Celebrity Fit Club Breakdown – Erin Did It All for the Money, Honey


What, you were surprised?


Apparently. Join us below the jump as we count down the five top moments from this week’s Celebrity Fit Club, where we ponder the following question: If Erin did it all for the money, then why isn’t her lazy ass trying to win any?

5. Welcome to Hell Week!

Funny, we thought it was already hellish spending a week with Mr. Smuggy Face down there, who returned to boot camp after walking out like a baby last week.


The first thing he says to his teammates upon his return? “I hope they lost some weight.” Funny, they thought they had – HIM. Still, we’re glad he chose to return just when Harvey decided to make everything that much harder! Hell Week means the challenges are stepped up and contestants run the risk of losing prizes and dog tags if they fail to complete his tasks. This sucks for the cast but rocks for us viewers, because tensions are that much higher! And you know what that means…

4. Gang Up On The Weak One!


Poor little wacky Erin. She ALMOST got away with barely trying until she got stuck on a team with Willie, who ruined everything! The super-intense dude, along with new sidekick Toccara, berated Erin for not working hard enough, and admitted that he was worried that she would screw their chances of winning. Alas, Willie plays dirty, so he needn’t freak!

3 . Listen All Ya’ll, It’s Sabotage!


Ah, what didn’t we love about this week’s challenge, adapted from a Navy SEALS exercise? Sure it was fun watching the teams struggle to carry canteens down a ravine, but the best part? The Red Team’s serious sabotaging moves! Hey, no one said you couldn’t chuck a shovel or block the other team. We loved how Tina finally looked pissed off about something other than Dustin’s complaining.

2. Trade ‘Em Up!

Dustin may be the most conniving cast member, but Toccara’s not that far behind. So we love that she had the nerve to attempt to ditch Erin for Dustin, only to have her plan backfire in her face and add more fuel to Erin’s tiny fire.


So the Blue Team suceeded in humiliating T a bit, but look what they got stuck with for sticking together:


1. Joanie Love$ Ca$h


Finally, we find out why Erin is really here. She’s not at boot camp to grind with strippers, practice her fame orgasms or perfect her bug-eyed stare, nor is she here to actually lose weight.Girlfriend just wants some cash! This was the week of the ultra-honest confessions, as Dunkleman’s diss on American Idol was almost as good. Whether or not the poor guy really thought the show’s treatment of kids was “reprehensible,” he’s right about deserving another shot at working in Hollywood. Someone, hire him! Seacrest?

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  1. Chelle says:

    Real sad! She has so serious issues and is in denial. Its like she bipolar one mins she is ranting and raving about how she hates the show. The next minute she is smiling and laughing like nothing happen. SICKO!! the show should get her help not pay her anything.

  2. randy says:

    If you think you need Dustin on the show to create controversy in order to get people to watch it, you’re sadly mistaken. I hate Dustin. I admire Harvey and Willie Ames. As a veteran, I have nothing but respect for Harvey. And Willie should have been a soldier. Ooorah!!! Dump Dustin and Erin and anybody who doesn’t want to be there. Soldier on Toccara!

  3. Koko says:

    Okay, so Erin was just there for the money. They all had their reasons for coming onto the show for the first time or as a repeat. Who really cares. They are all celebs. My issue is with the the psychologist Stacy. This chick always had something negative to say whenever a celeb wanted or needed to express their opinion. She spoke them is if they were her children and in my book to get respect you have to give respect. And she doesn’t have my respect. Stacy, word of advice, sometimes it is good to just shut up and listen before you force your opinion on people. And Ant should have not gotten in the middle of the whole Erin/Stacy situation. When Erin said what she said, that should have been the end of it. Personally, I would like for Linda to come back to the show.

  4. Tigger says:

    I don’t know why they think we want to watch celebrities act so dumb. I’m about ready to quite watching the show. If it wasn’t for Willy, Tina and now that she’s not going off, Toccara, I wouldn’t watch.
    This just proves how out of touch Hollywood is with the rest of us.

  5. Joanne says:

    I think it is awful the way they changed the teams, it’s an insult to the red team who worked well together and was focused on working together in spite of Dustin to win. Willie is awesome, positive attitude and takes responsibility to get healthy. I would love to see more of him on TV. Toccara, too. Erin and Dustin should go home in shame. What losers, they don’t seem to take responsibility for their actions. Typical attitude of everyone owes them, and its everyone elses fault.

  6. Kim says:

    I watched her on Happy Days and thought she was a pretty nice person.Alot has changed . Celebrity Fit Club has brought out the true side of her and my view has changed! “Erin you need some real help with some real issues that you are in denial about !” This side of her sucks! I can’t stand to even look at her she is SICK!!!! Her behavior is not the reason I watch the show. I respect the others who are giving it their all. Dustin needs to grow up! this is not a ratings booster for me. People like Willie are motivating. This is my only reason to still watch!!!

  7. nadine says:

    Why is it even necessary to have Ant as a host??? He needs to keep his big mouth shut, no one cares what he thinks. It’s nice to have someone on TV actually say the truth, that they are doing this for the money. I commend her for that. I also commend her for trying very hard on all the challenges while she is there too!!! You are okay in my book Erin!!!

  8. niecie says:

    I couldn’t believe how terrible Ant and the others were on Erin, and here in this blog, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves! With all the really “bad” things Taccara and Dustin have done, Erin’s little melt down was so minor in comparison, yet she took the worst blunt of it, and I think it is because people know they can pick on the weaker ones, she’s not strong like the others, in that way I mean, but she has more heart than just about any of them! The most important thing I think everyone has forgotten — she was already “thin” and didn’t need to loose weight, just tone up a bit, that’s all, so just because she hasn’t lost so much weigt means very little actually, think about the work she has done, and I cannot believe she is being called lazy!! Go back and watch those shows again, watch how hard she worked on those challenges, she went at them full force with balls to the wall on everything she did, including going too far and hurting herself, a lot!! But, she did it anyway, and another think people don’t think of, when someone has an injury, it is not up to them to participate in a challenge, they have doctors on set that make them sit out, whether they want to compete or not, it is a liability thing!
    So, next time someone wants to bash Erin, consider the previous shows first, and give her a little slack for having a bad week, we are all entitled to one every now and then. Watch the shows and see how hard she has worked, compared to DUSTIN!!

    Love ya Erin, you hang in there, it will be okay!!

  9. CJ says:

    It is kind of sad now to see some of these has been child actors who are just plain broke down looking. Erin acts like she is on type of drugs and is reaching out for help. She should consider seriously going to rehab and after that go see Dr 90210 for some kind of miricle makeover. The girl looks bad! Dustin, man what a joke. He was awful in saved by the bell, and he worst now. Willie, i’m surprised. Eight is Enough was a favorite show of mine, back in the day. To now see how he has let himself go is so sad. But at least he is trying to get it together. Tocarra, girl you are an just a plain embarrassment to yourself. Thumbs up to Somore for respecting your self and not acting like the rest of these people. Girl hurry up and have a comedy concert because I know you got some jokes about this.

  10. Sad says:

    Erin really disappointed me. I know celebrities are human too. But it’s sad to see one of your favorite television icons so seemingly troubled.

  11. David says:

    ha ha this show kills me. it’s hilarious to watch. i love toccara. dunkleman–ha what a joke. he whines soooo much. i’d love for toccara to knock him out. dustin–what more is there to say? erin–she wants the money! thats probably the best meltdown all season. and did ant really step up to say something? he needs to be ON the show instead of hosting it. man he gets on my nerves.

  12. Pixie says:

    WOW there is something really wrong with Erin Moran.. She is totally bizzare. I remember hearing from Scott Baio that he had to stop speaking to her because she was such a nut job and she was NOT good to him….

    Now onto Dustin, this is another cat who is FUPD… What the hell is the matter with him? Everything with him is Federal Offense this and major case that… What the heck man. He is the laziest fool ever. I would NEVER EVER EVER watch anything with him in it or whatnot.. EVER…

  13. Judy says:

    Erin has some real mental issues. She seems like she is Bi-Polar and an alcoholic. Seriously, she does need to see psychiatrist. If she doesn’t, then maybe she can make more money and get on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab Season 2!

    Dustin is another case. He is a celebrity wanna-be and lazy One of these days (if he doesn’t start thinking before he opens his mouth) he is going to pop off his mouth in front of the right person and they will shut him up!

  14. ARMY says:


  15. marlene nasstrom says:

    I think Erin has a drinking problem.She looks drunk on the show several times.If not drunk than shes on something and she definately needs shrink.Also I think she has a illness called graves desease because of her buggy eyes.

  16. idoooooo says:

    Erin, truly needs help, she is probably broke, and went on the show to make some money, I love Tina Yothers, she is very pretty, and very professional, Toccarra looks great! Willie has done a 360 compare to last year, he has changed for the better, and Dustin, is rude, lazy, ugly, and has not acted like a man at all, he is a disgrace to all men. Erin, please get help, there is something wrong there, but you are going to have to admit it to yourself, I actually think you are cool., but girl get some help.

  17. Rita says:

    I think once a celeb walks out they should stay out, not be given a chance to return , to pist and whine some more.

  18. aussie says:

    I think Erin has a drinking problem. I knew (past tense) an alcoholic and Erin has some of the same behavior. Mood swings and inappropriate behavior. Every time alcohol comes out she’s swiggin’ away! She gets drunk FAST! She also has no social skills. The girl just doesn’t know what is appropriate behavior and what is not. Of course she doesn’t want to talk to Stacy … that would mean admitting she has a problem! She did it for the money … she’s honest and she’s kiddin herself too. She did it so she could be in front of camera’s again too … just like Dunk and Diamond. Use that money you made to get help Erin and not more grog!

  19. Sandy says:

    I watch the show because Willie and Tina are awesome!!!!!!!!!! To be fair, they need to switch Tina back to the red team so she has the chance to win. Send lazy Erin back to the blue team. Tina has worked so very hard and deserves something. I really admire her! I also think that Dustin is trying much harder this time then his first show. When Toccarra had her fit, Harvey patted her and said calm down. God forbid Dustin breathe wrong and Harvey will bite his head off.

  20. sandyinorlando says:

    Lets face it ……..aren’t they ALL there for the money??? Its not like any of them are working regular in Hollywood !!!! Apparently, now that Erin let us know, they must get paid to appear on the show as well, not just if you win. Which would explain why Dustin keeps coming back…….we KNOW he needs the money…..he’s not making it in porn for sure !!! In the future to make sure that the celebs are not there ”just for the money” it should be in their contract that the judges have the right to dismiss a celeb if they feel -by vote- that they aren’t genuinely trying to work the program and give another unfit celeb a shot. Like they did with that Nelson brother.

  21. Angela says:

    Why did they put Dustin back on the show. I want to reach through the tv and pop him in the face! I also do not like that Stacy chic she is really annoying! I liked that Linda chic alot better. As for Erin Moran it’s sad because I loved the show Happy Days and 2 see her so scrued up is really sad. She has something mentally wrong with her that is obvious. I like Tina she is funny she should win something cuz she is cool!

  22. lynnski says:

    erin scares me! that orgasmic-bus scene was out of control! i can’t believe she didn’t feel any remorse about doing that (maybe she didn’t remember) i have a feeling there won’t be any more phone calls home to hubby after he sees that episode! how embarassing for him…

  23. alex says:

    this entire show is a joke and almost sad to watch. These people most of them washed up child stars are just using this show trying to get back in to an industry which threw them out. Erin, who is she, go back to jonnie loves chochy or whetever. Screech, what a clown, you played a loser in a tv show get over it, you portray yourself on the show as a complete waist of live and a shame to the human race. The Fat topmodel, find something else to do tv doesnt like you. lastly the back groud kid from charles in charge, i thought you were ok , but that BS about getting a tattoo of a bull dog is a disgrace to any Marine, Fit Club is nothing like anything they go through and the last challenge is nothing like the seals, your a joke. If the military training was that easy the washed up stars could even finish the first stage we would be in some trouble. The other people on the show whom are not worth remembering good luck with this publicity stunt.
    Over all this season was the worst T.V. i have ever seen. There needs to be real celbrities on this show not people that were forgotten about long ago.

  24. Shelley says:

    I really hope that Erin reads this…… I used to admire you and now I just think your pathetic. To stand there and say that you only did this for the money was disgusting. There are so many people out there who would love the chance to take part in that type of a program and the majority of them, like me, are not celebrities and dont have the money to pay for it. I hope the show finds some loop hole in her contract so not only does she not see one cent for her participation but I hope they can find some way to take away the prizes she has won so far. Keep up the good work Willie, Tina, and Toccara!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Buggzy says:

    I’ve seen this behavior before. Miss Erin is on the juice BAD. I wonder if they drug test? Seriously, just watch her. Crystal Meth is not her friend. The misconception is that people that are hooked on meth are all skinny, not true. It’s a sad,sad thing. You were Americas sweetheart Erin, soldier up! GET RIGHT!

  26. Miss V says:


  27. Zack Powers says:

    A J Benza is a fat pig. His claim to fame is getting punched by Stuttering John. Big loser, except for weight, LOL

    Wille “Sammy Hagar” Aames, seemed to have really did a 180, and is to be commended!

    Tina Yothers is very impressive, she busts her but at every challange!

    Who the heck is Sommore?

    Dustin Diamond = ratings big shtick

    I guess Toccara got some class????

    You have to feel bad for Erin Moran, another child star with troubles, Guess thats why Stacy ( shes so hot Stacy!) gets under her skin! )*(^ ah Harvey, he said he was dissapointed in erin, but you could tell he felt bad, by the look on his face.

    Dunklemen didn’t need to be on the show.

    Dr Ian, as usual great job on the show.

  28. jen says:

    I can’t believe that some people in other message boards are defending Erin’s behavior saying that people “just don’t understand her”. The woman doesn’t need understanding she needs help!!! I can believe people can’t see the signs of trouble she exhibits. Makes me sad because I really liked her on “Happy Days”, but there’s obviously something wrong going on.

    Tina, Toccara & Willie keep rockin…Newbies you suck

  29. Mark Davis says:

    To Erin
    Dear Erin
    My name is Mark. I will try to impart to you in a very short note what my life has been. I once was so like Harvey. I was trained by Navy Seals in the Navy i was an Anti-Submerine-warfare-technician. In 1991 i was struck by a car and that day changed my life. You see i was clinically dead twice and shocked back to life. My face was crushed and totaling 16 operations later. I no longer have the body i had for years. 1 1/2 years before i could talk or walk correctly again. I have gained so much wieght sense then. But more importantly struggled with who i am now. I no longer have the face i was born with and the strength or motivation to get back what i have lost. Now diagnosed with a terminal disorder “Scleroderma” I struggle to do what i can to not let to much go wrong. Living in pain everyday and knowing what i once was is the hardest thing. I watched you for so long through the years and thought you are so beautiful even on Happy Days. Strong, Sexy, Tender, Vulnerable, with a gentile kind heart is what i will always see in you. But ever sense i saw your eyes through the camera i knew there was terrible and massive pain in your sweet smile. Any time you would like to chat im at parsecd@yahoo.com. Take care. And thank Harvey for me. He has been an inspiration in my life.

  30. Mark Davis says:

    Hey Harvey
    Through all my adversity you still inspire me to move as much as i can. You are the man and all my old trainers from ACCS and SERE training would say the same

    Mark D

  31. Richard says:

    Why was that bomb shell get Celebrity to do any thing in most case takes money for that happen. Harvey was only one not offend or suprise what Erin had to say at weigh in. We all got see when team want to win they well make slackers on there team care there weight to win. Wille Ames proven again that he should win big prize does complain has lost lots weight get what needs be done with out looking like +@!%~ y little girl. Stacy psychologist was show respcet Erin I see no reason why Erin should show her any return. Stacy should thought of this respcet earned not give becuase of what you are or what you did get where your at. It was refreshing for celebrity come out say real reason they where there. Dunkleman should be given credit for lighting fire under Dustin $(~ get him finish one Havery events. It was great seeing blue team put peasure on Dustin finsih event .Tina been super trooper get out there do pt with red team when she did have to makes her so. What been awesome seeing Willie Ames Tina inspire there team just with hard work they put in ever one Harvey events doing with out complain about once.

  32. Traci says:

    I love Celebrity Fit Club(bootcamp), have watched them all so far. Yes, there have been more breakdowns this season, but the show is still inspiring! I would love to be trained by Harvey and get fit! Heck, they wouldn’t have to pay me….

  33. TAP says:

    I love the show, but hate Dustin and Erin. Both Erin and Dustin should go home empty handed with no prizes and no money. I think the sabotage was a stupid move on the red teams part. I wonder if they would have won without sabotaging the blue team. Honestly, I was hoping their prize would have been taken from them for doing that and the same would go for the blue team if they had done that. I don’t like cheats. They should have been called on that.

  34. TDW says:



  35. lisa says:

    This friggin dustin guy is the biggest sissy i have ever seen in my entire 52 years on this planet. He has no idea what a team is or how to be on one and if it had been me on the show, no way would I have let him come back. He is continously complaining, bad mouthing, being disrespectful, lazy, whiny, sad, sad person. He needs to get a life and get off of tv. The only reason i am watching this show is because i would love for someone to beat the crap out the this sissyboy. And by sissyboy I mean, he is not a man and has no clue how to be one. I read on the screen when he was calling his manager that it is his girlfriend….well, girl, poor, poor you. Get out while you can. He is a bum and will continue to be a bum for the rest of his life. I remember when he pleaded with people to send him money so he could keep his home, boo hoo. How horrible is that. Why didn’t he save his tv star money that he made and invest it so that he would not have to look like a complete idiot and moron to the world. I would feel sorry for him but he does a geat job of that all by himself. Get off the darn show dude and go back in your hole.

  36. McIrish says:

    Erin is showing her true colors and does not deserve any money or prizes. She should go home empty handed. Why is she winning all of the team’s prizes when she has not done a damn thing! It is pathetic and ridiculous! Go get some help Erin. Counseling in not that bad, you should try it!

  37. MELODY says:


  38. mike says:

    I think ERIN dont deserve to be on vh1

  39. Slim says:


    Your post was very painful to read, I quit after the first few sentences. Quit watching so much T.V. and learn how to write.

  40. JoJo LaMar says:

    This was the lamest season yet!
    I’m usually inspired to pump it up, quit smoking or something!
    Everytime I watch it gets me P.O’d. Where did you get these people? Why are they even on?
    If it wasn’t for Toccara, Tina & Willie (of all people) it would be a joke.
    I planned to get all fired up with Dustin and who knew it would be little Joanie that turned out to be the biggest creep on two feet! She looks like she has been hitting the bottle or taking drugs.
    She looks exactly like the Grinch who stold Christmas & why was she so rude to Stacy?
    Was there something we didn’t see or is she that messed up? I hope nobody hires her after this.

  41. janie-grand praire says:

    What’s the deal with Erin? You know if she needs money so very badly she should be a size zero.You can truly tell she has some serious issues, maybe the time has come for her to dace the real world and she just doesn’t get it. It’s sad how strs and I’m speaking true stars for their time haven’t got a clue when their star goes out. Why dodn’t they open up a center for up and coming stars that takes them under their wing and they get showen the ropes.People like Paul Peterson, for example had lead normal lives inspite of the hype of the mediaWe are so tired of seeing young people go to the dark-side. Lindsey Lohan, what a waste. Erin will never be Joanie again, we accept it why doesn’t she, but at least let us thefans of Happy Days think she grew up and became a responsible human being, not some wack-o like Dustin.

  42. Aames says:

    Hey Alex….Willie here. I saw your post and maybe I can clear a few things up for you. First, I have to %_+ ume that you are, or were, a Marine. If you are you have my utmost respect and gratitude. If you are not or have not served in the armed forces I dont need to say what would be obvious.

    Second. When I ASKED FOR HARVEY’S PERMISSION I specifically said “I am not putting myself on the level of a Marine. I would come up with a CFC version”. Just as Harvey made it clear that the challenges “were based” on some of the exercises
    but were modified for a bunch of flabby %_+ ed has beens.

    Harvey and I butted heads the first time around. I specifically made it clear that it could only BE EARNED if Harvey felt that I had done my job to the fullest. His decision and his alone. It is a nod to one another and represented my respect for Harvey. He and I both made it clear that for me to wear the actual Marine Bulldog would be an insult to every Marine that ever earned one.

    Third. I am under no illusions as to where I am at in life. In fact one blog said that I was just doing the show to “Make my career take off again”. My response? “My career took off about ten years ago…and nobody has seen it since!” And I make no excuses. I very proudly work just like every other guy. Dry Wall and framing if you must know. I am happy working and having time off to hunt.

    “ClebReality” IS our reality as far as work opportunity goes these days. I’ve been on network television for over forty years and I had a helluva good time doing it. Why shouldn’t I use my past successes to help me with the immediate future?…say..like putting my daughter through culinary school.

    I started working and paying taxes when I was 8. And I haven’t stopped since. I came into the show with my hat in my hand and ASKED for a second chance. I didn’t waste it.

    Fourth. Considering the abrasive post you left…..just what is it that you have done in life that allows you to judge me? I’ve spent the last ten years counseling 100′s of thousands of kids. Many from the Oklahoma Bombing, the Paducah shootings. And I didn’t ask for any money for it. Eight months out of every year away from my family to encourage others. With my incredible family’s blessing.

    So please…enlighten all of flabby %_+ ed has beens as to what… exactly… has been your “Big” accomplishment that is so vast that you sit on judgments throne?

    Before you go lobbing grenades take a little time to look and see if what you are throwing at is really the enemy.

    Cheers dude.

  43. Dave says:

    I have enjoyed watching the friendly competition between Willie and Tina. As for Erin and Dustin I am not going to say anything about them. We all have our problems and hopefully they will work there’s out. Good Luck Willie and Tina.

  44. Ewing5 says:

    Willie, I hope you read this and after reading your post I must say that I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for you. Don’t let people’s posts here put you down, remember you have tons of people rooting for you and believe that you have changed for the better :)

    Are Willie and Tina has beens because they aren’t in show business anymore?? I don’t consider them has beens because they have moved on to other ventures in their lives where they are successful. I hope Brian and Toccara get some good things for them after being on this show.The has beens are people who haven’t been able to “escape” their pasts and go out and do good for themselves and move on to better things; they’re are stuck in the past (everybody knows the two people I’m talking about).

    I know the show has been filmed already, but I hope you win Willie, keep on rocking!!!

  45. Aames says:

    Aawwe thanks Ewing. These things dont get to me at all. AJ put it perfectly….Some blogs just become the bathroom wall..anybody can write whatever they want..true or not. I have written about Tina (I call her Teeny) before but a different thread. You will never find a finer person than Tina Yothers. She’s talented, grounded, a successful wife and mother. Okay I admit it…I have a crush on her! Her husband Bob and I have become good friends and hunting buddies. The competition between Teeny and I was one of the BEST experiences I have ever had in that type of arena. We both know that we are truly gunning for each other, but I love her to death and want her to win as badly as I. ZERO conflict, total respect and lots and lots of laughs!

    The only reason that I responded to Alex was the implication that I was comparing myself to something I greatly admire and respect, without ever earning it. Nothing more…well okay I got a bit heavy handed on the accomplishment deal. After I posted that I got really convicted. The guy will probably turn up a veteran and a hero..If so, I will gladly eat my humble pie.

    For the record, Toccarra openly said (wasn’t shown) that she had nothing to offer open mic night. I tried to do “stand up” and was so bad I almost started a fight in the club. Toccarra acted as the nights MC and WAS STELLAR! But it was her kind of audience…drunk horny guys. She wins hands down. Actually I think Toccarra did that to lighten the mood in the room after Erin’s talent. Backfired….but I can see where that would discourage Erin. To be fair though, your not getting ALL of the story with Erin…just watch.

  46. Lisa says:

    Wow…what a disappointment to see the likes of Erin Moran on this show. I’m from the Happy Days era and realize we all grow up, but damn, her behavior is like that of the spoiled kid grown up. I was already disgusted at her gross displays. Has no one told her she’s NOT the hot chick? lol Then to see how she talks to her peers, puts in no effort, and then acts pompous and beyond reproach with the panel?! ….and then only to follow with her fake overreactive facials like she’s into her team when Toccara jumped across their laps…..gimme a break!! She NEEDS to do it for the money. Who would hire her or want to work with her?? No wonder we haven’t seen her around with the exception of a guest appearance on Scott Baio’s show to discuss how she was his first bang. Poor Scott. lol Kudos to Willie for keeping it real. This show would have been great without her antics and fake involvement. What could we expect from the little girl so innocent on the screen who was banging her castmembers behind the scenes in the back trailor. Spme of us don’t change when we grow up. I’m grossed out.

  47. Lisa says:

    Yo Zack,

    You need to go get Some More information before posting out here. Sommore is one of the hottest female comediennes out there and has been on the screen. Dayumm, act like you know sumthin.

    You wanna throw a shot at Toccara and then tell us we gotta feel bad for Erin?? Maybe you and Erin need to share meds. Toccara is putting in werk….yeah, I spelled it like that! lol I would watch Toccara any day because she keeps it real. Just ask Tyra . It beats watching Erin fake an orgasm on T.V. which likely needed to happen because a real man in the flesh wouldn’t likely give her a chance! lol

    Dunkelman DID need to be on the show. He had his reasons and I’m glad he did it. If he hadn’t shown up, Dustin would still sitting on the hillside talking about how much it hurts to move his body and how much it hurts to carry the pain of all Jews that MUST be offended by his being called a Nazi.

    Harvey needed to be there, because I need to see his fine azz each week!! Whip me into shape Harvey!! Beat me, hurt me…ok ok, let me stop. Y’all crazy.

  48. Lisa says:

    Okay, LQQK….I thought I was done posting but I can’t help it. I am falling out laughing right now. Is it me or does Erin LQQK like Achmed the Terrorist puppet in that shot above where she is talking to Stacey??!! You know who I mean, just google him. The ventriloquist’s puppet. Yeah, I don’t think Erin will be asking me to coffee anytime soon. I gotta go….my damn cheek’s hurt!! LOL

  49. Dave says:

    Hi Willie, Is what we see on TV about as accurate of what you seen in person? I have seen where they will film certain things and leave other stuff out and someone can look good or bad depending on what they show on TV. Just curious, Thanks, Dave

  50. Melissa says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’ve been watching the show all season and I’ve got to say that I completely lost all respect for Erin, I grew up watching her on Happy Days and after what I’ve seen of her on this show I completely lost all respect for her. Also I was a fan of Screech on Save by the Bell and Dustin lost my respect last season and even more so now. I’ve been overweight all my life and I’ve been working hard at loosing weight since January with excersising and I’ve lost a total of 30 pounds so far and I am aiming for 70. Even those the excersises are hard for me to do sometimes I still suck it up and do them and I think that Dustin should to and stop being such a baby. If he truly wanted to loose the weight he would stop his complaining during the different task and just do them and make his team proud. As for the rest of the cast I think you guys are awsom and you continue to motivate me to continue to work hard at loosing the weight. If you guys can do it I can to and that is the way I look at. Keep up the great work.

  51. whipgirl says:

    The commercials for the season’s finale have Sommore stating that she’s never gonna “hang out with WHITE people again.” That’s a totally racist remark and that fat, bull-dagger-looking `_~*# can probably attribute her rise OUT OF THE ‘HOOD to WHITE people buying tickets at comedy clubs across America, STUPID `_~*# It offends me to hear of any racist remarks from celebrities who forget where they come from.

  52. Martha McGuire says:

    On the commercials for the season finale, Sommore is heard saying she’s never “gonna hang out with WHITE people again”. This is an offensive, racist remark and I wanna remind the bull-dyke lookin’ @))`^ that WHITE people buying tickets to “comedy” clubs across America helped her to get OUT of the ‘hood. Typical stupid @))`^ I hope WHITE people never pay another single dime for this racist’s act “never again”.

  53. wonderwoman says:

    I honestly think that Dustin and Erin should not get the grand prize if either of their teams win…neither of them had helped out their team enough to deserve the prize…Dustin walks out on the show every chance he gets and Erin is just there for the money how fair is that to the rest of their teams??? Everyone else that puts their hearts into losing the weight and everything else they deserved it …I think it should be split for the 3 on the red team that did their best and the 3 on the blue team that worked their hearts out to lose their weight

  54. Barb Richardson says:

    As a faithful CFC watcher from the jump, I gotta say this is the worst one ever and if I see a hint of this type of motif next season (if there is a next season) I’m OUT!! Erin Moran is a joke, she didn’t need to lose weight, so was it a big shock when she displayed how crazy she is and made it known that she was in it for the money? She has been one of Hollywoods best kept secrets for a very long time, why did CFC, one of the REAL reality shows left have to out her. Then bringing Dustin Diamond back was an insult to everyone, he makes the show very difficult to watch.
    There wasn’t anything on the show this season that taught the viewers anything about fitness, just military type fitness which will not be #(_ isable to the average viewer.
    To top it all off we have Sommore making the statement that she made and Toccaras hissy fits that pretty much proved that she was there for the money again. Now, I don’t take Sommores statement as bad as some have, she’s a comidian and things like that are said in jest by both races all the time in their shows. All she is guilty of is saying something like that in the wrong forum.

    I feel sorry for Willie and Tina, coming back thinking that they were going to have the same experiance. I’m sure they are very let down.

    Bottom line….Celebrity Fit Club let its faithful viewers down this season, no doubt!! Hopefully there will be changes made for next season because this one was a big waste of time for all !!!!!

  55. Kaycee C says:

    i hope erin cant sleep at night when she thinks about causeing the red team to lose the competition ,she was so selfish she couldnt take one week out of to help her team,she actually gained a pound thats pretty sh*tty,if she would have at least tried they would have one they had it in the bag intill they got stuck with her pathetic ^$# i feel so bad for tocarra and willy! they deserved that prize ! and she is selfish she wouldnt even have gave tina the prize if they would have one,she doesnt deserve anything ,and im sure everyone agrees. AND DUSTIN IN A CRY BABY, LIL B*TCH AND NEEDS TO GET THE F*CK OVER HIM SELF ,HE DID SAVED BY THE BELL WUT 20 YEARS AGO AND HE PLAYED SCREECH?! AND HE THINKS HES BETTER THAN EVERY ONE WITH HIS LAWYERS GOD GET OVER YOUR SELF ,U PLAYED THE NERD EVERYONE MADE FUN OF ! DUSTIN SUCKS AT LIFE

  56. Charlene Stevens says:

    I do not understand how you can win if you stray from the program laid down to follow.
    That is cheating, right? Now, if they can all create their own diet, then by all means….but what happened to taking it off in a safe and healthy manner.

    As for the ‘Happy Days’ girl….it is sad she has no sense of team…
    ‘Together everyone accomplishes much’. I would not want an autographed shirt from her.
    She obviously may have some health issues, but too much weight was not one of them.
    The red team were really wronged in more ways than one.

  57. meghan says:

    Dustin is maybe the most obnoxious person in America! Sorry, dubya! No wonder other countries hate us when they see people like him running around like a douchebag on tv! I was hoping when they were running in the dark he would fall into a hole, but that’s what I get for hoping.

  58. Sunshine says:

    I’ve watched celebrity fit club since it premiered and this one was really a joke. The red team was ROBBED of their win. I figured the red team was sabotaged when Harvey took Tina and Dustin and gave them AJ & Erin. The competition should have been won fairly without granting 5 extra fit factor points in the last challenge. That was some BullS___!!! Toccara you did your thang, you got started on a rocky start but ended the competition a classy lady. Willie you rocked too. No matter what you and Toccara are winners. I believe that the powers that be sabotaged your win.(Maybe because Erin was on your team) I hope Erin seeks help because I believe we have a rehab issue going on with her. In my book all the second chancers were good even Dustin with his many tandrums,( I hope he seeks help too) but he lost his weight. After this disappointment, I don’t think that I will be watching nor will I Tivo another fit club.

  59. umoza says:

    I am so not surprised by Erin Moran’s actions. You can see it on her face from day one!!! Too bad for the red team.

  60. shelly says:

    Erin is 5’4. she weighs 124 pounds, and looks amazing. so she didn’t loose what you wanted her to loose. watching several friends become anorexic and bulemic………..ENOUGH !!!!! she is my age and i wish I looked as amazing as she does.

    i now with age have developed a hpypothyroid issue and i am anemic. it is so hard for me to loose 3 pounds. i wish i looked as good as erin moron!!!


  61. craig says:

    Erin, you stink. If you would have attemted to be a team mate, Willie wouldnt have gotten SCREWED!

  62. Maggie Columbrita says:

    I really enjoyed the show an watched it from the begining and was happy for the winning team. The show I was not happy about was when Erin acted up when she was drinking I think the camers could of edited a few parts as they are in control as once some one has had to much to drink they are no longer in control but do need to take care of there actions an own up to it good luck to those who one they were team players thanks Maggie

  63. Chiclet says:

    Ummm, to address blogs from MM and WG below …Sommore was just making a funny comment. I thought it was funny…and I’m white. People out there who cry racism need to do it when it’s used in a seriously derogatory manner to inflict pain – whether it be mental, physical or emotional. Now, are you saying that you took TRUE offense to what she said, or are you one of the HUGE group of people out there (white, black, red, yellow, whatever) who use the racism card every chance they get??? Are you related to Dustin by any chance? A branch on the Cry-Baby Tree? Get over yourself, lighten up and learn to take a joke!!!!

  64. Sandy says:

    I am very upset that Erin was on the show. I watch the show for support for weight loss and then you get Erin that just wants to do it for the money. I hope that she did not get payed…….If she needs the money that bad tell her to get a real job…………..

  65. Desiree says:

    The should change the name of this show to “CELEBRITY CHEATING BOOT CAMP” it was obivous the red team won fair and square and HARVEY decided to ‘CHEAT” and give the blue team points they “DIDN’T” earn!

  66. Carmelita Torres says:

    Good for Erin. Se’s awesome: direct, honest and perfectly bi-polar. I think her frankness is a welcome change from the back-dooring MFs that populate so many of these post-celeb-redux reunion opportunities. What the f*@& was up with AJ? That fat tub of goo couldn’t keep a pound off for all his excuses and whining. And someone please explain why a C*nt like Ant is even on the show. All I saw him do was rasp half-hearted taunts and mediocre diatribes. What a freaking sissy! Erin, if you’re out there: Keep keeping it real. Ant, if you’re out there: you should thank God every day that you got lucky enough to not have to work for a living. You must have a horse shoe up your A$$ for all the good that’s come from having no skill at all. Peace, yo

  67. Joe says:

    Of course Erin did it for the money. Remember, Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi were on back in the 70′s and early 80′s. I doubt if she got much (if any) in the way of residuals from it. I think some of the people who were disappointed were those who thought they were tuning in to see Joanie Cunningham and not a mature (and very sexy in my opinion) lady. Yeah, she may have some problems, but don’t we all. Dustin is just a self absorbed loser. Hey Dustin, I hear Joe’s Bar & Grill would like you to bring your lame comedy act back (And yes he actually did play a place with that name. It’s near Albany, NY). My favorite part of this season was the competition between Tina and Willie. Willie, you are my inspiration to get going on my diet and exercise program again

  68. maria smith says:

    i think most of them did terrific, it is hard to lose that much in such a short time!! i am wondering if erin has a drug problem though, sometimes she seemed ok, and other times was really out there. if so, i hope she gets some help, (maybe thats why she needed money?)

  69. Richard says:

    Way to go Tina, I am very impressed with her. I have also gained respect for Willie. I never thought much of Erin, but as far as I am concerned she was even out classed by Dustin. I felt like everyone was trying to improve their lives which was goo not only for themselves, but the show as well. The only thing different about Dustin and Erin was that the only improvement they wanted to make was financial. So the best I could tell, was that Dustin took a small step forward this season while Erin took a large step back. Maybe she can come back next time make even more money and improve her image like Dustin did.

  70. Richard says:

    I thought I was through with this until I went back and read the comment left by alex. I did serve for four years 1972-1976. First of all he has quite a bitter attitude. I had one for a few years after returning to the welcome we recieved back then. Get over yourself, many of us never even got to come back. The tatoo was done out of respect for service men and women as well as a sense of accomplishment. Wear it with pride MR. Aames and if anyone questions it tell them you may not have been in the service, but you have paid your dues.

  71. Shawna says:

    Is Celebrity Fit Club coming on for another season? And if it is not, is it because Erin revealed that they were getting paid to be on the show? I am a big fan and hope that the show will return.