Are Mariah and Nick Married?


mariah_married.jpgLatina is reporting that Mariah Carey‘s supposed beau Nick Cannon is not only her man for real, he’s now also her husband! Citing a source close to Nick, the site reports that Mariah and Nick wed yesterday on a small island in a “very impulsive” ceremony attended by Da Brat and some others close to the pair. Do you think maybe that this is all some big April Fool’s joke that’s arriving fashionably late?

Maybe that’s wishful thinking — as the shot to the left (from the set of Mariah’s 2005 video for “We Belong Together”) proves, Mimi is definitely the marrying type. This would be her second marriage (she divorced svengali Tommy Mottola in 1998) and Nick’s first, since he’s, like, 12. []

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  1. y hate? says:

    I hope she didn’t marry that buster but if she did, congratulations to them both. I just would have never paired those two together.

  2. MizzJacquetta says:

    Oh,She Can’t Get Married With Nick Cannon I don’t know Why??????

  3. jessica says:

    i didnt kno she was goin with this really tru…..y everyone hatin on mariah if she is..let her be happy….they belong together..he gonna be there wen things get rough…aint nobody gonna talke his place…..

  4. Josie says:

    Oh please! This can’t be true. Mariah can’t walk her dog without a small army of photogs around. Are we really to believe that she went and got MARRIED without all the hoopla and attention that goes along with it? I don’t buy it.

  5. Jennelle says:

    I hope beautifull mariah didnt get married to Nick cannon i think that if they did he is only trying to boost his career and mariah is too good of a person to be in that situation but if she loves him i guess its not that big of a loss to her….. I hope your happy MIMI

  6. shaneka says:

    the perfect couple ever and i hope they last if it try i dont think that nick will do anything to hurt her at all

  7. toxic says:

    lol seriously????? nick??? no way…ok i like mariah but she looks freakin old in the pic above…i bet she looks worse without makeup! OMG….how old is nick????

  8. Rekettia says:

    I wish both of them the best of luck,God bless them both love,peace, and soul, happiness,

  9. cordell says:

    how culd she leave da brat 4 sum lil boy.Da brat u r sexy as hell how did u let mimi slip away lmao

  10. your mom :) says:

    mariah && nick cannon? she is old enuff to be his mom! i mean, i could see her with some sauve, italian dude or something. It’s wierd=/

  11. yo girl says:

    What the hell was they thinking. Mariah with nick. She must of been hard up. Nick is not attractive at all and has no good attributes. He can’t sing or act. She really could of done better

  12. breeze304 says:

    I really think that Mariah has been in the game long enough to know whos in it for her, and who’s in it for the money. If this marriage deal is true, then she did it for a reason. Yea, I agree that I would have never imagined her with him, but what the hell, if the two of them are happy, then I wish them the best.

  13. sexylady82 says:

    what the F*** is these two doing.nick have not had nobody since he was 12 where do they think they relationship is going to go.(not that far it seems to me) but good luck to the both of u.

  14. oh yeah says:

    Like the old saying

  15. OH YEAH says:

    LIKE THE OLD SAYING OPPSITES ATTARCT. LOOK @ Janet Jackson and Jermane Duprie

  16. OH YEAH says:

    If she like it I love it.

  17. OH YEAH says:

    Who cares that they are married so what.

  18. bonquisha says:

    she knoi she too damn old for nick cannon! mariah is making a very desperate move for love!!!

  19. Momo says:

    they are a very odd pair thats all i ahve to say Nick and Mariah?????Nope cant see it

  20. chynna says:

    i do not think thats true the &~~+_ is too old for nick and nick is gay

  21. brownsugar says:

    i hope that this is a big joke. I thought she was better then that. Instead of an upgrade she downgraded.

  22. oribaby says:

    i never knew they were dating but to me i think they make and odd couple

  23. ya momma says:

    u )*+^`( lover!!!

  24. wild n out says:

    yu &%~&& h loverrr

  25. brandie says:


  26. natashs grant says:

    congralations to you and Nick cannon have a happy marriege and good luck to you guys.

  27. claudia says:

    they don’t belong togeter at all she too old and ungly

  28. mandy says:

    Nick is 28 according to WIkipedia. So I don’t get how everyone is saying how much of a difference the ages are. Ashton Kutcher was like 20 years younger than demi moore

  29. laken says:

    nick cannon omg out of all ppl nick cannon
    i know mariah can do better but by all means gud 4 dem

  30. Jr'z Wifey says:

    I kno she didnt marry Nick Cannon dey wouldn’t b a gud couple.

  31. marie13 says:

    well dis came as a big (!@ surprise 2 me

  32. george says:


  33. Beyonce knowles says:

    i dont care she got married to that damn big nose +^+ dude he and she can kiss my +^+ dawg cause i dont give a (**& about her and im killing her to and nick i swaer to god i am man #_^! im killing them on the third of june peace #&($)

  34. Beyonce knowles says:

    i dont care she got married to that damn big nose *$$ dude he and she can kiss my *$$ dawg cause i dont give a #_)! about her and im killing her and nick i SWEAR to god i am man $_%% im killing them on the third of june peace (~@@( NAW U KNOW WHAT I HOPE SHE DIE TO CAUSE SHE ALWAYS GOING WITH SOMEBODY WHOS #_)! ING (~@@( @(%) BALL HEAD (~@@( @(%) #*)*_ ASS *$$ ASS *$$ ASS

  35. Beyonce knowles says:

    i dont care she got married to that damn big nose @!# dude he and she can kiss my @!# dawg cause i dont give a #)$^ about her and im killing her and nick i SWEAR to god i am man &@*_ im killing them on the third of june peace +`*)% NAW U KNOW WHAT I HOPE SHE DIE TO CAUSE SHE ALWAYS GOING WITH SOMEBODY WHOS #)$^ ING +`*)% !_+# BALL HEAD +`*)% !_+# ((#@! ASS @!# ASS @!# ASS @!# ASS @!# ASS @!# ASS @!# ASS @!# ASS @!# ASS @!# ASS

  36. jennifer says says:

    as for you who pretend to be beyoncee knowles stop tripping, b got a lil more class than you everybody knows that B doesn’t act or talk like that. you need to check yourself and stop making those kind of threats because people take threats seriously these days with all this violence going on in this mean world today.

  37. joey michon says:

    wow I cant belive it.

  38. Martin says:

    Are you serious it cant be its not true Mariah said she doesnt date black guys oh my ~^~& ing God!!!!!!!

  39. Valen Zenteno says:

    Well it’s about time that Mariah got married, As long as she is happy people shouldent care. Age is just a number, and if there in love let it be…. But you never know we might of ALL just been PUNKED!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  40. carmel says:

    mariah is such a %^$_$ she is way too old for nick… she is such a rapest…..

  41. esperanza says:

    how can you marry a guy that is soooooo…….. ugly . He is so not the bizzness You could of got a man that would have took care of you but you chose to got with a loser like him that is your big mistake

  42. Dan says:

    Most likely a rumor (Latina magazine???) but if not, it proves all suspicions that Mariah is either mentally ill or an alcoholic who makes self-sabotaging impulse decisions “under the influence”. At this point I no longer think she’s a good role model for her younger fans. She can’t put the blame on Tommy Motttola this time.

  43. Neya says:

    i love mariah but this rite here iss not you gonna get wit nick cannon hes like a d list celeb.i rather her date frickin t-pain then him (this doesnt mean her an t-pain would b a good couple).
    but i know an im sure you guys kno she could do way better than him. even if she is datiing a youngin, i dont kno this kinda puts her down alittle bit in my book in the personality section, but shes still up there vocally.well execpt at the bet awards. but im sure everyones forgotten about that!

  44. Zee says:

    Guy are stupid! you went from that girl who had brains an beauty now its juss beauty and no brains. guy c’mon now step your game up. how you gonnna get wit nick should shoot the boy from a cannon.
    lOVe yOU

  45. Mystery says:

    E=MC2 dress looks like a piece !&++ stuck to a vale.

  46. Camisha Christian says:

    Congratulation on your wedding, coming Camisha, Natasha, Norma and Ay’jaylah from St.Croix Virgin Isalnd.Remember to have a safe, healthy , and happy marriage and remember communication is the key and always keep your head up high. One Love God Blessed both you and your husband

  47. yazzo says:

    i don’t think it’s the age thing with me, it’s the maturity of nick cannon. i mean they are both very talented people, but come on mariah he’s a BIG joke!! that’s like marrying your neighbors kid or something. i know this is a stunt for her to cell cd’s and i bet he have some things coming up in the near future. Wow, wonder how christina is feeling right now!!!! i just hope he grow up, he’s not attractive, he’s young and as my eyes see him, he’s vey immature. hope you open ya eyes mariah and get with a whole man, not 75% boi and 25% lil man.

  48. Sabree says:

    WTF are you serious?? nick cannon!! wow. you suck mariah. that’s probably what made the boy want to marry you. you just lost a big fan. hope he makes a fool out of you and air all ya’ll dirty laundry on every station so we can all say, you was one stupid ~**(% for marry a 10 year old boy.

  49. timikomarie says:

    Oh come on where in the hell did they get that idea? I mean nick cannon is a kid did’nt he prove that on drumline? I mean look at the show he is on. Look Mariah is an over weight anti depression 4 surgeries a year having `#( female…. if you want some attention baby just go playboy………….

  50. Lisa V says:

    hEY why is every one so upset about 2 GROwn people getting married ? Im sure everyone you all dated was not approved by family & friends, did u stop seeing that person because of it ? And Ms FaKe beyonce you must be like 7 yrs old, so im gonna excuse your ignorance, because i hope you are not older than that. You are horrible and childress and need to be smacked.

  51. aliyah says:

    mariah i hope you live a good life with him people are mad because you still got it