Flavor of Love 3 Blog Party (Episode 13)


Live …So Does Luck Posted at 9:57PM EST


And now Thing 2 is back in the competition! Was it right to bring her back?

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Live Seezinz Change Posted at 9:54PM EST


For saying that she’s there for drama, Seezinz is out. Did Flav let the wrong girl go?

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Live Three’s a Crowd Posted at 9:38PM EST


Sinceer and Black both accompany Seezinz to Flav’s room for her date. How messy do you think this will get? How mess do you want it to get?

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Live Cheesy Posted at 9:27PM EST


Flav takes a chunk out on his cheese-tasting date. Is he refined or what?

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Live Dressed To Impress Posted at 9:14PM EST


The girls are dolled up for a soiree — who looks the hottest?

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Live Odd One Out? Posted at 9:04PM EST


Seezinz and Black have teamed up to get Sinceer out of the picture, and so far it looks like it’s working. Is she the one who’s destined to leave tonight?

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