Bret Does Manilow, Raises Money for Kids


Bret Michaels‘ appearance on last night’s episode of Fox’s Don’t Forget the Lyrics is clipped above in a highlights reel of sorts. Watch Bret sing Quiet Riot’s “Cum on Feel the Noize,” and, even more unlikely, Barry Manilow’s “Looks Like We Made It” (although we have to admit that the fact that he passed up singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” hurts our collective hearts). Bret played the game show to raise money for juvenile diabetes research and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. He ended up with a pretty penny for both causes — watch the clip above to find out.

And below, a bonus clip:

It’s Bret performing “All I Ever Needed” from his upcoming solo disc, Rock My World. Bret announces that the audience is going to hear it for the first time, although anyone familiar with Rock of Love will know the ballad. Perhaps he meant “first time” live?

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  1. poison.luvr says:

    saw Bret on Don’t forget the Lyrics. He was terrific. He was sweet, hot, and funny. He was perfect.

  2. KKD says:

    I agree poisonluvr. He looked so awesome. He did look a little buzzed though dont you think?

  3. poison.luvr says:

    Yes, I think he looked very very happy.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Heyyy Bret.
    My name is Lindsay Vititoe, and I am 15 years old. I think what you did on the show is awsome!
    for 1. I have type 1 diabetes and of course insulin independent. I have always wanted to meet you in person becuase I think we would have so much in common. You got diabetes when you wer 6 and I was diagnosed at 41/2 so we both got hit pretty young but I am now 15 and my dream has always been to meet you! It would be the fantasy of my life and my mothers if we could meet you!
    Me and My mother watched Rock of love 1 and 2 every sunday we always looked forward to seeing your face. =]
    Lindsay Vititoe
    Springfield oh,
    2919 hildale rd. =]
    Thank you soooo much

  5. Heidi says:

    Lindsay love I am thrilled to see a younger gal liking an old ROCKER..Honey NEVER EVER EVER put your address on a post where folks who you dont know can see it. I know you probably trust BUT love DONT as there are alot of strange things out there. I appreciate you and ROCK ON GIRL.. YOUR got it goin on. Please be safe and becareful….

  6. dana bellinger says:

    i watch dont forget the lyrics almost every week when i noticed bret on there and heard what he was raising money i almost broke down, i am a mother of a juvenile diabetic, my son was 10 when he was diagnosed and he has been giving his own shots to himself for about 5yrs now, he is 19 now and his diabeties is out of control, i am so affraid for him, i can only pray that someone finds a cure soon, also he donated to st Jude hospital, after hearing that it hit twice as hard, my 14yr old daughter was diagnosed with osteosarcoma bone cancer last year , she went through high intense chemo therepy for 11months and was very sick , there was a time we thought she wouldnt make it due to the high volume of chemo that she received, by the grace of god she was blessed with life, so i am thankful for bret, i grew up listening to poison i loved him then and have alot of respect for him now thank you bret for looking out for our children that have life altering challeges,

    love always a loving mom in oregon

  7. JR Lobinsky says:

    I saw Bret on Don’t Forget The Lyrics. I saw the show almost every week. And I liked, Bret can sing and he was good on the show. And playing money for charity is a nice thing to do, I’m proud of everyone that I saw on Don’t Forget The Lyrics for making how long they did.

  8. kim hinson says:


  9. Serious Lee says:

    Bret was awesome on Don’t Forget the Lyrics.

    Not to be a buzzkill but is there anyway to have the young lady’s address removed from the site. As a parent that concerns me.

    Rock On!!

  10. mary ele says:

    I saw Bret also on the sing along show..Bret is such a sweet man and has a heart of gold. I also think the women he pick on his show Amber, Bret and Amber make a sweet couple. Good Luck Bret your wonderful…

  11. Donna K. says:

    I know Bret is a sweet and wonderful guy, but I totally can’t stand his show. Is he that desperate for money to make an )__ out of himself. Not to mention those skanky chicks on the show……it’s really soooooo pathetic.

  12. kayla.loves.endeverafter says:

    Check these guys out!

  13. Faith says:

    He is a pure ANGEL for wanting to raise money for the children. I hope that VH1 has sense enought
    to bring back another show with Bret. I never watched VH1 at all until I watched both seasons of ROL.


  14. Rhianna says:

    I watched the show the night it was on and just have to keep watching the video of it over and over.
    Bret was so sweet and I loved the way they kept doing those closeups of his face.

    Some people posted elsewhere that he is old but I think he looks so handsome and
    awesomely sexy for a man of 45. I would never have guessed his age if I hadn’t already
    known his birthyear. Bret is so sexy because of his charm —OMG that man is so charismatic and has such beautiful blues eyes. I wanted to jump into my TV screen and grab him.

    I hope that VH1 will bring us some many more shows of BRET in the near future.
    Bring it on.. because fans are waiting.

  15. Cherie says:

    I have to agree Bret is the sexiest man VH1 has ever put on their shows. After you’ve
    watched the sexiest man on earth—who would want to watch anyone take his place?

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bring back sexy Bret.

  16. Denise says:

    I have adored Bret for 20 years and he just keeps getting better and better. I was so
    happy that he won all that money for his charities. And he did it for the children of the
    world—that touched my heart so much that I almost cried. Alot of people don’t know that
    Bret is always donating his time to help out with many charites. He helps send children to
    diabetes camps and he does charity events to aid women’s breast cancer. He even helps support music programs in schools through VH1 and he personally supports an orphan girl in one third world
    county. Can you ask for a more loving human being?

    I wish all people would take example from this true loving spirited man.
    Kisses forever to you Bret. I hope you do another show in Daytona Beach, FL soon.

  17. Breanna says:

    I loved Bret preforming his song live. When did he write that song? Was it for the first ROL show?

  18. Courtney says:

    Breanna, Bret first wrote that beautiful song in 2003 for his girlfriend at the time-Kristi Lynn Gibson.
    This was shortly after he and her experienced the birth of their second child-Jorja.
    It was not til 2004 that Bret got Jessica Andrews to sing back-up on the song and it was released in Nashville, TN to the country music charts. Bret did live in Nashville at the time with his girlfriend and two children. He was a judge on Nashville Star during that period.
    The song was Bret’s only country music hit. Although he went on to write and co-write songs with, and for, several country music artists, he did not release another solo song of his own in that genre. Just so you know, he has sung background on songs of some country artists too.

  19. China says:

    I never knew that Bret had done any country music. That is a shock. I always thought
    he was total Rocker.
    It matters not—I’d love him if he sang Rock, Country, Hip Hop, or even Ragae songs.
    He has an appeal that most singers do no have and that makes America want to
    watch him and enjoy his music. I think his personality is sensational.

    Wanted to thank Bret for doing such a wonderful job on “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”.
    It was awesome.

  20. Leigh says:

    WOW * * * Bang- Pow ! ! ! .
    I saw fireworks going off around me as I watched Bret Michaels on that show.
    That man can sure heat me up. I liked the way the cameras kept zooming in on Bret’s face.
    He is such a fuXkin fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hotty. His lips looked so kissable that I’m still having dreams of him.

  21. MelodyGK says:

    Bret, sing that Manilow song to us again—we loved it.
    LOOKS LIKE YOU MADE that show a success.

    You did such a good job–can you record and release that love song?

  22. BarbieDoll says:

    He was a hunk of hotness. Bret is so funny too—I could watch him every night.
    LOL on raising more money for the kids Bret.
    Love you forever.

  23. Lollipop says:

    ROCK MY WORLD Baby !
    All we ever needed was you Bret. Loved you with Poison and still love you today.

  24. Kippyluv says:

    Can this man get any more sexy?
    The studio audience was screaming and rockin when he sang. Weren’t they all lucky to be there?
    I was so jealous because I wanted to be there too. Does anyone know where this show was filmed?

  25. SaucyOne says:

    I wish the Lyrics show had been longer and that they would have let Bret sing some more
    of his own songs. Why is VH1 not letting us know they have signed Bret to another
    contract to do a new show? WE WANT IT SOON> so listen up VH1.

  26. Melody says:

    Can’t VH1 do a show with all the members of Poison? I’d like to see Bret with his band mates
    doing some kind of reality thing, or on the road. I’m sure they have 21 years of stories about roadlife that they could talk about for fans. America would eat it up just they did for the ROL seasons and I’m sure that VH1 could add some spice to the mix for drama.

  27. Jennifer says:

    What Bret did was wonderful donating 200,000.00 for 2 wonderful charities, it gave him some more exposure as well in a very good way and he got to play his new song on his new album, I liked the person I seen. I didn’t like the person he was on Rock of Love.

  28. Kimber says:

    I’ve watched the clips several times just so I could see and hear Bret again.
    I’m so in love with this man. He is older than me but I so adore him.
    Move on over all you other female fans because I want my man Bret
    to sing specially to me.

    That beautiful song he wrote and sang was like listening to heaven’s choir of angels
    His voice floated to my ears and there is nothing ever sweeter. I get chill bumps just thinking
    about Bret. Can’t wait until his Rock My World comes out on June 3 because he rocks my world.

  29. Kennedy says:

    Jennifer—the man you saw on the Don’t Forget the Lyrics was the REAL man that Bret is in real life.
    He is so very much that precious a human being you saw on your TV screen.
    Being a sweet gentle spirit does not fit the Rock music scene that he wanted to be a part of back in the late 80′s so he knew he had to build that hard core image in order to be accepted and to sell records. Bret’s tried other things since his hey day in Rock, but found that he wanted to come
    back to his Rock music roots. This meant reviving the “bad boy rocker character” like he was protraying for the cameras on ROL. In interviews he says that VH1 let him be himself on ROL, but I don’t swallow that part. I think he had to say those words as part of his VH1 contract. VH1 sure doesn’t want Bret’s fan base to know that he is just a sweet ^)&*& cat—who would have watched the ROL show??? VH1 needed a guy to play the bad boy rocker to boost the ratings.

    Bret also knows that “the bad boy rocker” image sells records, and the “over-sexed rocker” image sells out concerts and shows. This makes for much more publicity than the “sweet, generous, loving man” that he really is when he is off VH1 camera.

    Been a fan for 21 years, so I’ve followed Bret’s every move and interview.
    Take notice in the future—–Bret’s personality changes depending on the type of audience he is playing to. For instance on Lyrics you never hear him say anything that had sexual undertones,
    or any foul language because he knew that prime time America was watching. The audience
    included children much like Bret’s own children. Bret is a good father to his own children and
    genuinely wanted to raise as much money as he could to help those less fortunate. I’m so glad
    that network let us see Bret preform and let us see his beautiful side as he sang that song
    at the end.
    Bret Micheals you are my dream man.

  30. Belinda says:

    Did Bret say that the song he sang was first heard on the show that night?
    I’d heard it before on ROL and wondered what he meant by that—-maybe I misunderstood
    and he said “first time live” on that show. Anyway I thought the song was beautiful.
    Bret is such a good song writer. I can’t wait for his new CD.

  31. Corey says:

    I’ve met Bret at one of his Feb. shows and he does not seem like the over sexed male that he
    was on ROL around all those women. Bret seemed like a real genuine down to earth, but
    sexy guy. He autographed all our items, took photos, and then talked to us for a while. Not many other rock stars ever take that much time indiviual time with their fans. The entire time we were around him, he treated the females with ultimate respect—polite and very kind. He let us hug him, and hung with us until some other fans wanted him to take a photo with them.

    I’ve seen some people say Bret is a nasty pig and I have to tell them that I don’t for one moment believe that statement. Nasty men are nasty to the core and you can see this in them even if they are trying to hide it. It comes out in their body language.

    Someone said that Bret “acts” like a hard core rocker, swearing alot, getting drunk, making lude comments to females, solely because that is what is expected of him for him to remain in the Rock music business. That may be probably true, but maybe it is OK—–as long as we know that it is an act. Afterall when you think about it ….many celebrities create character personalities solely for the press’s eyes in order to boost their career. Anyway that is why they call it “show business”.

  32. Binky says:

    I miss watching ROL on Sunday nights so much that it makes me upset.
    It was refreshing to see that other networks are signing Bret to give us fans total
    viewing pleasure ——and I mean P L E A S U R E.
    VH1–get the hint—-if you don’t put Bret back on our TV screens soon we will tune to
    other stations to watch him. WANT HIM HOWEVER WE CAN GET HIM # #

  33. Caroline says:

    I had Bret on my big screen in HD and he was so gorgeous that night he sang
    on Don’t Forget the Lyrics. That man has a terriffic sexy voice. He could have
    been singing nonsense lyrics and I would still have been sitting there drooling and watching his beautiful blue eyes. OH MY G> OH MY G> I could hardly sit still.
    Why is this man so incredibly sexy—why can’t my boyfriend be this sexy?

  34. DennyF. says:

    Bret rocked for charity——this guy is so unbelievable. Is he the only celeb they’ve had on that show? This man has a heart of gold—I’ve seen some of the children at St. Jude’s Children’s hospital in Memphis, TN and it will break your heart. Many of these kids have non-treatable cancer
    and know they are dying unless research can find them a cure.
    Bret I love you for getting those kids $100,000.00.

  35. Grace says:

    DennyF., I know it is wonderful that Bret played for charity—-my niece had a rare type of cancer and went to St. Jude’s. It really is like Bret said—they turn no child away—- even if the family has no money to pay all the medical bills. Thank God for celebrities like Bret who donate their
    voices for the greater good.
    I will always love your big heart Bret.

  36. JinniBeth says:

    I just wanted to say that on another blog article some people are wanting another rocker to
    do ROL3 but I say NO WAY—bring back Bret. BRET is the viewer’s choice in my book.
    His experience on Don’t Forget The Lyrics proves that he is the most wonderful guy.
    He didn’t have to do this—nobody made him do this—he did it because it came straight out of his big heart.
    I don’t see any other rockers John Bon Jovi & Ritchie Sambora, or Kid Rock, or Dave Navarro donating their precious time to raise money for unfortunate sick children. So then I don’t want to see any of them on a future VH1 spin off of ROL. ROL is only viewable if it has BRET as the star.

    Send Bret a thank you message on his myspacepage. Fans, $200,000 is alot of money to help those dying or sick kids and I think that Bret Michaels needs to be given some kind of honor for his philantropic support. He supports other charity causes besides what he did for these two charities and this makes him a superhero in my eyes.

  37. ChatwMe says:

    Yea, Bret supports lots of valid causes—-we heard him say on ROL he is so in favor of
    supporting the American troops in Iraq. He is one of the few celebrities I’ve heard of who actually
    donated his personal time and money to go into the live danger zones in Iraq to entertain our
    American troops. There is some footage on U-tube of him doing a show at several of the base camps.
    Bret is so awesome and I have to say that I greatly miss watching him on Sunday nights.
    Please—all Bret fans, send VH1 an e-mail to let them know that we want Bret back on some
    show they create.

  38. ColoradoKid says:

    Bret is quite a great dude. I give him kudos for his patriotism and generosity.

  39. Becca says:

    Bret, I watched your face while you sang and it melted my heart. I could tell that
    you sincerely wanted to win lots for those children.
    You are number one in my heart now.

  40. Rhianna says:

    Kisses to you Bret. You are looking so smoking awesome.
    Was the woman named Leah on there your new girlfriend? She is gorgeous.

  41. AlliAlabama says:

    That man can sing like an angel–please sing me that song you wrote again—IT WAS SO FINE.
    Bret, please, please, please, please do another VH1 show+++++I’m down on my knees
    begging to see you do another weekly show. You are so FINE on the eyes you gorgeous
    hunk. Please do a show in AL so that I can see you in person.

  42. Angelica says:

    Bret, I see that you don’t have a show scheduled tonight so know that you are there with your baby girl celebrating her birthday. I also see that you don’t have a show scheduled on Raine’s b-day
    either. You are such a good Dad to be there on such important days of your kids. It has to be so exhausting to criss cross the country from coast to coast while doing your shows but find the time
    to be with your kids between the bookings.
    I must tell you that I adore you and am so proud of you for raising money for the charities you
    picked on Don’t Forget the Lyrics. The children really need it. Thank you so much you wonderful
    man. I will be a fan now forever.

  43. CrissyCarsin says:

    Bloggers, I was reading on another of the Bret Vh1 blogs where they are talking about the possiblilty of Bret and Big John actually coming on the site to read the latest talk. I started to think about that possibility and wondered if either would post information under an alias just to see what
    fans would say. At first I questioned… then I thought with Bret’s funny sense of humor, this idea
    might not be so far fetched. I was wondering what others think about this possiblity?

    Pictured this scenario===Bret and Big John are sitting on the tour bus one morning and they
    decide to get on Vh1’s blogs to see what is being said about the show and what other
    gossip is brewing. I doubt that if they actually posted anything they would use a real name that bloggers would realize was them—-they’s be creative with their alias blog names—maybe even pretend to be female and start a blog fight.

    It would be quite a joke on us if John and Bret were posting news to see how the public would respond. I’m sure they are laughing til their ribs are hurting if they are reading some of the same
    stuff I read on all the VH1 blogs for ROL. Its just something to think about.

    As a last comment, I wanted to say–BRET if you are on here–I love you and I love that you donated your time to raise money for those wonderful children.
    A fan always.

  44. Kimber says:

    Bret if you are reading this blog–we want to know more about your relationship with Leah.
    She is so beautiful and looks so much like your ex girlfriend Kristi.
    I kinda missed some part but thought I heard you say on Don’t Forget
    The Lyrics that Leah was a singer too? I watched her singing along to some of those lyrics
    so she must be in the music business.

  45. D'Nise says:

    This show was awesome. WOW! ! ! Bret is hotter than ever and what
    a sweetheart. Steve who got up and tried to help Bret with some of those lyrics
    was a friend but does he work for Bret’s road show–the ROL tour or does
    Steve work for Poison’s road show? Was curious.

    Keep rockin Bret, cause we miss you and love you.

  46. Ireland says:

    The dude looked better on Don’t Forget The Lyrics than he did on ROL. I don’t think
    Bret looks like he is 45 years old–he could pass for 39 or 40.
    When he did the ROL gig I didn’t think the lighting inside that house was flattering. Maybe the way the camera sometimes captured Bret’s face made him look like he had on too much makeup
    underneath his eyes and it made it appear there were bad crow’s feet but not true in real lighting.
    Up close and in person at his shows, Bret doesn’t have those bad crow’s feet. We were at
    his NH show and got many pictures of him. The dude stays young because he is enjoying what
    he is doing by making music. He told us he is so blown away by his fans and the man was
    sincere with his words. You can’t find a nicer guy to hang with. LOL on the rest of your tour.
    High five and respect.

  47. Cinnamon says:

    Has anyone else seen Bret’s new Vh1 video filmed in Pottsville, PA yet? It was filmed at
    Goodfella’s Cafe during his May 3rd show. Someone said it is posted on Goodfella’s site
    for us to watch.

    After you watch the video tell me why did Bret suddenly cut his hair? I loved it longer. He had about 3 inches wacked off so it is almost at his collar now. He just cut it because it was still long
    at his Apr. 21 show in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

  48. Melody says:

    I watched the video and it says that VH1 did it—why are they doing a video of Bret unless he is still under contract with them?? They do sponsor the Rock of Love tour that he and his solo band
    play so I suppose it makes sense they would shoot a video. My question is why are they
    filming it solely in some place like Pottsville, PA?
    I saw Bret’s hair too and it makes me sick that he cut it.


    He is still a good looking man! Love the hair cut! I would love, love, love to see Brett do Celebrity Apprentice….He could raise a fortune for his charities and we would get to see him weekly! What do you say Mr. Trump??

  50. Jennifer says:

    Bret’s new Vh1 video filmed in Pottsville, PA It was filmed at
    Goodfella’s Cafe during his May 3rd show. This shows his new haircut, or maybe he just decided to get rid of the extensions?

  51. Lyric says:

    Don’t know if Bret would agree to Apprentice–he seems to want to do shows where
    he is singing, or using his humorous side. So Apprentice would probably be too serious for
    his personality. I’m having withdrawals from not seeing Bret on a weekly show because I miss seeing his sexy self. So VH1 bring back our star BRET.

  52. Kimmie says:

    Bret is such a damn fine looking speciman of the male. He still is handsome as hell, but I loved
    his longer hair. No matter, maybe he wanted a change for the summer. We all do that–add a few blonde highlights and go for the summer look.
    I can barely wait for his new CD to hit the shelves because his live performance on
    Lyrics was dynamic.

  53. Robin says:

    Is VH1 filming many of Bret’s live shows now? I noticed that the new PA video has a clip of a girl geting a tattoo of Bret’s signature. That same tattoo clip has been on U-Tube for a long time so why did they put that clip into a fresh video? It’s a cool tat clip, but I want to see new stuff rather than somethin that has already been posted on U-tube for awhile.
    Did Big John film this new video at Pottsville–I heard that Bret has him film many of the live shows.

  54. Sandisays says:


  55. Mandy says:

    I had to share this………………………………
    One of my friends told me that Bret Michaels did some country music in the past.
    I bet her that she was outta her mind—Same friend also told that Bret produced, directed, and did a guest singing appearance in a video by a country band called “Forty5south” for their song
    “We’re Country So We Can”.
    I just thought she was just sheeeetin me because Bret is a rocker.
    KNOCK ME DOWN on my azz >>>>>I looked at the video and there at the end was Bret ! ! ! !

    And he is just as smokin hot as ever standing there playing his guitar.
    You just gotta see this Country Bret at:–17960615

  56. Jessica says:

    mandy i couldn’t get your link to work for me ..but instead went to yahoo music and used the band’s name and song (@* le to watch the video.
    i thought you were jokin when you said that about Bret being into country but when i googled him it said Bret had lived in Nashville for a while.
    Some members of Cinderella and some members of Slaughter all did live in Nashville at that time too.
    Do you know if there is some reason for all three Rocker bands having band mates living in that same city several years back? Were they all trying to go country???

  57. Erica says:

    Jessica, Nashville is the recording mecca of the South—It has more recording studios than
    LA. Lots of artists or all genres come to record or shoot their videos. There are lots of video production companies too.

    Bret actually filmed his movie in Nashville in 1997 & 98. After 2002 Bret eventually moved to Music City after left his house in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. He did a stint as a judge on “Nashville Star” during 2005 for one season–so he is not unfamiliar to the country scene.
    His Freedom of Sound CD actually was a rock and country blend.

  58. Monica says:

    Found this intreview and thought you might like to read:

    When Bret Michaels was asked about women he talked about people who have a certain idea about what rock stars want in a woman. The stereotype is that rock stars like to hook up with the blonde haired, big boobed, and not much going on upstairs, type. I feel like a lot of women play into it because they think that’s what you want, and I don’t know if that’s the case.

    Bret Michaels: I’m only going to speak for myself. Obviously in my past I had a quite wild relationship with Pamela Anderson…
    Bret Michaels: Go with me… I found Pamela years back, and obviously she has blonde hair and big boobs, and she was very intelligent. Don’t let her fool you. She knows what’s going on. Here’s what I’m looking for in a woman. The first thing you have to find, forget about the hair or the breasts for a minute; I’m looking for what I say is a physical attraction. That physical attraction comes when there’s something about them that you look at, and one day that can be blonde hair and humongous breasts, and the next day it could be a very exotic looking girl with dark hair and green eyes and small breasts who’s just beautiful. It doesn’t have to do with the hair or the breasts. The first thing you need is physical attraction. You don’t walk into a party and find the person you’re most un-attracted to and then want to start a relationship. Everyone walks into the room and they say, “Wow! That person’s really attractive.” You walk over and you start talking and hanging out. Next thing you know, a couple of them immediately turn you off once they open their mouth. You’re like, “Eeek! That will never pan out…” Yeah. “Peace out.”

    Bret Michaels: Maybe one night on the bus if I’m really drunk that could work, because I could drift out of town quickly. But for a relationship that will not work. Second, what I’m looking for is a great sense of energy and humor combined. I’m very self- deprecating. I’ll make fun of myself before I will put someone else down. I’m looking for that in a woman as well; [someone] who can roll with the punches. I don’t like high maintenance. High maintenance does not work for me at all. And I don’t like anybody who talks down to people. I don’t speak down to anyone who works around me, and so I won’t put up with it in a relationship.


  59. TerriLee says:

    Thankx for the interview below—the part about physical attraction yet no brains upstairs
    caught my attention. He said those things only intrigued him for a one night stand. Was he talking about Daisy?
    Then his attraction to a exotic dark haired woman and those comments sounded like he was thinking of and describing Kristy Joe or the woman Leah who was on Don’t Forget the Lyrics.

    Very interesting ! !

  60. Tea says:

    Some of the characters on the apprentice were pretty funny (the actor from the Soprano’s). Apparently, if Bret lasted 21 years in this business with a resurgence and increase in popularity, he must be intelligent. I would love to see him show cased out of his element..and really show off his intelligence and desire for helping his causes. I have to admit, I did not like his persona on ROL2…total turn off…I did love him on don’t forget the lyrics! He came off as very sincere and humble….

    Just a thought…

  61. ZodiacGal says:

    I’m an astrologer and ran a horoscope on Bret Michaels to see what the future says for him:

    Brett has Sun in sensitive Pisces,
    Moon in jealous Scorpio,
    and Venus in cool Aquarius.
    He has Moon square Venus, this means he feels emotionally insecure with women.
    He is an old soul, who is incredibly artistic, but is an emotional yo-yo.
    He loves to be the knight in shining armor who wants to save his rocker chick in distress.
    He has Saturn in Virgo opposing his Mercury in Pisces over the next two years.
    Whatever relationship he is in, it will be a love/hate type addiction.
    I think he is sexually attracted to beotchy women, but really needs someone he can intellectually connect with. Heather was actually closer to the perfect girl for him, but…we’ve seen that she got a little too possessively beotchy. Her jealousy, plus her deep seeded insecurity, took over so a relationship with Bret never elevated to a committed dating relationship.

    I don’t think Bret’s over his ex, Kristi Lynn Gibson. They were comitted for so many years and share children together, so it is natural that they still share feelings. But ultimately Bret will still probably pick a new and different woman as his flavor of the moment. Some asked me if he will ever marry and will he get engaged? I see marriage in the cards in the big 2010. Until then…it might take a Rock of Love 3 to do that.

  62. BarbieDoll says:

    Bret’s flavor of the moment you say…
    I’d like to taste the flavor of Bret. YUMMY.
    He probably tastes like vanilla with little chocolate sprinkles.

  63. Tammy says:

    Tea, I’d like for Bret to show his intelligence too, because he is actually a remarkable business man. He had the genius to retain all the publishing rights to every piece of copywrited material he’s ever written. This has prevailed as his personal old mine.

    Bret did try other genres of entertainment over the last 10 years, but his “Rocker Image”
    seems to prevail as highest revenue pull as his cash cow. Thus he milks it to the hilt —which is what any smart entrepeneur would do. I’m sure he’s amassed millions with his methods.

    It is my ultimate belief that on the ROL show, Bret was playing the character of “Over-sexed, leud, lusty,Rocker Boy” because he thought that is what his demographic audience wanted to see
    him play. I’m sure VH1 wanted to see that character come to life too.
    But in real life, I think Bret is just a sweet loveable teddy bear.

  64. Jada says:

    Barbie Doll—-You must read this article found on


    POISON frontman BRET MICHAELS learned the hard way about mixing alcohol with diabetes medication, after a wild night of drinking caused him to pass out while having sex with a fan.

    The diabetic rocker admits he ignored warnings about drinking heavily when he was tempted by a night of revelry.

    He tells men’s magazine FHM, “In Poison’s early days, I was handing out fliers for our shows outside of an LA club. I met this beautiful girl named CINDY and she kept bringing me drinks from inside. We got hammered, but I’m diabetic, and insulin and alcohol don’t mix well.

    “We went back to my place, and RIKKI ROCKETT, our drummer, was having fun with a girl he met at a different club. We lived in a warehouse and you could hear everything, so we started trying to get the girls to out-scream each other. I told Cindy, ‘Scream louder, like you’re having a better time with me!’

    “The next thing I know, it’s morning. I don’t remember this, but Cindy and Rikki told me I passed out – while inside of Cindy. She started screaming for Rikki because she thought I had died.

    “Rikki had to come in, pull me out of her, roll me over and give me a glucagon shot so I didn’t go into insulin shock. He said seeing me out cold in the middle of action and then having to give me a shot while I had a hard-on was the most awkward moment of his life.”


  65. Tammy says:

    OK, so Bret was a normal 20ish male in the 80′s–I’m sure he does have lots of road tales
    from the day—who doesn’t?

    Bret admittedly said he does have a past –on the Lyrics show when he said
    he’d done some things in his life and requested, “God please be good to me now” proves
    he is genuine and sincere with his life now.

    I think Bret has matured into a fine, generous, loving man and I will always be his fan
    despite any past naughty adolescent ways.

  66. Jada says:

    Bret has had to deal with alot of crap concerning his diabetes, no wonder he wants to help out all the kids who suffer with the same embarassing situations. I saw a video where Bret talked about his life growing up as a kid and he couldn’t really have a normal kid’s life due to constantly
    having to test his blood sugar several times a day. Back then it had to be done as a urine test and
    he’d have to go hide from the other kids to test himself.
    That is a heart clincher to think about being a kid and having to do that just to survive one more day of life. I can imagine if the other kids found out then Bret must have taken quite alot of hazing from them.


  67. Tammy says:

    Jada, I thought you were making fun of Bret in your first post;
    but I guess you were really being sympathetic since you shared a situation of Bret having to struggle with diabetes and trying to date women. At least I hope that is what you were doing.
    I don’t think it is funny that Bret passed out from too much alcohol. He could have died.

    It is beyond my imagination to think about having to deal with that disease in your daily life.
    A admire Bret for his courage, his strength, and his HUGE heart for trying to help the
    children who need money from those charities. Kisses to you forever Bret.
    Keep on with the good work.

  68. Gumdrop says:

    I loved his vocals on this show–I wish they would have him back again to do another
    spot. He did look awesome didn’t he?

  69. Karrie says:

    Barry Manilow could not have done a better job himself.
    BRET was heavenly. My blue eyed angel.
    Darling–come to South Carolina soon with your show.

  70. Tom Ace says:

    Bret rules! There is a blog I love that had some funny Rock of Love stuff. You should check it out!

  71. Cameron says:

    If I was not a huge fan of Bret Michaels in the past, I have to admit that this beautiful man has
    totally won my heart. He is a knight in shining armor.
    It is sad to know that children suffer because there is no cure yet for so many childhood
    diseases. Bret knows how hard it is—I read where he said when he was six years old he had to spent 3 weeks in the hospital because of his diabetes condition. Then he talked about another time where he almost bit his Dad’s finger off because his Dad was trying to hold down his tongue when he thought Bret was having a seizure. I suppose if you have never seen this kind of thing happen, then the general public is not aware of what these kids go through. Diabetic children can only eat certain things and have to take the insulin shots through out the day to regulate their blood suger.
    That has got to be so rough for them to endure. It doesn’t seem like it is anything near a normal childhood.
    I gotta say that I think Bret is wonderful for trying so hard to raise money in this manner. I hope he will do another episode of Lyrics because I truly enjoyed his love and his dedication to these causes. Bret shows us a more candid side of his personality than we saw most of the time on ROL –except for the episode when he was so kind to Destiney’s father.
    Hope other rockers will take notice and do something to support major charities which help eliminate hunger, sickness, and in general childhood suffering.

  72. Kamara says:

    Bout time some juice started to flow back to this blog—so let’s crank it up.

    VH1′s new “I ILove Money Show”– Is Bret Michaels going to be part of the MONEY show??? like a judge or something? That would also be worth seeing his humor interjected as he judged these characters going after the grand prize $250,000.

    Heard Heather, Brandi C., and Rodeo are doing Money. Wondered which other lovable ROL characters were going to be on there????? I hope that Megan is not one of them even though
    she is so greedy over money–I’m tired of seeing her stupidity.
    There was rumor that Daisy and Desiney were also going to be part of the cast—that would be so cool to see them again. Could filming the Money show have been breeding more bad blood with Daisy that Heather discussed in her ROL interview? She seemed to spill alittle that her and Daisy had full blown words in Mexico====beotch fight over Heather’s new man??? We want to know more.

    Since we have to wait til July to see MONEY—I will make a prediction that Brandi C. is booted off rather quickly. If the show is about brain power in the challenges–let’s face it she has no chance.
    Rodeo is a very powerful, athletic woman so she will probably do well at challenges. As for
    Heather, she will be too busy trying to show her teets, do shots, and bop all the males on the show so we know where that is going.

    What cha think???

  73. Denise says:

    Why didn’t they get Jess from Season 1 and Lacy both to do MONEY? That would have been
    some real action to view those two go at each other again. I’d like to see Jess rip Lacey’s hair out of her head, smack her with a palm frawn, or conk her up side the head with a cocoanut.

    I also wanted to see Frenchie again—that woman is a loving hoot. Sure some say she is just a stripper, but her French culture doesn’t view that as a degrading profession. She was just being her true, authentic self. Frenchie was one of my favorite funny, amusing personalities on ROL.
    She was always laughing, and having a good time and didn’t participate in back biting, or picking fights like Ambre.

    I’m anxious to see what other ROL gals are on the show too–Does anybody have any other scoop?

  74. GoldenBlonde says:

    I say bring back Frenchie too—she may not be an exceptional beauty externally, but inside where it counts, she is a sweetheart. As Bret said, she doesn’t have a mean spirited bone in her body.
    It’s still my belief that Bret wanted to keep Angelique on the show longer but since the show was done to portray him as a reforming, aging rocker, he had to pick the prude scare crow at the end.

    Been keeping up with Frenchie’s blog and she says she is going something with VH1 but didn’t say what. My bet is that she will be part of the I love Money cast. Hope so, cause I will watch every episode. Kissy Kissy to Frenchie.

  75. BinkyB. says:

    It the show -I love money- something else Bret is doing to raise money for charity?

  76. MelodyGK says:


  77. BinkyB. says:

    If Bret’s not in it >>>>>then who the crap is interested in it?

  78. MelodyGK says:


  79. Erica says:

    me too
    me too
    i really want to see Bret be a part of this new VH1 money show. When is on TV?

  80. MelodyGK says:



  81. Cherie says:

    HUM…..can we speculate Bret was having boom boom with Heather in Mexico between
    filming, or choosing his ROL winner? That little devil was a busy man in the Mexican sand.

    It kind of makes sense—-otherwise why did they even bring Heather on the Reunion show?
    They should have brought Lacey and Rodeo on there too to talk about their experiences with the ROL 2 women… but only Heather appeared and they intentionally sat her next to Daisy.
    Something stinks here.

  82. Magicmama says:

    Was the MONEY SHOW filmed in Cancun Mexico too?

  83. BJOHN says:

    To update fans on some of Bret’s recent shows:

    Bamboozle Festival E. Rutherford, New Jersey == Monday, May 05, 2008

    Bret had been looking forward to this show since the day the contract was signed.

    An opportunity for Bret to play to a huge young new audience most of which may have never seen POISON.

    As luck would have it, Bret came down with a severe case of laryngitis after already having the flu. The night before in Pottsville PA, warned of signs that Bret may be pretty &_!` se on the day of the Bamboozle Festival.

    As we woke up it became obvious that Bret was sick, REAL SICK.

    As show time approached, the idea of cancelling the performance came into play. But it was the last thing Bret was going to do. Clearly letting everyone know it was not an option, he disappeared into the back room for some personal meditation, preperation, and a professional vocal warm up.

    5 minutes before show time, the idea of cancelling came up again, and Bret could barely say the simple one syllable word NO but managed to force it out. Promoters. managers. and other bands stopped by during the day and almost everyone of them said the same thing “We wouldn’t play if we were this sick.” in fact several other acts between the 2 days did have to cancel due to illnesses. At 45 yr. old, probably the oldest, but also obviously seasoned act of the entire show Bret was about to show over 30 bands and 40 thousand fans why he has had a consistent 20 plus year career in Music, Film, and now Reality TV.

    Literally unable to speak a word Bret hit the stage at exactly 5:40, and from that moment on gave 200%. Where he could have reached into his catalog of autistic ballads and sang softly, he chose the high road and marched right to the front line with TALK DIRTY TO ME, LOOK WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN, and the high energy solo song BITTERSWEET. Looking out into the audience it was obvious that the crowd was unaffected by his &_!` se voice. The crowd was the biggest of the festival and the energy was at an all time high. To top it off Bret gave a near 45 minute set when his contract was only for 35 minutes. As in true BRET MICHAELS fashion, he gave more than expected under severe conditions. For the final song Nothin’ But A Good Time Bret was joined by the widely popular Coheed and Cambria. Who have crossed paths with Bret over the years and both Coheed and Bret are confessed fans of each other’s brand of ROCK. Later that night Bret was spotted on Coheeds stage enjoying their performance, and later watching Panic At The Disco before the festival came to a close.

    Despite Bret’s illness, he had an amazing time and was thankful that the fans seemed to enjoy his performance.

    After recoorerating for a few days. and having a little time off. Bret is feeling much better and his voice was back to normal at his show tonight at the Bottleneck Blues Bar, Ameristar Casino, in Vicksburg, MS. It was a great turnout and if you missed getting tickets tonight then you can
    see Bret preform again tomorrow night-same place, same time.
    Peace out.

  84. ALABAMATRUTH says:

    Would somebody please explain to my the stupid beotch who supposedly won
    ROL 2 has BuckCherry’s song “Crazy !~^~+ playing on her my space page?

    Does it take a genius to figure out if you are FN REALLY dating Bret Michaels that you
    would play Poison, or Bret’s music on your site rather than BUCKCHERRY ?????

  85. Piinky says:

    I just check out Ambre’s “re-vamped” website. It’s actually frightful. She looks like she used to be a man!

  86. SweetSugaM says:

    I’ve got some breaking news for everyone======
    I was at the Bamboozle Festival, NJ May 4 where Bret and solo band hit the stage in the mid
    afternoon. This was the best show I’ve ever seen in my life. If you didn’t make it there SO SORRY
    for you—are ya jealous? Here’s the news–I read on the VH1 blog where someone sayin they were Big John talked about Bret being sick at the show. At the time I didn’t know if this was true. The audience never knew how sick Bret was. The show was rockin, $+)` stompin, and worth every penny I spent on my ticket. Same day of the festival Scott Heisel interviewed
    Bret. For those who don’t know, Scott is the Music Editor for Alternative Press Magazine. Scott has released a press video of the interview with Bret.
    There was Bret big as life wearing his black Ed Hardy tee-shirt with the big skull on the front and his black American Outlaw hat. Then there is was right out of Bret Michael’s own mouth he says that he had larengitis that day and was feelling like crap but that he’s played shows feeling worse and that didn’t stop him from going on stage.
    So far, our blogger Big John was nailing the truth down for us on this blog.
    Now the big news====Scott Heisel asked Bret if there would be a ROL 3? Bret looked down at the floor and laughed so that you can see his dimples and then put his hand up to his mouth and laughed again and said::
    Bret’s Quote: “Well, here’s the thing, right, the thing, ROL2 I thought was awesome, ”
    (Bret’s eyes are NOT making eye contact with Scott, Bret keeps looking up and down at the floor like someone does when they are not being totally honest).
    Bret continues to say, “Ambre is absolutely great”…(pauses slightly and looks back at the floor) “we’re still very much together”, (was looking down when he said that but then Bret moved his eyes back to Scott) Next Bret says, “I haven’t thought about a ROL3, but I had a thought”.
    Bret says: “Um, what I’d actually love to do is something um called the Big Rock of Love Bus”. “Right?” “And just take the party on the road, having fun, and do basically… it doesn’t necessarily need to be just a dating show, what it can be is… just out on the road, having fun, and what we did here today (at Bamboozle) the good, the bad, and the ugly today ..I mean I’m gonna say this, and it was so strange, I was so excited about this Festival and I came down about two days ago with a touch of larengitis and I’m not one of those guys in my whole career who liked to cancel anything”.
    Bret continues: “I’ve gone on with a 103 degree fever and played and I was just..and the audience was very kind, and cool, and we went out there and rocked it ,and that is part of what you see on the Rock of Love bus is the good nights, and the bad nights, and all the stuff that goes on with me and being in a real rock band”.
    The interview went on to talk about Bamboozle’s other bands and back when Bret had taped the Jimmy Kimmel show, so I didn’t include the rest of the interview here.

    The thing that I wanted to show everybody is when Bret talked about doing bus show—
    he let the cat out of the bag—his quote: ” just take the party on the road, having fun, and do basically… it doesn’t necessarily need TO BE JUST A DATING SHOW”. This tells us that
    he was thinking of ROL3, but wanted to change the new show abit so that is showed more than just his dating on the road. LADIES–sounds like and appears the way Bret did not look
    Scott in the eye with his answer about him and Ambre that Bret is already thinking ahead to
    dating on the road with OTHER WOMEN——–
    WE ALL KNEW ROL 2 WAS JUST A PUBLICITY STUNT AND THAT BRET WOULD BE BACK DATING OTHER WOMEN AGAIN ! ! ! ! ! ! ! So glad that you have conspiciously confirmed the truth for us
    Sweet Suga

  87. CherryP. says:

    Piinky-Ambre’s new website sucks just like she does. Actress my azzzz.

  88. Bottoms Up for Bret says:

    Bret can lick my back anytime.

  89. ShanaK. says:

    OMG…LOL…this makes my day. My man Bret is so damn fine and he can have the most gorgeous women in the world so why are you still leaving this crap on here that he is dating the old
    old seahag?

  90. Judy says:

    Have you got some news that he and Ambre have split?

  91. ShanaK. says:

    Keep readin honey; go back to yesterday and form your opinion.

    Bret looks so roasting hot on that video that I’m gonna have to strip right now.

  92. Tinytoes says:

    Muah and a big hug to Bret and his efforts to the kids. I’m so proud he represented
    what big hearts rockers have towards their causes. Bret you’ve won my heart forever.
    When are you coming back to Winchester? Tickets sold out last time so fast that I missed
    getting to see you, but am dying to be at your next nearby show. I love your song
    about your daughter, it almost makes me cry because I have a daughter too.
    Your true blue fan forever.

  93. MERCEDES says:


  94. Mystic says:

    Bret you are beautiful and amazing but i still cant get over you and Ambre. How can you be with someone old and ugly like that?

  95. Mystic says:

    One more thing I don’t understand. I am almost Bret’s age and I look waaayy younger then Ambre. Are we sure she’s not 57???

  96. Mystic says:

    Ooops. I meant 47.

  97. LuvHonee says:

    Baby you rock my world. I love your new video. Watch it as many times as I can every single day.
    You’re a sex tiger and I’ll be your cougar.

  98. Shelly says:

    i heard that Brets hair is really a wig

  99. sorena says:

    I just wanted to say that everthing bret does is so great! That new show sounds so awsome cant wait. That new vido is soooo HOT! I dont care who Brets with but most of these girls on rol1& 2 dont even come close to being as hot as his x Kristy Gibson . What ever makes him happy makes me happy love ya Bret!

  100. Number1Fan says:

    Shelly, Bret’s hair is not a wig but he does have blonde extensions attached to his own
    darker hair that we believe has thinned abit on top. He is very sensitive about it so
    keep mum if you ever meet him.
    Anyway I love the extensions–makes him hotter and women do enjoy running their fingers through
    his long hair during love making.

  101. Becca says:

    Bret’s new video is out and I love it so much. Megga hot stuff. I want VH1 to do more interviews with Bret. How is the big tour show going? Love you forever.

  102. fan says:

    Brett needs to get some new clothes. He seems to wear the same stuff just about at all his TV experiences. Come on dude, you can afford more rock n roll attire. I know times are tuff cuz these are George Bush years but dude you should have some money left over from your days with poison.

  103. Michele says:

    Ummm, I unfortunately came upon Bret’s sex tape with P Anderson.
    I wished I wouldn’t have watched it.
    Why? Because whle it’s easy to put things into your brain, hard to get them out if you don’t like.
    Watching Pam do what she did was anything but exciting.
    Bret basically is sitting there… wallowing in the fun of someone else’ touch.
    No passion – just a jerk off.
    Why Pam would go for that is a question.
    Kind of like the beginning of Paris’ tape… the guy getting off while fairly aloof to the do-er (he’s the du-de).
    But I realize there will always be females who run after him because he is quasi-well known.
    So it would be up to Bret to conclude how to live his life in a self-respecting and female-respecting manner.

    If the sex tape is any indication of his character today, he’s not there yet.
    Maybe if I bang my head against a wall….
    True confessions – no more watching ANYone’s sex tape – it’s wrong.
    To the extent anyone feed’s Bret’s head with the thought that they’d jump into bed with him, he’ll always be a self-centered user/loser.

  104. Jennifer says:

    I loved Bret when he was on Don’t Forget the Lyrics. It was awsome to watch. I totally love his new video Go That Far. It rocks. You’re so hot. I wish you and Ambre the best of luck. May God Bless you with more great things in this life. You are so amazing hot and the sexiest rockers ever. I hope there will be another album in the works too. I love poison ! Rock of Love 1 and 2 were so enteraining to me.

  105. candy says:

    I have type 1 diabetes, I have had it four 3 years and im 36. It is hard for me but growing up with it must be horrible. I thank Bret for doing things to help the research for diabetes and I hope it will help all the kids. Great Job!!!!!!!!!

  106. DONNA FROM PA says:

    Brett you were recently in my home town at goodfellas about 2 years ago it was your first time at goodfellas & my daughter & her friend met you (JESSICA & DEDE). I really wish i coul of taken my other daughter & my stepdaughter this last time but tickets sold out fast. mMaybe nest time you will think about doing 2 shows. P.S. I think you made a mistake not giving Heather a chance would really like top meet her on your next stop to my town. ROCK ON & TAKE YOUR MEDICINE. You should of known that from the first rock of love tour that whenheather was worried about making sure you were ok.

  107. Frenchie says:

    Just wanted to thank Bret for his charity work. He is the most awesome man I have ever met.
    His heart is as big as all outdoors and you don’t find many people like him. Here is a big smacker a roo to you and your band for working so hard to please your fans too. I know your schedule is so hard and all. I love you.

  108. Nori says:

    Frenchie, are you the person on the ROL show?

  109. Frenchie says:

    Oh no, but I loved her character. She was so hysterical with her thick accent. I wish she
    had won the final outcome because she is so sincere. Some of the other women were just there
    for the fortune and that suxz for Bret. He is adorable no matter that he is getting older.
    He still looks so fine in my book. Wish I could meet him in person because I know that he and I would hit it off magically.

  110. Nori says:

    Me too, wish I could meet him at one of his shows. His schedule is very hard from what I see.
    He does not have a night off too frequently. I don’t know why he works himself that hard because he sure doesn’t need the money. Is it about just keeping himself busy? It doesn’t make sense that he would stay on the road for months and months at a time without seeing his two precious little daughters. He should take it easier too now that he is middle aged and diabetic. That must be a tough life for him, so I feel compassionate about the mode of life he lives. Someone who knows Bret personally please tell him to take it a little bit easier and spend some quality time with his
    children. Life is too short not to make it quality.

  111. Frenchie says:

    Love your words and I think you are so on track. Bret does work too hard and it may catch up to him. I worry about his diabetes and his drinking. Do you think that he drinks that much or is it just a rouse for TV to fit the rocker image?? I think it is pretend. Most the rockers are in re-hab these days from their alcohol abuse. Bret never seems to be drunk when he does drink on TV so I think he is only drinking water or something to make viewers think he has a certain image. I wouldn’t do that if I were him because his children will see those television re-runs one day. No more pretending to drink Bret, most people know diabetics can’t drink because of their blood sugar.

  112. Nori says:

    I think it is all about the image too. He is still trying to project that he is some bad rocker from the
    80′s but it is now 08. I love Bret, but want him to act his age rather than like some horny teenager.
    Acting like that will not bring the 80′s back. He is a special hearted human being to want to help the children’s charities. I hope so much that I get to meet him in person one day so I can tell him those words.

  113. Heather says:

    Look at that damn fine video of my man singing. He wants me and he can have me
    when ever he calls.

  114. Kristy says:

    Bret said on the Jimmy Kimmel show during the five months after ROL finished taping that he did not see the winner, but on the Reunion he said that he saw her. So which is a lie? I think all of ROL
    was a lie. Bret didn’t really do it for a relationship, he just did it for the publiclity. On the Lyric
    show I want to know how long has he been seeing the dark haired babe with the big hooters?
    She is much better looking than the ROL women.

  115. Heather says:

    Gimme some more baby. I luv it.

  116. Bethany says:

    I heard that Bret went out with Kat Von D- anybody else heard it?

  117. Jessica says:

    Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, she’s a lady===Bret crooned that Tom Jones hit damn fine !

  118. Allie says:

    D.D. you here yet?

  119. D.D. says:

    Give me just a second–my cell is ringing

  120. Allie says:

    Booger Bear–you there?

  121. D.D. says:

    Yes. What was happening there with all that trash clatter? I read parts and just gave up.
    U and Jay going back to Atlanta for the weekend? Gee, I tried to work it but you know I can’t come down there again this soon. Terry will be so up my azz if I even mention that I want to come see you guys, plus Mom’s got plans and can’t keep the kids the whole weekend.
    I’m stuck.
    I got the mail but no reply yet. Will call you the second anything comes. If we don’t hear anything
    by after the Holiday then I’m going to have the package traced. They should have received it last week.

  122. Allie says:

    You send it Express?

  123. D.D. says:

    Course–I did what you tole me
    I’m not stupid

  124. Allie says:

    I didn’t say you were ———I was simply checking. That’s all.
    Have you decided, do you wanna do Nashville or West? I think I’d like to go West
    but its further unless we fly. But maybe you wanna fly for speed sake? Make your mind up so we can talk possible reserv. in both areas.

  125. D.D. says:

    It depends on if we can swing Tiffy going. If she goes then we can drive 24 straight unless you guys prefer to fly. No skin off my nose either way but we’d have more time to see the sights if we fly. Damn, what clothes you gonna pack—& don’t give me that whiney stuff about not already knowing.

  126. Allie says:

    Soooooo glad you asked. Grabbed this little number off the rack at Mam’selles for 1/4 off
    and is too gorgeous. Can’t wait for you too see it–you gotta let me borrow your little white sandels you bought when we went to Hawaii. OK?
    Twitter bug, why don’t you just dump that dweeb, & move down here with me? I bet I can get Jay
    to help move your stuff. Ya know he’s a pretty good babysitter too –sumthing to think about
    moonbeam Guaranteed- it would be BLAST. And you’re not gettin any younger so consider
    being HAPPY.

  127. D.D. says:

    How long is your boss out the door?

  128. Allie says:

    Gone for the day-and Master left me in charge so I can talk til my tongue falls out.

    Hey, did you read on that other messed up blog where my man was looking for me?
    So funny ! Does the guy have it bad, or is he funnin with me? Suppose I need to thank him
    for his artistic effort– must have taken some time to design those. Do ya think I need to screw back with him? Could tell him I bet he does the same thing for ALL his road chicks. ha. I don’t think they are on here reading this blog because they think we all stayed on the other one. Nuts made my
    eyeballs spin. What ya think?

  129. D.D. says:

    It won’t be long til you run Master outta there.. will it? Girl-you’re up there.

    Sure…. have fun with your dude, after all he seems so lonely. Gotta consider he’s blasting the space with love words for you maybe you two can hitch up somewhere??? You’d have cute little
    brown eyed blonde haired rocker babies. Ha Ha Or would they have one brown eye, and one blue eye ??? Just foolin.

    What are you doin after work?

  130. Allie says:

    Til its time lock up, I’m listening to the radio and tryin to win Comedy club tickets. Hey, you had any Cracker Jacks lately? I got me a box at lunch and just got a tattoo of a skull n cross bones out of the box. Poison man. Hey, that is a SIGN—we’re gonna get a reply in the mail soon, I can feel it.
    Get excited woman–I’m going to scream and now I am SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

    When I get home I’m gonna change clothes and eat. Wait til Jay takes his mini nap, I’m gonna tattoo his (%( with this skull—then write with a red permanent marker “Poison’s #1 Sweet Mama”.

  131. D.D. says:

    You keep that up you are gonna make him furious at ya.

  132. Allie says:

    Hell no….it is pay back to Mr. Jay for rolling me up in that bedspread and throwing me in the
    swimming pool in Paducah. You know those people made ME pay for ripping that bedspread
    and they’ll probably never let us stay at that hotel again. Twitter bug it was all Jay’s fault and sounds like you are siding with him. You’re not getting the love bug thing on me are you?

  133. D.D. says:

    He said he was gettin you back for your jokes. Ever think about that Al?

  134. Allie says:

    All harmless… I never ever hurt him. And he loves me anyway. Last night we were kicked back with a few watchin a video and I told him about me and you and Sawyer Brown. Girl, I don’t know what made me think about that night. I was laughin and cried all over again trying to tell Jay about it.
    He got this look of shock on his face when I told him about the fireworks stand owner calling the sherriff. I had to get that photo album out to prove to Jay we were really there. You remember that kookie red floral Hawaiian shirt I had on?

  135. D.D. says:

    Al, why do I let you get me into so much trouble??? Of course I remember. You made me put those signs of Thelma and Louise in the back window of my car and that guy on the motorcycle with the taxidermied monkey was flirting with you. You threw my best bra out the window on that highway.
    It’s a wonder we didn’t end up in prison that weekend. You remember that my Dad wanted to know how I bent the oil pan and got all that mud underneath my Celica. What was I supposed to tell him???? He would never have believed that my DEAR friend Allie made me drive across a cotton field in Tunica, Mississippi at 2:00 in the morning. That was New Year’s Eve wasn’t it???

  136. Allie says:

    Oh I’m gonna pee myself…..can’t ever forget that night. Yea, it was New Year’s Eve and we shut down Treasure Bay that night before we got lost. 1992 wasn’t it ??? Yea, cause I was in college.

    Oh Twitter Bug… that is so Romie and Michelle of you to remember. Jay says we need to write a book about our life and sell it to Hollywood. He does not believe me talking most times, so last night
    I got out my photo album and showed him the pictures. He asked–How do you two survive?
    I told him–On *~~_ s, giggles, and beer. He just kept shaking his head.

    Ya know Twitter Bug, Jay is a good pet. You need you a better pet than Terry. I’m serious.
    Think real hard about your sad days vs. your happy days.

    It’s almost time to lock up here. When you leave work call me at home. I want you to talk to Jay
    on the phone. Flirt with him and boost his ego. Talk with you in a bit luv ya moonbeam.

  137. D.D. says:

    Sure nuf girl. Back at ya.

  138. GumDrop says:

    YEAAA. I found the Pixie Chicks. Where the h e l l have you been lately? I thought you were gone forever and happened to check this blog. Love to hear from you–I’ll be watching.
    Your fan.

  139. Haley says:

    My Mom says that I should not read this blog but I sneak and do it.

  140. Deanna says:

    The best women are on this blog and I love you two Chicks so much. The other one is just
    loaded with crabs. Tell Bret and the Bus Gang that we love them too. If you get the time talk with me. Stay wonderful and cool rocker chicks !

  141. Allie says:

    Hi there Deanna, identify who you are talking to.

  142. Deanna says:

    You’re here…..we’ve been looking for you. I am talking about you and your friend Derby
    as the two greatest Chicks that Bret could ever have as fans. That other one is
    derranged or something by the way she talks on that other blog.
    We love to see you talk with the bus gang and wanted to tell you that we talk to the bus gang

  143. Allie says:

    Deanna, I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you are talking about “that other one” . It couldn’t be our friend Pixie…and I hope you aren’t talking about Jay because he is sweet as sugar.
    WE had to leave that other blog because some nuts were using our names and posting stuff we did not say—so I told Derby we needed to escape to another place to talk. This blog looked like it had died so seemed to be a good place away from the loonies.

    Tell me about yourself and what are you doing here?

  144. Deanna says:

    I was talking about that other P-C girl. She has been talking some crap about us and it is nasty
    so we just ignore it. She pretends to be several different names and she is just messed up. We thought that is why you left the blog. Someone that ignorant just needs to be permanently ignored.

    He put a special message on there for you. We think that he is really infatuated with you.

  145. Allie says:

    Since it seems to be just me and you tonight I’m not gonna keep typing your name so know that I anm talking to you. Hold on a minute–my popcorn is burning.

  146. Allie says:

    I’m here now. Maybe you are mixed up about our friend? There were lots of nuts who were posting some crazy stuff and pretending to be us so maybe they were doing the same to her?

    Yea, my friend called me to tell me that Peetie had left me a message. I am still laughing over it
    and wondering if he is true or funnin with me. I guess I need to flirt some more with him. What ya think?

    Now, you didn’t answer my question about yourself.
    Do tell…

  147. Deanna says:

    Right. I say “we” because there were 7 of us, but now there are 18 of us who read about the Chicks and we love you. We are all members of a sorority at Duke University in NC. It is fantastic that you are talking to Bret and his band. We got so excited for you when we first started reading so decided to try to keep vigil–called “BAND WATCH”. One night we got lucky and the bus
    came on and talked to us. They jokingly named me as their Prom Queen. I’m like you and don’t know if they are making fun, or if they are being sincere. Afterall, Peetie has two versions of
    Prom Queen and the first one is more honorable than the second. They said that they’s put me a throne on top of the bus so it sounded more like they were joking with me.

    We all think that you should agree to meet Peetie–of course, only after he is divorced. We think you’d make a fun couple. Do you like him?

  148. Allie says:

    Sweet Mother—you gals got our wedding planned yet???? I suppose I do like Peetie… but I don’t know him. Seriously, you can’t fall in love just by talking to someone a couple of times.
    AND, being he was drinking heavily, I doubt he even remotely remembers the full conversations. So don’t start making the rice bags yet. he he funny me.
    Meet Peetie??? Where do you suggest that I meet Peetie? I can see me hitch hiking on I-40 so maybe the band will pick me up?? Funny picture though.

    Derby did mail pictures of Puss to CA, so we are hoping to hear real soon that we may get free show tickets. Hopefully it will be for our locality preference… keep your fingers crossed, and light candles for us, and whatever else will bring us good luck.

    What in the world made your group of sorority sisters start reading our conversations? We can’t be that entertaining….can we?

  149. Jenna says:

    Hi, I’m another sister here with Deanna. We are arguing over who is going to talk. It is my
    laptop, so I am going to do all the typing. One night me, Deanna, Brittney, and Kristen were on the ROL site looking at the blogs and saw your talk. YES,,,,it was very interesting because we love every cell in Bret Michaels’ body. He is the most adorable man alive. Deanna’s mother has met him, so her Mom is our Goddess. She has told us loads of personal stuff about him because she knows his sisters.
    Don’t get a swelled ego, but we think the Bus Chicks are Goddesses too. You all love Bret too so
    we wanted to read more about what you knew and your perspective as older women who
    was nearer his age bracket.
    When the Bus Guys started to talk, it was so mega exciting. The girls here could not stop talking about it every waking hour. We talked in the dorm, in classes, at breakfast, lunch & dinner, and
    even at sorority meetings. That is how your fan base grew here. We wanted to ask you if
    it is OK for us to get some tee-shirts made with the slogan “Bret’s Bus Chicks” or “Peetie’s Gang”?
    We can’t all decide on one or the other so help us out.

  150. Allie says:

    Just a second…I’m choking. (Cough, cough)

    Tee-shirts? A slogan? I don’t think that one is my call. I’m only a cartoon character here, meaning I’m just a nut fan. Maybe you’d better address that question to Peetie, Big John, or Bret.

    I’m interested in how well does Deanna’s Mother know Bret? Like.. does she still talk to his sisters?
    If she does, I want her to find out if ROL was a scam on us. What do you think?
    As you read, me and Derby personally knew Puss from our hometown, and the whole stuff about Puss winning Bret’s heart just seems like one big charade to me. It is just as ludacris as me being a full blown rocket scientist. Puss would be more likely attached to a man like Adam–her BFF on ROL.

    Probing question here….why are you girls so goo goo over Bret?

  151. Jenna says:

    Deanna’s Mom does not keep a current contact with Bret’s sisters, but she does see the older one at her class reunions, so she has the address. Deanna will talk to her Mom and see what information we can get for you. We didn’t want Puss to win either—she turned from goody to
    b.i.t.c.h. back stabber real fast. We don’t think she is honest. Her career’s potential death and Bret’s fame seemed to be the true reason we think she was there for TV exposure. She didn’t know anything about Rock N Roll like the other girls, and didn’t even fit there in that house. We don’t
    understand why Bret picked her. He had better choices. He could have even brought back some of the ROL1 girls like Rodeo or Samantha.

    We all love Bret for many reasons. He is so easy on the eyes. Love it when he takes his shirt off. His sexy blue eyes are heart melting. His voice, smile, and laugh make your legs crumble to the floor. He is sweet, affectionate, passionate, and a compassionate man. Him having diabetes makes you want to hug him and take care of him. Bret’s songs reveal alot about his soul and we love that too.

  152. Allie says:

    Are you trying to tell me that you girls would date Bret Michaels if you had the opportunity?

  153. Jenna says:

    I don’t think we’d date him- he is much older than us. He could be our fun Dad though.
    You can love and admire someone as a fan without developing a romantic love relationship
    with them. It would have been awesome if he’d had some sons rather than daughters because
    then we could have dated his sons. One girl just said maybe he has nephews? Wow, that would
    be terrifiic to date a member of Bret’s family. The lucky girl might get to see Bret all the time
    at family functions.

    We were hoping that you could meet Bret and Peetie. Then you’d be able to pick which one was your match. Some of us hope it is Bret, because you are just as funny as him. Others want
    you to date Peetie because he is sweet on you and is so vulnerable right now. He needs a
    sweet funny girl to make him laugh and get him through his divorce.

  154. Allie says:

    Well girls, I am just blown away at your comments. You seem to be really smart girls, and much more intelligent than I at your ages. I did go to a university and was also in a sorority-an Alpha Xi.
    It was some of the most fun and best years of my life.
    It is an honor to have you as fans of mine. I don’t know what to say except I hope some of
    my crazy life does inspire someone in the wrong direction. I’ve been a comedic idiot my whole life.
    Just ask Derby. It is hard to bend the curve at this stage, so the likelihood of me ever growing up is slim. I guess my best advise is don’t make some of the same mistakes I made. Live smart, and die
    laughing along the path.

    IF I ever meet Bret and Peetie—I promise you will be the second group of persons to know. I would have to tell my BFF Derby first. Like I said, we are trying to get some special tickets, so PRAY that pans out for us. Have you girls been to Bret’s shows?

  155. Deanna says:

    Not yet, but we are looking at July 8th or the end of July when his band comes to
    another state on the 27th nearer us. It is hard for all 18 of us to go, unless he is playing a state closer to us. July most of our classes are on summer break so we are planning for then.

  156. Allie says:

    SUPER—me and Derby are shooting for the July 8th show too. You do realize that is
    Bret with Poison and not BMB, don’t you?
    Maybe we can make plans to meet up with ya there?

  157. Deanna says:

    Yes, we are aware that it is Poison and so a larger venue —but that is cool with us.
    The girls are screaming about meeting up with you and Derby there. That is fan-tastic !

    Is your friend Jay going too?

  158. Allie says:

    It will depend on if we can swing a ticket for him. As I said we don’t know yet.

    Speaking of sweet Jay, he is here and is puffed up like a blow fish because I am on the computer again and ignoring him. He does get temperamental and jealous of my computer friends at moments. My poor baby Jay needs him a good girlfriend. Hey he’s not too far away from your ages cause he is just 30. He’s a real Italian stallion—-any takers??? You can all fight over him.

    Girls, it’s been fun talking with you but I must say goodnight for now. Hope to talk to you again
    soon. All of you take care !

  159. Jenna says:

    Been swell talking to you also. Please do talk to us again because we will all be watching for you
    to talk to the bus gang again. Go back to that other blog and tell Peetie that you are here now.
    We believe that he will follow you anywhere you go ! ! ! (Wink)
    Maybe tomorrow ? Hope for it.

  160. Peetie says:

    Found you my love. Are you still here????
    I want to talk to you.

    ¸.•..¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•.. (¸.•.. .•.. ¸¸.•¨¯’•
    _____****__________**** ______
    ___***____***____***__ *** ____



  161. Jenna says:

    Peetie, she had to go for the night, but she will probably be back tomorrow.
    Don’t give up —are you going to ask her out sometime??

  162. Deanna says:

    Peetie, are you still here?

  163. Peetie's Gang says:

    Lookin for the Bus Chicks ! ! !

    ______*&&&&&&.|.PEETIE”S GANG..|..&&.|,,,,,||,,,,,,|.I.. .O….\
    ______*==========================|..…||…..|.I __l_G…|
    ………………”*”.…………………… “*”………..…..…..”*”

    WE LOVE YOU FANS ! ! !

    Peetie & Gang

  164. Versache says:

    Kool, the bus chicks here tonight?

  165. Peetie says:

    Allie, I keep missing you……

    ____??? _____???_____
    __? _____?__? _____? __
    __? ______?_______? __
    ___? ____JUST___? ____
    _____? _______? ______
    _______? ___? ________
    _________? __________

    Know that I love you Allie,
    Kisses from

  166. Drama says:

    I am having withdrawal symptoms from not seeing Bret on Sunday night. Glad to see that the concerts are going well but wonder why did Bret cancel his Bakersfield, CA show? I am so disappointed… so please Bret do reschedule it.

  167. Courtney says:

    Bret you are my biggest crush. I like to see you wiggle your little a s s . So cute to watch on stage.
    Blowin ya a big kiss.

  168. BandofBrothers says:

    Hey baby,
    You here?
    I found you now talk sum to us.

  169. BandofBrothers says:

    It’s us.

    Where are you hidin??
    I need some suga tonight. SMACK ~ SMACK

    Pleaszzzzz, tell me more about you…………..
    I’m waitin

  170. BandofBrothers says:

    I can see you hidin out there. Can U see me?
    C u m on ……and talk sum for us.

  171. Sweet Lips says:

    I’m here darlin….you here today?

  172. Janice says:

    Who are band of brothers? I think you need to cool down a bit. This sounds like
    the back seat of a car in mid-July at the drive in movies.

  173. denise says:

    brett no matter what you do you are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you rock babe as always!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. denise says:

    this song is so beautifull as all of your songs (ballads). keep it up babe.

  175. Faye says:

    I’d Die For You

  176. Corey Ann says:

    I think you are the most generous and sexy man on this planet. I love your new video and
    can hard contain myself until I can get your new CD. Keep bringing it you sweet hunk.

  177. CHICKFANS says:


  178. Pixie says:

    Who is looking for the PIXIE CHICKS?

  179. CREEPING DEATH says:

    You, @sshole are not “Pixie” so don’t even try it.

  180. meathead says:

    Are you serious?? You moron came to this sight??

  181. Curious says:

    we all want to know if you guys acutally got a “pkg” and called the band? DO TELL COME ON?????????

  182. BIGLOVE says:


  183. Truth says:

    Curious is NONE of your flippin business.


  184. Meat Puppet says:

    D.O.A. I see. Bye.

  185. DESTROYER says:

    And it sure the f*ck aint none of yours, “Truth”, you pathetic loser. I know who you are . You aint so hard to find. I’ll stomp the sh*t outta you, wh-ore!!!!

  186. Truth says:

    destroyer your a bitc h. Hide behind your computer ass wipe.

  187. DESTROYER says:

    Ooooohhhh…. that was some pretty powerful words. Don’t know if I’ll be able to recover. You’re pathetic. We’re on to you cu-nt. Watch your back.

  188. Jesse James says:

    # Jesse James Says:
    June 13th, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    Hey, my name is Jesse and I write for Rolling Stones Mag. My article is on how the www is getting people more involved into a band and or bands crew. I have been reading these posts for a while and I am thrilled and shocked to read what has happened. Can someone please tell me did a FAN quit her job and leave everything to join BRET and his crew? And the other third is on her way to the bus? One stuck home with child? PLEASE any information that is confirmed I will see to it to get your name in the article. This just seems a bit tripe to me. Please help me with this. Thank you so much and yes my name really is Jesse James.

  189. Rose says:

    I think what Bret is doing for the kids is great, just goes to prove he is moe then just a rock star, he is an awesome all around guy . love ya bret!

  190. maylaysia says:

    hey bret maylaysia  i think you so hot and sexy and fine iam 19 teenage yearold iam live burtom mi i hope she raise lot of money for those babys and your show is hot and good and your a good guy iwish all those like you you funny nice kind hot and your cant sing if was older like 20yearolder well ^@)*~_^~(~!*#*_& you band bret those girl dont not want you no not sing your are ugly but those girl this want to on tc like ashely older girl cant not stand she not her for you she for tv anyway i got togoing to bed got go to work in mornning love you bret micheal forver