The Celebreality Interview – Shannon



Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner for I Know My Kid’s a Star! Below, McKenzie’s mom talks victory, her history in pageantry and how God helped her cope in the tumultuous world of reality TV.


Thank you very much.

Tell me about what was going through your head when you and McKenzie were named winners.

It was such a surreal moment. To live in that house, you have to become a little numb, so, at that point, I didn’t feel very much. You’re happy, but you’re sad. You get so attached to the people on the set, that you know you’re going to miss them. So, it was mixed emotions.

Have you started working with Marki yet?

No. We’ve talked to her periodically, but we haven’t worked with her at all.

Are you going to?

We’ve had the opportunity, but I don’t know. From what I understand, Marki doesn’t even really work with kids. I would prefer McKenzie to be with someone who does.

What are your plans for the prize money?

If you leave it up to McKenzie, she’d give it all to charity. People think, “Oh, yeah right. What 10-year-old would do that?” My 10-year-old would! I say, “We could at least break even on some of this stuff we do!” ‘Cause she also sings and performs in other places, so we need to at least break even, thank you very much. We’ll be back in L.A. shortly.

Are you moving out there?

We’re going back and forth. McKenzie’s not ready to move out there. I’ve made it very clear that these are her dreams and what she wants out of life, so until she’s ready, you know…

You’ve been pretty active with your comments on this blog. How do you deal with the criticism you encounter?

Well, in the beginning, people were saying that me and McKenzie were fake and making fun of our accents and being cheesy or whatever, and I just ignore that. I do not respond to negative blogs. It just doesn’t really bother me. Not everyone’s going to like you, and I don’t have a problem with that. I defended myself one time over what I said about Mary Jo during the radio-show challenge, when Gigi and I both said that Mary Jo would be the first kid to enter rehab. I felt very guilty about that, so I post about why I said that. It had nothing to do with Mary Jo, but the area her mother told me that they live in, how they all do drugs at a young age. In retrospect, I felt like that really could have hurt that kids feelings. I felt like I had to defend myself, because of her lil’ heart.

Did the stress of the show take its toll on you?

I prayed a lot. That helped me stay sane, and I reminded myself everyday why I was there: for McKenzie. She loves it. Absolutely loves it. People ask me what was my favorite episode to film and I say the last, because it meant I was going to be home sooner.

McKenzie was sort of the dark-horse candidate even going into the finale.

Definitely. Look at the age difference between McKenzie and Cheyenne, two or three years, which is a lot when training is concerned. But the other factor was that McKenzie’s never had any real training. She’s had three professional voice lessons.

Your pageant background was touched on during the show. Were you doing pageants at McKenzie’s age?

No. I started when I was around 11 or 12, and I did just a few because I played a lot of ball. I stopped and then started back when I was older. But I only did the big pageants that would pay scholarship money and things like that. Pageants were a small piece of my life.

Why do you think that McKenzie chose acting instead of following your footsteps into pageantry?

McKenzie’s never really been exposed to pageants. They have really, really changed a lot from when I’ve competed. Even three-year-olds are wearing fake eyelashes, tanning cream, wigs, fake teeth. When you take that all away, it’s like, “What child did I choose to win, because I don’t see her in this room?” I’ve never even considered allowing her to do pageants. Another thing about pageants, for me, being pretty is OK, but if you’re a nice person, it goes a lot further. If you’re not a nice person, you’re not pretty, after all.

Do you think stage moms get a bum rap?

No. Not at all. But I don’t consider myself a stage mom. When I think of a stage mom, I think they get all of the criticism they deserve. To me, a true stage mom is someone who’s trying to live their life through their child. A true stage mom is constantly pushing, pushing, shoving, shoving while their kid is sitting back going, “Mom, can I just be a kid?” That’s why I don’t consider myself to be a stage mom, because I always tell McKenzie, “Baby Girl, if this ever feels like work to you, it’s time to quit.”

Did any of the moms in the house fit your definition of stage moms?

Do I have to answer that? (Laughs) I’ll say yes without naming names.

Was there any strategy in McKenzie choosing “Alone” as her final song?

Absolutely not. Before we even made it to the show’s final 10, McKenzie ended up learning two songs, only to find out that she couldn’t do either of them. We had to learn another song, and “Alone” was it. Because she already knew the words, we ended up going with that for the final performance. It had nothing to do with anybody else. I told her, “Push comes to shove, you will sing ‘The Hokey-Pokey,’ you just gotta put a lot of personality into it.” It blew my mind that it came down to Helene and me having to flip a coin, and I purposely let her call it because I did not want to hear anymore whining. I had heard enough whining in that house.

Has McKenzie been affected from appearing on the show at all?

No. She doesn’t view this as any big deal. We sit in McDonalds, people bring up napkins for her to sign. We cannot go anywhere without being recognized, but McKenzie doesn’t have a big head by any means after this. She thinks that her talent is a gift from God and she wants to use it to the best of her ability. The fame and fortune doesn’t matter. She just wants to entertain. As far as life itself, it has changed. Wal-Mart used to take me an hour, now it takes me three.

No matter how well-adjusted a kid is, no one’s immune to showbiz’s tendency to chew people up and spit them out. Do you worry about McKenzie’s future?

Well, if you love your kid, you always worry. I tell her all the time, “Just sit there and smile and be nice, you let Mama be the mean one.” That old saying, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? I say, hell hath no fury like a woman who’s children are in danger.

Shannon prepared a few additional words that she would like to share with the readers of this blog:

Thank you all so much for your support. As all of you know, the entire ordeal was extremely trying on me, but I survived. I can honestly say even if we hadn’t won, I’d do it all again for the experience. Plus, McKenzie had a blast, and we met lots of wonderful people – not just the cast, but the behind-the-scenes crew. McKenzie also acquired another brother named Gian, and I also found an adorable child who loves grits as much as I do (Alai).

Since McKenzie won, she’s been restricted on what she can do professionally. This show was to be her coming-out, so to speak. Whenever she was asked to do certain things, people did not know that she had won. She was asked to sing the national anthem at the College Liberty Bowl on ESPN. She was asked to be a featured entertainer at the St. Jude’s Gala in Memphis, Tennessee. But she was able to perform in a lot of local shows. I’ve been keeping her away from any acting around here, because in theater, everything is dramatic and over-the-top, and, as everyone knows, acting is reacting. She’s naturally very dramatic and over-the-top — let’s not add fuel to the fire.

Also, McKenzie’s been very busy in school. While we were in L.A., she missed the first month and had a lot of catching up to do. I must say her dad and I are so proud of her. She has worked really hard and maintained straight A’s. She has also had time to just enjoy being a kid, whether she’s playing basketball, softball, swimming or riding that crazy fusion stick, the kid is always outside doing something. And no matter what she is doing, she is always, always singing.

I’ve made it very clear that there’s not enough money in the world that could convince me to sacrifice my children or my marriage. Thankfully, Brian and I are so solid and strong. So, like I told Baby Girl, as long as you are enjoying what you are doing, we’ll keep doing it. But if you ever want to stop, just say the world. That said, whenever she makes a commitment she knows she has to stick it out, but after that, it’s over.

As far as Brody, my little boy, is concerned, he is McKenzie’s biggest fan. When she is on stage singing, it’s so cute to watch him hollering her name. Plus, he has his own time to shine on the ball field, and he’ll probably be doing some print work and commercials. Yes, he’s mine, but he’s so darn cute.

To all: we have lots of decisions to make. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Lots of love to you all,
Shannon and McKenzie

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  1. Katie Cook says:

    I’ve like McKenzie since the very beginning. She’s adorable.. and thats what you need in a star.. Congrats and hope she makes it far

  2. SHAUN says:

    I was so happy to see that yall had won. All i can say is keep God first and the rest will follow. BE BLESSED

  3. DanKlien1218 says:

    Congratulations McKenzie!!! You earned every bit of this!!!

    Congratulations to Shannon for being a great manager and a FANTASTIC MOTHER!

    Mary Jo and Cheyenne, you both were amazing and will be HUGE stars!!!!

    Pam and Helene, you are both great parents, don’t let the nasty people get to you or drag you down. You both have an amazing child who will go far. Just watch out for the VIPERS!

  4. Erin says:


  5. nkogneetow says:

    CONGRATS McKenzie and Shannon! Very well done!

  6. Bill says:

    congrats Shannon & McKenzie… you deserved to win!!

    There is no other way to put this… but what a +!+$^ Helene turned out to be… and her kid was pompous, arrogant and seemed to think it already belonged to her.

    McKenzie is America’s new sweetheart… good luck.

  7. Melissa says:

    Congratulations, MCKensie is a sweet girl who just wanted everyone to get along and has a very special heart. I just hope she can get some of your strongness Shannon so she doesnt get hurt, but I am sure with you by her side she will do just fine. See you in the movies!!!!!

  8. mamzboyz3 says:

    I love McKenzie and Shannon! The other moms should take lessons. The show ruined careers for some of these children. I would never let my child watch anythign cheyenne is on or in. That little girlis a product of her mother(poor thing) and her mother is mean and evil. Go McKenzie and Shannon!! You both deserved to win!

  9. Susan says:

    I just want to say congrats, McKenzie and Shannon!! I truly feel the best team won and I hope you know there are a lot of people out there in America who will be rooting for you all the way, in whatever you do!! Good luck and keep us posted about your endeavors!!

  10. Cindy Jacobson says:

    Congrats Shannon and McKenzie!! Shannon you truly area a wonderful mother, I was so glad that the two of you won. Best of luck to you both in the future.

  11. Theresa Smith says:

    What a delight to see McKenzie win! McKenzie is so sweet and talented and Shannon is a wonderful role model as a mother and a Christian. I am so delighted to see someone like her be acknowledged. This mother-daughter team have their priorities right and were consistently Christian in all they did. I think all mothers can learn from Shannon. God bless you both on this new journey! Keep the faith – we need more families like yours!

  12. yvette arthur says:

    you won congrats .. but did you deserve to is another matter,
    you have the money no need to lie about the charity thing
    i don’t think you winning would stop the other girl from being a star .
    she is going to make it , your daughter is cute but shes no star!!!!

  13. ej says:

    Congratulations McKenzie!!!! I kept my fingers crossed for you through the entire series. I loved you and your moms accent and never thought it was phoney. Your mothers love for you always showed throughout the show. Listen to your mom and stay true to yourself! Good Luck and God Bless!

  14. Bliss says:

    Congrats Mckenzie=]

    Yall did a wonderful job throughout the show, and kept it poisitive.. Yall truly deserved this!


  15. Ana says:

    At first I have to admit I thought you and McKenzie were fake but I soon changed my mind as the show unraveled. I love the fact that you always put your daughter first and you both kept your decency and integrity throughout. Congrats!

  16. Average_Joe says:

    I am so happy for McKenzie!! Shannon, you deserve so much credit for making it through with such grace, guts, dignity & class!

    I have to confess. I know you. Here’s a hint. You once said to me, “Worst case scenario, McKenzie wins this.” I have to laugh at that now. Need another hint? I was floored when you told me you’d wrestled alligators. You also introduced me to one of the best things in the world… Tony Chachere Cajun Seasoning! :) :) :)

    Sure do love you two! I look forward to one day saying to the person next to me in the theater, “Hey, see that big star up there? I know that girl!”

  17. gfdsh says:

    where does the money thing come into play? Who ever said they had tons of money.. Don you think they would be living somewheres else if they were so stacked?

  18. girlf8ce says:

    when i saw mckenzie on the first show i knew in my heart she was the winner congrats and good luck to you and your family no matter what anyone says you 2 deserved it more even if you werent a single mom that had nothing to do with the show

  19. Mrs. Bracey says:

    Congrats” Mckenize I thought you were brilliant on the show and you would go a long ways. Continue to stay humble and listen to your Mother which is Awesome to me. Good Luck

  20. Dale, Lorelle, Kaleb & Allee says:

    McKenzie, Shannon, Brian and Brody,

    We are so proud of you all. I can understand how hard this must have been for ALL of you. You were both wonderful on the show as you both are in person. Brian, I can imagine what you went through while Shannon was gone (Don’t know if Dale could have done it?????…lol) The kids and I have enjoyed watching every single episode, we didn’t miss even one. McKenzie we wish you the best of luck in all that you decide to do. Remember we love you always and never forget who you are or who has made you the person you are today…..YOUR FAMILY and GOD


  21. Jessica says:

    from the very beginning i was rooting for Mckenzie. through out the entire series, shannon and mckenzie both seemed to stay the most real. the way shannon handled tough situations was amazing. what good is raising a child where they hear you yell and swear all the time? its not a healthy environment for everyone? I believe shannon will raise mckenzie to be an honest and smart young girl who makes repectable decisions. Shannon and McKenzie deserved it the most, no matter what other people try to say. Congrats to you both, and i hope to see McKenzie in upcoming movies and television shows!!!!!!

  22. jennifer says:

    Dear Ms. Shannon and McKenzie

    Congratulations!!!!! You have NO IDEA how proud I was to see “Good triumph over Evil”. That is the only way I could describe the type of behavior shown by some of your competion. I yelled and applauded and thanked God for your win. Today’s world is filled with nothing but nasty, rude, disrespectful and back stabbers getting ahead and the good guys left to lick their wounds. Ms. Shannon you were a Great example of a ‘true mother”.
    McKenzie you were Wonderful!!!! You are a talented young lady and a joy to watch. I loved your enthusiasm,your smile and your ability to be a “star” with Grace!!!! Thank you both for restoring my faith in humankind. Yes, I know this sounds corny…. but it’s how I feel.
    I applaud Danny for seeing the “whole picture”. You both deserved it!!!
    Good luck and God Bless

  23. Lindsay V. says:

    Mrs. Shannon and Mckenzie,

    When I saw in the Central City News that you guys were on this show, I caught it on the second episode and have been watching it ever since! I am so thrilled to see how much Mckenzie grew, and to ultimately see her win!! I am so happy for both of you–you really were the best pair there! :)
    Ms. Shannon–I don’t know if you remember me, but I used to play ball with Ashlyn (Fireballs!! lol)…and I remember you out there helping us, with little Mckenzie and her dad running along the sidelines….she really grew into a star! I know you are very proud!! Wish you the best in the future!

  24. Karen says:

    Way to go McKenzie, I wish you much success in the future. You deserve the win.

  25. susan says:

    Shannon i think that danny made the best choice.. you are a great mother and a great role model not only for your daughter but for other children trying to break into the show business… it is wonderful to see a mother devoted not only to her child but to her self and how she is preceived.. you won my respect and admiration.. with God first then family values you cant lose.. keep on with your strenght and inner voice.. i hope to see your daughter soon on the big screen again congratulations and my best to you and your family… susan

  26. Shane and Anita Evans says:

    The Evans Family all sat around and watched the last episode tonight. YAY Mckenzie!! Way to go Shannon!! Folks, these are real people that went to Mckenzie’s brothers teeball game before the show aired tonight, and unless you KNOW them, I would reserve stupid comments like this one:
    # yvette arthur Says:
    May 8th, 2008 at 11:17 pm

    you won congrats .. but did you deserve to is another matter,
    you have the money no need to lie about the charity thing
    i don’t think you winning would stop the other girl from being a star .
    she is going to make it , your daughter is cute but shes no star!!!!”

  27. Shane and Anita Evans says:

    This child and this family are LOVED where they come from. They did not get that way by lying. No, Mckenzie winning certainly would not stop Cheyenne from being a star. The beauty of that is Mckenzie and Shannon WANT the other contestants to succeed.

    yvette, you should be glad for all the kids that they got the exposure on the show. IF a child’s parent/manager is difficult to deal with, they why would someone want to work with them.

    Be happy for all of them.

    Congrats Mckenzie and Shannon. You both made Baton Rouge proud!!

  28. Shane says:

    This child and this family are LOVED where they come from. They did not get that way by lying. No, Mckenzie winning certainly would not stop Cheyenne from being a star. The beauty of that is Mckenzie and Shannon WANT the other contestants to succeed.

    yvette, you should be glad for all the kids that they got the exposure on the show. IF a child’s parent/manager is difficult to deal with, they why would someone want to work with them.

    Be happy for all of them.

    Congrats Mckenzie and Shannon. You both made Baton Rouge proud!!

  29. Texasgirl says:

    Shannon my mom and i watched it and we are so glad that McKenzie won. She was soooooo good..tell her to keep up the good work

  30. CLB says:

    Shannon and Mackenzie–
    Congratulations to you both! Shannon, you are truly a classy and gracious woman and an excellent example for your daughter. Mackenzie, you learned soo much in such a short time while never sacrificing your manners or integrity. It’s obvious you two are part of a loving a solid family and you two were a very refreshing pair to watch! All the luck and love in the world, and God bless!

  31. Taylor says:

    I knew from the start that you guys deserved to win and im thrilled that you did! Shannon, I was literally nervous for Mckenzie when she got on that stage and she was spectacular! You have done a remarkable job coaching her, parenting her, and dealing with all the drama! You won as a team and I believe you were both Shannon and Mackenzie the best parent and child respectively on the show. I can’t wait to see Mckenzie in some sort of role if you both decide to take one. How you maintained that level of clsss and nobility in that crazy house is truly unbelievable. Wish there was some way to keep in touch! You’r biggest fan, Taylor.

  32. Angela says:

    You Go Girls! ! ! Thanks for showing everyone that you can go far in life just by being yourself.
    I am so proud of you both.Good luck in the future.

  33. Melody says:

    Congratulations from Denham Springs, McKenzie and Shannon. Not only do I congratulate you both for winning, but also for the dignity and class you showed throughout the competition. I can only pray Mckenzie enjoys her coming experiences in the entertainment industry. Seeing the kind of love, support and spritual background she is surrounded with, at least I know we won’t have to worry about her “making some bad choices”. Again, much love and respect is sent your way.

  34. Kevin and Devon says:

    Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! You guys were great people to know and we are proud of you!

  35. Emily Cowan says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!! I so loved Shannon from the beginning!!! I I was a little worried about mckenzie I must say but she was just so dang cute!!! And she really did improve so much!! Every time she would move on I seriously would clap!!!! haha And when she won in the end well lets say I got a noice violation in my dorm for yelling so loud!!! The reason I loved you guys so much was because of Shannon!!!! She serioulsy is the best mom ever!!!!! Like I would take her to be my mom in a heartbeat!!!!! :) And I love how she has such strong faith! I know that if Mckenzie persues acting in the future she will not turn into a “lindsey Lohan” she will be a TRUE roll model for everyone!! God bless and good luck!!!

  36. Jenna K. says:

    Sweet…..Can’t Wait To See McKenzie In Work When It’s Time… Glad You Guys Won!!!!!!!….Love From Jenna K.

  37. donna dean says:

    Shannon you guys were great, however I don’t think your ready for hollywood. You have to be very stong with people and like Helena is. Cheyene is a very talented girl, one of the best and she has a mother that can go to bat for her. Cheyene is a stronger singer and more talented of all of them and she should of won. Please no offense. Shannon you can not be nice in Hollywood, dod eat dog world.

  38. Jill B. says:

    Shannon and McKenzie,

    Congratulations!! I was rooting for you both from the beginning. I loved seeing McKenzie’s growth throughout the run of the show. By the finale, I knew she would be the winner. As a parent of three, I appreciate the manners and respect you have instilled in your daughter. I hope all that watch the show take a page from your book. Respect for ourselves and others is something that we need to see more of in this world. Congratulations again and best wishes in whatever God brings you.

  39. Danielle says:

    I know that all of Central had to be watching the show, and I think that I speak for all of us when I say that we are so proud of both of you!! Y’all handle everything obstacle that came y’alls way in a classy manner. It was so refreshing to be able to watch a show like this and to see someone so real and with good morals especially when that someone is from the town I grew up in!! Congratulations!!

  40. Victoria says:

    I am so ecstatic that you guys won. Shannon I think that you are a wonderful mother and thats what it is all about. As I watched the show I seen a lot of moms who took away the fun from the child. You on the other hand kept McKenzie focused but never made it seem like it was a life or death type of thing. You let her know whether she won or lost that it was okay if she did her best. Which she always did. McKenzie i think that you are absolutely adorable. I think it was huge of you to go apologize about the whole song incident especially since there was nothing to apologize about because you won fair and square. No matter what happens please don’t let these people take away that sweet girl that you are. Because that sweet southern girl is the one the has the victory. and there is a reason for that. God bless both of you in an amazing way.

  41. chas says:




  42. Melissa says:

    I am sooo glad you guys won. I’ve been rooting for Mckenzie since she showed improvement. She deserves this because she is talented but above all a truly sweet girl!

  43. Lindsey Mackinzie says:

    MACKINZIE!!! CONGRATS!!! I was hoping the WHOLE time you would win!!! You are the only one with totall respect for her mother, and I admire that! Keep it up girl! You did an amazing job, and deserve every minute of this!!!

  44. Terri H says:

    Hi Shannon and McKenzie,
    I just wanted to tell you both how thrilled I was when you won! I think McKenzie is truely a very talented person, and she has a beautiful voice and amazing personality! The personality is what hooked me from the beginning; like talent, it is either there or it isn’t. It is not something you can teach. I respected and agreed with most of Marki’s opinions and criticisims during the show, but the one thing I DID NOT agree with was her (&) essment of McKenzie as “fake”. As far as I am concerned, the two of you were the most REAL people in that house.
    Shannon, you are beyond a doubt a wonderful mother and role model for McKenzie; it is no wonder she is the most delightful little girl. You are so grounded, and thoughout the competition you showed such class and dignity, even in the midst of the other adults (and it must be said) acting less mature than their children. And because of your example, McKenzie posesses all these wonderful traits as well; she was always polite, considerate of others, confident in herself, and genuinely excited to be there. Your faith and pride in her always showed through, and I know it helped McKenzie to have faith in herself and just be able to be who she was, doing what she loves. If McKenzie decides to persue an acting or singing career, I know your love and faith have given her a firm, solid base to be able to fulfill her Hollywood dreams without losing herself, like so many child stars have.
    Sorry this is so long- I only meant to say CONGRATULATIONS!
    p.s. I think a lot of us who have watched this show from the beginning feel like we know you and McKenzie, just a little bit. And we love you. :0)
    God bless,
    Terri H

  45. musie says:

    Dear Shannon,

    It has been truly my pleasure to “meet” such a real and loving mother through this show. I am confident that Mackenzie will continue to know she is loved and will continue to love herself. It seems that character and “real people” are becoming a thing of the past, and it was a joy to get to know someone that has both. Your inner strength and your strength of conviction were strong enough to keep you and Mackenzie from going “off course” like so many of the other mother-daughter teams did.

    I was greatly saddened to see the anger and lack of confidence that Helene has and the effect that it has had/is having on her daughter, Cheyenne, and I hope she will get the help she needs. I would like Cheyenne to have the confidence to be as “real” as Mackenzie.

    I would like to thank you and Mackenzie for participating…and for all the right reasons. I wish Mackenzie continued joy in all that she does whether on stage or off.

  46. Rebecca says:

    McKenzie SUCKS ! ! ! go back to the boonies and eat some more squirrel. The only reason McKenzie one is because Danny wants to F*ck Shannon (McKenzie’s Mother). Cheyenne should have won hands down! Anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size, who watched the show more than once would agree. I hope McKenzie knows that her mother won the grand prize and not her. McKenzie is nothing more than a crapy ‘Hannah Montana’ wanna be; and I like the real ‘Hannah Montana’. The only thing that McKenzie has going for her is a hot mom; to bad McKenzie doesn’t look very much like her mother Shannon. I hope McKenzie knows that Cheyenne would have won the show if Shannon wasn’t good looking. McKenzie’s annoying, ugly, bad over actor, and horrible singer.

  47. MizzJacquetta says:

    congrats Mckenzie!!!!

  48. John Brown says:

    Cheyenne got robbed. She totally dominated the competition. She should have won hands down. Danny you are an idiot.

  49. ~*~Diana~*~ says:


  50. CORT says:


  51. Patricia says:

    I rooted for your daughter since I started watching the show. She’s a great kid. Hope to see her in a tv show or movie. I still remember when she was crying that she would never be as good as Cheyenne, well, she was right. She’s not as good, SHE’S BETTER!!!!

  52. Laraisa and Zachia says:

    We are verry proud of you and we knew you were going to win because of your positive aditude, and God children always wins weather it’s in a contest or you have God in your heart you are a winner. God Bless!

  53. JenniferS. says:

    Hey Shanoon-

    Congratsulations! Mckenzie you go girl! They sure picked the best winners. I just met you on here and I was siting ther crying along wth you. I’m very happy for you two. Shannon ,Mckenzie is real blessed to have a mother like you to by her side. I’ll be praying for you and all the many miles you have head on the road to sucess you too. Lord knows it sure will probably be. bumpy. Hopefully the man upstairs can keep them smoothed out for you. love yah- loads of hugs and blessing coming your way.

  54. Tatiana says:

    CONGRATS. I always knew you guys would win and i was rooting for you! I think you were the kindest, most true people in the house and i really admire your positive attitude. I cried when MCKENZIE won because I got so caught up with the show that I felt like i really knew her haha. Shannon…When I become a mother I want to be just like you…I can tell why your daughter is such a beautiful person inside and out! : ) I wish you the best!

  55. GLO says:


  56. Eli says:

    Congratulations Shannon and McKenzie. I’m delighted to say, Shannon is a true example of a strong supportive mother, and that having a positive attitude can overcome any obstacle.

  57. Mia's Mama says:

    Dear Shannon and McKenzie,

    I started watching this show probably a quarter of the way through and I remember thinking that McKenzie was (sorry to say) an overactor. But I watched you both handle the pressure of the drama in the house, other negativity, and the fact that McKenzie had no professional training with dignity and grace. You two hold a special place in my heart…I lived in Baton Rouge for while and used to teach 3rd grade. I now live Seattle and am raising a beautiful 16 month old daughter.

    As a mother, I watched you, Shannon, with pride. You did not engage in negativity in front of your daughter and you did not allow her to be negative to anyone else ESPECIALLY herself! Way to go. McKenzie, good luck to you. You are definitely a star and wherever your path takes you, please continue to shine as brightly as you do now! Remember to be yourself and to listen to your mama…as you know, she is a GREAT mom!

    Best Wishes to Both of You,

  58. Lanna says:

    Shannon and Mckenzie,

    CONGRATULATIONS! CONGRATULATIONS! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Truly, the best team won! I think ALL of the kids on the show are VERY talented and will be stars one day, but the two of you really showed how a PARENT/CHILD team is supposed to operate in show business. That’s what they were looking for, as well as talent. I can’t wait to see what Mckenzie does next.

    Shannon, I hope to see you soon.

    Ya’ll Were AWESOME!

  59. Kim says:

    To Shannon and McKenzie,

    The right choice was made no doubt in my mind. Thank you for being an example to us all. I have 5 Grankids 2 our interested in the business. But Mom and Dad feel they are way to young. Mostly it has been people approaching them. My Son and Daughter-in-law feel very strongly that when your child is 12 and the’ve been trying to break into the business for 11 years maybe that should be a hint. Not saying that the person in question does not have talent that was obvious. What she didn’t have was a strong support system. I have several family members in the business. I have seen the good and the bad. They have won Golden Globes,Oscar nods and range in age from 70′s down to 18 no one is any younger at this point. Shannon although we did not have the pleasure of meeting your husband you have done a wonderful job with your child. and kudos for me I picked her from the beginning. She was so real and you were so grounded. I have nothing nice to say about the others so I will refrain. to the other final 2 fire everyone and start over. Let your mom just be mom and I think you’ll go along way. GiGi this is not for you but your talented daughter will do well without you if she chooses. GOOD JOB Aliah!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a sweetheart.

  60. Rockyrocknroll says:


    I just wanted to take the time to personally congratulate you and Mckenzie. I am as you know a very honest and fair person–crazy but fair. I Love you and your daughter as well as Helene and Cheyenne. I am very close to Cheyenne and think she shined throughout, but I have to say Mckenzie blew me away tonight. Mckenzie has an incredible voice–UNBELIEVABLE, she gave me chills. When I first heard her sing I thought she had power-but no feeling, it was kinda campy, I felt the same about her acting, but what I saw tonight was a star!! She completely took the direction toned it down and let herself shine thru which is the most beautiful of all. She is a genuine kind beautiful child–just like her mama– . I was blown away. She relaxed enough and felt so comfortoble in her own southern non Hollywood skin that she was able to really cry in the acting scene. Something that takes years of study and experience. She gave me chills. She’s a star Shannon. But most important she’s humble and beutiful on the inside as well as on the outside. She really was upset when she didn’t think Cheyenne got a song, that’s the beautiful heart she has. I’m glad Marky and Danny and evryone got to see how genuine I ALWAYS knew she was. And you looked absoluteley breaktakinly beautiful in the jeans jacket and dress out fit. I LOVE you Mckenzie. YOU ROCK. Please get in touch with us we miss you. Oh and Rebecca if that’s who you really are and not a bitter mom in disguise, how dare you put this beautiful child down that way. How sick are you to rip apart a child that way. Only someone with a personal axe to grind against Shannon would say those disgusting things about her–I should know. I love you both. Oh and…Welcome to Hollywood, Baby!!! Woo Hoo!!


  61. Samantha says:

    Shannon and McKenzie,

    I was so happy to see the best team won!! McKenzie is a bright shining star!! From the very first time I saw her on the show I thought of Lindsay Lohan as a young girl, only I gotta tell ya…McKenzie beams way brighter and her personality is 110% original…no other in the world like her!! And with a mom like you Shannon, that kid’s got the world at her feet! She can be the success story!!

    The show was a perfect example of what child star nightmares could grow into. You two ladies brought class to the competition. The way both of you conducted yourselves throughout the competition was admirable to say the least. However, I felt so sorry for some of the other children on the show. While talented, they were under so much pressure to be perfect that they never had the chance to shine.

    As loving as you were Shannon, it must have broken your heart to watch the show as it aired on television. There’s something about Gigi that makes me think she doesn’t mean to hurt Alai, but the way she constantly drills her is painful. I hope when she sees the show she will see how broken Alai’s spirit is and how hard that precious little girl tries to please everyone around her (like little Ms. McKenzie). I think she’s a good person who will do the right thing and change it once she realizes it. But as far as Pam goes, I don’t think she cares who she hurts. She proved to be dishonest and shady all the way around. I wanted to reach through the tv and shake her for the mind games she played with Mary Jo. That poor child. Those girls and the others looked up to you in their time at the house. You genuinlely cared about each of them. That is what sets you apart as a mom and your support will help your little angel make it in the business and as a loving, solid human being. Congratulations!

  62. Miller says:

    YEAH!!!!! McKenzie

    You are #1 you are a awsome kid ! a real friend and a STAR…..thank goodness the real Star of the Show and her awsome Mom WON!!! I wanted to jump up and Down.. Stay sweet stay humble and continue to keep giving the credit where its due to Jesus and your awsome parents!!!! We cant wait to see you on Disney or Nick with your own show…you ROCK Mckenzie!!!!!

  63. samantha says:

    i think your daughter is beautiful i like the way you went about things through out the whole show i also prayed she would win she very talented

  64. Michelle Lee says:

    You are a wonderful mother. I can honestly say that I cried when McKenzie won. I was so happy for her! God was with both of you the entire time. I believe that he blessed her with this win. You are a loving mother and it shows. Keep up the great work withMcKenzie and God will always watch over you both!

  65. Deb says:

    I think people forget what this show was supposed to be about. Each of the kids in the show IS talented and probably could find work in Hollywood.

    But, the idea for this show was to pick the best parent/child team, so that the kid star would survive Hollywood with his/her self worth intact. Based on that, Danny chose the best combination.

    Congrats to Shannon and McKenzie.

  66. ml says:

    I am so happy that you guys won you are a heaven of a mother. You never pushed her too hard or told her to be decieving or mean to the other girls. I watched the last episode and I couldn’t believe how much more since Mckinzie has than Helene. The little girl was so upset because of the way that fat b!%$# Helene was acting throwing chairs, stumping around rolling her eyes @ Mckinzie you guys flipped a coin it was FAIR. When Mckenzie even asked if they were ok because she felt bad for nothing. She brushed her off something awful talking about her fat a## didn’t want to talk, that was a child you don’t do children like that and that is why her conceited funny looking &%) and her conceited loser daughter went home. Helene should watch the show and see how a good mother is suppose to treat her child.

  67. Felicia says:

    Congratulations McKenzie & Shannon! McKenzie is truly a talented and beautiful child. Her beauty shines from the inside-out. As a mother myself, Shannon, you have been such an inspiration to me. If only all mothers would instill selfless love in their children and foster their relationship with the Lord then we would not have all of the mean bullying and ignorance we see everyday on the news involving kids. I know we will see many wonderful things from McKenzie in the future and our family will definitely be cheering her on. God Bless you and your family!

  68. Elaine says:

    Yea McKenzie, way to go girl!!!! I had figured out McKenzie won a few blogs back with the “What did McKenzie book? comment Helene had left.

    Shannon, may I say, your parenting style has really touched me and made be think introspectivly. I have always thought like you, but would rarely come out and say it. I have been thinking, what does my child need to hear to feel good about himself lately, and then saying it. Thanks for going on the show, you were better than Nanny 911 for me!!!

    McKenzie, that voice of yours is amazing. My husband who has a trained ear, was playing on the computer while I was watching and turned around and said Wow, that kid can sing!!! Again, congrats!

  69. Doreen says:

    Shannon & McKenzie– You are truly a great “team” and will go as far as you want.

    McKenzie — You were terrific in the finals– I can’t believe how much you grew in such a short time. Keep up the great work, stay true to yourself — you are a wonderful, talented, compassionate and spunky girl and keep listening to your Mama (she is a great lady– you are a lucky little girl to have her as a mom). The skies the limit for you kid!!!!

    Shannon– You are an amazing person!!! To be able to stay so focused throughout that whole process is such a credit to your character and heart. You handled yourself and McKenzie so great during the “song issue” and “wardrobe issue”, I was so proud of both of you. As the mom of a 7 year old girl and almost 9 year old boy, I want to thank you for those words of wisdom– “Don’t compare yourself to someone else– you just work hard being a better you”. Those are such inspirational words whether you’re at the top of your game, the middle or bottom. Great words to live by. You have a great head on your shoulders and a wonderful heart and I know you will help guide your children to a great future.

    Best wishes to you on your future endeavors — enjoy the ride.

  70. Ann says:

    I can’t believe you all think that Shannon is so wonderful. I liked her at first, but as the season went on, I saw her true colors and how she put people down and she wasn’t very Christain like! It’s true that her and her daughter have a great relationship, but Shannon was very deceiving and she talked about people just as much as the other moms did. I think Makenzie is a cutie and all, but Cheyenne was alot better. I wish Mackenzie all the luck in the world.

  71. Pr0m0m says:

    Congrats Shannon and Makenzie!

    Great parenting Shannon and Little McKenzie ,you were wonderful! I agree with Rocky upthread that we as the audience had no idea that little girl could sing like that. They showed so little of her singing in the first episode. I hope you always stay the team that you are and don’t let Hollywood change you. I think she’d be great on Broadway after hearing her voice. She’d make a great Cozette in LesMiseable. God Bless you both and keep us updated with how she’s doing Shannon. I’d think Nick and Disney would be knocking on your door right about now.

  72. bambi says:

    First, I’d like to say to Shannon that I believe you are truly a great mother. I too, as a parent of a 9 yr old daughter, love your parenting style and positive attitude. McKenzie is a wonderful, sweet and adorable little girl. Your relationship is one that alot mothers can admire and is commendable. With that said, while I do believe all of the above, I simply believed that Cheyenne was simply more talented than your daughter. She shined throughout the competition winning the first 3 out of 4 challenges. Helene was also the model parent-manager until the end when she felt she was being discriminated against. I don’t hold you accountable for being “White”, cuz you seem like a wonderful person, but please do realize that discrimination in this country is still “Alive and Well” and an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere! This competition was unfair and unjust. I believe McKenzie will have a wonderful career as you did a good job finding her “brand”. But I also believe that Cheyenne has her own “brand” and unfortunately for her (being a mixed child), she will not have it as easy as McKenzie. I know your first priority is YOUR CHILD, but do not close your eyes to our plight. Congratulations on being a wonderful parent in the hardcore world of TV! Please don’t take this post as negative, as it is not my intention to “rain on your parade”, but only to bring to the light what is being done in the dark every single day in this Country. I think you know that Cheyenne was simply more advanced (not to say in 2yrs McKenzie won’t catch her as there is an age difference), but right now, you know who showed the best overall talent. Even your daughter said, “I could never be as good as Cheyenne”…she’s smart and she knew that Cheyenne was better. While that doesn’t mean that she’ll actually never be as good (I think she can in her own way), it does show the blatant disregard for Cheyenne’s performance along with her Mom’s direction and this can only point to one thing…..racism!

  73. amanda says:

    YES!!!!!!!!! I am so THRILLED! I was rooting for McKenzie from the beginning! I love how southern she…especially in the catching up with shannon and Mckenzie video….about wanting to eat squirrel. lol That is just TOO precious! And that sucks that they made Marki out to be this great child agent or whatever, and she does’nt even work with kids….thats like a big fraud right there….Helene is a sore loser with a daughter that tries too hard.

  74. JB says:

    Congratulations McKenzie and Shannon!!!!

    I think the show was definitely fair and the right person won. The show was not about picking the most talented kid. It was about picking the best parent/child team, and that was definitely you and McKenzie.

    Helene, you may know more about the business and may have been in the business longer, but I feel you did not do the best job of maintaining your cool and staying balanced for your child through this competition by teaching your daughter to remain positive no matter the situation. The primary objective of the show was to teach parents how to navigate their child star through the canals of Hollywood, and avoid some of the pitfalls that other child stars fall into. Blaming others(whether true or not), playing the victim, and creating enemies does not help your child but actually harms her by breeding feelings of insecurity, powerlessness, and creating a lack in skills to confront circumstances that cause many child stars to resort to using drugs or adopt other addictive behaviors.

    Shannon you are a great parent and more child actors in Hollywood need/needed a parent like you.

  75. KIDSTARFAN says:

    ALERT!! ALERT!! ALERT!! Shannon & McKenzie please avoid reading Bambi’s post!!! She’s a bitter bimbo.

    Why are you posting on Shannon’s blog??? We’ve all read your MANY MANY outrageous and rediculously racist comments under Helene’s interview. So why don’t you do us positive people a favor, and stick to what you know… other people JUST LIKE YOU such as Helene. For the sake of all good people out here, Bambi… I plead of you… Put the crackpipe down… and come out of the house with your hands up.

    BOTTOM LINE: It wasn’t about who was the most talented. But who was more likely to safely guide their child through a career in Hollywood. And in the end… Helene fell apart. Wouldn’t accept a 9-year-old’s apology… didn’t care if the children heard her cursing and ranting… and even threatened to play the game unfairly because she was “unhappy”. Shannon kept it together the entire show. After Helene’s 10 years of so-called experience in the business, why is Helene competing on a realtiy show for her daughter’s career anyway? Screams desperate to me. Seems like after 10 years, she would have made it by now… Could it be that “funky-fake” attitude that is stifling the career? Or the fact that she’s already been lost to the “Hollywood” mentality since she’s from L.A. I was actually rooting for Cheyenne at the beginning, but once the facade’s fell, the only people who were really themselves from beginning to end were Shannon & Gigi. Like it or not, for whatever reasons good or bad, these two people were themselves the entire show, and their children McKenzie and Alai are absolutely polite, adorable, and likeable. And they too were THEMSELVES the entire show. Halle Berry… Lenny Kravitz… ring a bell??? All interracial…. all succesful.

  76. KIDSTARFAN says:

    Oh yeah… Rocky was also her genuine self throughout the show also!

  77. Tracy Haffner says:

    Shannon!!!!! I love your parenting style and just your overall view on are very grounded and I want to be just like you when I am a mother. You and McKenzie both, were stars of that show…she definitely deserved to win and who better than yourself to guide her through her career…your parenting skills are amazing..mckenzie looks like a smaller version of yourself and it was hard to keep our eyes off the both of you…you are both gorgeous!! We were holding our breath the entire time hoping whom deserved to win would win..not only is she very talented, but she is so witty, outgoing, fearless and personable..that is also very important in the business…(we know she gets it from you)…Marki also supported Mckinsie all the can tell in the last 2 episodes how she stresses how much she adores Mckinsie..Helene became too overconfident and turned into a nagger..she was acting very childish by constantly trying to downplay mckinsie’s talent…why? because she knew you gals were her biggest competition – and triple threats! and this proved true..anyways, Congratulations!!!! Keep up the good work – remain a team – and don’t let Hollywood change you!! by the way, we would love to see a show with you and Mckensie..perhaps a show with you guiding her career…VH1 should look into it…. it would be a hit!!! God bless…

  78. petunia petal says:

    Congratulations on your win! It is so refreshing to see that a nice, Godly team won. NO obnoxious behavior, outlandish attitudes, back-stabbing or plotting won in the end. How wonderful! I hope that you both will be happy and successful, whatever that means for the two of you. Your love of the Lord was so clearly and wonderfully shown on the show and it was great that amongst all the bitterness and evil in the house and throughout the competition that the Good Guys won! Yippeee!

  79. janey says:

    Kidstarfan – I think you made a racist comment (crackpipe). Let’s not go there. I do agree with Bambi that Cheyenne is half black and perhaps she didn’t win because the market is not as big for non-white actors/attresses. Perhaps she’s been in the biz for 10 years because of the same issue. I think you are very racist. Bambi clearly mentioned that she has an interacial child so I don’t see why she would be racist against white people.

    Congrats Shannon and Mckenzie! You make a wonderful team!

  80. Karin Williams says:

    You brought so much class to the was such an ugly competition but you definitely lightened it up! Way to go!!! Ignore the negative comments. These people are such jealous…I am ethnic myself and guess what? The truth is Mckinsie is such more talented than Cheyenne..Cheyenne has alot of talent and can go very far but you have to have the whole package..she doesn’t have the personality / the star quality / the “it” factor that Mckinsie has…Mckinsie doesn’t have to be performing…she can just walk into a room and light it up / put on a show! She’s fab!!!!! Also, karma is good to good people…you never once put any other child down (the way Helene and others would)…you both played the game fairly and won fairly..i also admire your strength Shannon…you are an amazing woman…

  81. KIDSTARFAN says:

    Janey – Uhhh… how is “crackpipe” a racist comment??? Furthermore… I never said ANYONE was racist against anyone. YOU DID. Oh now I understand… You were hiding in the closet of the same house as Bambi! So Janey.. I plead of you also, put the crackpipe down… and come out of the house with your hands up!

  82. janey says:

    kidstarfan – I can see you’ve never made it past the 3rd grade so I have nothing more to say.

  83. JL says:

    Shannon and McKenzie,

    I have to say, my husband and I are from Alabama, and you were our favorites the entire show! We were so proud of you this week as you were singing “Alone.” You were fantastic! We are praying for you and your family, and we wish you all the best.

  84. Michelle (Lambert) Buhler says:

    Shannon and McKenize!

    Ya’ll did an awesome job!

  85. McKinsie Fan says:

    You could never be better than Cheyenne? Well guess what, you are! Congrats!

  86. Kelly says:

    Mckinsie is America’s newest sweetheart! VH1, Give us more!!!!

  87. Skyler says:

    McKenzie and Shannon,
    I am so incredibly happy that McKenzie won! She totally deserved it. I watched the show from the beginning not missing one episode and I have rooted for her from the very first time I saw her. She is adorable and a remarkable singer. Shannon, you truely are an inspiration. I love your parenting and you were by far the BEST parent on that show and you kept McKenzie focused and confident. Even when she thought she couldn’t win, you helped her push foward and do the best that she could do. You are an amazing person and I wish I could be around you and interact with you. Honeslty, I cried when I found out she won. I was so thrilled by the decision. Although all of the kids were talented, McKenzie proved to be the best. She is fantastic and I wish her all the luck in the world! Oh and Rebecca, you are cruel and hurtful. McKenzie is adorable and loving, has an amazing voice and a kick-butt actress. I love her to death and you need to stop making hurtful comments to her. For a nine-year-old, McKenzie is phenomenal and will definitely make it far in this business.
    Best of Luck and Lots of Love,

  88. DJ says:

    Congratulations to Mckenzie and Shannon. I just started to watch the show about 5 weeks ago; and was interested in seeing the dynamics that played in the house, during this whole time, Shannon you showed class, your love for McKenzie and how it is to be a good role model for other mother to act. Especially when it was just the two teams left. You were right in flipping the coin and letting Helene call it. But she still tried to make it bad and I felt bad for McKenzie and you, the way Helene carried on, no child should be exposed to that and both Shannon and Mckenzie handled it extremely well. So I hung there with pins and needles watching the final show. And did Mckenzie knock it out of the park, when she performed her song, I was impressed. She was wonderful. And when she and Cheyenne did their scene, McKenzie was believeable. I wish her luck and know that I will be watching for her in the future. She’s got talent and Mom you are the best example for all, to see.

  89. Helene says:

    I just watched the episode again…and if you all didn’t see what I saw, I think you all have lost your minds. Cheyenne was absolutely awesome and her voice was spot on!!! McKenzie sang pretty well, too…but nothing like Cheyenne. This was a popularity contest..not about true talent. Mr. Danny loved McKenzie from the first day in the house. And I believe he had something for Shannon. VH1 was absolutely crazy for leaving the decision up to him….he doesn’t know about singing..and very little about acting. Has he ever been an acting coach or agent or manager??? NO! His family life has been so screwed up, so how can he decide what parent/child team was the best?? And the whole deal with the producer promising Cheyenne the song, but then in the end McKenzie got it, was a bunch of crap…he is in violation of a verbal contract. In the end, Cheyenne was the best, she walked in this competiton the best and she walked out of it the best! There is no comparison between a 12 year old and a 9 year old….they aren’t even in the same category! I wish them luck and happiness, but I always call a spade a spade..and that’s what went on here. Totally fixed…and don’t fall for Shannon saying that her daughter and her want to give the money to charity…BULL! After McKenzie won, her and her mom were in one of the dressing rooms, and McKenzie kept talking about how rich she was now and “I JUST WON 50.000″ and about what all she could buy with it…Don’t put on a face that you think everyone wants you to see. Be you, and that’s what Helene and Cheyenne were from the beginning. Shannon started out all goodie, goodie, but then close the end, she was talking about everyone and even joining in the the fun when her daughter was imitating Cheyenne and making fun of her at the radio station…not very Christian like, if I have to say so myself. McKenzie is a sweet, little girl and she may do good in the future, but if you think about it, like I said before, you can’t even compare Cheyenne and McKenzie, they would never try out for the same part, they are too different and in different age categories. It’s over and nothing can change that, but I hope that VH1 smartens up and never leaves that type of decision in the hands of a former addict/alcoholic divorcee. Learn from your mistakes, VH1, never do it again!

  90. Ste[henie says:

    Without a doubt…Danny picked the most deserving next child star and mother manager. Being from the South as well, I feel that most people have forgotten the golden rule… treat others the way you would want them to treat you, however, most don’t even know who they truly are. Most are so busy living their lives in the fast lane, trying to look and act like their favorite celebs, and believing that a little pill will take away all of their worries, seem to forget what the most important things are in life…I admire you for staying true to who you are and instilling your genuine qualities in your baby girl…this is why you two are the winners! People like Bambi should really take a step back and take note! She is the prime example of someone who is so miserable with her simple life and who she has become that she has to make herself feel better by “raining on someone else’s parade.” To feel that racism played a part in this contest can only originate from a person who has major issues within themselves…my heart goes out to her 9 year old, for she will grow up believing the world is unfair and blaming her failures on racial issues and anything else just as she witnessed mom doing. Just remember…your positive attitude and love for others, your ability to stay true to yourself, and most of all…allowing your faith in Christ to guide and lead you will enable you succeed in what ever it is you choose to do.
    I would also like to commend you for never allowing yourself to join in and name call, especially the kids. Unfortunately, they are the ones who hurt most from all of this. To me, it isn’t at all about who is the most talented, but who has the most character! At least you can sleep well at night! You are a very special person and you make your maker proud! Hopefully others will take note and learn a few things from you. Way to go MCKENZIE!!!! Can’t wait to see more of you!
    Stephenie~Paris, Texas

  91. bambi says:

    Agreed totally Helene!!! I think bondadouchbag might have just had a thing for that dwarfed nose Shannon. I, for one, didn’t buy into that goodie, goodie crap either. I like Helene and Cheyenne (especially Cheyenne whose smile brightened my day!). They were real. Sure Cheyenne was nervous, with good reason to be. She knew and so did the other kids…that she far surpassed them with talent. This is why I can’t even watch a repeat of the show. I can’t believe that I’m living in such a grossly unfair world…we’ve learned nothing…America has learned nothing from its past mistakes. I WILL NEVER WATCH THAT CRACKHEAD BONADOUCHBAG ON TV EVER EVER AGAIN!

    I know you (Cheyenne) will get plenty work. Look out Beyonce…she’d better watch out for you. Your spirit shines so bright…and just know that sooo many of us know who the “true” winner really is…sometimes being a winner, doesn’t come with a crown girly! Stay focused…stay with your mother who is fantastic and dynamic and I could give a rat’s patootie what anyone says…Helene is the bomb mom-manager!

  92. Erin says:

    Helene, shut up! You’re just mad because your daughter didn’t win. Quit being a cry baby, you’re like sixty!! You should be over that by now.

  93. loveMcKenzie says:

    Shannon and McKenzie,

    How AWESOME! McKenzie, I was crying last night while you were singing. Seeing your mom in the background so proud of you and what you’ve accomplished made me so happy for all of you. Everyone is proud of our star. Keep learning and keep being you and the sky’s the limit!

    Ms. Brandi

  94. kerry says:

    Shannon and McKenzie

    Ive watched the show since day one!! Ive always wanted McKenzie to win and never doubted her! You both make a great team. I loved her personality and never though she was over the top. Shes so adorable and real down to earth kid with a nuch of talent. Shes great at everything. A beautiful voice. Shes a star and shined the brightest the whole way through the competition.You guys have stayed so grounded and true to yourself which i thought was great. And you never brought negatively to anything. Because of Shannon i really do think of things in a more positive way. I take all the advice you give to McKenzie. If everyone could just leanr and be as nice as you Your the best mother ive ever seen. I have so much respect for you and not being crazy and disrespectful like the others mothers cussing and threatening each other in front of children. It was fair is anythign Cheyanne had more of an advantage but McKenzie is the one with the most and truest talent. Your both beautiful and i wish the best of luck to you in!! Congatulations :-)

    P.S. And when i get older im going to name my baby McKenzie! I love that name.

  95. bambi says:

    Stephanie – WTF? Your from the “South” and I should take a step back and take notice? You come from the home of slavery and oppression against blacks and “I” should take notice? You must be friggin kiddin me. First of all, you should be ashamed of where you come from given all it’s current and prior hideous actions against people. Were we all watching the same show? I watched the show since day 1. I was scared to watch it, cuz I didn’t want to see any kids being abused and was afraid of that. But the show was held in good taste and the children did not seem exposed to too much adult content. I didn’t specifically wan’t anyone to win…I was just looking objectively to see the most talented. Cheyenne was undeniable with her talent. WTF were you all watching? When she performed in that acting skit (little kid dressed in rags), she made everyone cry. No one else had that kind of performance! Granted, little McKenzie did well on the finale, but in NO WAY compared to the talent of Cheyenne! Geeez!

    BTW, b*tch…my 9 yr old melato daughter is very well-rounded. I shield her from people like you and because of mommy’s well-established business…one day, if your kids are luck, they may qualify to clean her house!

  96. QueenB says:

    Oh, Helene, grow up. You’re acting like a sore loser. I think all of America has seen the real Helene in the last several episodes, and in case the American people need more of the true Helene, read her post. SOUR GRAPES! How could you even suggest that Danny might have something for Shannon? Weren’t you the one implying that you’d hop on the casting couch if it meant furthering your daughter’s career? Perhaps you are just ticked he didn’t have something for you! You were also the one that kept mentioning that other moms had men to take care of them. Maybe you’re just jealous that Danny wouldn’t be interested in you and therefore take care of YOU! I’d be real careful about the accusations that you make. You put yourself and VH1 in jeopardy of possible lawsuits resulting from slanderous or libel things you say. Grow up, Helene, and stop being bitter because someone got something you didn’t. If you don’t like it, take your toys and go home. Nobody wants to play with you anyway.

  97. JenniferS. says:

    One of the reasons I like Shannon is she is the first of the mothers to realy reach out to me. She kistens when you post a blog to her and she really cares about people. I belive Danny did pick the best Mother daughter team. After all Shannon gave us the impression that above all the hoopla she is a mother first. She never seemed to let any of the drama get to her in the house. Mckenzie being only nine and one the youngest really helld her own exspecailly toward the end with all remaining girls being so much older than her. I don’t think it was ever really about winning for Shannon and Mckenzie it was about giving their all and just being out there for exsperience. It probably wasnt easy to be mixed in that house with so many diffrent people and i;m sure mistakes were made. Nio one is perfect. I also think it says alot about parent /child team when they can come on her and congradulate the winners when they didn’t win. I hope the best for Shannon and Mckenzie and will Always keep them in my pray ers and hope they gave relitivily smooth transition through the buisness. Cause lord know ther wil be bumps along the way. There is the saying that the well traveled road s contain the best knowledge.

    Shannon , Mckenzie i’m california native you ever need anything just hollar in my direction. Waves!

    Loads loads of hugs and blessings to you, love yah Jennifer s.

  98. Jaime says:

    Shannon and Mckenzie,

    You guys did awesome and both of you were my favorite from the very first episode! Who cares what anyone else says Mckenzie did a amazing job throughout the whole show!!!

    God Bless

  99. redphoenix says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Shannon & McKenzie on surviving and WINNING this show…I am so happy for McKenzie’s success because from the beginning 1st episode, I can see she was a naturally sweet kid…nothing fake at all about her…a little over the top yes but you can see she really improved from episode to episode. My favorite scenes of McKenzie was whenever she gave another kid a hug showing what a nice person she is. Also when she tried to apologize to Cheyenne & her mom for picking the same song they wanted – that was just so sweet of her! All the kids on the show was really talented but I am glad that it was McKenzie who won and I look forward to seeing her “star” rise in the entertainment business :-)

    Shannon, I love the advice you’ve been giving to McKenzie and I’ve learn alot about being a mom from your example….Congratulations again and wishing all the best for you & your family.

    One of your many fans & supporters :-)

  100. stephenie says:

    Bambi- How unfortunate it is that you continue to blame others for everything. You see, I don’t judge people by the color of their skin, the clothes they wear, where they live, or the origin of their birthplace. Instead, I strive to look for the positives in life…

  101. Miss Kathy and Miss Gene says:

    Hey Baby Girl,
    You were AWESOME!! We are soooo proud of you. All those times Miss Gene watched you perform in your living room with only her and Brody watching paid off. haha
    We love you both very much and know that we are behind you 100 million percent.
    Can’t wait to see you on the BIG screen and the RED CARPET!!!

  102. Kathy says:

    Good Luck to McKenzie. She’s a sweet grounded child with an great Mom. The best child won as far as I’m concerned and I was pulling for Cheyenne in the beginning but Cheyenne’s needs an attitude adjustment but so does her Mom so who’s going to help poor Cheyenne. McKenzie was cute, took direction well and just blossomed into THE NEXT CHILD STAR.

  103. Judith says:

    Congrats to Shannon and McKenzie I thought you were the best team also
    Parents are a big part of a childs career
    You can’t teach a child how to be nice to others and respectful if you don’t do it yourself
    My children did not always win everything they wanted and they shouldn’t or they become
    a little to much like some I saw on the show
    I wonder if the parents look back and see how they look to others on tv and how much
    they affect the kids and how they act
    I believe there is a fine line in confidence and over confidence
    I liked how Shannon and McKenzie listened and tried to apply what was said
    and seemed to be an all around talent and good team
    Remember everyone these are kids and our future
    Everyone has talents and good tihings if we look the right way

  104. KAYLA GREEN says:



  105. Becky says:

    Shannon, I just wanted to let you know how much you inspired me. I am not a mother yet, but I believe that you are a wonnderful mother! Your encouraging words and good spirit is truly inspirational. As corny as this may sound, some of what you said actually gave me goose bumps. I believe you and McKenzie deserved to win because you were a team, and the best team. Best of luck to you and your family!

  106. LC says:

    I watched this show from the begining. And from the begining I rooted for Helene and Cheyane. Not only did Cheyane have the most tallent, she and her mother were the best team. Helene gave Cheyane good coaching which Cheyane always took graciously. Cheyane wasn’t disrespectful to her mother; she wasn’t a brat and Helene’s experiece with being an acting coach makes them better prepared for hollywood. After Cheyane won those three chalenges in a row I was so excited for her. Those other kids aren’t even in competition with her! At the same time I got a bad feeling that there was no way she would win. Its funny that they call it reallity tv cause theres really nothing real about it. Letting Cheyane win would have been too easy. The producers had to shake things up. After Cheyanes 3rd win it seamed to me like the show began to change. And suddenly, instead of focusing on the tallent of the kids it was more focused on the mothers and their fighting bickering and back bitting. It seemed to me like some of the mothers, whos kids were lacking in the compitition, were trying to be remembered by their bad behavior. Its a dirty tactic but it works. I wont forget Gigi any time soon. I started to feel like I was watching the realworld. If this show was really about finding the most tallented kid or best team, then thats where the focus should have been. But just like any reallity tv show ITS ABOUT RATINGS. No ratings, no show. Drama always brings in the ratings. I believe you Helene, when you said that the song “Alone” was promised to CHeyane. Or else why would she have sang it on the radio show? That just shows a lack of integrity on the part of the producers. Then when you got mad about them switching the songs they used it against you. So you ended up on Tv looking like the bad guy when really you and your daughter were treated unfairly. So, to Cheyane and Helene, you were too good for this show. It was nothing more than a reality tv fiasco. However, Cheyane did get some very good exposure. ANYONE who watched the show can see how good she is. She has left a lasting impression on me. I certainly wont forget her. I can’t wait to see her become a star. I know she will.

  107. Brandi McClain says:

    Shannon, You and McKenzie were my favorite from the very first show! Congratulations!!!! McKenzie deserved to win. She is not only SUPER talented but so gracious and caring. I was very impressed when she went to Cheyenne to apologize about the song in the last episode. What a little sweetheart she is! You are a fantastic mother and I wish they would pick more people like you and your daughter to be on t.v. because ya’ll were a breath of fresh air! Good luck to your wonderful little girl and to you & the rest of your family.

  108. JenniferS. says:

    Mckenzie you go girl!

  109. jennifer cortesl says:

    Shannon since the beginning I was rooting for Mckenzie.

  110. calypso says:

    Hello Shannon and MacKenzie! I just wanted to write and tell you both congratulations! I am so proud you both! I really loved MacKenzie’s performances in the finale. She has grown so much throughout the course of the show and you could just see the polish and skill she has acquired. I look forward to following her career for a long time! Also Shannon, just on a side note – thank you for being a true inspiration and example of what it means to be a mother. I was in awe of you. I don’t know that I could have been in the environment that you were in and kept my cool, my sanity and still kept my child focused and emotionally well-balanced. You are the mama-bear supreme! I think you are wonderful and am so happy for you and your family. God Bless and good fortune to you all!

  111. pamela mat says:

    In reading the blogs I find it coincidental that those who support Helene and Cheyenne are rude and sarsactic, a bit like Helene and Cheyenne.

    If Cheyenne is so talented why does she need a show like this? Why haven’t we heard of her in the past 10 years?

    Oh yes she is bi-racial and her parents aren’t in the industry.

    How did Halle Berry ever make it?

  112. Dana H says:


  113. P'Jaslyn says:

    To Helene & Cheyenne – Cheyenne is a talented girl nonetheless. But teach her how to properly sing. She’s trying to hard to sing & it sounds manly at times. If she learns how to control her singing she could possibly come close to be the next Beyonce… somewhat. You’re a beautiful young girl, but singing isnt you thing hon. Helene, its good you were always there to be on your daughters side, but you became to ^`&^$ y at moments. Grow Up.

    To Shannon & Mckenzie – Mckenzie you are a very sweet little girl & i can see you doing some great work in the future. You have some good traits. Keep up all the good work & stay sweet & talented. Shannon, i adored how you always keep your daughter up & stayed positive. Thats a good mother.

  114. Frances says:

    CONGARDULATIONS u guys were my fav. and in that moment when u guys were on stage i wish that ub would WIN and u did!!! that just shows that God knows and will always know what He’ll do

  115. randomperson says:

    Congratulations, McKenzie! Don’t take offense to this, but I personally thought that Mary Jo should have won out of the top three. Maybe it’s because she’s closer to my age (she’s 12 and I’m 13) or I just liked her spunky child-star style, I don’t know. But out of the final two, I’m glad the winner was you. Cheyenne thought too highly of herself. Hope you go far, McKenzie!

  116. angela says:

    Congrats Shannon and McKenzie!!! You are absolutly adorable and you could always see the peace of God in your lives. Im very happy you won, there is hope still in the industry to hire good people :)

    Helene and Cheyenne, yikes if Cheyenne won I would NEVER want my kids to watch whatever she was participating in, selling, nothing. She has a very stuck up personality and very ungreatful. Helene you are not a good acting coach or Cheyenne would have been ating by now since its been 10 years you’ve been trying. Your attitude held her back and will continue to get worse. She will grow to be disrespectful, mouthy and arrogant like you if you dont change that now. How dare you cuss like that in front of McKenzie because you lost a song, what a sore loser and no respect, 2 of the worst things in Hollywood.

  117. Nikole says:

    I’m so glad that You and McKenzie won. She is so talented and you are a great mom!
    I can see her going far in the future! I’ve rooted for you guys since the beggining and
    you totally deserve it.
    God Bless You!

  118. Emily says:

    McKenzie! congratulations! I did alot of performing when I was a child, and its clear that you have what it takes. Cheyenne is definitely talented, and its clear that she has worked hard, but MCKENZIE! Your natural abilities are fabulous. You did a wonderful job, best of luck in the future! I know you will do well at whatever you choose.

  119. mariah says:

    Shannon and MacKenzie,
    i would just like to congratulate you on your big win. MacKenzie was my favorite person on the show other than Alai. When Markie annouced her name I screemed as loud an I could and next thing I know tears were running down my face. MacKenzie you have a wonderful voice and when you sang Alone my mouth dropped it was the most beautiful song I have ever heard. MacKenzie you are a thoughtful young girl and i wish you the best of luck.
    love always and forever,

  120. mariah says:

    Helene & Chyene,
    i would just like to tell you that you did your best and thats all that counts. Chyene you have a special talent i can’t even do. you keep your head up high and God will bless you sooner or later. I hope you become a singer i loved the part when you held that out while you were singing at the finale. God bless you

  121. Victoria Foster says:

    I just want to say that I followed you guys through the whole show. You were my favorite because your daughter reminds me of my sister Ashley when she was that age. Loud, goofy, and just fun loving. Your daughter was my favorite because she stayed real through out the whole show and I think that’s really hard to do when there’s a camera in their face all the time. So congratulations and I hope to see McKenzie in some awesome show’s or movies, whatever she grows up to be in. She also be a beautiful actress, level headed. Congrats again! o^_^o

  122. REBECCAJANE says:

    I was rooting for you since the show started. I missed the first couple of episodes, but after watching for the first time, I was hooked. I had no idea that you were from Baton Rouge until a few weeks ago. I am also from Louisiana. near alexandria. I was like no wonder i was rooting for her, she is from my home state. I think that you are amazing. Shannon, you are both beautiful on the inside and out. I was amazed how calm you stayed throughout the whole thing. ROCK ON MCKENZIE!!!

  123. julie says:

    I thought McKenzie and Cheyenne were both realy talented. Makenzie in the beginning was totally overacting. She took direction and learned a lot and really improved. Cheyenne was good from the start. I think because of Helene’s attitude that Cheyenne was getting an attitude, also. She started getting a big head and she was getting mean. When McKenzie was trying to apologize for the song, when McKenzie tried to hug her and she turned away, and even cutting people off on the radio show. Helene was just getting worried because Cheyenne had competition so therefore, was saying it wasn’t fair. It was fair in the beginning when she was winning all the challenges. The show was about a team and Helene wasn’t teaching her daughter how to treat people. Shannon was instilling in McKenzie good values and to respect other people and herself. She is a sweet little girl. I was rooting for either one of them to win until the end. First of all, McKenzie was great in the finale and Helene and Cheyenne’s attitude in the end totally made up my mind who deserved to win. Congrats to McKenzie for winning and Congrats to Shannon for being a great mom. Happy Mother’s Day from one mother to another.

  124. Deb says:

    Wow! I’ve read some of the bitter and petty comments from adults on this blog. They make me cringe.

    Kids, enjoy being talented and developing those talents. There’s more than one way to be successful. Just love what you do and forget the crap that adults try to put on you.

  125. ashlyn says:

    i think that it’s so cool. because my parents sing in a gospel singing group and the guy that sings with them, greg sullivan, heads up a show with my uncle down here in louisiana….and months ago, mckenzie sang on that show with me and other w onderful performers!!! so, im very glad that she and her mother won. not only because she deserved it…but because they are firmly grounded in jesus christ.

    god bless.

  126. Tracy Delaney says:

    Shannon & McKenzie,

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are such BIG fans of yours in Prairieville, LA! We NEVER missed an episode! We heard you and McKenzie on Y100.7 Thursday morning…McKenzie YOU ROCK!!! We are proud to have you represent our state of Louisiana and portray our TRUE Southern morals and values! Keep up the good work McKenzie and HAVE FUN living your dream! Shannon, you are to be admired for how you are raising your daughter…you’re an inspiration! My daughter and I will look forward to reading about you and McKenzie in what will be a VERY BRIGHT future!!! GOOD LUCK and May God Bless You all the way! You both deserve it! Tracy & Landyn (Prairieville, LA) : )

  127. lauren says:

    hi i’m not going to state my name but i know who you are don’t be scared i’m kid i’m a bobwestbrook singer i live in memphis i saw you in branson i wasnt a singer at the time but i went with my friend sarah she was a preformer we went on a rollercoaster together you cried because it was a 150 foot drop and i was right next to you and i will tell you my name its lauren and you gave me a hug before you left

    i love you your like my younger sis lauren:)

  128. Meggie says:

    McKenzie, you’re adorable. Shannon- you set SUCH a good example as a mother! My friends and I got hooked on the show and you’re the only one who ever acted like a MOTHER first. McKenzie is an adorable, talented child and you never let her have ANY reason to doubt that. Good for you! McKenzie, you are so sweet, and if you remain as caring and compassionate and fun as you are, you will be happy and successful in whatever you do!!

  129. Shannon & McKenzie says:

    Hey ya’ll, it’s us. Sorry we haven’t written lately. We have had an unbelievable 2 days. Thursday consisted of television appearences, newpaper interviews, and a radio interview. After that, our evening consisted of ballgames. Then, we rushed home to watch the show. First thing this morning, the radio station call us back for another interview. Then the craziness started all over again.
    Just a quick note to tell everyone hello, thanks for the incredible support, and McKenzie and I are extremely gracious and humbled by the out pour of love.
    Sometime over the weekend or shortly thereafter, I’ll write again in more detail about how things have been and what’s to come.
    To all you mothers, HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY!!
    Lots of Love to you all and God Bless!!
    Shannon & McKenzie

  130. HK says:

    Just for the record: Helene Says: is not me, the Helene from the Show. But thank you, Helene anyway. I do appreciate it. Officially I am not writing on this Blog.

    Good luck to everyone.

    Helene Kress

  131. BMP says:

    Congrats to TEAM “SHAKENZIE” :-)

    As someone who usually doesn’t get into reality TV, I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I pumped my fist in the air and shouted, “YES!” when “Mister” Danny welcomed you guys to Hollywood! I believe all the children had their own unique gifts and )!* ets and while I favored some over others, I do not believe in (nor do I understand) bashing or badmouthing those who weren’t my favorites. In my view, life’s too short for such ugliness. I think there are many “winners” walking away from this competition and I have no doubt we’ll be seeing several of them again in the future.

    That said, the goal of the show – despite its _$& le – was not just to find the “best” child, but to find the team that best demonstrated the ability to work together, learn together and grow together – both as both parent and child AND as manager and performer … you’ve got to be able to navigate what can be a very vicious business while at the same time allowing the kid to be a KID. They are NOT miniature adults – being treated as such (and allowed to behave as if they are) has been the downfall of many a child star. In my opinion, the right decision was made.

    Once again, CONGRATULATIONS, “Baby Girl” and “Mrs. Baby Girl”! :-)

  132. BMP says:

    Grrrr … I forgot about the blog censors!

    Corrections to my previous post:
    )!* ets = a s s e t s
    _$& le = t i t l e

    Hitting “Submit” and hope that fixes the problem …

  133. BMP says:

    P.S. Though I like Heart, I never particularly liked “Alone” until I heard McKenzie sing it! :-)

  134. randi says:

    I thought McKenzie sang well. She has a great voice for a 9-year old. We really appreciated that Shannon acted as her mother first and not pushing her kid into negative thoughts and actions like some other parents. Shannon didn’t promote negative behavior. Winning just wasn’t that important which is as it should be when dealing with a child. Much like the first father and child that was eliminated. I believe that first father/daughter team really were the true winners!!!!

  135. JenniferS. says:

    Hey SHannon- You sound busy as bees. Happy Mothers day to you too. Keep having fun. loads of hugs and lov e toy yo and mckenzie -jennifers.

  136. BMP says:

    Another correction (can’t stop editing myself, LOL):

    “both as both parent and child AND as manager and performer …”

    Take away that first “both.”

    And did I mention: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :-)

  137. addie says:

    YAHHHHH!!!! Mckenzie won!!!! Mckenzie i am sooo proud of you and your mom. You did such am amazing job with doing your absolute best and always putting others before you… broke my heart when the whole “alone song” inncident broke out and you where like i think i better go apologize. only my sweet baby girl mckenzie would do something like that:) ms. shannon you where amamzing no matter what happened you always had something positive to say and you where always being the good guy haha but thats no surprise! Mckenzie i have to admit when they had announced you as winner and i saw the expression on your sweet little face i started to cry because i was just soooo proud of you and how far you had come and how hard you worked to get there! i was sooo proud to be able to say “you know the cute brunette…..yea we go way back” hahahaha. It also made me sad to see you looking all grown up looking with all the makeup and hair and alll i could think was wow this summer she was our little molly and look at her now she looks like a tween pop star!!! hahaha but i guess i better accept that because your only gunna get older and older and one day soon you will be a tween pop star!! hahahaha welll sweet girl i just want to say that i love you soooo much and before you go off and become someone big in hollywood i want to get together and go shopping or something cause i miss you and i want to congradulate you in person( and i need some hugs and kisses from my sweet girl) hahahaha well ill talk to you later sweety:) love you addie

  138. joan says:

    Shannon and McKenzie
    Congrats and I am so happy you won!!! Mckenzie you were Great,you’re a very talented girl. Shannon thank you for staying grounded through the whole ordeal and keeping McKenzie out of all the Drama in the house. You showed what parenting should be by keeping her focused on being the best she could be and not worrying about everyone else in the house. I believe we have a lot in commen I raised my 2 daughters the same way you seem to be raising your kids, stay true to yourself and be the best you can be.My oldest is married now and they own 3 businesses and my Baby just finished Medical School last year and is doing her Residentsy in Pediactrics at Hershey Medical Center.So I think Good parenting is the corner stone of a Great kid! And McKenzie has such a big heart, she gets that from her Mom…So stay Strong and I’ll keep your Family in My prayers. Good Luck and Have a Great Mothers Day you deserve it:)

  139. joan says:

    LC if you love Helene and Cheyene that’s great for you so go post it on their blog. This is for McKenzie and Shannon who WON the Show and Deserved To WIN!!!!

  140. BeccaJane says:

    BMP could not have said it any better that she didn’t even like the song Alone by Heart until she heard McKenzie sing it. The first time I ever heard it was when Cheyenne sang that little piece of it in the radio interview, and i didn’t like it then. But let me tell you something “Baby Girl”, I am a 28 year old woman with two children, I’m in the Army and I always thought that I was a tough cookie, but when you sang your song, I melted. I cried like a little baby. My 5 year old ( who also loves the show, eventhough he doesn’t understand everything that was going on) said goleeee mom all McKenzie did was sing a song. But Baby Girl it was more than you just singing a song. When you got to the upbeat and started doing your dance, I was bawling. I have watched all of the reruns. I even had other soldiers watching it in the office at work on Friday. You were the best team!!!! Thank you for showing the world what a wonderful state that WE live in. I live near Alexandria. Maybe I will be able to get you to come sing the National Anthem when we deploy in November. We are going back to Iraq, this will be my second tour. Just think bout it okay? Shannon, I thought that i was a great mother until I saw you! You are my idol!

  141. Emma says:

    Mackenzie and Shannon,
    I think you should do a movie about Junie B. Jones,that would be a great roll for Mackenzie to play.

  142. Grace says:

    Shannon, you should have your own talk show…

  143. Melanie says:

    Shannon and McKenzie: I was so happy for you when I watched the finale I could have cried too! You two really deserved to win! I usually do not get into reality tv, but this show was somehow different. I was shocked and amazed to see how many moms turned into monsters over the duration of the show. Shannon, It was very enlightening to see how much of an amazing mother you are to your daughter. I definitely noticed how you cheered her on and encouraged her self-esteem and confidence solidly through the entire show. What was most pronounced to me was how much you put into teaching McKenzie to be considerate of other people’s feelings. It showed very real and honest compassion for others. I could really see that she knew better than to criticize another child, even when the “victim” of the conversation wasn’t around to hear, such as on the finale. I was just so proud that you spoke up for Mary Jo at the end because it’s just not nice to be mean. I get picked on sometimes because I am soft-hearted. It’s great to see that it really “wins” to be kind to others and obey the golden rule. McKenzie, You did awesome! I am so happy for you!

    God Bless,
    Melanie in SC

  144. corrina says:

    How do you apply to get on this tv show? and by the way congrats i know you would win.

  145. Lakeya says:

    Shannon I absoluatly adore u and McKenzie u alwayz kept GOD first and DRama last thats why u 2 were the winner…McKenzie u r far above ur age so mature offering to give the song to Helene and Cheyeene and Helena could not even bring herself up to be an adult by telling Cheyeene dont talk to u, but I pray that u have all the success and Happiness in the world. U continue to have that same personality and dont let Markie or anyone tell u to come off ur high…Enjoy life and its not ur problem if they cant be as outgoing as u r…May God continue to Bless!!!

  146. DanKlien1218 says:

    # Helene Says:
    May 9th, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    I just watched the episode again…and if you all didn’t see what I saw, I think you all have lost your minds. Cheyenne was absolutely awesome and her voice was spot on!!! McKenzie sang pretty well, too…but nothing like Cheyenne. This was a popularity contest..not about true talent. Mr. Danny loved McKenzie from the first day in the house. And I believe he had something for Shannon. VH1 was absolutely crazy for leaving the decision up to him….he doesn’t know about singing..and very little about acting. Has he ever been an acting coach or agent or manager??? NO! His family life has been so screwed up, so how can he decide what parent/child team was the best?? And the whole deal with the producer promising Cheyenne the song, but then in the end McKenzie got it, was a bunch of crap…he is in violation of a verbal contract. In the end, Cheyenne was the best, she walked in this competiton the best and she walked out of it the best! There is no comparison between a 12 year old and a 9 year old….they aren’t even in the same category! I wish them luck and happiness, but I always call a spade a spade..and that’s what went on here. Totally fixed…and don’t fall for Shannon saying that her daughter and her want to give the money to charity…BULL! After McKenzie won, her and her mom were in one of the dressing rooms, and McKenzie kept talking about how rich she was now and “I JUST WON 50.000? and about what all she could buy with it…Don’t put on a face that you think everyone wants you to see. Be you, and that’s what Helene and Cheyenne were from the beginning. Shannon started out all goodie, goodie, but then close the end, she was talking about everyone and even joining in the the fun when her daughter was imitating Cheyenne and making fun of her at the radio station…not very Christian like, if I have to say so myself. McKenzie is a sweet, little girl and she may do good in the future, but if you think about it, like I said before, you can’t even compare Cheyenne and McKenzie, they would never try out for the same part, they are too different and in different age categories. It’s over and nothing can change that, but I hope that VH1 smartens up and never leaves that type of decision in the hands of a former addict/alcoholic divorcee. Learn from your mistakes, VH1, never do it again!

    Two words: GROW UP!

    You’re even more immature and bitter than Gigi!

    You and your daughter lost a coin toss for the song, so that point is mute, as you should be too. If you had any sense at all.

    You’re just showing how bitter and ignorant you really are. Attacking Danny over your daughter losing? Blaming Mckenzie? Blaming Shannon? You keep pointing that finger baby, and remember that every time you point that finger more are pointing back at YOU!

    You lost because you and Cheyenne showed your true colors and EVERYONE saw it.

    Cheyenne has tons of talent and I hope she goes far, but not until you BOTH either learn a ton of lessons and get some respectability and class or she disowns your sorry self and emancipates herself from your greed and shame.

    To “quote you” THREE WORDS: STUPID IDIOT!

    Next time, learn to COUNT!

  147. DanKlien1218 says:

    # bambi Says:
    May 9th, 2008 at 10:32 am

    First, I’d like to say to Shannon that I believe you are truly a great mother. I too, as a parent of a 9 yr old daughter, love your parenting style and positive attitude. McKenzie is a wonderful, sweet and adorable little girl. Your relationship is one that alot mothers can admire and is commendable. With that said, while I do believe all of the above, I simply believed that Cheyenne was simply more talented than your daughter. She shined throughout the competition winning the first 3 out of 4 challenges. Helene was also the model parent-manager until the end when she felt she was being discriminated against. I don’t hold you accountable for being “White”, cuz you seem like a wonderful person, but please do realize that discrimination in this country is still “Alive and Well” and an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere! This competition was unfair and unjust. I believe McKenzie will have a wonderful career as you did a good job finding her “brand”. But I also believe that Cheyenne has her own “brand” and unfortunately for her (being a mixed child), she will not have it as easy as McKenzie. I know your first priority is YOUR CHILD, but do not close your eyes to our plight. Congratulations on being a wonderful parent in the hardcore world of TV! Please don’t take this post as negative, as it is not my intention to “rain on your parade”, but only to bring to the light what is being done in the dark every single day in this Country. I think you know that Cheyenne was simply more advanced (not to say in 2yrs McKenzie won’t catch her as there is an age difference), but right now, you know who showed the best overall talent. Even your daughter said, “I could never be as good as Cheyenne”…she’s smart and she knew that Cheyenne was better. While that doesn’t mean that she’ll actually never be as good (I think she can in her own way), it does show the blatant disregard for Cheyenne’s performance along with her Mom’s direction and this can only point to one thing…..racism!

    Now if this isn’t the biggest RACIST statement on the blogs…

    Cheyenne was the favorite all the way though, she lost because of bad attitudes on both her and her mother and because she was out preformed by Mckenzie!

    I’m sure Cheyenne would have had more talent if she was white? yellow? brown? green? blue?

    No, she lost on her own and with a hand from Mom.

    The evil glances, the snide remarks all played a role in the final decision. If they hadn’t…Gigi would have won by herself! That is why she was gone and it is why Helene and Cheyenne lost!

    That and bad performances…

    Now go back to your Black Panthers Party web site and leave the kids alone…YOU’RE THE RACIST!

  148. jessica says:

    the hole show turned out to be bull #(*+ the wrong girl won and thats not rite but the girl who is not even prety it’s just bull #(*+ thaT every show turns out #(*+ y at the need cause the wrong person wins and the know it it was all on faavorites thats all!

  149. DanKlien1218 says:

    Here you go Helene…the PERFECT link for you and “Young Beyonce”

    Beyonce’s Kids Clothes Perfect For TRASHY TOTS!

  150. kayla says:

    mckenzie and shannon congrats u where my fav in the house and u are ausome mckenzie and keep upo the good work

  151. LILMOMMA says:



  152. shannon says:

    I am so glad you guys one i love you daughter she is adorable and i also love that you thank god for everything that is important

  153. katelyn says:


    Dear Mrs.Shannon,

    Congratulations! Anyway’s I am ten years old and really, really, really, really want to be on I know my kids a star, but i can’t find out how to audition. I live in Michigan and really, really want to be a star. Can you please email my mother? Please help me make my dreams come true please, please, please respond please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you (and congratulations),

    Katelyn Maximiuk

  154. JenniferS. says:

    Hey Shannon- nice too see your still around on the blog. hugd an blessings-Jennifer

  155. Ami from Aggieland says:

    Of all the kids (and mothers) on the show, I think ya’ll were BY FAR the most deserving!! Shannon, you were such a positive role model to everyone… And McKinzie, you are such a sweetheart! Even in the most difficult of times, you always remained positive and happy. I wish you the best of luck in everything!!

  156. Aggie Gal says:

    I remember Helene saying along the lines that she and Cheyenne had been in the “business” for 10 years?? If you have been in that long and haven’t gotten anywhere, don’t you think it’s time to change up your routine?

    There is one thing I can’t stand, and that is sore losers. Take what you learned and apply it. A bad attitude will get you no where.

  157. Jo Miller says:

    Fantastic job Team Shannon/MacKenzie!

  158. Jo Miller says:

    And Shannon what a wonderful example you showed for parents of children with showbiz aspirations. Danny Bonaduce knows what can go wrong for child stars very well since look at his own life. He knows with a mom like you McKenzie will not go down the “wrong path”.

  159. holdthemayo says:

    Wow. I haven’t wanted to get into these comment blogs due to the mean spirited and outright hateful posts by some viewers. Why bring your mean feelings to this format? I was also torn up by the “mamma drama” during the first episodes, but a focus on the kids made the show enjoyable. It got easy to ignore the parents – the mute button helped alot! :)
    However, I couldn’t stay away forever, because I just had to say…….

    GREAT FINISH to a very interesting show, and WONDERFUL DECISION by Danny!
    Danny stressed – best team – again and again. It seems that he was put in the role of host and final judge each episode, BECAUSE of his personal experiences in show business.

    Each child and parent team should be excited and proud of being in the compitition. There probably were hundreds of teams that didn’t make it into the final group! That should prove to all of those we did see, even the very first sent home, just how talented those kids are. Congrats to all!

    Shannon and McKenzie listened to all tips and advice. They worked together to improve. They never lost track of their true selves in the heat of the competition, but instead continued to support each other. They were even able to reach outside of their own feelings to support and love the other “teams” in the show.
    McKenzie has had little to no formal training, but has wonderful natural talent and desire. I believe talent such as McKenzie’s is truely a gift from God, and it is an additional gift to be able to acknowledge and be gratful for your blessings!

    McKenzie, sweet girl, YOU ARE BLESSED! We have been blessed to see your growth and strength. Thank you for being you, and thanks to your mom. Shannon you done did good (as my gramma used to say to me), as you continued to put your daughter’s heart and soul first and foremost at every turn. God bless you both with whatever you do with your future.

    I hope to see McKenzie again and again if that is what she wants, but we all know that Shannon deserves a really Happy Mother’s Day!

  160. Rebekah says:

    Dear Shannon and McKenzie,
    Hi. My name is Rebekah I am 9 years old and from Louisiana. I love you guys and think that you rock. I think McKenzie has a great and blessed gift from God. I have been praying for McKenzie alot. I am so glad that you won the show. McKenzie is alot like me. I love playing basketball,soccer at school,dancing and tumbling.I realy liked how you gave all of the thanks to God. I hope McKenzie and I could maybe meat up sometime. I really liked you guys in the house you were my favorite.Have a great day. I love you guys. God bless. Oh and congratulations.Please Reply.


  161. Brianna Rieffel says:

    Hi McKenzie! You did great on the show!! Glad to hear you go to Mr. Bob for voice lessons! He’s awesome! I’ve been going to him for like 5 or 6 years now but I had to stop for a year while was I was performing in Pigeon Forge. Do you have a myspace? If so please stop by mine and say hi! Well, just wanted to say congratulations and maybe I’ll see you at the Delta Festival! Peace! Brianna Rieffel

  162. Beth says:

    Dear Shannon,
    Your daughter has the best manners. I can’t believe she went to tell the other team sorry about the song. You both get along so well, and i belive you really prepared her getting ready to sing.

    Dear Mckenzie,
    I’m twelve, and i was shocked to see how mature you are for your age. You have such a beuatiful voice, and have so much talent.

    You totally deserved to win. Congrats :-) .

  163. Tara says:

    Shannon & McKenzie,
    Bravo to you! Shannon, as a fellow mother with a talented child (he’s a sportsman) it’s refreshing to see values, morals, hard work and talent win!!!! You inspire me as a mother!

    God Bless You,


  164. alicia says:

    I would just like to say that i am 15 years old and i am so shocked and excited that McKenzie won. She was my favorite from the beginning ( and i am not just saying that because she won ). Every since the first show when i saw her sing that song with the red lipstick on i thought she was absolutely adorable. I am so happy for her that she won and all i do now is watch the tv guide channel for the season finale because i love watching her sing. i can’t wait to see her on tv. She’s amazingg!!!

  165. Lindcii says:

    Dear Shannon&McKennzie,

    I think that you both deserved to win.McKenznzie you are a very talented, pretty,outgoing young lady.And Shannon you are a very very good mentor posotive thinker and a nice person .I hope you and McKennzie make it very far and life,inspire other peopleand keep up the good work.

    P.S. McKennzie I hope to see you in a commercial,a t.v. show or a movie soon.

  166. JenniferS. says:

    Shannon-Happy Mothers day too! loads of blessings and love to you. hope your hav ing a happy mothersa day-JennoferS.

  167. Stephanie says:

    Dear Shannon and McKenzie,
    I have loved you too since the very beginning. Shannon, you’re an amazing mother and it shows. I liked how you stayed calm when Helene was upset about the song choice and how it wasn’t fair by flipping the coin- though it was completely fair. McKenzie you did such a wonderful job and I just wanted to let you know I love your name and how you spell it. It really shows that your different in a good way. I also love how no matter what, you stayed the same through the whole thing. Do you have a website or anything of that sort? Well, keep rockin’ And always be happy =]

  168. Michael Ryan says:

    It is obvious God has blessed McKenzie with true talent in so many aspects; however, what I find truly astounding is Shannon. I say this because as a parent, it is Shannon’s responsibility to do two things: pray for the Lord’s direction in all things we (universal we) do, but also to never forget such like Shannon so wonderfully executes through the course of each day.

    It is through Shannon and Brian’s parenting skills that McKenzie is such a talent. This being true and obvious when a 9-year-old child is so mature and able to learn so quickly like she did is phenomenal! And for a child to see a need to bless those less fortunate by donating the prize money just BLOWS my mind!! But only is this possible through the work of parenting skills. I saw an amazing talent when the song “Alone” was a cause of tribulations. Although rightfully McKenzie’s, she not only said she would sing another song, but also felt a need to apologize when such was not a responsibility to uphold and did so regardless.

    Congratulations to McKenzie, for she is a God-sent talent that I know will stay true to family and God because of the wisdom of her mother, Shannon. I only wish more people held the wisdom that woman holds!

    God bless!

  169. Pop says:

    Where was the dad on the day of the final performance?

  170. sherry says:

    Cheyenne would be a great back up dancer for McKenzie

  171. GRITS! says:

    Congrats Knapp’s Family!!! You all deserved this! What a wonderful God loving family! McKenzie you are AWESOME!!!

    To Helene…whine, whine ,whine. That is all we have heard from you and are still hearing. Your daughter is a beautiful, talented young lady and for her I am sorry she lost. It breaks my heart to see any child upset. However, I believe the BEST TEAM won. Stop complaining, put your big girl panties on and deal with it. You are the perfect example of what is wrong with a lot of people in the world today. You do not take responsibility for your own actions and blame it on anything or someone else. You also might want to work on your daughter being a little nicer person. My 11yr old could not get over some of the mean things we saw from Cheyenne. I will keep everyone from the show in my prayers.

  172. Lisa says:

    Cheyenne and McKenzie are both talented. I was rooting for Cheyenne. I am sure
    she will go far in the acting buisness. She deserves it!

  173. Jordan says:

    I love Shannon and McKenzie! They are so awesome! I was rooting for them troughout the whole competition. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

  174. Jordan says:

    I love you McKenzie
    i am ur #1 fan

  175. Jack says:

    Pop – He didn’t show up for the finale because he was boning the office help!

  176. you says:

    McKenzie is going to be like all fake $&~@& es from hollywood she is perfect ……….

  177. Ant says:

    I loved you two on the show. You two were just… real. Everyone else was trying to live through their kids and make their kids something they were not, you two were just a family. You can tell you’re an amazing mother and you have an amazing daughter.

    Good luck in everything you do!

  178. justamom says:

    your winning could not have happened to any two better people.

    I hope this is just the beginning of a successful career. I know God blesses those who bless Him.
    it was refreshing to watch McKenzie grow and flourish on the show.

    Many happy returns.

  179. cajuns28/me says:

    Hey its me Mason, love you Nannie!!! You and Mckenzie ROCK!!!!!

  180. chojnchojn says:

    this is ridiculous…everything mckenzie does is HIGHLY overdone and fake… apparently the only thing uj need to be a star is cuteness. Mckenzie coasted through the whole competition juss bcuz the judges thought that she was SO cute… at first they commented on her overacting and then…i dunno…. got blinded by how cute she was and started accepting anything??
    Cheyenne worked her butt off throughout that whole competiton and deserved to win. If the judges had taken the whole competition into perspective properly they would have noticed this…
    In a world of talented actors who completely become their characters and embody the personality so much that they become totally convincing…im not that confident in Mckenzie and her overdone bad acting…
    I think that pageant veneer that she got from her mom would work to her detriment in the future…

  181. marian says:

    i so happy u won i was praying for u to win and u did if there is a nothor seazon i will be in it i i would use the straige McKenzie used

  182. James says:

    Congratulations McKenzie and Shannon! Being from New Orleans, I was naturally rooting for yall from the beginning, but as the show wore on and I saw how hard McKenzie was working and refining her skills, I thought yall could be serious contenders. It didn’t hurt that Shannon always had a great attitude and made the best of any given situation. The final episode really highlighted the differences between Helene and Shannon, and really showed what a great relationship Shannon and McKenzie have. Best of luck in moving forward with realizing your dreams!

  183. Lynn says:

    Congratulations McKenzie and Shannon!
    What a joy it was to watch them grow, learn, and utilized what they were told throughout the whole show. Some people have said how Shannon talked about others or was ugly about another child. Guess what, she’s human, she makes mistakes. But you can bet your sweet butt that she asked God to forgive her when she faltered. Their love of God, family, and friends shines through. She even states at one point on here how ” I’m just ready to get it all over with. Not quit, just get it over with. I’m missing my husband, my son, my family, my friends, my friends’ kids, and Louisiana food!!” I can only imagine how hard it was for all of them to go through this. Each one being out of their own elements so to speak. People please stop being so hateful, it is just a show.
    God Bless you and yours!

  184. shannon says:

    I just wanted to say congratulations. I watched the show from the beginning and have to say of all the moms on the show you showed the most class. Being from the south myself I know we are brought up to show class under pressure. McKenzie grew so much from beginning to end. I cant wait to see her on TV.

  185. Monica says:

    Congratulations! The right people won, hands down. Good luck with everything!

  186. Iva says:

    I was rooting for Mckenzie the whole time. Not because I am from Texas and feel more familiar to the two of you but because Mckenzie is really talented and you are a wonderful mother that has all of your priorities straight when it comes to your daughter.

    I am to have my first child this year, and you have been an inspiration and are exactly the kind of mom that I hope to be.

    Congratulations Shannon & Mckenzie ( :

  187. Robyn says:

    I am so happy that the choice was made for the right reasons. Those reasons were your strong family and christian values, honesty, beliefs, and love. Not only is McKenzie going to be a great little actress, but she will always remain true to herself because of her mother. Like Danny said, you were a coach second and always a mother first. THAT is why you won, and deserved so. I know you don’t like saying bad things about other people, however, I have to say, that the negativity from the other parents would have driven anyone else crazy! Congratulations not only for winning, but for not totally losing your mind, ha.

  188. holly says:

    Regardless of what all these so called ADULTS are saying… Your beautiful, talented BIG HEARTED little girl DESERVED to win!! KARMA works and little Cheyann had no right to make fun of other little children, as she is just following in her mother’s footsteps. She is not as talented as everyone thinks (she sings like a man)… not know what everyone else seen in her.

    CONGRATULATIONS to a young lady soooo deserving!

    Keep up your beautiful attitude and talent Mackenzie!!!!!!!

  189. Joelie Cantrelle says:

    Hey McKenzie…it’s me Joelie again. Just wanted to say congrats again to you and your mom. Ya’ll made a GREAT team. Good Luck in whatever you decide to do in the future. Keep in touch.
    TTYL…Luv, Joelie Cantrelle

  190. B says:

    I really feel like the right team won this competition. McKenzie really was the only one who improved throughout the whole show.


  191. djm says:

    Shannon & Mackenzie

    Just wanted to post my congratualtions. You two really deserve to win. Mackenzie you really blew me away when I heard you sing. I do hope to see you in movies and or Televison show.
    I just wish that there was some way to be kept up to date on Mackenzie’s career.

    Good Luck in all you do and just remember to have fun doing it


  192. Morgan says:

    ya’ll did great and im so happy for you guys=D i hope to see alot of you guys out in the future?

  193. shannon k says:

    Hi everyone. Hope ya’ll had a great weekend. I just got back form the awards ceremony at McKenzie’s school. She received two awards. One for straight A’s and the other for overall academic achievement in all six subjects. Her dad and I are so proud of her.
    I can’t being to thank ya’ll for all of the wonderful support ya”ll have given us. Lots of you have inquired about how to keep up with McKenzie. So, we quickly through together a simple myspace for her. Also, she will be performing this weekend and my friend is going to video it and put it on Youtube. Look forward to keeping in touch. Thanks again and love to you all.

  194. shannon k says:

    I cried when I read your message. And yes, McKenzie would be honored to sing our National Anthem for the troops before being deployed back to Iraq in November. You can contact us through her myspace then we can talk in much greater detail.
    God Bless you and all the soldiers. Tell them all thank you for supporting her throughout the show and protecting us out there.

  195. Jessica and Cameron says:

    Shannon and McKenzie,
    I just want to say congrats to you both for the wonderful win. My 8 year old daughter Cameron was hoping that you two would win every week. I was so happy to see that you two kept it clean and played fair the whole time. You both moved Cameron and showed her that you don’t have to swear and be mean to get to the top. She now sees that good people win too. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best in the future.

    Thank you,
    Jessica and Cameron

  196. Mindy says:

    GREAT JOB MOM! You did a great job with your daughter and I’m glad she won!!! Good luck in the future!

  197. JenniferS. says:

    Shannon- Mckenzie has myspace? Hope you had a great mothers day. -higs and blesiongs JenniferS.

  198. Valerrie says:

    I cannot get the episode 8 video highlights to work! Its the last show and I didnt get to see it! Every other video on here works for me but not those.. anyone know where else to view them?

  199. desirae says:

    omg mckenzie won im so happy for her shes worked so hard for this awwww and shes so cute when she was like crying but still sad and omg she sang so good at the last episode hope she goes far in her future and has a happy and safe life!!!!!im like a huge fan of mckenzie even though she just started this whole thing and everything i like have pics of her on my binder well i like printed them while on this site so yeah luv ya guys!!!!!!!kisses!!!!

  200. desirae says:

    omg i like have this thing where u can record shows your watching and i recorded the last episode of i know my kids a star and i like just keep watching it like everyday since it came on tv the only part i watch is where mckenzie is singing and the acting part too oh and also where mckenzie wins!!!kisses!!!!!!

  201. desirae says:

    hey if u were gonna post a vid on youtube could u like tell me what the _!_ le of the vid is going to be or something because if u were gonna have a youtube profile i was gonna add u as a friend and stuff so yeah byes!!!!!!just let moi know!!!!!!kisses!!!!=]

  202. Amy says:

    Shannon i think you are a wonderful mother and if you continue to raise your daughter the way you are then she will be a very successful child. McKenzie your a beautiful talented and spunky little girl and you have the potanial adn talent to put yourself out here and shine like the light from the sun that god created. Just remember that hollywood is a tough business but if you have teh right attitude and the right family background you can make it far and not end up like Lindsay Lohan in rehab! Keep doing what you love and just most importantly injoy being a kid and keep gods love in your heart throughout it all! feel free to e-mail back i am only a couple years older than you and i think we could be great friends/pen pals. e-mail: i am also interested in the singing business i am a singer actressa nd dancer so we could talk about it sometime just e-mial me and it would be great even just a hi! peace!
    -amy j.

  203. Alicia says:


    I am so glad you and Makenzie won. You deserve it. She is very talented, you are a goog mom, you never critizied your child for any mistake she made. You learned from them. You and Makenzie had perfect communication and kept it real. All the other moms were all about them, not their child. I am so proud of you guys and I hope the best for you both. We will be seeing alot of Makenzie and you. You guys are just great/terrific!!! You encouraged your daughter, helped her how she needed the help. You listened to each other. Comunication is the key. Helene never deserved to make it that far. What a negative, depressing situation. I am glad you stayed who you are and kept it real. I hope to hear from you one day. Go get em!!! Hollywood, here they come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. samantha says:

    Hello I just want 2 first congradulate u guys on a wonderful job, I can say that u are a true christine and u have raised Ms. Cheyenn to be very polite and respectful 2 others no matter what. All it takes is 2 call on Jesus and stay focus and u know he will move all that dont belong so u stay in prayer thats what u guys do. Alway’s Ms. Preston

  205. samantha says:

    I just want 2 give my deepest apologies for mis-pronouncing ur daughter name…. I meant 2 say Mckenzie

  206. cheryl says:

    your great you made me feel better about my self , you have a way to make
    everything ok. and im older if there were moms like you the world would be a better place
    good job . i still cant believe helene she is horrible and always the victim. you have class
    something she knows nothing about. well done . see ya cheryl

  207. Joy says:

    I just finished watching the final episode of the show and I am so glad McKenzie was named the winner. I was rooting for her the whole time because I thought she was sweet and real, meaning she was herself the whole time. I give you kudos for being so supportive during the show. I’m sure the show didn’t show everything, but reality shows do that. They show the parts they think will get people interested in watching. My take on that is if you do something so extreme, that’s where the focus lies. I wouldn’t badmouth the other moms, but some of them just went way too far with the accusations, whining, pity parties, etc. I wanted to watch the show because I wanted to see the kids perform….not the moms. I think McKenzie has a lot to learn, but with her spirit and your guidance I feel she can go a long way and I’d love to see her perform on the big screen someday. Watching you and McKenzie interact is very comforting because I try to do the same with my daughter. I don’t want to push her, I want her to succeed in everything she does. My daughter is only just turning 7 so I don’t see her as any type of child star, and possibly never will, but I allow her to choose what she wants to try and support her 100%. Good moms want the best for their kids, great moms help them be the best, without pushing or scheming, just by being loving and supporting and letting them know that nobody is perfect, all you can do is try. Congratulations to you and McKenzie….hope to see you on the big screen someday!!! :-)

  208. djm says:

    Wow striaght A’s Great job Mackenzie Keep up the good work we are all proud of you

    What is your myspace website address I would like to be added as a friend

    Good Luck in all you do and Have fun doing it


  209. maggie says:

    I am so happy that McKenzie won, she was the best one after hayley demarco left the show
    i think that cheyenne was a lil brat people do not like to work with kids like her… McKenzie
    actually took markie advice and thats good….. McKenzie is the best i am so happy for her
    and wat she wants to do give the money to charity let her to do but not all of it, god well
    bless her with more she has a good hear…… well god bless, i love you guys
    please add me to yall’s myspace thanks

  210. JenniferS. says:


    Good luck to you and Mckenzie. If I have b een a b other on h er I apologize. Aparently ac cordingto some other posters I am. Thanks for talking o t me in v iew of everything i shared with you about dad an all. -hugs and b lessings Jennifer

  211. Shonni B says:

    Congrats Mckenzie and Shannon it was a joy watching you and you won this one fair and square. I’m sorry that there were moments when adults were not acting there age and may have hurt your feelings.. it’s just the talent that you have that they were afraid of. You’re a true Southern Belle. Kudos to you Shannon (she is so well mannered). Good Luck in Hollywood!!!

  212. kris says:

    Shannon, McKenzie was my favorite from the get go! She has such a personality and a great heart. That is all credited to her parents and I feel you are doing a great job! I’m so glad she is the next child star! I felt out of the two children left McKenzie had come a long way and the way you both handled everything was right on key.
    God Bless

  213. Selena says:

    When watching the show I had my fingers crossed so tight so McKenzie would win! And I was hoping Cheyenne would’nt win because of her bratty mother, Helene

  214. Gabby says:

    Congratulations on the win!!! I was crossing my fingers during the whole finale!!! I really think the two of you worked the hardest and did the best while still being true to yourselves and you really deserved to win! I also want to say that you, Shannon, are a true inspiration as well as an example to all mothers everywhere!


  215. KARRISA says:



  216. bring_it says:

    JenniferS, Nobody accused you of being a bother here on this blogs. That was on PAM’S blog remember?

  217. sara says:

    Mckenzie, you are my favorite on the show since day one. Not just because you are absolutley adorable, but because you kept a great attitude the whole entire show. You are a great actress and singer and I look foward to seeing you in whatever films/tv shows/ commercials that you decide to be in. Good Luck!

  218. DJ says:

    Reading some of the comments I am amazed that people with mean side want to make this a racist competition. It wasn’t that at all, and find it a shame that if you see the teams as a whole, who improved more? or became better as time went on? and who at least tried to be fair at the end? All the sour grapes isnt going to change but what I saw is that Helene had a horrible attitude from the start and never changed, never tried to improve. Cheyenne became worse. All in all this whole challenges were on how the teams were. Helene was totally negative, everything everyone else’s fault, not hers. Let’s get real, she never improved. Shannon who was new to this did learn and was positive. So in the end the best girl did win and the team as a whole was the best. So good luck McKenzie you are a very talented and I did enjoy watching you improve and do wonderfully.

  219. Sophy says:

    I am so happy that McKenzie won. I would have been dissapointed if Chayenne would have won. McKenzie is a good, kind hearted child that treated everyone with respect. You and your mom were great, congratulations!

  220. Caroline says:

    I am soooo glad that Mckenzie was chosen as the next child star. Not only is she so very cute, adorable, and pure, but she’s got a good mother behind her supporting and cheering her on. Shannon reminds me of my mom…always generous with kind words, praises, and encouragement. She is the main reason why I have a college degree and doing well for myself today-the best gift she could ever give me. Wether Mckenzie ends up on television or not, I know she’ll do just fine because of the family she has. So, Mckenzie if you ever read this, you really need to thank your mom for rooting you on all the way before, during, and after the show. Shannon, you are a great role model for all mothers out there. Good luck to you both and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  221. caitlin says:

    how did you audition for i know my kids a star????

  222. Donna Plank says:

    Congrats Shannon and McKenzie! My husband, Chris, works with your husband at Albemarle so I loved watching this competition! We were on a cruise for our anniversary when the finale aired so I just watched it and I say you and McKenzie deserved the win not only because of talent and working as a team, but also because you refused to step to the level the other moms were stooping. You both handled it all with such class. I told Chris near the beginning of the competition I didn’t see how you could stand being there with all the “mama drama”. I’d have needed medication! It was sad to see the kids love each other and have to deal with their feuding parents! I know Brian is so proud of both of you! I do want to make a comment that Chris asked me to tone down (lol) on the comment made by Cheyenne’s mom that she needed the money because she was a single mother and you had a man to take care of you (I know it wasn’t worded exactly that way but that was the point) and I know the fact is if you were a s single mom, you could take care of yourself and your children without a man so I thought that was such a tacky comment made by Cheyenne’s mom. (Trust me, that was VERY toned down from what I told Chris I wanted to say…lol) Both you and McKenzie handled yourselves with such dignity and grace and I am just now hearing, as I write this, you make the call to Brian to let him know ya’ll won…lol Chris speaks very highly of him and I know Chris is highly thought of at the plant so I think we are two very blessed women with our husbands! I can tell Brian supports you in the same way Chris supports me (and I’m NOT talking about financially!) and those type men are rare! Once again, CONGRATS to both of you! You made Baton Rouge proud! Chris and I wish McKenzie the best in whatever direction she chooses to take!

    Donna Plank

  223. aprilrstapleton says:

    congratulations shannon and mckenzie-you deserved it!!I want to thank both of you for being great christian examples- for glorifieng God in everything you did.Mckenzie the Lord has blessed you with an awesome gift stay true to Christ and show the world HOW GREAT GOD IS!!!!

  224. sophie parks says:

    Where do I find info on auditions and/or getting signed up for next season?

  225. amanda says:

    Congrats shannon and mckenzie!!
    i tink you guys totally deserved to win
    Cheyenne and helene are sore losers i mean Cheyenne would have been in rehab because of all the pressure her mother puts on her
    also if McKenzie gets any movie or TV offers could you post it I would love to see McKenzie in something!
    Congrats again!!!

  226. bring_it says:

    I just finished watching the last show; this time I saw the whole thing, for some reason my DVR stopped recording before the show ended and I didn’t get to see the whole thing.

    MacKenzie you did a wonderful job with the acting scene. I was shocked at the way you nailed the sadness and hurt the child felt at being told why she was invited to the sleep over.

    And that song “Alone” girl you did that song to death. You came so far in such a short time. Never ever forget; MAMA KNOWS BEST.

    Shannon I have to give you your props also, you totally nailed MacKenzie’s brand. You are a wonderful Mother, I can tell you have/had a wonderful Mother to pattern yourself after.

    MacKenzie you are an amazing girl, I love they way you were concerned about Cheyenne not having a song. and then apologized to the other team because of the song. Stay just the way you are. Such a pure spirit.

    PLEASE WATCH OVER HER MOM AND DAD. CONGATS!!! TO YOU BOTH. Have lots and lots of fun.

  227. 5starryeyes says:

    Hello Shannon,

    let me take the time to congratulate you and Mckenzie. I was a school teacher for a couple of years and I cannot say enough how much I wished more parents were like you. You were very inspiring in how you were with your daughter as it gave me alittle more hope that we CAN be good parents to our children. I hope I can be a mom like you to my children and I hope to God that I have a wonderful child like Mckenzie. That would make my job a whole lot easier that’s for sure.

    Please tell Mckenzie that she is one talented little girl and to always be herself because who she really is, a star in showbiz or not, is a real gift to this world. Tell her to always stay this wonderful and never lose it. You and your husband have done such a wonderful job, kudos to you for know what be a real human being is truly about. It’s about being good hearted people and working hard not only at skills, but also on that. Bringing up GOOD people is the ultimate stardom and you and your husband are superstar human beings for doing that. Thank you and take a bow.

  228. Jordan_Kahlee_Elizabeth says:

    Hey! Shannon and McKenzie, ya’ll make such a great team! I wish that I could meet you someday! I love you guys so much and I will be sure to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!

    Your #2 fan. (I would be your #1 fan but Brody is her #1 fan, which is fine with me).

    P.S. Please reply.

  229. nicole says:

    hi Shannon i think your daughter rocks and the fact that she was the only kid that didnt talk classes she is really good.Iwould like to know how to get on the show because ever sense i was a little girl i wanted to be a star you are my insperation.

  230. nicole says:

    i luv your daughter she is so tallented.can u help me i dont know how to register for the show and i really would like to

  231. kassidy says:

    hey shannon and mckenzie you both rock! i really wanted you to win. i’m big into entertaining of all sorts so i was wondering where do you audition for I Know My Kid’s A Star?

  232. kassidy says:

    hey its me again! once again i want to tell you congradulations. i was actually jumping up and down on my bed when i heard mckenzies name. [its hard to write her name cuz my sis spells it makenzie and shes also 9] anyway i really would like to know all the information on where to audition or how to send in an audition tape. it would mean alot to me and my family if you got back to me as soon as possible bibi

  233. Laura says:

    You guys are absolutely adorable! You are such a great mother and Mckenzie is so precious! Glad to see you guys are having so much fun!

  234. JenniferS. says:

    Hey Shannon , Mckenzie. YOu still out t herb doing those interviews? Its getting m ight quiet on this blog.

  235. TWO_FACES says:

    JenniferS. Says:

    May 14th, 2008 at 8:34 pm
    Cliff-I hope so too. If it wern tfor the @)& esories I belie Maryjo would havwe went to the finall and not Cheyenne. Like painiting her n AIls blue an d steeking her hai r she was missing her edge is all with the outfit. Pam w as m uch more closer to than Helen was with outifts typing the kids. The fact that Pam vwas bit foggy on her type at that point I g uess seale her fate on ther contest. The contest was a learn ing experienfor all the stage parent and chil perfomrer teams. -Jennifer

    JenniferS. Says:

    May 14th, 2008 at 11:17 pm
    Your welcome Glenn.Maryjo is beautifulo and talented little girl. Hope shegets that tv role she audtioned for. You are right about the Ged. April Love was a number one hit for Pat Boone in 1957. Babes in the wood I tell you. They didnt even get my joke. -Jennifer

    Anf Cliff hope I didntget on your nerves to much. Laugh!

  236. JenniferS. says:

    Some one needs to look up the definition of two faced.

  237. JenniferS. says:

    Good Luck Mckenzie!

  238. corrina says:

    where do you auidtion to get on i know my kid is a star? could you please let me know? Thanks!

  239. Mari says:

    I love your “baby girl” she is so cute and she desevers to win and i don’t think cheyyenne should have she was a BRAT the whole way through i ho u really persue her acting though

  240. Robert & Daphine Denney says:

    I will be honest, I didn’t watch the show, but heard good things. I wanted to let you know, including Brian, your pet that you let us have, Cheyenne (now called Dixie), is doing fabulous. She is happy happy happy, and we shower her with lotz of love and time. She is Robert’s shadow when he is home…taking her on our weekend houseboat trips and everywhere else we go.
    We are very thankful to you, for her.
    Good luck in all you are doing, and take care, ya’ll!

    The Denney’s

  241. Megan says:

    Hi, McKenzie! I’m glad you won! You were my fav. since day one until you won! I love singing & acting too! We’d probably be great friends! =]


  242. barbara says:

    hey Mckenzie, BABY GIRL YOU ROCK.
    i have my own baby girl who watchs you on my dvr evey day
    (she says shes wearing my boots mom) and we laugh together
    i tell her with a little practice a little love and God on your side
    you can do anything you set your heart out to. we pray we
    will be seeing more you soon on the tv or in the movies

    barb and randi

  243. HK says:

    Hey guys,
    Watch Cheyenne in “MATERIAL GIRLS” with Hilary & Haylie DUFF. She plays Maria Conchita Alonzos daughter!


    Watch here and at this time:

    Sat. May 17 4:15 AM SHOWTIME Material Girls
    Sat. May 24 12:45 PM SHOWTIME Material Girls

  244. Quay says:

    Hi, McKenzie My name is jaquayvius jackson ! I’m glad you won! You were my fav. since day one! I love singing & acting too! We’d probably be great friends! =] So get back at me at thank you bye


  245. 14/f/stL says:

    girl u have the most butiful voice. when u sang alone it gave me goosebumps.
    congrats on winning.

  246. bring_it says:

    I just want to say, It is no big deal if McKenzie is not working in show biz now, or if she ever does again, She will always be known as the 1st winner of ” I KNOW MY KID’S A STAR”. There are things more important than fame and money, like education for instance, I see she is a straight A student! I know you and your husband will do what’s best for your sweet little McKenzie.

  247. holly says:

    To Helene
    NO Thanks, me and my family will pass!
    We will, however watch whatever Mackenzie does.
    Thanks anyway

  248. souljag247 says:

    why do they call you a beauty queen i meen you are a beautiful women but i just understand. yes i am a girl and i am not gay ,but you are hot. I didnt think McKenzie was 9 years old im 11 i think i can sing but she blown me away i didnt know that she was 9 years old i thought she was 12 or my age

  249. bambi says:

    too bad she is only Inez’s daughter #1. what was her name in the movie again?
    tee hee

    # HK Says:
    May 17th, 2008 at 3:17 am

    Hey guys,
    Watch Cheyenne in “MATERIAL GIRLS” with Hilary & Haylie DUFF. She plays Maria Conchita Alonzos daughter!


    Watch here and at this time:

    Sat. May 17 4:15 AM SHOWTIME Material Girls
    Sat. May 24 12:45 PM SHOWTIME Material Girls

  250. JenniferS. says:

    I wonder what projects Shannon and Mckenzi are workin g on . They havent poped up on her in a long time.

  251. CeCe says:

    Education is the first thing on their list, but McKenzie is singing tonight at a concert.

  252. JenniferS. says:

    blogs glitchy.

  253. JenniferS. says:

    ok dokey

  254. JenniferS. says:

    Great rock on little Mckenzie.

  255. Lorrie says:

    I was so proud of you and McKenzie for winning. It was so awesome the way you both learned from the advice you got each week and kept improving. I like people with positive attitudes. Best wishes to you and your family!

  256. JenniferS. says:

    Is it quiet here too?

  257. JenniferS. says:

    I think Mckenzie would make a good little orphan in Annie.

  258. ME says:


  259. bambi says:

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  280. valeka neely says:

    i am so happy for yall!!! i knew ur child had it in her and i must say u kept ur composure through out hte entire show!!! that had to be hard for u!! god bless and i’m glad a southern girl(like myself won!!!!

  281. popknowsbest says:


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  284. JenniferS. says:

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  285. bambi says:

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  286. Laura says:

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  287. JenniferS. says:

    Passive agressive??

  288. sherry says:

    OMG!!! Have you seen McKenzie’s new youtube videos. I think there are three of them. It more then obvious, that kid was born to be an entertainer!

  289. internet detective says:

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  292. popknowbest says:

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  293. bambi says:

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  294. nicole says:

    i was just wondering when the next casting call for the show is going to be cause i would love to fill out an application for my child!!!!
    trust me i know she is a star and this show is pretty much the only chance for her to prove it.

    how did you feel during the show? was there any point were you wanted to just quit?

  295. bambi says:

    LMAO at you POP! U angry? teee heeeeee heee ha ha ha ha ha tee hee ha ha! Everytime I think of how stupid you all were to call that woman’s job, I’ll be laughing…remember that! tee heeee! Bye…bye, my little “dumb dumbs!” tee heeeee!

  296. norelle says:

    what do you do to become a contestant in the show?

  297. Gigi Hunter says:

    I want to say this last thing and then I’m done. Congratulations Shannon & McKenzie, but Shannon, you know, Cheyenne should have won. Living here in Hollywood and going to the auditions where everybody’s pretty and everybody’s talented, it doesn’t matter who you live with. You can live with an uncle, an aunt, or your mom, it just doesn’t matter. LA is so hard to get a part on a TV Series, a Commercial, or a Print Job. It just doesn’t matter who you live with. The Show is such B.S.. Because here we aren’t our daughters managers, but they actually do have managers, so therefor, we are there moms or as I would say there taxicab drivers. It says on the show that your daughter won because Helene was not the right Manager, but you know and we all know that Cheyenne has more talent and more experience than any of our daughters and sons. I’m not trying to take away your victory because McKenzie is very special. But when you get here, you’ll be going up against a lot of Cheyenne’s. I want to congratulate everybody who made it through that house, because it was pure hell! I even want to say to Pam, that I understand what she did but did she really think that I wasn’t going to come for her? So Pam, I’m even saying to you, if you need any help, if I can help you I will. That goes for everybody who was in the house.

    P.S. Rocky – It was only a show! My daughter would never be up for the same job as yours, and eventually, we will run into each other and I don’t feel like fighting.

    I wish everyone the best.


  298. Magaret says:

    do you know if they will be having another season to the show and if so could you post the info on the site?

  299. LOLMOMMA says:

    apple———-Give it a rest the show has been over for months now. How dare you call a child those names, and learn how to spell C.H.E.Y.E.N.N.E. You sound so full of envy. Now go away.

  300. Alai Divinity (From the show) says:

    Hello, Alai here…(from the show) Since the show, I have done an independent film, a Ronald Regan Library Promo, and I have done a print job for Disney. Well, just letting you know. Just keep praying for me because it’s really hard out here in Hollywood. :) I wish I could get in touch with some of you guys cause I miss you!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  301. steph says:

    Alai i loved you on the show,and no disrespect to your mom but if she had you read that story like it was given you would have not been eliminated.good luck to you both and this is just a stepping stone you will go far.

  302. bambi says:

    Gigi – they should have given you your own blogspot here with the rest of the mothers. I truly would have been interested in hearing more of your thoughts. I’ve googled you and it seems you have quite a few things going on…kudos to you! Alai is a beautiful and talented girl, and I feel you for realizing and acknowledging what black folk (or non-white) go through in this industry!!! I totally agree with you that Shannon is in for a rude-awakening in Hollywood (that is, if she hasn’t already gotten it!). BTW, I think Shannon pretending “not to know” what the “casting couch” was, was absolute b*llsh*t in it’s highest degree! I think being an ex-beauty pageant queen (if you will), she’s been on a casting couch or two herself! I didn’t buy into the whole “editing” b*llsh*t where they “villainized” you and Helene. I did believe, however, your reaction when Pam “backstabbed” you. That look on your face said a thousand words hun! Hopefully, all of you on the show have moved onward and upwards with your children’s career and I wish you all nothing but the best.

    Not fooled by “editors”
    Bambi (the one and only)

  303. bring_it says:

    How can you say Shannon knows Cheyenne should have won, it was said over and over the best team. Shannon did not choose MacKenzie, Danny chose MacKenzie. I bet you would never have said Cheyenne should have won if Alai had been chosen the winner.

  304. stacy says:

    Although I do believe that prejudice is at a all time high in America. I dont feel that Alais’
    elimination was totally based on race. There were times when you concentrated too much on Pam and the other moms. You were in an argument with someone from the time you walked through the door till the time you walked out. Yes I do realize, mostof the arguments were provoked by Rocky and Pam.
    I grant you the fact that Pam is a backstabbing liar. But you were not there to make friends. You were there to be a coach to your child, in a nationwide competition. You really messed Alai up, when you told her to read the script, the way you coached her to read it, it seem like she could not read at all.
    I must say that your own child tried to calm you down on several occassions. As a mother I also realize that you thought you had to protect you child. But theres’ a certain way to do that.
    Your first mistake was to think that a white woman could ever truely be a black womans friend.
    The third mistake you made was when you threatened Pam. You knew she was going to run and tell and act like the innocent lilly white, babes in the woods, damsel in distress, that they want us to think they are. ( WHEN THE HEAT GETS TURNED UP, ON THEIR BUTTS) if you know what I mean.
    Last, you became irrate, in front of the judges and the children.
    You allowed Pam to knock you off your square. Once again, I realize that Pam is a snake. But we as
    black people have to learn how to play them at their own game. You know the first thing they say, after they start a feud with a black person. ”we were the aggressor.”
    I pray for nothing but luck for you and Alai. I can tell that you have done a fabulous job at raising her.
    She is a very polite, loving child. Good Luck. In the future. Never let anyone knock you off your square like that again. Forget it, move past it and enjoy your summer. Give Alai a big hug for me and my family.

  305. MAYA says:

    Stacy, I totally agree with you. Best of Luck, Gigi and Alai. We still love you. Alai you will make it far someday, just hang in there.

  306. ADRIANA says:

    I am so glad that you won you really deserved it and i hope i can meet you some day because you really are a great kid and i know you will not make all of these mistakes that all of these other celebs matter who you work with i know they will enjoy working with you.WHEN HE CALLED OUR NAME I SAREMED because i was so happy and when i went back to school i told everyone about you.You will have an exxlent career.

  307. ashley says:

    hey shannon add me on youtube i sended u a invite and i suscribe to u to so yea add me byes

    oxox,your #1 fan ashley!kisses!

  308. ashley says:

    hey shannon and mckenzie i hope to see u L.A. soon i live there so hope to see u!

    oxox,your #1 fan ashley!kisses!

  309. paris hilton says:

    Ok everyone needs to just stop with the whole well cheyenne is better cheyenne this cheyenne that cheyenne should hav won. Because you know that if cheyenne won you know you would have said no makeneze is better she should have won. I do not dislike cheyenne at all yes i do admit she is good and all but she did not improve at all and makenze took all of the constructive crotisisim and tried better everyone of those compotistions. and when they wer suppossed to be themselves helene kept telling hr no lower lower you need to go lower and every time they tried to tell her something that cheyenne did somthing wrong helen would say oh please and make up some kind of excuse for it. You know what even if Shannon did say something that she should not have said that was not motavating her daughter so what it was only once and you know what else she was the only one that was ever telling her daughter good things positive things and everyone else never tried to tell their kid positive sayings for life so do not evn say she is not a motivaing mom you all are just mad because she does have money and her husband has money. AND RONALD REGGIN IS DEAD!

  310. DJ says:

    I find it sad to see such trash on this blog, when it is for a young girl and mother who did such a good job, to see such horrible trash. I do have to say though that it does look like Bambi is here just to have attention and bring such a spotlight on Cheyenne that it has now made me believe that she is somehow contacted to Helene and Cheyene. Think about it. But also the more spotlight Bambi is given the more trash she talks, I say let’s ignore such ignorant trash and let’s celebrate a wonderful girl who is truly talented you go Baby Girl, still think you are great, youtube shows the talent you have. I love them .. keep up the good work.

  311. Merissa says:

    Congratulations!! =) I am so happy for you girls. You’ve been through a lot and worked so hard.

    McKenzie: You are very talented, I am impressed. You’ve toned yourself down so much since the beginning of the show, you’re fantastic. I expect to see your name in lights some day, you’ll go very far. Be true to yourself, and always respect your Mom. You’re amazing, I thought you were going to win before the final four. Great job, keep going!! =)

    Shannon: You’re an amazing person and mom, McKenzie was lucky to have you with her throughout the show, you were very real and unaffected by the “Mama Drama” that was rampant on the show. You girls make an amazing team, she’ll be famous.

    Good luck, and best wishes for the future. We haven’t heard the last of you!!

    Ps. Love the accent =)

  312. Melody says:

    Congratulations to Shannon and McKenzie! I was so pulling for you. Shannon, as a mom myself, applause to you. Through it all, you stayed true to yourself. Your first concern was always McKenzie, not the prize. That makes me proud.
    McKenzie, you sweet girl! You deserved it hun, and I hope you soak up each moment. It is awesome to see such a young girl who could take criticism, learn from it and move on. You never blamed anyone or anything if things didn’t quite go your way. That takes courage hun. And that takes strength in yourself. That is a remarkable feat for one so young. Never lose that sweetie.
    Good luck with everything, and I hope it is everything that you want it to be. Much love from this family of Canucks!!! :)

  313. Wendy says:

    Hi Shannon. My “Baby Girl” was so jealous when I told her I ran into you in the lobby of our hotel while we were in LA. We watched you and McKenzie on the show and were big fans. Being from Louisiana myself…I know your accent isnt fake!!! :) You two are inspiraton for us…a mom with a daughter trying to break into the business while keeping it real. Best of luck with everything. I know it may be rough transitioning but hang in there. At least the weather is nicer in LA…its hot as heck back here at home!! :)

  314. JenniferS. says:

    dangt paris hilton is on her now? come on ! good luc k to alai and gigi. nice to hear from alai. she is cute. good luck to you little lady.

  315. BeccaJane says:

    Sorry I have not gotten back in touch with you. I have been out in the field for the last month doing all of the necessary training for deployment. You say you cried when you read my comment, honey I bet that you had nothing on me. The first thing that i did when i got back to the barracks was called my litte boy to check in and then my email and then this. I never would have thought that i would have really gotten a reply. You have so many of these things to read. I started yelling at all of the guys that i had watch it with me, saying she said yes, She really is coming! It’s so hard to believe. We are so excited. I do not have a myspace set up, but i will set one up really soon. So, you will be hearing from me. Thanks so very much. We are all very excited. I have to call and tell Cortland (my 5 year old, who loves her)! Can’t wait to hear from you. I’m not gonna give any specific details and it is very easy to use someone elses name on here, so PLEASE wait to hear from me on myspace. I don’t want anyone else using my name and getting you somewhere you don’t need to be!
    Much Love,

  316. Bonnie Taylor says:

    Dear Shannon
    I just want to say congradulations on the win and wanted to know if you and McKenzie ever got her career started out in Hollywood? It was nice to see good people from a small state such as ours win.
    I live in Shreveport and my family was hoping that your growing and learning and NOT being a stage mom would be a great comliment. The other moms were awful. You have a great daughter, and I hope her great southern upbringing stays with her. It will take her a long way along with her great talent.
    Good luck!

    From Shreveport
    Bonnie Taylor

  317. news says: i s casting for a new family show. Ages 7-21 plus family, some kind of trivia game show? They are the company who produced I Know My Kid’s A Star.

  318. shannonk says:

    Hey everyone,

    It’s been forever since I’ve been to this board, but a friend told me about some of the recent comments. To all of you who have supported McKenzie throughout this entire ordeal THANKS!!
    We just recently got back from LA. Things went great. Her manager said we got the best deal we could have asked for in a million years. We will only be home for about 2 weeks then we are heading to Tennessee where we are making a CD. One of the songs that will be on it was written by Devan’s dad Kevin from the show. It’s perfect for Baby Girl! After that, we will be home for a week and leave again. She then sings in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama. From there we will head back out to LA for Sept. and Oct.

    While we were in LA every where we went, people were asking for autographs and if they could take a picture with her. Disneyland was the craziest. I can’t begin to express to everyone how blessed we are to have so much support not only in Louisiana and California but even throughout Canada. LIFE IS GOOD!! GOD IS GREAT!!

    To all of you who would like to keep up with McKenzie, she periodically does youtube videos and she has a myspace that I monitor daily.

    Thanks again,

  319. shannonk says:

    Can’t wait to hear from you soon. The sooner the better so I can put it in her schedule. Things have gotten really crazy!

  320. Cheyenne says:

    well the way i see it, i had such a great time on the show and i discovered more about myself than i ever thought that i would. Congrats to McKenzie and i wish her the best of luck. I wish i could have won, but everything happens for a reason!

  321. mofhy says:

    its too dame long and ur mad ugly

  322. JenniferS. says:

    Hey Shannon – nice to hear from you again. loads of hugs and blessings too you .

  323. HK says:

    Hey guys,
    Cheyenne finally finished her song, “Superstar”! And to celebrate she thought she would have her first contest ever!!

    Here’s the contest:
    The contest is whoever makes the best (lip sync) music video to her new song wins!
    Here’s the rules:
    No rules really, just make it really really good!!
    Here’s the deal:
    You must, must, must have your video in to her youtube at: by August 3rd – no later!!
    What do you win???
    You get your video featured on her youtube (which has almost 100,000 hits!!!) You get a signed DVD (by Cheyenne) of her 3 songs featured on her music myspace at: , a signed photo from her and a special shout out video dedicated just to you (in DVD mailed to you for you to put up wherever you like). You will be her first shout out ever!!!
    Once all the videos are in she will pick the top 5 and let the fans vote for the best one!! So tell all your friends, this is gonna be fun!!!

    Helene (and Cheyenne)

  324. Kelsey says:

    Hey shannon and Mackenzie,

    I know you all have heard this a thousand times but i just wanted to congratulate you on your win and i wish you all the success in the world!! I’m from Ontario Canada, and I can tell you that little Mackenzie has an enormous amount of fans up here as well!! I look forward to seeing Mackenzie’s work in the future!! I also just wanted to say that I’ve read some of the comments that other people have written and I really think that if you don’t have something positive or encouraging to say then you really shouldn’t say anything!! This is a site where we can give encouragment to a little girl who is embarking on the quest to make her dreams come true!! Mackenzie and her family should NOT have to read some of the disgusting things that some of you have to say!! She’s just a little girl with a big dream and if you don’t want to support her then that’s perfectly fine, but don’t say unacceptable things about her and her family!!!

  325. ShannonK says:


    Thank you so much for all of your support. I hope the Canadians enjoyed the show. I wanted to let you know and maybe you can spread the word out in you area to those who are interested, McKenzie does have a myspace and we keep up with it regularly. She also has some things on youtube that a family friend takes care of. So, tell them they can do a friend request and subscribe to her youtube.

    Here’s a little update. We just got back from Tennessee where she made a CD. It was lots of very hard work. Her little ears actually hurt from wearing those muffs for so long. Her original was written by Kevin Goocher, Devon’s dad, from the show. They are such wonderful people and we have become very good friends. Anyway, her CD will be on sale in about three weeks and we are very excited. Then. she is singing in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama. After that, we head back out to LA for September and October. Baby Girl really loves this stuff and we feel so blessed that her career has really taken off.

    Thanks again for everything. Please keep in touch through her myspace.


  326. StephanieC says:

    Dear Mrs. Knapps,

  327. StephanieC says:

    Dear Mrs. Knapps,
    I have loved McKenzie sice the first episode! She is so talented and deserved it the most. You should be so proud of her becuase she continued to stay herself and never followed the crowd. You did and outstanding job raising McKenzie, and I hope I can do the same. I live in NY right now, but I am considering moving to Louisiania because of a better job offer. I was looking at Baton Rouge for my family and I was wondering if you had any tips on the best towns in Baton Rouge. I like LA becuase it seems very friendly, respectful and most of all the people down there seem so well mannered. If you could give me some “pointers” for Baton Rouge that would be great. Thank you so much and McKenzie IS the next child star. She is amazing and please keep up the good work! You are definitley in my prayers, Stephanie C

  328. ShannonK says:

    Please do a friend request on McKenzie’s myspace and I’ll talk with you in more detail about Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.
    Thank for rooting for McKenzie and we hope you enjoyed the show.

  329. StephanieC says:

    Dear Mrs. Knapps, Thank you I appreciate it so much. I do not have a myspace account but I just made one it is Stephanie C (or the emial address Thank you so much. You really are an angel. I hope all is well and that McKenzie’s future goes wherever her little heart desires it to go. GO MCKENZIE!

  330. JenniferR says:

    I am so glad to see that one of the nice children won the show. I hope to see McKenzie doing great things in the future, whether she choose acting, singing, or maybe a bit of both! Good luck to you, sweetheart!

  331. ashley says:

    OMG! I saw McKenzie in a Walmart commerical. She’s so adorable. Just watch, she’s gonna be big! REAL BIG!!

  332. Just Me...Brooke says:

    Congrats to you lil’ McKenzie! I did watch the show and was very entertained and sometimes horrified! Being a fellow southerner, I was proud to see that you guys stayed true to your morals. Of course NOBODY is perfect all the time. With all of the negative influences that were surrounding you both, you showed class and grace. I have a 11 year old son who enjoys drama and acting also. When we have been at auditions or on a set, there have been times we were shocked at a childs behavior. Typically, we don’t have to look too far to see that they are patterning themselves after their parents. It is when we are no longer shocked by disrepectful kids that we will have to reevaluate how much time we want to subject our child to this environment. As long as he realizes that this type of behavior is not OK and certainly not the norm, then we will continue. As you and I both know, being a true Southern Belle is not alot of work posing to keep up an image. It is unwritten rules of social behavior that comes from a desire to please others while perserving your own self respect. You demonstrate this well. See we are just like everyone else, we may talk a little slower, smile alot more, are typically smarter without having to brag about it and are always prettier! (grin) Both of you keep up the good work. I noticed you were going to be in Alabama…when and where? What can we expect to see Mckenzie doing in the coming months?

  333. Lauri says:

    I did not even know the series was on to be honest until recently and accidently came across McKenzie. I was amazed at the talent and then reading about her mother. I had been doing some reading up on starlets and how the media is so hard on them…worried about body image of young girls esp when in the limelight. And to watch the child and mother…I think it is pretty amazing. They just seemed to be enjoying it so much and thinking if anyone could come through the hard knocks of acting it would be the pair of them..McKenzie so I added her to myspace so I can see how things are going. I love watching movies and going to plays so I count on the actresses and actors to entertain..anyone would agree to that I would think but then considering how we put on too much pressure to look a certain way or be a size 0 be 5’9 something and be perfect. It is not fair however when strong family values are in the mix maybe they can live their dreams without having so much pressure turn negative. What would I know..not much as I do not have that type of talent. But what I do know is kids because working with elementary ed kids through high school you see how much pressure it is on the average kids..But to be put in front of a magnifying glass must be so difficult so I really give kudos to Shannon and McKenzie.

  334. tasia says:

    hi mckenzie im your #1 fan even thought you might not get this i still wanted to tell you that you really showed them that even know we might be small we have a big talent in side of us

    from you #1 fan

  335. MP3Panda says:

    We are a group of volunteers and starting a new initiative in our community. Your post provided us with valuable information to help us get started|.You have done an impressive job!