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Heather punched Daisy in the head. You know this, so we’ll get right into our post-fight interview with Daisy:

What are your thoughts on the fight?

I feel like it was really lame. I feel like I’d been set up. I don’t understand what I did to Heather and why she’s so angry and mean to me. It sucks. I’m not a violent type of person. I don’t understand what her problem is. It’s just sad.

When Heather was punching you in the head, you didn’t retaliate.

I’m glad. Everything happened so fast, I don’t even know what happened. I still have to watch it. I sort of blacked out or something and then the next thing I knew, I was grabbing onto Riki Rachtman and I walked off the stage. It’s very unfortunate and what makes me upset is that I was up there trying to talk to Bret about my feelings and my thoughts and all that stuff. She just kept talking and it was like, this is not a conversation between you and Bret. It’s a conversation between me and Bret. I just felt the whole thing sucked. It really made me upset that she was up there sitting with me. I’m just like, “Why?” I hope that everyone is happy that they got their great ratings.

What did Bret say after?

”Well, you looked hot.” I was like, “OK, thanks Bret.” He’s sort of just an innocent guy, you know?

That was the most visceral fight I’ve ever seen at a reunion.

Yeah. I don’t even remember what happened. Was I even there? I was like, whoa!

Did you sustain any injuries?

The only thing I remember is Heather pulled my hair. I’m wearing nine-inch stilettos on a slippery surface, so that was one concern. But the second concern was: please god, do not let her pull my extensions out and totally embarrass me on national television more than I already have been. That would have taken the cake. I just sort of stood still because I was like, “F***. Don’t ruin my extensions.” So Heather’s pulling my hair and then she punches me on my head five times. Again, I didn’t really care. The only thing I could think about was, please don’t ruin my hair. But when the medic came back, he said, yeah, there was some bruising on top of my head. But more than physically, I just got kicked again emotionally. Like man, I cannot just f***ing win. I just went through all this f***ed up s*** and then the person I opened my heart to and went through all that for just totally broke my heart. And then I’m getting f***ing beat up by this f***ing Bret Michaels wannabe at the reunion! Like, dude, what did I do? What did I do wrong?

While she was hitting you, you said you were going to sue her. Did you?

I did think about it, and I did have the opportunity to press charges that night and her ass would have been thrown in jail. Her career, or whatever career she’s trying to have, would definitely suffer from that. I have a lot of f***ing fans and I know a lot of people in this industry, and I think when people see this, they’re going to be even more upset. I did absolutely nothing. I could understand if I did something to Heather. But I didn’t! It all started with her coming in the house. I didn’t do anything, I opened up to her, in fact. I felt like maybe she could relate to me. But instead she took advantage of that and decided to use it against me for whatever reason. She just doesn’t like me, and that’s just really lame.

What happened immediately after the fight?

Apparently, she was immediately escorted and that was the end of that. An executive producer and the talent manager calmed me down and told me that if I wanted to press charges, I could. And I said, you know what? This is how nice of a person I am, and Heather f***ing Chadwell should be calling me apologizing: I said, I’m not going to press charges against her. I think it’s sad what she did, and it really hurts my feelings. I’m a f***ing nice person. I don’t know what I ever did to her to make her want to do that to me. She could have gone to jail and instead I said, it’s OK. I’m not going to press charges. A lot of people are like, “Dude? WTF? You should have pressed charges,” and I still have six months to do that. I don’t know if I will, but I feel like Heather…I don’t know if all this stuff has gone to her head or what.

Heather criticized you for copying her. Your retort?

It’s just like, what are you talking about? Yeah, we’re sorta the same-ish, because we’re both rock and rollers and we’re both kind of wild. But at the same time, dude, I am not trying to be like her. I don’t know what that was about. It was a cheap shot.

You and Heather, both being VH1 personalities, may very well meet again. How to resolve this?

You know what I really think we should just do? A televised Heather vs. Daisy fight, in the ring, boxing gloves. Just get it all out there.

Is there anything that you wanted to but didn’t get to say to Bret because of Heather’s interruption?

I don’t really remember exactly what I did get to say and what I didn’t get to say, but I did want to make clear that I was 100 percent there for him the whole time. I completely exposed myself to him as raw as possible and as honest as possible. I opened myself up more than any of the girls, and I feel like I got kicked around left and right by everyone. The girls, Bret. It was just really lame. I didn’t walk away with the man that I wanted. I walked away with heartache. Obviously someone had to, but I really fell in love with him. I hope that we can still be the bestest of friends, because I think he’s an amazing person. I wish him the best of luck and the most happiness. If Ambre is what’s going to make him happy, I think that’s beautiful. I wish him and Ambre the best of luck or whatever.

Make sure you don’t miss our interview with Heather to find out her side of the story.


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