Mariah & Nick – The Rumors are True!?



Take this with a 17 carat grain of salt, but the NY Post is reporting that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are indeed engaged to be married. The ring, allegedly purchased by Nick, cost her man $2.5 million and was purchased at Jacob the jeweler. The massive rock is 17 carats and has a 10 carat stone surrounded by pink and purple diamonds (obviously – this is Mariah “Butterfly” Carey we’re talking about). No one even knew these two were together a month ago – including the happy couple. Maybe that means this marriage is meant to last? [NYPost]

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  1. Mike Belgrove says:

    I just wrote about Nick and Mariah over on Highbrid Nation and I was interested in seeing what others had to say. It’s really looking official. Nick is indeed “wild’n out” and Mariah’s mid-life crisis is in full swing. I know Nick has dough but how does he just keep dropping 2 million plus on engagement rings? i don’t care how much money you have. That’s a waste of money. He could have fed a village of starving Africans for one year with that money. What a dummy.

  2. Xaul Zen says:

    Damn…! What the hell? Mariah is going on the Britney express route soon! Her “new” music is wack and sounds too produced! Same bland music with hint of squealing pig-like, barnyard sounds! What is she like 50 years old and Lil’ Nicky is like 10 years? She’s old enough to be his mom! Another thing…How the Hell did Lil’ Nicky splurge 2 mill on a stone? Drumline and Good burger were by no means oscar worthy!
    (i know lil’nicky wasn’t in good burger! but that movie is on par with ALL of his flicks)
    Just Plain Trashy!

  3. sexylady82 says:

    mariah dont you think u are to old for nick are do u like them young

  4. alysia34556 says:

    OKay!JUST because you are engaged does not mean nothing because both of you are ugly and i hate your music and you are so god dang stupid to marry a fool like nick cannon DUMB GIRL! YOU JUST SO STUPID THATS ALL I GOT TO SAY! yeah IAM NOT A HATER BUT YOU IS TOOOOOOOOOOOOO! GOOD FOR HIM OKAY BUT THATS WHAT YOU WANT TO DO JUST BE STUPID FOR THE REST OF YOUR LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jamel lawson says:

    mariha i will do more for you than ”nick ” will do in 8 years (he will cheat) mariha you are soooooooooooo daammmn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sexy holla if any one got some thing to say to me my e-mail account is holla

  6. jamel lawson says:

    alysia 34556 $(&#+ mariha is the sexyist person in the world what ever your name is go off and die( not really) BBBBBIIIIITTTTTCCCCCHHHHH it means $(&#+

  7. loveitornot says:

    This ain’t true. Blah. Mark Sudack is better than him, looks, status and he’s a private person. Hmn, didn’t she say a few weeks back that she wanted a man who’s not a public figure and will respect her emotionally and respect her? And not ready to get married yet coz she hadn’t met anyone yet who could keep up with her? And all of a sudden she’s engaged and married? She even said that she won’t make the same mistake again by marrying someone if the marriage won’t last. And if she will get married, she wanted a “real” family. This guy won’t give that to her. And she’s not as dumb as some haters/people think she is. Marrying without pre-nup agreement? Not even protecting her 200+ million?

    Ain’t this a cover up because people are already asking her avout Mark Sudack lately? And she said she wanted her lovelife/man to be kept private and she will discuss about the ‘man’ she’s dating if she and him gets married?

    She had suffered a hellish marriage and a nasty divorce. She won’t make the same mistakes again by marrying someone who, in my opinion, can’t make the marriage last.

  8. maya brooks says:

    personally i think this whole thing about nick and mariah is a big lie……….. i think its just a publisity stunt or some crazy ~@~# when i see or hear them talk on TV then ill believe it