Rocky Rocks Out


Above, check out a one-minute preview of I Know My Kid’s a Star breakout Rocky’s upcoming single, “Who’s the Bitch Now?” When we spoke to Rocky earlier this month, she told us, “If you think the tampon line gave everybody a heart attack, wait till everybody hears the words to my new song. It’s about bondage!” And so it is. The above video takes footage from I Know My Kid’s a Star to accompany a rough cut of Rocky’s single — she says that a sexy, official video is on the way. As it is, though, the language in the clip above is mildly not safe for work…or your booty.

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  1. Jon E Haag says:

    Does anyone actually care?

  2. petunia petal says:

    OMG, it is awful… does Rocky need to use the bathroom?

  3. Lizzie says:

    Hey Rocky your such a good singer. Now i know where Hayley gets her good voice from. I can’t wit to hear the whole song i bet it’s gonna rock the house. I hope i get to hear more songs from you and hopfully Hayley. Thanks for posting this.

  4. DougStag says:

    Wow, I’m impressed. I’m a musician for over twenty years, and you can sing lady. You have a unique bluesy, gritty feel that is sexy as f@ck. The song is killer too. Did you write it? Whoever says hot chicks can’t sing hasn’t met Rocky D. I’m going to send you an add on myspace. I’m user Bluebird Please keep me posted on when the song is released. You rock Rocky!!

  5. Illinois703 says:

    Totally cool video Rocky. Cant wait to see the entire video when you have it completed.
    You have an amazing voice. Wish you and Hayley many success and a bright future.
    Also how great of VH1 to do this for you. Nice work.

  6. Shannon says:

    Good stuff Rocky! Keep it up!

  7. Holly says:

    Sounds good girl.. You really Rock..

  8. Chris says:

    I guess she really WAS in it for herself. I would rather have seen something Haley is working on. If I heard this playing in a bar, I’d leave.

  9. sarah says:

    hi rocky it’s me sarah from your friends list on your myspace, wow.. girl you totally rock! nice song!

  10. Phil says:

    This song ROCKS!!! Rocky has a true rock & roll voice and a killer guitar track on the song to match!! 2 THUMBS UP!!!!

  11. Resurrezione di Cuori says:

    She’s so damn sexy…and so baaaad…I love this lady!

  12. Ashley McNeelly says:

    I know how who the $~##$ is… Nice, glad for a keep on rocking..

  13. jilly says:

    Hey girl, its Jilly from Texas, wow your vocals rock- you and Hayley rule!!!! im only still watching that show with Dummy Bonaduce for laffs, still want to see Gigi show her self out- wish I could slap her stupid face myself..

  14. Caat says:

    Rocky… Your song is so freakin awesome. I can’t wait till we get to hear the whole thing. Have you and Hayley ever recorded anything together? It would be cool to hear you guys sing a duet of something. Good luck to you both.
    And post more stuff about Rocky and Hayley VH1. They were my favorites on I Know my Kids a star. The shows just not as fun to watch without them.

  15. Portland Loves Rocky says:

    Love the song! Love Rocky! Keep it up lady; can’t wait to see the real video!

  16. HK says:

    Rock on Rocky!!! You know we love you!! Great song!

    So how’s this for being in tune with one another…

    Cheyenne has just put a New Music Myspace up. It is here: There is one song on it so far. Cheyenne wrote, produced and sings all the vocals.

    And people wondered what we have in common!!

    Now, it’s a little bit different from your song (he! he!) . Check it out when you get a chance.


  17. Yolanda says:

    This lady is so old and busted up and her singing sounds like someone strangling a cat. She needs to go to the old folks home for broke down Steve Tyler wannabees and let the next generation have their chance. If she was gonna have a singing career, it would have happened like 20 years ago.

  18. huh says:

    was that supposed to be rocky singing? How weird. If it is rocky’s voice they really did something to it like put it through the chipmunk machine. Is it country? Does that explain the cowboy hats?

  19. musicpro says:

    Country and bondage??

  20. Jenna says:

    Dude Rocky Is Awesome And So Is Hayley!!!!!!!!!!!!…..Gigi Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……Oh Yeah And Rocky’s New Song Is Great!!!!!!!!!!

  21. KimmyKim(ILoveRockyAndHayley) says:

    this song is amazing rocky is amazing and extremley pretty she has lots of talent and so does her daughter!!rocky ha ters beware!!!XOXO and the freak who said rocky sounds horrible!!i am sure you sound like a dy ing cat!!and hayley does have stuff going on too if you look on youtube she has a video herself!!!so all you su ckers that are jealous or Rocky’s talent go to hell cuz dhe is amazing!SO BAM!

  22. Natalie says:

    words cannot describe how much I………. LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTT I CANT WAIT FOR THE WHOLE THING TO COME OUT YOU’RE AMAZING! how are you are Hayley? me and my friend were talking about how we have hayley and rocky seperation anxiety haha we love you guys so much.

  23. Darla Hood says:

    Wow, just heard the full song over at your MySpace page. incredible. I already downloaded it and added it my profile song. You rock, Rocky! Take care. See you on the tube.

  24. youmustbekidding says:

    Wow, Rocky, you really hate men don’t you? No wonder you have to sleep with your daughter. Any normal, intelligent man would not find this song sexy or appealing. To be made someone’s b**** isn’t funny or cute… it is degrading. If a man wrote this song about a woman who had done him wrong, it wouldn’t be allowed on the airwaves (as it shouldn’t be!). Your voice sucks, the song is a wreck… you should use your 15 minutes more wisely. Other than the guy from VH1 who obviously is your biggest supporter, nobody cares anymore.

    Now bring on the accusations… I am not gigi, pam or anyone involved with the show. I am someone with morals and taste.

  25. Youmustbekiddingisstupid says:

    she is talking about a man abusing a woman and the woman is getting him back and that shows power for women!! her voice is not ugly i bet you sound like a dying cat she has an incredible voice and an incredible amount of talent i have morals and taste .Go get alife youmustbekidding Rocky Rox!!

  26. youmustbekidding says:

    If you have morals and taste then you should not call names and act silly. I voiced my opinion, voice yours without name calling and intelligent people will take what you have to say as valid. Otherwise you can tend to look silly and insecure.

    Mature and moral people don’t “get back” by abusing them. They stop allowing bad things to happen to them, get help for themselves and move forward having learned something. It is NEVER appropriate to hurt someone else. Ever.

    Go ahead and be a fan of Rocky’s. I’ll continue on believing as I do. That is the American way.

  27. RockyRox says:

    mkay i do not look silly and insecure.It’s not an american way to hate Rocky actually most of America loves her and Hayley.Gigi is the one they hate and they have damn good reasoning get you facts straight

  28. Ellie says:

    Rocky was in the program for her own good and stepped all over her kid to get her face in the limelight. I just listened to her clip. She sounds like a cat getting its tail pulled! YEEEOOOOWWWW!

  29. RockyRox says:

    you know ellie your wrong she has way better a voice then u ever will.No she did not hayley has a video out on youttube as well and hayley has been offred lots of acting spots.So stop hating on Rocky and hayley cuz you will never ever be as cool as them

  30. RockyRocknRoll says:

    RockyRox I Love you, and all the other supporters. Please don’t waste your time a killer whale has again been sited on this board–non other than Sheri whose now disguising herself as “you must be kidding. You gotta change your words up a little babe you used the cat reference in three other posts. Like your weight it’s pretty obvious. Your just so damn jealous because you cut and dyed your hair alla moe from the three stooges and you still look like “It’s Pat” Your so pathetic, the way you STAGED your son even in the catch up video to imitate Danny. Are you telling me he came up with the transvestite and hooker material. Babe don’t you and Gigi know who your up against–you can never match wits with me. And insidently, I would $@~ ume you have no sex life other than your husband putting a bag over your head and thinking of me–But my song is also about Domination–Which a ton of men are into. It is one of the sexiest things to a man to have a woman take control. But you wouln’t know your just used to gettin’ picked up at last call. MAN, I LOVE IT!!!! Don’t you see you can’t get to me or my fans they love us!!! Not just the Blog man honey but all of VH1 loves us!! So you can try and sabotage the boards from here to imdb to Kalamazoo but you can’t stop the consensus of opinion. They LOVE us. And as my mother would say, a hundred frenchman can’t be wrong! Now go back to your Ring Dings. Hee hee


    For Everyone else I just opened up a myspace music account where the full mixed version of this song is available. Just go to I’d love to add you!! Thanks so muchs for supporting my daughter and I. You rock!!!!!

  31. JamesBunroe08 says:


  32. Mike Plummer says:

    Hey Rocky, it’s user bluebird. I’ve been paying attention to these posts on this blog and I don’t think you’re going crazy (well you are a little crazy) but in a good waylol , but I definetely see a pattern. I am certain and so is my wife that Cameruns mother is behind these posts. No one gets that specific or angry if they are just a viewer. What gives her away is she does say the same things in other posts on imdb and in other blogs of yours. Shes also the only one I’ve ever seen say mean things about your child, sleeping with her and stuff or putting her down. She sounds a couple of beers shortof a six pack and I would watch out if I were you. I also wanted to point out the fact that she says as a coverup bring on the accusations, NO ONe says that if they are just a reg poster person. And notice how she mentions I’m not Pam or Gigi but doesn’t mention who you’ve always known it was -HER. ROCK ON ROCKY. Tammy and I love ya. We can only add your song but we cannot download it, why is that?
    Stay Strong Walk Proud

  33. crackmonkey says:

    i think mikeplummer is on crack just like rocky.

  34. zulugrip says:

    Rocky, I was quite surprised when you got cut. It was defininitely fair but I thought you were good T.V. You’re a trainwreck, and to some guys who havnt had better (and theres a lot of em) you’re probably good to look at. Not to mention the B.S. drama you create made for interesting T.V. I coudlnt believe how many times they let you say you were going to kill someone. But the truth is, you were obviously there for you, you look rode hard and put away wet, you’re annoying as hell, and your daughter God bless her (she is adorable), needs a lot of work. Shes is no way near ready for a career.(And yes I do work in the industry. I’ve worked on over 30 feature films from “Hook” to “Titanic” to “Batman Forever”, “Little Princess”, “Perfect Storm”, “North” “Last Action Hero”, “Dracula”, etc etc etc. No need to go on), I have worked around many a child actor and as cute as Haley is, she has a long way to go before she’ll be ready. You, even farther. That being said, the right person won. I was behind Cheyenne the whole way until the last 2 episodes when I saw just how arrogant she really was and her mom……what a POOR sport. So theres my 2 cents and thats about all its worth. Haley, take Marki’s advice and fire your mom. I do think you’ll go far eventually but work hard…..nothing comes for free in this town.Best of luck to you……………………

  35. 1lynnn says:

    You do not have to be a cast member to think that both Gigi and Rocky are raving lunatics. In addition, they both seem to be quite illiterate – Gigi in her speech and Rocky in her writings. If Rocky thinks she is talented because (as she claims) a bunch of desperate old men like her, her old @_+ has another think coming. Obviously she was way too old for Rock Of Love, so kudos to her for using Hayley to get on t.v. through the backdoor (the same way she says she enjoys it). Good luck to poor Hayley, she most definitely will need it. Hayley will need some acting skills to deny that she is related to old lady Crocky (as in crock of s–t). To Rocky, perhaps you should post your video on the AARP website, they are more your style.

  36. Lindsey Mackinzie says:

    Rocky, your daughter is A BRAT!!! Get that girl in order, and be her MOTHER, NOT HER FRIEND!! or you are looking at the next drug addict that is pregnant by the time she is 15. She is a beautiful girl, and I think she can go very far in life IF YOU GET HER IN LINE!!

  37. Mike Plummer says:

    Wow Rockyt look what I started but she took the bait-. This crazy woman is obsessed with you! And ther allt the same lines saying your a crackhead your and old woman trainwreck not that attractive. Oh sorry Rock but I don’t wanna forget I saw three other posts where she said you were some rock of love loser. How obvious. Your the hottest of hotties She is old and fat with the untalented kid,why was thay boy on there? I am a gentleman and I don’t mean to put kids down infact what person after watching this finale would post Hayley is a brat out of nowhere? Rocky you should fire some kind of harrassment charges. This woman ain’t wrapped to tight. I noticed when I posted my comment she posted the MikePlummer is a crackhead too twenty minutes later under another name. She should watch the scale as much as she watches these boards. Whaddya want Rocky get use toit yer a young hot soccer mom with a killer bod and a little girl that’s a beaty you’ve got plenty more killer whales coming yer way. Welcome to Hollywood. We loves ya


  38. petunia petal says:

    zulugrip – great post! I agree with you completely. Not everyone that doesn’t buy into Rocky is fat, or jealous. Some people just don’t like you Rocky. It shouldn’t bother you, why would you care? Just go on being “real”…

  39. faith says:

    i like it. But ive always liked that type of voice…husky like. smokey even. Janis joplin esque

  40. 1lynnn says:

    Is Mike Plummer Rockys’ dad that sleeps with her every night also? Eveybody who thinks Rocky is an old, never-has-been, washed up ho is not the same individual. That is delusional. A lot of people know Rocky is a loser who will use her daughter or anything else to be in her own special slimelight. Harrassment charges? You must be dumber than a box of Rockys (which is obvious from reading your comments). Mike, let us know if you find any polyps while you’re up Rockys’ a$$. Oh, and please don’t file harrassment charges. lol

  41. Aerik says:

    Hi Rocky!! I just want you to know I love you and your fiery personality so much!! You and your spirited daughter were the best thing about “I Know My Kid’s A Star” for me, and I wish the both of you all the best! Sometimes when you have passionate personalities like you and I do, people have a hard time seeing exactly what we’re passionate about.And then there’s some people that just like to hate on those that step outside the box. It’s all good though! I know I’ll be seeing Hayley’s name in lights somewhere soon! :) Lots of love!!

  42. Drake Letterman says:

    I just wanna say you are so )$+~ in hot. Smokin Hot. You are every guys wet dream, and every girls nightmare. But on top of everything else you have an amazing voice. You are a qudruple threat. You can sing and act and dance and are so funny. Did I mention your a hot mom. I’m so jail bait but I can fantasize. Man you draw these peopl in like )$+~ in herion. As one person posted they needed their Rocky fix that’s so true. You are the definition of reality tv. I want my, I want my, i want my Rocky tv.
    Hurry back!!

    Drake in boring )$+~ in’ Georgia

  43. Shannon says:


    Let me introduce myself, my name is Shannon from Houston, I’m a mother of 3 and a grandma-to-be the end of the month. I wasn’t really a TV person until recently since my disability, but I have grown to love watching reality shows.

    I came across the show you and your daughter were on and I fell in love with you guys! YOU ROCK!! In my opinion, you were the most level headed, REAL person, who knew her stuff, on the show. If the other moms would take the time to have gotten to KNOW you, they would have learned a thing or two!

    Most those moms were wrapped up in being fake, but you kept it REAL and that’s what impressed me! I hope to see you and Hayley again, soon, on TV. You have a cutie of a daughter and she, too, is down-to-earth! I’m sorry the show didn’t work out, but at least this is just the beginning! Keep up with the business and best wishes to the both of you! I’m a fan!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Much love,
    Shannon =)

  44. 1lynnnn says:

    How many different names can Rocky post under?! As if anyone under the age of 65 would dream about cobwebs. As for millionaire dating websites? Well now she can add “gold digging old a$$ ho” to her resume’. If she and her family are such successful show folk why is she on websites to spread herself for a dollar? Is there no end to what she will do for some attention and a buck? Maybe the next time she talks to Helene she could ask for advice on how to be a real mother and for tips on acting. Both she and her daughter could use the help.

  45. Rockyrocknroll says:

    Hey guys Rocky here just alerting you to the fact that i put up my new you tube song So..Bam which is all about cameron’s fat slob old jealous mother at 200am this morning and at exactly 212am Sheri posted this filth about me again as user 1lynn. Then this !__$( tried to mess with all my ratings on youtube they all had red thumbs down within minutes. This senior citizen is in such need of help. But the whole world will be singing along to her song!! She is a sick jealous pig, who was probably one of those bully’s in school that stalked and threatened the cheerleaders and beautiful women–probably because she wanted to sleep with them. She also put out a bulletin begging you tube users to flag my video because she’s shakin’ in her boots. Ofcourse my loyal fans only ran and told me they all despise her and know what she’s done to try to mar mine and little hayley’s name.. You can’t stop me now Sheri. KARMA !!!!!! Payback’s a !__$( and so are you. You are OLD FAT UGLY CROSS_EYED and look like a man. And no one even remembers your dorky son! I am YOUNG BEAUTIFUL TALENTED,SUCCESSFUL, and have the child everyone in America ADORES!! And it KILLS YOU. But I thank you for sending even more viewers to my site. Courageous Cat always gets it’s mouse you fat ~^*@ MWah!!!!


  46. Rockyrocknroll says:

    Hey just wanted to post the link so everyone can here fat Sheri’s song, So…Bam!

  47. Lisa Martinez says:

    I am so sorry you are going thru all this with that jealous )_@+& I saw her my space blog way before the show aired when they just had the promos and I couldn’t believe the horrrible things she not only said about you but about Hayley. Then she got really crazy after her son got eliminated because he couldn’t act and hayley could. I really couldn’t believe though how she crcified danny and VH1 and said all those horrible things about the entire production company. That is such sour grapes, Rocky. First of all why does she keep saying these cobweb age refernces when you look to be in your late twenties and she looks like she’s Fifty. I guess she’s seeing a relection of her self. Don’t sweat it Rocky and your right the more she talks the more popular she makes you. You are a gorgeous woman that I look up to. You call it as you see it, and I went on your myspace–the Raquel one and I played the DeMarco Sisters. They are amazing. Your mother is so beautiful! When you put out the bulletin on my space asking which one we thought was her–I knew right away. Like you she stands out like a sore thumb. Your are all gifted with talent and beauty. I’m sure your mother had her share of fat slob jealous biitches too. LOL And like her you’ll kill them with success.



  48. RockyRox says:

    Rocky your write she is just a jealous lunatic stalker!! who needs to get her _&+ off here!!

    and i love SO BAM so bam!


  49. RockyRox says:

    and shari aka 1lynnnnnnnnn how many names can you post under??

    get a life

  50. Brett says:

    This is a fairly “radio-friendly” song – I may be out on a limb, here, but I detect a little “Motley Crue” influence in the melody, and the vocals bring to mind everyone from Joan Jett to Melissa Etheridge (not bad company to be in). I don’t want to jump into the fray of people who are discussing the song’s backstory or the drama from the VH1 show – I just think the song’s a pretty good song, and I wish Rocky the best of success with it!

  51. interesting... says:

    Did you ever wonder why Melissa (Rocky’s real name) is so angry, bitter and hateful? You can read about her parents dysfunctional relationship in the book Lovely Me: The Life of Jacqueline Susann. It’s on Google Books. Search the +)# le. On page 381 it talks about how Melissa’s father was mentally and physically abusive to her mother and their bitter divorce in 1967 when Melissa was still a little kid. Yeah, that’s right. She’s well into her forties. Her past explains a lot of her current behavior.

  52. Rockyrocknroll says:

    Nice try Sheri Hee Hee I think the world can see I’m barely thirty. But your pushin’ fifty, and now your looking up books about my mother and father. Do you mastaurbate about me? Honey I will win this war. You can make up all the $(!( you want but like my song says, you know damn well who’s the star!! Whay don’t you take the time to have your son’s ears pinned back and get him some acting lessons instead of this clear obsession over me. Thats okay baby, I’m making copies of all your posts. By the way now I’m letting your secret out–all kidding aside Sheri use to be a MAN. Cameron has another mother–that’s not his real mother that’s his FATHER who had a sex change. Now you wanna talk about dysfuntional. I gotta go spread this everywhere–but this is the truth cause you told me. This Man tried to come on to me on the show!! Now I’m gonna expose you for what you are. I’d quit if I were you.

  53. BAM says:


  54. RockyRox(SO BAM) says:

    intrsting your not intrseting your dull she isn’t foryt she is closer to 30 her current behavior is normal and unlike you she doesn’t stalk people!!

  55. u Make me laugh says:

    You stupid fat *))*$ I graduated with Rocky and her sister in jersey she is only 29/31 tops. You are sick Sheri. I can’t believe haow hard you work to try to drag this girl and her daughter down, and we all know it’s you. Just cause the rest of you on the show were fat old moms, you are jealous because of Rocky’s young and sexy appearence. She is also the only one on the show anybody remebered, why do you think VH1 put those commercials on. No on remembers any of the other moms and I for one tuned out when she left. Your just jealous becuase she stood out and you didn’t. And she had the most precious and talented child. Your son was only on their for laughs. He doesn’t have an ounce of talent, and neither do you but Rocky does. I think you are a man as well. And you definetely are stalking Rocky. Every time there is a post by her or a fan theres ONE from YOU. If she had so many haters where are they? No it’s YOU they hate and Gigi for this very reason you are so jealous of rocky. I have been on IMDB Sheri I went lookin under Shoopies user name and all your posts not only bash Rocky but they all lead back to other posts you put up about Cameron–how he was the only one who didn’t cry and stuff. Leave this young beautiful girl and her daughter alone. The worls loves her. Look at her you tube. EVERYONE wants her to get her own show. My friend Leslie and I are making a fan base for her and Hayley. America loves them, and if you F@ck with America’s sweethearts america i8s gonna hate youy–they know it’s you you ugly *))*$ What are you gonna do when shes super famous. Just swallow it that no one cared about you or your son, Rocky is a talented funny character that makes good tv you don’t so face it and let them be. Rocky in the mean time I am going to talk to a friend of mine who knows gavin debecker who started the stalking unit at LA police depatment and help you put a stop to this nut.
    Jersey Rocks Baby!!!!

  56. itsnotstalking says:

    YOU went to school with Rocky? What year and where?
    I don’t believe you unless you are rocky. And yeah, she is at least late 40′s.
    You are the ones stalking shari and her child.
    VH1 has ads for people to “talk about the show” and to post comments on here.
    Just because you don’t like what is said, does not mean it’s stalking.
    Does it say, post “nice” comments?
    Do you know Gavin?
    I know who he is and I am willing to verify to him that I am not shari.
    And I am just a normal viewer.
    I’ll post his contact info. here so that everyone who is accused of being shari or gigi can say who we really are. He wrote a book that has helped a lot of women stay safe.
    He is definiately someone I would trust to keep my identity safe from stalkers and haters like you.
    Because that’s what YOU are.

  57. NotShariisShariAkaRockyRox says:

    not shari your probably not shari yyour like her mom or her sister or something

    or one of cam’s older nerd friends

    wait has none..

    And rocky is not blaming a innocent person shari posted blogs claling hayley a *&#@# first and that’s a fact

    And Hayley is a cutie she beautiful and everyone thinks so

    Cameron on the other hand….

  58. Al Doit says:

    Um….just from a guys stand point what the heck does it matter how old she is she looks 25. This other woman your talkin of is old and washed up looking. Rocky doesn’t have a wrinke on her. Isn’t it a lady’s privelege to be allowed to hide her age. No actresses or celebrities ever tell there age. Biut the point is this lady doesn’t let up this blog is supposed to be for Rocky’s creativity, let the girl alone woman! It’s making you look so bad. I’ve heard plenty the things you say about her. You are a very mean soul to do that to Hayley’s mom. I love Rocky, and your starting to really make people hate you. Especially wwhen no one believes any of the crays meth user, crack, transvestite, and over forty bull you say. And it don’t matter none what she is we love her. No one likes youy at all. What do you have to offer the world. You have no look–you are old, you have no talent and neither does your son. It’s over for you guys, but it’s only beginning for Rocky. And sayin’ she’s FIFY ain’t gonna change what everyone thinks of her it’ll only make them despise you. Go try and lose some weight and go on some antidepressants or something else other then stalk Rocky.

  59. Di says:

    OMG I love the new song “You f*&%#$& snake”! It’s so refreshing to hear music that accurately reflects the thoughts some of us carry around! Yes, yes, yes! lol I absolutely love it! I do not walk around on a daily basis thinking “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy”… I walk around thinking “Who’s the bi*ch now you fuc*ing snake” as I plan out my next move!! Thank you Rocky for singing for the rest of us that pop and most rock music forgot!

    For those haters and bashers of Rocky… get a life. If you don’t like her, then why do you spend so much time talking about her? You must be fans as well since you devote so much of your time to her.

  60. curator99 says:

    I must say that Rocky’s music truly reflects what people are thinking today. She speaks the truth and the truth is sometimes harsh. Only with Miss Demarco, it’s also very musically entertaining. Her songs, her style, her incredible way of belting out a number are what makes her special. The jealous mom on this board who goes around trashing people and specifically Rocky won’t make a dent in this rising singer’s career.

    Both Rocky and daughter Hayley have something special to offer, and no amount of ‘hate mail’ rhetoric from some old bag is going to stop either of them from rising to the top. Now that Kid Star is done(thank God), I believe we’ll be seeing a lot more of Rocky and Hayley on VH1 and other upcoming shows. They’re winners – both alone AND together!!

  61. curator99 says:

    The main thing to remember here is that Rocky sings for today’s audiences. She’s beautiful, hip and tells it like it is vocally. Despite what any jealous mother states to contrary, Rocky’s music is aimed square at what audiences today look for in music.

  62. you have to be nuts says:

    Curator99 – Are you CRAZY? I don’t want to hear angry songs grunted by an obviously angry middle aged grunge rocker girl. As parents, if our children are wanting this type of trash it is up to us to say “NO”. Her songs are adult in content, full of foul language and sexually twisted imagery. That is ok for porn movies and pervs, but we should really be afraid if mainstream America finds this “music” worthy of our time or money. Rocky should stick to acting.

  63. youhavetobenutsisnuts(RockyRox) says:

    curator 99 i i strongly agree!! at least rocky doesn’t sing abou rape mistretment of women .I am15 years old asnd i have heard much worse songs in my life and by much worse i mean much much worse.So she uses a couple cuss words but hey she does not sugarcoat!rocky reflects reality and what people really want to sing.if you don’t want your childres nto watch don’t let them and leave rocky alone. my mom has no problem with me watching rocky so…BAM

  64. aarp says:

    Some of the people here talk about being late 40′ or 50 as if there is something wrong with that.
    Is Scott Baio 47?
    Its one thing for rocky to lie about her age, its another to insult people because of their age.
    Which has been done here.
    Chalk up another hate crime for rock and her pretend fans.
    Does anyone realise that rocky is the only person from that show who is actually encouraging people to hate another team from the show?
    (hate crime).
    AND—one of those people that she is encouraging random annonomous people to hate is a little kid.
    Uh-VH1, please pull the plug on this deranged person rocky—it makes me sick.

  65. 1lynnnn says:

    Rocky and her side kick Rocky(sucks)Rox and all the other bogus post names they go under are absolutely deranged (as if it wasn’t proven on the show already). As for someone (Rocky) who claims to have gone to school with her, it is hard to believe she ever went to school based on the grammatical mistakes and misspellings that are prevalent throughout all of her illiterate writings under the numerous different names. ( Who could ever remember that long ago anyway?)Perhaps that is why she thinks anyone who knows english is Sheri. On that note, Rocky will need a lot of luck trying to convince herrself and everyone else that the loads of people who find her repulsive are the same person. Attempting to claim that just shows how f—–g stupid she truly is. There is nothing wrong with being over forty unless you try to conceal it at whatever the cost, even the embarressment of your own child. Rocky should do Hayley a favor and commit suicide now. Oh, and the comment about looking 25? That was definitely worthy of a laugh! Maybe 25 x 2! Rocky should at least get a facelift and the eyewrinkles removed if she insists on trying to wear her old stripper ho costumes. So Rocky if you’re reading this, and I’m quite sure you are, this is not Sheri! It is just one of the multifarious legions of people who find you absolutely despicable and talentless. Try douching out the cobwebs and returning to your old career instead of pursuing Youtube stardom at the humilliation of your poor child. Although admittedly, you could star in a show called “Youtubes Most Antiquated Illiterate Wh-res”. And hey, don’t forget to respond to this under numerous different male names no one will be the wiser. LOL!

  66. 1lynnn says:

    Notice how “u make me laugh” looks just like all the other Rocky writings? Not a coincidence. Not to mention where did her previous male names disappear to? How many stupid people would keep bringing up the ridiculous “stalking” notion. Only old a$$ Rocky who is a star in her own head. And Rocky, as for knowing the guy who started the stalking unit, what a laugh! Maybe if you f–k his grandfather, Mr. DeBecker will help you out. LOL!! Do you even know the definition of stalking dumb a$$? Keep watching E!, maybe you will find more names from their stalker special. BTW Rocky, do you still have a daugter or did you kick her to the curb now that she is no longer any use to you? If you keep using faking names, I’m going to contact my friend who is the head of the Fake ID unit of the USA! LOL!!!

  67. radiofreehollywood says:

    What is the big deal about Rocky’s age? Or Shari’s age? And why is younger (or LOOKING younger or CLAIMING to look younger) so much better than older? Why is older an insult? Why do women lie to make themself seem younger but not older?

    Shari’s not a celebrity so there’s not much public infomation about her. She described herself as “middle-aged” on her myspace blog. She listed her high school and college names and graduation dates as middle/late 1980s, which means she’s 40ish. Her kid’s about 12, so that makes sense biologically. She looks and dresses like other real women that age, so she’s not trying real hard to look young. Would she lie to make herself seem old? What would she have to gain by that?

    Rocky is a celebrity so it’s not hard to check facts online. She says she’s “barely 30″. That means she would have been born around 1978. Her daughter Hayley was born in 1998. That means Rocky would be barely 20 when she had her. Hayley’s father according to IMDB is in his 40s, so does that make sense?

    Rocky has movies listed going back to 1994. Her first big lead was in Demolition High in 1996. If she was born in 1978, she would have been less than 20 when that was filmed. Check out the film poster photos and the clips on Rocky’s own myspace. Does she look like a teenager or like a woman in her late 20s/early 30s in that film? How about the other films she did in the 90s?

    She appeared in the February 1989 NSS Playboy issue as Raquel DeMarco — does she look like she’s 11 there? Can Playboy legally use 11-year-old models? One of her fans posted that he remembered her as a (clothed) go-go dancer in a NJ bar in the late 80s. Can bars employ 11-year-olds?

    She talks a lot about her famous family. Look at her parents’ ages. Her father died in 1981 at age 58, so Rocky was born when he was 55 (and he died when she was 3)? Her mother and aunts were big radio stars in the late Forties. If Rocky was born in 1978, how old was her mother then? Most telling, her parents were married from 1956 to 1967. So unless Rocky was born out of wedlock, she’s really between 41 and 52. Not “barely 30″.

    Yes, Rocky dresses young. Yes, she’s thin, which often is a sign of youth. Yes, she has great hair and teeth and bustline, all things that seem youthful, even if they’ve been enhanced. Yes, she clearly has a young spirit — or at least, an anti-old one.

    On the other hand, the facts are out there. Google any of them. Check out Rocky’s own myspace and youtube clips. Remember how the camera lies, the Hollywood celebrity machine lies, our youth-worshipping culture lies. Check out her neck, the skin on the back of her hands, the way she REALLY looks (not the illusion created by her style) . Ask yourself–would she lie to make herself seem young? What would she have to gain by that?

    And to the poster who insists that “Isn’t it a lady’s privelege to be allowed to hide her age. No actresses or celebrities ever tell there (sic) age”– every other actress listed in Rocky’s 2008 Lusty Busty Babe-a-que lists their age, as do most famous actors and actresses. Why wouldn’t they? The only reason to lie about one’s age is to avoid people like the posters on this blog–the ones who think that being older (orAPPEARING older or ADMITTING to being older) is a reason to hate, insult, &*$@# at, or otherwise harass someone. And that’s just sad. We’re all going to be old someday. Why pretend otherwise?

  68. 1lynnnnisafatslob(Rocky Rox) says:

    oh 1lynnn orsheri you think your so great don’t you!welll guess what rocky has not posted underabillion names you have!it is obvious yor jealous she can look so great for her ageand have an actuallay talneted kid.Cameron is a trainwreck he’ll be sck in local shows for the rest of his life.Hayley will be a star.And actually sheri provoked hate on rocky and called hayley a #@~*# her daughter wears decent clothes.And rockydoes look 30 and your jealous

    1lynnn or sheri do the world and go kill yourself

    hayley would not be happy with rocky gone she’d be heartbroken

  69. 1lynnisajelousloser says:

    sorry i meant do the world a favor not do the world either way i still hate you

  70. Lady'zanne says:

    >radiofreehollywood Says:
    >The only reason to lie about one’s age is to avoid people like the posters on this blog–
    >the ones who think that being older (orAPPEARING older or ADMITTING to being older)
    > is a reason to hate, insult, &*$@# at, or otherwise harass someone.

    That, or to avoid dealing with your own insecurities about aging and mortality.

    Fortunately, namecalling and four-letter words makes us all seem so young.

  71. petunia petal says:

    I think that everyone needs to stop saying that someone should kill themselves. How could anyone here feel so much anger and hate against someone they do not know and never will. If you like Rocky, then be her fan in a positive way. If you don’t like Rocky, then don’t watch her shows or read her blogs. People should not die if they do not agree.

    I think that Rocky is most probably in her 40′s and looks great. She carries around a whole lot of hate in her personal baggage as is obvious with the songs that she has written. All three songs are angry, hateful songs about others who have “done her wrong”. Sounds like she may have some issues to deal with. Unfortunately she appeals to very young girls and I am sad to think she is turning them into “haters” too.

    Like what you like and leave alone what you do not.

  72. mutha says:

    rocky suks. her video suks too. Her singing-weird. She would definately have to lip-sync that if she ever performed it live, because it is over-digitalised. That is not her real voice.
    She is using her child for fame.
    Deep down, her kid knows it and its sad.
    Her kid is trying to please her mom–that isn’t a kid’s job.
    If rocky were as young as she claimed, she would have a lot more web-savy.
    It looks like everything about the www is new to her.
    Look how she went after Shari because she doesn’t understand about trolls and flamers etc.
    Anybody under 50 knows how it works but rocky seems internet naive.

  73. meenpersun says:

    That is her real voice.
    It is a constipated voice.
    They have stuff for that.
    OLD people get that.
    What’s so bad about being old Rocky?

  74. John L. says:

    I like the not Shari username. That’s pretty funny when it’s her. C’mon Sheri no one knows Giannes mothers age except you because she told you in person. Rocky you are right about this nutcase she is so jealous and obsessed with you. From the beginning, I read one of her blogs where she said you had these red collegen enhanced lips, she has done nothing but trash you and your daughter and live on your blogs. She’s attacked everything from your voice to age to your child, because she is by far the ugliest woman I have ever laid eyes on. I wouldn’t F@ck her with someone elses D@ck!! Does she realy think she’s going to convince everyone your in your 40′S LOL anybody can cleary see that’s not true. Rocky just stick to the you tube fans and your my space she can’t get you there. Everyone of these negative vicious people is her in disguise. And it’s wearing thin. Your gonna get a grammy girl, you keep rockin, and she’ll keep gettin’ fat lOL

    John L. I’ve had your back since the imdb boards. Just watch Roc this chic is physcho.

  75. Lady'zanne says:

    Thanks, petunia petal. I think you’ve got it exactly right. Why are there so many haters here? All the namecalling and personal attacks don’t add anything positive. I agree with you that Rocky is probably in her 40s – and she looks great. That’s something to be proud of, not an insult. Rocky could be a great example to her young fans if she wanted to be, instead of getting angry and encouraging them to follow her down a negative path.

    I doubt that every anti-Rocky poster is Shari and every anti-Shari poster is Rocky. Rockyrocknroll claims to be Rocky, no one on this board has ever claimed to be Shari. Posters keep misquoting each other and making ++& umptions and building on each other’s hate. It’s like a giant game of telephone, not backed up by any facts.

    I read Shari’s blog at the beginning too, John L. She didn’t trash Rocky’s appearance, she just described it the way Rocky looked on the show. She described the other parents too. I don’t remember her ever saying anything bad about Rocky’s daughter or the other children. What Shari said on her blog was nothing like the hate I’ve seen toward parents and children here or on Rocky’s myspace and youtube videos. Being anti-Shari is not the same thing as being pro-Rocky. Maybe it makes everyone feel better to have a common enemy? Why not have a common friend instead?

    >Like what you like and leave alone what you do not.

  76. Lady'zanne says:

    To Rocky, if you’re still here:

    You’re an adult, you’re a parent, you’re a role model to your fans. On youtube you said “So Bam” is about haters covering their self-hate for their own miserable lives. You then proceed to hate on the haters, as if that makes it OK. Why not set a positive example instead? Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Then let us know about those pilots and commercials you said Hayley did and the work you’re doing now. Draw people toward you rather than pushing them away from someone else. I’m probably not the only person you’d convert as fan that way.

  77. Rockyrocknroll says:

    Listen you Fat )%`% in &_*%@ stay the )%`% of my boards! How )%`% in sick are you to have conversations with yourself as different users. Everyone knows your game. You are a physcho!! I bet you were one of those bullies that threatened to kick all the cheerleaders $^& es because you were so jealous. You’ve been on here night and day since I posted that song on you tube. You can pretend your all the people yoiu want but the people on you tube and my space are REAL fans and there’s thousands of them all begging for me to have my own show, or when are hayley and I coming back. No one even remembers you and your dorky son. People say Sheri……hmmm….? which one is she—-oh is that the one with the dorky clarinet kid. Buit everyone knows who I am and my beautiful, talented child. Does your son have 18,000 hits–I think not. And certainy no one is looking for you –except jenny Craig. You are a loser!! With no rtalent and no class. And you have a serious mental problem to go on here with all these names and talk to yourself. This board had nothing but positve comments until I posted that song. Now–this, and all my ratings are )%`% ed with on you tube. You are so sick. I can believe you think having these sick user conversations with yourself you can convince people my music is bad or I can sing or now–I’m in my LATE forties–not just forties, but late Forties!! &_*%@ I did Demolition High when I just turned 18–miss investigator. And I had Hayley at 21. How )%`% ing dare you try and wage this campaign againgt me. And don )%`% ing lie under the other user name saying you read Sheris blog–No one but Sheri and the moms did–you knocked the %$!_ out of hayley and I saying disgusting pornographioc obsenities about a child–I have copies of it all incase I choose to prosequte you. For anyone on here who isnt Sheri–ask maryjo’s mother the %$!_ she wrote about me in her blog, and who started and continues this bullshiyt–She is friends with the both of us and a very fair person.. Her daughter maryjo is the one who sent me the blog that she wrote before the show aired, callin Hayley names and putting me down saying I was a man etc. If you look at my myspace blog it says in RESPONSE to a bitter ande jealous mom. This fat pig is trying to switch up the story–But I have all her posts from IMDB–It pays to be an actress for 10 years, they love me–I have her blog posts,and her crazy my space mail. What it boils down to is she cant handle that hayley blew Cameron away in the acting challenge. We were in the top three, and safe, and she was in the bottom two and got sent home. But Danny said it all when he said Cameron you’ve only been acting a year and it shows. Need I say more. As far as my music–it’s got some buzz. And ironically Sheri you may think your putting a damper on it by trying to bash it and say it’s angry and everything else–But you’re only drawing more attention to it and me!! Don’t you realize contaversional music is what sells!! That’s what made eminem a star. AND JOAN JETT. Every one or her songs were angry. Little liar, your a nag, I hatemyself for lovin youetc. I write and sing whjat people wanna hear. Like the fan who wrote on here No one wants to hear abiout sunshine on my shoulders–they wanna her about that Snake who screwd them over. I am a teen icon, baby. That’s a fact. My songs are going thru the roof. I got great pleasure outta writing so…bam because I’ve had to deal with jealous haters my whole life–and all they really are are people like you who hate their life, their, marriage, their appearence, are insecure in their talent, their child’s talent, their sexuality–I heard a rumor that you really are a man, and had a sex change–that’s believable–not me being in my late forties. Get a life and get a grip, this is only the beginning for me. I have a major agency who are a packaging a show for me because of all the success I’ve achieved from this show,I don’t thiink anyone will offer you anything, except maybe a suggestion to lose weight and get your cross-eyes fixed. My singing career is going thru the roof I can get the singles out fast enough–they demand them–which will be available on itunes in a month, along with my who’s the &_*%@ video, and Hayley will be releasing a single in three weeks and just booked a motorolla, and littlest petshop commercial. And has top execs building a hana montana type show for her. i don’t think there will be a clairinet series for your son. Man you must be crazy to think you can stop all our fans. THEY LOVE US. Go jump back in the ocean for a while and leave me the hell alone you jealous &_*%@ The show’s over and so are you.

    Mwah! Loser


  78. Petunia Petal says:

    Rocky… wow! You really are a mean person. You must have had an awful childhood to end up as angry and bitter as you are now. Some people like you and some don’t. Not everyone that doesn’t is fat, ugly or whatever, and EVEN IF THEY ARE, they have just as much worth as you do. We are all equal in the eyes of the Lord (you know, the God you say you pray to).

    I guess you haven’t noticed, but there are a lot of people in the world who don’t starve themselves, get fake boobs, teeth and lips and yet still lead happy, fulfilled lives. Just because someone is heavy doesn’t mean that they are jealous of you and your life. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be you because you come across as a bitter, insecure, uneducated, bigoted middle aged woman who is trying DESPERATELY to be someone who she is not. If you were really happy and successful you wouldn’t have to respond like you did in your last post… you would just simply keep on your path and let it go.

    I find it sickening, if not understandable in todays messed up society, that anyone would validate your nasty attitude by giving you your own show. I do hope that Hayley finds her path and has wonderful things happen in her life.

    Maybe you should just work on all the wonderful things going in on your life and quit being such a B****. Who gave you the right to be judge and jury?

  79. interesting2 says:

    Maybe Rocky’s angry, bitter attitude was an act for the show and her angry, bitter songs are only a calculated attempt to capture sales. Danny said as much in an interview with the Vancouver metronews: “I will tell you this,” Bonaduce says. “When Rocky walked through the door I went, ‘There you go — it’s on.’ I clapped my hands when I saw Rocky. She’s wild. And I kept checking to see if I could find an Adam’s apple. Because that’s either the craziest woman or the prettiest tranny I’ve ever seen.”

    If Rocky’s patterning herself after Joan Jett, she’s got it half right: Joan Jett is 49, her parents divorced too, and she uses her mother’s last name as her rock name. She’s got some badass, angry, rock and roll songs too. She coincidentally appeared on Broadway in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”! But—she also has a tattoo she says she got “to remind myself that there is divinity in each of us.” When asked what people would find unique about her, she’s quoted as saying: “That I’m not mean.” Rocky’s posts are mean and real. So maybe her anger and bitterness elsewhere isn’t just an act after all.

  80. RockyRox(Shari Sucks) says:

    god all you ugly disgusting jealous fatass twinkie eating rocky haters JUST STOP!!!

    it’s a fact her singles are demanded by lots of people and hayley does have a career going for herself too.

    as for that ugly clarinet nerd and hid shemale mother they have nothing all cameron has is local acting jobs which i just as easily as him could get and she is still the same ugly transvestite she was when the show aired.

    and 2 RockyRocknRoll your so strong for putting up with this bull form shari and her three fans and mommy. your songs are beautiful your voice is beautiful you are clearly sane and look great too don;t listen to them ever because we all know they are jealous and are ugly wannabes and has beens who feel the need to go after pretty and nice people like you and me! i alwys am behind you 100 percent never forget that i will help you with these jealous haters.Number one fan for life rocky!!

    to people who have problems with me

    you adress me a sRocky’s little sidekick

    and i am

    nothing wrong with that

    i am perfectlly normal person and unlike you all i am not mental and i weigh less than you twinkie eaters shari never thanks fans like you why??she has no fame and isn’t busy bt she never comes on here like rocky and takes time to thank her fans

    you know your jealous of Rocky

    go get a friggin life!!

  81. Rockyrocknroll says:

    Wow, I gotta say I actually feel sorry for Sheri, she has really lost it. I wanna point out the “Tranny reference in the user name interestin2 and the rocky horror reference these are two catch phrases Sheri has used from the beginning in her blogs to describe me. It is a fact that all these posts are from her and I have no choice but to have pity on her. This man/woman has just recently posted I have a record for drug abuse. Just so my fans know because this is the last time I will respond to this vicious game, I was tested for all drugs and diseases prior to the show. They also ran my record because you cannot have one and be on the show. This woman has tried everything to try and stop what’s the inevitable–my success. I domn’t need to waste my time defending my age, my talent, my looks, and especially my ltlle girls talent to this vicious jealous loser, when I come from the professional and talented background I do. We all are self taught musicians and singers and actors who are blessed and I’m not going to let this one lowlife take away my family pride or put a damper on mine and my child’s rise to the top. I can only say that when I reach the top I will be so happy to look down on such scum and utter the words I did to Gigi when she tried to break me down. “Jealous,Jealous,Jealous `!`)% I wanna thank all my fans for their support I love all of you please feel free to contact me on myspace or you tube. I’ll leave Sheri to be alone on this blog with the person she hates most of all–herself!

    Signing Out for good



  82. good for you says:

    Hey, I’m glad James convinced you to leave it alone Rocky. It is about time you realized that you can’t please everyone and as long as you are happy being who you are it doesn’t really matter, does it?

  83. You Go Rocky! says:

    Rocky… it’s too bad some people feel the need to attack you. Your a good mom and you don’t need to lower yourself to Sheri’s level. I think you and Hayley will be fine and I wish you both much success. You guys rock!!!

  84. Whatever says:

    Rocky didn’t have to lower herself. She will always be a loud-mouthed, vicious, angry, name calling, lying, bitter middle-aged trainwreck. That is the truth. It isn’t name calling when using the correct words to describe someone. Shari isn’t the only one who doesn’t buy into Rocky’s fake boobs, fake hair, false teeth and fat lips. There are websites NOT (%_ ociated with VH1 where hundreds of people have posted comments and not one single comment is favorable to Rocky. These real world people know that VH1 scrapes the bottom of the barrel with their “reality” shows. VH1 looks for weir,d, outlandish, over the top freaks. Rocky fit in perfectly. People LOVE to encourage crazy people to “rock on” because it feels good to see someone so much worse off than they are.

  85. Just an Observer says:

    Whatever: Angry much?

  86. John L. says:

    Just an observer, you hit the mark. No one is that angry at Rocky, looks like Shari has come up with yet another user name. And just for the record Shari, everybody loves Rocky, even those few that hate her LOVE to hate her she is the most unique reality star to come along ever. You need to quit with the stalking, woman. Put down the pen and just quit, you’re making a fool of yourself. Hey Rocky now you wear dentures too, this is a sicko!

    Forever got your back
    John L. Imdb

  87. whatever says:

    Angry? Almost never. I was just voicing an opinion about a “public” person. It’s my right. And John L. is probably whacking to Rocky right now. At least she has that going for her, men jerking off to her, what a compliment. I bet her daughter is so very proud.

  88. maria lopez says:

    Your husband included, Sheri-Shari whatever the hell your name is. He’s probably whacking to Rocky right now.. LMAO How could any man get off looking at you? Rocky uses the whack reference in her song. Man do you eat sleep and breathe Rocky? Don’t be so low as to attack little Hayley, she is a child you sore losing crackpot. ROCKY AND HAYLEY ROCK !!!

    Lee Lee

  89. 1lynnnn says:

    Yeah Right! Like Rocky ever will sign off for good. She will just continue to post under her numerous other names. It is not that hard to spot her since she is virtually illiterate and it shows in her writing. I’m sure Rocky is “talented and professional” as a prostitute but nothing else. At forty something, when does she plan on “reaching the top” especially when she is still at the bottom? I guess that’s what Hayley is for – just another tool to use in Rocky’s quest for stardom. For being such a successful actress, Rocky sure finds the time to get worked up over the negative postings directed towards her ( it is incrediby easy to press her buttons). Poor poor Hayley. As stated previously, the best thing Rocky could do for her daughter is sign off permanently from this planet and commit suicide. I wonder how long it will take Rocky to respond to this (of course under an alias since she is “signed out for good”).

  90. John L. says:

    Shari, as I recall your the one who used your son as a puppet. You programmed him to do and say everything. He had no mind of his own. All moms who get their kids in the business in some way gain from it, but at least Rocky had the right reasons to pursue a career for her daughter she’s very talented unlike your geeky kid. C’mon between him and Alie they were the jokes of that show. But you are a very angry foul mouth woman. And I don’t think you mean didley squat to Rocky. Your a peon. Rocky is a star who is multi talented and hot as a pistol n it kills you. I tried to tell Rocky how sick you were on the imdb boards. Normal people–true fans, or viewers can be reasoned with, but you have this deep unhealthy hate for her that’s very sad. There is no reasoning with a jealous person like yourself, because you were probably the ugly girl in school that everyone picked on and never asked out. And you my dear are in your late forties, and look late fifties. Rocky is as smooth as ice baby you think she loses a minute over you when she has so many fans. This girl is star quality. I’ve been a fan of hers since Cyborg 3 when she had one line, I knew then she was a star. It’s funny how you think you push her buttons because Rocky knows her game she’s got everyone talkin about her, and watchin her and tunin in wheteher they like her or not–That’s power baby!!

    You Go Girl

  91. komodo fan says:

    I first saw Rocky in Raptor and was impressed first with her great looks, then second I noticed that she CAN indeed ACT!! As far as her outrageous personality on the show, honestly I think much of that was to spice up the show. Why do you think they brought her in? It’s TV… it’s entertainment… it’s NOT REAL!!

  92. Jim Wynorski says:

    I’m really sick to death with this woman Shari and her hateful, venomous posts. I first hired Rocky right out of her teens in the mid 90s for my picture, DEMOLITION HIGH. She did a helluva job and it was the first of many roles she did for me and famed producer Roger Corman among others. She is indeed a very talented and sexy actress, always adding more than required to make her roles special. That’s why I’ve hired consistently over the years for a myriad of different parts. Unlike the egg-sucking snakes that hide under rocks(and @&& umed names) to attack, Rocky is a beautiful, warm and engaging woman who loves her daughter and would never go out of her way to be so vicious and verbally unkind.

    Drop the Rocky bashing and move on, lady. You’re not gonna win. All it does is make you look like the sniveling hate-filled coward you are deep down inside.

  93. yeah, ok says:

    Ummmm, ok Jim. Have you read the vicious, angry, hateful posts Rocky has posted here? Have you even listened to her foul, nasty music. She was a hateful name caller on the show and has gotten worse on these boards. The fact that she is sexy means nothing to me because I am a heterosexual woman and so I evaluate the quality of her spirit by her WORDS and ACTIONS. She comes across mean and very judgmental (although based on her body of work I would hazard a guess that she would NOT want to be judged by others). Apparently neither you or Rocky do not understand that everyone who doesn’t blow her kisses is mean, fat or stupid.

    BTW Jim, you direct soft-core porn and exploitation movies. The fact that Rocky “always adds more than required” is not surprising, I’m sure she does.

  94. hotchocolate says:

    Yeeah Jim, you go. It’s about time somebody told this crazy (&((& where it’s at. She just plain jealous of Rocky. Let her be and go on about your bizness. I been in Rocky’s top my space friends from the beginning, and have seen you trash her all over the place. Don’t be tryin’ to act all innocent like your some victim. You’re the one who been using the bad language and saying all the hateful and filthy words talking bout her and HAYLEY from the get go. And her music is off the hook, get a grip twinkie girl. LOL

    Luvs ya Rockstar


  95. RockysLittleSidekick says:

    i don’t update every much anymore but 1lynn whatever your just jealous i am rocky’s number one fan and run two myspace fansites for her(one is mine the other i was asked to run))

  96. Michael Ryman says:

    ROCKY!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I just finished watching the show here in the UK. My mam and I love you so much, you are a great mother to Hayley and are hilarious. Are you both coming back to VH1? Mam and me were so angry at Bonaduce for makin a dumb decision like that. How could they get rid of you!! Could you please post your my space. I saw Hayley’s on the video, but it was deleted. Rocky, you ROCK!!!!!! We miss you!!!!!


  97. DMV/ SSA / ETC says:

    January 27, 1965.

    Demolition High when you “just turned 18″/ were “right out of her teens”:
    You, Ms DeMarco/ Brasselle / rockyrocknroll, are disingenuous/ not an ingenue. And you, Mr Wynorski/ Wnoroski / curator99, are disingenuous or a dupe. Next time you might want to coordinate your stories.

  98. Brasselle says:

    Hey people this is Rocky’ sister from Keefe’s first marriage. I am stepping in because now I am letting you know I am contacting the police for you giving out personal family information. That happends to be my personal info. Melissa does not have the same last name legally Brasselle as I do, but the same first and middle and Father, so it has caused a lifetime of mix ups and stress. You’re a sicko trying to tarnish my sisters reputation and make her out to be 12 tears older, and fake teeth and fake boobs. ANY guy that has ever dated my sister knows she has been a 34D since her teens, and she’s got perfect teeth , a perfect body, and is a great mom. You are so obssessed with her, and I am stepping in to do something about it. Who the $(`% do you think you are? Now you had her my space deleted after you messed with her daughters. But now you $(`% ed with me, and my personal business. Leave my sister and my beautiful neice alone I am fed up with you and It’s time you paid the piper. How dare you try to make my sister out to be a liar , and the director who hired her when you had a sex change operation, that you confided in my sister your $(`% ed up life story. It doesn’t get any worse that Cameron’s mother is really Cameron’s FATHER!! And as long as you’re handing out false DMV identities I’d like to release the name of the Doctor who performed your surgery. Dr. Robert Vitolo out of New York on Park Place–Remember?? I don’t care about your 40,000 operation to have your #_!“ removed, you will never be a lady, you and your homely son are failures. Don’t blame Rocky and Hayley for your failed miserable llife. I can promised you, you will be brought to justice.

  99. kel says:

    Rocky check out this letter Sheri personnally sent me on you tube regarding a video I posted of yours

    We did better than Rocky and Hayley on the show. You didnt see the clips that the producers cut in the edit department so you dont know. We are currently working on starting a new reality show and Rocky is not being cast in it. We are also working with MTV and should be on soon. Just forget about Rocky…Rocky who?.
    whose that?

    thats the message sheri sent me @#! led *rocky has no talent*

    wow shes got issues…

  100. Huh? says:

    Kel… any reason you come here just to stir the pot?

  101. bluebird says:

    Rocky’s my space bulletin post of her letter to Sheri. Of course Rocky’s the winner of all catfights. Love your spunk woman. Will you give a shout out to your truest fan bluebird and son Jesse. YEAH BABY!! You Rock

    Dear Shamu

    Iam now filing a complaint against you. You just keep digging your own grave with all these user names and this mountain of proof against you. Sheri just so you know everyone is now user C1ickhere on you tube. You are so sick Sheri, and you’ll never you are a man who is secretly in love with me. It is abnormal for anyone to be this obsessed with ANYONE. “Rocky keeps accusing me of stalking her online” You pathetic Jenny Craig reject. And here you are with yet another account and user name. You fat F@ckin jealous talentless C@NT!! Don’t you see everyone HATES you. They are all sending your comments to me!! You have attacked me and tried to blame me for you and you son’s failure.. Your son is ugly, tonedeaf, plays +_^+ ty clarinet–and everyone from the cast to America could never figure out why Cameron was even on. No one looked at that kid and said wow. They all laughed at him. Didn’t you see the pan in to my expression when he sang-because he sucked. It was laughable. For you to exhaustabley try and attack me and mine and my daughter’s talent is laughable. I come from stars and it shows in my talent. You have done nothing but try and wage this anti Rocky campaign–and they ALL **%! in LOVE ME not you. They love my kid–not yours. You even sent a you tube user that made a video for Hayley and me a comment telling her that Demarco wasn’t her real last name. You are so sick!! This is showbusiness ^)^ hole, ages and names mean nothing, it’s about whetehr you got “It” or you don’t. And we do and you don’t!! And now your writing a book about me. About what was behind IKMKAS, which I plan on contacting VH1 about. What a Friggin’ joke. Wow your just gonna ride the Rocky coat tails to success. That clearly shows the faih you have in Cameron and your failed musicial, stand-up comedian, writer, guitar playing, MOMAGER talent. You’ve done nothing but break your legal bind and not only discuss the show but bash these producers and Danny and ME all over the place, until some authority had it removed. And your still doing it! Who the hell do you think you are? And what a sore **%! ing loser you are. Talk about sour grapes. Gigi was highlighted in the light she was seen in and ran her mouth all over the place, how come you don’t bash her for taking all the camera time and acting crazy–because that was true. I tell you why because no one liked the way she came off. You have tried to say in your past blogs that “Everytime we were having a conversation, Rocky would come in and grab the cameras.” I didn’t see any of that air. I saw the camera FOLLOW a loving funny and likable mother and daughter . I didn’t have to create fights with Helene, and Pam and Rocky for camera time. That was all forced and it backfired. The reason I have so many fans and was on all these Best Week ever’s is because I am real in front of the camera. I never change who I am on camera even if I’m crazy and make an ^)^ out of myself at five am in the morning. And yet that’s the footage they showed the most–because I was real, behind closed doors venting and it was funny. Which reminds me you blasted all over the place about my fake lips when you knew damn well I had such a bad reaction from a lip waxing that I almost went into anaphalatic shock and the producers had to go out and get me a prescription for oral and topical steroids, and you used that against me to try and make fun of how swollen my face was. I even say into camera “My face is killing me from this medicine. You heartless &+%)& Everything you say on the show or your blogs is forced and phony and the world can see right thru that Sheri. You think you can sway anyone from liking my songs or my voice or my child because of your $$*!# cowardly posts you’re crazy. Or posting some bullcrap DMV of my birthdate. You are so sick, Sheri. How am I at all responsible for how you and your son looked. You had the looks of “It’s Pat” from Saturday Night Live and the personality of a handball. What was the one conversation you were involved in on camera? What would the kids do if they became rich? BORING. That’s why you got no camera time. You have no personality. I on the other hand do. I have the gift of gab, I’m funny, but most of all I have heart and LOVE my daughter, which came across the most!! That’s what I’ve gotten the greatest joy out of is people seeing how much I love my daughter. You obviously don’t love your son, or as a parent you would feel for Hayley and wouldn’t be a part of this crusade against me, and HER. I can’t believe you posted all the horrific and pornographic slander against my innocent daughter. She did nothing to you except outshine your son. You know what happened Sheri. There are no behind the show scenes. Your son failed miserably in that acting challenge and you know it. That’s why you once again staged him to do your pathetic exit. As you staged him to immitate Danny and use hooker and transvestite references. You are a control freak in every way. And a lousy mom to make him say those vulgar references. And right now you are hated by everyone. You are and will always be a nobody. The most fame you’ll ever get is that I referenced you when writing my song, “So..Bam!” By the way have you been reading all the hype my music has gotten, and the comments. Or the 22,000 hits Hayley got and all her wonderful comments from her awesome fans. Rocky who? You say. You only wish that were so. Everyone knows my name and I will never go away from the public eye. Even after you had our myspaces deleted. Because my daughter and I carry something that outlasts any reality fifteen minutes of fame–something you and your son lack–TALENT. Fasten your seat belt you Fat &+%)& I’ve only just begun.

    Mwah, Rocky

  102. Help her PLEASE says:

    To all those people who, like me, find Rocky to be a sad, pathetic, obnoxious, uneducated, name caller, you may as well just let it go. Reading her last post , it is even more obvious that she is mentally ill. Commenting on someone in her condition is like picking on a handicapped person ~ just wrong. Those of us normal, well adjusted human beings who would NEVER write viscious put-downs about someones child while at the same time complaining that this is happening to her own child and how awful it is, well, simply isn’t able to see more than ONE side of a conversation – her own. Her posts about having a sister with the same name who is 12 years older – ridiculous and frightening as is shows how little respect she has for our intelligence. She lies about her age when it can be proven and thinks she can change what can NEVER be changed (her age) by lying and creating fantasies. She may even be pathelogical as she seems to really believe the lies she has so often told. Let her be whatever age she wants to be – who cares? She doesn’t want to admit she has had surgery to enhance her looks – so what? She NEEDS to think she is perfect because to admit less is obviously not something her fragile ego can handle.

    Rocky needs PROFESSIONAL help. If you know her, and care enough to feel her wrath (because she will never admit that she needs it), you should get her into a Doctor who can help her work through the many, many, serious issues she has.

    Good lucky Rocky, you are going to need it.

  103. Helpherpleaseyouneedapsycharist(Rockyslittlesidekick) says:

    help her please nobody thinks likes you.Everyone thinks you nad your nerdy son hvae no talent and are extremley rude by trashing danny rocky the producers who gave you nobodys a chance to prove the talent you konw you never had.Your are the ugliest sickest transvestite loser i have ever is extremeley rude to laugh at people who could have nearly died from an allergic reacton your heartless beeyotch.And i would say you are the one who needs mental help.Clearly your a transvestite prostitue with an obsession of rocky and her talent Rocky has clearly won this battle no matter how hard you try you will always be a nobody always.stop being a sicko stalker lay off the twinkies and ding dongs take some meds for you mentality and go see proffesional and put your poor dumbo eared bad acting son and put him in a good foster home so he can unlike oyu lead a normal and healthy life

    Your Clearly Jealous Ugly Talentless

    go get your nerd some acting lessons and you go get a life!!!!

    Stalking people is illegal and you could end up in jail which is really where you belong

    you just will never ever learn what courtesy is because your friggin insane!!

    Rocky is too busy to famous to pretty and too normal to deal with your insecurities and clear obsession for her
    and i run tw of her fansites and don’t put up for one second with your bull your jelous of regulat people too who have good lives are pretty and not mentally ill.

    So go back to your box of ding dongs

    After all you are what you eat!


  104. bluebird says:

    People are stirring up a fit over this little/um I mean big looney tune. I went to her you tube C1ickhere and everyone’s on your side. They all been leaving her nasty comments. And she been writing back, “Rocky gave people the wrong impression” One thing i can’t stand is a coward. What I love about you girl is you always say what’s on your mind as who you are. This ^!#)) has been going under a slew of user names on boards all over the internet, and now that she realizes the fan power you have she’s tying to change up the story. Well I think she has people hating on her more than Gigi-and that’s alot. Anyway we love you over here and Jesse’s Birthday is June 3rd please make our year and give us a shout out!! And don’t pay no more mind to this thing just sqash it you’re a beautiful talented woman with a pretty little girl who’s loved by all so don’t sweat it. With any luck the summer weather will make her jump back in the ocean

    Team Rocky

  105. 1lynnn says:

    It didn’t take too long for Rocky to start posting under “bluebird” and if Brasselle is really her sister, illiteracy must run in the family. Too too funny (and quite sad for the child of this nescient crack #)(** I like the pretend UK fan she attempts to portray. Next time try using the word “mum” instead of “mam”. It would sound a bit more authentic. Nice try though – not. Lets see how long it takes grandma Rocky to respond this time. We’re waiting.

  106. 1lynnnn says:

    Rocky should sign up for the next “Celebrity Rehab”. Oh wait, she would have to sign up for “Wannabe Rehab” or “STD Rehab”. HA HA HA HA LMAO!!

  107. RockysLittleSidekick says:

    it is pretty funny sheri how u think u can post under a thousand names and people see right thru you haven’t you seen all thos nasty comment on your youtube? i wasn’t the only one who left them.I think you need drug rehab alchol rehab anda meante health professional for your clear obsession and stalking are so weird and your sick lady you need help when you call a decent little nine year old girl a &!+@( your the wannabe rocky is the real thing she has thousands of hits three myspace fansites hayley has tons of hits and tons of friends.Quit being jelalous cuz neither you nor your son talentless nerdy boy has as many fans friends people think your the ugliest b!tch ever get over it nobody likes you.

    and why do you only reply to rocky and not me?/?

    because your a a coward and you know i’m right so cut your sh it out and leave rocky alone!!

  108. The Truth Shall Set You Free says:

    There really is no point asking Rocky to get help. She doesn’t strike me as delusional. I think she just wants to control what everyone ELSE believes. She doesn’t realize that the Big Lie technique only works sometimes, on some people – and only when there’s no easy access to the truth.

    Being a celebrity means giving up some privacy – that’s why it’s called PUBLICity. Rocky’s family was famous. Most of the information she tries to control is already out there, whether she realizes it or not. Fame and fortune isn’t always a bargain with the devil, but it’s always a negotiation with the public. If Rocky’s “brand” is being “real” – for better or worse – then the twisted reality in the “Brasselle” post disrespects her fans.

    Are we really expected to believe that Rocky’s father, Keefe Brasselle, had a daughter – not Rocky – by his first wife, Norma Aldrich, in 1965, nine years AFTER they divorced and WHILE he was married to his second wife, Arlene DeMarco. Then in 1977, ten years AFTER his second marriage ends, he had a daughter – Rocky – by his now-ex-wife Arlene. AND he gives both daughters the same name.

    Or should we believe the information that’s already out there on PUBLIC sources:

    Keefe Brasselle – born 1923
    Norma Aldrich – born 1927
    Arlene DeMarco – born 1935

    Keefe and Norma married – December 18, 1942
    Daughter Mickie born – 1943
    Mickie’s name legally changed to Erin – 1954
    Keefe and Norma divorced – December 6, 1956

    Keefe and Arlene married – December 23, 1956
    Rosanne/Rosanna Brasselle – born 1964
    (on or by February 27 – news articles)
    Melissa Brasselle – born 1965
    (on or by January 27 – news articles, online sites, birthday wishes on her myspace)
    Keefe and Arlene separated/divorced – 1967

    Hayley Sanchez – born 1998

    Be as outrageous and funny and smart and !%&$^ y and real as you want, Rocky. We love watching that. But if you want our respect, EARN it by respecting us.

    “The Keefe Brasselles named their only child Mickie, which isn’t feminine for a little girl… Keefe has hired a lawyer to change the name legally. From now on she’ll be Erin Keefe Brasselle.”

    The Valley Morning Star, Harlingen, TX
    September 27, 1953

    “Mickie Now Erin Keefe Brasselle, Court Agrees”

    The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA
    April 9, 1954

    “Mrs. Norma Brasselle… her complaint says they were married Dec. 18, 1942, in Cleveland, Ohio, and separated last Dec. 17. The former Norma Aldrich asked reasonable alimony and estimated living expenses for herself and their daughter Erin, 12…”

    The Long Beach Press-Telegram, Long Beach, CA
    January 24, 1956

    “…the 32-year-old actor dropped his fight against… his estranged wife Norma, 29. Brasselle will pay
    monthly to support her and their daughter Erin, 12.”

    The Times, San Mateo, CA
    December 7, 1956

    “KIAMESHA LAKE, N.Y. (AP) — Actor Keefe Brasselle and songstress Arlene DeMarco were married yesterday at the Hotel Concord here. It was the second marriage for Brasselle and Miss DeMarco’s first.”

    The Newport Daily News, Newport, RI
    December 24, 1956

    “The Keefe Brasselles’ first born is a daughter whom they named Rosanne Marie. The lovely mother
    is the former Arlene De Marco, of the De Marco Sisters who used to sing with Fred Allen.”

    The Press-Telegam, Long Beach, CA
    February 27, 1964

    “Are the Keefe Brasselles in Splitsville?”

    The Times Recorder, Zanesville, OH
    May 16, 1967

    “DeMarco left Brasselle in 1967… Arlene got nothing after the divorce.”

    Lovely Me: The Life of Jacqueline Susann, 1996

    “Arlene Demarco… the youngest of the singing DeMarco Sisters … with her two young daughters,
    Rosanna, now 7, and Melissa, now 6… she says, “I had to write about what I know.””

    The Charleston Daily Mail, Charleston, WV
    December 6, 1971

    “There is a street called Kenwood in South Plainfield, New Jersey, and on it is a two-story house. Up in the attic there is a youngish, dark-eyed, black-haired woman, with two little girls and three poodles… Arlene De Marco is the youngest of the five famous De Marco Sisters…”

    “Then she met Keefe Brasselle, a brilliant actor… She was Mrs. Keefe Brasselle…”

    “In time, there were two daughters, Rosanna, now 7, and Melissa, now 6…”

    The Syracuse Herald Journal, Syracuse, NY
    December 27, 1971

    The Mansfield News Journal, Mansfield, OH
    December 28, 1971

    The Daily Kennebec Journal, Augusta, Maine
    December 30, 1971

  109. The Truth Shall Set You Free says:

    Out of the mouths of moms:

    “FOR THE ASK THEM YOURSELF EDITOR. Is Arlene DeMarco, the novelist, also the singer who was part of a children’s act back in the Troy, N.Y.?

    “She sure is, and she doesn’t exactly have fond memories of those days either, judging by what she replied when asked if her children should follow in her footsteps.

    “Over my dead body,” said 36-year-old Arlene. “Parents who push kids into entertaining are nothing but greedy monsters after big bread.”

    The Daily Review, Hayward, CA
    July 13, 1975

    The Delta Democrat-Times, Greenville, MS
    July 13, 1975

  110. True Math Shall Set You Free says:

    My bad. 1975 minus 36 years is 1939, not 1935. Sorry, Arlene.

  111. 1lynnn says:

    For “RockyslittlesideHick” aka “Rocky”, I didn’t know your other pseudonyms are attention %`*#* s also. There aren’t that many people who do not no how to type, spell, or produce a grammatically correct sentence. It could only be Grandma Rocky (named for being as dumb as a rock). However, if you insist on a comment directed specifically at “RockyslittlesideHick”, how’s this: GO F-CK YOURSELF!!! Once again I’m LMAO!!! HA!HA!HA!HA! I can’t wait to hear from you soon Rocky.
    P.S. Like all good %`*#* s, you should keep your mouth shut and your legs open. It’s your only hope.

  112. Who Cares? says:

    Geez… 1lynnn…. you know I wouldn’t give much credence to theories that you are Sheri… except for the very deep, visceral hatred you exude. I mean really… who cares about this? Honestly, I doubt Rocky has been back her after she signed off. Why would she waste time with this? Granted, her movies aren’t box office smashes, but the woman has managed to put together a pretty extensive list of credits and that’s no small accomplishment. And the nasty comments about “keep your legs open” is just despicable. Oh, and by the way, your spelling and grammar haven’t been exactly stellar from what I’ve observed. Go get a life, 1lynnn… seriously. And try not to waste time spouting such hatred.

  113. Michael Ryman says:

    1 lynn. We are Scottish not Brittish. The Brits say Mum.

  114. LOL!!! says:

    Omg, I thought you all were making all this (~(` up!

    February 27, 1964–The Keefe Brasselles’ first born is a daughter whom they named Rosanne Marie. The lovely mother is the former Arlene De Marco of the De Marco Sisters who used to sing with Fred Allen.

    February 4, 1965–Even Keefe Brasselle of CBS-TV was here boasting that his wife Arlene just had their second baby. Keefe, who expected a son, sent out telegrams: “We decided to name our son MELISSA.” (both from the Times Recorder of Zanesville, Ohio)

    Google archives rock, but so do you Rocky! You must have got your good looks from your Mom and your crazy humor from your Dad! And now you’re a STAR like them! Bet no one else here was famous when they were born!

  115. Oh Happy Day says:

    Oh Happy Day, Rocky. Just thought you’d like to know that that sicko Shari had her account suspended on you tube for harrassing and using profane language to minors. Man she’s really off her rocker. I see here she hasn’t wasted any time sniffing up your +&) again. Now she’s researching your whole family, Rock this woman needs to be put away. So let’s see she got banned from my space, banned from you tube, is posting all personal family information–I’d say you got a good case against this nutcase. Now I’m gonna do you the favor and contact VH1 about all this smut. You should be ashamed of yourself woman. Or maybe you really are a man afterall!! Wait til she gets a load of the new video!!
    It was hilarious girl. Paybacks a +*#+! She’ll never win. “We decided to name our SON Melissa” This woman kills me!!! Get a life with your fake +&) printouts of Rocky’s life story!! You 57 year old Brute!

  116. RockysLittleSidekick says:

    )%~%# please your to call minors that your jealous you will neve rbe rocky and if you wanna see who i really am although you already have seen my account when you had your click1 accoun that got suspended on youtube LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! my name is kim not rocky and what kind of advice is that?? i know you do that for a living and rocky sings but that is just wrong telling me a minor to do that you sick perve stop stalking me and rocky loser!!!

    your a friggin @$$holoe

    i am glad your myspace got deleted and your youtube you deserve it physco freak go see mentla help immeditaly i am begging you your weird.And unlike you i can type more than two word a second and that is why i make a few typos i get good grades and i am sure you never did

    so go get a life everybody thinks so

    AND I AM NOT ROCKY I CAN PROVE IT!!she unlike you has real fans that don’t need to be made up

  117. Um, ok says:

    Ummm… the article that said Keefe named his “son” Melissa was a report of his joke. He “thought” he was going to have a son, instead he had a daughter. He had a sense of humor, unlike a lot of you “fans” and “foes” of Rocky. She’s in her 40′s, looks great, has a smart mouth and wild personality. Some like her, some don’t. She isn’t a middle of the road kinda person. People will go one way or the other. Those who like her are very vocal and so are those who don’t. With a personality like Rocky’s, it is the price you pay. So like her or not, but STOP calling names… it makes everyone sound foolish and makes this blog a real bore.

    If there is nothing new or valid to say here, just let the blog die a timely death.

  118. Peter says:

    Who is this idiot on this blog that thinks she knows Raquel? I was engaged to her for 2 years. Brasselle is not even her birth and legal last name, she only used her dad’s name because of his notorioty. She is in her 30′s has NO sister named Rosanne Marie in her 40′s either. Keefe is not even her dad’s first name, and Arlene is not her mother’s birth name either. So ALL of that info is bogus. I was a witness to so many women who were jealous of Raquel, but this is like a bad soap opera with a crazy stalker character that never lets up. What person would post a person’s personal info anyway. Wasn’t there a myspace bulletin that went around not too long ago that said that if personal info was posted it was a reason to get the police involved. Wasn’t it infact this crazy nut Shari who posted that info.!! Where did this woman come from, is this the person on the show still, the same one who was starting all the stuff on the IKMKAS boards, cause if it is–this is a real relentless woman who is very jealous or my ex and I wouldn’t listen to anything she has to say. Hats off to you tube for stopping her, and my space for stopping her blogs. Somebody should knock her the hell out and teach her a real lesson!! Baby knowing you, I don’t know how you haven’t! And talk about the pot calling the kettle black you have the audasity to ask people to stop the name calling when you verbally attacked a minor who is 15 years old and have called Raquel every name in the book on every board there is. Boy I hope they put your (*) away, you truly need help.


  119. whatever says:

    Oh brother…go ahead and TRY to rewrite history Rocky. Why is it sooooooooooo important that you continue to lie and deceive about your age? Go ahead and live your fantasy…. nobody gives a damn anyway.

  120. Whew! That was close! says:

    Hey Peter… dodged that bullet, huh? :)

  121. RockysLittleSidekick says:

    what bul let??

    you sheri??:((( dumbass

  122. And in the end says:

    Hey Rocky, I bet you feel pretty good having 15 year old children swearing and calling names on your behalf. Just warms your soul, huh? Maybe you should be giving this young lady some advise about treating others with respect and how ugly it is when people talk trash about others… but then, you are teaching by example, so that will never happen.

    You say you are a teen idol? OMG, the world is in BIG trouble if you are the role model.

  123. youtuber says:

    Hey Sheri
    When are you gonna get some balls like Rocky does and stop hiding behind these different user names, when everyone knows it’s you. And at least she doesn’t curse at teens and tell them to spread their legs and harrass them with letters trying to convince them her untalented son has talent , and that he has more talent than Hayley. Get over it NO ONE thinks so. And I got a letter from you on you tube and blocked your crazy &*` You are a sicko. You belong in a mental hospital. I know of three other users you contacted too, one of them told their mom and she reported you.

  124. Rocky Rocks says:

    Fabulous site. No, I am not a pervert or a groupie or the like. I am just someone who’s legal name is ROCKY ROCKS, admiring the individual and site bearing the same name.
    The very best to you and I will certainly introduce my daughter and son-in-law to your music; I’ll probably tell my ex-wife and her husband too.
    God bless you and your family.
    Rocky Rocks

  125. 1lynnn says:

    “Whew! That was close”, your comment is too funny!! “RockysLittleSideHick” didn’t get it but then again she doesn’t get much in the way of anything.

  126. Rocky'sLittleSidekick says:

    oh no sheri i got it perfectly i understand what you said about dodging a bullet but umm. it was not funny i get more than you i get when crazy @$$ stalkers like you have jealousy.And sidehick???you say i make typos well ummm it’s kick you know with a k? are u a dyslexic who can’t get her letters right?

    as for me cussing at you sheri once agian hiding behind another fake name aka and in the end

    let me tell you something beeyotch i cussed long before i even talked to rocky

    and you know you must be deaf

    most fifteen year olds to cuss

    i have heard eleven year olds girls say worse things that what i tell you

    so shut up because you obviously don’t know how to get off your couch and observe the world around you.

    I treat others with lots of respect unlike you you stall and obsess people and call little nine year old girls ^`_+# s and call producers bad things and refer to Danny Bonaduchey

    and your trying to give rocky advice about respect??

    maybe you should show some first miss has been

  127. c1ickhere says:

    I think Rocky has finally cracked. Shes gone wacko on all my sites. My you tube site is now C1ickagain. I have a few sites here too. Her swollen lips have got the best of her. My you tube site has a video of her with the song “rehab”. You must see it.

  128. Rockyrocknroll says:

    Hey y’all. It’s Rocky steppin in to let you know I went on VH1 because I made their top ten list and this fat slob Twinkie eating prison guard posted a thread on their message under the name FoxyJuicy that
    Rocky is on Food stamps. How desperate can you get to try to mar someone’s reputation, none of the birthdate stuff and old stuf and drug references worked, or that my voice or song or music sucks, or that I have no talent–it’s all laughable–So this is what she desperately resorted to. I’m on food stamps. You gotta really worry about the mental state of someone this obsessive, lonely, bitter and jealous. You and your son are nobodys with no talent, and you always will be. Our fan base and you tube following is insane!! But keep posing CLICK HERE, c’mon baby you almost ADMITTED your Shamu Sheri. Anyway gotta leave this lowlife blog that Sheri has tarnished and go back to the productive career path my daughter and I are on. It must suck so bad to be Cameron and Sheri. LOL I pity them. I’m off to record Sheri’s theme song…SO BAM!! Pardon the pun. But you keep typing baby that’s all you’ll ever be is a nameless faceless nobody.
    Hee hee

  129. Jim Wynorski says:

    It’s astonishing to me that no one at VH1 has stepped in to silence this overbearing orca once and for all. She’s a cowardly, obsessive creep that seems to have nothing better to do with her time than bash people she doesn’t even know. And to post personal information just to spite someone is going beyond just internet harrassment, it’s behavior bordering on insanity. Get up off that couch, woman, turn off that computer; then haul your fat +)* down to the psyche ward and seek some immediate treatment.

    Rocky, both you and Hayley are beautiful and amazing – and well beyond this petty posturing by this bluberous malcontent. Take care.

  130. Jim Wynorski says:

    It is totally astonishing to me that this overweight, over-bearing bag of doughnuts is allowed to post personal information to bash people she doesn’t even profess to know. As I’ve said in the past, both Rocky and Hayley are stars shining brightly – and this foul mouthed, four-eyed witch should divert her attention to more productive activities – like seeking psychiatric help.

    Congratulations Rocky on being selected by VH1 for inclusion on their Top Ten Greastest Moments of All Time. When they bring you back. I’m positive you’ll knock everyone else off the list.

    Take care.

  131. Danny says:

    Rocky FOXYSUGAR is this Killer Orca’s user name on the vh1 boards.


  132. Illinois703 says:

    I didnt realize that people were still posting on this site. Hello people the show is Over. Replying to Shari is just fueling her need to continue. Yes Its hilarous that she claims to be writing a book about IKMKAS when she was booted after like what 2 episodes. She and her son were overshadowed by others with Big Personalities. If everyone just leaves this site, Shari will seriously have withdraws. That would be torture for her. She would have noone to fight back with and she would have to move on to something else. Its really just to funny that this is how Shari gets her entertainment and spends her life. A bit of advise Shari, go to the gym, meet people in person, go shopping, clean your house, read a book (not write one)….there is a whole world out there. Find some new enjoyment in your life. The show is over and you were not the star. But life continues – go find one.

  133. c1ickhere says:

    I’m sick of people sticking up for Rocky. Look, she is over 31, how about 44. She was born 2-27-64. She should be known as the rocky horror _!#!% She has fake lips, fake hair, fake boobs, fake name, fake age, ,,,,should I go on? She is a fake. Tranny b&#%$. She cant tune a guitar, cant play very well, cant read music, is a lousy singer…….do I need to tell you more? Yeah, I’m gonna write a book about my experiences in the business. You better believe I will include more personal info in it. I can tell you all you need to know. I had to stay in the same place. Cameron would have won if he didnt have to be with Hayley in that scene. She forgot her words and didnt know where to be. He tried to help and everyone got mad. I dont care what you say about me and I do have more sites. Cheers.

  134. Umm... wow! says:

    Wow! Shari… that SERIOUSLY can’t be you??? My God woman… if it really is…. you need to let it go. Again, it’s hard to believe you’re that nuts, so maybe somebody is pretending to be you. Otherwise, for Pete’s sake, get back on your meds. If you’re not… go get help! Nobody really CARES what you have to say. So write that book that NOBODY wants to read. I suppose it will be published by Xerox? If you’re blaming Cameron flubbing the scene on Hayley, that’s pretty pathetic. It didn’t all come down to that. I’ll grant you that Cameron was trying to be helpful and the director overreacted, but you SO need to let it go.

    I mean really– if this is really you, how truly embarrassing. Move on with your life already. Sheesh.

  135. c1ickhere says:

    I love Rocky… I think she’s the greatest mom ever. I don’t know how I could have been so wrong… just SO wrong. Sorry Rocky!

  136. anyone can type anything here says:

    Demonstration completed.

  137. Rockyrocknroll says:

    Sheri I thought I was born in 65 you gotta get you lies together, you posted I was born in 65 and my siter rosanna marie–which doesn’t exist was born in 64. Do you really think anyone believes that? OFCOURSE they don’t Sheri I don’t have a wrinkle on my face and I don’t look that old. That’s why your latest post on vh1 message boards say I had a facelift why thank you for the compliment that is your way of justifying how young I look–BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR A NEW USER SAYING ROCKY YOU LOOK OLD LOL– Sheri your so patheitic. You ^##& in know what happened in that episode and so do all the moms. Lets ask Maryjo’s mom and Helene, and Shannon who were there–you told EVERYBODY you were going home, because he did really bad, thjat’s why you staged his pathetic exit. LOSER AT least your admitting now this is you which no one can believe because your so pathetic!!!!!!! And Jealous. You have been calling me names all over the place and making up info and trying to cut up my song and voice –which is laughable READ ALL THE YOU TUBE COMMENTS–you wish you had my looks and talent and you wish cameron was as attractive and talented as Hayley. For you to try and say he was thrown when you know he TANKED is a joked. They made him look better in the editing you know how terrible he was. I can’t discuss the show like this &~#+! has but you know he flubbed his lines all over the place and kept messin up then tried to direct Hayley when they switched cause he did SOOOOIOOOO bad. That’s why Danny said he’s omly been acting for two years and it show!!!!!! &~#+! I am going to persnally ask Vjh1 for the persformance they did and post it to make you look like such an idiot cause the unseen footage of him really makes his acting look bad. You jealous &~#+! Get a life everyone is laughing at you. And I am coming after you full force for all of this. How dare you broing my mother into this you fat C@unt!

    You will pay for all of this!! And eat all your twinkies behind bars.

  138. SexyNjLatina31 says:

    Rocky and Hayley Rocks!! Sherri why don’t you just leave then alone already. Just deal with it, she has more fans than your son ever will because Hayley has talent. Natural talent at that! We are all rooting for you Hayley



  139. bees' lady says:

    rocky–that jabba the hut (aka sheri) doesn’t even deserve twinkies. she should get those god awful zingers.

  140. GGtrue says:

    You better mean it Sheri rocky has done nothing but be an excellent mother who loves her child and not her childs career like you are with cameron if you even think he has one. yourruining it for everyone just give it up everyone loves Rocky. Nobody will like you. You have only one reason for doing all this and thats cause your jealious she’s prettier then you, she’s talented, and she and hayley have a great mother daughter rlationship you can’t have with your son by brainwashing the kid into thinking Rocky’s bad like you are with some other people. Just give it up Rocky and Hayley win not you.

  141. c1ickHere says:

    Someone copied my name below. I do not like Rocky and never will. Rocky, you know how much of a fake that you are. You may fool a few young kids but nobody who means anything. You really are offending a lot of people every time you joke about weight. You are mean, vindictive and an ugly person. I know all the facts about you and you told me most of them. Your abilities to play guitar are awful. You know you cant play so stop trying to fool people. And everything else I said is valid. Admit it . Cheers.

  142. SexyNjLatina31 says:

    OMG Please give it a rest already.. ….She is not fooling no one. .We are all mature adults here and we can judge for ourselves. We all think Rocky is a great mother and Hayley is a sweet, respectful young lady. I truly believe Rocky is a great role model not only for Hayley but for a lot of young people as well!!

    I’m Team Rocky all the way!!!


  143. c1ickHere says:

    You actually think she is a good mother and role model? She dresses like a tranny, she looks like a rocky horror picture, she cusses like a sailor, she has numerous fake body parts, she lies, she has no talent and she tried to steal the camera time from her own daughter!!! She needs to visit Dr. Laura.

  144. c1ickHere says:

    Rocky is very immoral. Enough said.

  145. SexyNjLatina31 says:

    I think she dresses fine. I mean she is Beautiful and she has a great body so why not show your curves. She is a Beautiful person and I don’t think she out-shined her daughter because her daughter shined on her own, I mean Hayley does have that IT FACTOR, I mean look at her the girl is TALENTED and BEAUTIFUL. What more can you ask for!! I truly believe JEALOUSY makes you say things that you don’t really mean.



  146. and so says:

    Who cares about Rocky? Rocky. Oh, and a few guys who are hoping to bang her.

  147. SexyNjLatina31 says:

    There are a lot of people that care about Rocky and Hayley. She is a good person who means well. She has a lot of fans including me….So Shut ur mouth and BAM!! LOL

    #1 Fan

  148. bees' lady says:

    here shari, here girl
    go get the biscuit and go lay down on your bed.

    seriously shari, you are as crazy and pathetic as bambi on helene’s blog. are you having a mental breakdown? i swear you’re foaming at the mouth. are u mad at rocky cuz your husband is wacking off to her while u sit and eat at the computer? at least your keyboard isn’t sticking today.

  149. bees' lady says:

    Hey it’s a Shar-Pat

    The new designer dog that is fat, lazy and spews crap everwhere.

  150. Rockyrocknroll says:

    Did I not tell all of you that Sheri was INSANE!! I really can’t believe how sick she is starting all these rumors and threads and lies. My God I can’t believe she keeps going when everyone can clearly see how jealous she is of my daughter and me. It’s quite sad. At least I don’t have a &%_$^ between my legs. You will always be Pat Sheri half man half woman, and a rotten mother to do this to another mother. The world hates you Sheri and you can’t force people to think you and your son have talent by trying to rip me apart. I am young and beautiful and talented with a little angel who is loved by all. Eat your heart out–And your twinkies. Nothing and none of your lies is gonna sway the publics opinion of us. But you keep postin “Pat” all you’re doing is sealing your own doom. And you keep erasing my threads I’ll keep posting. Thanks Keith–you Rock by the way and everyone else for telling off this b!#%&! I promise you I will be in a position VERY SOON where I will be on CNN and am I gonna expose the lowlife sour grapes she/man pedophile you really are. That’s a promise in the meantime type away–you’ve got no other offers in sight. Rocky

  151. inspektercluSO! says:

    I found rocky’s REAL name! It is rosana brasselle. Class of 1982. South Plainfield or Linden NJ, High School..

    that link proves it. OK? Stop bing such a B! rocky, u-NUT!

  152. Rockyrocknroll says:

    Hey guys I have been in touch with the police and Vh1 legal all day–good news–but I’ll let that be a surprise to Sheri when they come to serve her. Please check out the vh1 message boards and look at the new posts this pathetice half man ugly cross/eyed loser posted. Desperately saying I got arrested, am on food stamps, had a face lift and even was desperate to try and accuse me of calling Gigi the N word. This fat pig is sp desperste and is making a fan base by the minute of ENEMY’s. She is deleting my threads over there which expose her but my fans are reposting and fighting for me and I LOVE it. Can you believe she tried to sabotage my store with the t-shirts leaving a post that they came back damaged. Thisman/woman is so mentally ill I have never come across anyone this ill in my life. Somebody should commit her. I can’t wait till my entire album comes out and my daughter’s single. And I promise I am going to get the footage from VH! of how pathetic her son REALLY did in that challenge. They were kind in how they edited in he TANKED and she knoes it. He sucks so bad, and so does she. You both are a duo of ugliness and no talent. Like I posted on the boaards you probabley gort no camera time, PAT because they couldn’t fit your son’s ears and your fat +$! in to frame
    I’m just warmin up fats. You wann brawl with me–I’ll win I have the power, the beauty, the talented kid, the fans, and the connections in the business, we’ll just see you fat ~#~% Mwah

  153. Rockyrocknroll says:

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee,Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Oh my god you are so laughable. Eh(sound of buzzer ) wrong) My legal name is sealed Beeotch and I can tell you that ain’t me. Heeeeeeee,Heeeeeeeee You’ve posted three different birthdates and links to family members you dumb $(*#` Trying to prove this delusion that I’m over forty. Heeeeeeee. Heeeeeee. You’ll never find it cause it ain’t so loser your so way off with the name info. You look like such an *+^ to EVETYONE. Now you my dear are a 57 year old MAN why don’t you let everyone know that!!!!!!

    Oh my God you’re pathetic!!!!!!! Keep postin baby the public hates you more and more. And I have so much evidence I’m on cloud nine!!!


  154. . says:

    hey sheri

    is pieter even a citizen?

  155. pieter says:

    I only married Shari so I could get my green card. I won’t even have sex with her. She begged for a child so I handed her a turkey baster filled with my sperm. I’ve never seen her naked and have no plans to.

  156. afunnytroll says:

    Like Danny said, Haley and Rocky just don’t have “it”. That’s why they will never be on tv again. Hopefully. Maryjo & Cheyenne had the it-factor, big difference. Maybe in a few years, haley will have the it factor if she is lucky, but rocky’s time has past.

  157. huh? says:

    What does that mean, your leegel name is sealed? Is that like witness protection or sumething?

  158. Rockyrocknroll says:

    Yes I’m an informant for fat, bitter, jealous, killer, crosseyed, “It’s Pat, whales, who talk vulgar to teens and children and have big earred sons with no talent. And live their life researching Rocky and her family. Because they are sooooooooo jealous. Hmm five minutes of fame police record, drugs, no talent, 44, all the lies and rumors in the world didn’t stop me from getting my own show. LOL! And my little girl too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. Rockyrocknroll says:

    That’s prettey funny that Sheri mentions Cheyenne as user afunnytroll when she was user shoopies talking to her other user name, vanguard films on imdb saying awful things about Cheyenne and her mother, once again hiding under $$@ umed names. Just a quick note to tell you guys Iwon’t be on these boards because I will be in the studio recording, my long awaited “So…Bam! I wrote after all this SHeri has done. It’s about haters who hate because they hate themselves. I’m just gonna leave it to God and Karma, and the authorities and she’ll get what she deserves for putting a mother and her innocent child thru all of this–who did nothing to her. Success is the sweetest revenge in a case like this. That’s my payback. As Danny said she started all this–but I will finish it by coming up on top no matter what. And my beautiful talented child who is coming out with a single I wrote in two weeks and a series. I will keep you all informed. Danny, and keith, and 3jams and the rest you keep doin what your doin you got it covered love y’all. Hopefully she’ll get what she deserves. Rocky

  160. 1lynnn says:

    I thought Rocky was signing off for good. I guess when her only job is to remain flat on her back, she has plenty of time to attack those that reveal her grandma &+$ age. The same goes for Rocky’s little side Hick!!

  161. 1lynnn says:

    Hey Grandma Rocky; Any new movies lately? Didn’t I see you in “Cobweb Hookers”? Get a job so you can spend less time on your back and the web!!!

  162. Badabing says:

    Rocky Good luck to ya baby!! You know you got the goods. With that being said I have to point out as a member of the male population, this Sheri is the most butt ugly woman I ever seen. She gots to be a man because there ain’t no way in hell there’s any trace of a woman there. I wouldn’t hit that if you paid me. Rocky you stay on your successful path, and don’t feed into this ugly jealous _$(@) It is crazy how this is based on a challenge between her geeky son and Hailey. She’s the one who’s old, doesn’t have your confidence to play guitar and write music, and her kid has no it factor whatsoever, more like friggin’ “Ick facta. LOL Alright babygirl you do your thing we’re all behind you. Thanks for posting that bulletin, I wasn’t even aware it was this bad. She’s a lonely old kook.


  163. bambi says:

    Sheri – Why is Rocky and Haley’s life so important to u? Whether she’s 30, 40, 50 or 60? Who the f*ck cares? She’s H-O-T! YOU are NOT! She’s thin, pretty, talented and has a daughter who’s naturally endearing, funny, beautiful, talented, smart, and the list could go on! Why r u hating? Not that I really “remember” you or your son that much. But the one thing that stands out in my mind about you, Sheri, is that you are “detached” from your son. You told him he “sucked”! What good parent tells their kid that they “suck”? Ever heard of “constructive criticizm? I guess not. Were u “abused” as a kid? You seem like you were…as if you grew up in a “concentration camp” are were emotionally deprived as a kid. On the “parenting” tip, you could use some “constructive” criticizm. First, stop dressing your son up like a girl. Second, stop treating your son like he’s an adult…he’s not..he’s a CHILD for heavens sake! Stop being a “sore” LOSER! It’s not a “good look”..ya know?

    Rocky & Haley – Don’t let all this “negativity” get you down. I know you both have great things in stored for you and I’ve read all the wonderful comments people are making about you. Rocky, you are “real”. That’s why I like you. Haley, your just such a little “punky brewster”!!! Cutie! Remember guys…”mysery LOVES company”. Don’t let this myserable, hateful b*tch distract you from your ultimate goal that is SOON to be yours! Let Sheri go back to her job in the factory or whatever “low-paid/low-life” job she had before the show.

    Here’s a suggestion Sheri, your son might have done better if you could stop making him dress and act like a girl. Perhaps you really wanted a girl when you were pregnant with him, but you got a BOY…accept it! Spend your time trying to “market/pimp” your son and keep track of “casting calls” for the next reality tv show. Since we all know that he’s your only ticket out of that sh*thole you call a “life”, focus on that and stop trying to bash Rocky and Haley. You are fooling nobody and showing the world how truly “pathetic” you really are. Do u even know how well Rocky and Haley are doing? The best you can do is post her “alleged” AGE? That’s sad, when in fact, you look 57, are all wrinkled up, dried out, ugly and look like a man. So, if looks mattered, then you would have never made it to the SHOW! Obviously, there’s more here that counts. The “it” factor which both Rocky and Haley have and YOU DON’T…get over it sweetie!

  164. SexyNjLatina31 says:



  165. DanK says:

    Excellent Post Bambi!

    Funny how Sheri (It’s PAT!) can find so much time to investigate Rocky’s age but can’t find her son any work in Hollywood. She’s so obsessed with Rocky and Hayley that she can’t function in society and has to resort to stalking a mother and her 10 year old child!

    Funny thing is you don’t see any “Fan Videos” for Cameron, no fan sites, no fans cheering on his videos (oh, wait…he doesn’t have any videos because he has no talent!)

    Rocky and Hayley’s fans are growing day by day, they are dedicated and creative. Rocky’s fans don’t care if she is 20 or 120, they love her for being herself, they love her for her talent, they love her for being a wonderful mother to a beautiful and talented little girl who will be a huge star!

    How many of Cameron’s “fans” are willing to go the extra mile for him? Especially when his own mother can’t or won’t…she’s too bust stalking Rocky and Hayley!

  166. deedee says:

    Leave Rocky alone you fat nasty c u n t. Who cares how old she is. She’s young at heart and has a better body than most 21 yr olds. Shari just get over it. If you’re so unhappy, stop eating in front of the computer all day, and get a life. You were the one that started all this s h i t with the horse pic. B i t c h you are fat and even if you lost the weight, you have a face only a gorilla could love. Rocky’s got a beautiful face and a bangin body and the cutest lil girl in the world.


  167. c1ickHere says:

    Nobody’s going to buy or listen to any crap that Rocky writes. What radio station would play stupid childish rants from her? Rocky honey, you just dont have it. Before you get evicted from your home for nonpayment, you better go back to your job of cleaning privies. I think your drug use has finally caught up to you. Chip off some of that caked on makeup off your ugly horse head, take some mothering classes and try to get that minimum wage job back.

  168. wasted time says:

    oh brother. you are ALL a bunch of idiots and losers. Shari and Rocky are both nuts and so are the fans that support either of them. This show sucked and NONE of the adults on the show had a brain in their head. The kids were all ok, but none of them were REALLY talented. Hayley was the cutest of them, but she isn’t a star. At least not now – maybe in a few years when she has time to mature.

    I wish VH1 could come up with another show so that everyone here could find someone new to praise or belittle. This board is boring and I’ve wasted my time today reading this.

  169. RockysLittleSidekick says:

    sheri sheri sheri you are just getting you and your son in deeper and deeper the more you dirty big mouth says the more evidence police have of your crime.As for your son i’m scared for him sure he’s a nerd with no talent and big dumbo ears but you are the one earning him lots of disrepect your the one saying he’s good when he’s not. you just keep digging that hole for yourself deeper and deeper.As for your insults toward me i could really give a rats #&# I am a very pretty girl who happens to be an almost blackbelt and i am a very sucessful little singer i have tons of friends and i am what you wish your sad #&# could have been in high school.I am probaby more famous then you or your son and not for infamy.Sure i have never been on tv!! but do you know who i have talked to like an actual conversation with?/No not just Rocky i have talked to Bo from a shot at love 2 i have talked to ambre aubry and kristy joe from rock of love 2 an Catherine numerous times.I have also talked to Lacey and Heather from rock of love 1 .i have talked to dani from a shot at love 1.And glitter and george form a shot at love 2 .and brianna and joey from the real world hollywood.

    you are in lots of trouble sheri………

  170. wanna see shari's hubby?? says:
    click company then click people

    he looks just like RED FORMAN from that 70′s show

  171. wanna see shari's hubby?? says:

    wanna see shari’s hubby??
    – yeah, actually he’s kinda cute.

    wanna see rocky’s hubby??
    – oh, wait. she ‘s never had one.

  172. jesatroll says:

    So rocky says she won’t be back here??? Funny that she talks about other people’s sons and she never mentions her own son???
    Is it because he is ashamed to have her as a mother, or because she doesn’t want n-e-one to know that she is old enough to be a granny?

  173. bambi says:

    what son?

  174. nobody says:

    Nobody cares about rocky anymore. Look at the other blogs. Pams blog got waay more replys than this one. So did Shannon’s and Helene’s. In the popularity of moms from this show, looks to me like rocky comes in 4th or 5th place.
    So why should they have their own show? They were not even the most popular in this show.
    All rocky can do is hate on shari and try and bully people to stop posting what they really think about rocky by blaming it on shari, so people will feel sorry for shari and stop posting mean things about rocky.

  175. jesatroll says:

    She has a 24 year old son. I guess if she was in her late 20′s she had him when she was 4?

  176. Nat says: really are crazy Sheri to say Rocky and Hayley weren’t the most popular on the show the WERE the show. And you and everyone else knows it. They used Rocky to advertise it, then when they left they had those commercials about how mush the network missed her. Don’t you see just how delusional you are Sheri. You can’t brinwash people. Hayley was the favorite kid and Rocky rocks. And they both are so talented. You tube loves them, everyone wants them back on. No one cared a bout your kid, or you or your singing and dancing and guitar playing, and that kills you. Everyone loves Rocky and her music and her daughter. I heard they just gave her her own show. What are you gonna do now stalk this woman forever? Look at your posts on the VH1 boards, you are sooooo jealous of Rocky. That’s all that emits from those messages is pure jealousy. You mention Simon Cowell because that’s one of her my space friends . I can’t believe you don’t feel like an idiot doing all this and posting on her tee-shirt store, cause you sure llook like an idiot. You don’t even know anthinthing about Rocky especially her age you posted two different dob’s and now claim she’s really this Rosanna who’s 44. LMAOThese grandma references and age lies and son lies and drug lies and sweat pants shop lies only boils down to the fact that you are very unhappy with your life and don’t like what YOU see in the mirror. Which is a short, fat, old, ugly talentless, troll with a son who you tried to give your lousy act to and just doesn’t have the chops no matter what you do. So face it Rocky will still sell Records, still be gorgeous with a hot body, still sing and dance better than you could ever dream of. still have ALL the fans , still have the talented child whose more popular than any of those kids, and will be back on tv before you know it. It was her and Hayley who were on the cover of the LA Times not you and Cameron. It’s them we all wanna hear shout outs from. It’s Rocky who is still on TMZ and Talk Soup. Face it Sheri you’ll never win


  177. Heidi says:

    Hey Nat I need your e-mail address to send you the pics for Hayley’s fanclub. I just sent you a message.

  178. my oh my says:

    Sheri needs to quit with the bull cause I have a friend from Chicago who’s cousin says she know Shari when she was a MAN. I’m gonna see If I can get some pics. Hey Shamu send us the link to Rocky’s 24 year old son–you crazy !_@!!

  179. bambi says:

    There is noooo way Rocky is in her late 20′s or even early 30′s. If she is, then there is some major drug use going on.

  180. c1ickHere says:

    Finally, people are starting to believe what I say about Rocky the fake. She is 44 , like I have been saying. She wants to bash me for being slightly overweight, but take a look at her. I’ve already gave all the info about her. By now everyone should know enough about her to question why they like her. She wont tell the truth about herself because she is ashamed of herself. Having to work along side of her, I should know what I’m talking about. She was very rude to me and everyone else. She is a trainwreck. She is very immoral and I wish Dr. Laura Schlesinger could straighten her out.

  181. SexyNjLatina31 says:

    OMG This is getting ridiculous already…Sherri just Leave them ALONE!!!!! After they got kicked off the show, nobody even watched it anymore….The show wasn’t even funny or interesting without them. Hayley will become famous soon enough I believe she already is and about Rocky’s music…I think Everybody would buy it including me. I Love her songs…They ROCK!!!

    Team Rocky

  182. illinois703 says:

    I wonder if Sharis husband knows what kind of garbage she is posting. I am sure being a president of a company – he would find it quite embarrassing that his wife is behaving this way. I think everyone should email him copies of everything Shari has been saying. Maybe he can lock her up or take the computer away from her….and this bashing will stop.

  183. Truth says:

    Who cares who was most popular? Are you all children still in high school? The show is over, the fame brings with it good and bad. Maybe everyone should concentrate on the important things in life ~ God, family and being kind to one another. Boring, I know, but REAL

  184. RockysLittleSidekick says:

    hey c1ickhere!

    wat the hell are u talking aboutrocky was was nice to pam and mary jo helene and cheyenne and i know for a fact haykey and mackenzie are friends!!

    you left earlier than her and therefore know nothing

  185. The Real Bambi says:

    Just stopped in to read what’s been going on here and I have an “imposter” impersonating me here. That last 2 posts (ignorant), were not from me. For the records…I support both Rocky and Hayley and know they are already on their road to success.

    However, I will not be posting here anymore. Any further posts made by “bambi” will not be from me.


  186. IHATESHERI says:

    This woman is a crackpot!! She os posting all over Rocky’s Myspace Zazzle store as all the users on the VH! message boards. You should be afraid fro your life with someone this mentally and obsessed. I’m gonna have my friend’s husband run her name and see if she has a record of any kind. SHE IS CRAZY. Sheri take your *!** out of your pants, go _+*^ yourself and leave Rocky alone, you ugly %^*!` Rocky let’s make a I Hate Sheri video. Get some of your fans tpo make one of her and her LOSER kid to spread around the internet!!


  187. a voice of reason says:

    You know, hate is really ugly. And hate creates MORE hate. Just stop it. ALL of you. If someone is sick they need help, not hate. If you are truly a good person, you will ignore what you know is not true and rise above it. All this continuing ranting and raving isn’t helping Rocky or hurting Shari. It is just that… useless hateful thinking and of no value. Have any of you heard the old saying “if you can’t say something nice”???
    Perhaps Rocky and her fans should take the high road and talk about positive things going on in Rocky and more importantly Hayley’s career (the show WAS about making your KID a star)…

  188. shari'sfan says:

    This is a message from Shari’s fan. That’s right, I’m a fan of Shari’s.
    Just like some of the people on here that claim to be rocky’s fan.
    For one thing, I really think its stupid for Rocky to blame every message that she does not like, on Shari & her child.
    For another thing, yes, I have probably posted some things that Rocky would not like, but hey, she put herself and her child out there to be criticised, And, (another thing), VH1 flashes ads that say WATCH & DISCUSS, and then they give the url for this site-(duh!).
    Not, WATCH and only say nice things that rocky wants to hear.-how stupid can someone be?
    Fourthly, out of any mean or nasty thing that I have posted, and other Shari-fans or Rocky-haters, as far as I have seen, nobody, including myself, and from the little bit that I did see posted on Shari’s blog before the big bully Rocky came along and started terrorizing the poor woman and saying mean things about her child, and starting a HATE-campaign against a woman and her child for her fans…
    when Shari had a blog, that I and other people were enjoying, that said SQUAT about Rocky and her kid btw, that the big mean bully Rocky scared Shari from blogging to the point where the only thing that I have seen Shari post online is begging people to please stop saying mean things about rocky because rocky was blaming shari…
    with all that none of us Shari-fans, or rocky-haters even, have stooped so LOW as to attack rocky’s kid or any of the other kids on the show.
    Yet Rocky herself has posted attack after attack against Shari’s kid.
    Now we all no that rocky has NO CLASS at all, but even people that don’t have class know that that just isn’t right.
    5thly, I think that rocky should just back-off.
    She’s making a jerk out of herself and her fans, all 4 of them.
    I would be really surprized to ever see rocky work for VH-1 after her behavior on that show, and online.
    VH1 did not even produce that show, it was an outside production company, so they are at a nice safe distance from that crazy woman.
    She has crossed the line of decent behavior and ruined what could have been a cute funny thing by making it ugly and nasty by going after a little kid and pimping-out her own child in a disgusting way.
    Nobody wants to see more of that and rocky will always be know as a bully of little kids, shari’s kid for one, and it is despicable.

  189. shari'sotherfan says:

    And rocky is the biggest butter-face on vh1!

  190. Rockyrocknroll says:

    SHERI IS FINISHED EVERYONE READ THIS!! Your game is DONE Sheri. I have gathered the evidence for months and now I am taking you down. With a ton of witnesses. And HARD evidence you can post away under Shari fan–we all know you have no fans–but I got the cold hard facts. Thatnk you all of those who have helped me. We Love you You’ve sealed your own doom, dumbass. You don’t think there are laws that protect people like me from jealous slandering vicious lowlife stalkers like you!
    What did you think you could put my daughter and I thru this forever, you mental case? THANK YOU RACE GIRL. I contacted an internet defamation attorney thru your post info and I contacted the FB1. You and your hubby and no talent son better look for a hut to live in because I’m suing the hell out of you and have brought charges against you. I made copies of all the blogs and message boards, and all the comments you made on my tshirt store. AND you screwed up BIGTIME!!! Read the defamation laws. You posted I’ve been arrested–which is against the law–you poted I’m a racist and called Gigi the n word which goes against character. See all the dumb a!# and fat a!# and big ears references is peanuts–it’s when you post lies about a person being arrested, being on drugs, and defaming their character. It also covers delibirately posting unturths to harm a person’s business. Not to mention all the trouble you are in for the vulgar profanities you used against my daughter. Like I said I made sure I made copies of all your posts. So even the one where you called Hayley a filthy name then got scared and deleted it- -I HAVE. IMDB investigators have all your user names recorded amnd all your posts. it took some time to gather, and find the right people to help me. But I have and you have broken fedral and cival laws. And I couldn’t be happier to know what will happen to you. We have had your isp number for sometime now, I’ve just been sitting back gathering the eveidence. :o) How dare you you fat slob–I never di anything to you to stalk and abuse my daughter and I this way for months. You jealous B!#%&. See I can respond to your posts anyway I want. Name calling is not an offense–Defamation of character is!! You have dragged mine and my daughters name thru the mud and taunted me and put me thru months of unwarranted public ridicule and shame with all your lies, and now it’s time to pay the piper. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY.. THANK YOU RACE GIRL FOR YOUR POST I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!!!! Anyone who would like to be my friend and hayley’s can contact us at,, and hayley is Read it and weep–your finished INTERNET LAW – Understanding Internet Defamation Kelly O’Connell, IBLS Editor Wednesday, October 10, 2007 The main issue to remember when dealing with the Internet is that people still have their basic legal rights intact on the Net, and – likewise – the Internet is not as completely anonymous as the typical person may presumes. What is Defamation? Defamation is the act of making an untrue statement to a third party that damages the subject’s reputation. There are several subcategories of Defamation, being Libel and Slander. Libel is Defaming in a printed forum, such as a newspaper or magazine. Slander is spoken Defamation, and could be made person-to-person, or also broadcast over a radio or television.. There are also four subjects that if falsely dispersed as a fact about another person, are actionable on their face: Attacking a person’s professional character /standing; Alleging an unmarried person is unchaste; Claims a person is infected with a sexually transmitted, or loathsome disease; Claims a person has committed a crime of moral turpitude. . A recently filed case illustrates the application of a libel claim in a blogging case in NY, Stuart Pivar v. Seed Media, 2007cv07334, Filed August 16, 2007, in New York Southern District Court. Seed Media pays PZ Myers to blog at, and there he reviewed a book by Dr. Stuart Pivar, called “LifeCode: The Theory of Biological Self Organization” which purports to reconfigure Darwinian Evolution. The suits asks for: declaratory relief to remove defamatory statements from the web and an injunction to block further libel; $5 million in special damages for “tortious interference with business relations”; and $10 million in damages for defamation, emotional distress, and loss of reputation. This lawsuit well illustrates the libelous cause, effect and damages of a proper tort case based upon defamation. A recent case showed how powerful Defamation laws, applied online, can be. In November 2006, a Florida woman, Sue Scheff, was awarded $11.3 million in damages in Broward County Circuit Court, in one of the biggest awards ever tolled. The suit was filed for Internet defamation, and the jury found a Louisiana woman had posted caustic messages against the Scheff and her company, claiming she was a “con artist” and “fraud”. The jury found the charges were completely false, so the Louisiana woman had no defense. Interestingly, Scheff’s attorney had offered to settle the case for $35,000 before it went before the jury.

  191. the pot calling the kettle black says:

    Poor little Rocky… jeez. The whole world DOES revolve directly around you, huh? It may not be illegal to say mean, ugly things about people and their children, but that doesn’t make it right. You are great at pointing fingers Rocky, but you are just as “ugly” as Shari. I haven’t seen ONE post on here saying anything bad about Hayley and yet EVERY post you write attacks Cameron, who is just as innocent and sweet as Hayley is and deserves the same protection as your daughter. If you sue her fine, go ahead, thats your right. But just stop name calling. Your outer beauty is greatly diminished by your nasty and vulgar personality. Yes Rocky, YOU are a bully too. It takes two to tangle and you are not the only victim. I’d say Cameron deserves an apology at the very least. He hasn’t stalked you or said mean things to you, he’s just a kid. Grow up and move on.

  192. bluebird says:

    SHUT THE HELL UP SHERI . You did the crime now do the crime. And I seen all the boards where you called Hayley many four letter words. Rocky fought back and said your boy was a geekand had no talent and it’s true. I seen your post woman, on her T-shirt store on the one that had Hailey on it. You done nothing but attack her child. I hope she gets your fat ass locked up.

  193. the pot calling the kettle black says:

    Bluebird you are either a child or ignorant. Did you even read my post? I am certainly NOT Shari. I think she is crazy too. If she and Rocky want to hate each other fine. But to have very public name calling contests and to have other people involved in their petty fight is ugly and stupid. And where do you get the right to say mean, hateful things about a child? Hayley isn’t your kid. You are copying Rocky’s poor behavior. Rocky should know better because she is not a child. You should know better too. How would you feel if strangers kept calling your child names that most certainly hurt his feelings? Would you tell your child to start calling these strangers name “right back at them”? How silly and useless is that. You are creating a world full of anger and hate toward people you don’t even know.

    Just because someone says something mean about you (or in this case a stranger you happen to bond with) doesn’t make it right for you to call names and be mean too. BTW Shari may or may not have broken the laws with her posts… I am not an attorney so I don’t know. However, they don’t lock you up for slander ~ they penalize you financially. I doubt that Shari has enough money to make it worth Rocky’s time. They should just close this blog because it has just become a silly place to name call and get ugly and serves no real purpose.

    If you haven’t already learned this, it takes so much more energy to hate than it does to just let it go. If Rocky is so popular and the whole world is her fan then she really has nothing to worry about ~ all the negative opinions make no difference at all.

    Let Rocky and Shari battle it out and stay in school. Education is a good thing.

  194. reason says:

    Here is something that Rocky does not seem to get. She is putting her child out there, on T-shirts etc. for people to say whatever they want. Yes it is disgusting that someone would stoop so low, like Rocky herself has done, and publicly attack a child online, but that is part of what someone who “wants to be famous”, has to decide.
    For children, their parents make that decision. There is a website about former child-stars who are very bitter about the decisions that their parents made for them btw.
    Blaming all of the internet kooks on shari is just being ignorant of what rocky is doing to her child by allowing her to be in the public.
    Most children are protected from that kind of thing, but child-stars are not when you ask people to be thier fan etc.
    Maybe rocky’s problem will actually do something to protect performing children from internet kooks?-That would be a good thing, anything that would give children performers more protection from stalkers and kooks would be a good idea, but it is their parents who have to protect them first.

  195. bambi says:

    At least Rocky doesn’t put up horribly photoshopped pics of her child that are a pedophile’s dream…SHARI

  196. and- says:

    This is so basic that it shouldn’t even have to be said, but I’ll say it anyhow.
    The children on I Know My Kid’s A Star were not so much MORE talented than any normal kid, most children have natural talent.
    Many parents keep their children out of the public-eye, for the very reason that they do not want to make that choice for them, ( to be a public celebrity).
    There are sacrifices that come-along with being a celebrity that children do not understand.
    That being said, there is a place for children in entertainment and there always will be, but I don’t know how Rocky could think she could get her way on this, that people are forbidden from making comments that she does not like about her child when she asks people to give her child attention??

  197. JenniferS. says:

    Wow! This thing with Sheri and Rocky is way out of proportion. All these suporters of Rocky and Shari that are at armes with each other like the battle of Jerrico need to ask themselves seriously what are y ou doing? Do you really know these women? There is a diffrence of actually knowing a person and talking to them once or twice online. Honestly you all need to quit battling there arguemt out for them , and move on with yourlives. As for Rocky and Shari grow up and move on you have children to raise. GEEZ!

  198. HA HAH! says:

    Check it out. Even Danny B thinks she looks like a tranny!

  199. arhiderrr says:

    Nice article

  200. Joe Guth says:

    Hello Rocky,

    I just ran across your blog about the Brasselles. I knew Mickie Brasselle (Erin) in high school and went with her for about a year (1958 – 9). Are there any people you know or have written to that were related to her or knew her during her life? I’d like to exchange more information with them about her.