Heidi Montag Shows Real Emotion


News alert! Heidi Montag is NOT a robot, even though her looks suggest otherwise. The Hills camera-hog – who spends most of her time posing in front of random monuments while decked out in practically no clothes – let the tears flow in an interview while discussing the death of her brother. Decked out in layers of makeup and fake hair, we actually see a glimpse of the really Heidi, who is mourning not just brother, but the fact that certain friends (yes, Lauren Conrad) never reached out to her following her loss. Did we just learn that LC is that much of a b*tch? Uh oh, we may join Team Heidi after all. [via PerezHilton]

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  1. chantyl says:

    hey fans of scott weiland as we just heard about scott going to jail for 8 days.we need to stand by our favorite rocker and support him.he is an addict and he needs some more rehab not jail time . jail does nothing but make u go crazy sitting in a cell by yourselfs.its not helping him either. i just hope he serves his time before stp is supposed to start touring. it would suck if he did not serve the time in time before the tour starts……………

  2. Liz says:

    Lauren could have shown some real class by at least sending flowers, if she really did not want to call and talk to Heidi THAT badly. But I mean, Heidi is not Lauren’s friend, so why is she really expected to do that to someone who isnt a friend and she doesnt talk to. If my brother died, I would not expect to hear from any of my ex-BFF’s. I just dont understand why Heidi is even thinking about Lauren at a time like this. Its like she measures her whole life against Lauren’s.

  3. T.C. says:

    My heart truly goes out to Heidi for the loss of her stepbrother. But in all reality this wasn’t a time for Lauren’s name to be brought into it…this is about Heidi’s family…this was just another stab at LC. This teenage stuff needs to stop. They both act like they are 13.

  4. HereIambaby says:

    Believe or not, Britney will still rock the year 2008. Her profile was found on the dating site ~~mixedfriends.com~~ last week. It seems Britney is seeking true love now.

  5. Lisa says:

    What the hell does Heidi expect? She is all over the tv and tabloids trashing LC constantly. If she was a true friend she wouldn’t do that. She really needs to grow up and get rid of the trouble making loser. It’s so obvioul that she and Spencer are so jealous of LC.

  6. Lisa says:

    What the hell does Heidi expect? She is all over the tv and tabloids trashing LC constantly. If she was a true friend she wouldn’t do that. She really needs to grow up and get rid of the trouble making loser. It’s so obvious that she and Spencer are so jealous of LC.

  7. B says:

    I use to be team LC…but thats pretty #%_~ ty of Lauren not to reach out to Heidi…I mean seriously

  8. George says:

    I wouldn’t be thinking of my ex BFFs at this time either. The only reason I think LC should have done something is because they are both on the same show ACTING

  9. 2hot4u says:

    Ok, Usually I really don’t care that much for Heidi BUT I really do kinda feel bad. She has been a little better these past few episodes of The Hills and I’m starting to not hate her as much. Watching the 1st season through the 3rd is really different. People change. And just because Heidi turned into a total brat doesn’t mean she can’t change back. But then again I’m not sure if she will ever change back and dump Spencer on his butt like he should be! I also think, just because Lauren and Heidi aren’t friends anymore that’s no excuse as to not doing ANYTHING to help with Heidi’s loss. They BOTH remmember how it used to be, so why don’t they both step up and fix it? Lauren definitely should have given Heidi a call or something. It didn’t need to be big but she owes her that much. But I still remain a LC fan!

  10. DessVenezuelan says:

    WTF…! Heidi is such a fake ~#%_@&@$^))^`$! am w LC… when a frienship is over is OVER…! none would like to have a friend, literaly, such as Heidi… come on!

    HEIDI U SUCK! and Spencer is disgustin!

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