Oprah & Tom Reunite for Couch Craziness


tomycruise.jpgWhy, Oprah, why? Our talk queen heroine has invited the king of crazy back on her show to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his flick Risky Business. Tommy will make not one, but TWO appearances on her show in May to coincide with the sweeps season, when all of America tunes in to see what the networks can cough up before the TV execs speed away to the Hamptons for the summer and leave us watching reruns of Home Improvement on cable.

Tom’s rep gushed that, “He is really looking forward to it.” Of course he is. The guy is excited about EVERYTHING. So get ready for the most intense two hours of television America – and when it’s over, pour a little bit of Cristal out for your girl Katie Holmes, who experiences that insanity on a daily basis. Poor thing.

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  1. PETER says:

    Someone mentioned that you met your woman on the famous free interracial people seeking beautiful women site I n t i m a t e m i n g l e DOTC o m.. ? True or not??

  2. shun says:

    OK – who cares – Oprah in front of the cameras is very different when there are no cameras around – She may give to everyone but why not it is a tax right off –

  3. L0LiiP0P says:

    ii THiiNK THATzZz W3iiRD!

  4. L0LiiP0P says:

    W3LL Y0U N0 WHAT ii THiiNK , ii LiiK3 L0LiiP0PZ AND N0-0N3 3LS3 D0ES =’[

  5. AGuy says:

    I doubt it…
    I just think he should apologize for being a complete idiot and then just go onto normal talk-show things after his apology….

  6. Marina says:

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