She Is Rocky, Hear Her Roar



Straight-up: I Know My Kid’s a Star breakout Rocky gave this blog one of the best interviews it has ever heard. It was so good that the written word could not do it justice. You simply have to hear Rocky to believe her.

So, we’ve extracted the best 10 minutes of our hour-plus chat with Rocky, split them into two parts and added a slide show to go along with the discussion. Among the topics covered are: her daughter Hayley (of course), her breakdown in the closet, the hair-weave accusations, visible tampon strings, Miley Cyrus’ stripper tendencies, her b-movie career as Melissa Brasselle and her new single, “Who’s the Bitch Now?” Wait until you hear what it’s about.

(On that note, a word of warning: the language in these interviews, particularly in the second part, could be considered NSFW.)

Keep up with Rocky via her MySpace.

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  1. Carleigh says:

    Oh Rich! I don’t think I can access these in Canada! I just get a screen that says “Music Videos available in US only” ! Unless I’m a dumbass, which I truly hope is the case. If not, I don’t suppose there is anything you can do aboot this, eh? ;)

    I don’t even have cable, I just read your recaps!

  2. Carleigh says:

    Your FABULOUS recaps, i should have said.

  3. Cynthia says:

    I just LOVE Rocky and her daughter. They are such great pair. Hoping for the best for these two.

  4. JaneGoodallOfSkeaze says:

    So Rich, how many times did your jaw drop while you were recording this?

    I once worked with stage mom who had been diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Mental illness is no joke, but this woman was nuts., Not a bad mother because her little darling was such an extension of her that she was treated well. She was nothing like Rocky. Very couture, trips to France, ridiculous knowledge of wine, Ivy League graduate (although that might have been a lie. She lied a lot.)

    Weird thing is Rocky says some of the exact same things that this woman did. Not similar in style but almost exactly the same in both phrasing and tone “From the first moment I felt her kicking *cue sobs*” “It’s just her and I. I never bring a man around my daughter.” “We sleep together” “She can’t imagine not being in the limelight.”

    It was pretty creepy. I always wonder how that kid is now that she’s around 20 and has theoretically cut the apron strings.

  5. Gina says:

    Ummm…. I’m from New York and I have NEVER asked someone if they could see my tampon string nor has any of my fellow New Yorkers asked me that either. What a weirdo.

  6. hayley says:

    hey mom that was a great! i love u so much!

  7. MamaKinRocks says:

    Yo Rocky!
    Loved your interview! We have not heard the last from you. I think like your name you totally ROCK. I quit watching the show after your gag “gig is up”. Have NOT watched it since. They should have kept you on longer. The ratings would have been higher. You go girl. Never change NY Chiquita!

  8. MamaKinRocks says:

    Hayley Hayley Hayley I forgot to mention Hayley. Rocky has done a GREAT job raising Hayley. Everyone is different no one has a right to judge. Rocky is an incredible mom that was obvious in the show. Hayley on the show was sweet (got her mom a tissue when mom was crying), funny as ever (MOM just HIT THE BIG BUTTON ON THE FRONT), honest “I don’t care what I just want to be Rich and Famous” and just an all around great kid. Hayley is a sweet down to earth kid and that’s a great thing. There has to be a show thats about a day in the life of Hayley and Rocky in the mix. It would be alot better than the other family reality shows. Hayley Rules!

  9. Lucia aka Lucky girl says:

    Just heard the interview on vh1, What a ^(__ in crack up !!!
    You Rock, BTW can’t watch IKMKAS without you and Hayley, as far as I’m concerned man THE FAT LADY HAS SUNG !!

  10. MARYANN says:

    From one Italian New Yorker to another …. `@%( em!! :) YOU ROCK BABY GIRL!!! The show is worthless without you sweetheart! Tampon string and all!!

  11. gangsta says:

    SO Bam! Straight up tell it like it is. Girl I almost peed my pants listening to this. When are you coming BAck!!!!!!!!!!! When are we gonna see the Rocky Gone Wild show–alla shots of tequilla. Also where can we buy your cd/song Who’s $#(!& in now. Yo you are my favorite tv star. We can’t hang witout ya. That show is tor up from the floor up without you. I’m like goin thru Rocky witdraws,they gotta do somethin you feel me. They ain’t stupid. ILove YOU ROCKY PEACE OUT VH1, yall is trippin to do that. You just lost a hole lota viewers.


  12. hot&sexy@42 says:

    You Rock, I really liked you on the show i think you kept it real no matter what just work with your daughter some more she just need to focus more and you handle GI GI just fine you go girl, by now.

  13. stop the madness says:

    Almost all of these comments are made by Rocky and/or her friends. There is no way that any SANE individual would think for one moment that this lady is normal.
    “She’s my best friend” *sob* – so pathetic, so utterly dysfunctionl! IRocky needs help people! Instead of being a friend she should try being a mother and a role model.
    From the looks of it, the daughter appeared to be highly embarrassed and totally disconnected from Rocky.
    Rocky is just a washed up, botoxed has-been who is trying to live out her “superstar” fantasies through her daughter who obviously would much rather be some where else!
    Get a life!…And a shrink!

  14. RockyRockandRoll says:

    From the looks of it stop the madness it seems that Shari has found her way to this board. What VIEWER would be this angry at me and take cheap shots at me but her. You gotta try changing your words up a little because it’s so obvious it’s you. You fat slob!! Get a life and stay off my bog–what are you gonna do If I get my own show send bomb threats to the producers. These people love us!! Not you, “Orca.” Man I didn’t think whales could stay out of the water this long to keep posting. I am now going to make good on my promise and file harassment charges. Get some lyposuction you ugly prison guard–and get a life . Was it my friends who got me on the podcast too? I don’t see anybody interviewing your fat ^$( after you and Bing Crosby left. Oh and just for the record I’m not sane or normal—and I LOVE it!!!!

    Go jump back in the ocean and stalk another VH1 clebrity–something you will never be!!


  15. Rocky Sucks A$$ says:

    The best two words to describe you are NO CLASS! You are like something disgusting that crawled out of the gutter and refused to die! You should have been on I Know my Mom’s a #_#^!

  16. Disappointed says:

    I think the parents in this show should be ashamed of theirselves. Rocky ,Gian”s mom an especially GIGI are trying to live through their children. GIGI, You are the worst mother. Let your daughter be herself.

  17. Barbie says:

    Rocky is an absolutely pathetic human being. I feel sorry for her. Since legitimate Hollywood wouldn’t touch her with a 10 foot pole, she will be doomed to a career of making a fool out of herself on reality programming. I can only hope it’s on a channel that my cable provider doesn’t carry.

  18. Susan says:

    OMG!!! This woman is a lunatic. It is all about HER and she tries to pass it off as it is about her daughter. She is soooooooooo full of crap. I have never seen a lower class woman than this. She gives all mothers a bad name.

  19. Anne says:

    Rocky is a joke. She gives a bad name to all mothers who carried their children in their womb and felt that first kick as she claims she felt. She had a nerve to call the other women on that show ~`#$* s, and to comment that they did not understand what it was to be a mother. Her daughter had her chance to shine just like all the other kids. She was never prepared when it was her time to perform and it showed. Danny saw it and so did every other professional on that show. Rocky needs a life and a man to sleep with instead of her 9 year old daughter. Every time one of the other kids performed, she was the first one to make a comment about how that child bombed; but when her daughter performed, according to Rocky, Hayley was the best and that was laughable. It goes back to the age old saying, you can dress them up, but you can’t take them out. She gives new meaning to the Rocky Horror Show. A definite nut case.

  20. god is dumb says:

    So I was watching the show today and I wondered….where is Rocky and Haley?!?!?!?!……I knew that red head would be eliminated so why cut out the best part of the show that early only to cut out the red head who should of been cut out last week?!?!?!?!?…..VH1 SUCKS…..the RED Heads SUCK…Donny Bonadouchebag SUCKS….and Rocky and Haley ROCK!!!!! you cut them out of the show like a bunch of little ^!(_! es who cant handle REALITY?!?!?!?!?!?!…..WTF VH1????? Your producers to this show suck and dont deserve to make decisions EVER AGAIN!!!!!!! F YOU for pulling this Mom and Daughter Duo off the AIR that early……..F U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Holly a.ka. Hols says:

    Hey Rocky! I think you are awesome and I cant wait to see what you do next! I hope you get a spin off or something but until then I am excited to hear your new song. You Rock!

    Rock ON!! Holly

  22. rapper's delight says:

    Wow some of yall know how to cut–but she got yall watchin’ her don’t she. Go on with your bad self Rocky they just jelus

  23. JOHN L. says:

    Holy Moly, Rocky, this is John L. from the IMDB board chiming in to say I think the few negative posts here are all from the same user…no doubt one of the jealous moms who got eliminated earlier. If I was Columbo or some cool private eye, I’d have to say it was that beast of a woman who started ranting on about Bonduce the moment the limo pulled out of the driveway. She can come up with all the user names she wants to, but all her bile-sprewing posts point back to just one person. No sane and rational viewer would take the time to post such negativity unless they were racked with jealousy over all the attention you and your lovely daughter are receiving – even now a week after you were released.

    I, for one, side with the VH1 commercial seen during tonight’s broadcast of IKMKAS. When they asked if anyone missed Rocky as much as they did, I immediately raised my hand high. I sincerely believe most (if not all) of VH1′s audience did the same. You make for great TV; it’s just too bad Danny B. and the producers discovered this important fact a little too late to save their faltering show. I fully expect to see your triumphant return in the months to come. Then users like ‘Stop the Madness’ and ‘Anne’ will really have something to complain about. Just remember the old saying, Rocky, ‘success is the best revenge.’ See ya soon I hope.

  24. Heather says:

    HAYLEY AND ROCKY = RATINGS GIVE THEM THEIR OWN SHOW I DONT EVEN WATCH I KNOW MY KIDS A STAR ANYMORE SINCE THEY LEFT WHATS THE POINT!?! Hayley is adorable I think that her and Rocky totally balance eachother out I loved watching them and wish them the best!

  25. Shelby Chermak says:

    I love you, Rocky! You’re wild and I LOVE it!!! :)
    Hope to see more of you… Love your personality..

    I think Haley has lots of talent..She’s such a little cutie, too..

  26. Tom says:

    When is Rocky going to realize that the viewers are laughing AT her not with her? I was glad to hear on the show that she sees a psychiatrist because she clearly needs one. And the description of her music sounds god awful. Good luck to her daughter. She’ll need it.

  27. Bapril says:

    I love Rocky with all of my internal organs. Remember when Rosie O’Donnell said that for her having her first child was like the scene in the Wizard of Oz where everything goes from black and white to technicolor? Well, Rocky leaving I Know My Kids A Star was like going from technicolor to black and white. I will never ask the nearest passerby if my tampon string is showing without thinking of her.

  28. cordine says:

    To all the woman who has to go out and buy hair it is called a WEAVE you are no different rocky you have a ~(`( ing WEAVE so get over it and go but somemore clip ons glued on painted on hair and call it a EXTENSION you are as nuts as you look you need HELP and i hate that you live in NewYork the people are so much better than you I would kill myself having to bo your daughter

  29. RUBY says:


  30. Lauren says:

    i thought Rockys daughter was very adorable and we will most likely see her on t.v soon but her mother should calm down when there is a show for adults go ahead and try out but dont go on a kids show FOR KIDS to become stars and try and act out to show you have talent.

  31. nrsnan says:

    oh sheesh Rocky…get over yourself already! You’re nothing but trailer trash with a cowboy hat and boots….the best you could ever do would be to pose for some sleaze magazine……that is your target crowd… for your daughter…..if she were with a different manager, maybe, just maybe she might have a chance…..but with you she has none. funny how the comments on the show leaned towards telling you ” it’s not about you rocky”.and yet your one post here talks about YOUR VH1 celebrity”ness”…what about Hayly? what are you doing for HER? that you’re still sleeping with your child at this age says something else about you too…….Michael Jackson sleeps with his kids too…….

  32. Dancing Robot:) says:

    This is for Rocky, hay gilr, you are by far the funniest person that has been on that show and you are the type of person to hang out with, you make people laugh and you keep us on our toes to see what you are going to do next, keep doing what your doing and I will keep watching because you are it.

  33. ithoughtiwasnormal? says:

    All these years I’ve been sleeping with my husband and I thought it was normal ’till now.
    Now I’m really wondering.
    Rocky is proud that she doesn’t sleep with a man and puts down people who do.
    What’s up with that?
    She’s also proud that she keeps her pre-teen child in her (Rocky’s) bed every night.
    She even admits on the interview that the child sleeps in her (Rocky’s) bed, for Rocky’s comfort.
    When she talked about how upsetting it was for her to not sleep in the same bed while they were there.
    That’s where the line is drawn in child abuse by the way, when an adult is the one getting something out of a questionable relationship with a child.
    I’m sure that nothing sexual or bad is going on, since she probably wouldn’t talk about it so freely if there was something really bad happening, but all the same by the standards that professionals go by, it is inappropriate and may be harmfull to the child. (mentally).
    Yet, this woman says that mothers who sleep with men are the strange ones.

  34. notshari says:

    Rocky, you accused me of being Shari or Gigi on another blog here, so I hope your’re still not talking about me.
    Who can I call at VH-1 to confirm my identity and set you straight on that?

  35. Jen says:

    wow! you could tell by watching just how close Rocky and Hayley are.. I think she’s a really good mom. The kids on the show are mostly eh (in terms of IT factor, Cheyenne can act well and they all seem really nice).. but I really think Hayley did shine just by showing her on camera! she is so pretty! I just wanted to post because yes, she is a little eccentric(so am i) but she is honest and it’s obvious how comfortable Hayley and Rocky are with each other. Glad Hayley is getting all the recognition, she is a star! (but in a non obnoxious kid way)It’s nice to see a mom support her daughter but don’t bully them like gigi or yell at them like mary jo.
    ps GIGI is the devil, i swear!

  36. oh momma says:

    I don’t know Rocky personally, and I don’t want to. It is apparent that she mistakes “shock value” for talent and that is a sad state of the times. She seems to think that she is the only mother who feels overwhelming love for her child and boasts that she still sleeps with Hayley nightly. This is NOT normal and really NOT good for her child. Rocky needs to understand that MOST moms love their children and don’t feel the need to cling to them. Sometimes it is as if Hayley is just a “mini-Raquel”. If Rocky backed off a bit Hayley would be able to blossom on her own, and have her OWN personality – not just mirror her mothers. Rocky also needs to grow up and realize that what makes people interesting and “real” isn’t that they say whatever comes to their minds like children – but that they have rational, adult, appropriate behavior (something your children can be proud of and emulate) and a thought process that is not vulgar and completely self-serving.

    Rocky is a trip to watch, but only for very short period of time. I have a feeling that the reason she still sleeps with Hayley is that there are few men who can handle her and it is better to make the choice for yourself to be alone (w/ Hayley) than to simply find yourself that way because you are rude, obnoxious and loud.

    Oh, and I guess now that Rocky is in her 40′s and her career hasn’t really gone far in the movie theaters she is doing trashy stuff like Lusty-busty babe-a-que and spreading chocolate on her breasts and appearing topless. I guess she has discovered at her age that she isn’t going to “make” it as an actress and she should take whatever work she can get. I’ll give her this, she is great for silly, mindless reality shows and good for her for finding her niche.

  37. Stacey says:

    Seriously, someone needs to contact Chile Protective Services. I’ll agree that this woman makes for train-wreck-can’t-stop-watching-it TV, but there is a very real child who is living the nightmare of the unstability of a parent who has no boundaries, who sets a poor example of how to treat others and how to function in the world, and who is obviously caught up in her narcisistic fog of emotional and/or mental illness.

    I don’t give a hoot about the stupid hair extensions. I don’t care about her appearance or the cowboy hat. It’s her emotional outbursts and her lashing out at anyone around her that make her an unsuitable parent.

    I don’t know anyone from New York who thinks it’s normal or appropriate to ask their NINE-YEAR-OLD child if their tampon string is showing. And I suppose she thinks it’s normal that Michael Jackson like to share his bed with kids, too.

  38. nancy p says:

    this show is ridiculous to begin with,,all these moms just want to live vicariously through their children,,and to be in the spotlight,,,they all should be ashamed of themselves

    have a nice day

  39. tarhop2 says:

    [RockyRockandRoll Says:

    April 17th, 2008 at 6:52 pm
    From the looks of it stop the madness it seems that Shari has found her way to this board. What VIEWER would be this angry at me and take cheap shots at me but her. You gotta try changing your words up a little because it’s so obvious it’s you. You fat slob!! Get a life and stay off my bog–what are you gonna do If I get my own show send bomb threats to the producers. These people love us!! Not you, “Orca.” Man I didn’t think whales could stay out of the water this long to keep posting. I am now going to make good on my promise and file harassment charges. Get some lyposuction you ugly prison guard–and get a life . Was it my friends who got me on the podcast too? I don’t see anybody interviewing your fat ^$( after you and Bing Crosby left. Oh and just for the record I’m not sane or normal—and I LOVE it!!!!

    Go jump back in the ocean and stalk another VH1 clebrity–something you will never be!!


    The class and maturity is just oozing from this post Rocky.

  40. Marie says:

    Mary Jo!! when are you ever going to stop acting like a little miss snob all the time?! ! Just stop being like that and listen to your mom and you will shine! Girl you have talent but you need to behave and litsen to other peoples advice adn just let it out and you can suceed but not by being a brat!!

  41. Tim says:

    Rocky was just on the show to expose herself. Danny was smart enough to see that and toss her crazy rear off. Time for that old goat to grow up and act her age.

  42. StrangeButTrue says:

    I guess I just have not lived the right life; I have NEVER had to ask anyone (much less, a 9 year old) if my tampon string is showing; why, you ask? Because if you are wearing UNDERWEAR, your TAMPON string WILL NOT SHOW!
    To claim that she sleeps only with her 9 year old daughter is sick; the only reason I can accept that is if they do live in a 1 room trailer.
    To be serious here, I truly feel sorry for Hailey, she is going to grow up thinking that this is normal behavior. What is going to happen if, by some strange luck, Rocky meets a man and maybe falls in love and wants to marry. Is she then going to kick Hailey out of her bed?
    My only knowledge of this woman is through this show; she has brought herself into the public eye and has opened herself up to ridicule. To blast someone, as she has done on this board, and threaten to file harassment charges for posting on VH-1′s blog is a crack up! And, please Rocky, get over yourself, you are not even close to being a celebrity! Your 15 minutes are just about up.

  43. philiies says:

    what does living in new york have to do with asking your child if your tampon string is showing? i live in new york and thats not really a question i would ask my 9 year old. its a little odd

  44. Michelle says:

    Rocky and her daugher were the only STARS on that show!! Danny Bonaduce was a fool to let them go. Rocky is beautiful and the other average mothers and kids can’t handle it. Haley is beautiful too. Bonaduce doesn’t know anything. He’s just an old washed up has-been guy who acted as a child (on ONE show) and now does stupid reality TV like “Breaking Bonaduce”. C’mon! I think he was attracted to Rocky and needed her out of there so he could focus.

  45. Ann says:

    A tampon during your period is a natural thing. Haley will soon her period too and will be able to handle it thanks to her mom who is totally for real.

    you people are stupid wimps. grow up!

  46. Word says:

    there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a Mother talking to her Daughter about natual things like menstrual periods, maxi pads and tampons. Haley is a GIRL. She will deal with her period soon. If Haley was a boy, it might be kind of weird, but she’s a girl and there is nothing wrong with Mother and daughter discussing it or anything having to do with it. What kind of fundamental immature morons would make a big deal of this. Rock is a good woman, a good mother and she’s beautiful. That seems to be the problem, people are jealous. It’s not Rocky’s fault that she’s thin and can wear whatever she wants to. You people are seething with envy. Haley will be a star, not only b/c she’s beautiful but b/c she has a great Mom who loves her and she loves back. Truth! Deal with it haters!

  47. austinpowers says:

    the other mothers are so average and boring and so are their kids. that little red haired freckled kid probably gets special favor from danny. the show is bunk!

  48. rocky is stupid says:


  49. cindyluv says:


    From “It’s a gift to be a mother” to “Lusty Busty Baby Q”….she is AWESOME!!!

    PEAE, LOVE, & ROCK & ROLL!!!


  50. Karamel says:

    i feel like i don’t even wanna watch the show without Rocky. I was just starting to get into it too and now it’s gonna be just a dumb reality show with a bunch of !~_!@^ ed overbearing mom’s. Rocky you put the Rock in your name!

  51. jill gordon says:

    I love Rocky and Hailey!!!! Why oh why did you send them home? Now the only reason to watch is to see if someone finally beats gigis butt to the ground. Rocky was real, she obviously loved her daughter, shes tough and smart. I think Danny and company missed the boat on this one! Most of th other parents are tellling their kids things like ” if you cant do it perfect, lets just leave” or gigis telling her daughter : they will crucify you” what?? Is that how you encourage your child? And it was no ones business if Rocky had weaves or not, I mean seriously, was does that have to do with the whole concept?? I only wish VHI will find another venue for Rocky- please, guys, do your magic and find a show with Rocky- I will also nominate myself for the show, because I GET her. I am starting a “Rocky Fan Club” and I am the president! Im just as crazy as she is, but like her, crazy-good. I am her number ONE fan!!!!! Rocky, you rock,so does your daughter. If you would like to join the Fan Club, please email me-

  52. Suzy says:

    I wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed watching you on the show. I am a mother of 11 children and your passion for your daughter is the same passion i feel for each and every one of mine. People dont understand mothers like us who would die for our children…. they are gifts from God and they are the most precious things we can ever experience.
    But i wanted to tell you that i think you are a remarkable woman. Im so proud of you for being able to put up with all the crap that the women in the house gave you. I think gigi acted like an idiot and the way she acted in front of her child was so sad.
    You are definatly a one of a kind woman but you know thats what makes you special and unique. Screw everyone who doesnt like it. You keep being true to yourself and your sweet daughter and let life take you where it may. God bless you!

  53. CaliGirl says:

    Rocky, you ROCK! I have 3 kids & my oldest is also trying to break into the biz and working super hard at it. I don’t think that I can give you any advice, you are doing an AWESOME job, you are REAL and I am pretty much the same w/my 3 kids. They deserve to know WHO their parents are and not an uptight dumb !## who is pretending to be something that they are not. I liked watching the show with you in it much more than with you off of the show, no doubt, but at this point I am rooting for Cheyenne sp? since you guys are no longer on the show-which is a total bummer. As for DB taking you off of the show, personally, I think that he had to do it, there was way TOO much chemistry there between you two, I am sure I am not the only one who saw it! You would always be welcome in my home! Take care, much luv CALIGIRL…It’s like OMG!

  54. LovetoLaugh says:

    Hi Rocky, I love you, that was the funniest thing I have heard in a while. I love the fact that you are willing to discuss anything and the truth behind things. I was a child/teenage model for five years. Have you thought about modeling for Haley? She is beautiful. I think she would do well. She has the perfect look for print. Even on camera, wonderful, but for me I couldn’t remember lines, I was a horrible actress. All of my friends were actresses. I decided to model so I wouldn’t have to remember lines! Worked well! I think the both of you are the best. Haley is so very lucky to have you! I can’t wait to see Haley become “rich and famous”! Take care and much love!

  55. Bruser says:

    Ok – now everybody say a little prayer for her poor daughter.

  56. Rochelle says:

    Honestly!! I wish all the blessings in the world to the children who are on the show, but the show sucks!! Not saying there isn’t any talent, the show just simply sucks!! The ONLY reason I watched the show was to see Rocky and her daughter Hayley. Her daughter might not have ALL that applies to be a “kid star”, but there is definitely something special about that young lady!! You can see her strength and potential at such a young age, and that’s without the “professional” training! Danny, you should have know better, if you know the business at all! Vh1 wasted money!! Shouldn’t have gotten rid of Rocky and Hayley!!

    Long live Rocky and Hayley!!!

  57. Lindsey says:

    I think Danny should have kept Rocky and Hayley. They were the reason I watched that show. Hayley wasn’t exactly the best actress was she was sweet and gorgeous and does have lots of potential. Sometimes Hayley was uptight and nervous and I can understand that she was feeling pressured to memorize lines and didn’t want to mess up. GiGi and Alli were the ones that should have been eliminated. GiGi acts like a jealous spiteful witch I’m sorry to say and she thinks her and her daughter are better. As a result of all that tension, Rocky lost it. I had to laugh at that scene where Rocky was complaining about losing sleep, hating on all the other mothers because they all thought they were better, wanting to shake the gumball machine and grabbing a hanger and wanting to kill a cast member. It wasn’t funny but it was. I understand how she felt and my temper is exactly like Rocky’s when people treat me like that. I was really mad when Danny said the whole thing was all about Rocky. That was so not true. Rocky was pushing Hayley to do her best and to show people that her daughter was a star.
    Rocky, I love you very much(you too Hayley) and I’m glad you and Hayley made an appearance on the show, eventhough you guys didn’t make it. I started to get the impression that all the good people would get overlooked and eliminated when Devin and Kevin were eliminated. Turns out I was right. Oh well, you, Hayley, Devin and Kevin didn’t need those snobs anyway. And I know you try hard to be a good mother and you’re doing a great job of it. Who cares what those other witches think? That’s why my mom never got me involved in anything like that eventhough people tried to talk her into it. Everyone thought I would make a good model and actress. My mom didn’t want to ruin me and have to deal with snotty mothers and fancy kids. And I can’t say I blame her. I wish you and Hayley the best of luck whether or not she makes it as a actress. I love you Rocky and Hayley.
    LOVE, Lindsey

  58. ROSEY says:


  59. Lil Birdie says:

    The poster that made this comment:

    “Almost all of these comments are made by Rocky and/or her friends. There is no way that any SANE individual would think for one moment that this lady is normal.”

    has her head in the sand.

    It may be hard for her to believe since she apparently knows Rocky personally and has some personal beef with her, but this mother-daughter-duo has LEGIONS of fans in the VH1-universe.

    The only difference between Rocky and every other mother in America is that Rocky didn’t try and pretend to be a perfect, angelic person just because cameras were on her. She was REAL and was brave enough to show the REALITY of what people actually say to each other behind closed doors and what really goes on in households across the country. Most of us don’t model ourselves after the Brady Bunch.

    This positive post about Rocky is not from one of her old friends. I don’t know her and was actually rooting for Shannon & Mckenzie because they are from Baton Rouge like me. But Rocky and Hayley totally won me over! (It is almost impossible for me to think or type “Hayley” without “Lourdes” behind it, thanks Recap Guy! lol )

    Hayley is strikingly beautiful and Rocky seriously needs her own show. I would LOVE to see her as a commentator on Best Week Ever or something like that because her “Rocky-isms” are a scream! VH1 – don’t let her get away!!! :-)

  60. LongBrunette says:

    Danny was right! It was (and STILL is), all about Rocky! Personally, poor Hailey seemed to be constantly cringing! She was great when her mother wasn’t there! I feel Rocky blatently cheated her daughter out of any chance in the competitiion by her self-absorbed, arrogant antics. Odd to me, that Rocky mentions that she has record coming-out. Shouldn’t she be mentioning something Hailey is doing? Once again, it’s ALL about rocky (a crude “hack”). I can only hope, the only person who buys her record, turns out to be her! (and I know she will).

  61. Susan says:

    Without Rocky and Hayley this show would be boring to watch. Rocky took risks…what mother wouldn’t? Rocky–you have a beautiful child, Hayley, and I believe that the best is yet to come!!

  62. Tina Lewis says:

    I have watched the show from day one, and I belive in Haley. Maybe Rocky was pushing it to much, but she did try and tone it down for her daughters sake. I do believe that Haley has the “IT” factor for Hollywood. Give Haley another chance , you were given plenty of chances Bonaduce.

  63. 1sassyk says:

    WOW-It is all about Rocky!

  64. MARYANN says:

    Hey Rocky…just wanted to drop in on ya and tell ya YOU !@+` IN ROCK BABY! :) Oh and how ya doin…? ;) Sure do hope they get some show for you on Vh1 or somewhere on cable damn it….want me some Itrrrralian New Yawkaaa on the airwaves! Have a great week doll. (oh and um haven’t watched that show since you ladies left!). Funny thing is, I met Danny when he was like 14 (i was 13) back in Jersey at the Steel Pier (pre-casino’s)and uh he wasn’t all that in control as a kid actor…lol. Ahhh the journey is sweet though. Gotta love it.
    Rock on sista!

  65. HyltonProductions says:

    Want to see another detrimentally dedicated stage mom?
    Don’t miss the video, “STAGE MOM: SORROW IN A SHOEBOX”. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…

  66. rockwell says:

    Hayley was bad.. really really bad. She could work for a photoshoot, but way too dumb to act. Rocky made the show almost unwatchable. If I want to see a crackhead I will watch flavor of love.

  67. berta says:

    I would love it if you and Haley got your own show. To anyone who reads this, I don’t know Rocky or her daughter but i enjoyed them both on the show. Haley is a beautiful child with natural talent. Rocky is a very attractive woman also. I know what you go through rocky. I don’t know how many times people say bad things about me or my daughter. People are sooo jealous when a mom and daughter are not only beautiful but stron willed. In some ways I am glad you are not on the show anymore because u guys really don’t need it to get ahead in the business. believe me those other kids need all the help they can get and even so, i don’t think any of them will make it very far. i heard you have a my space. how can we find you on there. if u read this, please let us know. stay strong and ignore all of the jealous haters out there. love, berta

  68. berta says:

    hey rockwell, if we want to read writings from a crack head i guess we can read your comment. wow what a pos u are. who the f are you to call that little girl dumb. fu

  69. HayleyandRockyrox says:

    yo rockwell hayley is extremeley smart!!so shut up she can do more than act go watch her sing on youtube

  70. 1lynnnn says:

    I’m sure Rocky made that comment about a tampon hoping that people would believe she is still young enough to have a period. Ten pounds of makeup doesn’t fool anyone. As far as her attitude is concerned, maybe she has a stripper pole from the old days stuck up her flat butt. Nothing sadder than an old washed up hooker.

  71. TC says:

    Rocky…if you read this, can you explain to me what California Law says that your child can’t sleep in the bed with you?? I have never heard that in my life..she’s your daughter, for heaven’s sake.

  72. RockyRox says:

    you would know all about wanting to look younger 1lynnnn aka shari you look like your a hundred years old and could use a face lift.You rright there is nothing sadder than a washed up hooker aka you!!

  73. Eddy says:

    You guys made a huge mistake when you eliminated Haley and Rocky from the show! Doesn’t VH1 see star potential and star power? Haley is going to be the next young star and VH1 should find a way to bring them back! I’m sure that your ratings when down when they were eliminated. Haley is very talented and sweet; Rocky is real and entertaining! I no longer watch the show and I know others that also stopped watching. Who cares about the new episodes without them!?! Bring Haley and Rocky back!!!

  74. notshariandwillingtoproveit says:

    Rocy is older than ambre and ambre is 50.
    I’m getting sick of how vh1 allows people to lie about thier age.
    What’s wrong with being 50?

  75. notshariisshariYouDidNotGoThere says:

    hey not shari aka shari’s mom
    or shari

    stupid rocky is only around thirty and doen’t look like some dirty skank

    and don’t you dare diss ambre

    because she is only 37 and just likre rocky she is soooo extremeley goregous for her age!!

    what did ambre ever do to you ?nothing..

    So shut up i know your jealous of people like Rocky and ambre who are actually sucessful and pretty

    get a life you twinkie eating liar!!

  76. Donna Plank says:

    In the top picture, Rocky looks so Xanax’ed out her eyes are barely open. She’s a pathetic role model for a young girl and I don’t see how the other parents handled her outbursts without wanting to run out of the house. It’s also easy to notice the ones that say they stopped watching the show after Rocky and Haley left and didn’t see McKenzie as she progressed obviously just love the shock factor. Watch Flava Flav if that’s the kind of crap you like but that wasn’t the purpose of this show. I feel sorry for Haley. She showed so much more ability when her lunatic mother wasn’t around and I’d be humiliated if my friends had to watch my mother act that way on TV.

  77. intherealworld says:

    The poster that made this comment:
    “Almost all of these comments are made by Rocky and/or her friends. There is no way that any SANE individual would think for one moment that this lady is normal.”

    Is speaking the truth!

    It is not unusual for one or two people to fan on someone and act as though they are a horde through different user names. It’s been proven.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it were Rocky herself, because almost every time one of Hayley’s “fans” post, they push for Hayley AND Rocky to get a VH1 show.

    It’s time for this woman to seriously seek treatment. Just do it for you daughter.

  78. 1lynnn says:

    So sad that just just because Rocky goes under a multitude of names, she thinks everyone else does. Get it through your head dumb a$$, there are many people that think you suck. As stated previously, get a facelift and remove all your nasolabial and eye wrinkles before trying to squeeze into your old stripper ho costumes again. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to douche out your cobwebs hag.
    P.S. If you have any trouble with the multisyllabic words in the previous passage, try using a dictionary or asking your daughter for help (if you have’t kicked her to the curb for no longer being any use to you). AMF!

  79. RockysLittleSideKick(Rocky Rox) says:

    you all are jealous pigs rocky continuoulsy posts under one name and that’s rockyrocknroll unlike you shari or 1 lynn or not shari intherealworld

  80. RockysLittleSidekick(RockyRox) says:

    what about this rocky didn’t say fat people were bad in general she just metioned one but maybe you feel the need to cnvey that thru rocky and maybe you don’t like fat people.The only fa t &~~ beeyotch rocky ever refered to was shari

    i’m not a isze zero and i am not pis sed off at all

    you might not be a size zero but your standing up for shemale sheri that is what she dislikes

  81. Lil Birdie says:

    Whoever this Shari person is (are we talking about Cameron’s mom???) is a sick individual. She writes awful things in truly disgusting language about Rocky all over the blogosphere AND Myspace. What is this obsession about??? That she got more camera time? That’s what VH1 reality is all about and people love it!

    I don’t knowwhy this person has targeted Rocky, Rocky never claimed to be the perfect mother. She may be crazy but there is no doubt she loves Hayley. For some reason, people (“shari?”) cannot see past Rocky’s bigger than life personality and see the real person underneath – a pretty cool person you’d probably love to hang out with.

    Internet stalkers and whiners are pretty pathetic people who fuel their rants with pouting and jealousy + a touch of psychosis. Please move on with your life and let Rocky entertain the many fans she accumulated from the show – we’d appreciate it, thx.

  82. c1ickhere says:

    What mother wants her kids listening to the fowl language that Rocky the witch of the west uses? Check out my site on you tube at C1ickagain. Rocky is a washed up 5 minute whor who upstaged her own daughter on IKMKAS and she is a terrible mother and role model.

  83. GGtrue says:

    hey Sheri or c1ickhere what ever you wanna go by u should really stop what your doing on bashing Rocky rocky is a hell of alot better mother then you are. With you and your purple hair. With the harassing of kids and minors you will end up in jail with nobody to come visit u. Because if you keep going and take things to far like ruining their myspace again i’m sure someone’s gonna sue. And i’m gonna wanna be their to testify against you.

  84. GGtrue says:

    hey TC i just wanted you to know that Rocky and Hayley share a bunk bed it’s nothing perverted. So i’m just tellin you so you don’t think its perverted when she said that. and for any of you who think that that is perverted your wrong there is nothign wrong with that.

  85. c1ickhere says:

    Rocky has no talent and is a fake. She plays guitar like this: Blang, blang, blang, blang,,then clang, clang, clang, clang then back to Blang………Straight strum only with first position cords. She cant read music and her voice is awful.. She is a terrible mother and terrible role model.

  86. bori1239 says:

    I love Rocky she is a great mother, i wish she was mine. She is awsome. I love her songs. And I wanna heard U play better. U say she has no talent ha, I saw her on the sci-fi channel in RAPTOR she co stared with Erica Roberts that’s pretty A-list to me. c1ick BAM on U hater XoXo ROCKANDROLL

  87. justme says:

    What an attention loving loser
    Is her 15 minutes up yet

  88. RomaKnox says:

    i can’t believe they’ve got this nutty wannabe back on Vh1…i looked her up on imdb and spent the next 22 seconds laughing hysterically…my belief in the reality of Tough Love is gone. if they have any entertainment sense, they’ll hook her up with Danny B.! hahaha, very funny Vh1.

  89. 3268567 says:

    What a lovely day for a 3268567! SCK was here

  90. 1983448 says:

    What a lovely day for a 1983448! SCK was here

  91. 1654727 says:

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