The 40 Hottest Hotties of the 90s Sizzle on VH1



Remember when it was okay to find your uncle attractive, if his name was Uncle Jesse? Ahhhh, the sweet, sweet nineties, when flannel was fine and feathered hair was still kinda allowed, unless you lived in Seattle. VH1 is counting down the Top 40 Hottest Hotties of the 90s tomorrow night beginning at 9PM, and we’ve got a sneak peek above of some of the lookers who made it onto the list. The 15 pics are in random order (we’re not giving anything away, natch), and there are 25 other sextastic stars on the countdown. Tune in to find out if your favorite hottie from the last decade made the list and discover who stands tall at number one. Hint: it’s not Marcel the monkey from Friends! Have mercy!

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  1. jessica honoret says:

    wow thats great at least this time they have some people that REALLY look good,but that girl between tupac and janet jackson got to go!

  2. Your Mother says:

    ey! alicia silverstone is cute! at least she was in the 90s… i like her

  3. Carmen says:

    I am glad to see black people, (not mixed) even made the list. In most magazines I read it is full of white women and men. There is always a token Latino or Asian and a mixed black. This list is fair and that is cool! Thanks VH1!!!!

  4. Michael says:


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  5. Jennifer says:

    Oh, yeah. I met my boyfriend through He saw his profile and photos there. He is a big fan. He did get a reply from him after sending greetings card.

  6. robert says:

    This list is just people that are getting old now.

  7. horny guy says:

    who got #1? I didn’t see the end. ( I agree with drowning so Pamela Anderson can save my life[#2])

  8. Goofster says:

    yeah it was marky mark as #1….whatever right….but i think alicia silverstone is still gorgeous

  9. Kierstin says:

    where was julia roberts??

  10. moe says:

    I can’t believe you left off Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.

  11. rc019 says:

    How incredibly subjective! I’m so insulted by the fact that apart from Fabio and Antonio Banderas, everyone on this list is American! This list is clearly made from one perspective…thats all in the context of an American based market!

    So what about other non-Americans in the 90′s that were hot like Anna Kournikova and David Beckham (who was physically in his peak in the 90′s).

    And to add more insult to the show they played a few brit pop songs in their soundtrack from Blur and Supergrass!

    How about they rename the program to “40 hottest hotties of US based market”, or something along those lines. At least the #)! le would be more accurate. It would still be subjective though :o(

  12. Dude says:

    Yeah! And why were there no animals in the countdown? Or plants? How human-centric can you get? Come on VH1!

  13. Adrian says:

    a list like that without David Duchovny and Salma Hayek??!!?!

  14. someotherdudelikesplants says:

    Yeah, totally!

    ….some other examples of how US glorified it was….

    Heather Graham was noted particularly for her role in Austin Powers 2, but what about Liz Hurley in her role in the first Austin Powers movie?

    Helena Chritiensen (top model in the 90s) was mentioned by one of the speakers but didn’t make it in the top 40

    What about hot Australians in the 90s? Nicole Kidman, Shane Warne (although probably wouldn’t make top 40) Kylie Minogue to name a few

    The Spice Girls…was that not a phenomenon in the US?

    It was cool that volley ball girl was on the list, but there were other sports people around that got more or just as much hype!

    Seriously, pick another continent and surely you had someone in the 90s that would have made the list. Are you people aware theres other countries?

  15. Ms. Depp says:

    What number was Johnny Depp he is so flippen HOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. rmcm84 says:

    what number was janet jackson??

  17. juan berdecia says:

    it was very hot

  18. Amy says:

    jeez, no rockstars on this list?

    what about kurt cobain? gavin rossdale? eddie vedder?

    hell, they were MY obsessions in the 90s!

  19. Jamie says:

    what is that guy’s name in the cologe they have in the bottom right hand corner???

  20. ddgbaksgbia says:

    yeah thats ethan hawke in the bottom right hand corner just so you know jamie

  21. Jamie says:

    ddgbaksgbia thanks u r a lifesaver!!!!!!

  22. Marissa says:

    Mark Wahlberg is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.

  23. marky tupac girl says:

    dang dis show was tight yo i watched it every time it came on yep my time is up peace

  24. wtf says:

    Alicia Silverstone from those Aerosmith videos and some other stuff is the girl between Tupac and Janet Jackson. She looks better than either of them at least then. If I would throw out anyone I’d throw out saggy boobs janet

  25. kayla says:

    i was so happy MARK WAHLBERG was number one.. he was so good looking and well he still is!! i love him!! haha

  26. Jeff says:

    When i was watching the show jenna jameson made me so happy in a place that made me even happyer

  27. fransisco says:

    who is the girl that is either number 31, 30, or 29 and her first name is jamie?

  28. samantha says:

    allright, whers the hottest guy- Kurt Donald Cobain

  29. Mimosa says:

    I watched this just to see Fabio and couldn’t believe he ranked only #30!

    For the men, He and Brad Pitt owned that counted down, and the fact that they placed Mark Walhberg and some others, higher than Brad or Fabio is simply absurd.

    Do they understand the meaning of “HOT?”

    One has to see Fabio in person to get the full impact of how handsome & sexy that man really is, it is mind-blowing.

  30. Dude says:

    Probably because MOST of the stars that were hot in the 90′s were from the US!!!!!!!!!! And this is a US based show. Get over it.

  31. Amy says:

    Hello what about Joshua Jackson? Dawson’s Creek was huge in the 90s! He was on all 13-17 year old girls walls in the late 90s. i think he should have definitely been like number twenty.

  32. aj says:

    Janet declared her sexuality and her status as a sex icon in the 90′s. Don’t hate on Miss J!! What number was she?

  33. jezebel says:

    For those who are saying the list is US-centric, that’s pretty true. But #2, Pamela Anderson, is actually Canadian.

  34. jezebel says:

    .. or was she #3? I forget. Either way, sentiment still applies.

  35. Kitty says:

    Right on Mimosa tell it like it is…. FABIO RULES! He is so HOT my eyes water just looking at him and the Italian accent is off the hook. I’d like to see more of him, where is he?

    FABIO BABY WE LOVE YOU *******************Kisses**************

  36. Kristal Kubastini says:

    True about Fabio he’s a gorgeous man. I thought the way the show catagorized him was somewhat of a “left-handed” compliment and they need a reality check, cause the man is stunning and I don’t know a woman that would “regret” or want to “forget” him in the morning.

  37. Mimosa says:

    Hey Kitty, tks for the props. When I look at Fabio stuff waters but it’s not my eyes. ha ha ha

    Too hot for his own good.

    What’s his deal anyway?

  38. whatabouteuropeans says:

    Didn’t know Pamela Anderson was Canadian…anyway the point is that America’s really self absorbed with this…there should be some Europeans on this list!

  39. hottiesfan says:

    Lucy Lawless and Mariah Carey better be on this list. Lucy Lawless was the sexiest butt kicking actress of 90′s and Mariah just got hotter and hotte as the years went by.

  40. April says:

    Hey Girls you know Fabio is bootylicious

  41. lashwnda says:

    take denzel off he don’t look that good

  42. alissa says:

    wait, i forgot, who got number 1?

  43. maynasia says:

    they look real crazy

  44. Connie says:

    Calling VH! for a do-over, here’s how it should have gone down:

    1. Fabio (cause he’s got the body to go with the face + the whole sexy Italian thang)
    2. Brad P
    3. Pam A
    4. Cindy C
    5. Tom Cruise (anyone member MI2 & how he looked?)

  45. =] says:

    ok listen up!
    marky mark was SO hot in the 90′s!!! (he still is) he has a gorgeous body, was a good rapper, and amazing actor!!!!
    i was happy to see brad pitt, john stamos, and jo

  46. =] says:

    by the way very pist off not to see kurt cobain on that list!!!
    he was soooo hot and one hell of a good musician!!!!

  47. Angie says:

    Fabio is the bomb. I saw recent pics of him, he’s so beautiful. Will always be way hotter than Clooney.

  48. marissa says:

    i totallly think that Neve campbell should be in the hotties of the 90s. I mean seriously shes not famouse any more but who cares shes just so freakin hott!!!!!!!!

  49. Guy says:

    was Michael Jordan on the list???

    i didn’t see him.

  50. Alysse says:


  51. Guy says:

    he was one of the best and most marketable athletes ever, and i didn’t see him in the top 10!?!?!

    Is this list only about TV/Movie people or what?

  52. Guy says:

    yeah, KURT COBAIN should have been on the list too. He revolutionized rock and roll.

  53. jake says:

    what about one of the backstreet boys were any of em on there??

  54. Raquel says:

    OMG! FABIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful masculine strong hard sexy looks like a f*ing big wild cat. Growl.

    The things I’d do 2 him.

  55. Raquel says:

    Fabio blows George Clooney out the water.

  56. So Cal Hottie says:

    Just caught the show last night around midnight and almost @#`@ myself. Damn that Fabio, @#`@ I’m moving to Italy to get me some of that. Never really registed in my brain that he was so flippin hot, I’ll be back, I’m running out to buy some butter to rub all over myself now all I need is for him to come and lick it off.

  57. So Cal Hottie says:

    Raquel is right on the money baby.

  58. Jennifer m. says:

    My opinion, he’s hot ladies, but trouble.

  59. Tony M. says:

    I didn’t watch the whole thing. Could some one tell me if Gillian Anderson (or David Duchovney for that matter) was on the list?
    Ya, she was a such a cutie. . .

  60. Candace says:

    Mark Wahlberg was and still is the hottest!!!!!!

  61. alexa says:

    can someone tell me what my man, johnny depp got?

    thanks xoxooxxo

  62. yadira says:

    what does chris brown say when you go to the gym????

    he says “run it”……lmao…lol :)

  63. yadira says:

    wooooow…….zac efron should be # 1…he’s frakin hawt

    sexy as heck

  64. Vicki says:

    fabio is the cutest.

  65. nicole says:

    negative…. i agree..mark wahlberg is the sexiest mann up there

  66. palla says:

    2PAC SHOULD BE NUMBER 1! HE was 2 fiiine
    perfect height..dark chocolate complexion stayed hood yet sweet and genuine..gotta love that man

  67. palla says:

    PRINCE SHOULD HAVE BEEN second..HE is 2 fiine

  68. Chris says:

    Let me tell you, saw Fabio in LA around 2001 on a major boulevard, he was just standing there near the curb waving someone over to his side of the street, guess he was waiting for someone, and you won’t believe how handsome he was. I’ve travelled all over, even married a pro male model, dated a couple of the guys from Chippendales, seen lots of men, but none with that much sex appeal. Anyway, he looked back at me, probably cause the look on my face, even though I didn’t realize he was a celebrity, I was totally unable to stop staring at him. He can’t believe it’s not butter and I can’t believe he didn’t place #1.

  69. christina m says:

    Lol Chris from 6/8. If you were driving surprisded u didn’t crash. :)

  70. useurbrains says:

    um zac efron shouldn’t even make the list

    becuz no one knew who he was in THE 90S
    plus he was like 10


  71. Jennifer2121 says:

    I found her photo album at The username should be celebrityxx. I will check it again.

  72. Lauren says:

    A co-worker told me about the show.comments r btr than than the show. Hey., Chris on 6/8, answer us did u crash? Gd story. Snce u were married to a model yourself & used to cirtain things he must have been something. reply.

  73. Chris says:

    Maybe the 60 hr work week is getting to me cause I’m actually gonna answer Lauren and Christina. I really do need a vacation. NO I DID NOT CRASH! And BTY……Hardy – f*cking – har. Very funny. You know, some of us can actually cruise and gawk at the same time. Seriously, I know what you mean, cause looking back at they way I was oogling him, I should have wiped out a few old ladies and their pink poodles but that didn’t happen, thank God. Can you just picture that? Pink fluff and hairpins everywhere. Um yes Lauren, one would think that being with my ex, a hot passionate French model (and yes the French men ARE all that), would cause me to not be phased by another handsome face, but that was my point entirely. Funny, I hadn’t even thought about this until recently. Let me book that flight to Bora Bora.

  74. Eileen says:

    Chris, LMAO.
    Bomb answer.

  75. laruen says:

    too funny Chris. The french guy u say wa so hot, are all french men like that? better than Italian men?

  76. Lauren says:

    Tell me more about those kinda men, (models), i know yr busy but i’m fascinated.

  77. Miss Molly says:

    i didnt get to watch the entire thing, can someone please tell me if jensed ackles or jared padalecki were on the list?

  78. connie says:

    i watched the show yesterday and it was great but i’m looking for just a list of the top 40. I figure it’d be here somewhere but i can’t get that list. Anyone know where i can get the list?

  79. chris says:

    Lauren, wow, you know that’s some question about Italians & French, I’m part Italian too & hate to generalize. So let me say that, in my opinion, based on my experience & that of close friends, French & Italians (not the American ones) are typically passionate but passion can be a double edged sword, guess what’s on the other side. Also, there are some double standards in their world between men & women. Most are macho types, I personally like that cause they act like men & not pansies. Can you cook? lol. They do however, let a woman be a woman. I could go on and on with the pros and cons. Oh, you asked, what was being married to a handsome model like? No big deal to me, just a guy, you know besides, I held my own. However, I think it could bother some women especially if they are jealous types cause there are always other women hovering in the background like birds of prey ready to pounce on him. But then there are other men too.
    ps. This is about the celebs remember? *smiling*

  80. Lauren says:

    im not sure what on the other side? I know i couldnt resist asking the questions and i apreciate that u answerred. you are so lucky. anyway back to this Fabeo really is cute but my choice is john stamos. just so youll know, me and my co-workers luved your answers. Yr the bomb.

  81. response yo Dude May 12th 733pm says:

    Why probably??? and I think you PROBABLY define the word star by the word Hollywood! It’s a bias show with a subjective list made by people unaware of activities outside the US…YOU GET OVER IT!

  82. chris says:

    Hey L, you know what’s on the other side of passion. How does one become so passionate about something w/o having a FIRE to them? Me, lucky cause I was married to a former male-model? Hold up….it became very apparent that it’s really the inside of a person that matters most. He was high-maintanence & living with a Primadonna had its challenges, sometimes the mirror just wasn’t big enough for the 2 of us. lol. Also, after he stopped modeling & film work and left Italy for America, he had difficulty adapting to regular life. I sympathized with him, must have been a hard adjustment. Yet, that industry treats their own like meat and not people. Listen L, before you go putting anyone on a pedastal, think about the crosses they have to bear & you may find you are the lucky one. Yes, John Stamos is hot, love the olive skin tone with the light eyes, very striking. Tks for the compliments.

  83. Lauren and Stacy says:

    got it. primadonna, ha ha ha never heard that before. it always seems so glamorous from the outside, but you made me see that not always true ,, the ex was full of himself. Have fun in Bora Bora and try not to stare so hard next time you see the his hottness. round the way ha ha John Stamos 4ever.

  84. manders says:

    Uhmmm what number was Johnny Depp? Cause I only saw like half of it expecting him to be number 1 which he wasn’t. But he totally should be!

  85. Starcruhed666 says:

    Where are Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni?

  86. taylor says:

    mark wahlberg is verrry finne he deserves to be #1
    and he still verry much iss fine

  87. Eddie says:

    calling Chris out, you must be hot to to nab yourself a model do you have a my space? I model to and I’m Italian. live in the OC work in LA hey like what you said sounds like you got half a brain like that in a woman I’ve got some pics and some print work you will like. Caught the show 3am lets chat.

  88. Stacy says:

    dude get a grip

  89. Manda_K says:

    OK, so this is on right now and…ummm I too was wondering about Johnny Depp…and I read a bit and NOT number ONE?? What? I…I….I don’t understand.

  90. ellie says:

    uhm johnny dep deffy should have bee number 1! he is the sexiest man alive!

  91. John says:

    Uh, where’s Mark-Paul Gosselaar? Zack Morris was the epitome of cool. I’m a straight guy, but I think we all wanted to be him back in the day.

  92. Vanessa says:

    What about Julia Roberts?

  93. Chris says:


    Eddie, wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw it for myself.

    (Eyes Rolling)

  94. Muffy says:

    What no Zack!!

  95. emily says:

    anyone know the song that is playing at he begining of the show?

  96. Angel says:

    Im so glad Mark Wahlberg is # 1 cause his is VERY SEXY and he still is
    He has a SEXY body to
    I LOVE HIM!!!

  97. Becky says:

    I didn’t see the whole thing but I paused the fast montage of photos at the end and counted 31. So, there are 9 people who I don’t know that were on the list. Why can’t I find this list anywhere? Can anyone post the entire thing so I can evaluate it? This show was on a couple weeks ago, so I am surprised it is not online somewhere.

    IMO, there were more hotties than 40 in the 90s. They should’ve made it 50 or 60. And although I don’t know about 9 other people who were listed, I think they forgot Jared Leto! How could you have a hottie list without him? My So Called Life was in the early 90s. Was Cameron Diaz, Anna Nicole, or Jenny McCarthy on the list? What about Britney Spears? Her career started in the late 90s and she was definitely hot. Most of the people on this list are hot, but I agree with previous posters, where are David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson? I guess a list will always leave someone off.

  98. I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP says:

    wut number was johnny depp?

  99. Missy says:

    Mark Wahlberg? Really? I’ll admit he had a great body, but to rank he’s no Brad Pitt.

  100. holly says:

    i totally agree with ellie, johnny depp is he sexiest man alive!!! hes got my vote!

  101. holly says:

    okay, seriously, what number did johnny depp get? there were a lot of cool actors in the 90′s but johnny is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo number one!!!!!!!!! he is so fricken hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plzzzzz someone tell me what he got!

  102. Rindelle says:

    I was really wondering why Will Smith wasn’ one of the 90s 40 hottest hotties because if you saw some episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (a 90s hit), you would see how most girls who he had relationships with and some who where just really into him like Robin Given as Denise in one good episode.

  103. Connor-Lynn says:

    Is River Phoenx on hee? I mean just because he died in the early 90′s doesn’t mean he wasn’t hot during that time period ofthe 90′s he was alive

  104. TeenSpirit says:

    So I just watched the list from #20 down…. no Johnny Depp.
    There is no way he should have been in the 40-21 part.
    Were you all drunk when you made the list?
    Not only was Johnny the hottest thing in the 90s, but he dated the hottest women.

  105. Jesss says:

    i think its becuase hes pretty famous now whilst the other people on the list arnt as popular as they were back then?

  106. Will says:

    Who was #1

  107. zach says:

    no kurt coban?? im a guy and ithink he should be on here

  108. Christina says:

    I agree! I can not believe that Johnny Depp was not in there! They just focused on the same people, and some were hardly in the 90′s! What were they thinking?!?!

  109. manrique says:

    winona ryder is the hottest thing i´ve ever seen

  110. Me says:

    Woww….Antonio Banderas I love himmm …….Is sooooooooo sexy!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s Still sexyy and he are going to be sexy….4 ever! I love U antonioo! (l)

  111. me2 says:

    That’s All

  112. oldtimes says:

    Marky Mark is always here to stay!! I hate how his so mature now though, lol but I cant wait to see his new movie Max Payne :D

  113. Abigail says:

    oh my gosh you kno mark walberg is the most sexiest actor alive

  114. mairsa says:


  115. MARISA says:

    sorry.. above my name was spelled name isactually spelled MARISA…..

  116. maggie says:

    OMG, i missed it, did MARKY MARK win?????

  117. Emily says:

    what number was leonardo dicaprio????

  118. David says:

    I cannot believe you excluded Angelina Jolie. She was like the hottest woman in the 90′s. When she was in Hackers, you knew she was gonna be big! Then she did Gia, and was like WOW, and Girl, Interrupted. I cannot believe she didn’t make it! Also, I think Will Smith should’ve been on the list. I don’t find him to be super hot, but he was a HUGE star in the 90′s and so many other people would agree he is sexy. Other hotties like Alyssa Milano and Liv Tyler were excluded. They might not have hit it big but they were HOTT! I still can’t believe Mark Wahlberg was number 1, he’s hott, but I don’t find him unique enough to be numbah one! Oh well, I demand a recount!

  119. jaybay says:

    H A N S O N aka the sexiest jailbait puppies of the century.

  120. mich says:

    yes marky mark won

  121. liz rodriguez says:

    hey i think the photo’s of johnny depp are HOT and can u let him knw i said that!!

  122. dorothy lear says:

    what number waz johnny depp i luv him soooo sexyy

  123. Mz. Johnny Depp says:

    wat # was Johnny Depp hez crazy sexy, like sex on legz sexy!!!

  124. Anna says:

    Love this show

  125. v man says:

    wait who was the african american poet hottie guy with dreads, he was like # 30 something, the song dat was made by him had a really cool beat

  126. jnbg says:

    I wonder what people thonk of J.Depp> Yeaa… he went through all of the stages of georgeousness first your cute, then your dreamy, then your hot, then your sexy. He happens to be in his sexy stage. And i dont get how people say that he;s a bad boy, becuz hes not. He really sweet and funny, trust me- i kno

  127. jnbg096 says:

    Angie jolie is very pretty she should be in 40 hottest hotties of the 90′s

  128. Amelie says:

    Tyson Beckford is hot.

  129. Lizzy says:

    Oh. my. gosh!Johnny Depp is soo the hittest thing in the world. I know he’s like 45 but still. Has anyone here seen him when he was in 21 Jump Street?! It’s from before I was born, but still. sooo hott. What about in Sleepy Hollow? sexxyy. I looove him. And he’s so sweet and…love him.
    am I right??

  130. Janaiya says:

    Stamos was like a GREEK GOD!!!!!

  131. Deisha says:

    I’m so glad 2pac was on there. My GOSH he was sexy $`_*)!~()*_~^#$ hell!!!! lmao

    hum…what number was he? I aint seen it before!
    and is justin timberlake on there?

  132. Alex says:

    Hope you had Sarah Michelle Gellar. Buffy was the 90′s.

    Why don’t any of these list ever include daytime stars either? Soap Stars are the hottest people on the planet.

  133. michelle says:

    marky mark was number one he is so hott seriosly

  134. 90sLover says:

    Johnny Depp is in there you ^^@_(+!&`(~`~__+ ing idiots

  135. ivanna says:

    zack efferon!!!!!

  136. Gary says:

    If either Caroline Bermudez, or Nicole Beland are single and available, here’s one middle aged man who’d like to date either of them… :)

  137. ssd says:

    what girl was the one when the started making out in the pool

  138. JEss says:

    Where the #___(*&~&!#(%$!! is Scully?

  139. Aitch CS says:

    what number was Brad Pitt? I can’t believe he wasn’t #1

  140. alanaaaaa says:

    marky mark got number one and pm anderson got two, brad pitt got number three, anf i dont rmember the rest exactly lol,

  141. LIL ANA says:

    whats the cebs name? the last one in the pic??? next to unclle jesse????

  142. Emily says:


  143. nick says:

    heather graham was the hottest of them all

  144. morgann says:

    WTH? no kurt cobain?
    you guys are crazy

  145. Sharane says:

    Don’t know about y’all, but no matter what age or size or anything…Vincent D’Onofrio, Robert Downey Jr., and Christopher Meloni are all good enough for me.

  146. Sharane says:

    Vincent D’Onofrio…Robert Downey Jr….

  147. Dow says:

    SHANIA TWAIN… who cares about country music… she was the hottest!!!!!

  148. reg5678 says:

    Sarah Michelle Geller was sexy in buffy in Cruel Intentions but who likes Johnny Depp hes so ugly

  149. Somebody says:

    GUYS! Are you kidding me? I can’t believe LUCY LAWLESS WAS NOT IN THE LIST! I’m a girl and I have no doubt she was the sexiest woman on TV from 95 to 01! Gosh! *disappointed*

  150. Blahhh says:

    who cares if its US-centric. it’s a TV show. GET OVER YOURSELVES.

  151. ems4 says:

    Yeah marky marky crazy hot!!!

  152. KIMORA says:


  153. Nadia says:

    Ok, I know he had changed his look later on, but why isn’t Michael Jackson on the list? He was HUGE in the 90s. I mean women all over the world would throw themselves at him and even faint at his presence! I know we started making fun of his physical appearance later on (although I always thought he was attractive even till death), but please give credit where it is deserved! The heart-throbs that were on the list didn’t even get half the admiration that Jackson did.

  154. MARIA says:


  155. ms.david_draiman says:

    OMG I’m very pleased because 3 of my celebrities were in the top 40 hottest of the 90s.

    1. Johnny Depp, who cares if he’s in his 40s! he’s still HOT!
    2. Kurt Cobain, i know he’s dead. i still love his eyes, his blond hair and his 5 o’ clock shadow.
    3. Mark Wahlberg, no reasob at all. He’s just hot!!!

  156. theoneuhate says:

    Wat about angelina jolie she freakin hot!! How did she not make the list?

  157. beck says:

    what is the name of the song that’s played during the number 40 hottie?

  158. Ethan Hawke Fan says:

    go Ethan Hawke

  159. olivia says:

    Go Ethan!!!!

  160. Nirea says:

    Janet Jackson?
    Should Have Been Closer To #1!
    Atleast In The Top 5 :)
    -JDJ Fan

  161. GARY says:


  162. elorajade says:

    I am deeply hurt and disgusted that VH1 has the audacity to exclude the GREAT MICHAEL JACKSON. He was VERY cute and HOT…Hundreds of women AND men would faint at his concerts. They would cry at the sight of him. Fans have KILLED themselves because of his death. Out of his entire career, he was his hottest in the 1990′s. Why was he not on the list??? This makes ABSOLUTELY no sense to me. I would LOVE to talk to the editor on this matter. COME TO YOUR SENSES PEOPLE!!!

  163. marky wifey says:

    MARKY MARK WON!!!!!!!!!
    he really is the hottest guy EVER!
    what did leonardo dicaprio rank?
    he should have ranked pretty high=p
    i hope they show the hottest hotties of the 90s again SOON=)

  164. Hongo says:

    I’d like to see a version of this past decade. Angelina Jolie, Anna K, JLo. . . any thoughts?

  165. Hongo says:

    I’d like to see a version for this past decade now that its coming to an end. Angelina Jolie, Anna K, JLo… thoughts?

    Also I think michael jackson was more in the 80s, nadia

  166. kolaida says:

    I think MJ was more 80s, too. Also, I believe this list was about hotties who were hot in the USA (regardless of where they came from) during the 90s. If you want one for your own country, we are not stopping you. I was surprised not to see Will Smith, Nicole Kidman, or Kurt Cobain on the list. In all fairness, their list of Top 100 90s song, number 1 DID go to Nirvana. Mariah Carey was on the list, towards the top. They did do a “hot flash” tribute to all the boy bands and music video babes. Tyra Banks was also on the list, looking as gorgeous as ever. Brad Pitt was #4, if I remember right. Pam Anderson (also gorgeous) was #2 and MARK WALHBERG was number ONE and he was SOO HOT. And still is one fine man. My only complaint about the list is that I didn’t see Will Smith or Nicole Kidman (though, I only caught the Top 20).

  167. Danae says:

    brad pitttttt

  168. matthew says:

    i think that the #1 guy is too &~_*%$_~(&(^&(** ing sexy and i would &~_*%$_~(&(^&(** him like all the time… and if yall got a problem then &~_*%$_~(&(^&(** yall @&^!$$`!)#^#~#%)! es

  169. Jasmine says:

    they are all ugly except the girls but the guys are just extremely horrible you feel me

  170. Beautylife says:

    Why isn’t Aaliyah on there??? She was very beautiful are you kidding me ? wow u guys need to go back and re-do the editting…not cool!
    R.I.P Aaliyah we miss you!

  171. no one special says:

    I am way 2 young to like him
    but I am in love with johnny depp(from the 90′s)
    the hair
    the eyes
    and something i just can’t figure out
    (it’s a mystery)…maybe it’s the mystery that makes him so…atractive

  172. ashley says:

    Whatt..Michael Jackson didnt make it on the list. Then its all screwed up. Michael Jackson defines sexy. Havent u guys seen his mike jr through those sexy gold pants.Even after his vitiligo..he is my opinion. PLus cute, shy and humble…hell yea..number one on my list.

  173. Hobo.ha says:

    i agree with that one person ‘no one special’
    i am way to young too but i LOVE johnny depp.
    i’d marry him ;) hottie.

  174. monie12 says:

    Aaliyah should have been on that list aswel she set a hold new trend for the next artistes under her. Not only was she the 1rst young artist to sing at the oscors, but 1rst young emale at that.

  175. C.C. says:

    Axl Rose Should Have Been On This freakin’ List…ohhh And Bret Michaels….Duff McKagan..I mean c’mon dude..You guys should make a 40 hottest hotties of the 90′s and INCLUDE ROCKSTARSS!Or Maaybe a Forty Hottest Hotties of The 80′s..

  176. joe says:

    did marky mark win more then once?

  177. bob says:

    am i sexy

  178. cath says:

    The girls form TLC better be on there ;) :P

  179. karii says:

    HE IS %$__$`_(@(@($!*( ING HOT
    AND I SAW HIS ((!“%%+&(&^~%(&& OMG
    30 CM

  180. Wayla says:

    Where the hell is Angelina Jolie?!?!

  181. Wayla says:

    It’s crazy how all the comments about how Michael Jackson should have made the list came after his death. I went through all the old comments to see. It sucks that people didn’t care about him that much until he died. I mean he still obviously had a lot of fans, but he’s gained so many in death. Now more people are aware of the incredible talent he had and of his caring and generous personality. I wish they’d been aware of it then, but oh well. And I totally agree!! MJ should have been in the top 3. It should have gone:
    1. Johnny Depp
    2. Michael Jackson
    3. Angelina Jolie

    I can kinda understand why MJ didn’t place, but why wouldn’t Angelina Jolie?

  182. N says:

    Where the hell is kurt cobain?

    And johnny depp is number 35? Really?

  183. Thomas Hoeweler says:

    My favorite Hottie is Nicole Eggert from Charles in Charge and Baywatch and Baywatch Nights because she’s a hottie!

  184. Tara says:

    forget cobain, where was eddie vedder?!?!?!!!

  185. Kacie says:

    What place was Johnny Depp??????????????

  186. jackal says:

    who is the girl underneath Denzel Washington ???? she doesnt seem to be on the list, but her picture is there

  187. Julizz says:

    Marky markk
    Alicia didn’t deserve that plece on the list she wasn’t so hot like Cristina applegate or tyra banks…Leonardo dicaprio also should be ahead george cloooney, he was vvery hot!
    and johnny depp was hottie than other

  188. Andry says:

    What about angelina jolie and Kurt cobain and AXl rose?
    where are them?
    angelina was absolutelly Hot…Kurt and Axl damnn soo hot
    Nicole Kidman…where?
    Pamela Andreson is Bubies no more
    Marky mark yeahhh!

  189. Medina says:

    leonardo dicaprio should be on the 3 or 4 place not 8 he was very very hot…
    with tyra banks

  190. Colleen says:

    Kurt *sigh*
    Those eyes…
    He should have been #1

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