party, right? This looks pretty challenging:


Our Top 5 Moments from this week’s episode of Celebrity Fit Club await you, below the jump! And don’t forget to tune this and every Sunday at 8PM to catch Fit Club at its new time slot.

5. Toccarra’s Time Out


We start where we left off last week – Toccarra’s delightful meltdown. Frankly we were shocked by her spazz-fest, especially after getting to know her on Top Model and her first Fit Club stint. But hey, every lady’s got freak out once, and at least she followed it with some heart felt sorries. AJ doesn’t seem to be buyin’ it – though our guess is that he’s headed for his own drama soon enough. And yes, we got misty-eyed when T apologized to Dr. Ian – though maybe his fine looks just make our eyes water.

4. AJ vs. Ant


Ant is sassy, and he seems get sassier – and skinnier – each season. So it was no surprise that he went after AJ when the blue team member flaunted a little ‘tude. We think the guys should have gotten back in last week’s fighting ring to determine a winner. Who do you think came out on top?

3. Cakes and Whips and Strippers, Oh My!


It seems like the Fit Clubbers find some reason each week to throw an enormous party full of all the food and drink Dr. Ian really doesn’t want them to digest. But who cares – Brian’s getting married, ya’ll! Though it WAS a little creepy to watch him get raunchy with the stripper as his lounging teammates looked on, it wasn’t as creepy as this:

2. Erin Grins and Bares it


Seriously, what is there to say about Erin? Every week we discover that America’s beloved Joanie has slowly but wonderfully gone crazy while we were all watching Full House for 20 years. Let’s see here:

- her manic laugh
- her love of booze
- her bizarre party outfit
- her sexy, sexy dance moves
- her serious attempt to be Brian’s final fling before husband-hood
- and oh yes, the fact that she does this five times an episode:


Makes Erin our favorite Fit Clubber this far.

1. Dunk’s Departure


Of course the battle between Harvey and the Dunk just had to be our number 1 moment this week. It’s baffling why people continue to give Harvey and the other judges so much effin’ tude. They.Are.Trying.To.Help.You.Guys!!! But alas, Brian couldn’t handle the Harv and he revealed his true feelings with a few face smirks. When Harvey called him out on it, he bolted. But maybe his exit wasn’t as dramatic as he wanted to make it, as it seems he was just headed for his wedding afterall. You didn’t fool us Dunks! But will he be back or has the team captain ditched his team for good?

Honorable Mention: Saved by a Back Injury

Dustin can handle porn sex but not this workout? Puh-leasssssse.


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  1. Patty says:

    I think Dustin is more of dork on this show then he was on Saved by the Bell…………Harvey is the man, he is not unfair,unjust or anything to that nature and Mr. Whimp Dustin is making it be a racist thing….He won’t take responsibility for himself and not finishing what he starts and bringing his whole team down…….He is such a wuss, the girls and a 7 year old could upstage his sorry butt………..what a poor excuse of a human being………..now he’ll probably try and sue me……….he is just pathetic………………I don’t know how he can live with his sorry butt…………….get a life and grow up SCREECH……………….you’re such a WHIMP…………….pull your weight and quit running off like a damn baby who can’t get a piece of candy in a candy store……………2nd time is a charm kiddo…………….

  2. themadrussian says:

    I am so sick of Dustin. Why did they ever let him come back after the first season. I’m with Harvey. Dustin’s behavior is inexcusable. Get a life Dustin and stop trying to blame others for your behavior and your inadequecies. You were lame as an actor and you are just as lame as a human being. You must have gotten picked on alot as a kid. You need to start taking responsibility for yourself and stop hiding behind your religion. You condemn yourself by the way you act and throw your Jewish bagkground in everyone’s face. No one cares what religion you are, You are an !&_ hole and only you can change people’s opinion of you. Harvey is doing you a favor by telling you exactly how it is. You are a weak individual. Way to go Harvey. Obviously Dustin has never been told the truth about himself by anyone and that truth apparently hurts. Stay gone Dustin because you are not worthy to be on any TV show.

  3. kiki says:

    I am so proud of you Dustin, I’ve been cheering for you this whole entire time during celebity fit club.
    Your the one I want to finish and succeed through this. I have so much confindence in you. I am doing my own fitness bootcamp right now, and its hard. I watch every week because of you! Your doing great this season! Keep up the good work, you look good!

    Love everyone,


  4. b.ortiz says:

    What happened to Celebrity Fit Club? I know some of the actors were $&)^#`%&!^+##*% es but the show was good. Reality show are known for the ups and downs. Is it coming back/