Ask Lil Wayne Your Love & Sex Questions



There’s no question about it: the most popular MC in the game right now is Lil Wayne. Kid came up from N’awlins a few years ago, and step by step he’s blown minds and put asses in motion with each new track dropped. He used to be all about the hustle and the green, but these days our boy is dispensing information about the wild thing, too. “Lollipop,” the saucy single that’s currently rocking the top of the charts suggests that a good romantic relationship is always enhanced by a good physical relationship. LW wants to make it juicy for everyone.

So we figured that he was the perfect dude to help people when it came to issues regarding love and sex. For the next two weeks we want you to send us questions on these subjects. Got intimacy problems? Need to have your bedroom game tightened up? Want to find out if the club is the best place to take a first date? He’ll tape his answers and we’ll start rolling ‘em out on the blog around the end of May. We’re calling this deal “Ask Weezy.” Step off, Dr. Phil, there’s a new shrink in town.

Leave your questions in the Comments section.

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