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“I’d rather have a broken arm than a broken heart,” says the girl for whom becoming Bret’s rock of love was not meant to be. In our epic chat, Daisy dishes the dirt unlike any girl who came before her. Sex on set, plastic surgery, reconciling social anxiety with stripping, living with Charles and what she really thinks of Ambre are among the subjects discussed. Daisy often talked about opening herself up for Bret, but from our talk, it’s clear that open is the only way she can be. She’s so open, she’s like flower, and that’s exactly the point.

At this point, about five months after filming, are you over Bret?

After I came off the show, it was really hard. It took me a good two months to recover from everything. Not just Bret, but everything that happened. I kept replaying it in my head, wondering what I did wrong and thinking why. I felt like if he didn’t like me, if he wasn’t making the connection with me, I almost wish he would have eliminated me a long time ago. Am I over him? Yeah. Every time I see him, it brings back those really emotional feelings. But I don’t think that Bret understood that there’s not going to be any type of physical relationship with him unless we’re in a relationship. That’s just how I work. He’s a rock star and used to having free relationships and sexual contact with girls, but I am not that girl.

At the same time, it was pretty open that you did have sex with him on the show.

That’s the thing, though. I fully thought that I was working toward us having a relationship. If I didn’t think that there was a strong possibility that I would walk away having a relationship with this person, then absolutely not. I would never, ever, ever have done that. Sex to me is a very emotional thing. I connect with someone like that. Whenever that happens, I become attached to them. I’m emotional, and I can’t just not have feelings for them after that.

How did sex in the house work logistically?

We weren’t being filmed. We actually didn’t officially have sex until the very last night, and that’s what hurts my feelings. Of course, Heather just wants to make me look bad and make up s*** or whatever the f*** her problem is. But the fact of the matter is that we did not have sex until the end. During the last elimination, he knew that I was very emotionally attached to him because we’d been physical, and I just thought it was really uncool. It was very selfish almost in a way. But before that, we had intimate…moments at times. And the cameras just went away.

I didn’t know if you had to shove yourselves into a closet because of the cameras or whatever.

Well, yeah. Pretty much.

In an online extra posted with you, Stephanie and Bret

…Yeah, when he says we had sex in Vegas. We did not have sex. That pissed me off. I was going to make that comment to Stephanie about not being a promiscuous person, because I’m not. I come across like I’m wild, and I am, but there’s also a huge part of me that’s super f***ing prude and conservative. I don’t throw my heart around like that. I don’t give out my emotions like that because I don’t want to be hurt. Nothing hurts more to me than a broken heart. That’s the worst thing to me. I’d rather have a broken arm than a broken heart. So it upset me when he said that. We had sexual contact, yes. But intercourse? No. I feel like I’m the president right now. “I did not have intercourse!” (Laughs.) I don’t know why I didn’t say anything then. I guess I just wasn’t paying attention.

Is that why you took it so hard when Ambre and Bret were talking about you leading with your sexuality?

If that’s what I do, that’s what I do. But I don’t do that intentionally. You’re either sexy or not, and that’s the bottom line. Apparently, much to my surprise, that’s what I am. And I’m comfortable with my sexuality, and I’m comfortable with my body, but that doesn’t mean I use that in any way. And if I do, it’s not consciously. I’m not that person. In fact, I’m a really shy individual that has a really hard time communicating and being in crowds and going up to people and talking to them. It’s just not me. If people don’t believe it, I don’t really care. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. I know who I am and I know who I’m not.

You got into it really deep with Ambre in Cancun. What are your thoughts on her at this point?

Watching the show and seeing how she behaved during moments when I wasn’t around sort of surprised me. She went from the girl who was going to go home on the first day to being the back-stabbing, I’m-gonna-throw-you-under-the-bus-and-do-whatever-I-have-to-do-to-win girl. I’m not that person. I had one issue with one person. That was Kristy Joe, because she was married. The only time I had issues with anyone or threw anyone under the bus or did anything mean was after everyone attacked me. I felt like I had the right to then not be their friend. Ambre was upset about this: “Well, I don’t understand you’re being different now.” Dude! You attacked me in Vegas. You’ve called me a stripper. You’re just being a f***ing bitch. I don’t have to be your friend. We don’t have to get along. Ambre was the girl who’d yell at everyone, but then five minutes later, she’d feel bad about that. I thought that was really lame. It’s like, if you feel a certain way, stand by it. The whole thing where she lied about her age and then posted a thing saying that she didn’t lie about it, that her voice was dubbed, it’s like man, come on. Own up to it. If you lied about your age, you lied about your age. I think that’s really lame. At times, she was a nice person, but I think she was just in it to win it and not because she wanted to be with Bret. I watched her audition tape and she said that she hoped the rock star was Tommy Lee because she wanted to see if his penis was really as big as it was. I had already fallen in love with Bret’s character from the first season. You can’t just come on this show, like, “I’m gonna fall in love with Bret!” That’s so unrealistic.

You also got into it with Destiney. Where are you with her?

Me and Destiney clicked immediately because we’re alike. We’re rocker chicks, we know the dudes in the band and whatever. We’re wild and everything. It was really lame that she did that in Vegas and it really hurt my feelings. I knew things about Destiney that I didn’t reveal because I didn’t think it was any of my business. I didn’t think I needed to expose things and tear her down. I thought it was really lame that she attacked me and was ultimately weak because of Heather. In my opinion, she wanted to be Heather or something. We sort of made amends at the reunion show [which taped two weeks ago], and then the next night we went out and partied all night long. Who knows if it’s all good? But I tried, and I wrote her recently to say that I hoped that we could be friends.

Why did you get mad at Ambre for calling you a stripper? Are you a stripper or not?

I am a dancer. I think that it was a cheap shot. I’m not going to apologize for who I am. I’m a dancer, I’m an entertainer, I’m a musician. I’m many things that have to do with entertainment. When she said in Vegas, “Are you looking for a way out?” it was like absolutely f***ing not. I have a kick-ass life. A way out of what? I’m really happy with my life. It’s exactly on track to the things and the goals that I want. She’s the TV host that has to lie about her age with a resume as long as god and no one knows who she is. She made this comment to me: “Well, I live paycheck to paycheck.” Well, Ambre, if you live paycheck to paycheck, are you the one that’s looking for a way out? I don’t live paycheck to paycheck, dude. I go to work once a week and make loads of money. The rest of the time, I’m focused on doing what I want to do with my life. So I think she should have been the one questioned about all that stuff.

How is it dancing now that you’ve been on the show?

I have been trying to not dance at all. And it’s not because I don’t like it. I do. And the places that I dance are like my family. Those people have supported me more than anyone ever. They are so proud of me that I’m on the show. I do have social anxiety, so when I do go there, it’s awkward. I’m an entertainer and I’m damn f***ing good at it. But it is awkward when people come in. I’m in a different state of mind at work. I’m there to make money and I’m there to play the game or whatever, of that business. When people recognize me, I think it’s awesome. I love it. But at the same time, it’s weird. I don’t want people to look at me, like, “Oh she’s just a stripper.” Because I’m not. I’m a dancer and there’s a lot more to me than that.

Where are you with Charles?

We do not live together. We were in the process of moving out and figuring out what was going to happen during the time of the show. But I put my life on hold to be on this show and meet Bret and start some sort of connection with him. I thought it was unfair of Bret. There’s more to my life and there’s more to Charles’ life than just sex. I thought it was so lame that everybody was so upset that, basically, I have a roommate who’s a male. We were in an awkward situation because we both travel a lot and we were both really busy. I’m not a millionaire. Moving takes a lot of time and energy and money. At that moment, everything was coming to this big change in my life that equaled up to this show. The bottom line is that when Charles walked into the house, I could have said, “We don’t live together.” And Charles would have backed me up. But I didn’t. I chose to open up to Bret. I’m a really honest and open person and it’s a good thing, but at the same time, it’s a bad thing.

How open are you about plastic surgery?

Obviously, I’ve had my boobs done. I’m 5’3”, 100 lbs. I had big boobs to begin with, but I got those boobs because I wanted them. If anyone has a problem with it, f*** off. Apparently, not everyone in this country has a problem with it because it’s one of the No. 1 surgeries in America and over 300,000 people get plastic surgery a year. Yes, I’ve had some work done on my nose. And as far as my lips go, I just want to clarify that they are 100 percent real. I’m Spanish and German. I have big features. I have pictures from long, long ago that will show everyone that I have naturally big lips and if you don’t like it, f*** off. I don’t care. Don’t look at me then, you know?

What’s coming up for you career-wise?

I’m in the process in setting up a store for my site, which isn’t officially up yet. You’ll be able to purchase my EP and get pictures or whatever. I’m in talks with someone in the music industry, and I don’t want to say his name because I’m not sure if I should. But we’re going to collaborate and I’m really excited about that. We’ll see where that goes. I’m just going to keep writing. “Save Me” and “Pretty Messed Up” are my feelings about what had happened on Rock of Love. I felt really inspired after my time on the show. That’s pretty much my focus now, writing music. I also want to write a tell-all about my time on Rock of Love. That’s my goal. There’s so much s***. And not anything about 51 Minds or VH1, but just the show and my experience and funny stuff and bad stuff and just the whole 9. I’m working on a clothing line, too. I do have another project that involves TV, but I don’t know if I can talk about that.

What did you think of your portrayal on the show?

A lot of what was on was edited to make me look a certain way, and that’s fine. It is what it is. But there’s so much more to me than a lot of people will ever know, or whatever people will want to know. People want to see me as sort of this dumb, ditzy, plastic surgery blonde. And that’s fine, but at the end of the day, I’m a human being, I do have intelligence and I am doing s***. Sorry if you confuse funny with being stupid. That’s just whatever, you know? I’m fun and I’m having fun and I don’t take everything too seriously.

Ambre and Bret: will they last?

Man. In my opinion, I don’t think so. I don’t think Ambre is aware of who Bret truly is. He is a rock star. He’s been a rock star for 20-plus years. He’s never going to change his ways. He’s never been married for a reason. He is a fun, awesome, great guy. He’s so amazing. He’s really kind-hearted. He’s been in this industry for a long time and he’s used to having whatever he wants, whenever he wants, however he wants it. I could be wrong. Maybe he’s at a point in his life where he wants something serious. I hope it does work out, but in my opinion, Ambre’s not ready to handle that sort of thing.

Keep up with Daisy via her MySpace and her profile.


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  1. liz says:

    ha ha ha ha

  2. jakie says:

    shut the ~*+$ up u ~*+$ ing travesti u r a ugly mother ~*+$ er im glad u didnt win stripper u just wanted his money because u didnt wanna prostitute yourself anymore ~%`)@ but too bad keep on ~*+$ ing guys at your strip club u ~*+$ ing ~!(%@ u ugly looking man ugly travesti with that nasty face u got i feel like throwing up

  3. jakie says:

    shut the ~&#+ up u ~&#+ ing travesti u r a ugly mother ~&#+ er im glad u didnt win stripper u just wanted his money because u didnt wanna prostitute yourself anymore `%@_% but too bad keep on ~&#+ ing guys at your strip club u ~&#+ ing *!_+) u ugly looking man ugly travesti with that nasty face u got i feel like throwing up

  4. Dan says:

    Hey In all honestly I think that bret made a F*** up choice what the hell was he thinking. He was better off with Daistey. Yes she has alot of stuff thats she keeps to her self. What the hell a relationship with the woman you love if you know everything about her in two weeks that all Kinds of F*** up. Bret in my opinion was a F***ing coward he want everything easy and not willing to work for it. You take it it from me if theres a Rock of three thats Cause Bret F*** up in head an made the wrong choice you better believe I wont be watching.

  5. Sara Chacon says:

    Personally Daisy i was rooting for you not only does ambre look about 47 years old she is a liar, i dont know how someone like bret would want to be with her..she was just in it to win it for the competition to say ” i won look at me” she is annoying i wanted to go thru the tv and slap bret when he chose her… i wish he would have chose you …. you guys are more alike and on the same level shs like a soccer mom from hell… Well good Luck!

  6. Shan says:

    how humiliating! I feel bad for her because I really thought that he was going to pick her.

  7. Kristen says:

    She thinks she is sext but she is nasy. Daisy is a BUTTERFACE !! Everything is pretty BUTTERFACE !!!!!! Hahhah. Not true actually, her immature personality is not pretty either as exemplified by the episode last night. I am so glad that Beautiful Brett chose with his mind and not his `!!^`

  8. no name says:

    i like daisy she was cool bret siad she was hot and cool and funny

  9. Sarah says:

    Daisy, are you serious? You’re some kind of joke. And not even a good one.

    First off…your lips are real? Honey, we may would just believe that if it weren’t for the fact that your lips point off in several directions. im serious. nobodys lips point north, south, east and west ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

    you’re too fake. all you are is a big, walking, ugly piece of plastic surgery..and botched plastic surgery at that. how the hell do you know what bret’s life is like? have you been there living it 24/7? i don’t think so. its also pretty stupid of you to claim that they edit your portrayal on the show but whenever ambre says it, you claim she’s an idiot. grow the hell up you ugly b!tch. you are so ugly..omg. i cannot stand to look at your face! you are the posterchild for the term ‘butterface’!

    btw, i cannot wait to see heather beat your a$$ at the rol2 reunion show. i only wish security wouldn’t have stopped her and your scary-looking a$$ would have fallen off that stage and maybe broken your arm for real. peace!

  10. Shannon says:

    Ambre’s true self came out in the last few episodes. She turned from a sweet well behaved goofball to a loudmouth biat@&. Why was she sooo concerned about why Daisy didnt want to argue with her the morning of elimination? I thought Daisy would win the moment that I seen her.

  11. Angelncide says:

    Wacked out!! I had money bets on Daisy all along… I like her blogs, and think there is more to this girl than what the show allowed anyone to see. I think there was chemistry between them hard core, but he gets tired of that, he gets a lot of hotties everywhere he goes, Ambre seems ok, but she is definitely a back stabber, and I thought she looked the type to be in a corporate office somewhere , not on a tour bus or in the wings watching Brett get macked on , no chick that wants a real relationship wants to see that crap. That is way hard, but it dont mean Brett has to do anything with anyone, when it comes to the heart, he wont want noone but who is in his heart, maybe that isnt going to happen cause women haven’t really given himi a lot to respect about them. What he meets are a dime a dozen ho’s who dont bring anything real to the table and dont leave the table with anything real either. Rock on Daisy, Rock on Brett. (I still say that man is fine as ever wooohoooo)

  12. maryanne says:

    Somebody is really bitter that they didn’t win. Bret is now in his middle forties and is probably ready to settle down (that does not mean marriage) with someone special and ambre is at the point in her life where that is what she wants to.

  13. angelncide says:

    I hate that Heather beotch. She totally acts like she is Bretts old lady already or something, she did deliberately go after Daisy and make her look bad, and turned everyone against her. I think it sucks she gets ahold of lil Daisy coming on the reunion show, and what is bogus about that is that Brett allowed it to happen it looks like, maybe even is responsible for setting it up by bringing her to the house in the first place, he should of recapped the footage to when he brought that ho bag in the house and seen exaclty how much trouble she could be then. not that he caused the scummy ho to attack Daisy, me thinks had he known just how she really operated he would of booted her out of his life a long time ago. I swear that thing thinks she is gonna get him. You can tell by her actions. no woman is that protective or claims it unless they think they got dibbs on him. Too bad , I bet Brett sees the truth now huh?

  14. jazzyjo says:

    Hey girl. I think you rock. There is so much more out there for you. Everything happens for a reason, this show was just a stepping stone. Hands down, you were the most talented one on that show, the most honest and the most sincere. Love, peace and happiness… always.

  15. lmao says:

    Calling her delusional would be NICE. God that girl doesn’t have the common sense God gave a GNAT!

  16. pat says:

    i just love daisey. was very upset over the way she was treated. vh1 should give her – her own show. I think Bret was right when he said she has a good soul. She cannot help it if she looks sexy. I wish her the best. Im her case – the best girl lost!

  17. NYNYNEWYORK says:

    Daisy You were good at your part , Like I said there will be a Rock Of love 3

  18. pat says:

    I just love daisey. She is not phoney and got in trouble for telling the truth. VH1 should give her
    her own show. Like Bret says – she has a good soul. Wish her the very best. In her cae, the best girl did not win

  19. angelncide says:

    wow,somebody needs to take their paxil today……. and stay away from the tv… its not the voices in your head, its okay… turn on some classical music and stay away from the tinfoil damn…….

  20. angelncide says:

    the paxil comment is for the crazy poster on this site who may or may not be slipping in and out of reality here folks…. geez…like you know Daisy or any of them.. I doubt it.

  21. An American says:

    I was on the edge of my seat, I alway said Daisy would be in the bottom two but Bret could go either way. I hope Daisy is wrong about Bret, I hope he is ready for a seriour relationship because he will crush Amber if he isn’t. He said he wanted Rock of Love he got it. Good luck to all of you.
    Daisy your right if people don’t like something about you they don’t have to look. You have so many years ahead of you to grow, I wish you the best. As a fan of the show, I saw the real you not what that wanted us to see. But I have to tell you what happen to you in Vegas was carma for what you did to Christy Jo in the house, but I am sure you know that.
    Heather didn’t like you from the start and sometimes people are just like that and that is hard to deal with sometimes. Again Good luck Daisy

  22. kendra says:

    i think that bret made the so wrong choice… that $%%)~ is not going to be able to handle his life style the first time he goes on tour or something and hes not with her she is going to flip.. he so should of picked dasiy at least she knows how that kind of lifestyle is…

  23. kendra says:

    i think that bret made the so wrong choice… that )`~)) is not going to be able to handle his life style the first time he goes on tour or something and hes not with her she is going to flip.. he so should of picked dasiy at least she knows how that kind of lifestyle is…

  24. 1sexymama says:

    well daisy what can i say i do think ur were put on the spot im not saying im pleased with the way u handled ur self but amber was smart on how she played the game and she ate u for breakfast lunch and dinner never the less i still think ur an amazeing girl and i wish u the best of luck in life.

  25. Jane says:

    Hey Daisy, were you comfortable with your body before you had plasitic surgery? Do you think that people say you try to be sexy because you went into debt for bigger boobs and a nose job and you make a living trying to be sexy by “dancing” and “modeling”? I’ve seen photos of you in which you are dressed and posed in a way as to highlight only the sexual. Would those be the reasons people think you “lead with your sexuality”? It’s OK to be diverse, but remember that your “wits” don’t show in photos or on the pole. I’m not saying this because I am a fan of Ambre, but because I think that it is sad when women feel they have to have a certian look to deserve a man- no matter who that man is. Girl, if you weren’t good enough for him before the surgery, he’s not worth it. One last thing- SEXY HAS MANY LOOKS NOT JUST ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Ariel says:

    I swear I thought Daisey was going to win. I was publicly rooting for her. She and Bret just seem like they belong together. He seemed to understand her when no one else did. He was always in her corner. She’s like the New york of Rock of love 2. Down for her man for whatever. She’s a sweet girl, and I hope she finds someone who can accept her flaws and all.

  27. angelncide says:

    I guess we will have to wait and see what happens with Ambre, maybe it will be. Common sense wise, Brett said it pretty well. He wasn’t sure that Daisy didn’t need him more than she wanted him. so he is thinking with the big head… I just hope he knows that cause Ambre may look and act differently doesn’t make it so. She could turn out to be the one that knows how to get his money out of the bank… she dont act like a rocker chick, but isnt that good? he is tired of that he says…. Dont fudge it up Ambre, keep it real if it is real… don’t take no sh#$ and dont give none out… I would try to keep this beotch heather thing with daisy out of the courts if I were you Brett ever so gorgeous Michaels, and watch for now on who you call freind, cause that chic wanted more than freinds and it is obvious, and I am sure is fixing to cost you some money with her actions. Maybe Daisy will not pursue anything, legally, cause it will only come out of your pocket. unless she does a suit solely against heather, which if I were her, I would do, put that overly possessive chic back in retrospect, and Run Brett Run…

  28. Taradawn says:

    I feel badly for Daisy because she honestly did fall for Bret. It was so obvious who had won on the finale show; Daisy cried through her interview segments, still heartbroken. I do think they had a connection that was more than just physical, although their shared musical interests were not explored fully on the show. But watching the final episode proved that Ambre’s connection, whether or not it was deeper, had more potential for growth. Best of luck to Daisy, I think she’s a little misunderstood but nonetheless honest and open-hearted.

  29. angelncide says:

    I forgot to say: Rock on Ambre and congradulations…

  30. Lulu says:

    It’s funny, in some of these interviews, the girls actually come off more put together than they appeared on the show. Sadly, Daisy isn’t one of those people. She comes off so insecure (“shy individual that has a really hard time communicating and being in crowds and going up to people and talking to them”), needy (“Every time I see him, it brings back those really emotional feelings”, and defensive (“If anyone has a problem with it, f*** off.”)

    This is a letter to Daisy: You need to get some therapy. There are obviously a lot of issues you touched on in the show that you haven’t dealt with. Anyone who hasn’t spoken to their parents since her teens cannot come out without wounds. You consider the people from the strip club your family? That is really one of the saddest things I have ever heard.

  31. Mary says:

    honey you need to put a bag over your head ! Your just as ugly as that Frenchy chic !

  32. annonymous says:

    ok heres my thing, i was hoping the whole time bret picked ambre, because he is what mid 40′s, and shes closer to his age and they have more of a connection first off. secondly, ambre is a hell of a lot better looking than daisy and has more of a brain! thirdly she ad no drama connected with her like daisy did, and so what big whoop she lied about her age, bret obviously did not care. so THE BETTER WOMAN WON!

  33. DE~Anna says:

    Daisy! I totally think you rock! ;) I also think that these other BI*CHES are just jelouse or just straight up judgemental! But thats okay girly! They to will be judged on day… (IF NOT NOW!) I can honestly say that, “I believe,” you were thee only one on the show that really had there heart in it FROM JUMP! And I soo hope that you find all that you are looking for in this life.. There arent too many “WOMEN” left in this world that have the heart you do. I know that your past experiences have made you the strong, compasionate women you are today!! KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING!! We think YOU ROCK!! ;)

  34. Terisa says:

    Come on all of you. This is a REALITY show. Majority of it is blow out of whack! Daisy you are adorable and smart. Ambre as well. But these two women are on two different levels. Age wise and personality. Ambre while being 37 is mature for her age and yes ready to settle, but with a Rocker like Bret?….I question, but who are we to say anything or judge. We are on the outside looking in. Daisy whose much younger has a younger soul and is doing what most girls her age is doing. So she’s a party/rocker chick! Geez werent we all at one point young and partying. Alot of you seem to forget that and want to judge purely on what you see. Now thats LAME. Daisy to me has alot of character and yes she’s emotional but doesnt mean shes being a 12 y.o just means she feels alot emotionally. And on another note anytime someone invites an ex over, its rarely a good situation for any party. Why fish for things in the past? Its like your glutton for your own punishment and this goes out to Bret. But I love the show and was cheering for you all the way Daisy. You deserve better and your carreer is more important. Dont worry bout the lil girl/ boys talking their cheap talk because when they point a finger at you they are pointing 4 right back at themselves. Stay beautiful!!!!! Love ya.

  35. Roxanne says:

    Hey i think that bret picked the wronge girl…… I think that there will be a rock of love 3….. this time if there is i will be there….

  36. charlotte says:

    so Daisy is saying she DIDN’T sleep with Bret until the end?….so this makes her a LIAR then cause during taping of the show, Heather asked how many times she hooked up with Brett and Daisy says “duh like 500 times!!” Daisy your wondering what your did wrong, well you slept with him on the first night (being a rocker chick) you should have known better unless your a groupie. And please stop talking with yours hands, it gets annoying. Brett can have a stripper like you anytime but he wants a person he can count on and be there for him.

  37. military wife says:

    I think Daisy probably does have a good soul. Women are just catty. What did you expect when you put a bunch of women in a household in competition for the affections of one single man? C’mon guys! Really? I dont understand why people are really harping on Ambre’s age, though. She’s still like, what? 8 years younger than Bret? In the “real world” dont a lot of people ask questions when one party is old enough to be the other party’s parent? That’s what would have happened with Daisy. Although Daisy probably could have handled the “Rock and Roll lifestyle” …. (whatever… we are all human beings that have to be accountable for our actions at the end of the day, and rock star or not is no excuse for doing stupid, immoral things), maybe Bret has chosen all his life people that are “rock and roll chicks” and is ready for a change. Therefore, he made a conscious decision to change the type of person that he looks for, because in the PAST, the rock and roll chicks have not worked out. Obviously…. or we all would not have just watched this series of shows. JMO. Ambre seems grounded, and is at a stable place in her life. I live paycheck to paycheck, too but that does not mean that I’m not a good person.

  38. charlotte says:

    so Daisy is saying she DIDN’T sleep with Bret until the end?….so this makes her a LIAR then cause during taping of the show, Heather asked how many times she hooked up with Brett and Daisy says “duh like 500 times!!” Daisy your wondering what your did wrong, well you slept with him on the first night (being a rocker chick) you should have known better unless your a groupie. And please stop talking with yours hands, it gets annoying. Brett can have a stripper like you anytime but he wants a person he can count on and be there for him. So everyone quite hating on Ambre

  39. Danny says:

    I have never taken any of these shows seriously enough to write in, but for some reason I really need to speak my mind. Daisy is twit, plain and simple. She is what you see. For someone that claims to not give a $`%^ about what people think of her, she sure has alot of explanations. Daisy you are a mess of a person and it may be partly because you are to stupid to be able to understand your emotions. Normally this would be a sad thing and cause for sympathy, but it seems to be that although you may not be able to understand your emotions, you have that typical bimby instinct. That is the ability to know how far you’re fake boobs will take you , when it comes to empty men. You are a selfish person with a mean streak. You use your sexuality to get to where you want to be. But life stops short for you because once you’re there, everyone around you with half a brain catches on to the fact that theres nothing more to you. I for one feel like if these guys are that stupid to get caught up in all thats big and fake about you , they deserve it . To me you are all too obvious. There are lots of you out there. My advice is to stick to the sex industry, you should do well enough there and you can date all the dirty, braindead rockstars you like. My guess is your next stop will be porno’s if you haven’t already done one or two. I suggest that you disappear from the mainstream. It’s only going to cause your emotions to flare up.

  40. Terisa says:

    BTW Daisy I thought you handled yourself well when everyone was attacking you. Especially Ambre when you owed no explanation to her. Good for you!

  41. Pixie says:

    Poor Daisy. I really felt bad for her last night. It was clear to me that her feelings were very genuine for Brett and that Ambre seems more preoccupied with winning the competition. I think it’s extremely unfair that Brett slept with Daisy and then chose Ambre. I agree with her in that he was using her and that was really low. Although Daisy came off as trashy/slutty/stupid on the show via editing, I could see a genuinely sweet, sensitive person and I really wish her the best. I hope she really capitalizes from this experience and finds someone more worthy of her love than Brett. You go girl!! /hugs!

  42. Terri says:

    Bret should have picked Daisy. My daughters and I were rooting for her from the very start. Ambere is a back stabbing b**ch. My daughters & I hope Daisy gets her on show with hotter looking guys.

  43. Leah69 says:

    I wish you would have won to. I new from the beginning it would be down to you and Amber and it just depended on what type of life he wanted fun and wild or settled and stuff and apparently he wanted to settle down and not have the fun he would have had with you. Dont worry what others say your perfect

  44. Casey says:

    Daisy, you need to learn to speak without moving your hands and arms so awkwardly….
    The whole time I was reading this I had images of your arms spastically waving in the air…

  45. NINA says:


  46. Joely says:

    dammmmmn what a bunch a @`)) talkin haters! they are just mad thats why they hate. Daisy i dont know if you’ll ever read this or not! but keep ur head up girl i thought you were a kool crazy bad ))) chick HAVE FUN! i bet u will find someone way better than bret and who is more ur age “cant teach and old dog new tricks” ur young and beautiful! much love and respect for u!

  47. IslandJules says:

    Daisy, you are an amazing woman. For all the +(+~ you seem to have come through in your life, you’ve managed to become a balanced, spiritual and honest person. Obviously, this is UNlike the majority of people who are writing you messages because they are angry, jealous, and uneducated people. (Think “The Secret” or “A New Earth”) Obviously that has nothing to do with you — and Thank God you know it! You don’t have to prove yourself to ANYone (but I do think if you write a ‘tell-all’ book people will take it the wrong way). In the end, this experience is just one small (and irrelevant) piece of your life history. Luckily you will meet people that WILL care about you and I send you much love and prayers to heal your heart. You are a good and spiritual person and I wish the best to you, and I was so upset last night I posted another letter on the other page which has your pictures and bio. Gee, isn’t funny you are the most one viewed? That is for a reason! GO Girl! Take the world by storm! You are beautiful!

  48. Sunnie says:

    I, too, can’t wait to watch Heather beat her a@@!!! that looks too fun to look away!

    Daisy, or whatever your real name is….a dancer is a person that studies ballet, tap, jazz, etc…not the art of rubbing up and down a pole between the crack of their *`_ while walking back and forth in 6″ platforms! REAL DANCERS are talented and educated and graceful. They are NOT inflated with enough saline to the verge of implosion and skanked up with bad tracks of acrylic hair on their greased out head.

    Also, I find it sad that you refer to Ambre as old, when she is what, 12 yrs older than you?! Darling, you should only hope to look as good as she does now in 3 years!

    Grow up, become a woman who doesn’t have to dress like a dirty snatch to catch someone’s eye, and maybe THEN people will get to know the real person…..have some self-respect.

  49. Chloe' says:

    I thought that daisy should have won. Bret and Ambre had both discussed that she was not his type and that daisy was. That right there to me go to show for something. It’s like dating a ulgy person i mean there ugly from the start and if your not attracted to them then it just won’t work. I hope that it works out for them both. But i bet there will be a ROCK OF LOVE 3. Ambre was a complete BIZOCH TO DAISY IN THE LAST SHOW. She talked about daisy being immature and not ready. But if you watch the show again ambre goes off her rocker when daisy comes back from thier date the next morning. She acts a complete nut. Yelling and $@@^ Daisy did good by leaving. It wasn’t her business how thier date went. Ambre didn’t want to tell about her date. Y should she. the whole thing about Ambre’s age was just out of control. I mean you can’t change your age for a show. She said that she has to stay young for her career and that she can’t be giving out her age or what not. But wasn’t this show about love. Love doesn’t lie AMBRE. And all she kept saying was that she was being true to her self. Thats soooooooooooo not true. True to yourself would be knowing your CORRECT age at all times. Instead of saying hey yeah i messed up i told you the wrong age I’m really 37 not 31 she was like i don’t REMEMBER SAYING THAT but if i did i’m sorry. It’s funny cause she can remember everybodys else’s dirt and business but can’t remember your own age????????????????/ hummmmmmmmmm lets think about that one. I pray that daisy finds her true love because i feel as though she deserves it.

  50. Sunnie says:

    OMG!!! Daisy DOES look like Angelique’s sister or something!!!

  51. Jen says:

    Daisy is a person and how she handles her life is her business – I I was routing for Ambre because I feel Daisy is too young and Immature for Bret. I do think it’s wrong he slept with her on the show that is terrible if you ask me, and fully wrong – he should of known not to do that. I think that is creeepy. If I were Ambre I wouldn’t want him after knowing this.

  52. what can I say? says:

    I know how staged the program is and find it hiarious and degrading at the same time. What gets me is that so many women would lower themselves for the sake of publicity and the chance to be with such a sicko as Bret Michaels. Daisy was utterly heart breaking….she needs some serious therapy and use her brain instead of her body. Ambre, I am at a loss understanding her. Supposedly she is educated, has a job, but wants to compete for a guy who wants her for one thing only. The cat fights, the cursing, the games…my god. I kind of hoped that both women at the end would have taken a real good look at him and themselves and both told him that the “tour ends here” and walked off. Instead they both gave themselves to him in a desperate way to “catch” him. Sad and sorry. Bret Michaels would not know true love if it kicked him in the gonads. And obviously none of the women would either. Yes, I watched every episode and found it horrible yet fascinating. Ambre’s father must be sick…he felt his daughter deserved better, he is so right. Daisy, her family is her live-in ex boyfriends sister? Or the strip club is her family? Horrible! I see her dying young…lost soul. Michael’s is just unbelievable. Is he that hard up for money or women? Does he know what an ~@* he is? I guess not because you know the 3rd season will come up and he will sniff his way on to looking for another piece, I mean true love. I hope the mother of his 2 daughters is a way better person than he is because I would be mortified to have a father do this in what he calls his search for love.

  53. Lisa in Cali says:

    Watched it all the way through , you were the best match for him . Ambre is disgusting.
    Wish you the best from California .

  54. dez says:

    Daisy you so should hav won babe!!
    ur hot,fun,funny..
    brett was dumb for not choosing u!!!
    i would have chose u..u hav a good heart..n ur
    Hella way prettier than that old hag ambre..
    well u will find sum1 way better..good luck..

  55. interpret says:

    Just want to say congrats to Ambre!!! I hope it all works out for you and Bret!!!

  56. Jennifer says:

    Ohh Daisy your so beautiful inside and out. No matter what people say they are just haters who have nothing better to do then make someone feel like #&~_ I think it’s messed up that Bret had sex with both girls that was hurtful. I wish you would have won. The way you looked at him and everything you were there for the right reasons. I’m SSOOOOO sorry that you lost but you will find someone better.

  57. Lillie says:

    Daisy, Honey you are crazy.When Ambre was attacking you on the sly at dinner with Bret,and you did’nt turn the table on her XXX,I’m like why don’t she call Ambre’s xxx out? She rode your XXX about your ex,but you never brought up she did’nt have an ex to talk about,just her fat gay looking friend.She don’t party because I never saw her drinking,she’d just walk around with the glass like she was, whenever Bret was around. I think she’s as fake as a dollar bill with her face on it.Her age is’nt the only thing she was hiding.He don’t know anything about her relationships,since none of her ex’s were willing to come out.Why because they are probably all married,ha,ha,ha, think about it.Probably wore no undies to get the job she says she have.VH1 should do you like they did New York, give you your own show.Something like Picking Daisies.Keep your head up.Bret’s not a prize in my book.

  58. Shelly says:

    Daisy… You are ugly, fake. and dumb.Your hands and mouth are spastic. The way you speak is so white trash. On the final show Ambre had so much class over you. When you walked ot to meet Bret on the boat, you were the perfect picture of trash. The getting sick on the boat was KARMA. I think after sleeping with both of you he realized that sexiness lies with Ambre. You probably were way to prn star under the sheets. It was really funny how you thought you had it in the bag and to see your face after was sheer humor. You walked away like you were going to faint and I just about fell out of my seat. Go to church to get saved and leave the ROCKSTARS to the real women. Much love

  59. Duffy says:

    Karma is a _!!$^ you liar Daisy.. Fake boobed fake lips fake hair.. FAKE FAKE FAKE child.. GROW up lil girl and maybe YOU could have won.. NOT.. LOL.. Your a stripper dude that is what a dancer is UNLESS like Sunnie said your in ballet, tap, jazz etc.. DUDE you take your (_(_ off for money..Your one step away from being a hooker… You should learn to be a better person LIKE AMBRE.. Dumb _!!$^

  60. Carol, Laura, and Rebecca says:

    Daisy should have won, much love daisy and something better will come along he’s not a rock and roller cause if he truly was you would have been it girl but he chose the really ugly man looking Amber who is a freaking OLD COW BAG
    And Amber is such a dumb name and she is not fun enough for Bret

  61. luxisious says:

    Litle hay litle ho, daisy you have should have won. U and Bret = LUV. Ambre is such an old bag i mean her name doesnt even sound like amber. i Luv you daisy you but heather is such a slut.

  62. Donna says:

    You are so adorable! You should have one! I am shocked he picked Ambre. I guess she was a safe choice for him. Ambre was obviously there just for TV. I read all that she has done on her website, and was quite shocked. This was all a game for her. Bret blew it. Good luck! I know you will blow up big time!!!

  63. angelncide says:

    Daisy, if u read this, hey man, it’s kewl, that bizatch heather isnt nothing . it dont matter where u come from, only where u r going, and how u get there. Do it honest girl, and dont sell urself short for nobody. I am sure you and several other girls from the show will get some promotional response to the show, that is always the case. U cant be a stripper forever, so maybe think about an education, something for when u r older , use the money u make now to put towards it. get back with your ex, cause obviously you can be freinds, and that means a lot. after all was said and done. u cant sue that beotch for the incident where she hit you, cause u provoked it, and I understand, but no judge will look at that and rule in your favor. let it go… move on…. and Brett still rocks dont he? but he is too old for you.. More my age.. hey… lol I got a man… 13 years younger , and he is fine too. and if he was kissing all these other bizatches, he wouldnt be fine no more… lol…

  64. er says:

    DAISY your a good person with a “heart of gold”……..I totally agree with you, when you said brett was selfish. Brett exploited you in many ways, he wanted ratings, drama, and sex. He allowed you to be treated badly. You were forced to go thru so much and he allowed this….. I thought at first he might be nice, and down to earth but he’s just like alot of the other rock stars who use women. EXPLOITATION OF WOMEN!!!!!! …..The show allowed Brett and others to degrade Daisy. Other women were also degraded. No one could say anything bad about Brett, they could not ask Brett about his past or pry
    into his rocker lifestyle. You don’t need to be with someone who is selfish. I’m glad your not with him. You can do better. Someone who is genuine.

    Daisy I am praying for you. God loves you so much that he would not want you to continue to be exploited anymore by Brett. Continue to have a good heart. You have alot of people who know who you are now and many people have compassion for you.

  65. JACKIE says:

    The only thing i don’t get out of all of it (and yes i watch this show) is what Rock n Roll Lifestyle. What has Brett Micheals done in the past i don’t know at least 10yrs. If and when he did tour he was either touring with Poisen or by himself doing small venue or dive bars (not saying anything wrong with those places). Most of the people that were going to the shows are people that were either his age or just a bit younger cuz they crew up with Poisen. All these young girls that go on the show are just looking for tv exposure because how could they even like/or love Brett cuz when he was big they were not even born yet or maybe just barley born. All of it makes me laugh when they say Rock n Roll Lifestyle cuz i think Brett is living in the past and still thinks its the future. Look at his Hair for one (which has thickened since season 1 someone say weave or plugs). Maybe its the only thing that makes him feel and look kinda young but it believe it is time to get with the times.

  66. Brianne says:

    I’m glad you didn’t get Bret Daisy, because you deserve soooooooooooooooooooooo much better. Amber was all over him on that last date because she knew she had to “step up her game.” It was really nauseating watching a grown woman open her legs and tell Brett she wasn’t wearing any undergarments. How desperate is that? THAT IS NOT CLASS! IT IS NOT SEXY! IT IS NOT ANYTHING A CONFIDENT, STRONG, RESPECTFUL WOMAN WOULD DO! Ambre and Bret deserve each other. Both clueless. You’re young and gorgeous, and you know, some people have just had such the perfect life that they can’t understand what it’s like to not have such a perfect life. Everything that has happened to you is for you to grow girl! Life is waiting, go for it! I know you will!

  67. carol says:

    Daisy, Daisy, go back to school, burn the clothes, no more tattoos please, and go for therapy.. You need it bad… If you think you look sexy and hot, I want your mirror or what you’re smoking..

  68. angelncide says:

    oh yeah, one more comment for Daisy, u r nothing like that freak shiow frenchie. she was so trashy Brett didnt even want her. that tells us all something dont it? I saw her interview, she is beyond sleazy. you may dance in a club, have fake boobs etc. wear sexy clothes, to show off your body, that dont make u sleazy. sleazy is how u act not how u look JMO

  69. daisy stinks says:

    Does anyone know who conducted this interview, if so, are they still alive or did they slit their wrists like I almost did after having to listen & see this bimbo flap her arms around uncontrollably. Daisy’s entire interview was a contradiction & a lie. Daisy said, “I’m a really shy individual that has a really hard time communicating” that is the only thing she didn’t lie about, well the communicating part of it. Wild & shy are opposite adjectives, so one can not say they are wild & also say that they are shy at the same time, duh! Daisy also stated that she goes to work once a week & makes good money but then says she could not afford to move out her appartment, contradiction Daisy!!! Daisy is immature, no one is jealous or hating on her, it is what it is & Daisy is stupid. Daisy even still has the nerve to say that she had a problem with KJ b/c she was married, at least KJ wasn’t living with her ex, she was just jealous of KJ. Bret made the right decision in the end. Daisy just needs to accept that she is a younger version of Heather, good enough for the night but not to wife. Daisy wake up you are a stripper, real dancing consist of ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, etc. not grinding a pole in stalleto glass hills with a garder belt full of $1 dollar bills!

  70. Destiny says:

    I think that Daisy was noit completely honest with Bret at first but, she do like Bret very much but, she should of told Bret about her still living with her ex-boy friend but,Ambre was a very very very good choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Inga says:

    Daisy should have won. Ambre is so not for Bret and in the long run we all will see the relationship fade. Daisy keep doing your thing! YOU ROCK!

  72. julissa says:

    i think you should of picked daisy bcuz she is way younger than the other girl that you picked o… i would of picked daisy the other girl is so much older than daisy!!!!!!! so hope you pick the right girl for you this is your fan that always will love your songs -Julissa D.

  73. Destiny says:

    Bret every one loves u now

  74. Nicole says:

    You go girl! I though he was going to pick you yall looked really good together. Sorry, but you will found someone better.. hugs and kiss Cola

  75. leticia says:

    i love you bret!!!!! but i think daisy should of won she rules!!!!! love i wanna $&#) you!!!! love you leticia

  76. Shawna says:

    Daisy, you should really take those nasty hands of your and cover your fugly face. Ambre has way more class than you ever will and you probably ought to go find you a few 15 minutes lays so you might be able to build your self esteem up as high you say it is. Bret may find his future in Ambre and you could finds yours in your ex, who knows. Sorry about your luck but not all men are into blow up dolls with a pulse and crappy attitude. Slow you role and maybe something good will come of it otherwise keep the brown paper bag over you head!

  77. marissa estrada says:


  78. Shawna says:

    Daisy, you should really take those nasty hands of your and cover your fugly face. Ambre has way more class than you ever will and you probably ought to go find you a few 15 minutes lays so you might be able to build your self esteem up as high you say it is. Bret may find his future in Ambre and you could finds yours in your ex, who knows. Sorry about your luck but not all men are into blow up dolls with a pulse and crappy attitude. Slow you role and maybe something good will come of it otherwise keep the brown paper bag over you head! Somebody tie her hands down before she hurts herself or other around her.

  79. JR Lobinsky says:

    Daisy, I’m sorry but your the ugliest girl on Rock of Love that I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry but that’s my opinion


    MAN AM SO HORNEY I $(## ED YESTERDAY WITH MICHEL JACKSON IN DA (&@#&(+) AND I LIKED IT SO WHO EVER WANTS 2 $(## ME ILL BE WAITING 4 SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Bret says:

    i think daisy should of won! end of story im never watching ur show again but i love big john bret you shoulda though harder

  82. ~*Jess*~ says:

    Daisy, your a beautiful girl! I would bet money there will be a third season of Rock Of Love. It’s another way to gain attention and money for Bret. I pray you move on to bigger and better things, that will make Bret wish he had picked you! Bret is someone I feel will never settle down. He could get any girl in this world and he knows it, right now he’s just playing the field in a way to gain more attention. I wouldn’t doubt if he signed a contract with VH1 to have at least 3 seasons of Rock of Love….simply because he’s not in it for love as he claims. I’m sorry but love isn’t sleeping with 2 women within 2 nights while proclaiming he has such deep feelings for both women. THAT IS NOT LOVE! Okay, I’ll stop for now, but Daisy~ you go girl! Do your thing and you will have fans to back you up!!!

  83. CEE CEE says:



  84. lynnieloo says:

    Daisy – You are an idiot !!! You are so immature & stupid. The best thing you can do is not talk at all, every again. What is with all your hand gestures, do you have any idea how trailer park you are. Seriously girl – take a look at yourself.

  85. Connie says:

    I was rooting for Daisy to win. She is exactly what he needed and wanted. I too think Ambre won’t last being with him. She just doesn’t fit him or his life. Brett was shaking all over when he had to say goodbye to Daisy. I really think he loved her. I saw her as a fun sexy cool girl. It’s a shame he didn’t choose his heart…instead he chose what the majority of the viewers wanted him to have. Funny how he was looking for his rock of love, found it in Daisy…but walked away to please his fans. Maybe because he wants his fans to buy his album due in June? hmmmm…Yes!
    Sorry Daisy. I had your back.

  86. poison kicks A*& says:

    Ok I don’t hate Daisy at all, she’s a cute young girl, I know most Rock Stars go for those who are way younger than him, but IMO I was happy to see Brett choose Ambre, honestly.

    I like Daisy but she’s only 20 something, let her live her life the way she should, I know she’s been through hell and back as well, but let her work through it all before gettin to involved with someone who is basically 20 years older than her.

    Don’t get me wrong I love Bret..and he’s smokin hot!!!!! Heck actually hotter now than he was back in the day, but I think he made the right choice

  87. Dede Thomas says:

    Well, that interview shows that daisy is not only hot but smart too. That was a great interview. I am wondering if Bret Michaels is _`)`@$ ed? I can’t believe he picked Ambre over Daisy, I can’t wait until Bret realizes that and it won’t be long but Daisy will be long gone and he will be with no one again.
    I do believe Heather had a lot to do with the choice Bret made, but Heather only wanted someone who is no competition for her and who is not a threat, that is all she needs is hot little Daisy running around with Bret and her fat ugly *** is out of the picture. She also wanted someone with Bret who she can control and she can control Ambre but not Daisy cause as you have noticed Daisy is strong minded and she is her own person. I want to go to California and kick Bret’s *** for picking Ambre over Daisy. Heather is not a very good friend to him and look at all the fighting when she was on the show, OMG, she made things worse, because she is jealous she did not get picked.
    Bret deserves someone special and someone like him, not someone who is not like him. Daisy and him are alot alike and she would have proved to be the best for him.
    I also think it’s great and funny that Daisy points out that Ambre was hoping it was Tommy Lee hahahaha Bret Ambre really wants Tommy and not you, live with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Daisy, just go on knowing that you should have won and if wasn’t for Heather and all the people who influenced Bret, you would have.

    Love and luck
    Dede T

  88. Jennifer says:

    Some poeple think that She should of been picked to be honest I’m not so sure about that. She should get herself straighten out before pursuiting love and other things. Hopefully She’ll find someone again.

  89. Dede Thomas says:

    Oh geez, they wouldn’t print when I asked if Bret is R E T A R T E D


    Dede T

  90. Amanda And Lisa says:

    WOW!!! Im so glad that Daisy DID NOT win!!! That whole hand thing she did just got on my damn nerves!!! Her hair extensions looked like ~~%# 2. And its ok 2 have some tats but what u had was just a big mess. Anywayz im SSSSOOOOO happy Ambre won!

  91. Dede Thomas says:

    I just wanted to say if you do go to my web site, Smokey died of intestinal cancer 3/7/06
    Very sad :-( I had him for 14 years!!!!!!

    Dede T

  92. Michele says:

    With appreciation to Jefferson Airplane

    Don’t you WANT somebody to love !
    Doooooonnnn’t youuuu NEED Somebody To Love !
    Wooouuuuldn’t youuuu LOVE somebody to love !
    You better find somebody to LOVE !

    Your eyes I see your eyes may LOOK like mineeeeee
    Yeah, but in your head, baby, I’m afraid you don’t know WHERE it is

    Don’t you WANT somebody to love !
    Doooooonnnn’t you NEED Somebody To Love !
    Wooouuuuldn’t youuuu LOVE somebody to love !
    You better find somebody to LOVE !

    Message to Bret. For you to take a woman to bed, as Daisy alleges in her interview, for the FIRST time and at that point – - KNOWING you were going to say goodbye (temporarily ?!) the NEXT DAY , is so low it removes the breath. Your errant, destructive, selfish, self-serving, mean, diabolical, nasty, brutal, spiteful, callous, heartless, unfeeling, insensitive, disturbing, shameful, abusive, insulting, rude, degrading, desperate, offensive, upsetting, and just terrible behavior has raised the bar on male sexual predation for deviants everywhere.

    And this man had the audacity to tell Destiney that her angry outburst towards others made him think she would be a risk for lawsuits/fans. Of course, if you think that kissing a girl on the lips is sex, his confusion is understandable.

    In the now-famous words of Megan, even: “Pathetic, just pathetic.”

  93. Chris says:

    I think Bret will wise up and suprise us all at the reunion show after watching little miss crazy Amber, what a B*tch. She will try to change and control him.

  94. Lorraine says:

    If Ambre said she lives paycheck to paycheck she is after his money.

  95. Sara says:

    Daisy, you are awesome! I knew they edited the footage to make you look dumber than you really are. That’s what reality TV is all about. They decide early on that dumb blondes get higher ratings and more laughs, so they probably went through all the footage just to find the dumbest things you said….and we ALL say dumb things every now and then. You are a strong girl, and God bless you for standing up for yourself and being open and honest! You are too good for Bret, girl! He is a deusch bag and a dork. Plus, I don’t even think he’s cute. You can do SO much better! Good luck with all your projects!!

  96. Carrie says:

    Daisy, You have a sweet heart and I DO think Bret is a loser for having sex with you on the last night and then dumping you. Stop saying nice things about him and call him what he is — a loser. You have to have respect for yourself and now that men — whether they are former rock stars or not — shouldn’t treat you like that. If I had been you and saw how he stared at your boobs instead of yuor face the entire time, I would have put the loser in his place and left the show on my own. You DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT, Daisy! You are a gorgeous woman, but don’t let men control you. Your body belongs to you, and you should only give it to people who genuinely care for you. Bret is obviously a JERK and what he did to you was so wrong. He just wanted to keep you around until he could get you in bed — that makes him a loser, and I hope for women’s sakes that he realizes he is a washed up rocker with nasty long blonde hair. You rock, Daisy!!! I was rooting for you!

  97. GALEN says:


  98. TivoHo says:

    I love the fact that some folks think Ambre is the “classy” one and she’s the one that did the “Basic Instinct” move at Dinner! Lovely.

    P.S. Daisy was fun to watch and I was rooting for her…however, I think she’s way better than Bret anyway. Good luck to her! :)

  99. KitKat says:

    On the VH1 extras, Bret said he didn’t choose you because yuo got “around” with his bandmates, etc. You know what I would have shot right back at him, cameras rolling or not????? I would have been like, “Hmm. Bret, you’re one to talk! You man ))$+! You SLEPT with half of the girls in the house — my housemates!!” Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black, huh??

    Carries is right. Bret Michaels is a washed up rocker and a loser. He treated you poorly, and I would call him on it.

  100. Kristin says:

    This interview was AMAZING! I was so upset that Daisy didnt win! I was cheering for her the entire way through. She is the more “classy” one in my opinion. And definitely by this interview you can tell that for a fact. I hope that Daisy goes far in like and many new things happen for her! And Bret definitely chose the wrong girl AGAIN!!! Daisy would have been so much better for Bret and I have no idea how Bret didnt see that! Anyway, I hope Daisy goes far!!! I love that girl!!!

  101. dazzlinlilly says:

    Daisy’s alright,she just had alot of jealous chics after her!I knew Brett wasnt after her for love,I say Kristi Jo took care of that!He needed a little chase and I say he got it.

  102. tina m says:

    Daisy I think you are very honest. I hope that you have many blessings come your way in the future. Your strength and sense of humor, are refreshing. May your journey be filled with light and joy.

  103. dazzlinlilly says:

    Amber?I hear they are just good friends!!!He had the hots for Kristi Jo,she was smart enough to walk out and not play the game,like I said”The chase is on”.Brett needs to find someone whom is not going to be clingy,someone with his celebrity status,maybe he needs to be jealous for a while.I say Pamala Anderson will give him a run for his money!!!!!!

  104. Diamond Deb says:

    I have gained new respect for Brett. Most men in his shoes would have picked Daisy, but Brett clearly wanted something deeper than “Hey everybody look at me.” Its too bad that Ambre lied about her age…… (red flag.) I hope that whatever happens now off camera….he finds love.

  105. Jamie says:

    Daisy is the ugliest human being i have ever seen…she is repulsive and retarted..
    it actually hurt my eyeballs to watch her on the tv…i think the producers told brett to keep her cause she caused drama..there is no way any normal man or human being for that matter can say someone that looks like her with her big ~() nose,huge foreheard,fake lips and fake boobs is remotely sexy…ambre is the full package..thank god he chose her…i hope they work out…

  106. Erin says:

    I watch both seasons too, and at first I was not happy with the women that were picked for Bret. I thought they were all trashy. I still think that way but a few were not. I’m so glad that Daisy didn’t will she’s f*%$ing NUTS! What is she on crack or something she can’t even keep her hands and arms still. I know she said her lips were real PLEASE…you can get injections put in and your lips are still considered real. Stupid #^^ I hope Bret is happy with Ambre she is closer to his age and beautiful, has a brain and doesn’t look like white trash!

  107. Alicia says:

    You rock Daisy! Good luck with everything!!

  108. tamara says:

    daisy is fake i believe she still live with her b.f

  109. LilllyH says:






  110. vanessa says:

    Daisy I hope you find love. I think bret should have picked daisy to be with because i think they had the most in common. I mean daisy can totally handle the life of a rockstars girl and travel where ever with him, but amber just doesnt seem like she would be able to handle it!! I mean I hope bret knows what he is doing, and i hope he mad the right choice cause if he didnt he better try being with daisy again!!

  111. LilllyH says:



  112. maisy says:

    re: Daisy and Bret
    I really don’t believe they only had relations on the last night. I think it’s a big lie as I really think she does to get through life. I know girls like her as I grew up with a few. The whole, “Run-a-way” girl thing. Lie lie lie. They are so uncomfortable with themselves and they believe their own lies after a while.

  113. Jamie says:

    Wow I can’t believe he didnt pick Daisy. First everyone attacked Kristy Joe because she was the biggest threat then they started attacking Daisy. I was watching a clip when Brett asked Daisy… if they’ve been in the same place in the past why she didn’t approach him? Something to that affect. There could be a million reasons… Maybe she thought she didn’t stand a chance. Who knows?

    Opposites attract I don’t really care for Amber I saw the way she attacked Kristy Joe and Daisy. Amber commented on Daisy being a stripper but at the end of the show she came right out and said “I’m not wearing any underwear” Hypocrite I thought to myself thats trashy
    Well I hope Brett found his rock of love. Rock as in You are my rock or rock as in rock on?
    I think Daisy captured both and Amber only captured the You are my rock portion if that makes any sense lol

    I think Daisy was under a lot of pressure Brett drilling her left n right. Daisy came out on national television and said she’s had an abortion. (Sometimes you got to do what you’ve got to do)If that’s not laying a part of your life on the table I don’t know what is? It takes time to get to know someone fully. In such a short period of time I think Brett made the wrong decision.

    Ah Daisys diary… I hope Brett looks back and watches those clips maybe then he’ll realize he made a mistake or maybe not. It seemed like when Daisy was alone to gather her thoughts she communicated better than being put on the spot.

    Amber is happy go lucky and in a way I think it was all an act. Amber never stuck out to me on the show. Daisy did from the get go. Personally I don’t think Daisy’s drop dead gorgeous( no offence) she has a nice body and if he couldn’t see past that or be willing to invest his loss.

    Look at Amber and Brett as a couple it just doesn’t look right. I can’t explain it. From the outside looking in.

    Big John Yikes I think he steered Brett in the wrong direction. He’s sorda creepy if you ask me. I saw one clip where he was telling a story about how he was doing “the five knuckle shuffle” when Brett walked in. Weird!

    Anywich way everything happens for a reason. I wish everyone in life happiness. If Amber makes him happy more power to the both of them.

    As for Daisy She uses the word “whatever” way too much. It’s always nice when people bring things to your attention :O)

    Peace Out

  114. dawn says:

    I am so happy that Amber one. Daisy was a mess! And i am not just talking about her horrid plastic surgery here. My gosh i just dont get how any man could find her sexy. Fake fake fake! Gross. Plus she just had nothing upstairs. She acted dim and i thought she was hiding too much. But I am afraid for amber, i mean can she handle his lifestyle? I think Daisy might have been able to handle more. But who cares he picked Amber and i am so glad. I hope it works for them. Good luck to you two! I am gonna miss this show!

  115. jamie says:

    lol heather looks a like a man for real

  116. Ann says:


  117. shannon says:

    daisys awesome. im glad she didnt get chosen. bret is a hasbeen rocker anyway[so what if hes touring. if he didnt relaease rol1 or 2 no one would care anyway minus the adults who were into that back then]. im sure ambre lied about way more then just her age anyway.
    A liar and a loser belong together. Daisys way too cool for him anyway. and hey! now we get a rock of love 3. more addicting vh1 television sweeeet.

  118. me says:

    YES AMBER WON! I LOVED THE SHOW! Funny thing is i never like bret b4 thisshow. Now i find him so sexy and he has alot more to offer then i thought he ever would. This show showed how loving and normal he can be. Nothing against Daisy but she was hidning a lot. Its obvious. And in my opinion she was kind of freaky looking. She thought she was so perfect.

  119. Rainey says:

    Hey Girlfriend! Hang in there, O.K. We all care about you and expect great things! I just want to add that you are soooo lucky to be rid of him. I know it may not seem like it now but you’ll see. Brett is just a dirty old man and will never change. You are in my prayers! Please take care.

  120. puddinsmom2007 says:

    Rock of Love and Rock of Love 2 are the two funniest shows on television. I enjoyed both seasons but the first season had women with more distinct personalities. Think of the differences between Jes, Heather, Lacey, the Brandys, Sam, etc. Lacey made the very, very best ‘villianess.’ You couldn’t help but ‘love to hate’ her. To a degree, it seemed like the editors sort of tried to make Daisy a ‘dumbier’ combination of Lacey and Heather. When/If they cast Rock of Love 3, I hope that the casting director finds women with very different personalities. It makes the show more enjoyable. I sometimes worry about Daisy. She seems somewhat emotionally fragile. She appears to be pretty but with the hair extensions, the obviously injected lips, the breast implants – combined with her still living with her ex, her lack of family and what she does for a living – She (and again – this may just be how she was edited) seems to be very much in need of positive reaffirmation from successful, mature males – like Brett. All in all, it was a fun season. I can’t wait to see the reunion show. From the previews, it looked like Daisy and Heather actually got into a physical fight! Fun, fun, fun! To the producers, directors, editors and everyone involved in the show – GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

  121. Karen says:

    I think Bret is ridiculous in the way he so sexual with almost every girl. He manipulates them in a sexual way just to get what he wants.
    Now that Ambre and him did not see each other for months do you really think he is not having sex with someone else? Come on Mr. Horny himself.. I think he used Daisy in a way and it really hurt her heart when she did not need that in her life. I hope Daisy goes far with her career and her looks and for Ambre she will be just an old lady trying to broadcast the news and maybe she could be the weather girl someday or maybe even the water girl…

  122. Dre says:

    Bret played in Salinas, Ca this weekend and he was here with Destiny so I guess he didnt work out with Ambre either

  123. Adrianne says:

    Bret you are a celebrity from Pennsylvania, you should say something to Obama for looking his nose down on the people in PA because he said:

    “You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, a lot of them — like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they’ve gone through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, and they cling to guns, or religion, or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment, or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” Obama in a private meeting with billionaire contributors in San Fransisco.

    Please stick up for Pennsylvanians Bret we love you!!!!!!!!!!

  124. velvet says:

    I just read the interview with Daisy. Who is she kidding? If you are so secure with yourself then why would you get so much plastic surgery and also lie about it? Come on girl. Its obvious your lips are done. But whatever i feel that if it makes you feel better then do it. But dont go around acting like everyone but you is ugly. So what if Amber looks older then you, she should. She 37 and your 25! And you have had lots of work done. Also will you stop with the “im a dancer thing” Ya right your a stripper honey! Stripping is not an art okay! Anyone can be a stripper. I am not aying the stripping is so bad. I dont care really. But you are saying all different things. First you say your sort of a prude, then you say you like stripping and that your wild and a rocker chick. I did feel bad for you and i do think you loved bret. But he picked the better women in my opinion. Will it work? Who knows. But i think Amber has her #$+@ togther and well i dont think you do girl.

  125. Dawn says:

    Daisy I like you better than Ambre and I think Bret does too but he was afraid to follow his heart.

  126. Charis says:

    Daisy is the world’s biggest groupie slut. If you watch the extras you will see that before Bret asked Daisy to leave he explained she did his band and his opening band and not him. She’s in if for the fame and money so I don’t believe a word she says in this interview.

  127. Mitch says:

    Daisy i felt like you were gonna win it from the first show. You should have won. Amber is a stuck up old +)#~* Oh and love the tattoo on your arm its pretty hot. You rock. Take care of yourself and the hell with amber F her.

  128. Halley says:

    The only reason Daisy can only be open is because she has holes in her head. The girl is not a rock of love she is dumber than a rock.

  129. gaby says:

    you should have won…. NO DOUBT!!!

  130. Emily says:

    SO here is what I think!!! Entertainment. Brett Michaels has fallen from star status and now he tries to use this show to gain fans!! I am a fan of poison not Mr. Michaels. You do not find love by putting multiple women in a house and expect to find true love. I am a nice person but if you put me in a house with more than 6 women you will see thej biggest ++*&+ ever. So to find love it just happens and also if he were really looking for love he wouldn’t sleep with any of the women either. And Daisy I’m truly sorry he slept with you on the last night and picked amber but what does that say about his feelings for her??? HE IS A PIG!!!! AS far as a sweet guy and all of course he is cameras are all over him and he wants to be portrayed that way!!! I watched the show for the entertainment as does everyone else it just sucks that so many women had to get broken hearts all for my sunday night of entertainment!!!! BRETT SUCKS

  131. carol says:

    Daisy, Daisy go back to school… You are very confused and if you think you are hot and sexy, please send me your mirror or what you smoking…. you are a poster girl for therapy.

  132. bob says:

    I think Daisy is pitiful and Amber is HOT, good choice Bret. Anyone who thinks 37 is old must be too young to be reading this. Women reach prime at 35, men at 18 do the math.. Bret is OLD not Amber.

  133. Sera says:

    Whoever chooses the cast on Rock of Love has a problem matching Bret with the appropriate girl. They seem to choose people that have been in the entertainment industry already which is very suspicious to me. Whether or not it is staged, the way that Bret womanizes and manipulates these girls is absolutely appalling and for any of them to sit there and take it to find their “true love” is absolutely rediculous. There is no “love” about it, it is all for fame, it is completely obvious that Ambre was not in it for Bret, she was in it for fame… if Bret Michaels was not famous, and lived paycheck to paycheck he would not have this crazy slew of girls at his feet, snapping to his every command.

  134. Christy says:

    “Adrianne Says:
    April 14th, 2008 at 6:21 pm
    Bret you are a celebrity from Pennsylvania, you should say something to Obama for looking his nose down on the people in PA because he said:
    “You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, a lot of them — like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they’ve gone through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, and they cling to guns, or religion, or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment, or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” Obama in a private meeting with billionaire contributors in San Fransisco.

    Please stick up for Pennsylvanians Bret we love you!!!!!!!!!!”

    > Come on Bret, This unprovoked and inaccurate shot hits close to home. As a PA resident (pop 900) not far from Mechanicsburg, Obama targeted small town PA with a very liberal and rude brush. The man clearly doesn’t ‘get’ the dynamics of small town existence. I work my butt off and live a pretty nice life in the country. I don’t want for anything nor do I want someone to state nationally that ‘small town PA’ needs government intervention. I don’t need him or his rhetoric. Hell, I wouldn’t vote for Obama now if he were the only candidate. I guess the Amish are included in the folks that need saving? Sigh, the man clearly takes his shot thinking we’ll all back down.

    Bret, you have the celebrity – your face is on every blog today. As a PA resident from a small town I know you’ll man up and speak up. Have at it son, there’s lots of folks in PA that will have your back :)

  135. Mary says:

    What is open about Daisy are her legs.

  136. rosie says:

    So, you say that you didnt have sex with bret in vegas…hahaha you’re just a dumb chick any woman would defend herself from lies especially if they are being told in front of her face like bret said to your ex-sister in law in the limo. Sorry daisy you are just “tired” as we say here in LA, bret made an excellent choice and that was to make ambre his “Rock of Love”. Oh and by the way stripper or dancer like you like to call yourself it’s the same s***, you still end up showing something for an exchange$$$(live and learn) oh yeah I almost forgot who is better in bed bret or cici? you should know….hahahahahahha dumb #!#

  137. DaisyEenemy1 says:

    Daisy the only reason y u dnt like ambre id cuz she won brets heart and u didn’t! u! u were one of the fakest ones. u had a guy at home!! and i kno u lied to bret anyhow sayin that u and that guy hadn’t been having a phisical relatiionship but u lied! U R FAKE AND U R A SKANK! $)#( U HOE!

  138. Christy says:

    ((Sorry, I seemed to have gotten side tracked but getting slammed without provocation by a politician just isn’t normal around here. sheesh))

    Daisy, I felt your pain last night. I hope & pray you’ve moved on with your life, you have much to offer & many special talents. jmho I expect reality shows only show what they want the world to percieve as real. Folks that buy into the editing don’t understand the slant. I could tell by your face, you loved him and not being chosen, well, that had to hurt. I wish you only the best darlin. Take care :) :)

  139. DAISYISGAA says:


  140. Janice says:

    I am just curious. At the final elimination, Daisy had her neckalce on then off. Then on then off…how the hell does that happen??? Did they keep cutting during the elimination or what???

  141. Laurel says:

    Thank God Bret picked a women and not a child. Instead of spending all that money on plastic surgery spend it on a head doctor and get an education. Your looks will only last so long and at some point you’ll have to rely on your mind or what little you have of one!

  142. Lisa says:

    Adrianne I think you could contact Bret at his famousVH1friends to tell him the political message – I don’t think he reads our blogs here! (I agree with you by the way.)

    Back to Daisy I feel sorry for her because I think she invested her heart into this, and I do believe she was in love with Bret and it must have been a lot of hurt for her. However as I said elsewhere I do think Ambre was Bret’s best choice and it will always be hard for the one who is the last to go, like it was for Heather last year.

  143. Carolyn says:

    Daisy is the worst thing on TV.

  144. Kristi says:

    For everyone on here saying Ambre is like 80 years and so old and blah, blah, blah….HELLO! What do you think Brett is? A spring chicken? He’s old enough to be Daisy’s father, for God’s sakes.

  145. suggy girl says:

    Well, Bret Michaels is really showing his age by choosing the “old maid” Ambre. He will be kicking himself for a long time, dreaming about Daisy. No matter how dumb he thinks Daisy is, she had it going on. Ambre had to well in school because she couldn’t rely on her looks. Ambre was so cruel to daisy, Bret should know that about her. She was like the ugly wicked stepsister. Ambre continued to insult Daisy by calling her immature, well Ambre should know she is old enough to be Daisy’s mother. Ambre is an old dog, Bret’s eyesight must be going at 44. The consensus is it’s his loss.

  146. jason says:

    daisy is the hottest girl i have ever seen in my life. i think she is perfect

  147. kacer says:

    I like Daisy she was used by Brett. He knew he felt that way about her before the last elimination. He could have kept Destiny and let Daisy go because he seen how much them hoes put her thru. Of course he knew the moment he met Charles her ex that he wasn’t gonna pick her. So why put her thru some more emotional turmoil. Especially having her think she was gonna win because he was having sex with her and playing with head. But Ambre will get hers in due time with her eyes too close together to see she is not one for Brett.

  148. Debz says:

    I’m sooooooooooo happy that Bret didn’t pick Dingy, oh, sorry, Daisy!!! I have a friend that I thought was the dingiest person in the world, but nooooooooooooo, Daisy beats her, hands down. If Daisy had 2 more IQ points, she could be a houseplant!!!! I’m sure that Bret didn’t pick her because when she talks to him, all he can do is nod his head because she makes no DAMNED sense!!! I couldn’t understand her, with her it’s Like this, Like that, Like, Like, Like, DUDE, etc.. This girl can’t even answer a simple question, listening to her was like listening to some 3 year old child answer Bret’s questions, the intelligence level is about the same.. BYE DAISY, it was STRANGE watching you, maybe you can get your own show or maybe go on some other show like, “Who Has the Lowest IQ???”

  149. Jillian says:

    I definitely think that Daisy should have won, she is beautiful. Bret, what the hell were you thinking when you picked Ambre .. she is a pshycho %`#_( She is an old hag. Daisy is young and GOREOUS. Ambre gave herself away in a heartbeat telling Bret that she had no underwear on. HELLOOO! that was a HUGE cry out for attention and I think the only reason why she did it is beacuse she knew that if she just put herself out like that RIGHT before elemination she knew that she was going to win .. where I live we call girls like that “hoes”. I have never in my life met a woman that old put herself out so damn quick .. well Daisy good luck, you are a beautiful girl and maybe you can try out for next season because you know that there will definitely be a Rock of Love 3.

  150. jason says:

    if daisy has her own show i will be on it. i am in love with her. i want to marry her. she is beautiful

  151. vee says:

    here’s the thing….I will win him over when he checks me out at one of his performances in May–in a very small bar (i’m happy to say) I will be in the front ……… the show that’s 4 sure—
    Daisy is not pretty and I do think Ambre is the better choice however, I think Amber is in her 40s not 30s—thats 4 sure–
    I luve Bret

  152. Steph says:

    Daisy deserves her own show….. “Destined For Daisy!” Ambre is a liar, anyone who lies so easily about their age and is so dumb to remember doing it, just proves she lies about much more and on a constant basis. I really wanted to think more of Bret Michaels but I’m sorry he is just a Piece o %_+# and Daisy, you are so lucky to NOT have been picked. VH1, Give Daisy her own show, I already provided the name for you… She deserves a chance to find a real Gentlemen. Not some Old Rock Pig, which sorry your music sucks *$~ anyone Brett. Bye : )

  153. Ashley says:

    Daisy should have one Ambre is old and boreing!

  154. Comment says:

    Daisy should get her own show and find the love of her life, she deserves better than Bret.

  155. Steph says:

    Also, Ambre your days are numbered and any show that honestly puts you on as a host is only going to lose major bucks. who the hell would watch you!? You talk about Daisy using her sexuality, Oh I’m sorry, the comment, ” I’m not wearing any underwear” WTF is that? Thats you using your sexuality to try and win bret, Where I come from that makes your a `%)%^ rolling my eyes and repeating it, `%)%^ That was so annoying watching her do that all season. Ugg. Again Daisy, You desere your own show! Oh and for that Pig Heather where the hell does she come off, shes a dancer too! Heather looks like a Man Trucker. She is so nasty. Who the hell would pay her for a lap dance? Its beyond me.

  156. ardashia says:

    man i think that daisy was a total ^)(*` to ambre and im happy thay ambre one cuz dasiy had to many secrets and ambre only lied about her age it is nothing compared to not telling the man u r tring to persue that ur still living with ur ex boyfriend im not tring 2 attack dasiy i just feel from me watching the show that ambre waz better 4 bret and plus daisy is weird if u notice everytime daisy cries she putsher hands by her head it is annoying to me

  157. LISA says:


  158. K says:

    You got a raw deal girl. I think u were better than that prude Amber. Don’t worry girl you’re still the winner in my eyes. I think you should do playboy. Your a hot chick. Lots of guys would buy that issue. Tell Bret to eat his heart out, he’s a loser. Keep rocking girl.


  159. Jaya says:

    Daisy, can I just say you totally rule!? I love how beautiful, creative and bold you are. Despite the fact that you’ve been through some stuff, you hold your head high and are such a wonderful sweet-natured, free spirit. As someone who also suffers from social anxiety, know that it gets better as you get older and learn to deal with all kinds of people more. I wish you everything good and beautiful now and in the future! Oh, and your tattoos are the best, too!
    Blessings and Love, Jaya

  160. CoUnTrY gIrL says:

    OMG……..I’m as So So So So glad that Ambre WON…..I think that she deserves Bret more than that little %$*!@ Daisy does!!! i mean come on Daisy is such a *&$!@. She likes drama more than tryin to find love. Bret if your reading this..”I am so happy for you and Ambre”. I hope that you two are happy and i wish you both all the happiness in the world!!!!!!!!! Oh freakin well that Ambre lied about her age…age is just a number…not really a big deal!!!! But yeah…..Who are we kidding Ambre is so natural looking with Bret and Daisy had F*&%$@! lip injections for gosh sakes…Can you say FAKE?!?!??!?!?
    Yeah Ambre’s days many be numbered but now she will have more numbered days with BRET…..A freakin hottie!!! I just have one more thing to say…..i have watched this show everyday and Ambre girl don’t let me done…What ever he needs girl i know you’ll be there for him!!!!

  161. J says:

    I can’t believe you people. Daisy is gross. She looks like her face is melting right off her head, and she should really lay off the lip injections and breast augmentations. Amber was the classiest, smartest, and most mature girl on the show. Amber is the rightful winner. It made me smile to see that fake Daisy cry her way off the show…

  162. Michelle says:

    That was a GREAT interview. Totally real. She was genuninely hurt by this. Bret should not have slept with her. However you feel about her, if you compare her interview to the nonchalant interviews and exaggerating interviews of the other girls, you can see that she is real. Amber was the right choice because Daisy is too young for a forty-five year old man and Ambre played the game right, but there is no reason to be hating on Daisy. She’s cool and for real.

  163. C42 says:

    I so so so so believe that AMBER was the right one for Bret. Daisy is so f$%^ing ugly. she looks like a man and she is completly fake from head to toe. her hair is so gross it looks so dried out and fried because she probably dyes it so much and tries to make her self look better but she just ends up looking even worse then before. Her face I dont know where to start with that. she looks like a man, maybe she used to be one, I wouldnt be suprised if she was. Her lips are so gross. Seriously that is not pretty at all. she looks like a monkey. And her boobs those are the worst. they are so fake and you can so tell. when you get breast implants i thought they were suppose to look real. Daisy’s look completly fake. it just makes me feel so sick that she thinks she is pretty. I dont know if i have seen someone so ugly. She also has huge ugly hands. they are so long and are just gross. She always moves them around when she talks and it makes her look like a %@&~## and when she touches her boobs when she is talking makes her seem like a lesbian because she is always touching her self. Daisy is just so ugly I dont know what to say anymore. she got what she desevered. why would bret ever want to go out with someone that looks like that seriously. she desevered to get her heart broken and i couldnt be happier that she didnt win Bret’s heart and AMBER did!!!!

  164. mitzi says:

    daisy is adorable. She will have the last laugh.
    oh and one more thing, it was ambre saying DUDE over and over again on the finale episode. she said it many times TO daisy. ambre is a snotty broad and im sure it wont last.

  165. Daisyshouldhave herownshoww says:

    Daisy should have her own show. I would totally watch it. She deserves love too. I’d love to see that. She’s so cute and petite.

  166. Courtney says:

    OOMGGGGGGG…..DAISY YOU ROCK i hate amber she is so stuck up and a little b#@%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAISY RULES i am so sad amber won there is probablly going to make another rock of love anyways but i will not watch i repeat will NOT watch! Bret had made a wrong choice totally amber is such a little freak and that is so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MESSSSSEDDDDD UPPPPPPP!!!!!! so f@#$ u AMBER!!!!!!!!!! :[

  167. Linda says:

    Bret sleeping with these girls before elimination is a joke, he’s not looking for true love, he is still acting like a immature pig.

    He chose Ambre to make him look good I feel, I don’t think he’s in love with anyone he used them for sex obviously.

  168. Courtney says:

    By the way amber would NOT stopshaking her head she was a friggin bobble head and she is SOOOOOOO friggin UGLY the dress she had to were for the finale elimination her friggin boobs did not fill it up oh ya she does not have any haha!

  169. Courtney says:


  170. DAISYSOROCKS says:

    that was so sad amber will break up with bret and there relationship will not work out so there will be a third lol

  171. jenna says:

    i love you daisy && i wanted you to win from the beginning !
    your ~+_~ ing real ; ~+_~ every other #&@#+ in that houseeee!

    and ambre is not gonna ~+_~ ing last with bret because shes ugly & fake and sucks !
    the end.

    ps. daisy you deserve the best. (:

  172. Selly says:

    I agree, Daisy should get her own show and find the love of her life. Daisy, best of luck to you, things can only look up from now on. Ambre, you will get yours in due time, what goes around, comes around, karma is a b%#ch.

  173. Vee says:

    That’s kind of a cool idea about Daisy getting her own dating show. (Someone previously mentioned it.) I was rooting for Ambre, but I felt sorry for Daisy…so I’d like to see her do the I Love NY thing and get her own show. Why not? I bet it’d get good ratings.

  174. MISSTRINIDAD says:


  175. RoseGayle says:

    XOXOXOXOXO to Daisy. Much luv and good wishes 4 u. Bret obviously is not looking for a true love, because he chose a fake bee-yotch like Amber. Goodluck to u!!!! BTW: Charles is a HOTTIE!!!!.

  176. lis says:

    daisy slept with bret only once? right!

  177. A says:

    Okay, sorry if this offends anyone, but I can’t stand Daisy. She looks fake and trashy. Amber at least looks classy (I honestly don’t know if she is though). I agree that Amber will only be his girlfriend until they sign-on for “Rock of Love 3.”
    Does anyone else think that Daisy keeps repeating herself in this interview or in other parts contradicting herself?

  178. key says:

    Daisy is a dumb blonde with a big nose and big %(# s. The big %(# s are her only ^&% et. I am glad Brett learned his lesson from season 2. Too bad Amber is boring and old.

  179. vh1 watcher says:

    sorry daisy but i like ambre…. hmm wat to watch now that this is over……. oh i no, flavor of love 3… i hope seasonz will win, shes the only normal one. and has anyone seen sinceres forhead oh my god! that b!tch makes fun of everyone but has she looked at her self lately ..i dont think so!!!!

  180. liz says:

    Thank goodness he picked Ambre. Daisy was annoying to watch and was so friggin stupid. How could any man carry on a relationship with this woman? She would drive me nuts within a day and I don’t care how big her t*ts are.

  181. diesel says:

    Okay well thank heaven Daisy did not win that trick is fake as hell! And bullsnit she isn’t bangin her ex, uh hello they live in a one bedroom apt. I would of kicked her sorry butt off when I found out they live together. She’s a liar and a sneaky trick who wanted her stupid lame music out…which really sucks culo. And I dont see how anyone could say she looks good!

  182. THE TRUE PRINCESS says:


  183. moe d. says:

    Just would like to comment that in my opinion, Daisy didn’t come off as ditzy or stupid…just young & funny. I’m no idiot either, a pediatric nurse actually. I enjoyed Daisy on this season of Rock of Love & was really hoping Bret would choose her. She really seemed to get it. Ambre, on the other hand, seemed kind of gross. It also really surprised me that she had the nerve to insult Daisy regarding her plastic surgery & lifestyle! Ambre’s face STAYED sweaty & plastic-looking & she’s a broke, no-name t.v. show host. Most of us late-twenty, early-thirty-somethings who indulge in the VH1 celebreality hit show KNEW without a doubt that Ambre was NOT 32…we were just waiting for that secret to be exposed. She honestly looks older than 37. Heather came across as a drunken, idiot, has-been stripper who was still very bitter that Bret didn’t choose her. Kudos to Daisy for peeling that burn off on camera! Daisy’s better off without Bret anyway…he’s kind of a has-been in most big cities, too… unfortunately. But he makes for great t.v.!

  184. Martini says:

    I have to say..I love this show. Great entertainment value. The producers due a phenomenal job of puppeteering Brett into eliminating the right girls every week, just to keep the ratings high. And ultimately, it comes down to good vs. evil, old vs. young, pretty vs. white trashy. Both seasons Brett “picked” the brighter, more intelligent choice, yet I will not be surprised when he is single again. Brett is obviously a bright and intelligent guy as well…smart enough to keep the show going probably for another season. However, reading the comments from other viewers, the producers should have no trouble finding new prospects for Rock of Love 3. I’ll be watching!!
    From a personal perspective…Daisy, dumb and trashy… Ambre, pretty and desperate.

  185. Jenna says:

    Bret has been messing around with teh “Daisy’s” of the world for years. Hmm..maybe that is why he is still single. I don’t think Ambre did anything dishonest or sneaky. She was just straightforward and acted like a grownup. As for of the people calling her old, this show in on VH1, not MTV, so you teenagers go watch The Hills or whatever is on MTV now, and let us late-twenty to thirty plus folks enjoy watching the folks we grew up with.

  186. chilling says:

    Daisy your deserve better than brett. Ambre looks way older than 37……

  187. ml523 says:

    Ambre was sneaky & arrogant. She was cold an calculating. She wants everyone to think she is nice but she back stapped all the girls……No dirt on Ambre because none of her ex’s wanted to appear on the show. Don’t you why she hasn’t married yet? Her ex’s didn’t even wanted to come on the show and be *)~ ociated with her.

    Your cool Daisy

  188. Nina says:

    DAISY, BEST OF LUCK TO YOU………you will be a star one day.

  189. Leona says:

    I think Daisy should have won….but in a way I’m glad she did not win because Daisy needs to be with someone who is not on rogaine or Silver Cintrum ………Brett was way too old for Daisy. Daisy needs to be with someone hansome and young, like Charles……

  190. rob says:

    Your great Daisy! Who cares what others think.

  191. Sarah says:

    Heather was trash and she is very jealous of you.

  192. lp4532r says:

    Yeah, heather was hateful. You rock Daisy!

  193. Petepo says:

    Ambre was sneaky and a snitch….Brett used you Daisy for ratings and sex, what a jerk. What goes around comes around. Take care Daisy, your beautiful.

  194. sage says:

    ambre is way to opposite for bret he will just dump her like he did to poor jes come one his 44 and single i think his secretly gay

  195. Danni says:

    I am so happy that he picked Ambre. Daisy acts like a 15 year old little girl. She has too many skeltons in her closet. You think getting some saline in you breasts and some injections in your lips makes a woman. “Well it doesnt, it makes you look like a scary Monster.” “Go back to school, Daisy, to learn how to communicate with other human beings.” You talk like you didnt finish middle school. And Ambre, “Congrats” again.

  196. jo says:

    Daisy you Rock

  197. frank says:

    Daisy, you were never rude to anyone. But the old bat Ambre was, she probably forgot to take her medications; nah, she was desperate because none of her ex’s wanted her. She’s worried she’s getting old. She looks much older than 37. Brett will leave her, she looks boring.

  198. Cindy says:

    Keep rocking Daisy. You don’t need brett.

  199. gfg says:

    Daisy gave it away a long time ago … alot of people knew what would happen. just go to and scroll down to the 3rd or 4th post .. she addmitted on TV in an interview!

  200. rockout says:

    your fine Daisy!

  201. you2 says:

    I’m glad you moved on with your life because Brett will dump Ambre. Good luck with your future. You’ll do great without Brett.

  202. Robin says:

    Ambre was the best one for Brett. I think at Brett’s stage in life he needs someone more stable than Daisy. The reality is that this is a show…..the odds of finding true love are very slim…this is mostly about ratings. Besides Brett has already had one of the most hottest women…..Pamela Anderson….why settle for a very poor fake version in Daisy.

  203. stefanie says:

    Daisy will have a better life now.Maybe Playboy will offer her gorgeous ^~$ something.IT will not last between Ears and Brett.He wears just as much makeup as Daisy, if not more.It looks like he has a track in also.

  204. Thetruth2 says:

    I am actually surprised that Daisy lasted as long as she did but the choices were pretty bad. I actually think that Brett picked the one person that he thought wasnt just after his money (Lets face it, thats why most of these girls was on the show).
    Brett is one of those bigger than life guys that probably will be single the rest of his life. In the end I think he made the right choice. He brought up a great point about Ambre being comfortable at this point in her life and he is probably right. Maybe he is ready for that too. Ambre was the only sane person on the show much like Jess was last season. (Maybe Brett has had enough of those crazy rock chicks).
    As for everyone that keeps saying “You will do great without Brett”… well lets get real folks. If Daisy is going to be alright, well my dear you need to go to college. Do something with your life. You know its pretty hard to get a good solid job when you have a “Stripper” reputation. That is unless you can hook up with a millionaire rock star.
    Thats the 2cents from the “TRUTH”.

  205. ssmtr says:

    Daisy got on my last nerve…thank goodness its all over whew!

  206. heather says:

    she is an airhead and a liar.

  207. ursula says:

    daisy is nothing but a skanky ho. she talks like she has gravel in her mouth and what comes out of it is ridiculous. she thinks she’s soooo hot…NOT. she is one homely ho!!

  208. LaToya says:

    I loved Daisy from the jump, Ambre cool, but bret should have picked Daisy. Daisy you my girl, keep your head up. F-ing people need to stop hating on you. STOP HATING ON MY GIRL DAISY.

  209. Amy says:

    I think Daisy is better off without Bret, he is such a loser…..

  210. rose thorn says:

    daisy is cute but dumb as hell and she probably will become the next pam anderson after this! playboy, rock star husbands, movies (even though she has no acting talent), etc….
    ambre is a beautiful and smart woman but i don’t see her as the rock star girlfriend/wife! she is too classy for that kind of lifestyle. she needs to dump bret and release back into the world of groupies and skanks where he’s happy!
    also, i think when i take a glimpse of these “love” shows while channel surfing: what the hell are these young girls thinking?!!!!!!! trying to hook up with old, ugly men like bret or flav…they’re probably secretly gay and are doing the love shows to try to convince themselves they’re not!!!!
    my advice to the young girls on these shows: go to college! stop chasing old men!

  211. rock-it says:

    Amber saved face when Brett allowed her to stay after the first elimination and she did whatever she had to in order to “look good” to EVERYONE! Do you really think she has anything in common with Bret? Of course not! She manipulated every situation to make herself look better. In fact, Heathe and Ambre have more in common. They’re both jealous of anyone and anything who looks better, sounds better and acts, oh yes, I said it…ACT better, because really, that’s that bottom line in reality shows. Best actress wins

  212. rock-it says:

    Oh, and I forgot to ask…Anyone know when Rock of Love III starts airing?

  213. ursula says:

    wow…after reading some of the comments it blows my mind that a lot think ambre is old…HELLO…so what about bret? he’s 44/45 and gettin it on with women old enough to be his daughter…yuck, now that is gross and sick!

  214. LuvBears says:

    Ill make a huge bet that they wont make it! No Matter who dont like Daisy, she was a better match for Bret! There will probably be another stupid !+^ show! Next name will be”Rock W/Aides Starring Bret”!! Lol Thats sad to say but OMG, Please! Out of all those girls and he cant find LOVE? Give up, maybe hes gay!!!

  215. heather_sucks says:

    lol @ rock-it Heather ugly ^^& needs to go sit down. You had your fame 2 years ago you ugly #!$!~ Bret don’t want you….by the way when is rock of love 3 thats show sucked anyway.the girls were just to nasty 2 watch.try picking people who have just alittle more class vh1.I liked daisy tho.The other girls were hatin on her hard. especially heather.Well heather looks like a man anyways oh dried us #!$!~ go sit ya overly tanned ^^& down and leave poor daisy alone you fuggly #!$!~ I think i got it all out :)

  216. heather_sucks says:

    oh yeah daisy you rock girl bret didn’t deserve you anyways. you’re way to classy 4 him whoot whoot..hehehehe :)

  217. hereIambaby says:

    she is a style of wonder and beauty. I guess a women can get out of jail and style look fabulous.i signed in the site and some men were talking about her and said she is attractive.

  218. Sharon says:

    Daisy, you are a beautiful young woman and obviously not an airhead. You’re still young and I think one thing you learned on this show is to stick up for yourself. If you had it to do over you would have said, “Yeah. Charles is my roommate and friend, so what?” but maybe that would not have made for good television in the eyes of the producers. So they threw you on the cross, so to speak. Anyway, keep being beautiful and don’t let anyone comprimise you. You have the “it” factor, never forget that. Don’t settle.

  219. Rocky says:

    Money says, first thing Ambre does is spend Bret’s money on boobs, a nose job and thigh job. She’s all Hollywood now.

    Heather looks like a belt! She takes “tanning” to a whole new level.

    Daisy you deserve someone in your own age group who is totally hot. Don’t kick Charles to the curb, good friends are not easy to find in Holly Wierd.

    You didn’t lose Bret. Bret lost you. His loss.

  220. suz says:

    Come on Daisy, sure you didn’t sleep with Brett until the last night, we’re stupid…I read your Sludge interview and it sure is different from what you are saying now..I’m sorry to see you hurt but that’s life and what you signed up for, grow up. Ambre is not only more his age but alot classier. Obviously Brett is tired of dating girls like you, that’s why he’s with Ambre, duh..Like he tells Ambre on the finale, he usually dates women with your “mentality”…Do you in real life date people 20 years older than you?? I don’t think so, infact you probably wouldn’t of even considered dating him if he wasn’t a rock star…

  221. Jaden_Loves_Daisy says:

    Daisy!! You are so beautiful and so real! I will support you in everything you do. Can’t wait for your clothing line. It will be as great as you are.

  222. LEAH says:

    Daisy you are a slut!!! Don’t try to make it seem like you are Ms Goody Two shoe because you are not. However I would like to say that the reunion will be hilarious because you got your azz whipped!!!!!!!! by Heather hehehehehehehe. You may need to shut your mouth and stop talking so much crap especially if you cannot defend yourself. LOL

  223. lynn says:

    Daisy is not cute she is fake!!! Fake hair, fake boobs, fake nose come one!!!!!!! People need to wake up and realize what true beauty is, it is not PLASTIC SURGERY!!!!!!!

  224. tina says:

    Daisy is 100% rock and roll. You go girl! Brett is toooooooooooooooooo old for you!

  225. newmexico_gal says:

    Daisy i am so sorry you did not win i felt bad for you i know you loved Bret, i have been reading your interview and i am proud of you that you have many talents you are working on. About the plastic surgeries you have had its your body to do what ever you want with. And on your interview where you stated you were spanish and german i knew it i knew you had some chicana blood in you, Thumbs up to one chicana to another, anyways i liked you on the show and i liked Ambre just as well but i did see how her character changed after awhile but im happy for her i just hope she can handle Bret’s life. One thing that i did see wrong at the end is that i know Bret already had his mind made up before leaving to mexico for the trip i knew he already had picked Ambre and what i think that is so disgusting about him is that he had the nerve to sleep with you (Daisy) i find that so lame of Bret to have done not only did he use you but he disrespected Ambre for that matter so for that Bret i give you a -0- for ignorance on your part Bret. But good luck Daisy in your life and good show


  226. amazed says:

    I find reading the posts about as interesting as the show was. Knowing it is all staged and amazed that women will do anything for 15 minutes of fame with a mess of a so called rocker, it is interesting to watch. The only clear winner in any of this, of course is Michaels. He gets to show how very little he really thinks of women. And yet there are women who want to be on the program…unbelievable. On the one hand Michaels goes on and on about having his heart broken and his lack of trust, his endless love for his 2 little girls, and his endless search for his “rock of love”. Yet he wants it all his way….his lifestyle, that’s all the matters. The women are a wide variety of airheads (Megan), strippers, overly tatooed vixens and a so called 37 year old professional forced to lie about her age. Hmmm, they fight amongst each other, scream obscenities, get drunk and strip down. They make out with Michaels one after the other, that caused me to gag, yet still play his horrible game. and that’a all it is, a horrible game. Maybe I should have studied psychology. I have to admit, it fascinates me, the human behavior. But I still see nothing remotely attractive about Michaels, a 44 year old man, who dresses like a bum, wears eyeliner, has a weird guy named Big John to handle what he claims he can’t, and preaches how he looks for love. Daisy, poor thing, she didn’t lose. She was the winner in many ways. Ambre was the loser….a 37 year old woman who plays high school mentality games all for the attention of a man who obviously does not really like or respect women. I am ready for season 3. I will watch and wonder….but you know who the ones are who will have the biggest heart breaks? Those 2 little girls who have Michaels as a father. If he was any kind of a man he would never do what he’s doing but he is the worst kind of a man…selfish, arrogant, mean spirited and spoiled. What decent woman would want a jerk like him? Knowing he will still play the field and bed down anything he can? I too wonder about his sexuality? Who knows? But he must have a bill for treating veneral disease that would rank up there with the Manson Family!

  227. jennifer says:

    Right on Amazed. Sad, but so, so true. I have often wondered myself about his daughters. God bless them. It is amazing what we will do for a moment of fame – whether it’s good or bad. Amazing.

  228. Casey says:


    Everybody has a past, we all have faults. You can’t make everyone happy. Bret was not looking for a companion. The show was only to bring him back to life.
    Bret was never intending to have a relationship with any of the girls he picked in the house this includes you and Ambre. When a guy has sex with mulitple women over the years, his true emotions die out. Bret is emotionally wreck, actually. There is no way in hell I would dated Bret Michaels. You can’t trust his feelings for you. Sex is like a recreation for him. I would not have wasted my time and energy on this guy, not with any guy. Special women who have pride and respect of themself will find love with someone who will respect them and their feelings. Once you lose your feelings, it’s hard to know if you are truly in-love with a man. You are still young at heart, but dont ever lose yourself. The beauty in this world is finding your soulmate and finding “true love”. Good Luck!

  229. Redeena says:

    at the beggining of the show i hated daisy. i thought she was so fake and (&+@)( ed. i also hated how bret used to ask her $^~( about her past and stuff and she would be liike “well um uh its like uh well you know” it like dude SAY IT ALREADY!!! your making yourself look so stupid. The show made her look like a follower when Destiny and all the girls were raggin christy joe because she was still married but in the end after christy Joe left it all came to everyone’s eyes that little miss daisy was living with her ex-bf. wow isnt that a slap in the face. im sure of it that if christy joe decided to stay in the house and found out that daisy still lives with her ex she would have thought hipocrit ~)@*+ DARN. but i guess after reading daisys blog i see that she is a human being and she does have feelings but no offense daisy but on tv i guess you come off as a @@#_% i think a music career will give you a better image, but i think you should lose the dancing career cuz dude like dance :stipper : entertainment? there all in the same catogory. but your awsome becuz you shouldnt really give a $^~( what other people think. your you and your stuck with you for life and if people dont like you @*~$ um!!! AWSOME!!!

  230. PB&J says:

    Daisy is so “lame”

  231. Lillie says:

    Sage fyi Jess dumped Bret on their reunion show.Bret’s daughters are probably almost as old as you Daisy.He decided (in my opinion) not to pick you, just to screw you the day he laid eyes on Charles.Probably wanted to know how he stacked up against a young,good-looking,rocker time (such as Charles looked) I mean ,are knees poking out through torn jeans still in style?He like women that dress trashy.Look at the clothes he bought you.His babies mama was a stripper that broke his heart,come on now we have all heard the story in the first show.Hurt him so much that he wrote,Every Rose Has It’s Thorn,is’nt that all he’s known for? So now he’s so resentful that he dogs women, especially if you are a stripper, dancer what the hell ever.I’ll bet he dogged you good that last night, but you’re better than me, because I would have went out with fireworks.I’d have been like ” HEY AMBER! every time you kiss him think of my XXXXXXX!!!!!! Girl I got to go,it’s over,done,fat lady has sang,think of yourself and what the future came be for you.This is meant to uplift,not to down.Stay cool.

  232. Lillie says:

    FUTURE CAN BE, typo!!!

  233. MNickerson says:

    Daisy your so hot!

  234. ursula says:

    Dear Daisy:

    Congratulations!!!! you won,and as far as winning Brett Michaels heart ,dont worrie be happy ,noone has it ,he has no heart, he is an old play out musician trying to regain fame ,in my opinion he is a pig, and he is disrespectfull, to real woman and so is his security man Big John (big looser) talking and making fun of the girls in the show, calling them all type of names , shows me what kind of people this guy and his crew are , there is nothing more admirable of a man who acts like one not a male that thinks that exposing how many girls he can score and has sex with , makes him a star …
    about Ambre , how can she love Bratt ??? love is admiration, is devotion, is respect, so how can you respect a man that plays the field and clearly says you wont handle my life stile!!! how can you respect the one who does not respect you, the one who cant be faithfull, the one who is promiscuous, the one who exposed you in public about your private sexual intimacy, can you fall in love and admired this??????????? well maybee they are ment for each other, loosers….
    and if her dad respects this type of men for her daughter that sets many questions on my mind about what kind of man will like this trash for his daughther, maybee is like father like daughter….
    there is nothing traditional about this girl , whearing no panties ,she needs to wear panties if she does not want a bug up her @### and needs to wear a brain …… specially when she makes this facial Boso the clown sprecions…..

    BRATT NEEDS:::::

    hair restoration , redo his facial plastic surgery,he is starting to look chinese!!!, he needs
    to take that bandana look out ,is outdated he looks like hoogans after a diet, needs to work his legs they are so skinni ,they look like chicken legs, he needs to stop wearing ED HARDY Clothing ,because thats for younger duds….. did he put lip injection too or he is imitating frenchi???
    he looks ^&@&#) ed , he dont look 44 he looks 64

    you are a young girl who had a tragic life and seem sincere in actions.I admired the fact that you played fare (uno nunca debe dar golpes bajos ni en el boxeo) when it came to your oponents.
    you played the game fare with out having to exposed others in front of the bus to gain fame , what you did for Destiny about been reserved about her privacy makes you a better person and a fare player and in life sometimes loosing means winning and that goes only for the wise one to see.
    ps::: if i ever like Poison now i hate this loosers bands ….

  235. kat says:

    I would just like to say to you that some people come in our life for a reason, a season, or a life-time. Bret was never ment to be with you. the show was what you needed so that you could grow and become the young lady that you are today with a stronger sense of who you are and where you want life to take you. I can see you have more courage to speak up for yourself . we must understand each challenge we go through in life is put in place to strenthen us. I watched both seasons and to be honest with you, if any women wants true love she has to make a man respect and know her self worth! i could see at times how you were completely willing to let your guards down, the only mistake I saw that you made was sleeping with Bret, that should have only happened if you were chosen. we as women are very emotional creatures and because of that we should protect our emotions. you being so honest was exactly what you should have been nothing less if people can’t handle your honesty that’s their problem. about the fact if you had surgery SO!SO!SO! and the dancing thing, who gives a F@#! that’s your business, your life is yours to live how ever the F@#! you chose to no one elses. peolpe will always judge you that’s just what they do when they don’t have enough time to concentrate on themselves but always enough time to concentrate on someone elses business! Amber sweetie, i know it seems like and feels as though you’re a winner, but there are many tears to come!! you and Bret definitely not equally yolked! And concidering how Bret dumped Heather’s A**! how could she even show her face I guess the tatoo on the back of the STRIPPERS kneck(whoops! did someone say stripper)didn’t make her look stupid enough so she had to come back to show us more of how a man could dump her and she can still get out her pum pums and become his personal cheerleader! Now that girl really need a self worth check! Daisy your name says it all, you are a flower and the show rock of love just watered you to blossom into an even more beautful flower! understand everything that looks like it’s good for us not always is and Bret is NO GOOD FOR YOU! that hurts to say because I was really hoping that true love was what he was searching for but I see he doesn’t really know himself and leaving a trail of broken hearts and used bodies is so NOT cool! If Mr. Bret was truly in love with Amber and respected her considering he did sleep with her first he would NOT have slept with you daisy! the fact that he did shows how selfish and self-centered he is which is truly sad because one day the rock star thing a be old news. I am sorry that he hurt you and used you sexually,you’ll get over it! The last laugh will be on him having to watch as you blossom! BLOSSOM DAISY BLOSSOM!

  236. kelly says:

    Daisy should have won, she is gorgeous, fun, free spirited, and hilarious. Amber is just a man-orexic old hag who shouldn’t even be on vh1 in the first place(vh1 isn’t for people who are 40, and if you still watch it at that age, i recomend you get a life). She needs some protein shakes, a boob job, NOTHING can be done for those ears of hers, and her personality is so bland. If she was so wonderful, I would think she would already be married at her age. I mean 37, come on. “oh if i did say im 31 im sorry” *@+!% PLEASE!!! If you forget how old you are, perhaps you may want to lay off the crack. Surgery improves something that may not be great, but there surgery doesn’t produce miracles. I strongly recommend botox for amber, she could use it. NOT TO MENTION THE ADAMS APPLE!!! YUCK! In the real world amber would never stand a chance with a girl like daisy. (that would be why when all the girls got to the house daisy got vip and amber should have gone home. BORING BORING BORING and I will not be watching rock of love 3 when it comes out, which will be later this year. Daisy, if I ever see that nappy haired hoe ill back hand her for you!

  237. nicole c says:

    im so glad he picked ambre!! daisy is the most ignorant person i have ever heard speak. she make absolutly no sense when she talks. she was there to promote her music. if you watch closly she had to push her tears out. she couldnt even cry most of the time she just kept trying to hide that hidious face. she reminds me of a rat. she all fake!!! she doesnt even complete a sentence correctly!! who the hell doesnt know the words to the national anthem???????? go back to school and make sure you take english!!!!! i have loved ambre from the beginning. she was the only real person there. she has her career, and she has her own life. daisy was a STRIPPER living with an ex!!!! rock on ambre i love ya!!! and cant wait to watch daisy get her &#% whooped!!!! she needs it maybe it would knock some sense into her dumb &#%

  238. Jo says:

    “there’s also a huge part of me that’s super f***ing prude and conservative. ” this to me is the funniest thing i’ve heard in awhile. please read it, and you’ll see why.
    poor Daisy. she does seem like a sweet girl, albeit not too bright.

  239. melissa evanson says:

    Well, I was so excited to see that Bret chose Ambre. Daisy is one of the most uneducated, ignorant people I have seen. I was dumbfounded with some of the responses, or lack there of, to legitamate, serious questions that Bret would ask her. He asked her things like where she saw herself going in that particular time in her life and she would say crazy ~)@ `*^& like “life throw you a curve ball” and what not. It was hilarious and I could not believe that I hadn’t changed the chanel by then. But, I couldn’t because I had to see her illiminated. I am very happy that Bret chose the way he did because that decision in itself proved Daisy was completely wrong about her view on Bret and the fact that he’s a rock star does not mean that he does not want stability and a life just like any one of us. He’s an awesome human being and he obviously has a heart of gold to keep someone like that around, despite her ignorance. The fact of the matter is that Daisy was kept on because it was good television. Stupidity goes a long way these days on television, but we all knew he was going to pick the right girl; the smart one. Go back to your stripping. A word to the wise, when you speak Daisy, at least try to look smart instead of showing the world what an idiot you are. You couldn’t have acted your age any better. You have a lot of growing up to do. School is a good way to start.

  240. jodi says:

    You daisy are what ever your real name is, is a loser! The art work on your are arm looks like pure )%`$ and the stars on your neck looks like a falling star wreck!

  241. Miss Nik says:

    SKAAAAANK ! ! ! !

  242. Lana says:

    Good luck in your life! You are very strong and beautiful girl!

  243. Mel says:

    Daisy……….ARGH! where to begin. You thought you had it in the bag and Heather was right on the money about you from the first moment she met you. If you didnt have those fake boobs, Bret wouldnt even look twice at you. Ambre is secure and confident about herself and her sexuality. You have to use your sexuality to get things you want and that is only because you dont have a brain. You should really go back and look the show again and really, I mean really listen to yourself speak. You sound like an idiot. sorry to be so harsh, but its the truth. Bret chose Ambre because she is intelligent and he can have a conversation with her on the same level, but with you, he was probably thinking, this girl does not know what the hell she is talking about. Think about going back to school and learn a new profession instead of dancing. Oh wait, oops sorry, you cant do anything else but dance. Grow up Daisy and get a life.

  244. Maria says:

    Um….I’m scrolling down Kelly’s misinformed comment earlier and I’d just like to say that VH1 is actually targeted for viewers aged 18-49. Judging by the television shows and the stars on them, you can see a pattern for the age groups watching it…Christopher Knight will appeal to the pre-baby boomers and his wife Adrienne will appeal to the 20/30-somethings. A lot of people in their 20′s might not even remember Bret Michaels, therefore it makes perfect sense to have 40-ish peeps watching the show.

    Someday you’ll be 40 and people will tell you to get a life for watching Saved By the Bell reruns I suppose.

  245. debbie says:

    Girl just keep thinking positive about evrything you are going to do in your life. Good Luck

  246. Sara says:

    I just wanted to let Daisy know that I believe she was the one he should have chose. She truly loved him and Ambre just wanted to win.
    Daisy there is someone out there for you…you seemed to be sweet and amazing and I wish you nothing but the best:) It was truly Brett’s loss.

  247. tawny says:

    Oh god I felt so terrible after reading this interview! On another page, I said something about her lips, and when I found out that they were real, my heart stopped. I am now proud of her that she didn’t get them fixed (if possible. I don’t have decent knowledge on plastic surgery). She should jsut be happy about what her lips look like, wer all have flaws. When we are old, we are going to develope wrinkles, and we will no longer have the thick lucious hair. So the point is: it’s better to have what it takes on the INSIDE. Even though I am happy that Ambre won, I feel like *)!~ for posting rude comments about Daisy. And, just because she pauses to find the next word she wants to use while talking, that does not mean she’s dumb. I have all A’s in my classes and I’m smart, but I have the same thing Daisy has. It makes me so self concious that I won’t. even talk to people anymore. God bless Daisy for speaking and expressing her feelings anyway, even though she is called stupid. I suppose that I have a conditon when it comes to speaking up and then sounding dumb. I’m so afraid that I’ll use the wrong terms, and usually I don’t even know the vocabulay terms. And also, I’ll say things that don’t make sense, because I will have exactly what I want to say in mind before I speak, and then BAM! Due to a memory problem I lose it, and what I wanted to say in the first place either doesn’t come out at all or it will come out making no sense whatsoever. This is the best way I can explain it, but this is something that cannot really be explained. So before you open your mouth and say Daisy’s dumb, think of this “condition” and keep you mouth shut. Daisy, I also have a complaint. What I am about to say won’t hurt your feelings, but how is Ambre not confident with herself? She seems confident to me! People who are not confident in certain or all situations don’t act like Ambre. Ambre is always excited about everything, even the small events. This shows she is confident. People who are not confident aren’t very excited, because they worry about themselves and how they look to other people. In result, they keep quiet, due to the fact that they are thinking at that moment, ‘Do I look right? Do I look stupid?” I know this because I’m not confident with myself. But anyway, I hope you have a good life. You and Destiney make good friends. Hey, maybe you can go on a road trip together like how Kristia and Brandy C. did! To Bret and Ambre, you two are perfect for eachother. Ambre would be a great help around the house and she is still fun and exciting, in my opinion.

  248. Candy says:

    Dear Daisy,

    Your beautiful. Keep your head up. I think your misunderstood by many people. I saw how the girls ganged up on you in Las Vegas in the room. What cowards. Ambre’s no angel. She slept with Bret before she got picked. Your right she did change. She began to stoop low. She would do anything to win. “I have to tell you I’m not wearing any panties” then slept with him that night. She’s a slut posing as someone better than you.

    She’s not better, she’s comonly ordinary.

  249. whatsyourpoint says:

    DAISY, YOU DIDNT LOSE ANYTHING! Ambre and Brett’s relationship has already passed its expiration date. I predict you’ll be staring in the next episode of ROL. As for Charles, he seems like a sweet guy and not hard on the eyes either. You had plenty of fans, and pay no mind to the haters!

  250. Anitra says:

    Diasy you are a bomb %(! chick. You’ll find love, I did’nt find love till I was 28. You really love Bret, it was in your eyes. Ambre is srictly about her career!!!!! Look at her website, she even posted a resume!!! What an oppurtunist!!! If you lie about your age you’ll lie about anything. You were nothing but honest!!!! Email me sometimes…

  251. maria says:

    i’m on daisy’s team since day 1 ambre has nothing on her! daisy was the one that bret wanted and he just ~(#) ed it up all over again…. but i love daisy she is so cool!!

  252. Deborah says:

    Daisy was perfect for Bret and I feel she was the one he really wanted not Ambre. Daisy explained herself and she is an honest person she is who she is and there is nothing wrong about that. She did seem very ditzy but that is who she is. I feel Ambre was being fake in the end she is not Bret’s type at all. Daisy seemes like a real cool person and I hope she does well in whatever she does. Ambre is an actress and she played it up in the last episode. Bret did make the wrong choice.
    I hate Heather now for attacking Daisy. I rooted for her in the last season of Rock of Love but she is the skank now.

  253. Vicki says:

    I’m so glad Bret didn’t choose Daisy. What a BIMBO! He could have a better conversation with a box of rocks. Daisy you need to loose the nasal twang, deflate the fake boobs, get an education and make something of yourself besides a sex object.

  254. Leon says:

    Daisy there is something better for you. Best Wishes. In the interview Brett said he went on the show to have fun and maybe find someone to “like”. He’s not going to stay with ambre. He’s already having doubts.

  255. Kimberly says:

    Daisy with Charles, he’s handome and younger. Seems much more fit also. I think brett was jealous of him.

  256. kimberly says:

    Stay with charles Daisy,,, he’s hot.

  257. Dawn says:

    Wow. Someone needs to explain to Miss Daisy that being sexual or leading with your sexuality is NOT the same as being sexy. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Reading this interview made me realize that the VH1 folks didn’t edit too much. Daisy was acting very immature and was horrible the morning Ambre came back after her date. It was sick listening to her ask Ambre how her date went, “Ohhhhhh, that’s so beautiful.” How childish can one person be. Sure, Ambre, wasn’t 100% right, 100% of the time, but Daisy made no sense. Are we sure she isn’t 15 years old and not 24 or 25 years old? She was acting like a child and formed a thought/words as well as my niece who is in the 9th grade… Good luck in your life, Daisy. My advice is to stay single until your in your 30′s, go back to school (any school/level) and get your life together. See a therapist and figure out why it is “okay” to let your ex-boyfriend live off of you and why you would have sex with Bret after only a couple of weeks after fighting over him with 24 other girls.

  258. Dawn says:

    Someone please tell me how a 24/25 year old stripper/dancer (whatever) would be more understanding of her boyfriend being gone and on the road for months at a time over a 37 year old TV host? So what if Daisy has been in the “biz” or knows about the rock-n-rock lifestyle… I would think this would make it harder for her. She is immature and only 24/25 years old!!! Any woman would have issues being away from their man for long periods of time – not to mention on tour with a band and women all around. He is crazy if he thinks a person who acts as childish as Daisy would be more understanding. Not to mention the fact that Bret is NOT touring as much as he was 20+ years ago. Give me a break…

  259. JILLIAN says:


  260. Jakki says:

    Hey, Daisy, if these are your words and not edited, I am impressed. Infact, you are more real and honest than Bret or Ambre. I don’t know what to think, but not that it matters. I mean hell, it was a “reality” TV show done by a company called “Mindless Entertainment”. It was their job to create characters out of all of you. But knowing there is so little truth and sincerity in the process, that editing is key and even Bret wasn’t portrayed how he really is, is dissatisfying and sad. Anyway, I like what you have to say, and it shows far more character than how you were portrayed on the show. Good wishes.

  261. amanda says:

    Omg are you people stupid? Dasiy was such a friggin skank hoe. She is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too young and immature for him and he needed to realize he is OLD! You girls who look up to her seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeriously need to reevaluate your role models.

  262. amanda says:

    But I do have to agree with Jillian. You and charles did make a better match. You two looked great together.

  263. Brandon says:

    Daisy, you got your whole life ahead of you. You don’t need Brett. Heather’s is just loser and you don’t need to be around her or brett. Keep Rocking DAisy, I like your photos.

  264. Gibby says:

    Daisy your a good person and an inspiration to people who are on their own. Good luck you girl!

  265. Tina75 says:

    Daisy, your were more real than any of the other girls.Keep trying and your dreams will come true. Good luck. Charles seems to be a very supportive person in your life. I think Brett was jealous of him.

  266. whatup? says:

    Your right daisy, Brett was selfish. I wish the best for your future.

  267. jfarmer says:

    I love daisy!! give her a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now

  268. Lillie says:

    No! Amanda you are stupid! I never read anywhere that anybody said that Daisy was a role model.WHAT YOU SMOKING?!

  269. Renae says:

    This message is for Bret, whatsa goin on?!! (I LOVE WHEN YOU SAY THAT). When you come down to Biloxi to the Hard Rock in May I would love to “hang out”, show you a GREAT time and party on the Coast! Your are so hot and we could have an awesome time!! So give me an email shout – I am a 36 italian girl that will definitely Rock Your World!!

  270. DanYale says:

    you are truely a beautiful girl inside and out.You have wonderful potential and bret just misunderstood your intentions.i wish you the best and &&^$ the rest of em’.Most of them were just jealous of your connection.

  271. T.C. says:

    I hope Daisy does right a tell-all book about the show so we can get all the dirt on the girls and Bret. Last season, Heather went on the record as saying “they made me look different than I am by editing” and that’s what I believe happened to Daisy. I hope that Heather gets whats coming to her, she is so jealous of Daisy, that’s why she turned most of the girls against Daisy and she lied to them, too. Basically, Bret done to Daisy the same thing he done to Heather..and that should of made Heather bond with Daisy…but it didn’t. There is no way on earth Bret and Ambre is going to last and I hope VH1 keeps us posted on their “relationship”. There was 5 months between the end of taping and the end of the show on tv so you know that Bret didn’t go without bootie for that long…he got it whenever he could..and that should show Ambre she don’t have what it takes to hold on to him. He already said that she wasn’t his type…and she definitely isn’t hot like most of the girls he hooks up with….she has an ugly body, flatchested, wrinkled neck, rat face, makeup dark on face-rest of her body is white as snow..she just don’t have it. One of her pics on myspace is her sitting backward in a chair with no clothes on and you can tell she is trying to hard to be 20 again…she used this show as a way to get “publicity” but what she got was negative feedback..and we won’t hear her name again in a few months. AND SHE IS A LIAR..WE HAVE PROVED THIS OVER AND OVER…SHE LIED TO BRET ABOUT HER AGE..THEN SHE APOLOGIZED. SHE EVEN SAID SHE DIDN’T MEAN TO ON 1 OF THE CLIPS ON THE SHOW..NOW SHE SAYS SHE WAS EDITED TO SAY SHE WAS 32…SO I PRETTY MUCH THINK AMBRE IS A LIAR AND WILL DO EXACTLY WHAT IT TAKES TO GET AHEAD BUT THIS WASN’T THE RIGHT AVENUE TO TAKE. Daisy got it so right when she said all the things about Ambre being a back stabber and all that…Daisy isn’t as stupid as people think!

  272. Tammy says:

    EVERYONE PLEASE GO READ THE BLOG ABOUT BRET AND HIS INTERVIEW ABOUT ANOTHER ROCK OF LOVE 3 AND AMBRE! This just proves that it isn’t going to work with her cause he said “never say never” when they asked him if there was going to be another ROL. I am so glad that he admitted that there might be one, that proves he hasn’t met his one and only true love or he would of said ‘ABSOLUTELY NOT” From what I have heard, the producers coaxed him into picking Ambre because they knew it wouldn’t work and there would be another #1 show in the works!! Good luck Bret and hopefully on the next ROL you will find your one and only!

  273. sarah says:

    I loved Daisy. She put up with so much, and never left, she never gave up b/c of the drama cause she was there for Bret. I wish her the best and some sexy man that deserves her.

  274. cat says:


  275. Sarah says:

    I love Daisy and i think she is so cool. I dont think that there was a problem that she still lived with her ex if she said that she wasn’t doing anything she wasn’t anything. i dont think that Bret was looking at the problem like it should have been looked at. I love you Daisy keep on rocken.

  276. Taylor says:

    Daisey you are by for the best.

    you were perfect for him.
    he must of had been crazy.
    soon he’ll find out that Amber is not good for him at all!!!
    and hes gonna wanna get you back and your going to be way over him.

    you can do way better hun:)

  277. jenna says:

    daisy you rock! i was so sure that u were going to win. i cried when you went home. you were the prettiest in the whole house. I was dissapointed in bret when he chose ambre. u were my first choice to win ever since i started wacthing the show. i really like u daisy! U ROCK!!!

    your friend

  278. Gucci-Babe says:

    Great interview Daisy. I think the reason you didn’t win is because he would have to continue a relationship with you and I don’t think that is really what he wants. With distorted – bug eyed face Ambre and her fat thighs and white skin he has an easy out. If he was really going for inner beauty and brains he should have still gone for you. You are a doll. I really don’t understand why he ,as well as the rest of the house, kept trying to pin you down all the time. If he thinks your such a mistery, what about Ambre, no kids, never been married, no boyfriend to come on the show. Maybe she is a man. How’s that for skeletons in the garage! By the way she walks and you said it…she probably used to be a man. This is so mean of me to say but her phoniness oozes through my TV. I hope you get all the fame that Ambre halucinates she could get!

  279. missmotormouth says:

    BooHooo..yeah whatever. The truth of the matter is that Daisey is a weird looking,plastic,pigeon- toed loosie goosie with a man at home. If she had sex with Bret in mexico and so did Ambre…what does that say? It says with years of experience and thousands of guys to practice on,,,,she still did not get Bret….back to the drawing board. I wonder does Daisy have a headache after that beat down my girl hHeather gave her?

  280. Liz says:

    OMG. I am so sad that he did not pick you! Why in the #$~% would he want to choose that ugly old cooter face Ambre? That’s so nasty dude. I would have picked you in a heart beat.

  281. fendi2 says:

    I really wish you would have won , from the first episode I knew you and bret would make a great couple . Honestly I think he really really liked you maybe was falling in love with you and thats why he didn’t pick you ,he was scared. He’s probably so used to meeting girls and them comming and going that he hasn’t had to put his heart on line for years ,and then now he finds the girl of his dreams on a reality show ,it scared him but I bet you he is kicking himself right now!!!!!

  282. libby says:

    Daisy, you’re only twenty something and you had $$ex with an old man–brett……yuck! But I guess that’s just the norm for you. You’re willing to do anything for fame and fortune……and looking for the next sugar daddy to pay for more plastic surgery! Ewww, and I hope you insisted on protection because you know that old man has oinked any hole he came across! I wouldn’t be surprised if he has the hep c virus or worse!

  283. Kat says:

    Yeah, Ambre really ‘won his heart’…while he was getting it on w/Daisy the night before. Lol. It’s so obvious, Daisy won his heart, but not his complete trust. It’s too bad, because they seem and look great together.

  284. Vita Rose says:

    Daisy, your interview proves many things, first, you are NOT an air head and second, you are a very open and honest person. You are very pretty and confident, which intimidated Ambre. Perhaps VHl should give you a show and bring on some classy professional guys for you to choose from. Don’t change and ROCK ON. As a woman in the same age range as Ambre and Brett and a woman who had a wonderfulthree year relationship with a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, it was so obvious that Ambre was phony. The night she escaped elimination, her facial expression when she approached Brett said more than words could ever say . . . just study body language. She was there looking for anything but love. By the way, Heather was a loser on the first show and an old dog (literally) can’t learn new tricks and in this case, that dog has no class.

  285. supersonique says:

    glad to hear you’re over him! like many others, i thought he was going to pick you because there was the most chemistry and to me, you’re by far the nicest person out of all of them

    i realize a lot of the portrayals are shaped by the show’s editing, but being ganged-up on by the rest of the women in the house seemed awful and it was obvious that the stuff said against the other girls was in defense to what they were doing to you (which was clearly out of jealousy)

    ambre is ambitious and likes to achieve, but if she was truly confident and happy, she wouldn’t have attacked and insulted you like she did. yes, we all have issues, but at least you were open about what you had lived through and didn’t try to act like you were perfect and “better” than the others like she did. she obviously is bothered by some of her shortcomings and i hope for her own sake that she resolves them. honestly, i feel that the whole thing was a business transaction for her.

    anyways, it was an entertaining show – you’re pretty, confident, and SMART (people need to be aware that there are many types of intelligence and that creative people and business people, among others, think and excel in different ways) – so don’t pay any mind to the haters and rock on!

  286. Alicia says:

    Daisy kicked +!* she should of won!!!!!!!

  287. Becky Kendrick says:

    Hi Daisy. I think you’re great! I really think Bret should have picked you. Are you still living in Denver? I live in Denver too, so hopefully i’ll see you around sometime. Good luck with everything. You’re too cute and don’t let anybody tell you different!

  288. Sally says:

    The only reason, Bret chose Amber was because she is 37! He does not want to alienate his TARGET AUDIENCE! He is very well aware of the fact that most of his fans are in their late 30’s and early 40’s!

    Frankly, there was NO CHEMISTRY between Bret and Amber, their kisses seemed forced and rehearsed!

    Amber is a B-I-T-C-H! She is PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE! If you check out the footage, you will start to notice a pattern, she would start all the S-H-I-T and then, sit back and watch the other girls fight! (She loved adding fuel to fire!)

    Her abs are disgusting! And, she needs to get her donkey ears pinned back! Plus, she needs to get that Adam’s apple shaved off!

    Furthermore, I did not like the way she put Daisy down. Just because she has more “FORMAL EDUCATION” does not mean that she’s smarter than Daisy! Actually, Daisy is young, and she can always go back to school, and by the time she’s Amber’s age, she could be:

    Daisy De La Hoya, MD.

    or Daisy De La Hoya, Attorney at Law

    Why Not?

    Bret made a BIG MISTAKE, again! I guess he’s into skinny chicks with no T-I-T-S!

    It was heart-breaking to see her cry. Poor, sweet, girl! Such a sweet girl!

  289. May says:

    You will find your ROCK OF LOVE aka TRUE LOVE, so don’t give up :)

  290. me says:

    Daisy, I think you are a great girl and I think you deserve WAY better than an aging rock star with baggage of his own… good luck to you! Ambre was phonier than Bret’s hairplugs. TEAM DAISY, all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  291. C says:

    I don’t know what went on between Daisy and Charles, but it would be cool if things worked out between them. He’s hot, she’s hot…good/close friends and have each others back. Either way, I think Charles is cool for supporting her.

    Daisy, I think you’re great and love your music. Keep rocking!

  292. Darlene says:

    Why would you sleep with Bret without knowing you were even in a serious relationship? I think you have alot of growing up to do your only 25, Stripping and taking filthy picture and posting on the Internet. Give it up, write your book, concentrate on your music and get a normal job in between and quit sleeping with men until you know your in an serious relaionship. Try to be more natural looking.

    I personally feel Bret is Piggish and wouldn’t want him anyway, I was hoping Ambre won but I think she desearves someone that would be loyal to her, he’s not going to be. I can’t beleive she’d even want to date him, he slept with Daisy on the show why would someone on the show want to be with him knowing this? He obviously wasn’t into Ambre for doing that.

  293. Ava says:

    Hey Salley shut your PIE-HOLE trap sound like nothing but a skanky bytch

  294. Anynomous says:

    Daisy, I think that anyone who wants to go on that show is a loser. Isn’t anyone aware of the fact that reality shows rarely EVER work? I mean come on. Bret MIchaels? Let’s get serious. He is not looking for a real relationship. He is looking to live in a house with 20 hot girls and get publicity from it. He is a fake. And Daisy, either you are too, or you are completely oblivious to reality. In my opinion, you should forget about any type of publicity, find a path that you want to take and follow it for years to come. Eventually, you will find some crazy guy that is perfect for you. That doesn’t mean that you should go on TV to look for him. Try to forget about Rock of Love and try to start focusing on a normal, happy, (non exotic dancing) life.

  295. Keeesh1 says:

    Daisy,you were my pick for Bret.However,in retrospect,I’m glad you didn’t win because I think you deserve better than Bret Michaels. You deserve a good man who will truly love you.You’ve had a rough life and you deserve true love and happiness now.Good luck!

  296. Nathalie says:

    Daisy dont worry about the bad choice Bret made because u will truley find someone who cares for u and accept you for what you are… Luv U DAISY………. from Jamaica

  297. C says:

    Hey, Ava. I think it’s obvious who lacks the class. Lol!

  298. david says:

    daisy we know bret made the wrong choise hi is stupid dont worry you are beutifull girl love you baby please dont feel bad you are to much for him you dont need bret please feel good daisy you are the best

  299. mazie says:

    Daisy was the best choice – to anyone with 1/2 ounce of intelligence which I question in myself as I actually WATCHED this stupidity. I think Bret MIchaels made a mistake – as usual. A Leo male – he picked who he THOUGHT would be best for him and ignored his basic animal instinct – whichwas the right one – daisy. Ambre – if you looked close is a hypocrit, holier than thou, pasted in black and white totally FAKE republican type a–hole whose eyes are so close together it makes me squeemish . Good God – is Bret Michales really THIS lame??? I won’t watch the show again. Daisy was the ONLY real person on this show. The shots did not show her communicating very well and a lot of hand gestures but even those got her point across. Heather was TOTALLY in fear of her and totally jealous. Most of the women were jealous. (Reason for attacking – same as Kristy) I never saw Kristy or Daisy attack until someone attacked them. Oh well – too bad Bret. I WAS a fan for 20 years – After seeing this man be as stupid as a man can be – One fan down.

  300. Samantha says:

    Daisy get over it!!!
    Seriously tou’ll live!!
    Nobody rely finds true love on a tv show!!!
    Dont get to emotional when u and dumb A&& charles get bac together either..
    I hated you from the beginning and happy he picked herr
    Now go cry like u did the whole entire show!!!
    Peace out BITC*****

  301. Hahaha says:

    Poor Ambre, being chosen by default.

  302. SUZIE says:

    daisy ,
    i hope you are doing well ,i am so sorry you got your heart broke you are beautiful and i hope u have your own show and find someone that really loves YOU so go for it daisy and have fun

  303. CeCe says:

    Maybe if you acted like you had a brain in that head of yours he would’ve picked you, Daisy. I know you can’t really be as stupid as you acted on the show, You’re a pretty girl, but guys want some basic intelligence in addition to looks.

  304. once more says:

    God…there are some people on this blog that are SOOOOOOOOOO disillusioned. Its sad..!

  305. deb says:

    Poor Ambre, we all know that every time Bret is with her, he’ll be visualising Daisy. Picking the older woman was the PC thing to do but it was soooo obvious how hot he was for Daisy. I have to laugh when I think about the fact that holier than thou, I’m better than you Ambre has to live with the fact that “her man” slept with Daisy after her “I’m not wearing underwear” evening. I guess she didn’t make that complete connection and lasting impression she thought she made.

    I have no doubt that Daisy will have her choice of hot sexy guys to choose from. She is so real and so funny. Ambre is so phoney and self absorbed.

    And one more observation……the necklaces. Ambre wasn’t very good at pretending she liked it. It was so not her. daisy on the other hand, her eyes lit up and was awed by it, she even knew the designer. Ambre didn’t even has the class to wear it. If Bret picked it out, it’s indicitive of his taste, something you would think the right woman for him would share.

  306. hailey says:

    hey girl.i am a huge fan.i love r so pretty.i think bret should marrie rock just like him.i am glad that cry baby khristy jo went home.

    yur #1 fan
    hailey scarborough

  307. Eve says:

    Daisy…if you were really in love with Bret then you would have taken any and every moment you had to be with him, not the rest of the band! Ambre was right! You DO use your sexuality to get attention because you have nothing else. While you have a rockin’ body, you have the intellect and maturity of a 5 year old. I mean, you can’t even answer a basic question with an intelligent answer. And you flew out to meet some other guy while living at Bret’s house?! God, only a _$&*+ would do that! You really are desperate for attention and you got what you deserved! Bret deserves to be happy and with a woman that can prove she actually gives a damn about him without being pawed by his band mates!

  308. Eve says:

    Some idiot on here actually thinks that “basic animal instinct” made Daisy a good match for Bret! Man, Daisy showed not only Bret her basic animal instinct, but his band mates, the opening band’s members, and even was slutty enough to fly from Bret’s place to meet one of the guy’s that is with the opening band! And this was BEFORE Bret made his final decision. Bret choose wisely. If Daisy would cheat on him while she claimed to be in love with him, then she definetly would cheat while he’s on the road. You can’t turn a ‘hoe into a housewife!

  309. vlue214 says:

    Scandal- what a man $&_!@ Daisy put her emmotions out there- thinking they were making a connection because Bret said he had a connection with her. She spilled out everything- not anyone would want to do that- and she sleeps with him- probably like she thought he was falling in love with her too……….Daisy was obvisously falling in love with him. Now lets see – who wants to be with someone who just slept with another person the night before???????? Ewwwwwwwwww!
    I think Bret should of told Amber hey just want to let you know I just slept with Daisy- but he probably slept with Amber too- Ewwwwwwww………maybe the show should be called how many girls can bret sleep with. But honestly- Daisy has a strong back bone- she put up with sooo much crap – especially from Heather- she is a violent person- that should never have any children- and Daisy stood strong- she should of won if that is what she wanted but sometimes things happen for a reason and she is better off now. Daisy you rock——–You are really A Rock of Love! xoxo

  310. Emmaline says:

    Haha and that’s all.

  311. Angela says:

    I was cheering for you from day one. I saw in your eyes that you really loved him. I am soooo mad that he did not choose you. You’re beautiful and Hot and Sweet and out of all the other girls who were just trying to get air time. You just wanted to spend time with Bret. I think that you should get a show Daisy in search of love. I think that they should shop the world for you some potential hot mates. Im sorry again, and you rock. Oh i almost forgot. That fight was really terrible and she is just soooooo freakin jealous of you. Heather should get a clue, it’s over for her. You on the other hand have sooo much more going for you. Good luck beautiful and stay lookin hot.

  312. Hellcat says:

    Will there be a Rock of Love 3? Or Bret and Amber show? I read a comment that Daisy was getting her own show. Is that true? Amber sucks did anyone else notice how she was always a little tattlenark? Oh I better go tell Bret? I think that is the only way she stayed on the show. I thought Daisy was better for Bret. Maybe he just wanted a shocking end and didn’t really care about any of them.

  313. KIMMI says:


  314. Adrienne says:

    I love u girl u should of got picked but anyways $)$` that *$_% it won’t last with him and Ambere I just will like u to know that I am a fan of yours and when u get ur site up I will ur stuff music cloth’s and I hope u get ur own show rock on chick and I love Bret music too love u guys

  315. Paige says:

    daisy u are my idol.

  316. daisyfan says:

    your a great human being Daisy. A great Heart! Rock ON!

  317. daisyfan says:

    Brett was selfish….he didn’t have to sleep the girls to decide his rock of love. what a loser…….

  318. Julie says:

    You say Ambre doesn’t have a real career, but she isn’t a STRIPPER like you. Bret Michaels is turning into a better looking version of drug addled C C DeVille. They are both washed up 80’3 big hair rockers. How can you find love on reality television? Well, if you are really looiking for love, you won’t do a reality tv show.

    Never fear, Daisy, maybe your “Uncle Oscar” will throw you a bone. Why didn’t he represent you on the family episode?? is it true that your real name is Vanessa Mossman. Is Daisy your stage name?? Hey maybe you could borrow Flavor Flav’s horned helmat and really act like your namesake “Daisy the Borden Cheese Cow”.

  319. amy says:

    Daisy is cool i like her
    just cus she’s all sexy doesn’t mean she can’t be smart or there be more to her than just that
    and i think it’s cool that she doesn’t take sex so lightly like she actually cares
    overall i think daisy is a cool chick hopefully all goes well for her

  320. daisyisdumb says:

    Daisy really made me angry as I watched the show. I don’t know what the deal was with her hand movements, and how she felt herself up everytime she was called down to get a pass. I also think she is really dumb and has no thought or depth to her. When she was talking to Bret on the last episode she told him that he shouldn’t pick Ambre because she is “boring” and that’s all she could come up with… she is a good looking girl, but I believe that anyone could look like that if they had plastic surgery, and hair extentions.

  321. yuliana says:

    daisy/vanessa you are nothing but a ugly lying fake trashy a$$ b*tch and thats all there is to you im glad heather whupped your a$$ hopefully that will teach you not to get in peoples faces

  322. yuliana says:

    and b*tch dont f*ckin lie about you not having sex with bret until the end of the show because bret admitted to having sex with you in vegas you are a trashy skank

  323. SoCal says:

    Jeez, Brett thinks the show was number 1 on VH1 because of him. Dude you never had a number one hit! Why a show? The girls made the show! Not bret. You got on set for a total of 12 hours out of 3 months! The girls got a photo op. That is what was put on tv! I can make the same show. With tom jones! I will have a number one! You got picked, only cause we could not get those other people. Now he thinks he is a star. Please! Your album sales are still down. Why, cause it is the concept. Not your face. People tune in for! You all pick who we should have next. I bet it will be alot better!

  324. SoCal says:

    Heather is that you? I think it is! You scank! Go back to the pole! Don’t forget to wash! You too Daisy! Wash those crevices. Cause you stink! BAD!

  325. thebestdiva says:

    Daisy, I really think Bret choose the wrong woman, It really seemed like you all had a connection, he was always on your side when the othr girls attacked you, I just knew that you were really there for him, you opened up about your past, and even admitted your friendship with CiCi, and during that muddy football challeng, even though you are tiney, you excelled becuase you really wanted to spend time with him, I really think that Bret is an A@@Hole, for sleeping with you and then choosing old dried up Ambre!! Daisy you rock, and have a super hot body, so keep your head up and shake off all those Haters!!!

  326. lorenatorr says:

    Daisy, I hope you read this.
    Im a chick and i know what you were going through
    i was routing for you the whole time
    everyone kinda just made you look bad
    i thought you would have fitted bret best
    from the beginning i was like she the one
    i think he made a big mistake
    i thik that you were the only one who realyl understood bret
    with your music and all that stuff
    you should have won
    bret only said he didnt feel a really big emotional connection with you because he was too distracted by heather( who is a reject and needs to get over herself, because bret left HER!
    she really shouldnt even have a say so becaus i think shes still in love with bret)

    daisy its weird but i feel a connection with you because we are a lot alike
    and i hope bret realizes that you were the one

    i think ambres a cool chick, but shes not going to be able to handle the life.
    she wasn’t born to rock
    and if she doesnt give in its because of her own pride.

  327. linda says:

    Right on Daisy! You rock and you know it! Bret on the other hand is sooooo wrong. I don’t think Amber will last the year out. He should be with you. And Heather…ugh…. all I could think of when she was on the show was…. LOOSER! How could he listen to her when she was last years looser! I was banking on you for the whole show, and soooo disappointed when you weren’t picked. When Bret hugs you THEIR IS A CONNECTION it comes across even on film…. when he kisses you, it seems so heartfelt.
    I think he picked Amber because of her age, because last year he picked a younger girl and it didn’t work.
    If there is a 3ard rock of love, you better come back……………you could really shake things up!
    Best of luck to you, and hope to see you soon on the tube.

  328. table manners says:

    Daisy I was rooting for you from day one. Ambre is an opportunist. I didn’t believe she was 32 for a second. Heather is a jealous sheman. Bret is horn-dog. He didn;t deserve you. You’re a sweetheart with a tough past. I respect you for being honest while Ambre couldnt even admit her real age. He missed out. But you’ll be ok. You rep for the sexy gurls with a kind heart every where

  329. lunkerhead says:

    Your just ditzy little skank like the rest of the women they put on this stupid show.Any women that would go out with a guy that wears as much make-up as she does has a problem anyway.More garbage from vh1.

  330. hmmm says:

    In the limo Daisy admits she had sex with Bret.

    Charle’s sister asks Bret when is the last time he had sex. He hesitated and then answered in Vegas. Stephanie continued with the questioning by asking him if it was one of the girls. Daisy clearly answered that it was she who had intercourse with Bret. Daisy admitted on the Reunion show that she sexed Bret practically through the whole ‘Rock of Love’ thing. Yet through this whole interview she LIES about everything.

    Lies, and continues to lie!

  331. whatever says:

    ‘diasyisdumb’, I’m so glad you brought up that point about Daisy feeling herself up. I observed that too. Always touching her boobies and fondling them.

    Maybe her boobs turn her on.

  332. Joy says:

    I met Daisy in person a year or so before this show and she was very snotty and prude to all the guys that talked to her, but when I said HI I love your sexxy outfit she totaly dropped her gaurd and talked to me like a person. I do believe her when she says she doesn’t just throw her emotions around but She knows she flants her sexuality because she’s comfortable with who she is and what she looks like. Daisy is to good for Bret, she was very sweet to me in person but not to the guys, I got a kick out of that.

  333. ugh... says:

    I wonder, if you stick a pin in her boobs and mouth, will she fly away like a balloon? what a brainless, shallow, needy caricature of a woman. Imagine all the std’s she’s got!!! Oh my, I just threw up in my mouth just looking at her..

  334. vlcmchick says:

    Daisy, I just wanted to say congrats on everything you’ve got going for you, and from what I saw on the show, you’re a great person.
    I wish you the best of luck, and hope to see more of you in the future.

  335. Greenie says:

    She really got on my nerves on the show. Just the you know, uhhh whatever..crap.

  336. Danielle says:

    I think going on a show to find “true love” is stupid. But I watched every episode. Producers-brilliant. Girls- *_+#+) ed
    I think Heather is trouble maker and just as much of a )&*+_ as she calls Daisy. She acted like she was the coolest thing on earth. Amazon woman.
    How old is Brett anyway????OLD! Beer belly too!!
    Too funny.
    Hope there’s a number 3.

  337. Agnes says:

    Really a fan of her uncle: Oscar de La Hoya..Daisy seems to be a very sensitive,- tough girl…shes been through a lot..sorry bout the fight with Heather..Should not have happened on TV.. But.. it seems to me that most of the girls lost perspective of being on a reality show..and real life..This show was a REALITY TV SHOW.. and my doubts..are all cleared up…most of the girls got a “Celebrity Ride” with Bret…Bret was and still right.. some of them need more experience from life..anyway..I still like Daisy…As for her being “intimate” with him.. He cleared it up somewhere in the show..the difference between a “one night stand” and taking it to the next level. I dont blame him.. it doesnt make a difference if you are a Rock Star-God-Icon..or any other profession.. guys will always be guys..

  338. bananas says:

    Daisy, you rocked. You made me totally laugh on that show. and you took the high road when others were screaming, throwing stuff, crying, being lame, being chees and ridiculous. i think you were the most real, genuine, cool, intelligent, fun and of course, sexy girl on the show. You shoulda won! Heather thinks she is all that, and she is still the ridicuolus, ugly, big haired fool.

  339. feelsicktomystomach says:

    daisy I do not know how brett micheals could pick ambre over you, she is not the total package at all,are kidding me …ambre is not smart or educated ….she show no class..when she show her yaajaay at dinner…and after brett chosed her …what was his loving words let go have moneyes sex…how disgusting can you get….those two deserve each other instead of dumber and dumber its gross and grosser, they make me sick to my stomach ..your better off without him…if he does know class from trash he never will….they are the most digusting hook up of 2008…I think ambre is still lieing about her age…she look 40ish but act like love sick school girl …she only embrassing herself and hard to watch….

  340. megan says:

    Daisy is such an gross individual.She’s like brain damaged or something.How tall is she even?Like 4 feet?Fake hair, fake boobs ,fake lips, fake nose is there anything thats real on this woman?Proabably not!!!!Her legs are like o shaped plus she is uuuuuugly!!!!! I wouldn’t touch somebody like that with an 10 inch pole.All i can say is std’s!!!!!


    hey i think bret is very very very dumm for picking that old witch!!! daisy was prettier and she was younger and she was s00000000000 4 bret,says paiton….and she was a rocker!!! and t0 amber!!!! y0ur s000 fake and u disgust me very badly!!! and ur a slut and u have kids to worry bout not bret and u just want him 4 da money !!!!!! so bret if ur reading this!!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!! AND I LOVE U DAISY U WERE THE 1 4 HIM AND HES BLIND AND DIDNT SEE IT!!! L0V3 M3!!!

  342. SAAMNTHA says:


  343. tacu says:

    Bret is an insecure jealous man and thats why he didn’t pick Daisy. Daisy would be the best thing ever happen to him. As far as Daisy more *needing him* than loving him etc….news splash: real men do support their women, there is nothing wrong with it….well…. unless you are an emasculated confused metro-sexual…
    Daisy made this show. Daisy knows who she is. Daisy’s got charisma and she knows it. Love you, girl!

  344. OYSTER23 says:

    I would love to know what Daisy did with the necklace

  345. angela says:

    Sorry…Plastic Daisy is truly ugly. She looks like she probably was pretty cute before all the un-nececes-scary plastic, silicone, boobs, poofy lips, fake hair, false eyelashes and putty-like makeup. Crap, what is real on this 80lb leprechaun?

  346. angela says:

    Kristy Jo had them all beat. Too bad she was going through her ordeal. Kristy Jo has class, character, plenty of self-esteem and had to put up with the jealousy of all those broads. Although there was some attractive girls there towards the end, they were air-heads for the most part. Amber is a @^%#_ Daisy was plastic throughout her brain and body. Bret was all over Kristy Jo and he definitely would have chose to be with her, had it not been for her situation. At the end, he did have much to choose from.

  347. Natalie says:

    Hey Daisy, I was in shock when you lost, I thought you’d win, because Bret really showed that he loved you, and I read that you’re going to have your own reality show, it would be great if it was like a “Rock of love”, and have your ex Charles helping you with the guys, you rock, and hope all goes well for you.

  348. theoneandonly says:

    Ok hon, listen up! This is so not the end of the world. Think of it as a new beginning. You gave it your all.
    Don’t give up on love though. There are great guys out there. Bret is the kind of man who loves the attention loves the fact that all you ladies fought, cried and lied for him.
    You are so much better than that. Hold your head up and live everyday to the fullest!

  349. Vic says:

    Daisy you are (!$`(*$)^&$^)^#_ ing gorgeous I love you DAISY RULES German and Spanish Daym is hot

  350. Vic says:

    Her lips are totally real, she’s German and Spanish and so amazingly hot, please Daisy, If you scared know this Scorpio loves you you are sooooooo beautiful :P P.s. Damn I wish Icould chill wih Daisy but that’s cool I have a girlfriend wholooks like her mmmmmmmmm Daisy rulz

  351. madison says:

    i am sorry that happend to you.

    madison w.

  352. 2125672 says:

    What a lovely day for a 2125672! SCK was here

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  356. lage-logo says:

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