John Travolta: Mermaids and Octopussies


Hair plugs, liquid face makeup, and now a Little Mermaid jones. Perhaps John Travolta is not, in fact, struggling with a mid-life crisis, but yearning for a transformation into his childhood hero.


John took his daughter Ella to a Broadway production of the Ariel story last weekend. After singing along with the show (would love to hear him belt out “Poor unfortunate soooouls”), father and daughter headed backstage. “He was touching all the costumes, he looked amazed,” claims a Page Six source. In her endless effort to conceal Travolta’s singular brand of crazy, his rep worked some spin. “His daughter loves the show, so he knows it well.” That poor woman should retire because we spotted our boy at the 2007 Village Halloween parade. After Hairspray we know our guy loves lavish outfits. See how sharp he looks sporting the tentacles above?

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  1. MRS DOUBTFIRE says:

    Everbody knows that john travolta is a coloset queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. johnny's girl says:

    HAHA!! I think its GREAT!!! DAMN he took my costume idea! I think its great that he is teaching his kids out of the norm!! GO JOHN!!

  3. JadeFan says:

    Considering that Ursula was based off of Divine and John has already done one Divine performance this sure isn’t too much of a stretch…

  4. Judge Bob & Rome Kanda says:

    john i love you even when your dressed like ursula !
    if you ever have another daughter name her shannon