Bret, May We Tempt You to Rock of Love 3?


Dear Bret,

As you know, the VH1 Blog staff has no idea if there will ever be another season of Rock of Love and it certainly has nothing to do with the casting process. Regardless, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to cull through endless pages of our Rock of Love fan site to find potential hotties that could rock your world — judging, superficially, by looks alone. This isn’t to say that we’re not pulling for a lasting relationship between you and Ambre. We like Ambre a lot! But if things don’t work out, then bookmark this page and click on the thumbnail images below of each girl. How bad could it be to do a Rock of Love 3 when you have fans like these?

Yours Truly,
The VH1 Blog


- Interview: Daisy’s Fighting Words
- Interview: Heather’s Fighting Words
- Photos: Heather, Heather, Heather
- Photos: Daisy, Daisy, Daisy
- Rock of Love: R-Rated Blog Pics
- Rock of Love Show Page
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  1. Ginger says:

    Its nice to see Bret and Ambre look so happy on the reunion show!!!

  2. Chanda says:

    There needs to be a Rock Of Love with Big John. That would be Awsome!

  3. Sasha says:

    Watching the extra clips, I almost threw up when after the Daisy and Heather fight Bret says He wanted to have Sex with Daisy but now she’s not in the mood. That is messed up.

    The fans you show above look like women who do porn, posting half nude photos on the internet low class again.

    I doubt Ambre and Bret work out he’s too much of a pig.

  4. Tracie says:

    i do not think that there needs to be a rock of love 3 damn let them try to see if it works out for them before you all want another show u people r like vultures yeah i am like anyone else i loved the show but if they r going to make this work everyone needs to leave them alone i want to wish bret and ambre the very best of luck because they r going to need it with all of the people who r against them i really do think that she is his rock of love but it goes two ways he has to want it as much as she does because if he does not it will never work and vh1 will have what they wanted from the start

  5. Me says:

    Bret needs to put Heather in her place and pronto. She’s having a big and bad impact on his fans. He’s coming to my town and I’m not getting tickets this time, b/c I’m doubting who he really is…who allows (even smiles) at glasses/bottles being thrown and attacks on others? That is sooooo effed up!

  6. Abby says:

    Why not have a Rock of love 3 that way i can be on and show all the girls just how to ROCK YOUR WORLD. You are so hott.

  7. sexyeyes155 says:

    i am with sasha it will never work with bret amd ambre because he is a pig like i said before these women r like barbie dolls to him when he gets tired of playing with them he drops them and he will do ambre the same way if u ask me the name of the show should not have been rock of love it should have been i am horney and i want to see how many women i can `$^~

  8. Me (again) says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t watch a ROL3 either. Thanks to Heather, and Bret not stopping the crazy @~%!& He could and should have long ago. Sad, to think this is who he really is…?

  9. Karissa says:

    I hope Bret and Ambre work out, I like Ambre the most out of all the girls from season 1 and 2. She seems like a real girl who isn’t in it for the publicity. If he loses her then that is freakin gay, and I think if he ever does a Rock of Love 3 I definitely will not watch it. I didnt even know who Bret was (sadly) until the Rock of Love 1 and I have been watching both seasons hoping that this time it will work. But if there ever will be another season then that is seriously a stupid thing to do and will make me realize that its just a show with no point other than to just keep going through girls. I hope this isn’t the case, because I really like Bret so far as a guy and I really like Ambre. GOOD LUCK TO YOU TWO! I think you two looked adorable on the reunion together! keep up the good work!! and know that you have my support (unless you do another season–then my respect and likeness for you will drop).

  10. Michelle says:

    come on don’t try and break up bret and ambre they just found love.

  11. Helene says:

    why in the hell would you want to base these shows soley on looks why can’t they be on other stuff too and not young girls all the time. seems to me that you are hoping it doesn’t work out between them so I think that you should just think about it and wait to see if things don’t work out then try a different approach.

  12. PAMELA says:


  13. Tammy says:

    The pictures fans or potentional Rock of Love 3 look like there barely 18 are they pictures of porn sites? Isn’t Bret pushing 50? That is ridiculus. Get Real.

  14. KK says:

    After my second season watching ROL, I am convinced that Brett is a comittment-phobe and will never settle down.

    There is no way a guy can date 20+ girls at once and make the right choice. The girls’ close proximity and competition for ‘face time’ with Brett (not to mention editing) lead to mental breakdowns and histrionics (ie. good TV). Brett is not doing this show to find love but to market his long-forgotten songs and to use reality-TV as a means to revive his aging rock star persona. Its all about marketing but you can’t hide that he is a skank, bloated and no longer ‘hot.’ I hope that Brett finds love – someone his own age who will class-up his life and maybe demonstrate a good influence on his daughters.

    In regard to Lacey, Heather, Kristy-Jo – there are some really disgusting and screwed up women out there. Amber – normal? The most normal participant was Jess from last season – note she’s not involved in season 2. Amber is a wannabee actress and was unemployed she kept on referring to herself as a Talk Show host but how could she get 3-4 weeks off from work for filming? These women are all using the show to further their careers.

    An education and a book can go a long way, ladies.

    Brett, an AIDs test and monogamy will go a long way for you, too.

    Daisy, after watching the ‘fight’ and this past season and reading about the passing of your mom, I wish you a lot of healing. If you put away the tough girl act and find something you enjoy doing – I hope that you can pursue it. You have good ideas and just need a break. Please put the botox, extensions and stilettos to rest – you are trying to be something you are not.

    ROL3 – if this show goes on it should be Brett and 19 other aging rockers and chasing one woman (who isn’t an exotic, tops-off, dancer). Better yet, I’d like to see Brett next season on the Millionairre’s Club (BravoTV).

  15. Ginger says:

    Sasha…..I agree with you! I watched the reunion extras and all I can say by Bret’s actions on there are what a slap in the face to Ambre!!!!!! He just lost a few points in my book. First, he mentions on the one after the Heather/Daisy fight that he wanted to have sex with Daisy but now she’s probably not in the mood……lets just hope that was just a poor joke. Then, in the Destiney outtake where she’s advertising her condom pack they say…well, we better ship a whole truckload to Bret for when he’s on the road…and he laughs right along with it…..oh well, so much for Ambre…..guess he doesn’t plan on staying faithful to her….If she was smart she’d leave him just like KJ did and then the producers can be happy because there will be a ROL 3.
    And I was a Heather fan until I saw the fight. She sounded a little too arrogant in the dressing room outtake. I do agree that I think Daisy wants to dress like Heather and is somewhat jealous of her but Heather was way out of line for instigating the whole scene. And that bandana look with the straight hair was bad. You could see where her real hair ended and the extensions began. And it makes her look like a hard rocker chick. She looks far better with the softer curl look.

  16. Ginger says:

    KK — where did you read that Daisy lost her mom? Details?????

  17. KK says:

    if you look at the outtakes and Heather’s blog she states Daisy’s real name. If you google her name you find that her mom was killed by a drunk driver in 2005. She probably doesn’t have much family and that explains the importance of Charles and his sister.

    I don’t think that Brett is as disgusting as I made it sound. He is funny, at times quite compassionate, etc. but the bandana hiding his hair loss and the eye-liner. The guy is 44 with diabetes and 2 kids.. time to let go of the rocker lifestyle.

  18. chelle says:

    get a life girls!!!! if he wanted you then maybe you would have been in the show> duh!!!!!!!!!!BUt i really want to know the real deal between bret and heather??? LIke i think everyone does!!!!!!

  19. chelle says:

    I’m so shocked that these girls want a rock of love 3…. THEY MUST NOT REALLY CARE ABOUT BRET AND HIS REAL FEELINGS>>>THEY just want to get there 15 mins. of fame..i hope him and amber can truly work out!! and have heather stay the f*** out of it!!!!!!!!!!

  20. KK says:

    If I could get time away from my job, I’d apply for the show but wouldn’t make it on b/c I don’t have implants; and I would never date a guy who was screwing around with 22 yr olds under my nose.

    Brett uses Heather: he tells her what she wants to hear to keep her onside. He knows she is a wildcard but it makes good TV. Note, he didn’t pick her last season. He could have launched a bombshell in Season 2 and say that he made a mistake in Season 1 and would prefer to be with Heather.

    This show just enthralls me as a good window into pop culture – it doesn’t say much about American culture to see all the fake boobs and every other word is F…

    The girls are just impersonating what they see on TV and then we, the watchers, are impersonating them. Pretty soon “F” will be a noun not a verb; we’ll all be injected with silicon and reality TV will replace the nightly news.

    Peace. Let’s hope for world peace and that the girls on the show, some of whom have had difficult lives, some success.

  21. aac says:

    If Bret and Ambre don’t work out and there is a rock of love 3 there should be girls that r for real. The 2nd seasons girls were so fake compared to the first season. I think Heather rocks!! She is for real and just comes off as a +^(+@ cuz she is very honest and stands up for what she believes in. I still love the show though. I’ll continue to watch if there is a 3rd season.

  22. rock of love 3 says:

    he should have another because amber ugly and time pick somebody beautiful

  23. aac says:

    ok one more thing. i think everyone needs to lay off of everyone on the show a little bit. they edit it so it looks worse than it is. they make things look more dramatic for entertainment for us. these people r risking they’re reputations for us to talk about how )_#! ty they look on t.v. or what _&!$_ es or sluts they r. i’m just saying try showin a little respect to them. none of us have the right to criticize them as people because we don’t really know them. we know how the show wants us to know them. makes for better ratings.

  24. Ginger says:

    Thanks KK!! Funny she never mentioned that on the show as she was willing to mention other private things like her abortion, etc. You definitely need to read the interviews with Daisy and Heather just posted.

  25. norockoflove3 says:

    TELL YOUR AGENT……..Please dont have any more finding LOVE shows. It might be time to do the SCOTT BAIO, 55 and GETTING MARRIED shows now BRET before your mascara cant cover those crows feet anymore. If you keep this up, I will consider you to be a PEDIFILE. The chicks will be the same age as your kids!
    BTW, I think I see LACY’s Photo above wearing a pink wig.

  26. Karen says:

    Heather is the most desperate and classless b*tch I’ve ever seen. And what the hell was up with her outfit? Hysterical listening to Daisy call her “Skanky Nicks” ( instead of stevie ) LOL! Fight was so unfair. I felt bad for big mouthed Daisy only b/c she should’ve been able to have her time to address Brett with questions regarding their intimate moments. This was Daisy’s moment to duke it out with Brett NOT Heather. Heather should not have been there. There was no point. I can see why Daisy would think she was set up. I didn’t even want to see Daisy win but I find myself feeling sorry for her. I hope she sues her. That had to be even more humiliating than getting dumped by Brett on national tv. Some chic with man hands attacking you on TV – WTF? Bruising to her head? the chic probably has a concussion !

  27. Cissy says:

    How about a show letting Big John find the love of his life?

  28. suzie says:

    i think heather needs to get a life i dont understand why the he.. she was even on the reunion show she was just a cameo come on that was a cheap stunt to pull on daisy she seems like she really had feelings for bret i wonder how ambre thought about bret and angelics little dance with her right in the back and she honestly thinks he is gonna be faithful lol lol lol yea right . i was glad to see kristy joe and didnt think she would be back with her husband but thats the way things go if there are a rock of love 3 i hope the pics above are not the girls this seasons fakeness would be a joke conpared to this skanks get some real &`@ women this time BRET WORDS OF WISDOM GET RID OF HEATHER

  29. m tabat says:

    Bret Michaels was a wise and lucky guy to pick Ambre. She is one of the coolest, smartest, ambitious, girls, and I think she sets a great example for what girls should be like. Out of all those nasty girls, he made the wisest choice. I sure hope it lasts! The Best to Ambre!

  30. fred says:

    no shorage of SLUTS is there

  31. Below the Belt says:

    Yeah! Now one of those photos should give VH1 an idea for a REAL reality show. Rock of Love 3 will show nothing of the girls from the waste up. Strap a mini cam to the waste of the photographers and show the girls only as Bret sees them. That would be reality television in Bret time.

  32. christopher says:

    Big John is a wuss! He did absolutely nothing to stop the fight between Heather and Daisy. Heather was pounding Daisy head, c’mon! Where the hell was Big John, no where! He shows up after things settle down. He could have jumped up and helped Daisy. Ricki Rachtman could have covered her head. I think he tried.

  33. nancy p says:

    omg will all of you wanna bees get over yourselves,,there wont be a rock of love 3…..judging by last nights show

    so get on with your own lives,,and get a freaking job ,,gawd you are all so ridiculous,,,,,

  34. nancy p says:

    to cissy


  35. nancy p says:

    i think you should be ashamed of yourselves,,,,,go find your own happiness,,

    have a nice day,,

    there will not be a rock of love 3,,couldnt you all see it from last nights show,, him and ambre are dating they like each other,, ok!!!!!!!

    to vh-1 i have an idea for a show ,, look me up

  36. nancy p says:

    these girls in these photos are way too young,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, brett is 45

  37. marjorie says:

    ambre is not the one for BRET !!!!

  38. mr.funland says:

    It’s an excellent idea to start looking for the candidates.!

    By the time Bret Michaels’ “new” CD, with only three “new” songs that aren’t on his other records but have all been available online for ages, is out in june he’ll be needing all the marketing support he needs to sell that whopper. Ambre won’t be around in June either.

    After two seasons of “love” shows, Bret may want to try another type of reality show to keep his face in the spot. He’s been talking about that road show he wants to do but nothing will be as good a career crutch as another season of Wig of Love. That will be the best solution for Bret, for Vh1 and for a new set of publicity starved girls.

    I wonder if the 3rd season will be on in the summer or a little later on this year.

  39. Kathy says:

    Is VH1 turning into a porn station, but the looks of the Rock of Love 3 wanna be’s, no more Rock of Loves with Bret please enough is enough.

  40. Henry says:

    The show was fun to watch but i’m glad it’s done. It was a fun show but also pretty stupid. Half the girls dont’ belong there and i think the purpose of him choosing Ambre was that he’s tired of the Victoria secret models that he can have any time and he chose someone completely normal and near his age that he can relate to. So sure i’d watch ROL3 but in a way enough is enough, let’s all move on with our lives. Bret uses the show to promote himself, sell his music and have fun with these girls. The girls all use the show to promote themselves and to make money and become famous. And we all sit here like morons watching it and making all these people Rich.

  41. Anna says:

    I give Bret a thumbs down, for the way he handled the attack on Daisy, Daisy should sue Heather for the public attack on her. How could the show allow Heather to hit Daisy in the head like that. Bret does not deserve and never will have a normal women, because a normal healthy minded women does not say well I don’t expect him to be faithful I know there are lots of beautiful women out there. A normal healthy women looks for a healthy relationship, so Amber I pray that you can find the strength and currage to become healthy and find a man that can commit to you, maybe even be faithful most of the time, but truly you deserve a relationship where both party’s are committed to each other, your daddy must be so proud of you 48 and acting like your 20 something, yea that is smart. So many rich men who wants to have a relationship with an old washed up **_^ like Bret Micheals, Bret I hope you get Aids

  42. nancy p says:

    i think marjorie is jealous gglz,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ambre is the one for him

    have a nice day

    there wont be a rock of love 3,,he and ambre are dating,,,,,,,,,,, did none of you see the show last night?????????????

    he said he has other projects in the works,,in his interview,,,,,

  43. nancy p says:

    to anna,,

    ambre is 37 not 48,,, brett is 45,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  44. DEBRA says:


  45. debra says:

    I like the show but not when you bring people like Heather on there over and over. she ruined it for me!! why was she there just to stir up controversy. ughhhhhhhhh!!!!!! i never saw someone i dislike so much who i wish would ho away. yes ho away. bret hes cool, but the most emotion iver seen from him is with ambre. he shows no emotion, and im sorry the weave has to go. its like dude, we get it your 45. okay your hair is gone, we want to see the real bret cause that hair loooks badddddd!

  46. nancy p says:

    suck it up,,, brett and ambre are dating,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and i do feel for daisy,,,however,,she has got to stop playing the poor innocent victim role,,and stand up,,and rise above everyone ,,only then she will get the respect she deserves,,,,,,,,and stop lying about things,,, for some reason ,, i think shes still with charles,, even though she says she isnt,,,,be independent,,,,,,not dependent,,,,,

    good luck daisy…. in your future,, and heather,, my gosh girl,,,that was way over the top

    and stop pushing for another rock of love 3 its not happening,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lets see where brett and ambre go from this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  47. debra says:

    no im tired of rock of love. i was sick of heather the first show, now Im really sick of it. and im really sick of bret he is a lame $$~ he really is, he tried to help but he is just like emotionless, he should have stood up and said i dont condone violence. That girl heather has issues, I mean have you seen her myspace page, she has heather from rock of love 1 and 2, 2!!!! +%!($ you were on 1 and a guest spot on 2. anyway she can make herself sound like she has a career. she looks awful on there, and then who at 32 still puts there fingers up like yeah im so cool. she looks hard and really if you look at bret and ambre, ambre was rather corny acting sometimes and he was the same way, to me a guy doesnt like a girl like heather we all wonder how ambre got him but deep down thats the kind of girl he really likes. i mean guys put on that they want girls like heather all cool acting but really they dont. heather all she talks about is what bret said or thinks, or what they talk about, its like girl dont let bret guide you, have your own mind. cause he makes millions while you make pennies. while you sit up and worry about what bret says honey bret has moved on with his life.

  48. Sandy Powell says:

    I want a Rock of Love III but with C.C. or another rock hottie. I feel Bret is played out for now.

    DVS Sandy

  49. Comeon says:

    I am SO sick of Daisy.. WOE is poor Daisy Give me a FN break.. We should have cuddled,, I can only hope she was kidding… Bret is a rock dude.. You put that in his face like she did the WHOLE show he is going to take it.. YOUR the one to blame Daisy.. YOUR childish and a loser.

  50. paula says:

    I hate ambre, she is so conaiving ( I know I spelled it wrong). Daisy was definitely the better pick for him, she fits more of his lifestyle.

    Rock of Love II was enough. The end.

  51. shelley says:

    Was a good ending to a good show last night.
    Have to agree, I’m getting sick of these “find love 1,2,3′s etc..
    I’d watch another type of show if he does one.
    Why was Heather even there last night????

  52. heather says:

    i dont think brett made rite choose.. i so think u should picked daisy..cuz amber is so not even cute.. brett is way to hot for her..i think we need to see a new season.. cuz this is just no goen to work..

  53. Havalah says:

    I LOVE Ambur. I think this is what he needs in his life some kind of grounded relationship. I think he’s tired of the cat and mouse game and wants to settle down with someone that has a brain. if he wanted just sex and the party life he could have chose Daisy but then again he could have chosen Heather last season. He’s not looking for that. The hardest thing for them is the long distance thing and if Bret and Ambur can get through that then they will do fine. I’m routing for this relationship and well I guess we will all see.

  54. Julia M. says:

    Well while I don’t want to date Brett Michael’s (I’m married already) I would however LOVE to be the “house mother”!! How cool would it be to say who gets to date Bret and to monitor all the girls and their *%++ tak and rants!! Those girls need direction and someone to go to, and Bret needs someone who will truly have his back, (oh well besides John, but remember he is the muscle). Yes make me the Rock of love house mom and lets just see who gets to date Bret, Oh yeah my Husband is ok with it as long as i still bring home a paycheck!! I love it!

    Thanks julia M., mother and grandmother, (so ok i was a child bride 1977)….

  55. amber&tess says:

    hey i think u should have picked daisy because ambur looks like she is fifty years old and like she could be a grandma so u need to have a rock of love 3 so u can pick someone that is right for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. lmao says:

    KK…..that was not Daisy’s mother that was killed by a drunk driver. There was an interview with the daughter of the deceased woman and it is not her.

  57. T.C. says:


  58. chi says:

    we want a show that follows amber and bret

  59. sandi says:

    do you know brett is almost 50 you must be as dumb as daisy

  60. Tiffany says:

    How do I send my pic in for Rock of Love 3? I am tempted to be on the show if there is a 3. I do hope that Ambre and Bret work out but if they don’t well…I’m looking for my Rock of Love and if it’s it him that great!!.


  61. crispie says:

    Good idea Chi.

  62. Cory says:

    I don’t know why vh1 tries to make the show look so real when they lie to you about Ambre and Bret being in love? That’s really stupid that they say that Ambre and Bret are in love when he’s about to go and do another Rock of Love all he cares about is that paycheck he gets for making Rock of Love one of the most watched shows on television. It is so rediculous and stupid that I’m done watching those stupid reality shows that vh1 tries so hard to make seem realistic. It’s all scripted and fake with really bad actors/ actresses( especially Destiney).

  63. nancy p says:

    they did not say they were in love,, they are dating,,and seeing where it goes from there,,did any of you even see the finale,,there wont be a rock of love 3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he said it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    please let them see where this goes,,and for all you 20 somethings,, youre way too young,,hes been there and done that many times,,

    have a nice day

  64. gia says:

    Savannah is totally hott! you should definitly make another with her in it.
    you know you want to!

  65. nancy p says:

    to the ones that think ambre looks like a grandmother,,,grow up….omg,, daisy wasnt the one,,she appeared to needy,,,,,,cant you see this,,she might love brett but for all the wrong reasons

    so suck it up,!!!!!!

    lets get on with our lives and wait and see what happens,,,,

    have a nice day

  66. long Island says:


  67. Jessica says:

    If you have a Rock Of Love 3, then you are just in it for the fame…..come on you found a good girl….its gets a little boring when you guys keep having these shows over and over…I mean find true love or not…….the whole excitment is watching to see who finds true love…..its gets old after the 2nd season……like Flava or Love….that show is so old right now……lets move on to some other stuff… life after finding true love…..a show of you and Ambre making it work….now that would be some good stuff…….

  68. Debbi says:

    I won’t waste my time for a ROCK OF LOVE 3. It looks to me that Brett cant find love because he doesn’t have what it takes. Deep down I think that Brett is a quality guy but the image that he portrayed of himself made him look like a typical smuck. Too bad…I would have liked to have seen the real Brett. I think that finding love on a T.V. reality show is an impossible feat. I hope that Brett’s exposure on T.V. has at least boosted his music career and kept VH1 happy with the ratings. I’m a rock n roll girl and was happy to have tuned in but don’t count on it for another season. The women selected, were based on their sexiness rather than their actual qualities. If you go looking for love based on your sex-appeal than you should stay in the strip clubs (be sure to bring plenty of one dollar bills). I have had enough of Rock of Love.

  69. pammysuemalibu says:

    Rock of love 3,4 or 10. I’ll watch. Bret is hot:) I would like to see more beach and rockers.

  70. jlo says says:

    Ambre sure looks a whole lot better, she looks younger and happy. I think they look good together. But, she shocked the hell out of me when she ssaid it’s a turn on to see bret with his fans. It just didn’t seem right coming from a girl like ambre.

  71. Ambrefan says:

    VH1 please give Bret and Ambre a chance, we know you are hungry for $$$ but they only just got to see eachother again, this topic shows how heartless that all you care about is making more shows no matter who gets hurt in the process. You couldn’t even wait one day. Sick and wrong.

  72. yassi says:

    I think all the girls excuse me sluts on Rock of love are retarted but, I’m glad Ambre won she was the most real on there. Yes she lied about her age but who doesnt when their hitting middle age. Its not like she was still living with her boyfriend like daisy’s slutty %#% or married and confused like the no eyebrow having kristy jo’s stupid %#% I hope Bret treats Ambre right but Bret ususally thinks with one head only. Doesnt he get tired of that? He’s old settle down already `!+$ Ambre some friendly advise use a condom God knows where Bret’s been. Good luck onl changing Bret , just remember Ambre you cant turn a hoe in to a husband.

  73. What ever! says:

    Bret had a few good hits and sold albums but, that was +)__ en 20yrs ago! He is obviously just doing this show to pump his career! Sorry Bret but its true. Your wrong for doing this I could tell by the way you looked on the reunion your mind was some where else when Ambre was saying how she hoped there was a future for you two. Your wrong and karma will bite you in the &`_ Bret. Don’t hurt Ambre by +)__ en her a few months then dumping her or cheating on her. When your old and dying alone your gonna realize you +)__ ed up. You thin a man thats almost 50 yrs old would have realized this by now. The 80′s are over Bret grow up and cut your damn hair. Good luck Ambre you deserve better and a real man not a male gigalo.

  74. ata says:

    Bret is sexy!!!

  75. Tina says:

    I think amber looks old and ugly and knows nothing about rock or the life style. I know there will be another rock of love, because she is not his type. He really wanted kristy Jo but she had prolbems at the house an then so did daisy, so he jus had went wit the good girl. which of couse as we all know is not the right choice. So Rock of Love 3 is on the way!!!!!!!

  76. cynthia says:

    Amber is wayyy 2 old, he wanted a younger girl not someone that will die around the same time as him!! She can be old but dont have to look it and boy shes looks like ones granny! Kristy Jo or daisy was good, they were hot. HEATHER @)#) ING SUCKS AND IS A HATTER, SHE JUS NEEDS TO KICK ROCKS AND FIND A MAN AND QUIT HATTIN ON DAISY!!!! I CANT WAIT 2 C ROCK OF LOVE 3 BECAUSE SORRY BUT AMBER AN BRET WILL NOT LAST LONG, HES @)#) ING GROUPIES ANYWAYS!! HA HA

  77. KARRINE says:


  78. Maria says:

    I hope you checked those girls out because some of them look underage well I don’t know for sure but some of them they look under 18.

  79. Briana says:

    Why would these girls temp a man pushing 50 they look like there 15 years old? Is VH1 becoming a Porn station?

  80. Aisha says:

    Bret you pick a good woman, but I think that the relationship might not work out because she dnt kno about your music and she dont have nuttn in command. To me u should of pick Daisy because she is cool and hott and I know that she was hiding something. But it was ur choice and u made it so I have to go with it. Kristie Cream had to go out from since the begining. I hate her. She was so wrong for u. Ambry, she is love Kristie Cream, I thought she was hear for u. e had a lesbian gul , look so bad, I cant remember her name. I love Peyton. She is so good. I love her bad. Heather u need to cut it out. U have a bad attitude and leave Daisy alone. Jessica, u are too young, even though e pick Jes, I think that u are innocent and cool but Bret is afraid to go though that again.Destiny, How u can go on a show and dnt love that person, Baay! Megan u are a lesbian. I hate u. Ambre and Bret I hope e work out between u guys. U guls luk gud together n Ambre to me u are a gud kisser. Congrats!!!!

  81. Brett- says:

    brett you didnt pick a good women. you shud’ve picked daisy. but since u didnt pick me ..i’ll have hot monkey se-x with u and watch por-n and everything. i will b an exotic dancer and do things. if u dont want me..then GIRLS or BOYS ask for my number on worth it.

  82. brett-- says:

    heyy…im a girl …exept i used the note for brett. so everytime u see brett ..look at my message and think naughty things.

  83. Dirty Dianna says:

    He better not, I love Ambre…She is who I was pulling for from the start, but what was that crapy comment about wanting to do Daisy after the fight!!!

    Bret that sucked!!!!!

  84. ata says:

    give him a break. he is a guy stuck in a house with 20 beautiful women that want him. geez guys c’mon.

  85. brooke says:

    Bret, i think you should stay with ambre because she’s the one for you, “(^ all these other girls, they aint )~%(

  86. naughtyangel1980 says:

    hey bret,
    this is naughtyangel:)
    all the way in oklahoma. i just wanted to say do whatever makes you happy.i know it was a hard decision.
    but in any case do what you know how to do and keep on rockin:)

  87. Mandybear says:

    can anyone say self promotion. Hey bret these girls want to be on tv. I bet you could do all of them.

  88. nancy p says:

    omg this again,,
    why dont you girls,,get a life,, and besides youre way too young for brett,,
    he and ambre are dating,,, so let it go,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  89. CindyLooHoo says:

    Why would anyone want to do Bret He is a washed up has been from the 80′s thats why he like Heather, and Ammy what a dump `$) this guy is, any way Bret you have a frog eyes and you sound like a dumb mfer to me. “me likey” Wow you are intelegent. I guess you spent all your money like Flavor Flave and had to make some, but you just don’t have the same personality your not cool. Also if you wanted women in your age group which is fine you should have had them pick within a set age rainge for you. I think Amber is a bad looking 48 with that chicken neck and that sucked in face she needs collogen in jections and some boobs to fix up that hunch back. She is mean and she kept attacking Daisy and Daisy didn’t really fight back. Amber you belong with Bret because you are uglier then he is. Cool

  90. nancy p says:

    to cindy loo hoo,,,,,,,,

    ambre is 37,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,brett is 45,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,get your facts straight,,,,

    have a nice day

  91. paula says:

    the me likey thing annoyed me too.

    yassi, way to observe!

  92. Me says:

    PS I won’t watch anything w/Heather either.

  93. Me says:

    Oh, yeah…’no’ to a Big John too! He seems sort-of cool, but his need for attention and feeling important is getting on peoples nerves.

    The thing is, ROL isn’t as claimed (Relationship? Please!), violent and heading a bit towards porn. No thanks. The real world has enough of all of that, an escape and something different would be nice. Of course, that wouldn’t happen. So, count me OUT.

  94. Airplane Diva says:

    Why in the world is Cecille from Beauty and the Geek showing for ROL3 possibilities? Like another Megan is needed. Of course, since she and Megan seem to be BFF’s. . she can give her the heads up before she went into the house. LOL

  95. Bret Michael's Jock Strap says:

    Me Likey. Check please.

  96. Ambre's Missing Panties says:

    If Ambre had had me on at the time of her last date, she wouldn’t have won. Let’s hear it for Ambre’s vajay-jay. Three cheers!

  97. Anti Daisy says:

    VH1 please dont listen to Daisy crack head a** she is just sugesting a boxing match with Heather for her to get publicity and exposure cause her voice cant get her that. she s*cks at singing. Heather rocks she should have I LOVE HEATHER just like I lOVE NEW YORK but the white version. lol

  98. Thanks, Captain Obvious says:

    Um. . . grab a clue. Heather is in it for publicity too. So is everyone else on this show including Bret. They are all in it for the publicity and for their 15 minutes or extended 15 minutes.

  99. blackfootlatina says:

    I have to say Bret needs a real woman that can cook, clean and is beautiful inside and out! I’m sorry but a lot of these women fall incredibly short….he has had barbies that are only good for looking good and f***ing if u know what i mean! Bret if u want a girl that is loyal, honest and will take care of ur needs, wants and every desire let me know! muahz

  100. jane says:

    Bret First off Good luck with Ambre. And second, GET RID OF HEATHER THE SHE MAN. What a fake and a want-a-be. GROSSSSSSSSSSSS. No class I dont care what she tells you . she is a SKANK ~^*#~ LOSSSER Stripper (_))% im 5’2 and I’ll drop her like a bad habit.

  101. emetro says:

    I don’t think I’ll watch ROL 3 if there is one. If Bret wants to find love he should get to know someone he jumps into bed with them. He is such a hypocrite! He gave Daisy a hard time because she was living with an ex? He was doing it with anyone in that house that would give it up. What a loser.

    Grow up Bret or you will grow old all alone.

    Then again this is just a TV show for our entertianment. I for one do not find it entertaining any more.

  102. kily says:

    hi, guys, nice discussion… but, do you love to try something new? Just come across some new ones about it on multiraciallove..c om so many new ideas are shown there… you will be surprised…

  103. Kristie says:

    Bret, good luck with Ambre!! I hope everything works out for you. You really deserve the best!! Keep Heather as a close friend b/c I think she looks out for you!! If things don’t work out with Ambre I believe you should try dating Heather!! I think you guys would make a great couple, b/c she has your back and best interest at heart.

  104. Michaels is a washed up 80's loser says:

    Bret Michaels is a 44yr old male wh*re who likes to prey on young girls who are young enought to be his kids. Hes a petifile and should be locked up no famous. Bret its not 1986 anymore your old and done move on stop trying to make money this way. Retire already you suck. I heard some of your new stuff its not a big deal . Whoooo cares about this man. A true rocker is axel from guns and roses his stuff rocked.

  105. Agnes says: if theres ROL-3? -starting to look like a soap opera., the crying, the isssues, dramas.. that would be the only reason for me to watch it again.. sometimes..would be like… hello.. much can we take from this drama? the fights..Rather.. you know what? enjoy Bret Michaels new cd and music and/or his new ideas..i guess we have so many tv shows with dramas…

  106. brets fan says:

    How is Bret a petifile? These girls are over 18 they are adults , also you dont know who hes sleeping with . As for being washed up this man is super talented and smart . Poison is still selling out all over the world as is Brets solo band.If theres a rol 3 I will watch because I love anything to do with bret.

  107. Shirley says:

    I wish Bret and Ambre all of the love
    and support in everything that comes
    into their lives

  108. Takeithome says:

    Bring on Bret’s new show—Big Wild Rock n Roll Show.

    Keep up on the news gang, many of you are dragging behind.
    After the ROL Reunion show had finished taping the first week of April,
    we see on April 15–Bret played the Grizzly Rose in Denver, Colorado.
    Daisy was special guest invited to the show. Bret and Daisy couldn’t keep their
    hands off each other at the show. Looked like a love trist was in the making.

    Bret might have named a winner on the show, but means nothing on “un-reality TV”.
    Out of his own mouth, the man was interviewed after the Reunion taped,
    and he indicated he did not find love, nor did he think he would on a TV show.

    If you watched his face on the Reunion, he looked surprised when Ambre
    said she wanted to make the relationship work. VH1 figured if it was
    revealed that Bret slept with Daisy in Cancun, then Ambre would kick him to the
    curb. (Same as Jess on ROL1 after she saw Bret’s interactions with Heather) .
    Poor old dingy Ambre did not comprehend the set-up and was protrayed as
    the desperate woman who would follow Bret to the end of the earth
    no matter who he slept with. Honestly, for her to squeal and bounce up and
    down like a blubbering love sick puppy set back the female species for decades.

    So for those who have not figured out the whole plot, it was a set-up by VH1 for
    Bret to pick Ambre. He wanted to pick Daisy. The man was shaking and almost
    crying when he let Daisy go. Not that I’m a fan of Daisy’s, cause I thought she was
    too needy, and a fortune hunter but we all saw Bret’s emotion when he told
    Daisy to leave. Sure she is too young for him, but he’s not marrying her. They are
    only “dating”—– just the same as Ambre is telling the press she thinks they are dating.

  109. Cannonballs says:

    New show with Bret—-bring it on VH1.
    True fans will watch even if you have him marooned on an island
    with Flavor Flav.

    Haters stop dishing on Bret. Either you love him, or you hate him. I you hate him keep it to yourself
    because his loyal fans don’t want to read your negative stuff.
    Bret is a lovable human being who has provided you with entertainment every Sunday nite for the last four months and I hope like hell that VH1 can pursuade him to do another show for us real soon.

  110. Rockittome says:

    Just found this online:

    “For anyone who watched the show Rock of Love 2 with Bret Michaels is probably not shocked to hear that the romance did’t last very long. Bret Michaels announced April 4 that finding true love from a reality TV show might be more difficult than he originally thought. Although Michaels said in an interview with the @!+ ociated Press, that his final pick Ambre Lake is a really nice, cool chick, that gets rock ‘n’ roll, he’s not sure she’s the right one for him. Lake, an actress, won out over Daisy de la Hoya, a singer and niece of Oscar de la Hoya. I don’t think it would have lasted with any of the girls that were on the show. But the season finale aired on Sunday night, and Bret gave the interview Monday, so that was a really quick romance! ! ! ! Oh poor guy, will he ever find true love, doubtful if he keeps looking for it on tv.”

  111. marlow says:

    I have a new name for next the brett micheals rock of love 3, you know beauties and geeks, vh1 should call the next show rocker and the geek, it was so embrassing to really watch amber at the union show, but she remine me of glen close in fatial attaction, on the show every time brett enter the room she would be goo goo eyes over him jump up and down, im surpise she didn’t wet herself and her facial expression were to much, then in her bedroom on the show with kristy jo and daisy , she would yell at them, your mess up my time with brett, she werido , I really cant believe brett pick psycho corn ball.

  112. Jodie says:

    Haven’t you heard….? Pillsbury has contracted Ambre to replace the Pillsbury Dough Boy
    on their commericals. I’ll have to channel surf past these when they air.

    No more ROL’s===do Bret’s Big Wild Rock n Roll Road Show,
    or do a show where Bret is partying with fans on the road.
    That would be so much better than seeing another scripted ROL show.
    Show us the real live Bret in everyday life. Show us his house or him in the
    recording studio or partying with his buddies or racing cars or riding his motorcycles.

    Could eat Bret up—YUM YUM

  113. janelle says:

    Before Bret does any other rock of love shows he might want to think about doing some time on Celebrity Fit Club. I watched the last show of the season and I couldn’t help but notice. The man needs to hit those weights a little more aggressively, before he can go back to his full time job as a “hot rock star”. No one normal wants to do it with an aging fat man. Uness of course you are a gold digger, or a stripper and we all have seen the show.

  114. Corey says:

    I think Bret looks excellent—he doesn’t need to be bone skinny at 45 and by the way Bret is not fat.
    Apparently you have not actually seen Bret in person. I saw him last month at his show– He is toned and can still strut his stuff like a younger man. I wouldn’t mind struttin
    my stuff with him and I’m quite younger.
    Also Janelle, I’m not a gold digger, nor a stripper, and am an intelligent self sufficent woman who is quite normal and thinks Bret Michaels is one of the finest men in this world.

  115. anna says:

    Its stupid to have another I think thats going to far. Its like flavor of love its just too much

  116. pebbles says:

    those girls just want a chance to make fools of themselves… those girls need to learn how to put cloths on.. they are pretty but this is really out of control…. if you want to get noticed please do it by looking sexy with cloths

  117. Carmen says:

    WE love extreme. Ready for more ROL’s goofiness or at least a show where
    Bret hooks up with a hotter woman than that slurb he picked last season.

  118. SarahW.Smitz says:

    You New Hampshire fans adore you Bret. Rocked our world. I’ve never
    seen a sexier man than you on stage–I want to be your new rock of love.
    KISSES from Sarah

  119. Kristen says:

    YES, we definitely want a Rock of Love 3. Bring it on. I am waiting.

  120. jocelyn says:

    dear bret micheals i think you u and amber should the rock of love 3 becaues u guys will have a good time anyway i am so happy for u guys anyway ps you u re so hot

  121. deb says:

    Mother of God … some of these girls are in for a rude awakening – go back to school pleeeeeaase.
    Heather fo to rehab, you are arrogant and Im a shamed that my daughter sees you on tv and is like, “Oh i can do that ..” yeah most girls with a muffin can, but please aspire to be more .. because there is more to life than sleezy money girlfriends……

  122. Brutal Honesty says:

    Heather is a chick that looks like a tranvesite and she’s desperately trying to hang on to her lame 15 minutes of fame.

    Daisy is cute at times, but should stop the lip injections and plastic surgery. She should get something more going in her life than “sex” and trying to look $(!_& ish all the time. Nice tattoo sleeve, what are you gonna do when you’re 90?

    Ambre is okay, but she seems a little too “normal” for Bret.

    Bret just wants a slutty looking chick. For Goodness Sake, you’re 45, don’t you have any more depth than that? It’s bad enough for all the money you have, your Hair Club For Men fake plastic hair looks quite flammable! Be Careful around fireworks!!!!!

  123. jerusha says:

    yes rock of love 3

  124. erica says:

    i think that bret is hot and sexy i wood go out with him any day of the time he is so hot and so sexy come over to my house and i will show you a good time
    with me bret u are so hot i love u bret you rock.

  125. Valerie says:

    I think it would be great to do a Rock of Love 3, but this time take some girls like me from South Africa.

  126. melissa green says:

    i love bret micheals and i would love to be on the rock of love show it would be a dream come true and i have every album and every single he has made and his group

    i like jes i think she should win lots of love mel. from gateshead. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  127. mel green says:

    at the end of tonights show when Heather was on her way home she was bicthing about you bret saying that you are nothing but a useing bastered and that you bret are an americen +)%~*)#$((&@$#` hole which i totally disagree with i think you are fantastic she was really slaging you of which i think was bang out of order just because you picked jess which she was the write one for you because she is so careing all the time more when you had your diabetic episode heather on the other hand couldn’t care less she was just after your money mel xxx

  128. Ms Ras Douglas says:

    I think Bret should do a Rock of Love 3. Ambre is hedious looking. A rocker should always have a hot chick on his arm to flaunt, be proud of and the one men would want to be with and at the same time be secure that this woman is true to them. Amber is the total opposite, maybe that’s why he picked her, nobody else wants that! Bret, wake up and do another show alaready!

  129. Sue M says:

    I think Daisy is a man, she is not normal looking, too much plastic surgery, she looks too plastic and fake.In fact all the women look ridiculous. My friends and I watch the show just for entertainment purposes because we laugh our $*_@@(!_@*$!#*! es off at how stupid everyone acts on there. Bret is so pathetic and desperate to have to go on a tv show to find a woman, the rock star days are over and he needs to find a woman his own age and not someone young enough to be his daughter. He’s a washed up has-been, trying whatever he can do to keep that worn out face of his in the spotlight. Get a life and start acting your age, we all have to grow up sometime,now is your time Bret.

  130. Sheila says:

    I hope you read this. I think you know you made a mistake by letting Mindy get away. Everyone is making a big deal about her break-down on the reunion show. That was not a break down. That was a woman in love with you. Taya was not sure about you during that reunion show. Mindy was absolutely sure. She put all of her heart out to you. There is no doubt that she loves you completely. I think Taya will break it off before long. The kiss you and Mindy shared should tell you something. Compare it to the kiss you and Taya shared. Mindy wins hands down. I could tell you felt the same way. Do what is in your heart. It looked like you have more feelings for Mindy than Taya. Before it is too late: admit you chose the wrong lady. Call Mindy and tell her you love her too. She will be with you come hell or high water. I can’t tell you how sad it made me and the rest of the world when you chose Taya over Mindy. BIG MISTAKE. Mindy should be on your arm. She is more beautiful than Taya. Yeah, she hasn’t posed for Penthouse like Taya, but, she could have. Mindy would be a lady on your arm and what ever you wanted behind closed doors. You missed out buddy. Swallow your pride and do the right thing: Drop Taya and go to Mindy. Taya does not act like she is in love with you. Mindy does not mind showing her love for you in front of the whole world. Which makes you feel better? The one you question (Taya) or the one who is real and tells it like it is (Mindy). Hell, make a special out of it. It could be another show or it could be private. My heart sank when you let Mindy go. I know you probably think about her when your life gets quite. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have Mindy to come home to. Mindy loves you not because you are a rock star. She came to love the man you are. You said on the reunion if Mindy would have told you she loved you, things might be different. Well, during the reunion, she did tell you and the entire world. She loves you and has not let you go yet. You still have a chance, if you don’t wait too long. Go for it. If you drop Taya and pick up Mindy, you will NEVER have to do another Rock of Love show again. You can finally have the love you are looking for.

  131. says:

    Comment page 2.. Great! :)