Celebrity Fit Club Finale Breakdown – Farewell Fit Club, Hello Hot Bods


The last episode of Celebrity Fit Club was so good, it made Sommore do THIS:



For one last time, we’re recapping the five best moments on this week’s Fit Club. Now technically, Erin’s acid-washed jean jacket deserves its own set of honors, because holy crap, how great was this thing?!


Erin’s fame is retro, and so is her coat. But her attitude? Totally NOW, which is why she starts out the countdown!

5. The Erin Factor


The poor red team tried desperately – even forcefully – to get this woman to work, but all Erin wants to do is smile and get some money, ya’ll! They former child star tried so little at Fit Club that she actually GAINED a pound on the finale! There’s a reason her team tried to strip her of any prizes she could have won in the finale, so perhaps it’s better that they didn’t win at all? We probably shouldn’t suggest that, or Tocarra and Willie will be after us, too!

4. Is There Anything Willie Won’t Do?

Willie is crazy, yes, but that’s kind of his greatest charm. The guy worked out for six hours a day, fought hard for his team, sweated all night in the gym (and outside!) before the final weigh-in, battled Erin’s lazy-bones, got Harvey’s face tattooed on his leg and won the individual weight lose battle – for what? Ahhh, all for Willie. That’s the way we like it.


Congrats, soldier.

3. Shattered Glass, Shattered Pasts

After all the crazy, militaristic challenges these eight have had to do, why not walk on glass after being woken by a mariachi band, right? This final challenge seems pretty normal in the Fit Club world. And so, on the eve of their final weigh-in, Harvey brought the gang out to work with this dude:


A glass-walking expert whose crazy eyes rival Erin’s. The dude – whose name I forgot as I was so mesmerized by his eyes – instructs the Clubbers to remain present in their minds and bodies, and not to jump on the glass as they walk. These are also awesome life lessons, for those of you taking notes. Everyone hops along on the glass, proving that these eight may have lost weight, but they’ve gained confidence – and a newfound willingness to do insane things! Tear-shedding time!


2. Queen Tina


Is it just us, or does everyone want to be BFF/sisters/pen-pals with Tina Yothers? Willie’s greatest rival lost 11 pounds in her last week on the show, and even though her methods were a bit shady (Protein and water only? BLERGH!) , she kinda earned the right to go there. Because honestly, Tina can do whatever the hell she wants – including looking super hot at her final weigh-in. Tina, call me! Let’s go shopping!

1. Transformers

The best part of the entire show (aside Sommore getting her dog tags and Toccara announcing that she was “catching a diva moment,” natch) was the awesome transformations of the entire cast. Even those who didn’t lose much weight looked hot – and how sexed out was Erin in that red dress? Damn girl! Toccara and Dr. Ian got to hug it out over her balanced BMI (and seriously, she looks GOOOOOOD) , and in the end everyone changed, even just a little bit.

But in the end there can only be one winner. And so it was with a lot of cheers and confetti that Willie got his wish – Erin got no prizes, and Tina won it all. Unfortunately, so did Mr. “I Need to Get Paid” Diamond, but hey, the world isn’t always fair.


Nice work team. And since we’ll never know how Willie and Tocarra resolved their beef with Erin, we hope they settled it Fit Club style, on the obstacle course.

Be sure to check out Harvey kickin butt at Club Med Ixtapa Pacific and meet our Celebrity Fit Club sweepstakes winner, Danielle from Dayton, OH.

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