Here Come The Brides, B*tches



Why is it that rich people can’t afford to pay someone to give them good ideas? Paris and Nicole are allegedly plotting to marry their twin boyfriends in a ceremony together, followed by a honeymoon in a pile of cash earned from the publicity wedding stunt. A source says, “Paris is doing it all for attention, as usual. It’s a publicity stunt, just like everything else.”

Let’s see, just like her other two(three?) engagements, her lost dog, her sex tape, her album, her perfumes, her various reality shows, her hair extensions, her jewelry line, her nightclubs, her book, her feud with Nicole/Lindsay/Britney, and her stint in jail? Yep, sounds like Paris! But haters beware – she’s been spotted wearing some sort of ring on her finger! Maybe it’s a purity ring! Paris Hilton taking a vow of chastity? Now THAT would be a publicity stunt. [DListed]

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  1. lmao says:

    Uuuggggggghhhhh! Go away already.

  2. xoo monica says:

    we all know paris hilton is a nasty $`! hoe ; who cares about her… how are you gonna put your flat $`! chest on a video

  3. crispy says:

    I’ts always something with these two, isn’t it? Hmph….borring.

  4. napes says:

    Dear Blog-writers…

    How do you become a blog writer? How did you get into this line of work? It fascinates me. Maybe you can post a blog about it. Or maybe you could email me back at my not-publiished, yet required email address I’ve provided.

    I would be eternally greatful for a little insight!

  5. crispy says:

    Dear Napes… I’m relatively new to this blogging thing but I personally like to interact with people outside my own circle of friends, who share an interest for a particular subject that I like or at the very least…have an oppinion about. I also dig the opposing views. Some people,however, take those opposing views and use them to insult the opposing side. That’s the down side to blogging. I’t’s all good fun, actually….and quite entertaining. Hope that enlightened you, Napes. Have a wonderful day.

  6. HereIambaby says:

    I completely agree that she is a complete ditz. Her blondeness is beyond annoying to just down right agravating. I viewed her blog from black&white love community at…… where many other black people find fun there

  7. danni says:

    I will never watch anything this no talent pathetic skank is a part of!! I feel sorry for benji hopefully he’ll wake up soon!! She 27 and acts like she’s 13!!!!!!!!!

  8. alexis says:


  9. napes says:

    thanks crispy, i appreciate the info…. i dig all the blogging back and forth as well. but i just want to know how someone finds a job posting the subject matter about which people comment. like seriously, thats got to be the best job in the whole world…. just writing about stuff that happens in a hilarious way. ya know? and then hearing what crazy shtuff people think about it.

    i heart blogs.

  10. crispie says:

    Dear Napes, Oh….I gotcha…you were actually trying to contact the gossip writers who post the blogs. Yeah…your’e right!!! That would be some great fun having that job. I’m also wondering, myself, if the people behind the blog posts go back and read our comments. They’d get a huge kick out of them, if they did. I know I do. I also learn a whole hell of a lot more from the bloggers than I do from the posts. I do hope you are able to contact one of the writers and if you find your answer(how one can get into that line of work) , sign me up. Take care, Napes.

  11. says:

    Yeah well, haters, if you hate them enough to gag at the sight of them. don’t even click on the link to begin with. Maybe if you just stop reading/hating on them, the interest would shift to other more, well, interesting things. No demand, no market, no supply. It’s as simple as that.

  12. ha says:

    all four of them are so annoying. i wish i didn’t have to hear about them anymore. i’m actually from annapolis, md which is the city near good charlottes hometown of waldorf. annapolis is the place where they started playing and gaining noteriety. i remember shortly after their first album dropped, i saw the twins at annapolis mall and they were just hanging out waiting to get noticed. they weren’t shopping or doing anything more than just sitting their trying to get recognized by all the little teenage girls. the two of them are complete douche bags. they always have been douche bags and i can’t believe people buy into their “rock” star image.

  13. nora says:

    i think that these stupid `_` girls need a life they are so stupid i feel sorry for their stupididy anyways paris you are realy ugly and you better not be talkin like that about my gurl kim kardashian got it you stupid _#_^) and nicole it wont hurt to put some meat on you stupid white blond girls.

  14. george says:

    Can Paris die so I can dance on her grave? Doesnt she get that people have nothing but complete and utter disdain for her and her lifestyle? She is the biggest waste of sperm I have EVER seen.

  15. george says:

    TO NORA:


  16. Bruce Jenner says:

    Did Paris take a dump yet today? I need details now!!

  17. mr.hollywood says:

    k vh1 tmz i &)! paris she did abortion i fell very bad about this plez help me!!!! rehab

  18. Ashley windom says:

    I think it is so ~#@~ ing awesome that u guys r bfs that r marrying twins i hope everything goes well and ur marrriage is wonderful

  19. Lane says:

    “Paris is doing it all for attention, as usual. It’s a publicity stunt, just like everything else.” Let’s see, just like her other two(three?) engagements, her lost dog, her sex tape, her album, her perfumes, …the list could GO ON AND ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did Paris take a dump yet today? I need details now!!

    great comment guys and ladies