Ambre Alert: “There Will Not Be a Rock of Love 3



Bret Michaels‘ current rock of love, Ambre, has taken to her MySpace blog to share her thoughts on life after Rock of Love 2. Here’s what we learn:

  • She’s doing “fantastic” and “auditioning like crazy.”
  • She plans on appearing at some of Bret’s upcoming shows: “We are working on our schedules together and scheduling dates on the cities I will be at.”
  • She’s still with Bret and what she told us about their relationship holds true: they’re “dating” and seeing where things go.
  • That said, don’t expect to see a Bret Loves Ambre reality show anytime in the near future.
  • Another thing you shouldn’t expect, according to Ambre: Rock of Love 3. “Bret and I talked about this and as far as we know there will not be a Rock of Love 3 and if there is, it could possibly be with another rocker. He is looking to do another show called Bret Michaels’ Big Rock Road Show. Details and dates are not available at this time.”

Do stay tuned — when we know details and dates, so will you. [Ambre's MySpace Blog]

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  1. me says:

    Glad he pick a real women good luck to you both

  2. Vixon says:

    I hope things work out and Bret does some growing up.

    Money and Fame is okay. But when you have kids your kids are the most important thing in the world. Life goes by so fast, I don’t know where Bret finds time to spend with his daughers? The money would not be worth doing the Rock of Love shows or The Road show, he has enough money seems he’d want to spend more time with his kids, everyone is different but kids grow up so fast – I just don’t see how doing this silly show for money would be worth being away from your kids for weeks, then on the road almost everyday doing shows? It wouldn’t be worth it, he should be set in life money wise it seems.

  3. Go Ambre says:

    Ambre you deserve better than Bret hes an old washed up 80s rocker and needs to raise his 2 young daughters instead of getting a**. If you stay with him use a condom!

  4. Katie says:


    you are such a great role model! You handled all the drama in the house soo logically and beautifully =] and i respect you for that. you are GORGEOUS and i hope you are happy with bret =]

    best wishes

  5. L.V says:

    Bret is a loser. What Ambre or anyone else sees in that ^~( is beyond me. He has to wear eye make-up to look keep up with the loser chicks he dates. Ambre was the most decent of any of the
    women (I use that word loosely). Why does he thinks he is a catch? I wouldn’t puke on the best part of him (if there was a best part). Hey Bret, Get a life you must be reeeeeaaaal hard up!

  6. L.V says:

    Bret is a loser. What Ambre or anyone else sees in that $~% is beyond me. He has to wear eye make-up to keep up with the loser chicks he dates. Ambre was the most decent of any of the
    women (I use that word loosely). Why does he thinks he is a catch? I wouldn’t puke on the best part of him (if there was a best part). Hey Bret, Get a life you must be reeeeeaaaal hard up!

  7. blue eyes says:

    good luck girl keep doing what u are doing don’t let noone take him ok

  8. Halle says:

    I am SO glad to see that they are still going strong. Im also glad to hear that all the rumors that Daisy was at one of his show and they were making out was SO BS.. Thats good. Daisy got what she deserved. ( THE BOOT )

  9. Sandra tidwell says:

    I was hoping you would win and I am so glad that it was not Daisy. She really has issues. I just hope she will stop stripping or whatever kind of dance she does. I really hope you and Bret make it because you look really good together. My prayers will be with you both. Good luck and God Bless!!!!!!

  10. Marie says:

    They are keeping everything up for “appearances” sake so that people will go to the shows to “meet”’s all a stunt, he did not even really hug her when she came out on the reunion show-not like he hugged Heather, his body language around Heather is pure comfort they belong together

  11. tara says:

    did you get a chance to meet bret’s kids

  12. Stacy says:

    Good luck to the both of you. I have to say the show was quite entertaining. Especially with the Heather and Daisy fight during the reunion.

  13. angela says:

    you no amber .you were the only one who had there head on rite. and out of all these dumm freekin reality were like the only smart one .no lie .,and they want to play part 2 are 3 thats just for money . well brett best do the rite thing and stick to you. cause if he watch …. you were the smartist one there , and you knew what the hell you were there for.brett maid a commit about his fans … well keeping you here in la. he has alot know that he kept you .no lie…..i dont understand, you were about to leave . i got so upset and was about to cry.and whenever i found out it was you he kept it really maid me cry more . i didnt get to see the one were he picked you .i had a bad sezure …you know i would really like to meet yall me and my old man.yall are just rite for the fans ,,, everyone was ruting for you told them girls what was write and what was wrong . that was so strong … i hope he keeps you . its not like flavor flav. its all about a piece of butty . well if i dont see rock of love three than bigolly i know he really cares girl … dont give up…. and brett you better not either. ima fan of yours … but leaving a good women makes you look bbooooooooooooooooooooooo…. butt we know you wont… yall take care and have a good time …. im very happy for you amber them other girls were to fake .exept you and the inocent one ….but girl you didnt let knowone get in your way .you faught for your man in words . that was the bom….welll love yall and i wish we were yall butt kepp it up u2…ttyl

  14. Candace says:

    I’m so gald Ambre won, I was rooting for her the whole show! Good luck girl!

  15. salva says:

    finally i hope they stay together bret don’t screw it up again istead give me the girls you don’t want.

  16. hockeymom28 says:

    Bret, Great choice with Ambre. If things don’t work out let me know. Would love a date with you. Her and I are alot alike
    Take Care

  17. jessica says:

    Bret Loves Ambre reality show anytime in the near future. I am a single black girl from which is a niche dating service.

  18. Cookie says:

    Marie–your comment:
    They are keeping everything up for “appearances” sake so that people will go to the shows to “meet”’s all a stunt, he did not even really hug her when she came out on the reunion show-not like he hugged Heather, his body language around Heather is pure comfort they belong together.

    Your words are so true—It was all about watching Bret’s body language to tell the REAL story.
    Bret did not smile as much once Ambre hit the stage. Their “reunion kiss” was so not believable.
    There was no lover’s passion in it–no spark there. Then when Ambre was speaking, Bret was not even really paying attention to her. So it so obvious that even the Reunion show was fake and that VH1 has Ambre giving an interview today simply to rebutt blog comments. Sorry Ambre you may believe you are dating but someone needs to inform Bret of it because he is not doing any interviews to support what you are saying. Toots, for a woman who claims to be intelligent, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Anyway–what do you think about Bret having sex with Daisy in Cancun???? You did not address that in your interview.

    I was never a Heather fan, but did notice that Bret obviously paid more attention to her presence and hugged her in a different way than he did Ambre. There is some sexual potency in the arena
    there that seems not to have fizzled out. Think there is also some sexual attraction still going on
    with Daisy although we were not supposed to see that comment Bret made to Daisy after the catfight—Bret was trying to get the cameras turned off when he was outside the studio with Daisy.
    But too late, we all heard his comment to Daisy on the out-take Reunion extras. Can’t take that
    back Bret it is released to the public’s ears. I was not a Daisy fan either, but gotta believe the truth as I see it.

  19. RockChick says:

    Well folks I have to say that I say the show this weekend up in WI and NOT only did it rock BUT Ambre was there. And there is NO FN way that she was there to just make an appearance . THEY were all over each other and NOT even the BEST actress could act the way that Ambre and Bret were. I LOVED IT…. LOVE IT

  20. Heavens1 says:

    Marie’s comment was—-
    They are keeping everything up for “appearances” sake so that people will go to the shows to “meet”’s all a stunt, he did not even really hug her when she came out on the reunion show-not like he hugged Heather, his body language around Heather is pure comfort.

    On target Marie!!!!!!!…. Someone needs to conk Ambre on the head and tell her to wake up. She is not fooling all the people all the time. Notice she is the “only one” who keeps saying she and Bret are dating…. but Bret’s comments after the Reunion, and to this day, do not match up to what she is telling the press.

    Why is Bret not screaming it out to the world on every radio show, every newpaper interview, and every magizine interview if he is TRULY still dating this woman now???
    Since the Reunion show, Bret has been on lots of radio shows in the cities where he is playing a gig—he is doing interviews with many reporters too…… but he is sticking to the same words that he said the Monday after the Reunion Show aired. He said that she is only some one nice to be around. The definition of that is basically “a friend”. Bret never used the words that they were dating.

  21. anomymous says:

    amber i hate u, u knew daisy likes bret why did u let her down like that she needed someone to help her in her dang life u have a good like spend it with your freaking self

  22. TruthStarz says:

    Phooey–someone is posting false stuff and is so full of crap ! ! ! !
    Whoever on here said they saw Bret all over Amber at his Wisconsin show must have been drunk and having hallucinations.
    Ambre was no where near Wisconsin that night of the 26th—she was making an appearance with Jessica Kinni, and Destiney Moore signing autographs and taking photos at “Bar Louie” on 5201 W. War Memorial Drive, in Peoria, Illinois from 8:00 p.m. til 10:30 p.m. After that the girls appeared
    at club “Carbon” on 116 SW Jefferson Ave. to do more photos and autographs. The girls were there til around midnight that night because the crowd was so large.

    Ambre is an actress–she’s totally eaten up with herself. If she is telling the press she is going to appear at some of Bret’s shows then it is only a publicity stunt. Bret is not publicizing any combined appearances on any of his tour schedules.. I say Ambre is full of hot air.

  23. Dreamweaver says:

    Why are people lying about seeing Bret and Ambre together when they are not???
    Have you not got anything better to do with yourselves?
    For your information, Lac du Flambeau, WI where Bret played that night is about 7 1/2 hours away from Peoria, Illinois so there is no way that Ambre could have been at Bret’s show if she was signing autographs at the clubs.

  24. JayJay says:

    Ambre is a liar. It is a hoax to increase the ROL tour publicity.

    MICHAELS: I said this from day one: I went into this to have fun and maybe find someone to like. True love is not going to be found instantly on a TV show. That is only for scripted shows. Scripted reality, they give someone a show. It is the reason “Rock of Love” has been the No. 1 show. It has been kept as real as possible. Anyone thinking they are going into a TV show finding love, they might find someone that they like and eventually learn to like them more. I think finding true love, I never went in with that intent.

    Q: Did you find true love this time?

    MICHAELS: I found someone who is really nice and cool and gets rock ‘n’ roll. We can see when it goes from here.

  25. mimi says:

    Im sooo happy that he pick Amber.She is real.And they make a cute couple.Daisy was just looking for someone to take care of herand she not mature enough for Bret.So Bret and Amber go and be HAPPY!!! next TV show will be of you guys together with some little ones.HAhaha .Just kidding.good luck ,and stay together 4 ever…

  26. Laney says:

    I’m so glad to hear that Bret and Ambre are doing well so far.
    If they do a Rock of Love with a different rocker, I wonder who it will be.

  27. LAS VEGAS says:

    Ambre is not Bret’s type. she tries to hard by emoting (meaning over acting). Ambre was not cool. She lost her temper more than anyone on the show. She attacked more girls (women) on the show and used more profanity than anyone on the show. Ambre likes to dictate. When all this dies down and she is around her real friends who by the way is going to tell her to stop acting like a fool, Ambre is going to return to her real self and Bret is not going to like anything about Ambre. The Truth was always in the beginning, Bret was going to send Ambre home that first night on the show. Ambre had been in a long term relationship (engaged as a matter of fact). You don’t act like some adolescent when you are experienced. Besides when you are in love and have sexual desires, you do not need to tell yourself, you need to step up your game and be artifical in your behavior. You automatically response to love making or spontaneously show your desire. It was all for show.
    Bret was not always grabbing, touching, kissing Ambre the way he was with Daisy.

  28. Stephanie says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Ambre this weekend and she was so sincerely nice!!!! I wanted a pic and I interupted their dinner (being the ()$$@ that I am) and she took the pic. NO questions asked. Then as I walked away, she said “It was very nice to meet you.” Awe! I’m a super fan now! LOL

  29. nancy p says:

    to brett and ambre

    i am soooooo happy for the both of you,,,,,congratulations on your futures together,,and ive been saying this all along,,there will not be a rock of love 3 with brett micheals,,,everyone reads into things that arent there,,

    again i wish you both the best

    and brett,,you made the right choice,,,because it comes down to ,,in life you want a life partner,,someone to be there for you and you kids,,,,,wild times are fleeting,, i know been there done that,,

    take care

    and everyone else,, have a nice day

  30. nancy p says:

    to people who think this is a stunt,,get over it,,you all are reading things that arent there

  31. nancy p says:

    ive been saying this all along,,hope this with ambres words and bretts,,there wont be a rock of love 3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    congratulations to brett and ambre

  32. michelle says:

    i don’t think bret should have chose either of the girls cause for 1 daisy was stupid and 2 ambre is not the type of girl you would see brett with and to me she’s stuck on herself so i’m hoping they will make a rock of love 3 and that brett will have better taste this time to me he’s getting old and his taste in women is not as hot as it use to be so hopefully his judgement of women will get better i do enjoy watching the show and watching the women make fools of themselves the only one that i thought was a good match for brett was heather but brett had to mess that up and choose jess which was not a bad choice but heather should have been his rock of love not ambre there’s just something about her i do not like so please make a rock of love 3

  33. ROCKLIFE says:

    I was also at the WI show over the weekend and Ambre was there and hanging with Bret. There is NO WAY they were doing this for publicity. SO Sorry folks who think this is a stunt GET OVER IT.. THEY are dating and VERY Cozy…

    To the person who was “anomymous” are you kidding me? You think that Ambre should have bailed out becuase she has a better life then Daisy? WHAT sense does that make? Why would Bret want to be with a loser who still LIVED with her boyfriend and only went on the show to get out of her current living situation. That is the DUMBEST thing I have ever read on this post. MY GOSH

  34. casie jensen says:

    wow …that kind of sucks that there is not going to be another rock of love 3, because the drama is awesome and funny as hell…but on bret and ambre i think it is a good thing there not going to be a third show because bret and ambre are sooooo hot together, they look great , and they are great people, and i can see that they have awesome times together and love it. soo i hope to god i dont see them broken up ! i would hate to see that..i woul really cry! bret!!! u and AMBRE are freakin’!! hot together!!!!! and two sexy people!!! that is like the best thing!! two sexy people make one sexy baby !!! HAHAHA
    welll i hope everything works out with the two of them!!

    love and remember *~*~* Casie Jensen*~*~*

  35. alreadytireramber says:

    gosh amber your facial expressions are so annnoying, you act so #*#%@` ed, its not even funny, On 3 old its cute. On you not so much,Grow up already

  36. Jamie Brock says:

    I saw Bret perform this past weekend in North Carolina. And while Ambre was not there, he made it clear several times that there would probaly not be a rock of love 3 starring him anyways. He did say he wanted to do a rock show as said above.

  37. takarra says:

    I hope that Bret and Ambre make it all the way because I think that she was the only real woman there and I can’t wait to here about a wedding in the future. GOOOOOD LUCK TO YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. T.C. says:

    I think that is wishful thinking on Ambre’s part. Bret hasn’t been faithful to her and I don’t think he will settle down until he is truly in love. He has been asked about another season and he said “never say never”. He also said the thing that he loved the most about ROL2 was sleeping with Kristi Jo, Daisy and Ambre. Hmmm…and in an interview on a late night show, he said that he might do another season and that he had slept with other women while the show was on 5 month hiatus. Bret said he “likes” Ambre and she’s cool, that kind of shows that “love” isn’t involved yet. He picked the less of 2 evils. Just like Bret said all along..Ambre wanted to win for the sake of winning…and now that it’s over, she will try her best to say that they are together..but how can they date..they are both on the road, they may talk, but it seems that the only thing Bret is interested in is “hooking up” and he can do that any day of the week. As far as this blog, that is Ambre stating her opinion..I guess I would be like that, too. Bret didn’t say it..he said “ya never know!” She doesn’t want to admit that it’s not a real relationship, it’s just a hook up every now and then! Ambre did the show for publicity and she got it, but most of it was negative, most people didn’t like her holier than thou attitude and they way she preached and talked over the other girls. And it was hilarious watching her trying to be sexy and suck in her stomach when Bret was around. Just give it up Ambre…VH1 wanted Bret to pick you and did influence his decision because they knew it wouldn’t work and they want another ROL…why wouldn’t they? It has been a #1 show and they love the viewers!!!

  39. openyoureyes says:

    am I the only one who find amber annoying, wow how brett ever pick her for him rock of love, the whole show he keep saying that daisy could be his rock of love , he never said that about ambre, I do not like brett for not following his heart, Ifhe really like care for daisy then that who he should have pick ,I really think daisy was more honest then ambre, ambre lie about her age, at least daisy was open about all her issues and no one give her credit for that, it all negitive and how great ambre is ,how together and mature she is, I think she acted like 3 year old half the time with her annoying facial expressions, also I read ambre blog and she said her and brett didnot sleep together, I think she lieing about it, after she show her yaajaay at dinner then they went right to the his room, amber full bs, not daisy and wh ever cant really see that is blind as a bat.

  40. T.C. says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing…if they were truly dating..why did he admit to trying and wanting to hook up with Daisy at the reunion…even Heather said that’s why Bret didn’t want to tick Daisy off and take Heather’s side cause then he wouldn’t be able to hook up with Daisy. That says a lot about how true Bret’s feeling are for Ambre…he doesn’t love her and I don’t think he ever will. This is just major publicity for both..although Ambre’s will soon die out and she will go back to her nobody life and Bret will continue to keep rocking and messing around with the hotties!

  41. Change the station says:

    Ambre is the right girl. Bret is the wrong guy. Think about that.

  42. Long Island says:

    I do believe that HEATER was the right SOUL MATE for Btet. So she had a pole has her perfession. SO WHAT. She gave it up. GOOD FOR HER. Bret, always looks like he GLOWS when he sees HEATHER its like butterflies in your stomach. If ya no what i mean. I do beleive HEATHER really does LOVE

  43. Long Island says:

    Bret with her whole HEART and SOUL. HEATHER, from what i see from her is that, she really loves Bret. I feel that he did make the wrong choice again with Ambre. He should of somehow someway had HEATHER back in the mix with the 2 girls and picked HEATHER. I am a HEATHER FAN ALL THE WAY – with all my heart and soul. that i have in my body, and will be for eternity. I wish i could meet her in person before i leave this world.

  44. tiffani Brake says:

    i think there will be a Rock of love 3

  45. tiffany says:

    Ambre and Bret are NOT together. Ambre is trying her best to say they are together because she wants the exposure! I think it sucks that VH! is going along with the scam!! Bret is a scumbag and Ambre really did have feelings for him but she is a smart woman and when she realized Bret didn’t care for her, she decided to use his name to get exposure and her 15 minutes of fame. Get real people!! They are soooo not matched!!!

  46. marlow says:

    I do agree that daisy does look like a fraggrock . lol but in cute way, brett should have pick daisy, she love me she love not, daisy fraggrock ….she didn’t won the show but she did won his heart … thats what counts…thats what I think.

  47. Andrew Foster says:

    I am so happy that amber won the rock of love 2 because for most of the season I thought that she was the perfect women for him no matter her age. Amber rock on cause u are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Andrew says:

    I dont care what anybody got to say about my girl amber she is the right girl and I dont care what anbody else has to say about heathe is a trashy slut!!!!!!

  49. Steffi says:

    Give it up Amber Bret don’t want you. Your phoney and was acting the whole time. Bret woulda picked Daisy if that old hag Heather didn’t butt her head in where she didn;t belong. You look just as old and ugly as her. And your a hoe like her too. I can’t wait till Bret dumps your ^%& for good and does a ROL3. You and skankbag Heather should get together. Your probally a lesbian like her. Bret needs a real woman.

  50. lynn says:

    the end of the show was better than a romantic novel. I cried so hard and was very happy for Amber. I like Brett and I hope that he and Amber will be very happy together. I would hate to see a Rock of Love III that would mean that Amber and Brett love had failed This was the best show ever

  51. KEISHAV. says:


  52. Sadie says:

    I think Bret made the right decision in picking Amber. I think Daisy would have been wrong and too damn sluty! Amber is smart and beautiful. Bret and her make a great couple. She has her own career and knows where she is going on life. So Steffi you need to shut the hell up!

  53. Long Island says:


  54. Long Island says:


  55. Long Island says:


  56. marlow says:

    I think ambre is the most annoying person on the plante, with 2 year old expressions on her face all the time goofy giggling at union ,she look about 50 ( she no madonna)but act about15 teen please this woman is like child. I do not think we were watching the same show, ambre is not smart or educated, maybe she won the show but lost her diginity..and she does lie ….I read her blog ….she didn’t only lie about her age ,but much more..ambre a big phony..but I guess she smarter then brett and daisy put together … ambre think she better and smarter than brett and all the girl on the show….i do like brett ,not love… he could be good person????I didnt doesn’t alway seem like…. to me????question…I think the business as harden him…like he numb or something or he afraid that some of women might be more talent then him and that why he pick ambre.. I think he really afraid of women…he close off.. ???..maybe he really doesn;t know who to trust …he have trust issues …that easy to see why ….he hang with wrong women….. but why didn;t he pick a nice girl??? There has been really nice girl on the show that he turn away, like sam, jess, pation I think they really care about him…brett do like women ???? I am being to wonder??? I think brett only like trashy women that taletails and do alot of trash talking about other women that they knows he has feeling fo .trashy women are jealous and want to get them out of house…and he fall for every time…I cant believe he doesnt see thur them??? are you stupid brett?? ..why do you surround yourself with women like that….there no hope for you. ambre just ugly betty I mean uglyheather …..ambre & heather or the one and the same

  57. Jax says:

    I’m sorry to say but I recall Bret Michael’s saying that he’s considering a Rock of Love 3. This was from a show in North Carolina he did at a Rally! Tough Luck Amber!

  58. ALISSA BURSE says:


  59. yalanda says:

    She tries too hard, she’s not a trashy slut o.k. she made that clear trying to exclude her self from the other ladies….. TRUTH is your a SENIOR CITIZEN and if you think he’s not going to be going after the young trashy sluts that will be at his shows….your sadly mistaken.

  60. KIA says:

    You better continue to workout because that’s all you’ve got amber, Your old you look like the lady on the 101 Dalmations… I would hate to see you with your make-up off.

  61. Frances says:

    I THINK bret should of choosen daisy cuz she aint that old..
    and ambre trys 2 hard…

  62. Tricia says:

    hats off to you Ambre…hold on to your man!!! i`m soo happy for you two. don`t worry about the negativity dats going around about you….they just jealous…..”keep it on rocking!”

  63. marlow says:

    I am sorry but I am being to think that brett like ugly trashy women like lacy ugly ambre ugly…heather not ugly but one hell of bitoch…fight like man …jess would have been with brett..if he had act like man and not some teenage boy trying out everything he see…..doesn’t that get old.. but she saw how disrespectful he was to her….sleeping with lacy and heather…yuck I wouldn’t want their sloppy second…that how he treat a nice girl….by beding down with uglie …amber trying say on her blog that she and brett didnt hook up the last night they were together …she so full bs…..your lair ambre so cut bs…I am so done talking about you … your 5 mintues are up

  64. Daria says:

    Bret shoul;d do a ROL3. I don’t think Amber’s good enough for him. She acts stupid. She’s as dumb as Daisy. And she isn’t pretty either. They need to put better women on the show. No dumbasses like Amber and Daisy or skanks like Heather.

  65. Amy says:

    I reallly think that bret made the right choice in choosing amber. Sorry but those other so called women on the show did not hold a candle to amber. I hope they continue to be happy.

  66. marlow says:

    I thougth daisy was better choice for brett, he really seem to like daisy , they seem to have connection..he even said during the show…daisy could be my rock of love????so what happend???he pick goof ball ambre..go figture..that was to much…daisy does look like a fragglerock…lol..but I really like herfor brett..I think he would be happy with daisy…daisy was even a better pick for him then last year pick jess and heather …heather ok ..but she seem very jealous and mean…she more brett age..but brett not the into heather as he is daisy..dont even ask how ambre got where she is????

  67. Realtor Goddess 1962 says:

    CONGRATS AMBER AND BRET! Bret finally wised up and ended up with someone close to his age! All you young girls who like to say negative, nasty things about getting older better WATCH OUT! EVERYONE ages and if you would put all your plastic surgerys and injections and suctions out of the picture, most of those girls would look FRUMPY! Amber deserves much kudos for keeping in such great shape and having such a young, fun spirit! She got her man with wit, charm, style, wisdom, CLASS (which was in short, short supply) and intelligence, plus she managed to hang with much, much younger and immature girls and kicked @$* Quit spewing negativity all over this board, remember what goes around comes around! Try to be nice for a while …… :)

  68. marlow says:

    amy are you kidding when you say the other women cant hold a candle to ambre….geeky goof ball ambre the corn ball…were we watching the same the show ???? I have to wonder…amber is the total package…..i cant stand ambre 2yr old expressions very time brett said something or walk in a room…one word werido…..I hope brett doesnt have strilker on his hands…but ambre saying their dating….brett saying he didnt find his rock of love…

  69. Conniecoo says:

    Get a clue Ambre—Bret said the words himself outside the Reunion studio—he wanted to have sex with Daisy although your so called status “as winner” still had wet ink on the show’s contract papers.

    Are we to believe that Bret was having AMNESIA and couldn’t remember that he’d picked you as the winner while he was hugging and soothing post-cat fight Daisy? Doubt it. That man
    knows what he wants.

    The look on Bret’s face when Ambre came on stage was DISAPPOINTMENT. He was literally having visions of sex with other women during the whole time they were sitting next to each other on that couch.

    I don’t care who Bret dates as long as he is happy, but can’t stand some lying beotch telling the media things that are false. So here’s a slap in the face to you Ambre.

  70. Down2it says:

    Ditto—-SLAP Ambre in her lying 32 year old mouth
    OHHHH….excuse me… her lying 37 year old mouth.

  71. Leesha says:

    Miss nasty panties Ambre—you aren’ t telling the public the real truth why
    Bret had sex with Daisy in Cancun and not with you and you’re not
    telling the real story now.

  72. u go girl!!! says:

    I think that if Bret can be happy with Ambre then so be it….let it go and it’s not like you’re talking to the actual people here…..I mean, it would be different if you were talking to your sister or brother….these are people that you will never talk to probably in real life ya know? Let them try to be happy…..wouldn’t that be what you would want? Please…….move on……after Jessica Simpson and Nick broke up I gave up on alot of things……….

  73. KirbeeConner says:

    Ambre–Don’t you read????
    In this new interview Bret was questioned by Astro Chicks/Star Report:

    Do you think Rock of Love 3 will happen?
    Well according to Bret Michaels, a strong MAYBE!
    He’s on tour right now until the end of summer and shooting a reality show that gives an inside look at his backstage antics.

    In Bret’s interview, he was quoted as saying:
    “This is Bret Michaels in real life: I am a junkyard dog.
    My sole existence has been survival on my own from entertainment to music to movies to anything I’ve done. Most of the people I’ve met in entertainment have not been good people. But I came onboard to VH1 and there were some people that I trusted. Still, I was leery that this could be edited to portray me as I wasn’t. My life continues whether I’m on reality TV or not, and what I wanted to convey to people is: I don’t want to be a retro-star. I like reality TV. I think people want to see someone who can be a musician or a rock star that is still the guy next door that you could have a beer with. I came from a small-town existence with the dream of playing in a band that lasted a long time. And that show helped me do that.”

    When asked what he liked most about the show?
    Having sex with Ambre, Daisy, Kristy Joe, and a few others. Typical dude.
    Bret’s tell-all autobiography hits stores this Fall.
    (end of interview)

    Pretty much indicates from Bret’s mouth there is probably going to be a ROL 3 and
    his sex life was pretty active on the show. I’d wager his sex life still includes
    more than one woman.

  74. KarenN says:

    Yea….Ambre accused Daisy of not being able to read the words on the paper–
    sounds like karma is coming back around to magnify those nasty comments
    of yours Ambre.
    I never bought your miss goody two shoes act, and don’t believe anything you’ve got
    to say now.

  75. Lanie says:

    We know we’re not talking to Bret or Ambre here but want VH1 to get the point
    that we don’t want to hear anymore of Ambre’s trash talk.

    VH1 could better use this space to interview Bret.
    For some reason Is he declining any more interviews with VH1 at this time???

  76. Stephanie says:

    Hey $@(#%^ s, sorry ya’ll are too dumb to realize the show is set up. Who would actually do a show
    to find “love” ? think about it, its fake. Even if it were real it is good that amber won b/c she is his age. I am 21 & I personally dont want to f@#k some old guy my parents listened to back in the day.
    And the rest of you jackasses who liked daisy are ridiculous!
    that )&*(% is a butterface.shes got a nice(fake)body but her face looks like a F-ing swampdonkey.
    that is an ugly )&*(% and she damn sure cant fight. you would think her uncle being oscar dellahoya
    & all, she wouldnt be such a p*&&y. she makes me sad for her & sad for all of ya’ll.
    ~get jobs guys, maybe even lives~

  77. Roxy says:

    Good point. Why is Bret not the one on Vh1 giving us his
    words about the matter.

    Seems from what I’ve read during the last 2 weeks in entertainment media,
    Bret is not making any mention of actually dating Ambre. He talks more about
    his new CD and his sold out shows. Something is fishy.

  78. Marlee says:

    Stephanie—-think at this point we all realize the show was simply
    a 51 Minds Entertainment soap opera.
    Tons of us watched solely for pure entertainment every week.

    It is the same as if we were watching TMZ to see what is going to happen to starz on a week to week basis. Americans are media junkies—what can I say ‘cept — me included.
    Loved to watch both seasons of ROL and now miss the Sunday night antics.
    I hope it is true that VH1 is currently filming another show with Bret—I don’t care if
    it is another ROL of if it is a show about his daily life.

  79. Dianna says:

    U know what, stop picking on Amber. At least she is smart and has a life. Oh and she looks good for her age. One more thing, at least she informs us about whats going on, u don’t see Bret doing that. Back Off

  80. Cubbie says:

    I’d watch Bret every week no matter what he did. Just love the guy.

    There is not anything about him dating Ambre on his myspace page-
    isn’t that sort of strange?>>>>>>>
    Make me wonder if he never considered himself in a relationship even though he picked a winner on the show. Is that why he is treading the line during his interviews???
    Supports the facts that the show was done for entertainment purposes
    only, but that doen’t mean Ambre should be deceiving the general public.

  81. Down2it says:

    Wouldn’t have to back off Ambre if she’d quit trying lie and ride Bret’s fame
    with her 32 year old azz.
    Another lie…..excuse me her 37 year old azz.

  82. KarenN says:

    Ambre smart—who says? The beotch can’t even spell her own name properly.

    It is spelled A M B E R in the intelligent world—you dumb beotch.

  83. Jodie says:

    Haven’t you heard….? Pillsbury has contracted Ambre to replace the Pillsbury Dough Boy
    on their commericals. I’ll have to channel surf past these when they air.

    No more ROL’s===do Bret’s Big Wild Rock n Roll Road Show,
    or do a show where Bret is partying with fans on the road.
    That would be so much better than seeing another scripted ROL show.
    Show us the real live Bret in everyday life. Show us his house, or him in the
    recording studio, or partying with his buddies, or racing cars, or riding his motorcycles.

    Could eat Bret up—YUM YUM Ambre—so sorry you’re OLD news… Best of luck to ya.

  84. Mindy says:

    Ambre is a decent girl with her head on strait why wouldnt brett pick her. she is pretty and smart and knows what she wants in her life. she also has a career not a pole to fall back onto

  85. Rockittome says:

    Found this online:

    “For anyone who watched the show Rock of Love 2 with Bret Michaels is probably not shocked to hear that the romance did’t last very long. Bret Michaels announced April 4 that finding true love from a reality TV show might be more difficult than he originally thought. Although Michaels said in an interview with the Azzociated Press, that his final pick Ambre Lake is a really nice, cool chick, that gets rock ‘n’ roll, HE’S NOT SURE SHE’S THE RIGHT ONE FOR HIM.
    Lake, an actress, won out over Daisy de la Hoya, a singer and niece of Oscar de la Hoya. I don’t think it would have lasted with any of the girls that were on the show. But the season finale aired on Sunday night, and Bret gave the interview Monday, so that was a really quick romance! ! ! ! Oh poor guy, will he ever find true love, doubtful if he keeps looking for it on tv.”

  86. Chris says:

    Ambre is an actress just like all the rest of those women. Didn’t matter
    what her personal life was —–THIS WAS NOT EVER A REAL ROMANCE.

    Don’t you know that TV is just a make-believe world?? There is no
    rock star riding up an a white stud horse to kiss the sleeping actress, wake her
    up and then whisk her off to his shining castle in Los Angeles where they
    live happily every after where they breed puppies and smurfs.

    Ambre’s off to another gig, and Bret’s stayed on his own path–touring and recording.

  87. funny says:

    WOW! Sounds like alot of insecure, jealous, immature little girls on this blog. If calling another woman in her 30′s old is the best you can do, you need to get a life! She apparently has a good one that you can only wish for. Not to mention, Bret is a few years from turning 50. What does that make him, dead?

  88. CakeNIceCream says:

    Hope there is not a ROL 3 because a ltrue ove for Bret will not
    be found on one of those type shows. His heart feels what his heart feels.
    Sorry is so obvious that Ambre is not his idea of heart’s interest.

    Do want another show with Bret as the star cuz he is so hotttttttttttt.
    Bring it on.

  89. Kissy says:

    Ambre’s age is not the issue here—-it is the mode she is using
    to draw publicity to herself that is tacky and Bret’s fans don’t like it.

    42 and hotter than Ambre.

  90. KarenN says:

    Nobody wants Ambre’s life—-she no longer has her job as so called “TV Host” in Chicago.. she was fired. Did you know that?????? She was trying to re-vive her so-called career so she
    did her vamp routine on ROL.

    Pointing out the 32 and the 37 descrepancie is focusing on her ability to LIE—not her age
    you half wit.

  91. RockChick says:

    Anyone who thinks that Ambre isnt adorable is a fool. The chick who said that nastiness about the Pillsbury Dough boy,, well dude all I can say is your probably 300 lbs and WISH you looked half as good as Ambre.. And WHO cares how she spells her name. Im glad they were together over the weekend making out at the show.. GO AMBRE.

  92. Dashika says:

    i’m really glad that he picked Ambre because she’s a beautiful and she looks like she really cares for him i’m happy for both of them! :)

  93. Melody says:

    I gotta point out here—-I’m thinking that Ambre is trying to use Bret’s fame
    for her own career boost and I don’t like that. Matter of fact it pizzes me off.

    Thinking back to when Bret was dating his babies’ mama, Krisy Lynn Gibson
    in 1998. She was an actress too, but she never did ANY interviews about her and Bret.
    She stayed hush, hush about her and Bret’s private dating life. Kristy never was shown in his LA Cribs house tour which aired on national TV. Nor was she photographed out with him on tour. Kristy stayed in the background, and never tried to take the spotlight away from Bret.
    She could have chosen to boost her own movie career but chose not to because she focused
    on loving Bret and having children with him.

    So compare Kristy Lynn to Ambre—makes me think Ambre is just what others have pointed out.
    A backstabbing beotch only out to boost herself and use others to climb that star ladder.
    She’s doing the money making appearances ONLY because of her stint on ROL. If not for
    that, the world would say–who the hell’s Ambre Lake??
    She is so out of her element in the Rock World—like putting vinegar with milk—sours quickly.

    Love you Bret and so sad that you ended your relationship with your babies’ mama-Kristy.

  94. Readyrnot says:

    Lots of people here flushing the plumbing on Ambre.
    She’s an actress—isn’t that part of her job–play roles and start stink for publicity?

    3 months will pass and we will be on to another model or actress who
    Bret finds on the road somewhere if the dude hasn’t already sealed a new deal.
    Reading into his interviews–sounds like he’s already playing another guitar string.

    Lucky dude–hope when I am 45-50 I will still be able to have my picks in the dating world.

  95. Cara says:

    Who was the person on separate blog who got Ambre’s photo and autograph
    on Friday night at Carbon in Peoria, IL?? Are you on here?
    Doesn’t make sense…….
    If Ambre was in Peoria for 4 hours Friday night, how could she have been in Wisconsin that very same night at Bret’s show unless she has been cloned and there are two of her?

  96. Nicole says:

    Im so glad he picked u ur way better then daisy and u guys make a good couple. :)

  97. Leigh says:

    Cara, I’m not the person you are seeking who got the photo, but I can help you.
    Ambre was signing and doing photos first at the bar 8:00 to about 10:30
    and then she and Jessica went for another appearance at the dance club.
    Large crowd and the line for autographs and photos did not stop til around midnight.
    Tony, the bar manager, has a photo of Jessica and Ambre taken with him on his

  98. Cara says:

    Thankx, I know Tony….glanced at the photo. Geez, what happened to
    Ambre’s makeup that night? All that thick black eyeliner just makes her look so much older and
    her crows feet really stand out.
    What are those red splotches on her neck and chest area?–looks
    really bad—does she have alergies or something? It kinds looks like
    when my friend gets hives.

  99. Jodie says:

    Rockchick, so wrong again. I am 26 and look more like Megan on ROL, so I could have
    Bret when I get the opportunity to meet him personality which should be pretty soon.
    Models do get backstage.
    Just stating the obvious about Ambre—she is a puffy, pasty lump of marshmellow.
    Prior to her appearance on ROL, she was a nobody looking to boost her lack luster career.

    Considering most of her resume is about doing horror flicks—true to her element–she is a horror to
    look at. Bet her favorite holliday is Halloween.
    Didn’t you see the exerpt of the show where she plays a wiccan—-that is a witch.
    No wonder her hair looked so stringy and witch like on ROL.
    Ambre are you modeling yourself after Samantha Stephens because your acting is that bad.
    And if you are to dance in the Rock World it which will never happen. Bret loves sexy women–not drab pasty dough people.
    POOF ! ! ! Turn to sheeeeeeeeeet.

  100. RockChick says:

    BOY do I feel sorry for you if you an even a tenth like Megan looks or other wise. SHE was the nastiest one on the show. She needs to stop dying her hair ( which Im sure you do the same ) and do you realize that when your on TV that the camera adds weight to a person? Ambre is probably smaller then you are. WHO cares what she does in her life weather it be horror movies or what. Its a lot better and she make a boat load more money then you do. I HIGHLY doubt your a model and so long as your willing to get on your knees (IM sure you will ) you will get backstage but you wont even come close to Bret. NICE TRY

  101. MIA says:

    I just heard that the show Bret was working on ( Brets big rock show or whatever ) is for sure in the works and get this eveyone.. AMBRE is going to be part of it. THEY are still together and dating like people do. AT least we will get to see him back on TV by summer next year..YAHOO…

  102. Jodie says:

    You have no clue what I do, or don’t do, my income, or anything about me for that matter.
    I can guarantee you that I look 100% better than old miss pasta face. I’m in the music field and have done lots of media work. Frankly much better stuff than witchypoo, so I do have first hand experience in the biz. Would wager my networth is twice as much as miss cellulite azz at this moment.

    Since you don’t have the same connections that I have, you are simply jealous of my opportunity
    to meet Bret in July.

  103. Kateypie says:

    Mia, where did you hear about Bret’s new show? On internet or press interview
    Spill your guts, cause we all want to know where you got this?

  104. Jamie says:

    That is a dumb picture of her. I think you are right Jodie I thought she was fake like some of the other ones. I do not know how he missed this faker.

  105. Katiepie says:

    It is so obvious that some are posting crap here if you don’t respond back with your sources.

    Since MIA isn’t answering my question about that information.
    Jodie, who are your connections that you mention??? Any of this same news true?

  106. vicky says:

    I honestly only watched this show because it is better than Mexican soap operas – and I am white. But……..for those of you who liked Daisy – your taste is in your mouth. She flapped her arms and boo-hooed thru most of the episodes. So, she slept with Brett, no one told her to pull her pants down. I would think in this day and age women would find more intelligent ways to “catch” a man than to use their bodies. Daisey was about as fake as they come. Looking at her pukeing over the boat in Cancun was funnier than anything. Actually, I think that crazy Destiny was more suited to Brett than anyone, even Ambre. And most of you are crabbing about the reunion show? What about the clip of Destiny’s Mom and Dad……..I cried like a little kid it was so heart renching. I also loved Peyton….hope that her career in music heats up – that song she did on reunion was awesome – you could tell that he liked it as well as the girls. I think that Ambre was the best choice since their ages were closer – he ain’t getting any younger. He has hair transplants (he admits to these) and he is 44. Even Mick Jagger was married and in a good relationship by that time. So I think that rather than Brett choosing someone who was so needy (Daisey) and who has such issues was not a good idea. Ambre understands him and has the brains and class that he should be on his knees thanking God for. Although, I really love Heather….she is just too awesome…..she wears her heart on her sleeve and appears to still have deep feelings for him. I hope that if Ambre fades away that he will get together with Heather – at least while he can still get it up….rock on Viagra (name of his next “reality” show?).

  107. Jodie says:

    John Murray and I are now currently represented by the same agent-Rubenstein. BJ just
    signed with this agent in Jan. Although I haven’t personally met BJ yet, I did have opportunity to meet Clara and learned alot about Bret’s stage crew and show. Been promised I could get backstage at Sommet in July, so am absolutely excited.
    To dig to truth, got on the phone to check out anything for Bret’s new show information for you.
    No one at the agency has heard any truth to it and they should know. Was told by my own agent that BJ does tape some footage at all Bret’s shows. This MAY be part of what is going to be built into Bret’s new road show for VH1, but don’t take that as fact because it is solely my speculative opinion. I do know for sure BJ filmed the Mar. 8 video for Bret’s website. . They edited in some better effects to the raw footage and it turned out pretty good. Maybe he should be a permenent video specialist.

  108. Jodie says:

    Tried one more call. This time to Peyton. Yep…same one, to anticpate your next question.
    She is also represented by my agent Rubenstein. Told her she needed to get on and read some of the stuff on this blog. Hilarious. She says to write: her new CD–”We Rocked for Love” is out
    now so she wanted everyone to know and “ROCK ON”.

    Back to your original question….sorry, no dish, no one has heard of beginnings of any taping of a new VH1 show for Bret yet. Believe me if it were happening right now, I would have been able to hear about it.

  109. Brecia says:

    There better be another rock of love……I mean ya’ll are good together and all but we wanna see MORE of Bret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. OMFG says:

    To Jodie. WHO the hell cares about you and your silly resume. Anyone who has to brag about themselves has the LOWEST self esteem ever. YOU will NEVER make it in the entertainment field with an attitude like yours. YOU are such a loser that even if you have a chance in this biz YOU will never have fans with a self richous YEA me attitude. You said you look more like MEGAN. DUDE your attitude is just like hers.. LAME

  111. Karen says:

    Jodie why do we care about you and your so called connections? NEWS FALSH we dont This is a site for Bret and Rock of Love. NOT the site for an unknown Jodie

  112. WIIL 95.1 ( wisconsin ) says:

    For all you ladies out there that love Bret and are wondering about the new show. Bretts Big Bang. We are a radio station here in Wisconsin and we just did Brets show and he confirmed it to us LIVE after his show that he is FOR SURE 100 percent that he his being filmed as we speak for the show. It will not be out until next year as MIA stated. Its a shame that NON of you belive when others say something. ROCK & ROLL )~#^( ES.

  113. LOL says:

    You guys are too funny.

  114. RockIT says:

    Does anyone really care who this Jodie tramp is? She is claiming to know this person and that person and this site isnt about HER. Sorry to say. ITS A ROL site. Beat it tramp

  115. Ninelives says:

    Does anyone know what day Bret is going to be on Dont Forget the Lyrics? Is it this week?

  116. Britney says:

    Jodie you sound very jeolous of Ambre, you may look like Megan (she was a average looking girl) and you act like her too (her personality made her ugly). I’m sure Bret isn’t going to even pay attention to you when and if you do get back stage, and by the way lots of people have been back stage before including myself (woopie, it’s not that big of a deal).

  117. Catz says:

    I just realized who you are–real name not Jodie is it? HA HA
    Aren’t your initals C.M.? If these poeple only knew.

    When Big John Murray does get back in town let me know because I want to hang
    out with you guys. I saw him and Rubenstein last month and was so cool.

  118. Belinda says:

    Ninelives, Bret is going to be on the show on Thursday May 1.

  119. Live4ever says:

    Was told by a friend in Maplewood, MN that Kristy Joe and 3 of her friends were flown out as special guests at to Bret’s show at the Myth last week. Word is that Bret was oggling
    Kristy’s friend who was smokin hottttt. Kristy’s friend also poses for Playboy.

  120. Lizbeth says:

    I know Mark Napolean on 95.1 Will Rock radio in WI. He has no idea what you are talking about
    concerning Bret doing an interview with them on that topic.

  121. Jodie says:

    No honey, I’ve got no need to be jealous of a wannabe like that old maid librarian.
    She and her BFF Adam can hang together on their lonely Saturday nights at the old folks
    home while the cool crowd actually enjoys the night life.

  122. Wonderin says:

    Hey—-are Ambre, Bret, and Adam supposedly having a three-some now?
    Everybody knows you can’t leave your best friend out in the cold.

  123. Kaachoo says:

    Is the girl that was with Kristy Joe on the Playboy site with her? What is her name
    cause I’d like to see what Bret is lookin at these days.

  124. mandy ridge says:

    hey amber i just wanted to know if the hot monkey sex was all that hahah just playing good luck with bret wish you the best

  125. Live4ever says:

    Kaachoo-The girl with Kristy Joe was Rebecca Matheson, age 24 and she is from CA. The other two girls were Stephanie Lauren and Annie Bronson.

  126. Kaachoo says:

    So the first time Bret met the three girls with Kristy Joe was at the Myth that night?

  127. Live4ever says:

    From what I heard, yes that was the first meeting but from what I heard about the
    after party I don’t think it is the last meeting if you catch my meaning.
    Bret is one lucky MF.

  128. Cuddletime says:

    Man, Bret must have some sort of highly tuned supersonic sex drive for a man of 45.
    How does he have all that bus sex and still walk straight?

  129. Kinky says:

    Maybe his stamina must have something to do with all that dry gin he drinks.
    If you’ve been to one of the after parties then you realize the bulk of my

  130. Bestblogger says:

    Ambre we know the real story….now that you are toast, maybe
    you can hook up to audition for Flavor Flav #4. He might pick
    you as the winner too if you can lie about your age and nit pick those
    women into fighting among themselves like you did on ROL.

  131. Karaleigh says:

    Bret drinks gin? I thought he was diabetic and couldn’t drink alcohol.
    Being a nurse, I know it is dangerous for diabetics, especially at his
    age, to consume alcohol.
    I always thought on the show he had some water with lemon or lime in it.
    Are you sure he drinks gin?

  132. Peetie says:

    Does Bret drink gin??? Are you kidding me? You must not be a big fan if you don’t know
    that info. about Bret.
    His favorite drink is Seagram’s Dry Gin. If you ever get the chance to see his house tour on Cribs, filmed in 2001 in CA, he shows viewers on the tour that he keeps plenty of gin in the house because he loves it. He also loves Corona beer, which you also see during the house tour.

    Bret’s liver will probably be shot before he is 50, if he lasts that long—why do you think he freaked so bad when Destiney’s Dad told Bret he had liver cancer? Seems to me Bret had a serious flash into his own future by the look on his face. Couldn’t you tell that he was really freaked?

  133. Kim says:

    I noticed that Bret looked really puffy in the face and neck on various ROL episodes and then
    other times he looked different.
    On the Reunion Show his whole body seemed chunkier and his eyes seemed
    really puffy. Does alcohol cause those side effects with diabetics?
    Doesn’t he know if he drinks that it might kill him?
    Please tell me Bret is not an alcoholic, because I know alot of the rock starz have to go to rehab.
    for that.
    Like C.C….. didn’t he go to rehab. last year?

  134. Lila says:

    He probably had to have some stiff drinks to be able to even look at Ambre
    on that Reunion show. He must have really dreaded that. His mannerisms
    and body language revealed all… OMG the man was miserable when he first sat down next to her.

    Somebody should have re-explained all the dating rules for the ROL2 season to Bret.

    Bret, babe, you don’t have to be so upset that she didn’t get the hint to bow out gracefully
    when she had the opportunity. Know that you didn’t have it in your sweet heart to
    be krass and tell the media that picking a winner and the show was all a publicity ploy.
    Let her live in her make believe land and maybe she will eventually understand—DAH.
    Anyway what idiot tells you she loves you in a two week period??? As you said on the
    Reunion Show—all those stupid women telling you they loved you and they didn’t even
    know you—-they loved your fame and your money—–DAH.
    You keep rockin til you can’t rock any longer. Loved your show at the bike meet.

  135. Kaachoo says:

    Don’t believe what Ambre is sayin in her interview. Many in several parts of the
    country have pointed out to the contrary what Bret is actually sayin and doin.
    Doesn’t take half a brain to figure out there is no committed dating going on if Bret
    is still hooking up with women at his shows.

  136. sharron says:

    ambre do you honestly think brett is going to be faithful to you….i don’t think so …get real he is a rock star beautiful women throw their self at him everyday, he is only human and he travels alot, i also think that you are 2 faced you back stabbed alot of the girls in the house to get where your at, and heather i think you are jealous of all the girls in the house, because they are prettier than you and have more class, as you can see brett does’t want you if you weren’t on his show you wouldn’t have a career remember you were a stripper 2 , and if i were daisy i would catch you out and beat your as*, besides i think you are pretending to be a woman i think you are a man, kristy joe i think you are the 1 that should hav 1, i’m sure everybody in that house has a past…even britt…. daisy i think you are my second choice, and you were honest, everyone can’t understand you can hav a past boyfriend and no longer sleep with them…you are very pretty..and can find someone better that wont use you for sex…and if i were you i’d catch heather out and beat her as*….

  137. Devi says:

    The only reason she won is because she one by one snitched on al the other girl s(very insecure )and had screamig hissy fits with them. She is a basket case. She has no sex appeal and she is kind of nieve and dumb acing. Watching her the whole time irrittated the hell out of me. The first night she was asked to stay she acted like a 12 year old who got her first bike. And she is disgusting not wearing no panties and showing her snatch on TV ?. Then act dumb along with it. No R&R Star would marry trash like that…

  138. MadMax says:

    Not to sound like an immature hater, I’m really a nice guy, and no offense to anyone, but I just have to say those broads Amber and Heather are disgusting. They look like ugly lesbian sisters and their too old to be dancing on poles. And they were at a club signing autographs. What kind of idiots want autographs from middle-aged strippers who’s only accomplishment in life is having let Bret Michaels bang them on tv. I’d pay them to go away like Bret probably has. It would be frightening waking up next to one of them, or even worse, both of them. I don’t understand the appeal of these 2 women. I guess anyone can go on tv and get famous?

  139. Brittany says:

    I love your show Brett Im a big fan of yours! You are SO HOTT you guys should make a show with yours and Ambres relationship i am so glad she won your heart brett CONGRATS Ambre your one lucky girl!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU BRETT!!!!!!!

  140. Lovie says:

    MadMax my madmax please get it correct. AMBRE is NOT nor was she ever a stripper. She was the only one in the house what wasnt a tramp. Daisy and Heather and Frenchie are all strippers. Just cuz Ambre was AT a strip club dosnt make her a stripper. Sorry darling.

  141. Whiskeygirl says:

    This board is the WORST on the ROL site. NO ONE knows what the heck their talking about. Everyone is just guessing.. GET over it folks. Your all just pod that Ambre is still dating Bret and Ambre knows what he does at shows etc. She isnt stupid. And DONT think for one min she is stilling bye letting her life go by. PLEASE. WAKE UP.

  142. Liz says:

    i think bret would have been better with daisy…but ambre is goin to get use to his lifestyle..
    i wish ya’ll the best!!!!!!!!!:)):))

  143. Angie says:

    Amber,Amber Oh Amber girl get it together ok when in a interview of Bret he was asked what was his best moments on ROL2. i know you heard that him sleeping with Daisey, Kristy Jo, Meagon and You now what type of man throw his laundry out like that. Out of respect he should have just said meeting all of the girls.

  144. Kristy moJoe says:

    Yes, whatever with you Ambre! Your “Norman Rockwell Poster” faces are getting so tired. Please stay in Chicago. I don’t really want to see more of you or care about your future plans and dating habits. Have a nice “face time”

  145. Britney says:

    Jodie your a B*tch, 37 OLD???? you’ll be there before you know it. You have a serious problem.

  146. Rosie says:

    AMBER, AMBER Bret Michaels made a mistake. He should have gotten Daisy shes pretty than you and is way younger than you.If you left the show im sure that Daisy would have won. You are to old Bret should have gotten a young girl to be with. THAN YOU!!!!!!!

  147. BriannaLee says:

    What cha talkin about–Chicago don’t want Ambre either. Why do you think they fired her
    from her so called TV host job? She was so haggard on camera that they had to retire
    her for a much better looking host. So now Ambre is doing horror flicks.

  148. Kirby says:

    Lotta jive on here bout a committed relationship between the two now. Hate to pop some’s
    fantasy but Bret hasn’t ever been committed to one woman and I’ sure he won’t be in the future.
    As long as he has his pick of gorgeous women in every city, the man is going to have his utiimatefill. That’s why none of his past relationships with his girlfriends as ever worked out.
    He was never faithful while on the road. What makes any of you figure a man who has 21 years of that history is suddenly going to become a “Saint”? You’re dreamin if you believe that.

    If Ambre knew Bret was a cheater from day one–which obviously did because she knew he had sex with Daisy and Kristy Joe and others—–I gotta ask….why would she ever tell him she loved him? Women don’t love somebody like that–they get revenge on the guy in hateful ways.

    A dating relationship under those circumstance is just not logical unless Ambre is there for the ride to see what she can squeeze from the man. A scorned woman gets really pizzed when she is made to look like an idiot –especially when it is done on national TV.

    So Bret man, all I gotta say is lock up your choppers and fancy cars in the garage because there
    is always that crazy beotch who will take a baseball bat to the headlights while you are away
    on tour.

  149. michelle perkins says:

    hey people i t5hank show is cool as hell love shell bug

  150. Carrie says:

    Kirby—Ambre does look crazed and psycho when she doesn’t get her way.
    Definitely looks like the type to get revenge on Bret. Feel so sorry for Bret as he has to
    endure the press meet and greets with her til this publicity stint dies out.

    Pointing out ….Ambre was making all those remarks on TV… like to Kristy Joe—”Don’t raise your voice to me” and pointing her finger in Kristy Joe’s face. Kristy Joe should have got in her face and told her to mind her own damx business. Kristy’s issues were between Kristy and Bret.
    Ambre was just so greenly jealous of Kristy Joe’s sex appeal to Bret. I’m also surprised Kristy didn’t slap Ambre in the face. When they had the camera shift to Ambre ‘s solo interview, you could see the evil side as she spoke. I swear I saw fangs.

    Ambre’s true +`)*( y side was seen again when she laid into Daisy in Vegas. The crazed woman actually chased after Daisy into another room and screamed at her with hateful words.
    She called Daisy a “Beotch” just because Daisy had some solo time alone with Bret. Oh poor crazed psycho Ambre was really pizzed at that. Glad the psycho didn’t have a knife in her hand
    because we’d be watching “Psycho of Love”. Maybe that is Ambre’s next movie gig?

  151. Kim says:

    For Bret:

    “Waters of Time”

    The waters of time sweep by me
    I see my youth and loves gone by
    I remember times of great sorrow
    I see faces long since past
    I grow cold thinking of lost friends

    The pain of those memories
    Have haunted me these many years
    But a soft voice beckons me back
    It slows the waters just so
    Showing me smiles
    Showing me the love my friends and I once shared

    A small ember that remained grows inside of me
    The fires of my memory stoked by the sights I behold
    A smile crosses my face as I watch my youth from a new view
    No longer sad or cold, but happy and filled with love

    Midnight walks under the moon
    Car rides that lasted all night
    Three AM dinners
    Friends’ parents who were all named mom and dad

    The voice whispers that these are my memories I must take them with me
    I hold them close and walk from the waters
    A small tear rolls down my cheek as I leave for this I know
    Memories are all I now have of those days of youth gone by

    Love you Bret and am so sorry that you still are not in love. Love is a beautiful thing
    so maybe in your future you will find your perfect someone who will warm your heart
    and fill your soul with music.

  152. Spider says:

    What the fzck? You people are makin Bret Michaels appear to be a gin drinkin,
    non faithful, over sexed, high partying SAINT. Never heard of any saint with
    those qualities.
    Simple nuff…he’s a Rocker–the road life never changes for
    as long as he tours. He said so himself- he is just a junk yard dog.
    Before his tour bus even got out of the city limits, he was already sayin “Ambre who???”

  153. Elise says:

    Why did Ambre auction off that Gianto necklace on Ebay that Bret gave her in Cancun?
    Izzzzzzzz cause Daisy has one exactly like it? or does this already tell us about Ambre’s
    need for cash?

  154. Mazzie says:

    Want to see Bret do another sexy show—-don’t want to see dull dribble him with
    about an old maid school teacher.
    Think it would be funny to put Bret with Playboy bunnies straight from the Hef’s mansion. Afterall–Bret is so much like Hef, only he’s the Rocker version. Anyway Bret used to rock the mansion
    with Pam so he knows the scene.

  155. Coochie says:

    Bret so rocked the bike rally in Cherokee. We asked him at the autograph stand if he was going to get a tatoo with Ambre’s name? He got an odd look on his face and said he didn’t tatoo chicks names on his body because if he did he’d (quote) “be covered solid with ink”.

    Many women, many rides, live long, and prosper man.

  156. Pixie says:

    To Elise.. How do you know that Ambre put her necklace on E bay? I was looking on there and didnt even see anything close to it? Whats up? Thank you

  157. WLUP JOCK says:

    OK ladies and gents I work for a rock station in Illinois and I interviewed Bret a few days ago and found out that he is for sure doing the Bret big bang Rock show. SO anyone who dosnt believe that is just wrong. Second to clear up some things.. BRET is still dating Ambre and they are happy and doing the best they can while both are touring. Second Bret has NOT hooked up with Daisy since the show. SO if anyone say diff they are lying.. JUST TO CLEAR SOME STUFF UP…. PEACE out.. ROCK and ROLL forever.

  158. chelsey says:

    well i didnt like ambre from the beginning. she seems to me like nothing but a snitch. i really cannot stand her. i dont see how bret could be happy with her. daisy was so much more in love with you. bret, your crazy stupid for not picking daisy. but whatever. if your happy then thats you.

  159. Casey says:


  160. bonjovi4ever says:

    I just want to say that I am very happy for both Bret and Ambre. I really am happy for both of you. I was behind you a 100%. I truely hope that you both stay with eachother. I think you guys are going to be very happy 20 years down the line. May god be with both everyday. Is it true that Richie Sambora is going to be on the next season of “Rock Of Love”?

  161. Elise says:

    The necklace was sold on E-bay back in December –Now see that it
    would have not been too long after the filming ended for the last season of ROL.
    It was listed as Ambre Lake memorabilia at that time.
    I didn’t know the significance of it at that time either.
    Saw it and thought it was some of Ambre’s old jewelry she no longer wore.

    THEN when we saw on the show that it was a gift from Bret–I wanted to kill myself
    for not bidding on it. Made me wonder if Ambre got mad that he got Daisy one exactly
    the same?
    It was just one of those real odd things and you can’t help but wonder.

  162. KKeener says:

    The person saying they are a DJ below. I was at the Grizzly Rose in Denver Colorado
    on April 15 and BRET WAS WITH DAISY. They were holding each other and he did kiss
    her. If he did an interview with you that said he wasn’t then he flat out lied to you.
    I have a photo of them together to prove it.

  163. Gabriella says:

    Damnnnnnn Elise–you could have had a necklace from Bret–you totally screwed up girl.

  164. Elise says:

    Yea, I know my sista is still kicking my butt over it. We run a vintage jewelry store
    together and buy frequently off Ebay.
    Problem was until January we didn’t have a clue who
    the actress Ambre Lake was. How could we have known????
    You’re right….. damnnnnnnnnn.

  165. Huggies says:

    How many more times am I going to have to see Ambre’s f-ing blowup doll expression on her face? Maybe THAT’S why Bret chose her. I think this is all a farce and she is squeezing the very last of her 15 minutes of fame out before it is over. And the pictures she has on her myspace page, ESPECIALLY for that dumb azz looking horror movie, just get on my nerves. Just my opinion. I know there are some Ambre’s lovers on here, but I personally don’t care for her and the way she tattled and threw around her holier than thou attitude on the show.

  166. Huggies says:

    Spider: I agree whole heartedly. Bret is an entertainer/rock star. . . he’s going to take FULL ADVANTAGE of the “luxuries” that come with that @%# le. Hell, I’m a chick and I am jealous of him. Not of the women, of being able to have it like that. Oh yeah.

  167. Kelli J. says:

    Beautiful lover Bret, we know that you are not satisfied by just one woman.
    I wanted you to know that I have tickets to your show on both nights May 8 & 9.
    Actually years back I was at Poison’s show here in 1988. The crowd tore off all your clothes on the way to your tour bus. All you had was a smile on your face when you got to the bus door.
    That was ONE BIG event in my life that I will never forget witnessing. Because of you
    and the photo I got if it, I will remember it til my dying day.
    Southern girls are pretty wild and can’t restrain themselves with a sexy man. Hope that you won’t hold that incident against us. There are 9 of us who will be wearing Poison tee-shirts with that photo ironed on the back–look for us at the shows.

  168. Sushi2 says:

    That photo of Ambre is typical–that stupid look seems like she is choking on a hotdog or is it the first time she’s seen a naked male?
    Can’t be sure since ms. virgin prude is always got that dump azzz look on her face.
    She’s a desperate old maid who can’t satisfy, or keep a man, so she hooks up with her BFF Adam to fuel her huge ego.

    Bret, baby, hope you have already ditched the manequin to the curb because she only wants
    to bump up her pizz poor career.

  169. ArrowJWD says:

    Isn’t Ambre a minister’s wife?

  170. Sally says:

    Amber thinks that she looks cute when she opens her mouth like that, but she looks exactly like those blow-up dolls that are ready for . . . well you know! Maybe that’s why Brett picked her!


    She really is not that ugly! But, she should invest in some cosmetic surgery. She should get her ears pinned back, her Adam’s Apple shaved off. Maybe even a nose job! Her profile is hideous!

  171. 4leafclover says:

    Yea, she teaches Sunday School when she’s not shooting horror flicks.

  172. Raphael says:

    OMG–she does look exactly like one of those blow up dolls. Don’t think that is
    why she ended up as the winner—-Bret wanted the winner to be someone that he didn’t
    have an emotional bond to so that he could slide away from her after the Reunion hype died down.

    Now I bet Daisy, Kristy Joe, Heather, and some of the others all know the “doll” routine
    and are probably excellent at it. Kristy Joe seemed to display abit of that knowledge
    at that Restaurant–Opaque- ya know, the one where they ate in the complete dark.
    Bret was really turned on by Kristy Joe after that.

  173. Bretsmother says:

    Tell me something here—-in Ambre’s interview she says she and Bret talked about it
    and there will not be a ROL 3. That is totally a crock of sheeeet.

    Why would 2 people who are “so called truly dating” even be discussing the possibility
    of a ROL 3??? That proves Ambre’s interview is full of lies. If Bret were committed to
    her, there would be absolutely NO NEED TO EVEN DISCUSS THE POSSIBILITY OF ROL3
    unless Bret was trying to tell the dumb azz that there is no real dating relationship.

    Ambre, you dumb, dumb *$!!& you can’t even tell logical lies.

  174. Whisekygal says:

    KKeener please post the photos. Prove what you have darling.

  175. Blueskies says:

    I just saw the previews of “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”. Saw Bret on there and his face and eyes looked so swollen. I am very concerned now. Is something wrong with his kidneys?
    He looked even puffier than he did on the ROL Reunion show and I am afraid that his diabetes is doing something bad to his body.
    Does anyone know by looking at him lately===is he sick?

  176. meganattacksbk says:

    Ambre, you can kizzz my sweet lovely aszzz.
    That look on your face looks like you are at a proctology exam.
    STUPID ULGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ~^+@( Delighted that Bret is screwing so many new women on the road
    and you are sitting at home next to the phone that does not ring.

  177. Blueskies says:

    No kidding….. I just saw the previews of “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”. Saw Bret on there and his face and eyes looked so swollen. I am very concerned now. Is something wrong with his kidneys?
    He looked even puffier than he did on the ROL Reunion show and I am afraid that his diabetes is doing something bad to his body.
    Does anyone know by looking at him lately===is he sick? I’ve looked all over the web
    and can’t find any interview about his health. Please tell me he is OK.

  178. Becky says:

    Alot of you don’t care for Ambre, I think you are jeolous of her, the things you say are terrible. If Bret didn’t want to date her he’d say so, they are dating so get over it. She is alot younger than he is by the way, like 8 years – so why the old remarks? Must be 15 year olds writting in. They may have discussed the Rock of Love 3 just because they are “Just Dating” who knows what the commitment is when you are ‘Just Dating” that doesn’t mean marriage and maybe she wanted to make sure that wasn’t going to happen if she was going to try to date him to see if there is more of a connection than there is, that doesn’t mean they may date others as well no one said they were boyfriend/girlfriend in a serious committed relationship. It may lead to that, it may not. But why would we care? We should wish them both happiness, either way. There is some really nasty people that write in on these blogs, l negative stuff about Ambre it’s ridiculus, now Bret he desearved some of it because he was quit piggish. She was the most decent woman on the show, and closer in age to Bret where they would have more in common, even though she’s quit a bit younger than Bret, he would look foolish with a woman much younger than Ambre. After a certain age people look more on the inner person, than the outer person – if your a good person it makes you look so much better, if your not such a nice person you appear very ugly.

  179. DaisyDukes says:

    Peyton’s new video is really good. Hope everybody watched the full thing on the show
    outtake footage. Glad to see that she is now working in Nashville and she looks so
    happy. Muah Peyton, you were the best girl on that show.

  180. Mike says:

    None of the women on here have anything to be jealous of concerning Amber.
    These people have just as much right to post their opinions the same as everyone who
    is licking up to that woman. Sounds more like you are idolizing a fictional character
    who was created by an ACTRESS.

  181. Lynn says:

    Bret has tried to let her know that it is not a real relationship and she just won’t get
    the hints. He’s done the AP interview and made comments at his shows which
    reveal his true feelings about the matter===and he is not a man who dates one woman.

    Why aren’t some of you getting it that Bret only did the show to boost his career and
    now has to let the publicity stint ride to its max?. He and Vh1 are still making too much money
    for Bret to announce ” I’m dumping Ambre”. He is not going to do that because he knows
    it might be negative press for his career and he is not a dump man. He has worked the press for
    21 years—even owns his own entertainment company so he knows PR and what paths to us to
    pump up the income.

  182. Checkerflag says:

    Lynn, are you in PR?, you seem to know more about it than the average.

  183. Lynn says:

    Yep, in a sister venue which deals with PR and media.

  184. Carita says:

    Sick-sick-sick-sick about all this talk concerning this pitiful actress. It was just a job
    for her and not a real love story.

    Girl’s got out a new teaser for her horror film that is the most idiotic thing I have ever witnessed.
    For some side splitting laughter, you must go and see it at

    She has the acting ability of a pinto bean.

  185. Carita says:

    Sick-sick-sick-sick of goody talking about this pitiful actress.
    It you want to die laughing go look at her teaser for her horror flick at

    Good actress?—no way, she has the acting ability of a pinto bean.
    If this ever gets released, which I doubt, no one would ever go see this flop of a mess on the screen.

  186. Terran says:

    I think that Kristy Joe was the best one on the show and was glad to hear that
    Bret brought her and her friends to his show. That was sweet of him.
    Hope she is happy and sorry that she and Bret did not make it to the end together.
    They had the look and the chemistry to be a real couple.

  187. Junebug says:

    Want to see a mess—got to http://www.project and
    die laughing.

    No talent and even more stupid than usual.

  188. Kiera says:

    You’re right junebug I wouldn’t waste good money to ever see it.
    No wonder they let her go from that TV host job—acting skills is just horrible.

  189. Chandra says:

    I think Kid Rock should do “Rock of Love 3″.

  190. nancy p says:

    good morning to all

    i agree with chandra,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bring in kid rock,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hes just as wild,,,,,

    also consider dave navarro ,,and tommy lee

  191. BROWN EYE GIRL says:


  192. Danna says:

    I am sooooo glad that Bret picked Ambre. I really felt like she could be the one. I hope all works out & the 2 of them are very happy together for a very long time. I am glad that Ambre wasn’t like the other girls. I was very glad to see that she truely cares and wasn’t out for an easy “payday” or “Sugar Daddy”. I wish them both all the best. LOL.

  193. turnoff says:

    I not so glad brett pick ambre…..goofy expressions all the time on the show ,it was so annoying…I can only image the facial expressions she make in bed…and when brett and ambre make out disgusting…. really gross me out ..I rather watch micheal jackson kiss lisa marie presly ..than see ambre and brett make out..turn out the lights..that is real ugly naughty

  194. AMY TAIT says:


  195. AMY TAIT says:


  196. RockChick says:

    For all you folks on here who are talking smack about Bret trying to blow Ambre off you are WAY off base. I was just at TWO yes TWO of this shows within the last 2 weeks and guess what? AMBRE was at BOTH of them. And he was all over her like a cheap suite. SO that being said. For someone who is ” SUPPOSED” to be dumping someone it sure the hell didnt look like it. THEY were VERY happy together. NOT to mention when I was watching his radio interview after the show. He kept saying how he and Ambre were working on her coming to see more shows. SO again whoever said he was dumping her YOUR DEAD WRONG .. SORRY

  197. LOVE IT! says:

    OMG! I love the Kid Rock idea. I would definitely watch that debaucle. I think it would probably being MORE entertaining than the ones with Bret. . even though I love me some Bret. . whoever thought that up. . needs to mad money. Send your idea to VH1. Oh wait. . . LOL This is VH1. anyhoo-love that idea!

  198. marena says:

    I dont like ambre cuz she was always with the dram with the other girls.

  199. erin says:

    I heard it was Going to be Richie Sambora in Rock Of Love

  200. LaMedia says:

    For an entertainment article I am writing, I’ve just read this entire fan blog.

    It is a first to share my personal views here. Personal career purposes and for some background, I did follow all the scoop concerning both seasons of ROL. I am talking eyeballs glued to the screen not wanting to miss a smidgit of detail, and absorbing every meaty web blog, plus the public interviews with Bret and all the ROL girls.

    Also per indicated, I am a writer and know as essential fact that all media stories have two sides. A professional will _^+ ess the facts and present an unbiased _^+ essment of the facts.
    Many of you here read the lightening wire information criss crossing the nation concerning Bret Michael’s current love life. Some intrepret one side, and others read and surmise there is a more livid tale to reveal. But without a shread of doubt, not a single one of you is with Bret 24 hours a day. Nor are any of you a part of his mind, so you can’t honestly make a solid statement as to what his momentary actions represent during a few tour stops, or what that pronounces about his private personal life. Only Bret Micheals, or his immediate circle of people, knows this priviliged information.

    Some on this blog are sharing legitimate spottings, meetings, and personal conversations with Bret. I do not discount your experiences, but must convey that celebrities are excellent at saying and doing what is expected in the media’s eye at any given moment. This does not mean they are revealing true feelings, or legitimate candid information. They are giving statement and showing action to appease the public’s lust towards vicariously sharing their celebrity life. Stars will
    give one radio interview, and then by the next tour stop the same story has taken on a completely different venue. What happens is the celeb does so many interviews that they forget what they say each time. Many times our of pure exhaustion they forget. Worst case is when the media calls them on it, and an explanation must be quickly done to control any career damage.

    Celebs have trained PR people who coach them on what to say and do in public. The entertainment business thrives on what sells tickets to concerts, what sells CDs, DVDs, tee-shirts, posters, keychains, etc. By stair stepping, Ad sponsors adore stars who create drama infested shows so that TV executives will in turn stimulate the millions.

    Is a star going to attempt to appease the hand that feeds their pocketbook? You can bet your sweet grandma’s house on it. That star is contracted to do appearances, told to dress a certain way, and present a particular “image” to the satisfaction of fans. A star is also committed to do a specified number of public interviews. These, my friends, are products of contractually agreed topics and a list of topics which should be avoided. Behind the scenes the general public is not aware that celebs are actually told to manipulate the fan’s views of their celebrity life. In essence, the star marries the fans. A committment is formed and fans are sucked into a realm of swirling grandeur–the celeb life.

    Are you hooked to ROL? I honestly admit I was, and still am. Afterall, who does not want a fairytale
    life to end up happily? I’ll tell you who…the network. They don’t make money if life turns out hunky dorie.

    As I said, I followed ROL 1 faithfully, but was not surprised for the twist concerning Jess at the
    end. It was predictable. Seeing as much of the behind the scenes celeb life, which I do, it must
    have made me jaded. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for Jess’s punch line on that Reunion show. Sure nuff….the gal delivered. America was shell shocked. This makes for dynamic TV.

    It took many months for the chattering to die down. In the interim, we all heard rumors that Jess had changed her mind, that Heather and Bret were getting married, that Lacey had hooked up with Bret, and that Rodeo and Bret were giving it a second go. Was any of this true? Interviews with girls and Bret spottings were zipping nationwide. To mention a few things which turned out to be true, we heard Bret was out to dinner with Rodeo and her son in Atlanta; Heather, Lacey, and Rodeo were often special guests at many of Bret’s shows; and even heard that Heather and Bret were spotted at an intimate Las Vegas club one weekend. All this sure created a feeding frenzy and bogs were hopping.

    Said all that to have you visualize the current picture. We, yes, you and I as fans, are experiencing is an exact repeat of the same ride we took after the first ROL season completed. We fans are being taken on another publicity roller coaster ride. All meant with good intention to tap our emotions and make us cheerleaders for Bret’s happiness and career. I’ll wager Bret is estatic at this point.
    His career has surged far beyond what he ever experienced in the last 10 years. A new generation
    is making Bret their idol.
    Sorrowfully, all good things eventually come to an end. Don’t wish to totally destroy your pleasure, but get ready in months ahead for the second gut punch—its coming.

    Love life, live life, and read between the lines.

  201. Breanna says:

    Your comments make a lot of sense LaMedia.
    It sounds like you are sincere about what you share with us.
    I started to think about all the bloggers saying this and that …and it rings true with your statements. What Bret may say and do in one city/town is not necessarily what he is saying and doing in another
    city/town. This inconsistany does give creedance to not all being what we think.

    You explained why we keep seeing so many of the ROL women at Bret’s shows. VH1 is, afterall, the sponsor of Bret’s ROL Tour …so I suppose they dictate which women must appear at which stage show. I gather all the ROL women must still be making lots of money from VH1 to maintain their individual blogs, and appear at various times with Bret.

    I followed the spill last season and kept up with what was happenin after the show and you do know your stuff. All those rumors and spottings were happening between Bret and the ROL 1
    gals. I believe you are right about the media circus being repeated. It is VH1′s publicity plan.

    Was wondering if you have some scoop on the punch line you mentioned for the next few months?
    Gonna spill it?

  202. LaMedia says:

    Aha. Didn’t take but minutes for the buzz to spread. See—I warned you this is how the media works. Instant sharing for those wanting to know what is happening in a celeb’s life.

    Breanna, to answer your question, no I won’t give away any underground gossip right now.
    Anyway, all I have at the moment is just some speculative snatches of gossip shared by some contacts. My writing is credible, so I personally want more facts to be checked for accuracy and then I will incorporate all into my finished article.

    I can tell you that I am quite adept at reading this blog and figuring out some people who are repetitively writing statements, yet are changing their blogger name in attempt to fool others. I do identify specific writing styles. These repeat, “supposedly anonymous bloggers”, reveal themselves by their repetitive comments, grammer, syntax, and common topic which spill the beans to me that it is the same person over and over using a different name.

    I won’t call any blog names but this is how adequate I am as a research detective—the annonymous blogger is female, blonde, rather petite, drinks a “C” branded beer, listens to several local midwest radio stations, has friends in the media business, had been to Bret’s local shows, and is on this blog randomly in the day and night, plus could qualify to be the President of the Ambre Lake fan club. You figure it out.

    All fans, keep writing and sharing facts because it keeps us all bonded !

  203. Lamedia says:

    Sorry, one small mistake–mysterious blogger is brunette and her friend is blonde.

  204. nancy p says:

    good evening
    i think the people who are saying that brett will dump ambre,,are just reading into things that arent there,,,they desperately want another rock of love with brett,, however in my opinion its not goin to happen,,,if people keep goin to his shows and sees him with ambre,,that just makes the others who think there will be ,, sorry to say dillusional,,,,just an opionon,, do not run my butt about this,, gglz

    we really should wish them the best,, and see what happens,,,,,,,,,,,,

    rock on,, and have a good evening

  205. Cheyanne says:

    Someone talks WAY WAY WAY TOO MUCH

  206. Lollipop says:

    Lamedia—thankx for the information. Rather read factual than fluff.

  207. Girliegirl says:

    AMEN Nancy P.. You said exactly what I was thinking.. Have a glass of wine and lift it to my bottle of corona.. Yeah girl..:)

  208. Courtney says:

    Yea, agree–SOMEONE talks way too much and we all know who it is
    —It is AMBRE >>>>>>>>>>

  209. Curdlesmyblood says:

    WRONG Nancy P.—don’t want a ROL3 to waste my time.
    I want a show of Bret alone—-100 % azz kickin man —KISSY* SLURP * YUM

  210. oyster23 says:

    LaMedia-First, i confess to “blogging” under different names here, but only because my comments were infrequently made and i used the first name which came to mind at the time.(And what if Heather finds out my real name and tries to find me &beat me up?) Having said that i find your comments, as well as the layers of sociological concepts we can find here FASCINATING. I am a 43-year-old medical professional with diverse interests and a full life who somehow became sucked into this show. From the first time i watched it about midseason this year (while waiting for a true-crime story to begin on another channel) i was completely hooked.I never followed Poison, and all i knew of Bret Michaels was that i had seen him on a poster wearing lipstick,outrageous eyeliner and big hair, a long time ago…. I almost feel stupid for saying it, but college courses have been built around the study of lesser dramas than Rock of Love… I don’t care very much now what Bret Michaels is doing, and having watched this show does not inspire me to go see him.But for some reason i am interested in how Daisy is doing.I thought she was beautiful and not stupid at all..I often wonder just how much editing occurred. I find it fascinating and somewhat disheartening to think of the women of this show (acting or NOT) being written into the old crappy stereotypes of smart-good-girl (Ambre, who is probably disgustingly kinky), dumb-blonde-big-boobs-tattooed blonde (Daisy), crazy psycho-emotional mess-(KJ), etc. etc. The mindset is like something from the 50s and here it is 2008!! Bret can have no-strings sex with a bunch of different women who are trying to “win”him but Daisy is a “bad” girl if she slept with CC before she even knew Bret? Another scary sociological commentary is being enacted here on this blog(not sure i phrased that right-?) I mean, you have what I would hope are hip,young women of America parroting all the hateful “sexy=bad if you are female”(see :Genesis 1:1 for the original idea. I love God but that is another discussion) Another interesting concept is the whole “rock star lifestyle” Bret kept referring to. Did vh1 tell him to keep mentioning it, the way they told him to keep his bandana on? Poor guy. And poor Bret if his daughters mold themselves on crappy the old stereotypes we have seen on this show.

  211. Grace says:

    Heave-heave-breath….am having Sunday nite ROL withdrawals :(

    Hope they keep the episode videos up forever on the site.
    I just watched the Reunion Show out takes again and noticed something I didn’t notice
    the first time—-the part where Jessica and Ambre are sitting in their dressing room
    and talking about doing appearances. Somebody tell me why they are talking about
    doing old folks homes? Has ROL infected the senior citizen circuit now?

  212. oyster23 says:

    LaMedia: on a lighter note: is the second gut punch Bret and Big Jonh knockin’ boots?

  213. OMG says:

    The woman who feel it necessary to blog on and on and on and on and on. PLEASE STOP. We like to read a few sentences and that it about IT. PLEASE for the love of god. STOP

  214. oyster23 says:

    skip it then

  215. Lamedia says:

    I’ve taken the plunge into the black hole blog—it is now sucking me in and I have no strength
    to restrain its dynamic pull. Is this what the average Bret Michael fan feels which continues
    to pull them to the core of this man and his every waking breathing moment? I would be so interested in any opinions for my article.

    My absolute honest intention was to post one single time and drift away, but had to commend you for your dynamic insight concerning star struck phenomena. By the way, I don’t believe I was referring to you as the annonymous blogger, but thank you anyway for the confession.

  216. LaMedia says:

    Oyster23, again to be courteous and attempt to answer your question, I can not
    reveal anything that I do not know is 100% factual. To do so, creates bad press and I have respect enough for Bret Michaels, as an artist, to give this thespian some respect. You are well educated, so consider my words carefully; therefore you will probably identify the underlying meaning behind my words.

    What I can tell you is….I can deny that the gut punch involves Big John. Having the pleasure of meeting, interviewing, and spending some time with Bret once at a charity event (not recently), you would probably be surprised to learn the array, and exceptional depth, of character. Those words
    too reveal much.

    Appreciate any of your comments. Thanks.

  217. BarbieDoll says:

    Nobody answered the question by Grace—I went back and watched it too.
    Why are the 2 of them talking about appearing in the Geriatric homes?

    Have these ROL women resorted to desperation for booking appearances now?
    I don’t get it.

  218. MelodyGK says:

    I’m not believing the ROL tour is anything other than a publicity stunt and all the ROL
    girls are being paid to play their parts–including Ambre.
    Celebs are contractually told what to do, what to say, and whom to be seen with
    so VH1 is racking in the bucks on this tour and they don’t want their tour to be over.

    Bring back Bret with him doing a road show–we miss HIM. :)

  219. Denise says:

    Everybody–don’t forget. Bret will be appearing tonight on “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”
    at 8:00 p.m. central time–Fox channel.

    Don’t miss it ! ! ! Should be great.

  220. shara says:

    I was rooting for Ambre from the very first episode when she almost got kicked off, I’m glad
    Bret hung in there with her,she is very gorgeous and she acts a lot like the girls I hang with. She’s a rocker!

  221. Binky says:

    Disagree Shara, I don’t think Ambre could even name 10 rock songs from the 80′s.

    She’s probably a nice person to know but is highly disillishioned about the whole
    rock world and Bret’s life. She won’t endure or hang in it long–she’ll be back to tap-dancing before the summer is over. Hope she will find a man who is more her match.

  222. Glenna says:

    She just needs to go find her an old country boy from Alabama and
    feed the chickens and milk the cows because she is not talented at anything else.

  223. ChatwMe says:

    Bring on ROL3 with Bret and Kristy Joe. She should be finished with the divorce
    before you film this time.

  224. Kimber says:

    I just heard is Bret having kidney failure or is he in the hospital?
    He did look sort of bloated on the Reunion show.
    Love to you Bret if you are not feeling well. Kisses to you.

  225. Cinnamon says:

    Me says to do a new show with Bret but add Destiney back as the rocker chick
    who leads the groupies at the road show.
    Destiney is more of the women for Bret so bring it on ! ! !

  226. Bretlove says:

    HE is ON RIGHT now on DOnt forget the lyrics. UNFORTUNATLY HE SUCKS…..

  227. Coronagirliegirle says:

    HE LOOKS SO FN HOT.. He is doing a great job. My friend is a good friend of Wayne Brady and he told them that AMBRE was AT THE TAPING. LOL LOL HA HA all you AMBRE haters.

  228. HAHAHHAHA says:

    I just talked to the lighting guy from the show DONT FORGET THE LYRICS.AND guess what ya’ll AMBRE was BACKSTSAGE while taping. LOL LOL LOVE IT

  229. sami says:

    you go amber

  230. Kristylynn says:

    Coronagirliegirle and Hahahaha
    Do you think that we don’t know you are the same stupid person azzzz person who keeps writing
    all this @%^# and placing it on here. Girliegirl, Whiskeygirl and all your other dumb names you use on this blog—-You don’t know sheeeet about Bret Michaels.

    To show your stupidness—this show was taped back in January before Ambre
    was ever with Bret Michaels. So you are just showing your ignorant AZZZZZ.

    By the way–Leah (not her real name) was and is still Bret’s current cougar.

  231. Marta@VH1 says:

    Kristylynn, glad you said it sista—–we all know it is the same person posting
    alll that crap about knowing radio DJs and seeing Ambre at Bret’s shows.
    Fans listen up===everyone needs to come forth and tell this ignorant wannabe Ambre
    that we ALL know it is the same ol day to day pure bullsheet right outta the bull’s ^$~ Some of her other names are Cheyenne and Pixie so that you recognize the crap when you
    see it.

    The truth for all to know is that Ambre was not at any WI show with Bret nor
    has Bret ever done any interviews saying that he and her are still together.
    No person representing a WI radio station, an IL radio station or any other person representing a radio show is actually blogging on here—-all the crap is from the person who needs to be
    booted off this board.

    I’ve reported her to VH1 for posting all these lies.


  232. Courtney says:

    I knew something sounded funny because it all seemed to be the same person
    writing all the same stuff over and over that didn’t seem true.
    I hope VH1 bans her from ever getting back on here.

  233. Cookie says:

    Gang, if each of us sends an abuse report to VH1 everytime we see her post something
    then it should stop all the garbage. Let’s unite.

    Watched Bret tonight on “Lyrics: and he was so smoking sexy. His cougar was hott too. She looks just like his baby’s mother—is this women related to Kristy like the women in the audience
    at the Reunion show? They all look so much alike that they could be sisters.
    Bret even said there was some romance there. This proves he had a woman in his crib
    all this time. So that proves it is just spoof about him ever having any dating relationship with Ambre after the show was over. Looks like Ambre is smacked in the face with egg.

  234. Blogger339 says:

    OMG Bret looked so good and they showed lots of closeups of him.
    Couldn’t take my eyes off him. He is such a good person to help out those charities
    and he did so well.

    So you think Leah or what ever her real name is his love interest? I agree she does
    look exactly like his ex-girlfriend Kristy L. —both women even have the same body type
    and hair, etc. Is that coincidence that they look almost like identical twins? Bret did say that he
    had romance with her, so I was wondering if this was actually Kristy herself? Were they
    having her use a fake name because of the ROL tour and the publicity rip?

  235. Cinnamon says:

    Facts are that the woman on “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” did look alot like Bret’s ex-girlfriend Kristi Lynn Gibson known as “Gibby”. But Bret says they broke up in November of 2006.

    Observant people on here—–You realized both women had the same body type–tall with long dark hair and mega boobs. (Kristi was 5′ 8″ tall) You are very right–they do smile in the same manner, and seemed to have the same pretty set of teeth and even similar mannerisms.
    But sorry to inform….. Leah was not Kristi.
    The major difference with “Leah” is that she had a beautymark on the right side
    of her upper lip and Kristi Lynn doesn’t have that mark.

  236. Crissy says:

    Ambre W H O ????? Already forgotten—old news dies quickly.

  237. JAY says:


  238. nancy p says:

    krisy jo is not gettin a divorce,,, she said her and her husband are still together,,,,,,,,,sorry people,,,,
    her husband said,,he knew what he would be losing by seeing his wife on the show and did a turn around,, they went to counseling,,and they are together,, did any of you see the reunion show???

    and last nights show lyrics,,just because,,he doesnt mention ambre doesnt mean they have split,,people can be places and not mention the significant other,,,,and the song he did last night,, in the shows finale,,was the same exact song as last years rock of love finale,,,same exact song,,

    and to the people who said i wanted a rock of love 3 ,, its not happening,,,,get over it,,,,,,

    cheers ,,,as i lift my cup of coffee,,,,and wine for later gglz

  239. cindy says:

    She is not a prize catcher that’s for sure he can do a lot better….

  240. kay guinn says:

    ambre if you read this i just want you to know to stick in there with bret. if you truly love each other nothing can stop that! i have been dating my boyfriend for two years now and we have had some rough times but we love each other and make it work. you two are so cute together and i know ya’ll can pull it off!!!

    backwoods blondie

  241. Marty says:

    nancy P.—
    The song “All I Ever Needed” was recorded by Bret in 2003 when he lived in Nashville, TN and
    Jessica Andrews sang backup for him. It was released as a country song when Bret
    was trying that genre. So it was not a new song for Bret—but he did put it on his new Rock My World” CD coming out June 3rd. So what was your point with that just because it was the same exact song on ROL 1 finale—means nothing—he didn’t write the song for Jess or Ambre–he wrote it for his girlfriend Kristi Lynn Gibson.

    AND “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” was filmed back in early January before Bret started
    touring on the VH1 Rock of Love Tour —-so Ambre was not even with him— she was
    in Chicago.

    GET your facts straight before you post stuff as fact.

  242. mommyc says:

    Ambre or AMber. whatever, r u so stupid that you think that this guy is gonna stay with you, you dont even know how old you are??????????? you are not his type, not enough boobs and not enough ^($ I think that sincere act is just act……………., did you see that knock out on dont forget the lyric??????????? whenever that was taped, that is the type of hoochies he likes, Bret is a rocker guy, who likes to score……………. and you are just another extension in his hair wake up America, we have guys dying overseas is this ~&&( really important,???????

  243. vanessa says:

    i was so happy brett chose ambre because all daisy wanted him for was his money

  244. Katie says:

    Marty you are exactly right on all points. I know you dont need me to reassure that but sometimes folks think that when they see someone on TV is was done right then and there. They dont get that it was filmed moths earlier. You know your stuff and I love that. Thank you :)

  245. nicole zamora says:

    i guess you got what you wanted fame, and don’t lie go daisy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  246. Samantha says:

    hi…im 11 and i love rock of love!!!!!!!!i mean i was shocked cuz i thought daisy was gonna win!!!!!and u did….sooo…hows it going!

  247. WOW says:

    Samantha young dear girl. I love that you like BRET but what do you know about him? NOT much and just so you know Daisy was NOT a nice girl. THE BEST gal won.

    And nicole Zamora honey WHO wanted fame? Bret has been famous for over 21 years and Ambre has been in movies and talk shows etc for ten years. SO Im not sure if either of you young ladies know what your talking about.

    Thanks for watching though.. LOVE IT

  248. cynthia says:

    Ambre i think u are the right person 4 bret

  249. Linnae says:

    I think Ambre and Bret make a good couple. She was the most mature and classy one. I liked Jes from the first season and Daisy too, but they were too young for Bret.

  250. Eva says:

    Ambre’s face is so annoying! She thinks she looks cute and funny but she looks awful when she does that fake surprised look.She is such a bad actess!

  251. Ambre is Kool says:

    Why is everyone talking sh!it to or about Ambre? She is classy, smart, educated, not dancing on a pole . Yeah she may be in over her head about Bret staying with her cause hes a male wh@re but you know what if he chooses wh@ores over Ambre he will die a lonley old man realizing he had a good one and regret it. Or he’ll die of Aids eventually since he cant keep is ding dong zipped up! He needs to raise his 2 very yound daughters instead of trying to get laid. He should have gotten all this out of his system already hes almost 50yrs old its not 1986 anymore hes a has been old washed up 80′s rocker and I guess this is the only way he can bring in the dough for now and its gonna cost poor Ambre her heart. Karma is a b!itch and he will get his sooner or later. My advice to Ambre is to move on quick before you catch something from this dirty old dog! Ambre is still a kool kat.

  252. sarah says:

    i like ambre. i was so happy he picked her. at least he was smart this season and didnt pick that dumbass star fu*ker daisy. im glad heather punched her in the head. maybe now she will have some sense.

  253. Sean says:

    Bret should stay with Ambre. She’s a fine woman.

  254. nancy p says:

    to marty

    it doesnt matter when it was recorded,,he stil used the same song with both seasons,,and if he did write that song for another woman,,shame on him for using these songs,,on his show rock of love 1&2 what he should have done,,was written new songs for his new choices,,and my facts straight,, trust me,, i have lots of credibility,,, i do know things,,,

    thanks and have a nice day

  255. Kelly from Rome,NY says:

    Bret is hot and so down to earth.And a real person.and for Amber She ‘s great and perfet for bret.She was my favorite from the beging.Im happy he found love, but im sad its over i loved the show.Cant wait for another great show,maybe with a new hot rocker.

  256. Nettie says:

    Ha Ha Ha ok . . . well no rock of love 3 w/ Bret Michaels but the other rocker thing sounds “fantastic” I vote that the rocker be a girl the girl that should have won in the first place the girl that will ALWAYS be what Ambre will NEVER be a Rock Goddess DAISY DELAHOYA on rock of love 3 ( I love Tila but move over) for all the Daisy fans dont forget that she has a myspace page and show her all the love at and see her top to add the kick &!& band Seraphim Shock too . . . :) Ambre I hope it fails and you see Bret crawling back to Daisy ha ha ha by then hopefully Charles is back in the picture and can take Bret on real good :)

  257. kit says:

    Ambre, you are UGLY!!!! I got SOOOO sick of all of your Ooo’s and Ahhhs…Yeah, I’m sure that your a TV host. I have to tell you, I’m in SHOCK that Bret picked you, as your a lot fatter and no way near as sexy as the other girls…I would LOVE to see you fall right on you ugly face…..

  258. shervie says:

    ambre no offense, but i think there were a lot of good girls there for bret besides you
    i personally think that you look older than your age and u are to fragile that rock & roll life style
    you are so freaking bossy and don’t kno how 2 speak to people and it did hurt my heart when Bret picked u over Daisey!

  259. angel says:

    iam very happy for you guys so good luck and amber i really like you so have fun and be happy

  260. My Comment says:

    Ambre is so perfect for Bret. Ambre is not money hungry but if he would have chose Daisy then Bret would be broke… Ambre is way better looking then Daisy….Ambre is in love with Bret and Daisy was just in love with Bret’s money she had no interest in Bret just his money….So Ambre you keeping ROCKING with Bret……..

  261. Marge says:


    At the reunion show, I was astonished to see that you have a predominant Adam’s Apple. I have never seen one so large on a woman before. It was very noticeable, especially when you were laughing; it kept jumping up and down in your neck. Makes me wonder if you are the real thing.

    Sorry. But, it sure does raise some questions.

  262. ANONYMOUS says:

    I am surprized to hear how many people say Ambre is a man. That’s wierd. I have heard it a lot lately. I am also surprized that she is getting a lot of auditions. How can someone so ugly get so much publicity. How can Bret Michaels really be into her?? What is going on? BRET – WHAT IS UP???? HOW???? HOW CAN YOU BE DATING THAT??? She has this wierd manipulative control over him. She twists words around. I hate her! everything is “Bret and I talked about that” You manipulative Yuck!!! And I have one more thing to blurt out. I noticed something on the reuinion interview. I watched Bret’s body language and when the host (I forget who it was) asked him about his relationship with Ambre he couldn’t look straight at him and answer and one question he pawned off on her because……. I don’t think he’s a good lier! Bret, correct me if I’m wrong!!!

  263. KittyKat says:

    I don’t know how Ambre Lake got Bret Michaels!!!??? She may have been better then the girls on the show but she sure isn’t better then the girls in this world!!

  264. Kris says:

    Best of luck to you and Brett, don’t listen to some of these comments about you, they are just young, jealous, immature “wanna be’s”. I picked you from the beginning. Just like your comment on the show, Brett is ready for a relationship with you and not girls like Daisy who is just out for his money. She “needs” him, she doesnt “want” him like you! So coming from a girl your age, we know what we want and “I got your back”!! Have fun, and enjoy the time you have together.

  265. yuckambre says:

    sorry but brett micheals is off his rocker, to pick ambre for his rock of love…she was soooooooo annoying….with 3 yea oldr expression on her face all the time….how old was she any way….she acted like two year old and look about 50…… ambre was not the total package….more like brown bag….

  266. Dee says:

    hey..Bret is my road dog..and trust me when i tell u that he has more chicks than Carter has liver pills! Ambre is not on his mind and they might talk but they aren’t dating…she is wishing they were. He told me the other day that he met a real hot chick at his last concert and she was the first girl that he really wanted to take on a real date…so everyone chill! Ambre was just someone on a show and the show is over and so is she! Thank God!

  267. ANONYMOUS says:

    Kris, In responce to your saying that everyone on here is a young wanna-be. I am closer to Bret’s age and (I look way younger than Ambre, without any surgery by the way) not a young wanna be rockslut, I am a professional and I am in the entertainment industry and I am still in shock that he would pick Ambre. Maybe he is ready for a relationship but she is no prize that’s all I am saying. I think there is way better looking and better quality out there for him to pick. Sorry.

  268. KittyKat says:

    Yeah-What’s up with her? She is the wanna-she is doing what we all did at 20. Like she missed out on it when she was younger. By her age now you are not beginning with the hot photos and trying to become a famous 20 year old star. Wierd and Yuck!

  269. Reece says:

    Dee, glad to see that others are living in the real world—-you spoke such total truth.
    Bret is not dating Ambre and has no desire to be anything other than friends with her.
    He is hooking up with women at his current concerts.
    Bret only did ROL for the career boost. It is that simple. The man did the show with the intention
    of ending the season and going on with his life —-starting with his January ROL tour schedule.
    Bret is not a one woman man and that is why he has never married. He was not even married to the mother of his children.

    Sure, Ambre is WISHING that they were dating and is trying to manipulate the press
    in order to make Bret feel guilty enough to date her. Surely she’s not dumb enough to
    think a man like Bret will fall for that ploy.

  270. Luv2Luv says:

    I watched Don’t Forget the Lyrics and Bret said on national TV that there was romantic involvement
    with Leah. Involved romantically with Leah means just what it says Bret sure as crap is not solidly “dating Ambre” in some committed dating relationship as some bloggers on here want you to whole heartedly believe. Personally I think he had forgot Ambre’s name just as soon as his
    tour bus left the LA city limits back in January.
    So there—-Amber’s crap was, and still is, all a crock. It was only a TV show.

    Like we true bloggers have said all along–Ambre continues to say she and Bret are dating but the odd thing is that Bret DOES NOT KNOW THEY ARE DATING. DUH ! ! !

  271. Diane says:

    I see Ambre still hasn’t dyed her hair one color. She is so incredibly sickening and I wish she would take a hint and go away for good. If I ever see a show with her on it, I will turn the channel. No publicity is the only way this old hag and stupid producers will get the hint.

  272. melisa says:

    i think amber and bret are a great couple the whole time through the show i was wishing it would be her and when he picked her i cried my eyes out i know that they wll last the are a PERFACT match
    best of luck to them

    Always :


  273. sos says:

    All of these people need to quit hateing just because you DONT have him.
    get over it amber is sooo much better than daisy or any of the other fakes
    ambere loves him and clearly HE LOVES HER melisa is wright

  274. Mboxboogie says:

    Diane–we are in total agreement my friend.

    Think Ambre has already gone away– except from VH1′s blog. Guess Vh1 was trying to stirup some publicity for her using their headline with Bret’s name in it. She’s doing some kind of horror
    flick now and if you watched the trailer for it—then you wasted your time.
    If that is any indication of her acting skill then it really sucks. I won’t be wasting my money there.
    Did hear Ambre and some of the other ROL girls are still under contract with VH1 to make appearances nationwide. But I won’t be wasting my money to go see her at any of those spots either.

    Good words you used–maybe they will get the hint and understand that we don’t give a drip
    what an actress who played a part on ROL is doing now.

    We solely want to read current information on Bret.

  275. Sky says:

    If you are a has-been, a reject from a reality show, or one of the Brady kids you can get your own reality show!
    It didn’t seem like Bret was still with Ambre, on that show he was on, but it may have been a stunt. Who knows! It’s all a bunch of crap. I don’t think the two are together, but I may be wrong.

  276. dan says:

    Ambre is such a redneck!!! Notice how here name is spelled? Just like a redneck spells it. She kept saying she was better than everyone there, but did you notice how unsophisticated her father was? She is fricking 40 yrs. old and kept saying dude. She is dressing like a 20 yr. old. She was the worst. Never made it as an actress — give it up dingbat!!!

  277. Rainbowsays says:

    I noticed her saying the word “dude” to Daisy like she was 14 years old or something.
    A 37 year old woman does not speak in that manner—at least the women I know
    don’t speak that way. Sure shows her pure ignorance.

    I believe that Bret was never really with her and it was all a spoof done for the ROL
    show story line. Anyway, she is now dust on Bret’s cowboy boots. He has gone
    on to other women from what people are saying at the concerts and from his actions.

  278. nancy p says:

    hello and good morning to all

    wow reading all these ambre haters posts,, jealousy rears its ugly head,,,amazing,,,,,,
    a suggestion,,why not have a wrestler do this,,,im sure vh-1 can find someone,, hey hulk hogan is available,,, isnt he???

    btw im having a houseguest in august,, a former wwe wrestler,,,,,,,and he knows bonjovi,,and all of the rockers,,,,,,inclluding sebastian bach of skid row,,

    have a nice day all,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,or kid rock,, hes wild as ever,, dont you think?

  279. Kelly says:

    Ambre sucks!!! If they hadn’t tortured Christy Jo and made her life a living hell, she would have been with Bret! That would have been the perfect match!!!

  280. Maggie says:

    Ambre was faker then anyone on that show. She made it seem she was everyones friend and made the girls trust them but as soon as one of them confided in her she ran to Bret and showed her true two faced personality. I think her only reason to be on the show was to further her career. She knew her &(^ was getting old and she needed to do something to get her name out there. She is a skeemer, a liar, two faced, back stabbing, coat tail riding low life. Good luck with your career Amber…oh sorry AMBRE…forgot that future stars have to put a little twist on a normal name to JAZZ it up for the lime light.

  281. Pammy says:

    Well I think Ambre was a very charming person in the beginning of the show
    But then towards the end she turned so evil and different
    but maybe i can understand because she was trying to fight for her man BRET
    so i dont know if shes a fake
    i have a great feeling she is…. but i really dont care
    if theres trouble with bret and her then it wasnt meant to be
    but i love kristy jo MAN!!!!
    i thought she was the girl for him

  282. LeatherT says:

    Someone mentioned she is writing a book about her experience on ROL—OH PLEAZZZZZ

    Ambre—we were there —we saw it every week—we don’t care to hear what you have to say about it. I’d rather read a book about what BRET says about the whole behind the scene

    I heard through Wikipedia that there is some kind of new sex tape floating the internet
    involving Bret and the ROL women. Does anyone know about it or can tell me which ROL women it involves????

  283. twiggy says:

    i think ambre is great and i think she is mature lots of the girls on there were so immature and just plain stupid bret needs someone to fit his good down home manner and she seems to be perfect

  284. Evie Hill says:

    Ambre, you’re ugly! Sorry, you do not look 37, you look 47-50.

  285. nancy p says:

    agrees with twiggy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i am simply amazed how some are just cruel and saying cruel things about ambre,,, i say grow up ……what is the matter with you people????? i say jealousy again rears its ugly head,,,,,,,,
    dont any of you wish them the best,,,, ok ,, if it works it works,, if not,, ya know,,it dont,,,just lets see what happens,, and not read into things that arent even there,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    brett is taken ,, get over it,,,

    thanks and have a nice day

  286. Faith says:

    Found this at WordPress|–Written by Don.

    DON: Actress Ambre says she was on the show for Bret, but I think this girl is putting all her acting abilities to use. Especially after I found this quote on what made her decide to do reality tv:

    AMBRE: “Plus, I’m an actress and have been working in the business for a while and well, you can get a lot of exposure from reality TV”.
    Chicago Post


  287. GiannaMarie says:

    DUH—you been living in a cave Faith? Tons of us have been trying to tell you that
    Ambre was just an actress doing a job. Bret’s body language and facial expressions
    at the Reunion supplied you with all the major clues—they are just friends.

    ALL the women on ROL were involved in the entertainment field and were just wanting
    a career boost—-actresses, strippers, singers, and models. Reality TV is anything but

    Ambre has gone on with her career just like all the others on board the show.
    Did you see Ambre’s interview at Jet Night Club in Vegas? She’s milking the publicity
    to take her to some celeb status. I don’t agree with the haters on here because I think
    Ambre is probably a nice person—-but TRUTH is TRUTH and she should admit she’s riding
    the publicity train. She can’t admit she and Bret are not dating because of her contract with
    VH1—they have to wait until Bret’s ROL solo tour ends before they “technically split” in the media’s eyes.
    I’d wager my right arm that Ambre’s real boyfriend in true life is Adam–her so called best friend.

  288. RenoBabe says:

    That is the best explaination I’ve heard so far as to why Ambre’s ex-fiancee
    did not appear on the show—-
    Simple explaination—-because she had no real ex-fiancee and Adam was her true
    boyfriend in real life. It even would makes sense if someone saw the show and wondered
    about this Adam character—Ambre could explain it off by saying–”Oh, he’s not my
    boyfriend—we are just best friends”—–YEA right Ambre.

  289. Gumdrop says:

    What a twist to the story. Am I shocked? NO. We know there is no real in Reality TV.

    BM fans, your heart can now resume to beating just as hard as it did watching that sexy man weekly on ROL.
    I picture women nationwide, reading this new analogy, gleefully realizing that ROL was a sham.
    Halt my sharp memory reminds me….didn’t bold pink haired Jess tell us it all a “Mind Fxck” ????

    I hear loud screams…..bust out the leather mini dresses, garter belts, silver jewelry, the black eyeliner, and fxck me pumps because Bret Micheals is on the loose and free again my dears.
    Does “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” actually mean knocking on the tour bus door?


  290. Kim says:

    Faith, thank you for posting –so Ambre’s interview is now coming back to haunt her?

    They say: Life isn’t like a box of chocolates…
    it’s more like a jar of jalapenos.
    What you SAY today might burn your +_! TOMORROW.

  291. Gumdrop says:

    Kim, I laughed so hard.
    Yea, with the press the way it is—an actress has to be careful of letting
    the cat out of the bag.

    Too funny—-What you say today, might burn you azz tomorrow—–we can all
    heed those words.

  292. Suri says:

    Of course Bret and Ambre aren’t in a relationship. It was just a tv show. Nobody was there to fall in love. They were all there to get on tv and get publicity and make money.

  293. Joni says:

    It was a show, let’s all get over it and move on. VH1 needs to take off this blog now the show has been over for a month now.

    And LeatherT it’s Daisy that’s writting the book, not Ambre.

    The were all looking for exposure, Ambre with Acting some of the others it was Porn/Playboy. Ambre at least is doing something with dignity. And Bret did it for his Music Career. Who cares if him and Ambre are actually dating or not, if they are I hope it works for them, if not I hope they both find happiness in life with someone else. The show was fakey, scripted, edited ect.

  294. joleen wilson says:

    i am so happy for bret and bmbre they deserve eachother and what they can give each other YOU GO AMBRE KEEP YOUR MAN!!!!!!! bret im happy 4 u but do u ever think what it would have been like to keep jess around? i really liked her???

  295. Marguarita says:

    Don’t take this blog down–I still enjoy reading what everyone has said here. If one person
    doesn’t like it then that person can stay on other blogs and let the rest of us enjoy.

    Bret is one hot fucxer in my book and I will enjoy him as long as he continues to entertain
    Luv to you.

  296. SHELBY says:

    Ambre is so smat and funny and inteligent.She knows were she is going and ended up with BRET MICHALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  297. Shelby says:

    Ambre I just wanted to say that I whatched every single second of rock of love 2 and threw the whole entire show I was just hoping at the end you would be the peson to win and it is weird how fait works huh?Ambre you are my idol Iam your biggest fan in the world. P.S. BRET MICHALS IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  298. Krissy says:


  299. tiffany says:

    Bret and Ambre are NOT dating. When will you people get a clue and realize itwas a TV SHOW!!!! Bret has his life and she has hers!!

  300. SweetSugaM says:

    I’ve got some breaking news for everyone======
    I was at the Bamboozle Festival, NJ May 4 where Bret and solo band hit the stage in the mid
    afternoon. This was the best show I’ve ever seen in my life. If you didn’t make it there SO SORRY
    for you—are ya jealous? Here’s the news–I read on the VH1 blog where someone sayin they were Big John talked about Bret being sick at the show. At the time I didn’t know if this was true. The audience never knew how sick Bret was. The show was rockin, $+)` stompin, and worth every penny I spent on my ticket. Same day of the festival Scott Heisel interviewed
    Bret. For those who don’t know, Scott is the Music Editor for Alternative Press Magazine. Scott has released a press video of the interview with Bret.
    There was Bret big as life wearing his black Ed Hardy tee-shirt with the big skull on the front and his black American Outlaw hat. Then there is was right out of Bret Michael’s own mouth he says that he had larengitis that day and was feelling like crap but that he’s played shows feeling worse and that didn’t stop him from going on stage.
    So far, our blogger Big John was nailing the truth down for us on this blog.
    Now the big news====Scott Heisel asked Bret if there would be a ROL 3? Bret looked down at the floor and laughed so that you can see his dimples and then put his hand up to his mouth and laughed again and said::
    Bret’s Quote: “Well, here’s the thing, right, the thing, ROL2 I thought was awesome, ”
    (Bret’s eyes are NOT making eye contact with Scott, Bret keeps looking up and down at the floor like someone does when they are not being totally honest).
    Bret continues to say, “Ambre is absolutely great”…(pauses slightly and looks back at the floor) “we’re still very much together”, (was looking down when he said that but then Bret moved his eyes back to Scott) Next Bret says, “I haven’t thought about a ROL3, but I had a thought”.
    Bret says: “Um, what I’d actually love to do is something um called the Big Rock of Love Bus”. “Right?” “And just take the party on the road, having fun, and do basically… it doesn’t necessarily need to be just a dating show, what it can be is… just out on the road, having fun, and what we did here today (at Bamboozle) the good, the bad, and the ugly today ..I mean I’m gonna say this, and it was so strange, I was so excited about this Festival and I came down about two days ago with a touch of larengitis and I’m not one of those guys in my whole career who liked to cancel anything”.
    Bret continues: “I’ve gone on with a 103 degree fever and played and I was just..and the audience was very kind, and cool, and we went out there and rocked it ,and that is part of what you see on the Rock of Love bus is the good nights, and the bad nights, and all the stuff that goes on with me and being in a real rock band”.
    The interview went on to talk about Bamboozle’s other bands and back when Bret had taped the Jimmy Kimmel show, so I didn’t include the rest of the interview here.

    The thing that I wanted to show everybody is when Bret talked about doing bus show—
    he let the cat out of the bag—his quote: ” just take the party on the road, having fun, and do basically… it doesn’t necessarily need TO BE JUST A DATING SHOW”. This tells us that
    he was thinking of ROL3, but wanted to change the new show abit so that is showed more than just his dating on the road. LADIES–sounds like and appears the way Bret did not look
    Scott in the eye with his answer about him and Ambre that Bret is already thinking ahead to
    dating on the road with OTHER WOMEN——–
    WE ALL KNEW ROL 2 WAS JUST A PUBLICITY STUNT AND THAT BRET WOULD BE BACK DATING OTHER WOMEN AGAIN ! ! ! ! ! ! ! So glad that you have conspiciously confirmed the truth for us
    Sweet Suga

  301. Muerta says:

    Bret does not lie well does he? Everybody has already figured out the whole ROL
    business was a scam or per se a soap opera done to pull in ratings to VH1.
    By the way, this stupid picture of Ambre is so unattractive–if you were going to
    post her picture here couldn’t you have at least gotten one with her big mouth closed?

  302. Decarlo says:

    i love how they are together. This is great i would love to be Ambre!

  303. Doobie says:

    Watch Bret’s latest interview with Alternative Press–Bret just can’t lie well at all when he’s talking about him and Ambre still being together. Geez, the guy can’t even smile when he mentions her name. Seems like her name in his mouth makes him sick or somethin.

    When somebody lies they shift their eyes to the left and down at the floor and say the words
    um, um, um when they are trying to get their brain to make up a lie—scientific fact. Check it out
    with any police officer who is trained to spot lies. –Sorry Bret, buddy, you’re exposed this time ! !

  304. Amy says:

    So, now i am totally f n choked. Just finished watching Jess win the Rock of Love, thought I would check out this site to see some pix. But, NO PICS!! WTF. Now from looking, there is a Rock of Love 2?? And now I also f n know who friggin wins the next one. This Ambre chick?? WTF!!!!!!!!!! From Jess to her? NASTY!!! What the hell happened to Jess??? lol

  305. KillerCleavage says:

    Jess jumped the boat before the +#% anic even sunk—then VH1 made Bret pick the only female on ROL2 who looked like an iceberg froze her face. Both seasons were fake. Solely publicity
    spoof. Protest to VH1 that we’re tired of their “fixed” shows.

  306. Remarkable says:

    KliierCleavage-what does the boat T i t a n i c have to do with ROL? Amber was not on any boat
    and I doubt she can even swim by looking at her chubbie body—she would sink like an anchor.
    Care to explain your comment?

  307. AmbreRox says:

    gotta love ambre she is goregous and i am soo glad he picked her!

  308. Jaime says:

    I just want to say that its funny how fate does work. I am a strong believer in fate. I was rooting for Cristy Jo just cause shes like me in some ways. Her lifes a wreck (i llike her) have been married several times and all have failed. I still am trying to figure if its me or the men.!!!!! Anyways i have taken some time (2 years so far) 2 figure out who i am. But anyways Ambre hung in there stepped up her game and was just her self. Btw Ambre you are gourgeous you dont have to forget how old you are haha. Just kidding anyways you got what you came for and i wish you both the best. On the outside Bret Micheals is a hard core fine as hell rocker but during the show you could look in is eyes at elimination time and tell he’s as human as can be. Deep down he did’nt want to hurt anyone else no more than he wanted to hurt hisself. I do feel kinda bad for daisy but shes got to straighten out her life on her own cause it wouldn’t have worked if she was just looking for a crutch. I hope she found some good ice cream. Just kidding, I think in the end it all worked out for the best I wish the best for all the girls they were all pretty well good at heart and buetifull. Frenchy though i would find my self a new plastic surgoen or get my money back. And destiny girl will always have my love god rest her fathers soul. I could say a lot but theres not near enough room. good luck to all and Ambre u looked so good at the reunion. Hey Heather ever thought about doing some Body Gaurd work??????

  309. lou says:

    There needs to be a Rock Of Love 3. And leave controling manipulative old hag amber fake. And dont breing back bulldog heater. Daisy Jessica & Destiney rock. All amber did was pretend to be freinds with everyone then stab them in the back. And what color is her hair????

  310. lee says:

    I read somewhere that Daisy and Bret were out partying. If its true then taht cool

  311. Peaches says:

    SORRY IEE that is false. HE was NOT with Daisy the +_*)!&#(^)$#%)`!_ SORRY

    Daisy is now banging Dave Navaro.

  312. cum fire hand hardcore says:

    hand milf `%+^)$(^~_%**$^ hardcore cum fire hand hardcore

  313. Melissa says:

    HAHA Amber alert!

  314. Mandee says:

    Forget you sluts. I’m praying there’s going to be a Rock of Love 3. I’m 21 years old, and I’d __&+_%@___#_~~@( Bret Michaels anyyy day. :)

  315. LINDA says:

    I was just at the Poison concert last night and he definitely said there was going to be a ROCK OF LOVE 3!!

  316. ROXX: SINTON, TX says:

    Well i am writing because they just had a casting call for Rock of love 3 in Corpus christi….hmmm.. does that mean that things didnt work out?

  317. bamababy101 says:

    i heard the same thing last sat night in bham at his concert. some tour bus with same idea of rock of love though. he said it might come thru bham, al. big john was recording us up front for parts of the show, do i believe that, probably not.

  318. girlpoison75 says:

    I was at the concert in chicago and yes he him self said there will be a rock of love 3

  319. amber says:

    amber you had a chance with him let him go. and get on with ur +@#@+_*$^^^~+~+ hi needs bether a$$.

  320. santana says:

    let ther be a rock of love 3 we want more bret michaels he is so hot

  321. santana says:

    let thar be a rock of love 3 we want more bret michaels he ia so hot

  322. santana says:

    let ther be a rock of love 3 we want more bret michaels he is so hot and we love him

  323. santana says:

    let thre be a rock of love 3 we want more bret michaels he is so hot we love him

  324. Maria says:

    I attended the Poison concert last night in Pittsburgh and Bret announced that there will be a Rock of Love 3.

  325. curious says:

    there is going to be a rock of love 3. If you read there blogs from July 13th, 2008 both Ambre and Bret announced there split and the upcoming ROL3…….read it for yourselves folks……….they are over…!!!!

  326. tara boyer says:

    i went to the poison concert august 17,2008 in st. louis, mo at the verizon wireless amphathetaer and bret announced that there will be a rock of love 3 in january.

  327. tara boyer says:

    he said there doing auditions in st. louis

  328. brenda says:

    well if this is true then why at his concert in indianapolis indiana did he say there was going to be a 3rd season please answer that

  329. Brandi says:

    i loved ambre and wanted her to win rock of love but i went to a poison concert like two months ago and bret said that there was a rock of love 3 and they started filming in september. he said it was going to be on a tour bus and the first stop was going to be in indy!

  330. Dori says:

    Hi Ambre,
    Since you are the only normal one on any of these kinds of shows can you tell me where I can email to let the people of VH! know how my friends and I feel about Heather. We all thought it was awful and lame for her to have beaten little Daisy. When she spoke about how some dark would win the money on I love money we were all happy that someone like her was even on the show ….Ms. Queen of Darkness her self. She is a ugly person inside and we would like for our voices two be heard. Keep Heather off Tv. She is a very evil person

  331. Sally says:

    Time and time agian I wonder about you and Bret, like how you are doing. I am hearing things left and right.I have heard that you and Bret are over and there is a “Rock of Love3″. I have also herd that you guys are still on theres not going to be a “Rock of Love3″ and you are starting a show about life on the road.Wich is true?

    P.S how did that ugly Daisy make it to the final 2? her new show is probaly gonna be realy stupid!

  332. Sonysuevesque says:

    After us the deluge ;)

  333. cypeoffeponna says:

    Reason why is great to be a gay :P
    The garage is all yours. Its joke ^_^

  334. Brireeirrence says:

    Stuffed deer heads on walls are bad enough, but it’s worse when you see them wearing dark glasses, having streamers around their necks and a hat on their antlers. Because then you know they were enjoying themselves at a party when they were shot. (Ellen Degeneres) :P

  335. bettgg says:

    rock of love 3 omg!!