Celebrity Fit Club Breakdown – Episode 5 – Erin Lets It All Out


Add this to the list of things we NEVER wanted to see Erin Moran do:


Why couldn’t she have just hula hooped and left it at that? Below the jump, we count down our Top 5 Favorite Moments from this week’s Celebrity Fit Club, including Erin’s O Face and Dustin’s diva meltdown. It’s so good it should be a federal crime!

5. The Shake-Up – Dustin Dumped on the Blue Team

Just when things were going so well, the Blue Team gets stuck with Dustin (and our main girl Tina). Missing her lady-partner in crime, Toccara complains about the switch, while the Dunkster – lover of baked mac n’ cheese – shows his true feelings on his face.


With Erin and AJ now on the Red Team, do you think they have a better shot at winning this thing? Or did they just swap dead weight?

4. Dustin Doesn’t Know How to Breathe

Our favorite slacker had two major physical meltdowns this week (not to mention that OTHER freak out) when he had breathing problems during the team challenge. Undeterred, he then continued his whine-fest during the last chance workout with the WWE Divas. Everyone called D-Man out on his ish – from his teammates, to Harvey, to the wrestling hotties. Everyone except Dustin.


Is he faking, freaking, or just f*cking lazy?

3. Fit Club’s Got Talent

For a show about losing weight and getting in shape, these dudes do a lot of drinking. But hey, it’s Hollywood – isn’t that what being a celeb is all about? Harvey sent the gang to the nearest town to relax, chug drinks and perform in the bar’s talent show. Finally, we’re able to see what Tina Yothers has been up to since being adorable on 80’s TV!


She hopped on-stage and impressed the gang with her singing skills, and proves once again why she’s the true star of this show. Divas be damned! Tina, in all her precious, motherly, lead singer glory, is where it’s at!

Then Erin, who could have just showed us her talent of boozing and left it at that, demonstrated her creepy hula hooping skills.


Only to be upstaged by the younger, hotter, and admittedly more talented hula hooper, Toccara.


She could have just danced her problems away, but instead Erin found a more creative outlet for her frustration.

2. Oooooooh Erin!

I mean really, after this:


…what else is there left to say? Erin’s bus breakdown and subsequent fake(?) orgasm can only be described through the reactions of her teammates:


Willie’s right – there are NO WORDS. But did she have to top off the cringe-fest by running into the woods weeping? Of course she did – this is reality TV, and no one knows this better than her pal Dustin, who spent part of the night searching for Erin solely out of his desire to find his friend find more face-time on camera. But when that didn’t work, he finally figured out another way! Time to call that manager of his…

1. Hoooo-Ah, Harvey!


Sick of Dustin acting like a spoiled shizz? So are we, so is everyone on Fit Club, so is the world! So it felt good to watching Harvey give it to him, er, again – but even harder than all those other times!

After Dustin accused Harvey of a federal crime, he walked off the set, called his manager girlfriend, and was all miffed when no one came to pat his back outside. But hey, if you don’t help your team out in challenges, who is gonna help you?


Dustin claims to be leaving, but we all know where that’s landed him before – right back in front of the camera. You know, the same sh*t as always.

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