Celebrity Fit Club Breakdown – Erin Did It All for the Money, Honey


What, you were surprised?


Apparently. Join us below the jump as we count down the five top moments from this week’s Celebrity Fit Club, where we ponder the following question: If Erin did it all for the money, then why isn’t her lazy ass trying to win any?

5. Welcome to Hell Week!

Funny, we thought it was already hellish spending a week with Mr. Smuggy Face down there, who returned to boot camp after walking out like a baby last week.


The first thing he says to his teammates upon his return? “I hope they lost some weight.” Funny, they thought they had – HIM. Still, we’re glad he chose to return just when Harvey decided to make everything that much harder! Hell Week means the challenges are stepped up and contestants run the risk of losing prizes and dog tags if they fail to complete his tasks. This sucks for the cast but rocks for us viewers, because tensions are that much higher! And you know what that means…

4. Gang Up On The Weak One!


Poor little wacky Erin. She ALMOST got away with barely trying until she got stuck on a team with Willie, who ruined everything! The super-intense dude, along with new sidekick Toccara, berated Erin for not working hard enough, and admitted that he was worried that she would screw their chances of winning. Alas, Willie plays dirty, so he needn’t freak!

3 . Listen All Ya’ll, It’s Sabotage!


Ah, what didn’t we love about this week’s challenge, adapted from a Navy SEALS exercise? Sure it was fun watching the teams struggle to carry canteens down a ravine, but the best part? The Red Team’s serious sabotaging moves! Hey, no one said you couldn’t chuck a shovel or block the other team. We loved how Tina finally looked pissed off about something other than Dustin’s complaining.

2. Trade ‘Em Up!

Dustin may be the most conniving cast member, but Toccara’s not that far behind. So we love that she had the nerve to attempt to ditch Erin for Dustin, only to have her plan backfire in her face and add more fuel to Erin’s tiny fire.


So the Blue Team suceeded in humiliating T a bit, but look what they got stuck with for sticking together:


1. Joanie Love$ Ca$h


Finally, we find out why Erin is really here. She’s not at boot camp to grind with strippers, practice her fame orgasms or perfect her bug-eyed stare, nor is she here to actually lose weight.Girlfriend just wants some cash! This was the week of the ultra-honest confessions, as Dunkleman’s diss on American Idol was almost as good. Whether or not the poor guy really thought the show’s treatment of kids was “reprehensible,” he’s right about deserving another shot at working in Hollywood. Someone, hire him! Seacrest?

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