Bret, May We Tempt You to Rock of Love 3?


Dear Bret,

As you know, the VH1 Blog staff has no idea if there will ever be another season of Rock of Love and it certainly has nothing to do with the casting process. Regardless, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to cull through endless pages of our Rock of Love fan site to find potential hotties that could rock your world — judging, superficially, by looks alone. This isn’t to say that we’re not pulling for a lasting relationship between you and Ambre. We like Ambre a lot! But if things don’t work out, then bookmark this page and click on the thumbnail images below of each girl. How bad could it be to do a Rock of Love 3 when you have fans like these?

Yours Truly,
The VH1 Blog


- Interview: Daisy’s Fighting Words
Interview: Heather’s Fighting Words
Photos: Heather, Heather, Heather
Photos: Daisy, Daisy, Daisy
Rock of Love: R-Rated Blog Pics
Rock of Love Show Page
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