Paris Hilton: Dogs’ Best Friend



Paris, my future best friend forever, is allegedly doing a show on British television where she runs a dog grooming business. Paris’s Pooches will follow the negligent pet owner princess around London as she tries to manage the hectic life of a dog groomer with her partying. Says an insider, “Watching Paris act out her Los Angeles lifestyle, in which tiaras for Chihuahuas are of real importance, should be very entertaining. And she will no doubt be hitting the clubs and parties over here in the same way she does back home.”

Anything that could potentially humiliate Paris Hilton on television is gold, but I’m a bit nervous about what this means for her future BFFs. Will we be replaced with tiny dogs? Must I turn myself into a dog in order to become her closest confidante? Get into P’s inner circle is gonna be a lot harder than I thought. If only I had a tail. [DListed]

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