Flavor of Love 3 Blog Party (Episode 11)


Live Tree Leaves Posted at 9:57PM EST


The “Tree of Knowledge” comes out bare — was it fair that Tree was punished for her honesty? Should someone else have gone in her place?

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Live Monkeying Around Posted at 9:34PM EST


This is just awesome, right?

Live Devirginized? Posted at 9:30PM EST


Thing 2 compares this one-on-one time to losing her virginity. Did you have any idea that alone-time with Flav could be so special?

Live G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T. of Here! Posted at 9:20PM EST


Flav doesn’t like Tree’s use of the word “ghetto” because he thinks she’s “being racist against the ghetto.” Do you agree, and can you believe this unexpected flare-up in social consciousness from Flav?

Live Airing Out Their Laundry Posted at 9:08PM EST


The girls’ on-air behavior has even Big Boy cringing. Should they be embarrassed for themselves?

Live Sinceerly Faded? Posted at 8:55PM EST


Sinceer’s keeping the liquor flowing before the girls’ radio interview. Is this going to end up hurting her more than it helps her?

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