Celebrity Fit Club – Episode 4 – No Dog Tags for Dustin


Believe it or not, this is actually a face of pure joy:


But then again, this is also the man who declared climbing a tower “better than sex.” So, you know.

Here we go, our Top 5 Moments from this week’s Celebrity Fit Club. Let’s start with the moment that wasn’t really a moment at all:

5. Dustin Disappears

What, you actually thought he was going to behave this season? Dustin finally lived up to his bad boy rep by failing to show up for this week’s Boot Camp. After a group grilling – complete with a little detective work by Toccarra – the group concludes that there’s no good reason for DD to be missing. His absence possibly causes them to lose the challenge, and definitely helps them to lose moral, which is funny because not having him around seems pretty great! But thanks to his laziness, our girl Toccarra stepped it up and is now stepping in. More on that later.

4. Dunkleman’s Didn’t Mean to be a Dick


What happened Brian, 4 days of marriage make you soft? The Dunks got back into boot camp by offering Harvey a seriously apology, and low and behold Harvey accepted it! Eh, they’re both softies at heart. Back to the game.

3. By Challenge, We Mean Hell on Earth

WTF was up with this week’s challenge (and other activities! Krav Maga?!)? We have a feeling this obstacle course (featuring Harvey on hose duty) was created just for the Sargent’s enjoyment. And enjoy it he did.


We wish we could say that for the players, however.


The climbing challenge was also particularly brutal, and Sommore took it the hardest, hanging on to the structure for almost an hour. She wept through the entire thing and almost made it to the top. Way to go, girl!


But you know who DID love the whole thing?

2. Lil’ Miss Crazy Faces!


You know - ERIN.


There she is, Harvey’s firecracker! She’s on track to lose weight and wept after completing her climb. She may like booze, but she LOVES a good work out.

But the BEST moment this week?

1. One Word: TOCCARRA

Talk about a 180! The girl took Dustin’s absence and turned it into her time to shine. From helping Willie with his Dead Weight Challenge…


to kickin’ ass, Krav Maga style…


Toccarra totally brought it. Wait, did we say Toccarra? We meant CAPTAIN Toccarra.


Oh come ON. Were you really that surprised?

Amazingly, this is the face Harvey makes when speaking positively and crowning T the new team leader:


He was in such a good mood this week! We think we know the reason why…but what’s gonna happen what that reason returns next week? Celebrity Mayhem Club!

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