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  1. jessica honoret says:

    celebrity rehab is a good show it helps people dael with their problems even is they make more money than the regular person.

  2. Mandybear says:

    this show offers a lot of hope for people battling every night and day with addictions. I look forward to the next show.

  3. Michael says:


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  4. Sky says:

    I am curious to see who will be on the new show.

  5. Carmen says:

    They try to make me go to REHAB and I said eh NO NO NO!

  6. 3d says:

    This show could have been so much better if they actually showed these people going through the rehab process instead of just showing us the peak moments of the fights and bad behavior they exhibited while in rehab.

    I hope next time around they’ll give us more depth because i think this show could be good TV if they did it right.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I am just a bit curious…Why his profile was found on millionaire dating site ‘’ last week? I will check it again.

  8. angelique says:

    yay thats awesome it would be interesting to find out who will be on it

  9. Bondi says:

    I heard Brandi C from the 1st Rock of Love and maybe Heidi Fleiss…. I believe they begin filming on the 15th -wrapping up on the 9th of June. Also heard that Jeff Conaway will be back.

  10. Brandee says:

    This is great news. I am an addiction specialist at a hospital and I used this show many times as a reference. I think it is wonderful to show ANYONE can suffer from addiction.

    Thanks so much!


  11. Becca says:

    I’m so happy there will be a CR 2. This isn’t like any reality show I’ve ever watched. This by far is my favorite. I like where DrDrew said this isn’t a reality show, it’s showing reality. It’s because you get to see what really happens when you see addicts getting sober. I’m not an addict but I felt connected with each of them, some more than others. I hope Jeff does come back, he was so close last season. And I have big hopes for Jessica, I know she’s still there getting treatment.

  12. jinar says:

    perez hilton is saying aaron carter, heidi fleiss and sebastian bach are confirmed on the next season. i love sebastian but i’m not sure why he’s on here except maybe he’s drinking again..

  13. sharma's friend says:

    they may make more money but from the looks of things they are spend more than the average…

  14. Jennifer says:

    I am so looking forward to Celeb Rehab 2. It’s sad that this is realty but it is. An addict is an addict no matter how much they are paid. I have witnessed this with my own son who is 21 and hasn’t had a job for more than 2 months at a time, and no, I do not have money. In watching Celebrity Rehab, I see the same issues, the same excuses. This show actually helps me see their side of it all, their feelings, their thought process and how they believe that giving up the addiction would physically kill them. Dr. Drew is amazing. He’s so honest with them and actually cares a great deal about them. He also let’s us know that it is a day by day recovery process.

  15. Michelle says:

    yes i cant wait for another season..this show helps me understand my sisters addiction

  16. Nathan says:

    I am pleased that this show is on the air. It seems to remove the flash and glamour that is on the surface in Hollywood verses some of the chaos that is underneath. In the end I think we see the more human side to these characters. I was very sad to see what happened to the formal American Idol contestant. That is as real as it gets. Thank you VH1 and Dr. Drew. I have much respect for you. God bless, nathan

  17. bigfan says:

    I was very sad to hear that Steven Tyler has entered rehab, but I’ll look forward to watching him and I hope he is able to stay off the pills.

  18. B says:

    Steven Tyler entered the facility this week so perhaps he’ll be part of the show too.

  19. Mom for save Kristian campaign says:

    I watched so back to back episodes of this show last night. I am not a reality show advocate, but my opinion has changed for the lives of these celebrities there bravery, candor and pain is extrodinary and my blessing go to each of them and every addict on this continent. My daughter is an addict and she is 19 and I am staring a fight for her called “Save Kristian Campaign” she dosent know it yet but this will be the most profound thing she will know in her life time and that is bottomless, unconditional love, I will not surrender until she is clean & healthy and being the best mom she can be!

  20. Deb says:

    I forgot my kudos to Dr. Drew and his staff. God bless you. and to the Actors and new one’s to “come out” at least this act is a selfless one. God Bless you all.

  21. pjhoopes says:

    Addiction is hard & I’m impressed these people & Dr. Drew wish to express the difficulties of recovery. I look forward to the next season, as I’m trying to be in recovery after relapsing after 3 weeks of rehab & 11 months sobrity.
    It’s a healthy show educates even people who might not be an addict, the struggles.
    One day @ a time all!!!!!!

    Thank you VH1 for this program….it’s a lifeline of hope.

  22. Wendy says:

    I don’t know if these words will ever be seen by the person for whom they are intended. Perhaps this blog has some possibility of being seen. This is something I’ve always felt, and wished I could say if ever I were to meet Steven Tyler.

    Steven, I have always been a fan of the band, but I became a fan of the man when you became sober. I have admired you for this, above all else. I was surprised and saddened to hear of your relapse. I know you have the strength and fortitude to do this again.

  23. bruce says:

    I just read that steven tyler is gonna be on season 2 of dr drew celeb rehab

  24. Jessica says:

    I am soo happy…. this was the best show of the year.. i fell in love with every cast member and felt as if i was fighting the addiction with them… this show was my life.. i laughed, and cryed with the cast. this show was god sent to help people understand the power of addiction. God bless Dr. Drew and the creators of this show.. it has shown the reality of addiction in its raw form, thanks VH1

  25. janice says:

    I heard Otep Shamaya was going to be on this season.

  26. bobby says:

    As a 17 year old I truly believe this is a great show that really shows the impact that drugs and alcohol have on families and friends. It is a very interactive show especially for the young viewers. It think it would be a great idea for celebrity to make a show that shows the life they have after completing rehad. “Celebrity Life After Rehab”

    PS. Hope Jeff is doing alright and got rid of his girlfriend.

  27. Lynn says:

    From what I understand nove of these people have been confirmed to be on ‘Celeb Rehab 2.

  28. Lynn says:

    Sabastian Bach said he has no intentions of being on Season 2 of Dr. Drew. Nothing with other celebs including Aaron Carter and Heidi Fleiss has been confirmed.

  29. sue says:

    wondering when the annoucement of who is to be on the 2nd rehab show. i cant wait!

  30. icey says:

    i hope it comes on real soon i they should have britty spears an linsy lohan haha id love 2 see them get better

  31. Miranda Crist says:

    Curious as to who is the stars this time around. I am so proud of Rico and Bridgette from season 1. kudos to them for staying clean. Am proud of shifty(think that was halo’s dad). I believe he will stay clean. Something tells me he will.

  32. Linda says:

    Dr, Drew,
    Kudos to you and the wondreful celbrities that were willing to share thier imperfections with us, That too heart and a whold lot of guts. Hope all hve remained on the path thouh bumpy I pray they never give up.

    Love to all of you

  33. Real Allity says:

    Dr. Drew is first and foremost concerned with his own celebrity. Is this the kind of doctor you want to trust?

  34. Savanna says:

    Anyone who believes that Dr. Drew is in this for himself doesn’t know Dr. Drew. He’s done nothing but dedicate his life to helping those who are addicts or alcoholics and I think showing and educating the public on addictions is very important because society takes it all so lightly. There’s a serious problem out there, and it’s ruining hundreds of thousands of lives, wake up people!

  35. Jen says:

    I really enjoyed watching Rehab 1 and can’t wait to see Part 2 do you no know will be on this time around?

  36. GLENDA says:


  37. robnuts13 says:

    Rodney King in this show is CRAZY!! he has not even recovered from the police beat down he got years ago… and from all that &**(`%_^+~#(~@~ kicking he got on tv for about 5 minutes made him a celebrity thats funny maybe they should get one of those cops that beat his but in the show too …. arent they celebrities???

  38. manuel says:

    I wish that they can have a follow up on some ex- patients as Mary Carey and Jessica Sierra, or better yet, have them back!!

  39. misty714 says:

    I am glad to hear that there will be a celebrity rehab 2. I enjoyed the first one. Dr. Drew did some good in the world. He is educating people about addiction and that is a good thing for future generations. We do not want to repeat these mistakes. There was a lot of free love and drugs in the sixties, ludes in the 70s and coke in the 80′s. Now we are paying for it with every one taking something for “pain”.

  40. Sheri says:

    Hi I have read a few of the comments on here, I have been in recovery for 16 1/2 yrs. Celebrities are people too and addiction effects every walk of life,there is no age limit, rich or poor it is a disease. It’s not about rescuing anyone unless they are sick an tired of being sick and tired and willing to do whatever it takes and reach out for help,it’s just not going to work. Through my recovery I have experienced the unbearable, the death of my 17 yr old son and by the grace of God I didn’t go out there and use. I’m not saying everything is a walk in the park and it’s pain free because that isn’t the truth, we have to learn to crawl before we can walk.Walking through the stuff we have been trying to run from all our lives eventually catches up with us, the best thing is that we don’t have to walk through that stuff alone, the person that made the statement you have to have money to get good help, that’s not true the only thing you have to do is pick up the phone and call the N.A. or A.A. Hotline in your area and believe me with a phone call and willingness you will get the help you need. Recovery is the greatest gift that we can give ourselves and our families as well as our loved ones. Give yourself the chance that you so deserve to have a life, live, laugh and be free from active addiction! I’m so looking forward to celebrity rehab 2!!!! Life is definately insession.
    God Bless Everyone!!!

  41. mcs7 says:

    Dr. Drew

    Please address ASAP why relapse is so common. WIth Steven Adler being busted LESS THAN ONE MONTH after doing YOUR program, we have to know sir WHY? Becasue those out there are struggling with addiction and when they see the hardcore cases fail, it may be just that sometimes the “replacement therapy” that you are mostly down on is really necessary. Or these people will die. Please rethink your treatment model and have your colleagues collaborate on changing the treatment model especially b4 the DSM % is published or more people will die.

  42. donna and chris says:

    hey drew,

    i wanted to let you know that it makes a difference in people’s lives to see faous people get past denial and try to get mom has struggles with many different addictions and has tried on more than one occasion to commit suicide.our latest suspision of addiction is meth.we live in a very small town and the drug is very popular is easy for her to get it and inexpensive.please let me know when the show returns so that i can make her watch it.

  43. Rose says:

    So, when will we be expected to see this air on VH1, then? Keep me posted! :)

  44. natalie says:

    I’m glad that theirs another season, this goes to show that hollywood and it’s rocks stars and actors have their troubles too,but they don’t want to go public cause it will hurt their status. I don’t understand they have alot of rehab places to go Betty Ford is the main one. I’m happy these people at least are giveing it one more shot. Guns and Roses yea, but Rodney King WOW! I am crossing my fingers this time for Jeff’.I can understand Rodney though he got beat up pretty bad from those batons and feet good for him, he still paying for screwed up beating. Good Luck to you guys!!! You can do this.

  45. kim says:

    when will celebrity rehab 2 premire? does anybody know, if you do please let me know

  46. Jennie B says:

    Premeires October 23rd—Rodney King, Tawny Kitaen, Jeff Conaway,Heidi Fleiss for sure…..rumors of Aaron Carter, Steven Tyler and Sebastian Bach also. Hope they have a “where are they now” from Season 1

  47. jennB says:

    Line up for season 2 as of October 7th……Tawny Kitaen, Rodney King, Guns-N-Roses Steve adler, Nikki McLibbins (Amer Idol),Amber Smith, Jeff Conaway, Rod Stewarts son

  48. Tyrell says:

    Dr. Drew,

    I just wanted to let you know that the show you participated in, “Celebrity Rehab,” made a huge difference in my life. After watching the show I decided to join NA, and have been clean since January 1, 2008, except for a two week relapse a few months ago. As a person who has been addicted to alcohol and drugs for 25 years, I commend you for all the work you do helping others combat addiction.

    I have never been in rehab, although I know there have been times when I sorely needed it. I tried to fight this disease by myself for about 15 years, but finally came to the realization by watching the show that I couldn’t do it alone. I wish I could afford treatment at your clinic, just to do some in-depth work, but unfortunately I have grad school to attend, a job, and bills to pay.

    I was thrilled to see the ad on tv that you will be doing a second season. I look forward to seeing the unconditional positive regard that you give the patients, and the firm, but caring manner in which you interract with them.

    Good luck to you, and especially the addicts you will be working with!


    Tyrell B.

  49. MaryB says:

    Hey Dr. Drew,

    I’m hoping to see something on your show that will help my husband. He’s an alcoholic and has been drinking since he was 11. Hope the show goes well. BTW, you certainly have your hands full with Gary!

  50. anony says:


  51. KimT says:

    Dear Dr. Drew:
    I am amazed at the comments from some people. Rodney King is a human being first and he needs help. No wonder people need to take drugs and alcohol to deal with this type of public who just wants to attack and use language like: “he got a whooping from LA Police and then snicker:. The comments for the most part…..there were some very enlightened and intelligent posts…but look at what the general population has to say! I am so frightened that most people are just like the cast of I LOVE MONEY. From what I am reading on this blog…..the majority are lost, ignorant and clueless about recovery. Dr. Drew I hope you read all the intelligent comments as well as these real low lifers.
    What you are doing is fantastic and I can see that you are 100% pure and sincere in your huge efforts to help people who are in the midst of a huge battle of addiction.
    The Steve Adler story really made me think how broken he must be after being kicked out by his mom at 11. It seems to me that people think it is just a matter of “will power” or “being strong” that can cure their problems. Anyone who has experienced an addiction if you look under the curtain I am sure we would see someone who has been broken ….had their soul damaged….people don’t plan on being a drug addict. They don’t think hmmmmm buying crack is a good idea….we do it to escape our pain. Then we can’t escape our prison of the substance. Steven Adler or Rodney or anyone facing an addiction : we just want peace….we don’t want to hurt anyone…we don’t want to blame our pasts for our behavior…..but we have to identify the reason we drink or use.

    It saddens me so much to see the posts on here that are so void of compassion and intellect. Is it really the case that hardly anyone just sees Rodney King as someone who needs help pure and simple….celebrity or not?
    Dr. Drew please realize there are some of us out there who share your views and really appreciate you for educating people about ADDICTION while trying to help the addicts themselves. I am so glad that this world has someone like you and Shelly and all the people on your show who are committed to helping people into recovery. I do have to say though: What a great teacher Gary Busey is….he is so lost….seems like more than anyone on this season. Gary Busey needs more than recovery.

    Dr. Drew he is so badly brain damaged and I think that he is such a great distraction on the show did you question how helpful he might be? I know that he is a good representation of people who quit their substance of choice but never get emotional sobriety. That makes sense then why you would have him on. I was thinking last night…”oh no everyone is going to think that Gary Busey is what you are like when you get sober”. I really hope that some people will recognize the Gary Busey in themselves.

    I send out peace and love to all of us who are struggling with any type of addiction.

  52. Jen says:

    Being in detox, raw with emotions and these people are subject to Gary Busey as a mentor? He’s controlling, rude, throws out self-help cliche’s and really believes he’s recovering. Hey Doc, what’s up with that? I hope your celebrities are getting paid a bundle for all the abuse they’re being slung from Busey. I know YOU know better than that. But, all in the name of good reality TV right? What you’re doing is abusive and unethical. You should be reported to your licensing agency.

  53. johnC says:

    Dear Dr. Drew,
    Thanks for this show.I am trying to quit smoking pot on my own. This show is really helping. I watched last season also. I’ve been smoking pot for about 25 years.Keep up the good work! I have OCD and depression.
    JOhn C

  54. jchase72 says:

    Dear Dr. Drew and staff I think what you are doing with this show is amazing. Letting the viewers and celebrities know when we break down all the crap we have created while going through our addictions, we are all basically descent people who have chosen to deal with our demons via toxic substances that in reallity don’t help us deal with anything. As for all people on your blog that want to post negative comments about some of your patients, they need to stepback and take good look at themselves before they judge anybody !!! Yeah maybe Rodney King isn’t a Hollywood celebrity. Maybe he’s made some bad descisions. Maybe he was just a victim that got beat up by four IDIOT PUNKS hiding behind a badge. Or maybe he is a human being that desperately needs a helping hand to reach out and pick him up and show him that there is a better LIFE. GOD bless Rodney and all of the patients reaching out for help. You can do this !!!

  55. shan says:

    Dr Drew and all,

    This show is fascinating. What you do must be exhausting. I have 3 kids under 7 and those on your show act alot like them.

    When I heard Tawny talk about how bored she was staying at home I can relate. As much as I long for an extra $500/month to be able to send my daughter to dance or donate a little extra to my church, I look at what that access to money did to Tawny and I don’ t envy it.

    As a stay at home mom of 3, this show validates why it is so important for parents to be active, not acting, in their childs life. This show should be on prime time. Yes I think it would really piss some people off because many non-famous look at the famous as having whatever they want/need at their finger tips. And abusing those privileges could make the show fail. But, it shows first hand how addicts are just normal people who haven’t had an opportunity to be in real and honest relationships where they are vulnerable which is very necessary to knowing who you are and keeping you grounded.

    Thanks for this show.

  56. Ellen says:

    Dear all,

  57. Ellen says:

    Dear all, I just want to tell u all I believe in you (although im sure you hear this from fans all the time). I am a recoving alcoholic and have issues with several other drugs. I went to rehab at age 14; I had an abusive father and tried to commit suicide when I was young using a full months worth of painkillers. I was an alcoholic at 13 and a valium addict at 14 and i went thru stomach surgery for the ulcer for its severity . I also experienced big issues with cocaine and ecstasy. I will not pretend to understand the experiences you have enduredl; but i will let tyou know as a recovering addict that i believe in all of you!!!! I am not religious but i am praying for all of you, every minute of every day. Jeff, I watched u on season 1 and i pray for u (and vicki) all the time and i know you can do it. All of you know you have my and everyones support. Best wishes, Ellen

    PS. Rodney, as a white female i am disgusted btw white pigs treated u. i call them pigs bc that is what they were. U are one of the strongest individuals i have ever known of. Best wishes and I know if u can conquer that you can conquer anything!

  58. Amanda Rae says:

    WOW! i’m so proud of all the work that dr. drew is doing,even though this season is just starting. all these people that we looked up to when we were younger, and how much we wanted to be rich and famous, and we would be where they are now. i grew up listening to Guns N Roses, and to see steven adler the way he is, is sooo heartbreaking to me. he never really had a chance at all. i hope and pray that he’ll come out a healthy person, and if he does, i believe that he’ll get his friend back.
    now gary busey just makes me sick….he’s such a jerk and a drama queen. i don’t believe that he will help anyone there, i really don’t. but i hope and pray that he also will be a sober healthy person someday too.

    once again i would like to thank dr. drew and his staff for helping all these people. it’s a wonderful thing!

  59. slimting says:

    I think Dr.Drew needs to pull Gary busey aside and let him know his purpose in being there.It is Ludacris for him and his asistance to let him go on like that as if he is not an addict himself.

  60. Carlyn says:

    I respect this show a WHOLE lot. I was in a long term treatment program in California and it was very similar to the Pasadena Recovery Center in their groups and the way they operate. I know recovery is possible (I have been sober since June 24th, 2007), it just takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Even celebrities are human, and struggle through the same things all other addicts and alcoholics do… If I could offer any words of encouragement it would be to put forth as much effort in trying to stay sober as you did in trying to stay loaded. And listen to those people you respect and who have been successful in staying sober for longer than you. Good luck to all on the show and all other addicts and alcoholics trying to get and stay sober.

  61. rainspirit says:

    What i don’t understand is why was Jeff Conaway’s partner allowed in his room? Females are not allowed in the rooms of male clients,ANYWHERE, why is this okay for TV? i believe it speaks to just how “real” this rehab is. And why hasn’t someone informed Gary Busey just what his role is? He is allowed to go on believing he is there for support to other clients/patients. Again, only on TV. i work in the field and some of what we are seeing is just unacceptable and doesn’t go on in the real world of recovery. Until this point, i had tremendous respect for Dr. Drew, now i am sad to say, he is just another “celebrity”.

  62. cheryl says:

    i think rodney king is a very kind person and a very humble person. he seems to have some kind of inner peace even though i know he struggles with addiction. the world could use some more rodney kings

  63. chris bandy says:

    Gary Busey needs to admit he is an addict not that participant crap. I am sick of that and it is only just beginning. I can’t imagine trying to recover in that environment. He is being negative to the people around him. He was rude to Tawny repetitively. I am always glad that Stephen says something about it. He has been my voice the entire time. Gary Busey is just a prick. Not someone who is brain damaged.

  64. Kelley says:

    Rodney King is such a beautiful person it is amazing how this man has a heart after all that he has been through!!!!! RODNEY GOOD LUCK WITH RECOVERY!!!!

  65. cindi says:

    Good Luck to all the Celebrity Rehab patients 1 and 2. My heart really goes out to Rodney King. I can’t put into words the anger I felt when he was talking about the beating. I was ashamed to be a white american. I can’t remember if he got a monetary settlement or not but, no amount of money could make up for what they did to him. He seems to be such a incredible human being. I hope this show opens up some positive doors for him. He deserves it and it is owed to him!

  66. Rob says:

    Does anyone know the lake that they all went to when the boat turned over? Is it in Pasadena? Where is it?

  67. Betty says:

    These people need to realize that just because they lead somewhat ‘special’ lives, that they are NOT special, they are addicts. Work the steps, go to meetings and practice some acceptance.
    Meeting Makers Make It, plain and simple….get in a program, get a sponsor, and get over their overblown sense of self. Rodney King seems to have an air of acceptance and a desire to stop using. In a word….GET REAL

  68. mary says:

    Dr. Drew thank you for the kindness that you show to this people. There sickness is unbearable. I hope the best for all. And thank you for showing this to everyone. I find myself praying for all of them. I understand my son’s addiction a little better because of this show.

  69. rissa says:

    Hello out there I love this show its grat insperashion for me becouse I know what they are going through its tough but iam getting through this slowly but surley thanks again

  70. Nancy says:

    Dear Dr. Drew,
    I have two daughters (35 and 25) that are addicts although I am not one myself. Both of my daughters were near death before admitting their addictions. As a mother I have joined Alanon and NA support groups to understand their addiction and realized my part in it. My father was an alcoholic and although I am not I cerainly learned those behaviors and used them in my relationships. It is hard to change them but I work daily on them because it is so important for my daughters and myself to know we are in this together. My daughters are recoverng and to my total amazement they have not relapsed since working a 12 step program and attending support groups over the past 3 years. They are both in successful relationships with partners that do not use. Watching your program is helpful in understanding the disease process and what it does to families. As much as I hate to admit it and as much as they blame their father for their issues, I still feel I contributed. We are working through this as a family and are on a great path. Thank you so mch for the work you do and for the respect you show your clients. A note to Sean…Sean, as a mother I wish I could give you a big hug and take on some of your sadness. You seem to have a tender, caring heart, I know how sobriety can change a sad and dismal life into a happy, joyful one without drugs. I hope you find that happiness , joy, strength and knowledge in embracing sobriety.

  71. contrarymary says:

    steven adler! save yourself!
    cut your losses and move on.
    a lot of people have been robbed of childhood (i’m one)
    don’t let your mother, your band, your addiction take one more thing from you…not one iota! not one!
    living well is the very best revenge….forget revenge too
    live well for yourself
    you’ve been robbed
    savor what you have left
    God bless and keep you steven

    best regards

  72. Chantalc says:

    Hi Rodney,

    First I must say before I get going is. ” I don’t know what kind of a drunk you are” For instance my father was a happy drunk. (He loved everybody :)

    And my father was the person that you only new when he was sober. Because he drank whiskey from sun up to sun down and even had it next to his bed incase he woke up thirsty… I KNOW that I don’t know you or your drinking habits. You may be NO where near as bad as my father or you could be just as bad or worse.. Now all that being said..

    What I NEED you to know is drunk or not, I needed my daddy.. I lost my father when I was 16 it started with serous of the liver, the acute pancreatic cancer.. So he started shooting up morphine to stop the pain. In the end he died of AIDS sharing dirty needles to get the morphine to stop the pain the drinking caused..

    I miss my father more than any words can express and I am 36 now… I have been watching this show, and I understand why you have pushed your girls away because you don’t want them to see you when your drinking.. But I am here to PLEAD with you, good or bad keep them close. Because if anything ever happens to you. I promise they WILL find the good to remember cherish even from the bad times..

    I can look bad and think about my dad and laugh at some of the stupid ^)!^_+##*`%%_@#! he did when he was drunk. Or the sweet things he did even if he did not remember doing it..

    What I am trying to say is I think the pain for me would be unbearable if he would have pushed me away when he was going through hard times..

    GOOD or BAD he was my daddy and I love and miss him dearly,,, And you need to give your girls that gift.. They will know when they need to take a step back from you.. Don’t make that choice for them..

    I would not trade not 1 moment with my father drunk or sober. Because its all I have to hold on too…

  73. angylfayce71 says:

    i have so much respect and admiration for you all. i got clean from meth 8 years ago and it wasn’t easy. i went to rehab myself and i thank God every day for my sobriey. my heart gos out to you all, just hang in there and live your lives the best way you know how!!

  74. Joyce says:

    you all need to believe in your selves more. Your all beauiful people. you all made mistakes but stop dwelling on them. Life isn’t fun and games we all learned early. my childhood was crap also but I am not on drugs. You can get past the pain. Sean you are not alone get past the part your father wasnt there find your self. you are still human and you have a second chance. Hang in there every one you can do it. Dont sell yourself short.

  75. Mike says:

    I just wanted to wish all the best to everyone on this show. You are an inspiration to all of us that struggle with Alcohol and Drug Addiction. The courage it takes just to go into treatment is huge but to go through what you do while the process is Nationally televised is even more amazing. I have been to treatment 4 times. I have been to the best treatment facilities in the country and I still find that my treatment remains a day to day experience. I got out of treatment a year ago. I actually was very excited to see that Sean was in treatment again as one of my friends I recently went to treatment with was in recovery with Sean several years ago . It’s a battle, no one except those of us that go through recovery truly understand the demons we face. We are literally in a battle with our own minds. We have thoughts that tell us to use and these thoughts are the most real things we have ever heard. It’s like your mind wants to kill you and you have to ignore the constant thoughts that only want one thing-to get high. Keep up the good work and keep being real with yourself. Most all of us are great actors and we can fool almost anyone but don’t forget that you can’t fool yourself. Dig deep and find the lost soul that no one knows except you and continue to nurture that part of yourselfl. You are all beautiful people. Thank you so much for your hard work and willingness to let us in on your struggles and pain-may freedom and peace become a permanant part of your lives and may your experiences help millions of people begin to have courage and strength that they have so desperately been looking for.

    Thank you all and Thank you Dr. Drew-your heart is an example to all of us!


  76. Nick says:

    I just want to take a moment and wish all of the brave folks working on overcoming their addictions the very best. I know all things are possible. Dr. Drew is offering a great deal of insight. Conaway, I hope you took the suggestion about perhaps teaching classes to heart. Get healthy and make it all work. Following a bout with cancer, I did the same thing with a few well-known performers (well, they had a high level of name recognition). We taught classes and did very well for a number of seasons, I later directed him[name withheld] in a regional production that broke him out of former roles that seemed to define his career. Your many successes of the past may also be the map to your future. The only failure is to not try to take your own place among your peers. Get well first. Master the pain. It can be controlled with the same discipline required for the actor’s craft. Do it.

  77. scott says:

    I use to watch you as a child and today I am watching you go through pain, I learned things as a fan of yours and I appreciate everything you have done. I am suffering with a muscular disease myself and watching you suffer on tv has made me want to work hard to get throughmy own disease without taking to many drugs (my medication) or to stay away fron the alcohol. I would like to say you are one of the best actors the world has had hang in there we are watching.

  78. Kelli says:

    Although you ALL are inspirations to many I wanted to say to Steven that you have such a good heart and it shines along with your great smile. I grew up listening to and being the biggest fan of G’N’R (and the drummers have always held a special place in my heart). And even as a 33 year old stay at home mom of 3, I remain a huge fan. Many, many mornings while driving my tolerant children to school I’m the only Tahoe in the drop-off lane blaring the bad _%!*^$@(^~@+!#^ music that couldn’t have ever been without YOU!! Just because you were one person in the past doesn’t mean you have to continue to be that person in the future….

  79. Connie says:

    I was touched by the exchange between Sean and Amber and their concerns and experiences regarding sex. Being a woman, I can relate more closely to Amber. I was raped when I was 12 and became pregnant. My parents blamed me, because I “looked older.” I had an abortion. After that, I guess because I felt so worthless, I became promiscuous as well. (Thank you Dr. Drew for pointing out that that is common—I can let go of some guilt). Anyway, I used drugs and drank since that time for many years. I have suffered from depression since even before that time. I quit alcohol in 2001, but at 34 I had been turned on to opiates and that has proven to be very difficult. At this time I am in a methadone program. I know methadone has gotten a bad name, but it has kept me off the street and away from “bad” people. My clinic requires random drug screens and regular counselor appointments. It is just one way to minimize the devastating effects of drugs. I contracted hepatitis C, but found out my body cleared it spontaneously, for which I am very grateful, but that only happens 10-15% of the time—I have many friends who are dead and/or dying from liver disease. I could go on and on, and this possibly is not any help at all, but I live one day at a time and have in the past confronted some very painful things—One is that I will never get from my parents the love I need, and I have finally realized I will never change them—I can only change myself. It gets better. It really does. I wish all the patients the best. Don’t give up; just don’t give up on yourself.

    North Carolina

  80. Tom says:

    Get SHIFTY a new SPONSOR!!!! OMG i cant believe what i was seeing! shifty’s sponsor driving him to score rocks, and looking for a park to go smoke them at. Even if you dont use the drugs, driving a vehicle when you know there are narcotics in it is a jailable crime, so if this sponsor doesn’t care about shifty’s recovery, so be it, but why would he put his freedom on the line for someone else to get high??? Is he sponsoring sobriety or drug use???? Just goes to show that people will go way too far to be on television, get the help you need, shifty, and godspeed.

  81. Noel says:

    I watch your guys show everytime it comes on and it really touches my heart that the celebs are trying so hard to get their lifes straightened out. I have a sister with a substance abuse problem and i know that it is a very hard thing to deal with. I”m so happy that these celebs are letting these cameras follow their recovery i think this show will open up so many people eyes to what drugs really do to people.

  82. pastor413 says:

    I watch the show for Dr. Drew’s advice only. I wish that I could have someone like that to counsel me. I am an active senior pastor with degenerative nerve damage and the only treatment has been pain medications, after thousands of dollars of treatments and 11 doctors. I have been on them for 5 years and believe that they are worse than the condition itself. I counsel drug addicts often and see how that it is affecting my own life. I know that God heals, I’ve watched it so many times, but get more depressed daily wondering why not me. I need some help but can’t because of my position. I doubt this will reach Dr. Drew, but I thought I would give it a try. If nothing else, pray for me.
    All Through Christ,

  83. Virginia says:

    Rodney: What beautiful daughters. I hope that you can read this as support and healing. When I see your eyes, I think of the song Clint Eastwood wrote for his wife, Dina. “Doe Eyes” “hee hee’ I bet you never thought anyone from the white middle class would say that! You go Rodney! I would call you brother anytime. “Surrender to win”

    Sean: Get sober, stay out of relationships! Learn who you are, follow directions and go to school. Get a degree in what ever you want to be when you grow up. Your Dad loves you, he just can’t do any better. You must learn to be your own parent now, and you must look to yourself to care for you.

    Jeff: You are a great actor and I love your drama. Work out, start by taking short walks, get strong. You know what you need to do.

    I love the ladies and your road is filled with challenge. I LOVE CLANCY and the Mid Night Mission. Thanks for everything. If you need me I am here.

  84. Mary clare says:

    I am a suburban mother of three who is finally realizing that I need to kneel to the disease. . I have been through rehab in my early 20′s and I have a huge history of Alcholism in my family. I finally feel like I have something to live for with my kids, and I need to start working on the tools to begin to be a great mom, wife, and friend. I have gone through man sober stages throughout pregnancies and now I believe the disease has exelerated to a point that I have never experienced.
    Help if you can

  85. Kris says:

    Dr. Drew
    I just finished watching celebrityrehab2 and was really disappointed Jeff Conaway had to leave the show and started using as soon as he returned home. You can’t help but love that guy, and I’m sadden by whats going on with him. If you see this Jeff please listen. My Dad has lived a life of pain from a back injury and it hurts to watch the people you love go through it. The diffenence between you and my Dad is your still young and very tallented Jeff. Why would you want to throw your life away for a girl who clearly doesn’t love you (Vicki) and continue to use drugs. Dr Drew isn’t there anything that can be done for him. I don’t want to end up hearing Jeff died of an drug overdoes. And by the Dr Drew tell Shelly she did a great job this season, she had her shares of ups and downs this seasons.

  86. mek says:

    I am normaly not the person to submit to a blog or post a comment on anything. However I felt it necessary to give Rodney King words of encouragement. I am so glad that he did this show because unfortunately I had formed an opinion about him after seeing him in the media over the last decade or so. I have seen a side of him that I never would have thought to have been. He seems to be a nice man with a great personality. Rodney if you are reading this… I am praying for you and I hope that you will get your life on track. Right On Brotha!!!

  87. mek says:

    Oh my God!!! I posted the last entrywithout reading the other entries. I must say that I am always surprised by the ignorance of some people. Rodney please ignore them…and let me clear up what I said in my last entry. When the incident occured with the officers i was saddened. when the verdict came back I was hurt and angered. When the new verdict came back I was thankful that justice prevailed. My ill opinion was formed afterwards. after seeing the news and hearing the statements you made seeing that you were still geting arrested and on drugs/alcohol. So once again I am so glad that you did the show. I now know the real you. Just know that you have someone praying for you in Georgia. God bless and much love!!!

  88. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone ever considered a medical device for Jeff Conaway? I am not a sales person. I just know a little about this…. and he would benefit to transition into a device that could be life changing.

    It just hurts to watch him. He is such a lovable person.

    Please don’t block this…. When pills don’t work any longer, or surgery…. that is rock bottom.

    With that, there is hope, ambition, and a future.

    Consider it… for Jeff’s benefit.

  89. Pam says:

    I have been clean and sober for 2 1/2 years. We have a disease, not a moral deficiency!!! If we had cancer, our disease would be treated differently, by those around us. But, we have put those around us through a lot. We are not responsible for our disease, but we are responsible for our recovery. The program of recovery isn’t for everyone. It’s for those who really want it. Step One – Surrender!!!! Until we reach our bottoms, that deepest pain, we will not surrender. Some of us never make it into recovery. Some of us die. Jails, Institutions, and death!!! I had to go through everything I went through, to get where I am now. I can’t look back and wish 20 years ago, that I had got sober when I was a lot younger. God knew when and if it was my time. I did all and every drug, but I was also hooked on pain meds, though they were not my drug of choice. Even before I had physical problems. Often our minds will manufacture additional pain as an excuse to use!! I was prescribed 160 mgs of Morphine per day. I was going through my script in three days and out on the streets looking for a substitute. I had lots of doctors to write scripts and I was writing some myself. I received probation for that, which brought me into recovery. I am truly blessed. I am disabled and in some pain, but I am no longer on opiates. I was surprised what I can live with and that there were drugs other than opiates, to control my pain. All, and I mean all, of my doctors, including my dentist, are aware of my addiction. I would have sold myself short, if I had asked for the sober life I had expected. God has given me more than I could have ever thought of for myself. Whatever pain we experience will pass. We saw that happen to Jeff Conaway a couple of times during the show. Through prayer and meditation and sharing, we keep our minds off our discomfort and have the strength to keep our priorities in order. It is imperative to keep NA members close to us at all times. It is amazing how our minds will go back to our old ways and old thinking. You’d be surprised how much pain we can handle without medication. In this program of total abstinence, however, we need to feel no guilt after having taken a “minimum” amount of medication prescribed by an informed professional for extreme physical pain. Informed means the doctor knows you are an addict!!!!

    If you are not an addict, you probably will not understand what the addict goes through, nor their addiction to drugs over everything else. I do suggest Alanon for the friends and family of the addict, recovering or not!

    I must say I was amazed at how quickly Amber, who was addicted to opiates, got through her withdrawal. I don’t know if this is the magic of TV, but It took me months, almost a year, to overcome those nasty withdrawals. I was upset by this, because that false impression, can lead others to relapse. Was she put on other drugs to help her through her withdrawals? Did I miss something?

    Anyway, thanks Dr. Drew for showing the world what it is like to overcome, or not overcome our addictions!

  90. Jenny Peter says:

    Nice show. It’s not only for celebrity but also makes a great impact on society.

  91. says:

    Nice show. It’s not only for celebrity but also makes a great impact on society.

  92. Kimberly C. Zolan says:

    Today, Sunday, Januray 23rd? I watched The VH1 Recovery Series and something struck me….a comment, by the doctor, regarding Subutex and the woman who was on One day at a Time; I was put on this drug back in 2003 and have nevr been able to get off of it sucessfully. The last time, the withdraws were so horrific and by the end of two months I dropped from complete exhaustion, like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. I flew from Santa Barbara to Manhattan, as my husband was, a physician, just thought I was being lazy, however my dear friend in Manhattan immediately knew something was seriously wrong. In this hospital The Director told me I was indeed in withhdraws which can last up to year and put me back on it. Within 30 minutes I was almost normal and could walk without sleeping again. My Addiction doc in SB insisted I coudl not have been in withdraw, which provoked a bad argument, as this drug has robbed me of my sexual self, thus my marriage. I don’t know what to do anymore, except I was told I would probably have to be on this drug the remainder of my life..WHAT??? Then I hear the doc on the Show tell the actress who was on Subutex that she had to ween as no opiates are allowed. This SHOCKED me, as for years I did not even know I was on an opiate, thus, I don’t want to take it anymore, but know I cannot do it alone. It truly kicks my ass. Alone and lonely in Santa Barbara with a studio in Santa Monica, but no sex drive on Subutex! WHAT can I do????? Please reply. Sincerely, Kimberly

  93. sharon gravely says:

    thank you dr drew you are doing a wanderful job i think it takes a lot of curage for the guys to get help and have people set at home and judge them i can really understand why they get so mad at the cameras but they also have to realize that we dont know what it is they are going through so please let them know we care about them and understand what they are going throughcontinue the good job dr drew

  94. Chloe says:

    you are a complete ignorant, self centered, rude girl. you don’t need rehab you need a life

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