Paris Hilton Needs a New BFF, Vote for Me!



Paris Hilton is on the prowl for a new best friend, and our peeps over at MTV are helping her mission out with a new reality show that weens out the pals who can hang from the hanger-ons. And this here blogger wants in! I am a lover of all things Paris and am willing to fight a stable of other fabulous wannabes to be at her side (platonically, natch). Paris and I both have size 11 feet and love animals to a fault. What more is there to know? We’re meant to be BFFS!

You can vote for me at the ParisBFF casting site and visit my website,, for continuous coverage of my quest. And if for some ghastly reason I do not make it on the show as a contestant, I will be bitterly recapping the episodes here on The VH1 Blog each week. But she better watch her back! If she leaves me out of her new clique, there will be hell to pay! I may be an excellent friend, but I’m an even better frenemy.

Vote for me!

Love & kisses & lost chihuahuas,


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