Can’t Anyone Put the Axl Back Into Velvet Revolver?


guns-n-roses.jpgLooks like the halcyon days of John Varvatos camaraderie are over. The increasingly internecine relationship between Velvet Revolver and their red-headed lead singer, Scott Weiland, has come to a breaking point. Speaking to the NME, Slash explained that “There will be a third album . . . . We don’t know how or when but the core four guys will continue.” This comes after Weiland announced that the band might never tour again, and Velvet Revolver’s subsequent in-fighting hit the Internet. Idolator has a list of replacements for Slash and company (Rod Stewart! Yeah!), and, in not-unrelated news, Weiland is heading up the Stone Temple Pilots reunion tour this summer. Yay. [Ed.: Yay?]

Elsewise, Dr. Pepper issued a challenge last week to reclusive former Velvet Revolver singer Axl Rose, explaining that the soft-drink company would give a free can of Dr. Pepper to every American (with the exception of guitarists Buckethead and Slash), should Guns N’ Roses’ long-delayed, Howard Hughes-soap-opera-esque album Chinese Democracy see the light of day in 2008. Denying any involvement in the promotion, Axl explained that he found the offer flattering and that he’d share his fizzy beverage with Buckethead. Ouch, right? But also whatever. Look, Axl, if Velvet Revolver is missing a lead singer, we can’t think of another redhead who qualifies better than you. Can no one get Guns N’ Roses — the real Guns N’ Roses — back together? Please? We have an inkling that people would rather see even the worst, loosest, 20-minute-long version of “Coma” as played by Axl, Slash, Duff, Matt and that other guy than a tight “Interstate Love Song” performed by Weiland, the DeLeo brothers and that other guy. Just an inkling, though.

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  1. gnrfan says:

    Oh man yes I would give anything to see that just one time to see these guys perform together. just one time

  2. Johnnymo says:

    Hey everybody…
    my name is John Mamone.
    check out my audition for Velvet Revolver on Youtube. I sing Fall to Pieces.

  3. SarahBunz says:

    Axl is so hot ! ! !

  4. john wayne says:

    They all just need to get there head outta there *&$%`$!^+`~$~$& and get it together. u know how badass a guns reunion would be

  5. Sherry Barker says:

    Chinese Democracy was dismal at best…just cnned heat…tin sounding and Axl’s voice is kaboots!
    A get together would be dismal too with his voice gone!
    What I don’t understand is, since Axl did not form the band, why should HE get to keep the “Guns N Roses” name, since he was the major reason it disbanded, because the name should have gone to Slash and the other guys who formed the original band. There should be no Velvet Revolver, it should be Guns N Roses, without Axl!