Ask Brooke Hogan Anything You Want!



Fans of Brooke Hogan probably can’t wait until the premiere of her upcoming VH1 show, you know, the one that documents the six-foot blonde bombshell spreading her wings in Miami. With no curfew. No rules. No Hulk. In preparation for Brooke Hogan Knows Best, everyone gets to ask the star some personal questions. Does she miss living with her family? What’s it like living in the public eye 24/7? Are any new boys in her life? Ask anything you want. We’ll forward them on, and Brooke will give her candid answers via video every week on while her show is airing. — Matt Muro

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  1. Leah says:

    Hi Brooke i was wanting to know when your new album is coming out cause i can’t wait for it. I was also wanting to know how you like living on your own now. It must have been hard going through what you did and doing what your doing now. I am an aspiring artist i was wanting to know how to get started and if i have to know how to play an insturment. Thanks Brooke Love ya,


  2. j says:

    brooke do you wear thongs

  3. sky7sosa says:

    do u wear a thong? and when are u goin to do a nude photo

  4. Deinell Young says:

    Hello Brooke,
    I think your great. My question is how do you stay in such great shape and do you have a special eating plan that you follow? Do you like sweets…cookies, cakes, chocolate, etc? Also, how do you resist the temptation of the food in Miami?

    Thank you so much. Looking forward to your new album.

  5. just says:

    do u wear thongs and when r you going to take nude pics so i can see them

  6. Damo says:

    Brooke wen you gonna show all of your great fan’s whats under that bikini. im sure all us guys are gaging for it.
    btw are you single.
    i can take you to places you have never been b4, wink wink!

  7. b-rad says:

    i think you are very beautiful do you like thongs i dont and are to ever come to iowa to see you live cause i would loce to see you plus you have the best butt i have ever seen thank you

  8. Adolfo says:

    hey Brook how many Miles can and do you run?do you play any sports and do you consider yourself an Athlete or you just do it to keep shape.

    by the way nice shape :)

  9. B-Town man says:

    hey Brooke, whats it like being the beautiful woman you are? And getting all these questions about wearing thongs??? I mean I bet you loook DAMN good in one, but when are you going to branch away and do the BROOKE thing. I think that you are an amazing woman and very very sexy!! Whats your plans for the rest of 08 and all of 09. Keep looking sexy and doing your thing! I would love to meet you sometime!!!!!!!!!! Wow your beautiful

  10. Skyler says:

    Hey beautiful,

  11. Skyler says:

    Hey beautiful,

    I just wanted to let you know that I think you are a wonderful woman and that you are very attractive. I know that I am a average person and that I do not have a lot of money but I would love to get to know you a little bit so if you are interested at all you have my email and you can also look at my myspace page I am willing to give you my myspace just email me if you want thanks for your time. Take care.

  12. J man says:

    Hey you are wonderfull

  13. Hollie Dean says:

    Hey your so sweet but sweet can get you so far how do you deal with all the mean people who are well not so friendly as the Mrs. Brook is?

  14. rebecca says:

    brooke i love your show im trying to be a better singer but i live now where and my family dont really like my singing what should i do ?

    i have one more problem imtriying to lose wieght besaus none of the guys at my school thnk im pritty i mean some times i think im gross looking to you no i know you dont have that problem but could you help me please

    ps love the show cant what to se your new show bye

  15. Michael says:


  16. paul says:

    oh no these guys on here thong this and that ask her a real question dumb _+!!$+%*#$_^~+~ es. how do you feel about these threting phoe calles to your dad? look if your dad has beef let me know my boys in toledo will take care of it. nick be cool jail aint that bad bro i been there just be your self in there and youll be fine.

  17. Bernard says:

    Can I motor boat your bossoms brooke? lol

  18. Andi Robinson says:

    Hey hey, have you seen my dun dun dun duns My da da da duns duns duns

    Just a quick question are you going to do a tour to MANCHESTER lol! i would love to see you live!
    look me up on facebook :)

    keep up the gud work

    xXx Andi Robinson xXx

  19. brooke hogan hater says:

    so virgin or not?

  20. Bryan says:

    Brooke… i dont understand. When i watched the episode of your dad asking the music producer’s to keep it clean and elegant, you go against that so bad. I feel let down from the little innocent brooke i use to watch and laugh with. now.. i see…

    ur beautiful and u dont need half “sexy” clothing to enhance your features.

    let me let you in on a secret. the more clothing you wear, the more your admired for self respect and true beauty, you can show skin with appropriate clothing without being trampy and provocative.

  21. Brooke Fan says:

    Hey Brooke… Just curious, do you wear thongs?

  22. Chase says:

    Brooke do you wear thongs? and have u really had sex before?

  23. Meliisa says:

    I watched the first episode of Brooke Knows Best. I loved it. I think it’s great that you are getting out on your own. I really liked your cell phone. Can you tell me what kind it is? Thank you, Melissa

  24. kylia marie says:

    hi brooke, i love your show and i think your beautiful , if you have ur own personal myspace request me i would love to talk to you some more i am a big fan … and if you ever need a personal &&@#^&)^!~##`~( istant i would love to be yous i live in philly and i would come all the way to miami just to help you out so you dont have alot to woory about….. you can email me at or on my myspace my email for that is or you can try my name kylia smith (classy but wild)

  25. Dustin Williams says:

    Hey Brook, I love your show and love your dad. I really feel bad for your mother, because she is just a money hungry #(%@`+!(^)&&^(@*@ Your dad is a great guy but i don’t need to tell you that. I only wish good things for you your dad and Nick. Your Mother needs HELP! She giving all your dad’s hard earned money to that punk!!!!!! When your new album coming out? And is your dad planning to have another show?

  26. lisa says:

    Hi brooke i just want to say that u are beautiful and i so enjoyed watching the frist episode today it was good you really are growing up even without your mom to talk to at least your dad is still around good luck with everything!!! thanks, love ya


  27. jimmy says:

    Do you wear thong underwear? ;)

  28. yessi says:

    hey brook iam a big fan of hulk hogan, i love when i see him in the ring waving the flag itmakes me so happy.
    im from africa and ihve been here four years now and can u give me your number, i wanted to talkto u about my dream, i play soccer andmy dream is to be in LA.
    i hope i get hear from u

  29. Nikka says:

    R u people kidding kidding me? Can u say ‘trans-gender’? Wow-man jaw.

  30. Brookefan says:

    I was watching your 2nd episode, which i love by the way it is always great to see you doing your own thing. My question is i seen your dad had a new tattoo on his wrist and i was just wondering what it was or said? Thanks keep up the great work.

  31. klg says:

    Hey Brooke i was just wondering what kind of diet and exercise you do so you stay in shape. i gained a bunch of weight and im trying to get back in shape cause i hate the way i look do you mind giving me a few secrets. by the way im loving Brooke Knows Best. looking forward to hearing from ya.

  32. Amy=) says:

    Hey Brooke! Like you, I have an overprotective dad who doesnt want me to date until I am 16. Most of my friends have already had a boyfriend, or are at least are allowed to! What did you do? Did you try to convince your dad to let you have a boyfriend, or did you sneak one? I dont know what to do, and I think you can help! Haha. BTW I love your show..I am watching it now! Please reply! Your my idol and the best!


  33. Keron says:

    Hey Brooke. I luv u so much and u r my role model. I am hoping 2 hear from u. I luv ur show Brooke Knows Best. My favorite episode was when u went shopping for ur new house with ur roomate and ur dad. Iwas also wondering how does it feel to not be with ur dad annymore and do u feel with ur parents divorce and everything???

  34. Lynne says:

    Hey Girl,

    You were so cool with your Mom the other day, I would be proud to have a daughter like you. My 13 yr old is “googleing” you already and watches your show. I know you’re going to have fun being on your own, but don’t think you have to do a lot of extra things that you normally wouldn’t just because the world is watching. Take advantage of that and show the world what your are really made of inside. (It seems like your parents are so beautiful inside so how could you not be like that yourself.)

    If you ever want to bounce something by me, shoot me an email

    Enjoy your future opportunities and endeavors,
    (darn…no spell check…LOL I hate that.)

  35. lili=]] says:

    Hey Brookeee Im Lili and I just wanted to write youu cause i think your kool and i live in Miami too!!!!Well not exactly like downtown but around somewhere there!!I love your new show and your apartment is gorgous!!!I hope your doing okayyy girl and God Bless You!!!=]]]



  36. truth hurts! says:

    BROOKE let me be honest with you… your parents are going thru a divorce your idiot brother hurt real bad his friend and you wanna move out on your own with cameras being a sluttt- but i understand your mom is such a pervvv that 19 year old can be her son she ruin her reputation BAD well and one last thing WOW your a giant B*TCH YOUR NOT CUTE YOU LOOK LIKE HOGAN you should be a wrestler YOUR WAY BIGGER than your boyfriends ha! …………………………oh and by the way check out that show THE SOUP on E ! they make fun of your show ………bie brooke..

  37. Ashlee says:

    Idk I don’t really have anything bad to say I kinda feel like I should just cuz everyone else is but I ain’t like that so Brooke just keep on doing what your doing and don’t fall into the lies people like to make, when I do the usual and flip threw channels I’ll see your show and of course stop and watch it and really its not bad, it just looks like your having a lot of fun. Im 19 and live with my now ex boyfriend and I have days were I just want to hop on a plane and go where ever.. just away. So for me hop in that jerpy filled hot tub and party…because you can!! lol

  38. chris says:


    i love your show its so awsome ur awsome. im 14. and ur so pretty talented,and ur always showing ur beautifull smile. and u have the most beautifull voice in the world i love u and keep on beautifull


  39. Ashley says:

    Hey Brooke I’m 11 years old and i love your show and i think your so pretty i want to look like you but I’m a brunet. and when i grow up gonna go to maim , Florida with my best friend and i live in California east los angles. i love you your so cool and so is Glen and Ashley. Well i wish you good luck on every thing. I Can’t wait to be on my own to. cause i have a lot of aunts and uncles and cusions and they protect me a lot saying i cant have a boyfriend until I’m 20 and you even had a boyfriend when you were in high school. Well thanks for you time and by the your really lucky for a dad around cause mines in jail but he didn’t get anything big and wish me luck because i want to become a singer to. Well Bye and please e-mail me


  40. feet says:

    you have sexy feet is there any close up pics of them?

  41. Zack says:

    i really want to do you………………

  42. will mercer says:

    hey brooke. i think ur really hot and i would do u and ur roomate (that girl)cause we could have a three some .well keep lokin hot and slutty cause i like sluts and yeah i already laid a girl please email me bac at aight piece cuz

  43. Brittany says:

    Hey, Brooke you’re AWESOME!!! I have a few quetsions;How do you keep fit? Where did you get your cell phone crystalized? Also, what is it like to be onyour own? I’m 14 and still living at home of course and I’m a cheerleader,so I’m keepin myself fit the best I can,I’m a flyer. I was wondering how you stay fit. I know funny thing to ask but, just curious. :) E-mail back when you get the chance. Oh, and how did you become a singer?

  44. laurel jennings says:

    Dear Brooke

    I am about 11years old but next month i’ll be 12 and i can’t wait! But any way i think that your show is like the bomb and i just wanna say that u r like so cool and and your roommates are interesing. I would love to b like you and live in that awesome apartment. And what WAS it like growing up with a famous wresler that could desroy u at the drop of a hat I would love to know?

    your number one femal fan,
    laurel (lor-ul)
    P.S. If you wrote me back THAT would be the bomb!!!

  45. Victoria says:

    Um Brooke i wanted to know how did u start to become a singer! Even though i’m 14 i want to become a singer and become famous! Can u please tell me how to become a singer! And also what should i do! And if u can please help me!!! Thank You can’t wait to hear from u! And do u have a new guy in ur life and how is it in miami isn’t it great! man i miss it there!

  46. savannah says:

    what is your phone number

  47. Lady Phoenix says:

    Yet another example that money doesn’t buy intelligence. How about Brooke spend some of her daddy’s money and her abundance of free time obtaining a bit of education, thereby preventing her from being another dumb bubble-head rich kid who makes statements that only validate her stupidity. For the record Brooke, most intelligent women can control there emotions and have knowledge that goes beyond spending their parents money. If you are unable to be a positive role model to these girls who pay attention to you, then attempt keeping quiet.

  48. d says:

    do you wear thongs?!?!?!?!

  49. Eddie says:

    Dear Brooke, I just wanted to let you know that I watch your show and its really cool and funny! ! say, I am so sorry for all the CAOS of what is happening in your life right now. and especially your daddys life as well. I really want to let you know that I care and feel deeply for you guys. GEEZ I feel greeved and moved in my heart for you and your dad . you know what Brooke ? Im not religeous but…I do love the Lord, thats all. hope that don’t freak you out or you think im crazy. I just only wanted to let you know this day forward that you both are always in my thoughts and prayers on a daily basis.I have a few star friends as yourselves and regular friends that I actually personally talk to and respect. its a comfort to them all that they know that they can always talk to me when they need a shoulder to lean on or online. i’m always there for you both too k. well, today I felt led to tell you all this. I, know over time God will take care of all the deep heart aches . it just takes prayer and his time Brooke. Hey, Gods in controll my friends for real ! ! respectively yours Eddie comer. keep your chin up k. Love you guys ! : >

  50. Jen says:

    Deer Brooke, i love your show. your an inspiration for me. you have such a perfect body. How to you maintain it or get your figure? please write back.

  51. vinny says:

    can i bang u ?

  52. Sarah says:


    I happened to flip onto your show this afternoon to the episode of “Roommate Search”.

    At first I was entertained, happy to see you had your own show going and seemed to be chasing your dreams. I was disappointed when you made the comment you thought it was weird that a woman would be running for president. It’s sad that you would discount not only your own intelligence, but those in your audience claiming that hormones and emotions get into the way of proper thought.

    If you have such weak faith that women are capable of separating the “raging hormones and emotions” and their work, then why would you bother chasing your dreams at all to become an artist? I would hope that a rising young female such as yourself would be trying to send a better message of empowerment to the women in your audience. Be the change you would like to see in the world. You have such a privileged opportunity to make a difference. I hope you make the most of it.

  53. Erykah Rose says:

    Hey Brook,
    Whats up Im 11 years old and I watch your show everytime it’s on.You are just the bomb ILY(i love you) so much your like my big sister. LOL. Well I was wondering if you can email me on my myspace or Well love Erykah Rose. ??

  54. SEXY TWINKEY says:

    hey brook tell glen and ashley i said hello love yah lots ??
    Erykah rose

  55. BIll in Georgia says:

    Hey Brooke,

    You must be really excited about being on your own! You have a freakin awesome apartment!
    How does someone your age afford a place like that? Does the show help out?
    I watched the first 2 episodes and it seems like you parents were really looking to you as the stability in the family. Your dad seemed really sad to be on his own, but he has to be proud of you for really showing your independence.. Of course those show were shot some time ago.. Has things gotten better as time goes on? How’s Nick holding up? I know you guys get trashed a lot by the entertainment reporters.. I think with all that pressure and life changing that’s going on.. you have really shown your maturity with how well you are handling things.. Of course having good friends and strong parents definitely help out..
    Good going! and Best wishes!

    Oh.. one more question.. Have you thought of recording with someone like Justin Timberlake? or getting together with a producer like Timbaland?

    Take care and have fun! remember.. it’s just TV.. Your family is what’s most important!

  56. Jerri Burkhart says:

    I recently began watching Brooke knows Best, we are huge fans of the show. However the episode where you are talking negatively about womens ability to be our pres. b/c we are menopausal,truly upset me. I am not big on politics either, but as the mother of a little girl I hope that she is able to see a woman president someday. Just like the afri-americans hope to see a black pres someday. I hope you see what I am trying to say, and if you get this maybe you could try to understand, too. Thanks for your time.

  57. lorie says:

    seen tonight u hav a cell phone just like the one i have…lol do u have verizon? give me a call we can talk for free :)

  58. stephanie says:

    hey brooke,
    did you ever think about hiring a publicist?? or someone who answers real hard questions for you?? like about woman being president andstuff?? or is the peroxide leaking into your brain??? i used to be a fan but after hearing how uneducated you are and the way your comments set woman back i cannot be anymore…. maybe if your parents spent all that moolah on an education rahter then pimping you out to the public it would have done some good. oh yeah you were at my college during finalls week FAU thanks alot for causing commotion during an important week in my life!!! i heard you were rude as well… oh another question you dont plan on attending right?? I really hope you spoke quickly on that question, i mean if the presidential candidates were sadam and hillary i would hope your vote would go to hillary?? or would you vote for sadaam because he doesnt get his period? Hopefully one day i will be president and i can ban stupid shows like hogan knows best because thats a lie you obviously dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life Brooke…. seriously it must be so nice living in a penthouse in Miami, to bad thats not the real world in the real world we have full time jobs real jobs and go to college full time as well as pay rent and other bills, It would be nice for once if some famous blonde didnt have to make an idot out of herself… I hope you are as ashamed about it as i am! I used to love your family, but the true colors have come out, your money hungry and i can’t fully blame you, however you are famous and with that comes great responsibility so buck up!!! the guy sitting next to you during that political comment is obviously a horrible friend if my friend were famous she wouldnt have said something so stupid!!!!! Get better friends brooke! And maybe think of doing something good with all the money you blow in miami i live here i no how expensive it is!! there are starving people everywhere maybe its time to go do some goodwill cuz the show sucks!!!!!!!!!

  59. Brooke Austerman says:

    Hey Brooke, wow it feels so weird sayin that lol cuz my name is brooke to, but anyways i just wanted to know how living with the hulk is? seems kainda stressful on the tv lol well my dad is the way, it kinda sucks but i’m only 16 so i guess i got along way to go to get to wher you are,,,, but i got to go dad wants me lol…. please answer me..:)))

  60. hillary says:

    heyy brooke,
    im hillary i was jw how it was like growin up with the hulk as ur dad, cuz i know from the shows that he seemed really strict with you. my dad is the same way i hate it he always embarsses me infront of my friends and sometimes even follows and now my sis is 17 almost 18 and she moved out cuz she couldnt take it any more idk how 2 deal with this anymore, how did u handle it when ur dad was strict on you when you were like 16/17 years old?

  61. scott tchida says:

    hey brook whats up i have been wanting to talk to you for ever i wach your show all the time i love when u threw the ‘house worming party ‘ that was cool i cant beleve he made out with u that was cute i want to know if u can send me a auto graph with glenn and ashleah’s auto graph. i hurd adout your mom and dad that is really sad, im sooo sorry can u tell nick i said ‘hi ” thanks

    scott tchida 1448 cederwood dr. woodbury mn 55125

  62. Rebecca says:

    Hey Brooke! Congratulations on having your own show. I always enjoyed Hogan Knows Best. You are a lovely, sweet, funny, and talented person. Please do not pay any attention to all of those jerks who put you down. They are just jealous. They want what you have and because they can’t have it, they feel the need to put you down. As far as your comment about a woman president, you are entitled to your opinion. It may not be “polically correct”, but that doesn’t mean its not valid. As an American, you are guaranteed the right to believe what you want to believe and say what you want to say. Any who disagree are entitled to their opinion, but they don’t have the right to denigrate you because of yours. That’s just them being ignorant. (And believe me, they are so ignorant, they can’t even spell simple words.) It so irritates me that everyone is so critical of everything you do. Just don’t let it get to you and remember that all the ones who put you down are just jealous. Smile and be happy and don’t let anyone bring you down.

    My questions are: Do you work out? If so, how often and what kind of work outs do you do? Also, I am being nosy, but how much is your rent for that apartment??? It’s off the chain!

    One final comment: Don’t do Playboy, please. You want to be taken seriously as an artist. Don’t let anything take away from your goal. A Playboy pictorial would be very flattering, but the world doesn’t need to see your private parts, and if you do it, that’s all people will remember and not your music. That’s my opinion, not that you asked for it.

  63. Nicole says:

    I was just wondering how Brooke keeps her fabulous shape? I would liike some pointers on how to keep my body and mind in shape. Thanks so much.

  64. Scott Frame says:

    hey whats up brooke? i think you are a very beautiful girl. how is living in the public eye when the hulkster was wrestling?

  65. ryan says:

    will u txt me

  66. Matt says:

    Hey brooke I just wanted to say that you are really hot and I hope that your music career grows

  67. Ryan says:

    Hey I was wondering if I could have your number and text you sometime

  68. Jeremy says:

    yo, how are things with your parents? do they still talk to each other?

  69. melanie says:

    hey brooke congrats on ur new show. i hope u have a lot of fun. lol how did u feel when u kissed ur ex at the well i like ur show.
    xoxo :)

  70. Kim says:

    hey brooke watz up?? i jus wanted 2 no if it waz true if u were pregnat????

  71. lauren says:

    did your dad ever find out about that guy
    who trashed his replica cardboard cut out?

    -lauren <3

  72. michelle says:

    how do u feel abut your parents getng a divorce

  73. Kelley G. from Michigan says:

    Hi Brooke~
    This is coming from a 34 year old who would ask this to you as a big sis.
    I love your natural make-up look, you have such a natural gift from God. I don’t have a question, only a favor to ask. Please, don’t wear so much make-up, I don’t think you need all that extra make-up on.
    The photo’s of you in the purple dress and even the blue bikinis on the beach is beautiful.
    Keep focused on your own happiness, your first for now on.

  74. Rob says:

    Hi Brooke,
    First I want to say good for you. You have some great friends who are by your side and are supporting you during your time of change. I like your show because it is from your point of view as you are seeing things. I am 37, divorced with a daughter who is now 4. She lives with me and every day I try to support her in the ways she needs me to. It’s the little things that go a long way.

    I find your show very interesting from daughters’ perspective who is also dealing with her mom and dad getting divorced. A divorce is not easy. Keep close with mom and dad, love and stay strong.


  75. Brittanyy. says:

    Hey Brooke.
    I just wanna say i freaking love you and ur so beautiful!
    I just heard about what happened with Nick today im so sorry! =[
    Your lucky haha you got one hot brother!!
    But anyways i just wanted to say that i love your show and ur roomates are fantastic so is ur new apartment!!
    Well thats all i really have to say hope all is well love you like a big sis! and btw love the music u make to.
    Cant wait for a new episoe of ur show!
    love always and 4ever,
    ~brittany allison.

  76. Katie says:

    Brooke I really look up 2 u. I am 14,since may. I always watch your show i like your friend ashley the guy, sorry, it would b really cool 2 talk 2 u i hope u go out with dameian. well,

  77. luna says:

    i absolutley adore ur show, but i was wondering, how do u make ur make up always look so pretty and flawless, by the end of the day i always look smudgy and crappy, how do you do it?

  78. margo says:

    u r the apple of my eye and the cheese 2 my macaroni!
    i love how youve been handeling everything going on in ur life, it must be really hard having all these big changes at once, i really look up to you for that. also i think it was really great the way u handeled the awsome but out of control party you had, you got it under control while still having fun and not seeming like a party pooper. u are so much fun and ur show makes me happy ( :.
    just hearing back from u would make me so happy. i look up to u alot because i also LOVE singing and preforming, and i hope i can be famous some day.

  79. Stevee says:

    i love u sooo much!
    lol but umm i really want to know ur ###
    plz telll me!

  80. margo says:

    omg brooke i love you so much!
    u r the apple of my eye and the cheese to my macaroni!
    im really madd at all these stupid pervs writing stuff to u. augh, just cuz ur gorgous dosnt meen ur gonna let them do whatever they want with you!
    they are unbeleivable! o well, anyway, i just wanted to say that i love u and ur personality, i think it was really great when u handled that party so well, u managed to have fun but still keep it under control.and u know what?
    dont listen to these people bugging you about ur “comment” about a girl prez, they dont have to target evey little thing u say just waiting for u to say somthing bad, somtimes things just come out sounding different than they sounded in ur head. (i know this i cant keep my mouth shut!)
    if u respond to this i will be so happy!
    i would love to get in touch with u cuz u are so carefree and fun loving. and ur layed back like me, that meany girl who wrote you said u were “ignorant” so im mad!
    just cuz ur not uptight like her dosnt mean ur ignorant!!
    i dont actually really have a question….
    but u can e-mail me (please) and i can give u my sn.
    somday ill mett u and we can chill @ the beach and ge shopping.

  81. MARGO says:

    how do u u make ur makeup look so flawless and pretty all the time?
    i awlways look smudgy and crappy by the end of the day.
    how do u do it?

  82. margo says:

    hey brooke!
    i know u dont know who i am, but if u ever want somone to talk to , or spill ur guts to u can talk to me. i absolutly love ur show, and i can be a supportive friend! ( :

  83. devin says:

    hey brooke u r a awsome girl and u r a extremly hot girl and i love ur how so please reply

  84. devin says:

    brooke rules and shes freakin hot and her show is the best show on vh1 and i hope u reply and again u rule brooke :} :} :} :}

  85. devin says:

    brooke u rule and r friken HOT and i LOVE ur show and its the BEST show on vh1 and i hope u reply and again u rule brooke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :} :} ;}

  86. Adam says:

    brooke your show is awsome love it hows work and family and life? how come you did not pick me to be your roomate ? oh look chesse cake

  87. bri says:

    are you angry with your mom for dating men that are way younger than her? and im really sorry about the divorse bless your heart you are a wonderful person brooke. and by the way my dad is embarassing too dont worry just have a little talk with him and tell him you need your space and by the way on final question is your real name brookelynn?

  88. Shawn says:

    Why doent your dad go back to wrestling? Hes more popular there than on your stupid show!

  89. Boob Mon says:

    How much did those tig bitties cost?

  90. john mcmahan says:

    hey u r hott and i wish i could meet you and party with u

  91. Ashley blend says:

    Why did your mom and dad split anyways

  92. mason says:

    i watch hogan knows best and your show brooke knows best i love it and hogans show

  93. jade s says:

    heya brooke ur so pritty not in a lesbeen way haha do ya tink ya ma n da wil eva get bak wi each oda hpe dey do xxxxx

  94. Amber mcconnell says:

    hey brooke,
    what up guh ? i watch ur show all the time i think that is a cool show and ur pretty. ur friends are cool as hell to i think u should go and party more lol and tell ur dad to let u have some freedom lol but hit me up on myspace i will send u friend request lol i would love to be friends wu=ith u and i want u to see my baby pics lol

  95. donna says:


  96. Emily says:

    Hi brooke,
    I have a ton to ask: 1.R U really Catholic and a Vegetarian (when/why)? 2.Do U wear fur? …..and Would U like to help make my dream come true? I’ve wanted to be a singer for as long as I can remember. Cliche’ I know, Hehe:)
    So thanks for your time and feel free to write back and ask some questions of your own.

  97. Jonothan Rivera says:

    does an average guy ever have a chance with you and what are a few tips if we try to appproach you with or without cameras around!

  98. Andrew perry says:

    brooke I watch wwe so tell yor dad hulk hogan that Im his biggest hulkamaniak ever.I love your show to.

  99. Michelle says:

    Hi Brook,
    I have been looking for an upholstered headboard just like yours for so long, could you please tell me where you got it. Stay strong.

  100. Greg says:

    Hey Brooke
    I am sorry to hear mom and dad leve each other and sorry hear ur brother went to jail
    I would love lick ur feet and suck toes and soles and heels

  101. Loverman says:

    Yo Brooke
    I have to know will your father return to the WWE?

  102. leigh says:

    Do you drink? if not is it hard living in Miami and going to party after party not drinking. I watch your shows and your friends do?

  103. Linda says:

    Hey Brooke, I think your show is fun!! Its very cool how you and your Dad get along.
    I know I may be reaching….ok I am but…….Would you consider co-publishing a book? the reason I am asking is I wrote one for the benefit of kids….so kids have a voice with their parents. Its simple but has a great message. I am 42 and have been disabled due to an auto injury. I have done this during my down time and dream of getting it out on the market. Would you consider this? if you are at all interested please email me back!! Thanks!!! Linda from Michigan.

  104. CHRISTINA says:

    Hey Brooke, I think your show is great!! It’s great to see u branching off on your own. I was wondering what happend with Damien the guy you met on the beach and invited too your housewarming party? It went from him on one show to you dating the extreme sports guy. Please let me know what is up!
    Christina from South Carolina

  105. Mark says:

    Would you go to a nude beach dressed if only the guys were naked?

  106. Kim says:

    Brooke…is it true that you’ve had 2 breast augmentation surgeries? I read that in a magazine, and thought it’s sad cause you have a cute figure…no need for augmentation. Plus, if you did, that’s kinda scanky being that you’re so young.

  107. kayla says:

    damn.. you are really do you like to be out on your own now.? I used to live down there and i wish i still did so that i could meet you.. You are my idol.. you are so hot..

  108. Dylan says:

    Yo Brooke just stoping by to say whats up and that i think you are real beautiful and you seem real cool well i was jw if your bro is going to be on the show any when his sentence is done i think he is real cool and funny so yeah o by the way if its not any trouble tell your dad i said whats up brotha
    haha tell him he is the greatest of all time
    aight well ttyl
    o yeah your room mate not the guy but the girl i forgot her name but she is really pretty too

  109. Vicky says:

    heyy brooke im vicky and im 14, omg i love your show, you are so down to earth and funny i love watching how u live your life . im dead sorry for everything taht has happend with your mum and dad and nicks car crash, and i hope you and your family are all okaii .
    you are so stunningly beautiful , and i ove your songs, im from england so i dont hear them as much as i do over in florida . im in florida keys at the moment on holiday and we drove through miami to get here and i was sayen to my mum and dad ; ooh i wonder if we will see brooke on south beach ? , but we didnt get to go down to south beach.
    any way i hope you reply to this , i would love to have a chat . speak to you soon i hope , from vickyy :) xox

  110. Peter Truong says:

    Hi Brook,
    Just watched the show. Like it. You look good. Keep up the good work.

  111. daniel says:

    hey brooke how u doin i was just watching ur show & wanted to give u & ashley a shoutout that u are both HOT & SEXY. so i love watching u and ur friends ashley & glenn to funy things. so i hope u & ur friends would give me & shout back & i love u BROOKE & UR FRIEND ASHLEY I LOVE U BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Ali says:

    what’s the best approach by a guy that make you interested in him? Do you like wilding eye, staring at you and just come straight forward to you and ask you to hang out or you like somebody with mesmerizing smile and kind of confusing shyness?
    I hope I made yu laugh!

  113. Tom says:

    Hey Brooke,
    HE Im Tom. Im a big fan of you and your show.
    Lookin Good!

  114. Mike Kay says:

    I just wanted to say hi, and thank-you. Your song with Pual Wall kept me and the men in my unit in good spirit,while we served in Iraq. I just finished my 3rd tour,and was sent home wounded. I was wondering as to where i can find your cd. i have not been able to find it here in logan, Utah. My men said to tell you that we all are big fans, and that when we redeploy that you will be with us and hopefully help keep our morale up. I was also wondering if it would be out of line to ask you for an autograped photo. Like i said before thank-you for what you did for us Marines, while we served in Iraq.
    L.T. Mike Kay USMC

  115. Nicole Tibbits says:



  116. ynna says:

    brook sould stop treating her dad like crap and she also stop her roomates from it to. If it wasn’t for her dad none of them would have this kind of life . She also think for yourself your roomates are teaching you the wrong way to live

  117. From Helmut "Webs" Weber says:


    Did you ever hear of RescueInk, based in nyc. Animal rescuers, who were already on the ellen degeneres show, the morning show with mike and juliet, mike wallace and soon animal planet with the backing of ellen degeneres will be producing a seasonal series of them tattooed tuff guy from the streets of ny going around and saving misfortunate animal those who were abanded abused and mistreated. Ms Brooke Please I plead to you with your help and love for animals that your known for might you be able to get in touch with them to join forces for a righteous act of goodness. Ther at and the spearhead of the group is Mike “Tattoo” Arotsky who also played a role on HBO series OZ( the jail picture) Also I want to say with all due respect, you are the most incredible sexy heartbreaker of a flower and when I watch you show its always in a state of awe and euphoria. I also hope that nick is hanging in there and Im praying that ther should be peace amongst your family members at your time of disarray. Your a true lady and I hope you would consider checking out my buddy Mike Tattoo and his crew and maybe give them the support that they deserve in there acts of God sent rescues. Yours Truly Helmut Weber Jr. Howard Beach, New York

  118. Tracey says:

    Hey girl, I have watched your dads show and your show everytime it comes on. My husband has wached wrestling for as long as he can remember. I can not imagine how you all are feeling with your brother in jail. I believe your family has been really strong through all of it and I just wanted to let you know that we think about y’all alot. I know everything will be okay in the end. Just keep god in your daily schedule. I will keep praying for you all.

  119. cristinaboo says:

    Hi Brooke,

    my name is Cristina i love to watch your show..and i was just wondering if you ever need another room mate im always available to move in:)…..ill be 18 this dec.18th just look at me like your lil sister im very laidback n fun to be around..and i wnt mess up your place!…think about it and let me knw:) you can find out more about me if u wnt just check out my

    always a fan cristina

  120. Katie says:

    What ever happened to Damien?? You guys were so cute!!!

  121. Justin says:

    Whats up Brooke, I live in Daytona Beach area and I’m currently a Fireman. I would love to take your roomate on a date sometime, I think she is very sexy…

  122. lynn dang says:

    I love love your show and your new apartment. where did you buy that bright blue ocean painting in you bedroom? or is it in the living room? thankyou very much brooke.. PS… you’r so beautiful.

  123. Alex says:

    your show is amazing and funny i really like your roommates. glenn is so funny and he knows how to look good. don´t be afraid from the devorces of your parents i know how it feels like but you are an strong woman and you get threw this

  124. Emily says:

    Hey Brooke,
    I’m moving to Miami, but not sure where I should live. I definitely want to be near the beach, but also love a neighborhood type feel (Coconut Grove). Any suggestions? I just turned 30, do like to party and have a good time. Thanks for any suggestions. Love your show!

  125. Krystle says:

    What is yoru workout routine?

  126. Lupe says:

    Hi Brooke,

    My husband and I watch your program as we did watch your Dad’s program. We really admire your Dad who was really trying to protect you from a corrupting world with his wisdom being that he has been in the media most of his life. You should really consider his advice, otherwise, you will loose your innocense and the media won’t care cause all they want to do is make money off of you, chew you up and spit you out when there is no more use of you. You should think about going to college to have a back up in business when your music lags. I know how you want to be independent, but remember that real independence is true responsibility not getting silly tatoos and being loose and disgracing yourself and your family. Your Dad seems to really love you and he has tried to instill good morals in you and that will keep you confident for the rest of your life. We were very disappointed how you went ahead and fell in with the crowd wanting to belong to get a tattoo to show independence. That is not independence, but signs that you are still acting and behaving like a child. We understand that you are a Catholic and representing Jesus Christ’s church. What will you say when you stand before Jesus? Because He will certainly ask you, “how did you build the Kingdom of God on earth?” He also said, “if you love me, keep my commandments.” You don’t have to sell yourself short or be so revealing about your body to get ahead. If you really have talent, people will see beyond your body. When we reveal our body to get ahead it is because we are very insecure with ourself. We know that you are really hurting inside because of the break up of your parents. Catholics are not allowed to divorce. The Catholic church has all kinds of means to reconcile and heal from such traumas. We hope and pray that your Mom can forgive your Dad as well as your Dad can forgive your Mom. There is nothing that God can not heal. No one is perfect and they just need to go to Mass and Confession and talk to a priest. There is a program in the Catholic church called Retroville that heals the most troubled marriages and then there is another program called Marriage Encounter which really renews marriage. Therapist are okay but using the Sacraments of the church offer much grace from Heaven for true and lasting healing. Don’t get too far from Jesus — find your true self in Him and let Him be your true guide in your music and life. Remember true friends are not afraid to correct you and guide you moraly and when they are encouraging you to have sex and not respect your family they are not real friends.

    God Bless you and try not to follow they world or you will be in big trouble. There are soooo many examples out there.

    Your sister in Chirst Jesus,

  127. LC says:

    Hi Brooke – I love the long broom skirts you wear…where do you get them??

  128. dillon says:

    hi i think ur hot

  129. Nick says:

    Hi Brooke,
    My name is Nick, i’m a 21 year old single guy and I just wanted to know if your roommate Ashley is single because I think she is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. Every time I see her on the show my heart skips a beat. I just love her personality and wanted to know of a way I can come into contact with her so I can get to know her better?

  130. Sara says:


    I was watching your show where you had a hard time deciding what direction to take your life in. I was wondering why you feel you have to give up your passion for music to go to school? From my perspective I would see that as a way to further you carreer; as a college student you could get a degree in production or some other area of intertainment, allowing you to stay with your passion for music.

  131. Edgar Brincat says:

    Hi Brooke,

    Tell your mom and dad that a bad love is better than no love. Why is a record label payong for your production?


  132. Siarah says:

    hey brooke i love your music and your style!!!!!! great job on the your tv show.keep up the good work

  133. joss says:

    where did you get your eye glasses from ?

    i seen them on the episode when you go to see a college with your friend

  134. Regina in Louisiana says:

    Hi Brooke!

    I was a fan of Hogan Knows Best and because of that I was intrigued by your new solo show. After watching a few episodes I just wanted to ask you why do you surround yourself with the people you do? This question refers to both your roommates…Glen and what’s her face!

    In my observation of the show, what’s her face doesn’t respect your mother nor does she seem to like her. She made smart ~)@(^~)%^#!$(*( comments to your mother regarding the placement of her tattoo. She made disrespectful comments about your “stripper hills.” Not only that but she always makes faces at things you say. She seemed jealous when you went with her to visit colleges. The university seemed more interested in you attending their university than your friend. In my opinion, she is a jealous female and does not have your best interest in mind.

    Glen…I could not believe he tried to make a fool of you by inviting his friends over for you to put on a show for them with your stripper pole. First and foremost, it was a bad idea to put it in the living room…that’s for bedroom action for private shows, not public. Of course it was one of his messy friends who put the video link of you on the stripper pole online for the world to see. He even volunteered the information to your father about your tattoo when he knew how you felt about telling your dad you got a tattoo. That was disrespectful and a real friend would have allowed you to tell your father when you were ready. If all three of you could have shared in the experience he may have understood the reasoning behind not wanting to tell your dad. I mean, how would he have felt if you’d informed his parents that he was GAY?

    To sum up my thoughts, the people you have closet to you have no respect for you. I think they consider you a joke. I think you need to continue to grow as an individual and maybe not be so dependent on friends right now. I know its tough with family troubles…one would hope that friends could be an extended family for the purpose of having a trusting confidant. Please, please, please ask yourself…does Glen and What’s her face consider my best interest when giving me advice?

  135. Junaid Ahmed says:

    hi Brooke
    I’m your huge fan . your father are true wrestling leagend
    i wana friendship with you

  136. i love u says:

    i love u and i like ur show i really want to meat u i want to meat your freinds to

  137. pachita says:

    what are you feet size? lol

    and how much do you really weigh?

    your a very big girl , not that its a bad thing, always look good:)

  138. Justin says:

    Hi your very hot and have a nice body

  139. graeme bow says:

    do you hate when your dad is over protective of you when u have male friends ?

  140. Brooke says:

    OMG Brooke! I’m watching E news, and it’s about your dad’s life story type of thing. Then I got to the part where you were born… OMG the same name and birthday, MAY 5!! I just had to tell you that you have a fan with the same name and birthday, because it’s pretty weird!! Haha well when our birthday comes around, I wish you a happy birthday! (Even though thats FAR AWAY)

    Sincerely, Brooke :)

  141. Sean says:

    Dear Brooke,

    will your father bring back hogan knows best? so that people can see how things are going with him now since whats been going on. Is the boy that was with nick in the car wrech is he doing any better then he was? Is nick a different person since he been out of jail and has he went to see the boy that was in the car with him?

  142. Paul says:

    I would like to meet that truth hurts guy cause i would pop him right in the mouth

  143. Paul says:

    Hello Brooke
    I know you probably don’t even bother to read or reply to these comments but here i go anyway i know it must be hard to go through what you’re going through with the parents divorce Nick having the accident and injuring that long time friend of the family. I feel for you and your family. and don’t worry about what peaple say they are not important you have to look past and rise above the ignorance cause the world is full of it kinda like that truth hurts loud mouth #~%_!^&%%_)+%%*( er. But anyway just wanted to voice my opinion. Now to change subject, you and your roomate are a couple of the hottest most interesting woman i have ever seen and can not believe that whatever his name is can still be gay after getting to live with you two,it boggles the mind. hulkamania still rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. duaanne says:


  145. JANINE BREWER says:

    I have to admit that I did not give you the credit that you deserve. You are a smart and kind person.I wish you the best in all that you do.

  146. CRYSTAL says:


  147. Tyler Essner says:

    Dear Brooke,
    I just wanted to tell you that you are so beautiful and talented. You truly are such a great role model for people to look up to. I hope your having a great time in Miami wish I could be there with you and Ashley cause it would be amazing hanging out with two beautiful girls like you 2

  148. Nikole says:

    I just watched the episode of your house warming party. How is the Damian thing?? Are you guys together??

  149. Chrissy says:

    Hey Brooke! I love your show… I love your music.. you seem like a really cool person.. Ive always looked up to your dad.. hes been my hero.. Well first of all.. Id like to ask what your myspace is.. if you dont mind me asking.. Theres like tons of them.. I just dont know which one is you.. If you ever needed anyone to talk to you could email me or myspace message me.. Im so sorry about Nick.. I think he should never have gotten any time.. I feel so horrible.. I know me and my brother are close.. if anything like that ever happened I would be a mess too.. I love your show.. and your dads show.. Your music is really good.. You really have talent… Well.. I hope everything works out for you and Keep your head up.. Nick will be out soon.. Im sure hes fine.. Take Care Girl!

  150. NIKIYA says:


  151. brian says:

    i like your picture a hold lot iam avery big fan of you ihope we can meet up some day

  152. Delilah says:

    I really like your show. I really like that your show is down to earth & not wild & crazy & you being shown as a wild girl. Your down to earth personality & warm charm is really refreshing & it’s nothing compared to the other reality shows that promote sex & sleez! (Rock of Love & Real Chance at Love) Your show really shows that your mature & still loving your life & having a good time. But being right & responsible. Good show! You look like your a good loyal friend & woman to be around.
    Delilah Mendez
    A Military wife who really loves your show!

  153. Rafa says:

    Hi my name is Rafa well 1st of it’s cool that ur letting people ask u questions not many famouse not so average people, what has been the longest relationship you have been in, don’t worry I’m not a stalker, or a youngster like maybe the ones u mostly get messages from if it is Brooke writting and reading my message I appreciate it.

  154. Norman says:

    I’m having a distubing time here in NC
    I feel i have an Omen or something on me.
    I want to get out of this #$*~^#%`^__$!^#$ hole and do what my heart brings me t do.
    I can’t cause i have nothing left.
    No jobs, no money, no kids, and no wife.
    I’m 40 yrs old and all i have are my dreams and things i desinged.
    After i divorced my wife i realise the only thing in this world that fules love is money.
    I was searching for love since i was 10 yrs old and i no know i was a fool for looking for it.
    I came from a very disfuctional family and every day i am here i feel like i am in prison with the glory of being mentally tortured.
    I wanted to be an actor since 30, but meeting my X-wife killed that because i wanted just love mostly.
    My Q is : I want to start a comidy show, but i need to talk to Terry Hogen to help me.
    I have no agents or managers, I don’t know where to start.
    If i stay here in this mental state any longer, i will end up dead or in a mental instatute.
    I have to make a change……How do i get started to change my life?

    Norman Bang

  155. Brooke Kay says:

    It’s not a question realy I just want to say that you are amazing how you could deal with your parents getting divorced and always beeing in the public eye is amazing. I am a year older then you and I wish that I had half the confidence that you had. Your great girl keep believing in yourself.

  156. jamie says:

    hey brooke,I just want to let you know I think you,nick and your father are great people,and I really think your father is a sweetheart,and hopefully one day I can meet you guys,LOL jamie

  157. jamie says:

    hey brooke,I just want to let you know I think you,nick and your father are great people,and I really think your father is a sweetheart,and hopefully one day I can meet you guys,LOL jamie

  158. Brenno says:

    Brooke you’re so beautiful i love so much.You should be a model.Look i’m brazilian my inglesh is not great i know a bit about inglesh.I have 13 years old and i’m your bigest fan in the world write for me again


  159. Lisa says:

    I want to know how I can become a singer?
    I like to sing a lot and I know that I need some singing lessons.

  160. helen says:

    hi brooke!

    i was wondering how you keep your abs so nice and thight?

  161. Chuck Donato says:

    Hey my girlfriend and I love your family and roommates her name is Heather Howe were from N.Y. would love 2 supprise here for her birthday at meet up in Miami would mean the world 2 us hope 2 here from ya Brooke Bye Bye

  162. walter salinas aka dino says:

    brook you are so pretty i would love to be your boy frinend and maybe more you are sohot and need someone to be a good person and take good care of you i act and am a pro wrestler and promotor i live in houston texas and work with wow tugboat taylors pro wrestling i am the owner@ promotor for houston wrstling but id be real happy meeting an loving you for ever your dad is grate stand by him an give all you can while you can as well as mom nick god bless send ya a big wet kiss……… so will you be my lady? keep up your hard work and protect you career babe kiss kiss hulk can i please chow walt salnas

  163. Jennifer Sallaz says:

    Hey Brooke this is Jennifer from Colorado Springs and I just wanted to say you are my favorite person to watch you are a great role model you are caring and sensitive and down to earth like all the rest of us and you love your family keep up all the good work that you do can’t wait to see the new season of your show. Thanks Jennifer Sallaz

  164. Amanda says:

    i just wanted to know if you could help me out its not that i want to be your charity case but i would love to have a relationship with my dad the way you have one with yours he dont even know that he has grandkids please let me know how.

  165. amber says:

    hey whats up i know what u are going threw becase i whent threw it

  166. Stephen says:

    Hey I just wanted to say that you are very beautiful, you seem to be a great person to talk to. I just wanted to know if you were ever going to come to texas cuz I would really like to meet you I think that me and you could have a great time. I would just really want a hug. that would be the best thing to ever happen to me. By the way I am 5’7″, 155 lbs, i like to play football, basketball, track, and powerlifting. Well I hope that you atleast e-mail me back. Thank you

  167. Gordy says:

    Hey, Brooke you are a hot wonderful women.Why don’t you try dating a every day kind of guy. Those hollywood type always end up in divorce. You need a working class type. take care. Gordy.

  168. vanessa says:

    hi brooke i have a question for u . Hope u can help me. okay i have crush he is hotter than the sun i know i am only in middle school , but ever time he walks by me my legs start to shake what can i do to be more cofortable around him ?

  169. JAY JONES says:


  170. JAY JONES says:


  171. Emily says:

    Dear Brooke,
    My Parents never been through a Divorce before but they argue too much! Im afraid if it might happen. I want to know how it felt when your parents went through that situation when it was time to move on.

    Emily Your #1 Ultimate SUPER FAN!!??!!

  172. Abby says:

    hey Brooke i love yuor show and your singing. I want to become famous, either sing or act, I need help. Can you help me?

  173. Brooke says:

    Hi Brooke i love your show!!!!!!! And i am your biggest fan and i would love to meet you in person some day cuz you are the person i look up to!!!!!! You are so awsome!!!!!!!!!

  174. Krisha says:

    Hi Brooke,

    I think you are an awesome person and i love your show. You are gorgeous and Ashley is very beautiful too and to bad that Greg is gay he’s a hottie!!! I have a question i bought a male golden retriever and i have had him for about a month and i still can’t find the perfect name for him. My question to you is will you give me the perfect name for him? You have so many pets and i love all their names. I would be honored if you would name him. I know it’s kind of a corny question but i though i would ask any way. I hope to here from you soon.


  175. johan says:

    hey brooke is it fun to bee on nasa

  176. kate says:

    how do i tell some one i like him?

  177. BLESSINGS125 says:



  178. BLESSINGS125 says:



  179. BLESSINGS125 says:


  180. Hayley says:

    Hi brooke ! i love your shows .. when ever there is a new one on i cant wait to watch them because they ar so good and exciting !
    But what i really love is ur nail polish !
    it is so nice and i can find anything like it !
    some girl in my skool had something like it and i went up to her to ask her where she got it but she said New York !
    Can you please tell me where you got it even if it is from New York and will you please tell me what shop !
    Than you sooo much !

  181. joey nightmare says:

    Do u wear thongs my friend wants to knw and so do i lol? and u r very hott brooke. how are u doing

  182. Amber says:

    Hey Brook I’m a really big fan of yours :) lol so I dont mean to bring this up but how is it without your family together anymore? It has to be really hard? I think you are just a really great singer and i wish I had a voice like you. I wish one day I would get to meet you but idk if that would happen.Well the brook knows best show is really good. lol Your dad is really funny. Well I got to go. Write back please :) keep up the good work

  183. donald vanburen says:

    ur a very very hot girl and u could get anybody u want and i was wordering if u were single and can i have ur cell phone number so i can text u i LOVE U BABE

  184. Dale says:

    hi brooke,
    i think you’re the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen! i am a huge fan of yours and i’ll keep holdin’ you down in ky. even the small cities holdin’ u down!! i really hope i get the pleasure of meeting you soon.

  185. jasmine says:

    brooke do you wear thongs because your one of my role models im in the 9th grade and wanted to know if i should wear them.

  186. Monica says:

    brook will this be ure neww season for 2010??:) luvz yuu?

  187. Iomoio says:

    A thoughtful opinion and ideas I will use on my website. You’ve obviously spent some time on this. Well done!

  188. kayla leavines says:

    Brooke you are soooo pretty i love your show can i have your autograpg?