Celebrity Fit Club Finale Breakdown – Farewell Fit Club, Hello Hot Bods


The last episode of Celebrity Fit Club was so good, it made Sommore do THIS:



For one last time, we’re recapping the five best moments on this week’s Fit Club. Now technically, Erin’s acid-washed jean jacket deserves its own set of honors, because holy crap, how great was this thing?!


Erin’s fame is retro, and so is her coat. But her attitude? Totally NOW, which is why she starts out the countdown!

5. The Erin Factor


The poor red team tried desperately – even forcefully – to get this woman to work, but all Erin wants to do is smile and get some money, ya’ll! They former child star tried so little at Fit Club that she actually GAINED a pound on the finale! There’s a reason her team tried to strip her of any prizes she could have won in the finale, so perhaps it’s better that they didn’t win at all? We probably shouldn’t suggest that, or Tocarra and Willie will be after us, too!

4. Is There Anything Willie Won’t Do?

Willie is crazy, yes, but that’s kind of his greatest charm. The guy worked out for six hours a day, fought hard for his team, sweated all night in the gym (and outside!) before the final weigh-in, battled Erin’s lazy-bones, got Harvey’s face tattooed on his leg and won the individual weight lose battle – for what? Ahhh, all for Willie. That’s the way we like it.


Congrats, soldier.

3. Shattered Glass, Shattered Pasts

After all the crazy, militaristic challenges these eight have had to do, why not walk on glass after being woken by a mariachi band, right? This final challenge seems pretty normal in the Fit Club world. And so, on the eve of their final weigh-in, Harvey brought the gang out to work with this dude:


A glass-walking expert whose crazy eyes rival Erin’s. The dude – whose name I forgot as I was so mesmerized by his eyes – instructs the Clubbers to remain present in their minds and bodies, and not to jump on the glass as they walk. These are also awesome life lessons, for those of you taking notes. Everyone hops along on the glass, proving that these eight may have lost weight, but they’ve gained confidence – and a newfound willingness to do insane things! Tear-shedding time!


2. Queen Tina


Is it just us, or does everyone want to be BFF/sisters/pen-pals with Tina Yothers? Willie’s greatest rival lost 11 pounds in her last week on the show, and even though her methods were a bit shady (Protein and water only? BLERGH!) , she kinda earned the right to go there. Because honestly, Tina can do whatever the hell she wants – including looking super hot at her final weigh-in. Tina, call me! Let’s go shopping!

1. Transformers

The best part of the entire show (aside Sommore getting her dog tags and Toccara announcing that she was “catching a diva moment,” natch) was the awesome transformations of the entire cast. Even those who didn’t lose much weight looked hot – and how sexed out was Erin in that red dress? Damn girl! Toccara and Dr. Ian got to hug it out over her balanced BMI (and seriously, she looks GOOOOOOD) , and in the end everyone changed, even just a little bit.

But in the end there can only be one winner. And so it was with a lot of cheers and confetti that Willie got his wish – Erin got no prizes, and Tina won it all. Unfortunately, so did Mr. “I Need to Get Paid” Diamond, but hey, the world isn’t always fair.


Nice work team. And since we’ll never know how Willie and Tocarra resolved their beef with Erin, we hope they settled it Fit Club style, on the obstacle course.

Be sure to check out Harvey kickin butt at Club Med Ixtapa Pacific and meet our Celebrity Fit Club sweepstakes winner, Danielle from Dayton, OH.

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  1. miller says:

    It’s so funny. I often watch some funny videos and photos on I n t i m a t e m i n g l e DOT C o M It said that there are some hot star such as Britney’s photoes and videos there.

  2. Rachie says:

    I haven’t watched the finale yet, but, I just wanted to say what a joy it was watching Willie and Tina and Tocarra. Willie has just been an awesome competitor and Tina seems so “normal” and down to earth. The kind of person you’d want as a friend. Tocarra really stepped it up after her little melt down at the beginning of the season. You three have been a HUGE inspiration. You are awesome people and I hope you continue down whatever path you’re going to go on after this show. Take care and good luck.
    Love Ya!

  3. Mark says:

    Psst, hasn’t aired until later tonight, unlike the other episodes ;)

  4. fargette says:

    What a bogus ending to Celebrity Fit Club. The better team did not win this one because of unfair points given for no effort. Sorry, VH1, but you lost me as a viewer of CFC. I like a fair competition. You guys blew this one.

  5. Ewing5 says:

    Congratulations to Willie, he really deserved the prize. Congrats to the blue team too, they stepped up, worked hard, and earned that prize. I feel bad for Toccara, she was clearly disappointed. Erin you should feel bad, nobody said anything nice about you when they showed you the clip at the weigh-in. She’s part of the reason the red team didnt win.

  6. Doug says:

    What a rip off.Willie ames team got screwed.And Toccara,mmm,would like to be the cream in her coffee.

  7. cem says:

    It is a real shame that this show rewarded cheaters. They admitted to cheating. They mocked the entire season. They are no better thanDustin….I hope their proud.

    Willie your the man. Im happy for you.

  8. Toni Montague says:

    I think that giving the blue team 5 fit points in an effort to keep the competition tight was so unfair. As much as I liked Sommore, she didn’t stick to the program and lose enough weight to matter. And Dustin!?@# This jackass could never complete a freakin’ challenge to save his life!!!! Dustin put more effort into trying to shut the show down or sue the crap out of VH1 than he did in any one challenge!!Even though Tina definitely deserved to win, NONE of her team mates derserved it with her!!!! Brian was a half-ass crybaby who really didn’t give a sh*t about the whole competition! Erin shouldn’t and didn’t win a damn thing. Don’t they screen these people before they put them on tv. Anybody could have seen that she needed the exposure AND the money!! She’s a psycho drunk. Erin…SEEK HELP!! There’s no questioning why we haven’t seen Dustin OR Erin anywhere on TV…would YOU work with them???? Go luck on Reality TV you two!!! Toccara and Willie were robbed. Toccara was so freaking competitive!! She gave everything her all despite her needing to be convinced of her need for weight loss. It never effected her will to win. And Willie committed himself 150% to this program and proved that it really works for those who committ!!! Willie lit a fire under my azz and made me realize that I’ve gotta go all out!!! Thanks Tina, Toccara, Sommore and Willie for the encouragement. Erin, Brian, and Dustin…there’s a reason you’re not working…somebody needs to create a new reality show Jackazz Attitude Improvement!

  9. karen williams says:


  10. Rick says:

    I am just glade that drama this celebruty fit club well be over . Becuase tv and movie stars look like bunch ~((&) y fat out shape drama queens. Move over cereal life celebruty boot camps had more drama than any cereal lifle show ever did. Was any one real suprise find that ex tv and movie stars where only there get paid not lose weight??? Not seeing Dustin any more that well be greatest thing in the world.

  11. Tracy says:

    ANT is the biggest loser that I have seen on tv and that is saying a mouthful with all the crap on. How broke is he to be so desparate for cash on Celebracadabra??? His personality is the worst. My friend told me she saw him in Las Vegas and he was working out at her gym and he thought he was an adonis… haha . what a joke. How could he possibly have friends? Oh, right. He lives in LA. Well my peeps dispise you so watch yourself in NYC cause I know some shadys who would love to humble your (@&

  12. Jo Jo LaMar says:

    What a bummer!
    At least Willie won something but I felt really sorry for Tocarra.
    I agree with everyone here..
    THE WRONG TEAM WON! (Tina deserved it) but all you did was screw the ones who really tried and supported Erin’s drinking habit. Now Dustin can pay his lawyer and Erin can get her Gin on.

  13. Glenna says:

    I was so happy with the show…However I don’t ever wanna see Erin or Dustin again.
    You would figure that they would want to help motivate people at home…Instead all they did was have us calling them what they were. Losers…Not in weight….they defeated themselves.

  14. To the Producers says:

    What ever genius came up with the bright idea to give the five fit points for absolutely no weight loss effort must have gotten his job through some family connections. The ending of the show made the whole premise stupid. So in the end, the team that did a crash one week, super low carb diet (not Dr. Ian’s program) won the show based on the massive one week weight loss of a diet that was not part of the show’s program. But even the crash diet wouldn’t have worked for the win unless the super producer didn’t have the bright idea to just give away points to try to make it more competitive. Yeah, smart move! So totally screw the team that was actually following the program and working hard and reward the slackers. Way to go genius! I’m sure you’ll be heading up the whole network by next year.

  15. Ewing5 says:

    Dustin and Erin are such losers and as Harvey would say, wastes of sperm. They have no sense of teamwork. Erin totally robbed her teammates of the prize. I hope she doesn’t get any roles ever, she demonstrated unprofessionalism with her attitude on this show. I liked her on Happy Days and thought she had gotten her act together but boy was I wrong. You truly disappointed a lot of fans Erin.

    To Willie…congrats on the win!!! You deserved it. I hope you accomplish every goal you have.

    The others…congrats and keep on rockin! Toccara I feel so bad for you…you deserved the prize you should’ve hit Erin with the pugil stick again to knock some sense into her.

  16. Precious Redd says:

    The red team was sabotaged from the time that they were forced to take Erin and AJ on their team. The teams should have been left the way they were in the beginning (second chancers vs Newbies). I’ve watched every celebrity fit club since the beginning and I feel this one turned out to be a bogus one. Giving the blue team five extra fit factor points was B.S, the challenge should have been won fair and square without the extra points. It seems like someone wanted the blue team to win I don’t think that I will be watching another fit club after this one. Toccara & Willie you are winners!!!!

  17. rematch says:

    That is the most unfair thing i have ever seen in my life….

  18. Bran Flakes says:

    1. Toccarra is annoying even though she’s pretty; 2. Willie Ames is WAY to competitive; 3. Tina Yothers does not look good as a brunette, also she too, is WAY to competitive; It’s just a freakin show. 4. Erin Moran and Harvey would make a cute couple; also, they are all far to judgmental and should get off of Erin’s and Justin’s back. It’s just a freakin show! What an annoying bunch.

  19. Showtime says:

    I agree that it was kind of a ripoff but I’m glad the blue team won. I believe it would have been unfair for the red team to win because A.J. and Erin did nothing but ride Willie and Toccara’s coattails to what they thought would be a win. One thing we have to wonder is if Erin had lost any weight on the finale instead of gaining would it have made a difference?

  20. Suze says:

    The best part of this season was seeing how some child stars have gone on to become such class acts. Tina is adorable, has a good sense of humor and a kick-ass attitude, while Willie appears to be just an all-around nice guy; it’s hard for me to believe he was difficult on his original CFC season (which I didn’t watch). His Harvey-face bulldog tat was hilarious! I was glad he won the individual competition, although I was also rooting for Tina.

    On the other hand, two words: Erin and Dustin. She does seem totally nuts, or (as AJ very sensitively put it: ‘wounded’) and Dustin seems to live for conflict; he negates every good thing he does by acting like an a-hole. It’s like he can’t help himself. The one negative about Tina/Brian/Sommore winning was that Dustin – not Willie – was the fourth person.

    Except for his one tantrum, Brian was a good addition; he added great commentary. (The Sammy Hagar was my favorite!!)

    I was glad to see Toccara lose, just b/c of her attitude. Yeah, she turned into a good leader, but still oozed “attitude”. I’m wondering if she kicked Erin’s `$^ after the filiming? Although I probably wouldn’t fault her for that if she did!

    I liked AJ and Sommore, but don’t feel like they tried really hard.

    I also have really mixed feelings about the 5 extra points thing. One one hand, it didn’t seem fair; on the other hand, it kept Erin/Toccara from winning anything.

  21. Larry Powell says:

    Hello, How r u doing? I enjoy the show. I wish you could take some regular individauls and but them against the stars.

  22. Dee Dee Rhodes says:

    Dont yall worry about Toccora….Harvey will take her on those trips and give her some cash. I agree the 5 FIT points were a rip off…but I really wanted Sommore team to win. Now thats class…Sommore may have had some moments when she freestyled, but you could tell that she wanted to prove to HERSELF that she was capable of pullin this off….hell most of us have freestyled a diet so to me Sommore was what she always is….REAL!!!

    I was so glad she got those dog tails. Now that was class if you ask me…even the flashing ^^! s….I’m glad her team won and if it took the 5 extra fit points for that….then it is what it is.


  23. Bran Flakes says:

    Actually, Tina Yothers looks great as a brunette. There are not enough brunettes in the world.

  24. ChuckDtheSecond says:

    Dustin “Lump O Coal” Diamond is the single biggest tool on the planet and is a disgrace to all Jewish people. Wait, he is a disgrace to all people in general.

  25. Lisa says:

    I was disappointed with the show and with this blog. The show portrayed and glorified eating disorders in order for people to win money! You have teams (Tina’s team) limiting there food during the week in order to lose weight. And then you have Willie… if he isn’t showing the beginnings of bulemia I’d be shocked! And I should know because he’s acting exactly like me and I know that I have a problem. He is exercising for hours on end, going for the amount of calories burned in one session versus just exercising for an hour, and he is seriously lacking in food (600 calories in a day! I don’t even do that)! This is not healthy. Just because he isn’t throwing up doesn’t mean that he’s not falling into a dangerous habit. It’s hard to break that control over your weight once you have realized you are capable of such control. I hope someone on this show gets him help and soon. Otherwise, he is going to be going on the next reality show that will emerge soon….eating disorder camp!

    And what kind of message are you sending to the viewers? Basically it says that losing weight is the most important thing, and not the method of doing it! What about all of the impressionable people and kids watching this show and thinking it’s okay to limit eating and exercise to over 2000 calories in one day? Are you promoting eating disorders, because it looks like you are?

    Like I said, I was very disappointed in this episode. There were no disclaimers and I’m not sure the contestants realize how dangerous their behaviors were. Please, if you have a chance, send out a message that limiting food and overexercising are signs of eating disorders and the contestants behaviors in the last episode should not be emulated. And PLEASE, get help for Willie!

  26. cutiefulpink says:

    VH1 lost me as a viewer tonight as well. I can’t believe they would cheat to give any team Dustin is on the grand prize. Honestly, the show was ruined tonight. Although I agree that Erin didn’t deserve to win and that Tina deserved something, Dustin deserved nothing, and if it were up to me he wouldn’t have been allowed back on the air. I know drama helps ratings, but i turned the channel whenever he started talking. I have never felt such little respect for a person. I can’t even watch Saved by the Bell re-runs anymore because I know how terrible he is.
    Besides that, I thought that it was weak for the blue team to hug with Dustin since they all hate him!!! Forget this show, you can’t get inspired by people you don’t respect…congrats to Willie, Toccarra, Erin

  27. Aly says:

    We got some drama queens complaining. I think the right team won! The blue tem had more people eager to lose weight. Even with the 5 points the red team still had a good chance to win. Their lead last week was way more than 5 points.

  28. kyle silva says:


  29. Dennis says:

    Erin is a freaking freak,she needs serious help.

  30. Cheryl Levine says:

    Someone needs to remind Erin Moran is no longer a star or in demand, if she was she wouldn’t have done Boot Camp. You need the money? One does not, or should not get paid for simply showing up, you actually need to particpate and attempt to complete the task that you were hired for. Shame on you. While reality tv has jump started others careers, while she may have caught the attention of Hollywood, I hope she spends her money well as her lack of effore, something for nothing attitude will not impress either directors or audiences. At least her stint on reality tv will give her a big slap of reality when all is said and done.

  31. DMR says:

    Kudos to Erin Moran for being on this show since thanks to it I bet she has lost the few “Happy Days” fans she still had. If I was a producer I wouldn’t hire her for anything. I hope she spends that money wisely since that will probably be the biggest & last paycheck she will ever see. I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t get back into tv, and I hope so. Besides she wasn’t that good of an actress to begin with. Erin, go back to obscurity and stay there for our sake.

  32. monemonie says:

    i can not be;ieve we watched this crap all these weeks for some dumb @#$% to give the game away to a team that did not earn it! r u people kidding me??? i 4 one will never waste my time again.

  33. J says:

    I think the 5 fit points was very unfair. The red team should have walked away with the prizes. They earned the win!

  34. Jaybee says:

    Yep…the ruling of the blue team winning only by the margin of the 5 fit points awarded in the last episode was BS. Don’t ask me why I feel compelled to complain, but I do. I just don’t like unfair competitions, no matter what they are. The red team won, and deserved it, but VH-1 tried to make the final episode competitive by unfairly weighting one event. Nice job. Hope you are happy ripping people off.

  35. Vickie Poindexter says:

    I feel the 5 fit factor points were unfair to both teams. Dustin no show for 3 challenges and then switch the teams around like yo=yo’s. I didn’t enjoy the entire show, I quit watching CFC until they change back to the original show, this was a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Melinda says:

    boo hiss to CFC!!!! 5 extra points for what- half the team didn’t even try some of the things in the challenge, there should have been more time added. They didnt lose as much weight– they didnt do the challenge– and then still win???? Hope you dont pull that crap next season,but I wont be there to see if you do or not. I’m done

  37. blckquen says:

    Y agree with Jay bee I never participate in blogs but I felt like i had to. This was completely unfair. Most of all I feel really bad for Taccarra she worked really hard and she was the one with the short end of the stick this time. Completely unfair, they sabbatoged her team from the start, first the team members were switched then they give the points to the other team. Was this planned for Taccarra not to get sh**. Seems like she was messed up from the start no matter how hard she worked they kept her down. And why is Dustin awarded with anything. He has caused nothing but trouble since season one he should not have been back anyway. Big A** Baby. I wont be watching next season if this is what I should be looking for

  38. Drenie says:

    That was so unfair!!!! Although Erin could have worked harder, the red team had it in the bag if it weren’t for the f***** 5 points!!!! To be honest I can bet Dustin’s impending law suit to the show had somen to do with the “pity” 5 points. True the red team had an equal chance of winning the 5 points but it sucks even more that the red team with the exception of one obstacle completed the course and the blue team lazed out on a couple obstacles and still won!!! Dustin most of all doesn’t deserve the win on the blue team, he is a wimp and a damn baby, even “Screech” on Saved by the Bell had more guts than he did. Tina – I was shocked she didn’t win the individual prize but apparently she didn’t take in enough fluids to breakdown the fat she was burning and ended up loosing her weight in liquid not fat. Celebrity Fit Club did not prove to be a fair run around the block at all. I feel it for the red team and that is I feel they were cheated. Congtratulations!!! Red team for a job well done, respect is more valuable than money or trips and respect is surely what you have earned from me (except Erin of course).

  39. barbie says:

    CONGRATULATIONS ERIN ! I have no idea how many of your fans watched the show I would venture to say quite a few!! I know I WAS A FAN. NOT anymore .. you were a huge dissapointment to your fans , your team members and the cast. Doing it for the money is not anything to be ashmamed of however you did nothing but rest on the power of your team mates to follow the program and loose the weight, Erin you could have done a one day liquid diet and taken laxatives and lost 2 pounds ( the 2 your team needed to win ) Instead you gain in the final week ???? You were hired to go on the show and follow a program THAT IS WHaat you were paid for. You did not follow the program at all ! Come on 3 pounds in 2 months .. geez Dustin did better than that. YOUR true colors showed through and to be honesst watching you on Scott Baio talking about money and how you had to sign autographs to make money you needed you sounded a little lazy but I thought it was just how it came accross being a fan I did not want to think you were like that. You needed money sooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad but could not do just a little to help the team battle for $150,000 ? You wanted to sit on your (*&^% drink eat what you wanted not work out much and let them do the work then YOU take home the proze money for their efforts ???? ALL you would have had to do is to have lost one pound and not gained a pound and look what it cost you . Not only the money but you lost a bunch of fans over this that will not be wanting autographs. You lost the respect of millions of people that watch the show , your team mates and the whole cast. ALL of this said you were VERY rude to the people trying to do their jobs to help you with the program YOU singed up to do. NOT a person in Hollywood is ever going to want to hire you now … YOUR RUDE

  40. Real People says:

    This show just proves how child/young celebrity has-beens become so F’d up and how the writer’s and producers of these shows manipulate the outcome for ratings. For me, I won’t be watching the show ever again. What ever happened to fair play? The outcome of the show was so unfair. The outcome should have been on the merits of the teams, not on some pull it out of your ^+& last chance challange. Why change the rules at the end? The winning individual’s fit factor didn’t gain that extra 5 points. Just doesn’t seem fair. But then again, look at the industry they’re in. It’s so fake and deceiving. Guess that’s why they call it acting. As far as Erin goes, she’s a wack job and showed her true colors. She and Dustin were both there only for a paycheck and never considered their team mates. Kudo’s to everyone else on the show. Atleast they got some personal growth from the experience. Willie, Tina and Tacara look great. Hope they get some great acting offers from this exposure. As for the producers of this show, they’re the biggest loosers.

  41. Blah and BULL SH*T! says:

    that was straight up bull &&&^ tonight, I’m sorry but the red team deserved it! It was crazy to switch up the teams in the beginning but then to hand out 5 extra points for NO reason!, thats crap! Willie did the work, and so didnt Taccarra, I feel for her, she wanted it so bad and she even changed the person she was, what can the blue team say they did? Dustin is still the jack !+* he always was, and they never really put their heart even into the game until the end where they all admitted that they CHEATED! they didnt listen to Dr. Ian at all! what a messed up show, and producers you should feel horrible for messing with someones emotions like that, why would people in real life now want to do the work when they see they can cheat and get everything for nothing!!! Harvey like always you’re amazing!

  42. Extraa says:

    Did anyone here watch the previous seasons???? They always give some type of extra credit at the last challenge. On past seasons it was pound credits, but since this season they are using the Fit Factor they gave out extra points. It has always been done.

  43. wanabfit says:

    Here is a suggestion from a devoted fan. I have watched each season and admired all the stars for their personal accomplishments. I think that it would be great to one day see the stars partner up with an everyday person to meet the challenges. Using the same show concept but adding regular people. It would be nice to see how a regular person would interact with Dr. Ian, Stacey and that lovable Harvey! We have seen what the program can do for the stars but it would be even better to see how the show can benefit an everyday person as well. It would be good to see a regular person and a noted star pushing and helping each other to meet their goals and maybe more of an incentive for the both of them. I personality think it would be great to watch! It will show America that this program helps everyone not just the rich and famous! I would tune in…..if I’m not asked to be a guest. :-)

  44. Shellas says:

    This is BULL SH*********T!!!!!!!!!!


  45. becky says:

    RED won, the scales don’t lie! Its sad that the show resorted to this kind of finale. Why give bonus points, you should either win or lose, but at least win on you actual weight. SAD.

    My eyes red won, AND THE SCALES DON’T LIE.

  46. Wish to be thin! says:

    Cannot stand Erin! Or Dustin Diamond!! Hope never to either one of them on TV ever again!!!!! They are both DISGUSTING! They possess no redeeming qualities as far as TV is concerned. Furthermore, I hope never to see any of their past TV shows. If they are televised I will promptly turn the channel.

    Erin was bizarre, strange, sleazy, selfish, rude and totally disgusting. She treated Scott Baio in a condescending manner on his show. Granted he has some major issues, but Erin… gage!

    Dustin, well… why waste my time.

    To see Dustin and Erin get paid to be rude, and waste their opportunity is very disappointing.

    Willie and Tina were incredible!

    Have respect for Brian! He has a lot of class. Happy to see him on other programs in the future.

    Toccara turned out to be a good team player. Glad Toccara and Willie turned their attitudes around.

    The other guy on the red team had a great attitude. Respectful and nice.

    Too bad the producers did not figure out a way to reward those who truly worked at the program. Erin and Dustin are a waste of air time. They should have been fired from the program. Give someone who wants to be there a chance to be there. Dustin and Erin screwed their team members. They also let down the viewing public. They wasted our time. I believe I am not alone when I say; I did not buy cable to watch the likes of Erin and Dustin. Don’t want to invite that kind of pond scum into my home!

    Just heard Willie won! How great is that!! He worked out like a mad man. Almost like an addict. Hmm???? Hope that is not the case.

    The blue team should have been penalized for not eating healthy the last week. Not a good example for the public. The five fit factor points is ridiculous! The prize should have gone to the top four losers. At least with the Biggest Loser those who lose weight win!

    There are real people who would love to have the kind of )$) istance the panel provided these stars. Some of us are so desperate to lose weight. The amount of weight I have to lose is frightening and overwhelming. Maybe the producers should reword the contract with future stars to give the program the power to kick a controversial star (i.e. Erin and Dustin) off the program in favor of a fan, who would love the opportunity.

  47. Wish to be thin! says:

    Cannot stand Erin! Or Dustin Diamond!! Hope never to either one of them on TV ever again!!!!! They are both DISGUSTING! They possess no redeeming qualities as far as TV is concerned. Furthermore, I hope never to see any of their past TV shows. If they are televised I will promptly turn the channel.

    Erin was bizarre, strange, sleazy, selfish, rude and totally disgusting. She treated Scott Baio in a condescending manner on his show. Granted he has some major issues, but Erin… gage!

    Dustin, well… why waste my time.

    To see Dustin and Erin get paid to be rude, and waste their opportunity is very disappointing.

    Willie and Tina were incredible!

    Have respect for Brian! He has a lot of class. Happy to see him on other programs in the future.

    Toccara turned out to be a good team player. Glad Toccara and Willie turned their attitudes around.

    The other guy on the red team had a great attitude. Respectful and nice.

    Too bad the producers did not figure out a way to reward those who truly worked at the program. Erin and Dustin are a waste of air time. They should have been fired from the program. Give someone who wants to be there a chance to be there. Dustin and Erin screwed their team members. They also let down the viewing public. They wasted our time. I believe I am not alone when I say; I did not buy cable to watch the likes of Erin and Dustin. Don’t want to invite that kind of pond scum into my home!

    Just heard Willie won! How great is that!! He worked out like a mad man. Almost like an addict. Hmm???? Hope that is not the case.

    The blue team should have been penalized for not eating healthy the last week. Not a good example for the public. The five fit factor points is ridiculous! The prize should have gone to the top four losers. At least with the Biggest Loser those who lose weight win!

    There are real people who would love to have the kind of ~_* istance the panel provided these stars. Some of us are so desperate to lose weight. The amount of weight I have to lose is frightening and overwhelming. Maybe the producers should reword the contract with future stars to give the program the power to kick a controversial star (i.e. Erin and Dustin) off the program in favor of a fan, who would love the opportunity.

  48. HereIambaby says:

    Erin is a freaking freak,she needs serious help. I am a single girl from blackcentury.com which is a niche dating service.

  49. ebony says:

    Dustin, Erin and Sommore were very disappointing! Dustin won on the fifth episode unfairly too. He admitted that he took something to lose weight and was not disqualified. Erin is just wacky! And, I use to like Sommore, but I see that she is spineless! I thought Sommore was real. Now I see her as a whimp! She wouldn’t follow the program and would back up Dustin’s rude and uncaring behavior, such as when we went AWOL. Sommore was afraid to have an opinion and would say what she thought made her appear to be understanding, yet stupid! Dustin and Sommore were so happy to win and contributed nothing! There trips should be given up to Tocarra and Willie.

    Dustin, Erin and Sommore should not get paid, because they didn’t earn it. I think that they all showed up for the money only. You should not show the world that it is okay just to show up, have everyone do all of the hard work and you reap the rewards.

    Unfortunately, this will be my last episode. This show has proven to me for the 2nd time, that it is unfair or not real! I am no longer interested in being dissappointed again.

  50. denise says:

    I truly feel for Willie & Toccara; they worked harder than anyone (besides Tina) and they basically got screwed by gaining Erin & A.J. who obviously didn’t care. It’s a shame that they had to walk away empy handed. But I guess in the end the won something priceless; their health. Tocarra I
    have always been a fan of yours no matter what you weigh, you’re one of the most beautiful women in the world and I love your passion! I look forward to seeing you again!

  51. dawn says:

    I said it last season and I will say it again; I am disgusted that Dustin Diamond not only lives in Wisconsin but that he is only about 10 minutes away from me. (like when he was telling Brian that he’ll come over to his house and gut him like a fish.)..hey loser I know where YOU live, you best think about you’re saying to people before truth & logic bite you in the %)& Ooops I guess maybe I shouldn’t say that before he gets on the phone with his lawyer…just like the man he isn’t.

  52. Jess says:

    I feel that the red team should have won because they did the best in the weight loss program. If the blue team did not won those five point they would have loss. If I was on the show and at the last minute they decided to just give away points I would have been mad.I would have felt like, why did I work so hard and not get the reward in return. Others may feel different, but this is my view on the matter.

  53. Real says:

    Toccara, and Willie did a good job on the show; but this just show that when you give your best on something, you still end up losing in the end. The show was very unfair and some people won great things that didnt work for it. On the blue team I feel the only person that really work for it was Tina, but the other three just luck up on it. If shows like this keep coming on it will show people that if you work hard for something it is just a waste of time because the losers will win in the end. Even if they didnt wont to show it I know that Toccara and Willie was mad, and I dont have to say this but I will. TOCCARA, WILLIE AND TINA YOU ARE THE REAL WINNERS OF CELEBRITY FIT CLUB BOOTCAMP!!!!!!

  54. chloe says:

    I heard that she is seeking rich men on uniformedcupid.c o m in these days —- reported by the magazine , she uploaded some of her hot and half naked pictures over there.Just go and check it out.

  55. dell says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I thought Erin and Dustin got free rides however, hats off to the other celebs. Did anyone get the recipe Tina used to shed the 11 lbs in less than a week? I know it wasn’t endorsed by the panel.

  56. Patti says:

    I have to say I was extremely disappointed and don’t anticipate watching any more fit clubs. Talking about “fixing” the game. To award fit points as a reward for a competition was just not right. The final show was a disappointment all the way around. Blue team was penalized during the obstacle course because their members felt the importance of actually finishing the course instead of going around it and taking the penalties and yet, when Tocarra tried to take the penalty Harvey and her team members talked her into going back and completing the crawl through the mud. How much time did that take … I’m guessing more than the minute penalty.
    And then, because of your cheating, Dustin won???? It was going to be hard enough to accept the fact that Erin would win even though she didn’t deserve it, but Dustin. I’m disheartened and disappointed.

  57. shannon says:

    I watched the show on a regualar basis this year (first time viewer). It was compelling to me that each individual had their own journey. The Red Team really worked hard (with the exception if icky Erin who shouldn’t recieve a dime), and clearly were going to be the deserved winners. The injustice of the last obsticle with the additonal points took the wind out of the sail for me. I’ll never watch this again. What is the point? It is such a let down to see a team who is the over all worked the hardest looses to a team who had one memeber who put most of their effort into the objective.

    Also, we at the my office raced to work on Monday’s to discuss Celebrity Fit Club. We all concur, we are DONE with it.

  58. Ileana says:

    I was very dissapointed that the blue team won. It doesn’t make any sense that they changed their diet and of just chicken and water to speed up the weight loss but they did not finish the obstacle course and got 6 minutes penalty to end up winning. The red team with the exception of Happy Days chic deserve to win. They got double played when the changed team mates but also with that last 5fit points. Very disappointed. Dustin Drama! and won?You got to be kiddin me. I will not watch the show.

  59. george says:

    I hope this is the last celebrity fit club. This was the most boring season EVER. Do another celebrity rehab. Its always fun to see rich people who got famous b/c of luck and not necessarily talent hit rock bottom.

  60. Cindy says:

    While I agree the red team should’ve won, what happened is no different from previous seasons of fit club. They have switched team players midstream and given bonus points (pounds) for the final challenge. It is ultimately a game and the strongest team doesn’t always win; sometimes its just plain luck. I was disappointed, but it was exciting and made the last episode more suspenseful. This is TV, not real life.

  61. Ed says:

    When will the next show begin…

  62. Char says:

    I am so disappointed in the methods of Celebrity fit, you rewarded the team that didn’t follow your diet, did not do the challenges by walking away from the exercise to get to the finish line first. Then award them the points for being quiters. What message are you sending to everyone who is struggling to get fit. Be a slacker and you can win, what a crock. I bet the Marines would not give you bonus points for not completing the task. The only highlight was that Willie won, shoing that if you focus and follow the plan you will win, although I am suprised that the Celebrity fit club didn’t find a way to give it to Tina. She showed in the last episode that you lose more weight by following Dr Atkins diet. What a slam to Dr Ian’s diet. I hope to see more of Willie as he should be rewarded for all of his determination to follow the program and show how great the diet “Fat Smash” is.

  63. sherry says:

    I think they all look great… I am disappointed in dustin though he needs to grow up! what happened to that cute little guy screech…. He has turned into this horrible cry baby… Get your lawyer…..Get a life……………………………………………………………

  64. james says:

    After tolerating your host Ant, the final straw that broke the camel’s back is when “someone” decided to throw a “little twist” into the fit factor by giving the blue team 5 extra fit factor points. Why??? Was it to maybe shut that whining brat Dustin up and hopefully he would drop his legal actions against the show or what??? As much as I was glad to see Tina Yothers be rewarded for her outstanding job, you basically ripped off the actual winning team. I think that the “someone or someones” who decided to throw a “little twist” into the final fit factor are probably New England Patriots fans who feel there is nothing wrong with manipulating the game to win, or have someone “you” want to win, even if it means screwing the true winners.

  65. terry says:

    I’m done watching fit club! What was that 5 point crap! Worst show ever.

  66. BEEMER says:

    I love the show but I do not think that it was fair this year. The fact that one team as actually given 5 fit factor points led to a sad disappointment. The red team worked their butts off and they were not rewarded in the end.

  67. nicky says:

    did anyone notice that they edited the commercial because sommore’s hoo hoos werent blurred out enough lmao

  68. umoza says:


  69. Nancy says:

    I feel that the diet that the blue team used on the final week was cheating, they did not follow the
    diet set forth for them. and what is the free five point mess. the blue team did not do the excerise
    therefore taking minutes off their time and only being penailzed one minute. that was not fair to the
    red team who did the excerise. i feel that the red team was cheated out of their earned win.

  70. Niki says:

    I thought it was real messed up that the red team did not win. They worked their a** off and ended up losing because they had a drunken slacker switched to their team midway. She costed them the challenge for the 5 fit points and gained when everybody else worked so hard to lose the last week. Toccara handled herself very well as a leader even though she was stuck with a slacker that wouldn’t even try for the sake of the team. RED TEAM WAS ROBBED!!!

  71. Thomas says:

    Well i have been watching Celebrity Fit Club since the second season and i have to say that this season is one of my favorites!! and might i say Tina and Toccara was smoking HOT!!!!!!!! and i hope to see a new season next year i love this show so much even though the blue team didnt deserve to win i thought the red team should have won but im glad Tina got something she deserved it so much!!!!!

  72. Pfiler says:

    Does anybody know what it was that Dr. Ian told Tocarra at her final weight in. Something about being a better person because of her. All the other celebrities were shocked but I couldn’t understand it.

  73. Aly says:

    Why are people complaining about the extra points. They’ve done something to that effect on EVERY SEASON. The season with that Nelson guy who was already in really good shape. They gave his team extra points in the final challenge when they didn’t need them.

  74. Lauren says:

    I am very disappointed on how the show ended. First, I feel that the blue team cheated (even though every week ANT says “Good luck, DON’T CHEAT and remember the scales don’t lie”). The blue team went on an unhealthy diet which sets a bad example not only on how one should lose weight, but by showing that cheaters can win. Toccara deserved to have her team win. Why root for someone if it is going to be rigged at the end? Other than Tina, no one else on the blue team really deserved to win.

  75. Stacey says:

    I feel that the blue team all didn’t deserve to win just because tina was the one who told everyone to CHEAT DIET the week before weigh in…dustin is just an idiot he quits every week and never gives his all and threatens every week to shut the show down and sue harvey he didnt deserve it….sommore she always freestyled her diet and did whatever she pleased….brian…he didnt deserve it just because he also went along with tina and their plan and he always had a reason for everything too….i loved the red team except for erin…and i think that tina winning the prize it should have really bother her that the red team was willing to stand up for her and was having erin give up her end of the prize if the red team won because they said she deserved it…but of course not she didnt even feel bad at all when the blue team won because they cheated…AND LIKE ANT SAYS EVERY WEEK DONT CHEAT THE SCALES DONT LIE BUT THEY DID!!!

  76. Steph says:

    I agree – WORST SHOW EVER! The 5 fit factor points was one thing, but allowing the team who if not outright cheated came really close, stinks. The whole point to the show is to be healthy and following an EXTREMELY unhealthy diet is not only a bad example, but for some folks out there who’ll try it it could be down right DANGEROUS! I can’t believe that Harvey put up with that. Not watching this show ever again!

  77. FutureEsq says:

    I’m surprised with all the “blue team cheated” comments when the fact is that the red team lost by only by ONE FREAKIN’ POINT (101.8 to 100.4) , even with the blue team getting the extra Fit Factor points. If Erin had lost the 8 pounds they would have won without the Fit Factor points. She is the only one to blame. The blue team did “cheat”, but that was their strategy, they knew it was a competition and wanted to win. The red team was stuck with the weakest contestant and they suffered the consequences.

    A.J., Toccara & Willie, you’re still winners to me :)

    And I think it’s time to pull the plug on this show. 6 seasons is enough.

  78. Lisa Winter says:

    If you have “celebrities” on the show “just for the money” and don’t even try to win, then why don’t you get some celebrities who really need to lose weight and pair them up with some of us real people who need to lose weight and would really try with all the opportunities given. I would be the first to sign up for free, as long as I could win all those wonderful prizes and trips. Sign me up! I would be there in a minute for Harvey’s boot camp.

  79. sharon says:

    that was not fair the fit points, it should have been on weight fit factor only.

  80. Tasha says:

    I have watched every season from day 1 and I realize this is TV and it’s all drama when you get people who want to be the talk of the town, but seriously guys it’s getting more ridiculous Dustin needs to seriously leave and never come back he was a nobody back then and still he is a nobody maybe just a whiney 5yr old. One thing I truly hate about most Celebrities is that this as Erin and later Dustin let be known is this is just another pay check and not a health life change and as Tina said while whole heartened I believe is that those of us who can’t afford or find the strength to do what they are so lucky to be able to do.
    Secondly Those who are complaining about ‘cheating’ I don’t really feel there is ‘cheating’ as long as they stick to losing the weight and keeping in shape I don’t see what the harm is in enjoying some of the same foods as everyone else it’s a life change not a prison. PLus again these are celebrities don’t count on them all actually coming through on these things especially if they are getting paid…It’s just another pay check.
    Love the show and looking forward to see more Dustin free episodes… seriously guys bring him on again and I give up on you

  81. Desiree Tracey says:

    The should change the name of this show to “CELEBRITY CHEATING BOOT CAMP” it was obivous the red team won fair and square and HARVEY decided to ‘CHEAT” and give the blue team points they “DIDN’T” earn!

  82. Jim says:

    How were the fit factor points awarded? Was it amount of weight lost X amount of Fat Percentage. For instance I lose 10 pounds and 1 percent of my body fat my fit factor points are = 10 ? I wasn’t sure on how the points were calculated. Please help.

  83. John says:

    To Aly: Fit factor points in the past were rewarded based on the improvement that you made on a series of physical challenges like mile time, broad jump, push-ups and the like. The one minute penaltys for not completing an obstacle were arbitrary. Who says that it would only take one minute to complete a challenge. For two straight years the winning team used extreme measures on the last week to win. Dustin was on both teams. If they are going to award Fit Factor points then they could make a ruling on the fly to take away for violating the nature of the game. I am done with thsi show.

  84. t76nia says:

    Ms. Sommore(respect) to your recant of your statement to be a role model, I think you are , you have showed us tough by circumstance ladies that we can try something different and be triumphant and look good doing it, you seem to get along in any situations and it was sooo emotional for me to see you make it to the top, you were not afraid to show your human side and I LOVE U FOR IT! HAPPY TO SEE TOCCARA GROW UP I THINK SHE’S BEAUTIFUL and with the right attitude there is nothing that she can’t do because she is strong at will and heart. TINA AND WILLIE YOU ROCK. ERIN THEY ARE RIGHT THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO WOULD GIVE THERE RIGHT ARM TO TRAIN WITH HARVERY AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST.

  85. KB says:

    I have been saying this for years: the people on the show who have been put in charge of calculating the “fit factor” points or statistics to tabulate the winners are brain damaged idiots who clearly failed math. First there’s the whole switching players around halfway through the show, which throws off the totals, then the whole calculating of points is off by looking at it logically. C’mon, do your own math; how can AJ have a higher numbers than Dustin if he lost less weight than Dustin?? How can Tina and Willie start out the season weighing nearly the same amount (Willie weighed only 2 pounds more), Tina lost 10 pounds more than Willie (his final weight was 165; hers was 155), and HE’S the individual winner?? BULL! If the producers had kept the teams the same throughout the whole show, the “Second Chancers” would have kicked the “Newbies” butts, and Willie and Toccara would have gotten the prizes they EARNED. No wonder Toccara started crying when she realized that her team lost by a fraction of a point. I’ll say it again– this show would benefit if it followed some of the guidelines of The Biggest Loser and give the prizes to the contestants who LOSE THE MOST WEIGHT while being kept under strict guidelines and monitored workouts (If they hadn’t held the Boot Camp once a week, Dustin wouldn’t have gone back home in the interim and got stuck when Mitchell Airport closed down due to weather– again, I’m a Wisconsin resident and remember that Mitchell kept shutting down for no reason during the time the show was filmed, so the other contestant’s whining was for show when he didn’t show up) If this series wants to keep viewers, they need to make serious revisions to its format, as proven by all the comments here saying people aren’t going to watch anymore because of the factors I’m complaining about.

  86. KB says:

    To Steph and Sharon:
    I think you were watching a different show than I was. First, you complain that the team that lost the most weight should have won. That would still be the Blue Team. Tina lost 34, Brian lost 15, Sommore lost 11, Dustin lost 23; that’s 83. AJ lost 12, Erin lost 3, Willie lost 26, Toccara lost 21; that’s 62. However, if they had kept the teams the same throughout, then the Red Team would have won, 104 to 41. Then, you argue that the Blue team cheated, but I remember that the Red team is the one that sabotaged the other team during the Hell week challenges, so who’s the real cheaters?

  87. Dave says:

    One of the reasons I watch the show was because of the people on it. I will watch another Celebrity Fit Club if they have it. If you want to watch a show that is more about weight loss then watch The Biggest Loser. I watch this show because of the drama. Good or Bad it was entertaining.

  88. Nandi says:

    SOMMORE- You are my role model, a great one at that! Your 4-week success was a true success. Everyone can’t lose 20-something pounds in such a short period of time. You are a role model because you didn’t go to the extremes and presented a real outlook on the challenges of eating right and fitness obstacles. Your courage to atleast attempt all of the challenges is one of the best acts of being a role model for us African American women. I would love to see you more with Celebrity Fit Club (maybe on the next season) to see you completely achieve your goals.

    You are my hero-Keep going gurl!

  89. Darla Stewart says:

    Dear Willie,

    I’ve been watching “Celebrity Fit Club” since season two and I’d just like to say that I’m glad you came back to get a second chance on losing weight. From the first day you were at bootcamp, I knew you were serious about losing weight and becoming a healthier person. You did everything that you were asked to do and I’m so proud of you.

    While I watched you on “Celebrity Fit Club” (seasons 2 & 6), there were times when I would look at you and say to myself, “I see a lot of my personality in Willie and I really like it.” I see you as a very sweet and mellow man that I’d be happy to have as a friend. I also see you as a man with a good heart who would accept me the way I am too. Your presence has really grown on me and it made me very happy to see you again during this season of “Celebrity Fit Club”.

    Thank you, Willie!

  90. tt says:


  91. Gloria says:

    Erin said her antics wouldn’t lose her fan club. Well how wrong she is.She has turned into a sleezy psycho witch. Hope she never gets another paycheck and rots in hell.

  92. Sommore says:

    Where can we see the topless photos of myself ???

  93. lacey says:

    i would like to say to harvey about all those celebrieties that you have on the show that are big giant whiners…to them i say boo-hoo. (i give giant kudos to the celebs that work their $~) off.) i heard all season about parties people had to go to and eat fattening foods, and no time for exercise. i never heard a celebrity say i did not have time to work out because i had to work. i work minimum of nine 12 hour shifts every 2 weeks and have a family. a lot of the time i am either too tired to work out, or do not have time between shuffling kids around, buying groceries, ect. so, i have had a really hard time with all the seasons when i hear that whining bs. i have 3 specific goals i will probably never see because of time constraints. so, next season, when dustin(or whoever) is back with their cry-baby stuff, you feel free to sned them to me, and i can give them a real reason to whine.

  94. beamedik says:

    and too willie…do you still live in the “dotte” like it said in the earlier season. if so, where do you tattoo?

  95. nayna says:

    I believe the people who won deserved to win. The blue team was very good. And Willie really deserved to win. AJ made excuses. Erin was annoying. And Toccara was getting to damn %__^ y and suck on herself. So Congratulation goes out Tina, Sommore, Willie, Brian, and even Dustin’s sorry &+`

  96. jalonda ware says:


  97. Ruth Powers says:

    I was reading the Enquirer the other day and they had an article stating that Erin just went on the show because she was behind on her mortgage payments and her house almost went into foreclosure, so all of those here who said she was broke are probably correct. That’s why she was so desperate for the money. It also said that she had no intention on losing weight. VH1, if there is a next season of this season (which I doubt), please get D-listers who actually need to lose weight. Erin,get a real job and get over the fact that Happy Days ended. You’re not a star anymore.

  98. jen h says:

    I would give anything to be able to participate in a Fit Club to hear a celebrity “just did it for the money” and lost very little with an incredible opportunity…SLAYS ME!!! I am all for a viewer celebrity fit club, I need to lose about 50 lbs and need the motivation that Harvey gives. Give me a call if looking to start that! Love the show, GO TINA & WILLIE!!!

  99. tiffany Walton says:

    Is there going to be a new episode of celebrity fit club I watch it all the time and I enjoy watching even the marathon.

  100. Rocki says:

    It is disgusting that these ‘celebrities’ are paid SO GREATLY for participation — when those of us in the REAL WORLD (who actually have to work REAL JOBS every day) have to allocate portions of our hard earned income to actually be able to join a gym … and that does NOT include the personal trainers or help that these ‘spoiled’ (I won’t print what I am thinking here) are getting … for free.

    WHAT I would like to see is if they, like the rest of the world — have to PAY to get the training .. or .. better yet — that they DONATE the proceeds to a Shelter (for battered women/children or homeless Veterans or even to help support Addiction Treatment Programs (for those who do NOT have healthcare and can’t afford it) INSTEAD of continuing to line their pockets.

    The GREED is astounding .. and the disgusting way that one so-called ‘celebrity’ did it “Just for the Money’ is abominable. It is no wonder that people turn OFF the TV and refuse to watch — we can’t stand the LACK of human-ness that is shown on this show.