Nick Hogan Gets Eight Months in Prison



Nick Hogan wore an expressionless face today as he was sentenced to eight months in prison for felony reckless driving that left his best friend, John Graziano, critically injured. He was also given five years of probation and 100 hours of community service for each year. Hulk Hogan and a weeping Brooke Hogan (who wore a shoulderless dress) addressed the court on Nick’s behalf, asking for leniency. But John’s mother, father, sister and girlfriend all lobbied for serious punishment. “I’m not seeking revenge,” said John’s mother. “Only justice.” John is expected to require lifelong care. Is Nick’s sentence fair? [Image: Getty]

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  1. Joanne Neeley says:

    I’ve watched you Nick on the show and being a mother of 3 adult kids I know in your heart that you feel terrible about what has happened. This is a life lesson that has a huge down but the blessing is that you and your friend are alive. I’ll pray for you and you’re freind. God has forgiveness in his heart for all that we do wrong in life. So promise me you will continue to pray everyday with your family. A FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER. God is going to know test your strength so stay prayful and strong, The 8 months you’ll serve is just another way of saying you have excepted the consquences and will lean from this.

    Mother who understands.

  2. Amanda says:

    I think 8 months is not long enough….. I am happy however that his fathers fame did not get him a slap on the wrist….. It is about time that the legal system take action against these out of control young celbs who think that they are untouchable by the law.

    I also know that Hulk and Linda are ashamed of his actions but are they partly to blame? I think so…. from watching their reality show I saw how hard they were on Brook compared to Nick. And see what happened. The one that was allowed to run free not only endangered his life and the life of others but he hurt a friend. This is the perfect example why parents so have the same rules for all the children and not let the boy run wild cause he is a male. Shame on you Hulk and Linda…. I have lost the respect that I had for you as parents.

  3. Beth says:

    Hey, If somone else did this crime then they would go to jail. Why do people think just because his dad is a celebrity he should get less of a punishment? Celeb. or not I think; you do the crime, you do the time.

  4. Chad says:

    That is just sad about that. I guess anyone could have seen that coming!!!!!

  5. Mandi says:

    I’m glad he’s getting punished, I just hope they don’t send him to some Posh little Jail thats not really going to be punishment. He needs to be poperly punished, I hate the whole it’s not safe for celebraties in jail type of ideas, There humans and should be treated the same. But I hope that when he comes out of his time in that he realise he has not only more work to do via the judgement for community service and probation but get that he really needs to do some soul searching and figures out things need to change. Slowing down, being more careful and responisble all the fun growing up stuff.

  6. lynn says:

    that was kinded harsh what the parent said it was a accident.

  7. Renee says:

    What a tradegy for both families!! I know in your heart, Nick, you feel remorse and guilt for what has happened to your best friend. I am so sorry for all parties involved….for Nick who has to pay a big price to grow up, for John who will have many days ahead of him filled with treatments, therapies, no independence and little lifes joys, for the families who are left just shaking their heads and wiping their tears…..

    I am glad the justice system did not give you a slap on the wrist and I will pray that you continue to hold your head high and learn from this. I can only hope that you will be used as an example in your circle of friends and they will hire a driver/limo/whatever and not get behind the wheel after drinking and/or drugging. It needs to stop everywhere not only in Hollywood.

    LASTLY, let this also be a lesson to those that continue to get into the car with a friend who has been drinking or drugging!! Call someone to pick you up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. chevy boy's mami says:

    I think celebrities have so much slack with the justice system. Just because they’re considered “A class” people. If I’m corrected all man are treated equal. That suppose to go for the same with punishment of the law. I think they should get the same punishment/consiquences as the rest of us

  9. pinky says:

    wat???!?!!? this is so dumb….okay lets see…nick gets 8 months for a car wreck that leaves his friend seriously injured….brandy norwood gets into an accident and they let her walk…(btw idk the extent of the persons injuries were)…paris hilton drives drunk all the effin time and all she gets is 23 days…or was it less than that? idk about justice but he doesnt deserve 8 months….

  10. nikki says:

    This is a light sentence compared to what your average citizen would get. Nick nearly killed this boy, and now his body and his life are permanently disabled. They showed Nick driving racing cars on the television show even before he was legal to drive. Everything that has gone on with this family in the past year is enough to show America that Hogan Knows Sh*t.

  11. stephanie says:

    i thinkl that he should get the 8 months for reckless driving but he should be lucky that the sentence was not murder cuz he could have killed his friend so he got lucky for the 8 months. Even thought he father is my best westler when i was little. so nick gets what was coming to him, he knew what he did wrong and his friend should be lucky for being alive today.

  12. pheobe says:

    no way it waz a accentdent he did not mean to do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. christina says:

    He got what he deserved. He’s very lucky he only got 8 months.


    Hey yall take it easy on Nick he was young and as we and I have done we get a little carried away and stuff like what Nick has done happens so stop busting his choops and let it go AND STOP BLAMING HIS FATHER HULK FOR GETTING HIM OUT OF TROUBLE because its not because he has a big name it can happen to your kids than what would you feel the same way?????????????I love the HOGAN famley and always will and also I am praying for the famley to………

  15. TREE says:

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  16. mandy23 says:


  17. TREE says:

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  18. anne d says:

    yeah right! H was always drag racing!!!!!!!!! It was ound to happen.

  19. Joe says:

    This is, once again, lame news. This celebutaunt goes and drives his car like a jerk and everyone watches the show and thinks it’s cute. VH1 promotes this type of behavior and everyone thinks it’s cute when he races his stupid car. Everyone’s “Fast and Furious” and trying to drive cars that they can’t. Now look! He gets off EASY! He ruins a person and family’s life and can’t even speak for himself when faced in court…mommy and daddy have to speak for him. This is what’s wrong with this world today. Everything is a reality show until reality sets in. If he was a non-celebrity, or better yet, someone other than white, they’re looking at some serious jail time. I had a friend that was killed in a car accident because his dumb-ass friend was trying to be cute in a car. He can do his time and pay for his sins, but when are people going to wise up? He’s not forgiven, I can guarantee you that! I can’t wait until VH1 puts out the new Hogan series when he gets out. Now everyone go out and by his pathetic sisters music…

  20. bri says:

    Well, I think he got what he deserved..if it were anybody else who just happened to be less fortunate then he is, they probably would have received more time…so, I think he should have to serve his sentence…maybe he’ll learn a lesson…

  21. Donald says:

    I think this was fair. Most people aren’t seeing his other punishments! Yes he got 8 months of jail time. Ok so most “normal” citizens would have got the 5 years. Nick also got 500 hours of community service, 3 years without a license and 5 years probation. If you think thats a slap on the wrist or light punishment, your mistaken.

    On the “not having a license for 3 years” most of you would kill yourself or disobey that punishment. Thats gonna be a hard thing to do and most of you know it.

    I know its sad that John is in the hospital and now Nick has brought up ways to help that situation until John gets better. That could mean the rest of their lives. So Nick is putting up a lot. You guys need to see the big picture.

    Also, John being in the Marines, he should have more discipline to actually wear his seatbelt. If Nick acted childish and was so drunk, why did he have his seatbelt on? Like every kid in the world, he made a mistake by taking a challenge that each and everyone of you would have taken in your prime, with that car. We learn by our mistakes, we don’t bash others for making them. Act American or get out!

  22. yveswild says:

    first it was an accident !! i’m not defending nick but his friend was also guilty !! i don’t know if his friend was drinking too !! he is responsable for his ACTIONS 2 !! of course nick need a pu nishment ,but not 8 months he is on ly 17 !! now the other guy is going to get his life f.t. but that his fault ,that was his descicion to get in the car in first place!! ! thats the price his paying now !!! sorry for both familys !!! and please no because hi is a celebrity lets all get against them !! they are normal people too !! so all those who wants more punishment for this young guy f. off !! i think he got enough !! best of luck for the hogan HOGAN family!!

  23. dannielle says:

    that ~$(* is not fair those #_~*^ es trying to put u in jail and i love yall show

  24. danielle says:

    thats mess up

  25. April says:

    wat about the other guy? you know the guy Nick was racing? he got a way with it right? I feel bad for Nick he lost a lot, his friendship, his freedom at laest for 8 months. hes loosing a lot. i think for some one so young hes loosing alot

  26. Colleen says:

    I think it is wrong! People make mistakes, everyone does. NOONE is perfect. This John who was injured is an adult, and I am sure he was not handcuffed and dragged into the car kicking and screaming. He very well could have said stop the car and let me out. So shame on his family for sueing the Hogans. It was an accident!!! Nick did not do this on purpose, that is why there are accidents. Shame on them. These days people are SUE happy. They see a chance to get money from a celebrity, so they jump at it. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I think the judge was wrong, He was trying to set an example because Nick is a celeb. The justice system today is shameful.

  27. Monathemapgirl says:

    I think that it’s not fair… it should be a longer sentence. This is something that he knew was illegal, was condoned by his family so he did it anyway. I feel horrible for John and his family, HOWEVER I believe that John, being his best friend, and knowing that being in Nick’s car would lead to a race, had the responsibility to make the decision to get out of the car before anything happened.

  28. Lauren says:

    I cant believe it!! I’m a mom of 4 and my son was killed by another driver .. myself and the other mom whos son was driving my son also died with my son, we asked the judge not to send him to prision because if our son had hit a car we’d hope the parents would ask the same. If they were Gods people they would know its in the bible.. plus to be forgiven you must forgive or our father in heaven cant forgive us. and >>. what so ever you do for the least of them,, you so much as did it for God.
    Look it up!! Botom line.. I don’t believe Nick should go to jaip;

  29. jennifer says:

    well i dontknow what to say , something happen for a reason an sometimes people have to be plushed for things they did worng

  30. tr3sDosUno says:

    ive been a fan of the show for a long time …. its sad to see this happen to Nick but if you do the crime you do the time
    Yahoo IM: tr3sDosUno

  31. Gerae says:

    i dont know if it was a regular car accident or if he was driving recklessly on purpose. i hope his freind john is doing very well and nick never meant for this to happen so theres no use for people to insult him, he probly feels bad enough already.

  32. Rosemary says:

    I just think that Nick got of easy. if it was someone else that wasn’t that famous or didn’t have money you know that they would have gone to jail for years, and he gets eight months, while his friend get a life sentence. John will never be the same as he once was all b cuz Nick decided to be stupid and speed like he was in a race track. I just hope that during these eight months that he realizes what he done, and that he is sooooooooooooolucky he didn’t go to jail for years. GOD BLESS THE GRAZIANO FAMILY I HOPE THAT HE GETS THE CARE THAT HE SO DESPERATELY NEEDS.

  33. nina says:

    I think that it is good to see that stars also have to feel the heat .I love the hogans but that boy could have died or been brain dead. Nick better praise the lord that he didn’t do more damage by killing him , then he would have been in jail for murder . I’m sure that his parents had to pay for this also , money wise .But I still love hulk hogan brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  34. JRock says:

    jail is for criminals. If he was not legally impaired there should be no jail sentence. A life of knowing that you permanently injured and almost took your best friend’s life is punishment enough.

    As for the victims’s parents. Shame on Them! I Iost two good friends to an auto accident one was the driver and the other a passenger. If the driver was alive no one that I know would wish that he spent any jail time. We would all give anything just to see either one of them on this earth again. They should feel blessed that God spared their son’s life

  35. Terrie says:

    This is devastating for both families. It’s sad YES that John’s family was seeking extreme punishment like they were, but… we only know what they are allowing us to know. Nicks family, if you watch the show, love their kids but are very loose when it comes to punishing them when they do something wrong. Nick has been told before about speeding and this time some1 very close to him was nearly killed. God was protecting them. I think the punishment is fair because he has to live with what he did also, and serving those 8 mths..if he actually does will be double the punishment. Celeb’s really need to pay for their crimes like all of us have to, I’ll be suprised if Nick does his full sentence. Prayers to John and his family and prayers to all of those injured at the hands of the ignorant.

  36. Tom says:

    Nick deserves this. It’s good to see that he didn’t get away with this because of who his father is. He has a ton of speeding tickets and has already had his lincense taken away so the judge knew he wasen’t going to learn. This may be what he needs. I mean he’s an adult and because of a choice he made a person’s life will never be the same and he’s lucky it’s only one person that go hurt it could have been more.

  37. mackin hoes says:

    &%)_ da po po

  38. daniel warner says:

    I feel bad for both familys. This kind of thing happens all the time. Sad to say. I’ve seen it first hand. I lost a friend in a car accident and my other friend was driving. Both out to have a good time, not meaning no harm. It could have been either kid at the wheel. it just happened to be Nick! Im sorry that it happened. I know Nick didnt want to hurt his friend. Everybody wants to have a good time. Nick just got busted doing it. I wish someday both familys can love each other enough to forgive. Nick has to live with his actions for the rest of his life. And the family has to live with a broken family member. Its very sad.

  39. nancy p says:

    good morning to all

    well i hope he thinks about what he did ,,spending time in prison,, all these celebrity kids i think get away with things because of who they are,,and who their parents are,,,its about time kids of today take responsibility of their actions,, god forbid if this klid dies,,,nick hogan will be charged with murder,,,one night,, he decided to go down to clearwater florida on this main drag and to speed,,thats where it happened,, his friend went along with him however he wasnt wearing his seatbelt,, no matter, nick hogan was fined,,ticketed for doin this numerous amounts of time,,,,,,he should have gotten a year,,,,,,,,in prison,,,,,,and then we all wonder why our insurance rates are sky high,,, because of reckless driving of teens ,,,sorry thats statistics,,,,,,and they drive drunk,,,,,and we taxpayers have to foot the bill for these instances,,,,if kids do adult crimes,, then do adult time,,,, simply put,,

    thanks and have a nice day

  40. Sad in Illinois says:

    That was nothing but revenge yesterday. It solved nothing. The parents are on a gold mission now and they are pitiful. Everyone who hurts someone in an accident is not in jail. Where is the passenger’s responsibility in this? He was the adult without a seat belt on, and had also drank. It was a combined travesty, but this is not justice. I pray for Nick and his family. It was so heartbreaking.

  41. Racheal Sanchaze says:

    I am so sorry that this had to of happened to a wonderful kid like Nick.
    It isn’t fair that he has to do that just because he is Hulk Hogan’s son.
    I has to pay for this for the rest of his life.
    Let poor Nick Hogan along.


  42. diana says:

    john graziana’s parents are fighting for custody of him, there shouldn’t be a fight over that but, i guess since there “is” going to be a law suit they r really fighting to see who gets to be in charge of the money, I can’t believe that they cannot work together to decide what is best for their son. and they don’t let nick go visit him which is pretty sad, they were friends it was an accident i’m sure John was having a good time.

  43. Lindsey says:

    I think justice has been served. I would of been very upset if Nick did not get a prison sentence. His friend John has to suffer for the rest of his life in medical care. Yes, Nick is going to have to live with the fact that he seriously injured a best friend, but once his sentencing is complete he can go on living. Nick will have the chance to get marriend, have children, and go after whatever goals he may have, while John will not! Nick should feel lucky that is all he got for a punishment. My heart and prayers go out to John’s family. Stay strong.

  44. Nicole says:

    I feel bad for both families. But on the other hand, John’s parents are trying to exploite the situation. I heard in court yesterday about all the money that Hulk has given her. Escpecially for her father dying. That is rediculas. He helps them out more than anything and they still go after Nick. If I were Hulk I would tell John’s mom to go somewhere else for the money. I know I wouldn’t pay her after what she is doing to my son. Nick has to live with that and he also has to accept punishment like he did. I also feel that his punishment has way to harsh. At least he accepted what he did and plead no contest. He was also will to face punishment so give him probation and community service not everything else. I feel the he got the raw end of the deal. Look at all he has done over the last 8 months. I feel so bad for Nick and his family.With the divorce, the bs that John’s mother is putting them though and now this. John’s mom should be ashamed of herself.

  45. NATALIE says:

    Justice was served. Nick should have prison time. So many celebrities get off easy. This time in prison may help change him for the better. It will give him a chance to get his priorities straight. 8 months is not long for him. John is going to have to suffer with his injuries for the rest of his life. I pray for both families!

  46. Josh says:

    This goes out to both families these are hard times but all we can do is keep moving on.

  47. KENNEDY says:

    I think that his friend knew the consequences of getting into the car with a friend that had been drinking, so who do we really point the finer too?

  48. Ashley says:

    This is fair because what he did to his best friend. He could could’ve been paralyzed for life.

  49. Chris says:

    I don’t think it was totally fair because like his mother said in court, this is something that he is going to live with for the rest of his life and I don’t think that the boy that was hurt was totally innocient in the whole thing as well, because he could have chose to get out of the car if he wanted to prior to the accident. Nick could have been seriously injured as well or they could have both been killed. I think he was used as an example of to other celebrities. It was a terrible accicent, but people need to know that it wasn’t intentional and it was just that, an accident.

  50. Hulk the Tool says:

    Nick acted like and man and took repsonsibility for his part in this. I gained respect for him.

    By the way, John Graziano got his punishment, too. He basically lost his life.

    Linda, Hulk and Brooke-what conceited a**holes they are. Pose for the camera and then blame the camera for the way you appear. Make your living from the camera and then blast the camera if you are deemed human.

    Hey, Brooke said she hates being a celeb in court. Drop her show and see what she and daddy do. Brooke actually had the nerve to accuse the other family of gold-digging?

    Everyone lost in this case. I’m just glad that Nick owned up to his mistake.

  51. Hank says:

    Should’ve gotten more…what if he had killed someone I’m tired of so called superstars or rich brats feeling they can endanger others he’s sick in the head…he knew the penalty of breaking the law, but he continued to reckless drive…now he’s a target for people wanting a piece of hulk hogan’s kid. That alone should’ve made him think & not break the law. He got a small sentence…most people will get more…8 months should’ve been years at least

  52. Brittany says:

    I Think its fair, but i dont know every detail…….. I know what johns family is going through and nicks…. God bless everyone

  53. erica says:

    i don’t think that the punishment is fair. he shouldn’t have drank alcohol and drove, BUT the passenger knew he had been drinking and decided to get in the car with nick. i don’t think that by any means that john deserved that. it’s a horrible tragedy for both families. it’s just that john and the other two adults that were with them are just as guilty as nick. at the time he had just turned 17. the other adults, that probably provided the alcohol for him, should have known better. nick will live with the guilt for the rest of his life. 8 months in jail seems too much for me along with the five years probation and 500 hours community service. it was an accident that will haunt him forever. i pray for both families.

  54. tee says:

    I think he should be punished with community service talking to people about what can happen when going to fast in a car and what the consequences are and for the adults and teenagers who get in the car with someone driving crazy like this they should be responsible for what may happen to them because they do have a choice of being in the car with others while they are driving dangerously so it is not fair he get into trouble for his friend his friend had a choice not to get into that car if they were small children that would be different.

  55. Tiffany says:

    I think that it is wrong for a young man his age go to jail because he did not mean to hirt his friened because in my opinon they were just having fun driving and I really hope his friend gets better soon because they are going some rough times with the whole speed racing.

  56. Isabel Cubeñas says:

    Nick seemed like a really nice boy in the series but do to his parents over protection made him like this, he should learn his lesson and just move on, study, go to college, get a job. his parents divorce made him like this too.

  57. Suzee says:

    He got what he deserved. A spoiled rich kid.

  58. Bill Toth says:

    8 months in prison is nothing compared to the damage he did to John. Nick got off esay on this one!

  59. jessielouz says:

    he should get alot longer than 8 months. His daddys money got him a slap on the arm. This is why 17 year old shouldnt drink. DUH! If it was any “normal” everyday person they would have gotten life. Or like 10 years in the pinn. This is so un-fair. He needs to open his eyes and relize hes not all that. Gosh dude, im 17 and i only get in trouble for pot.

  60. Brittney says:

    I think the punishment is a little
    harsh maybe suspend his liscence
    and prison for 3 months w/ 30 hours
    of comunity service just shorten it

  61. crystal says:

    I think his light sentence is outrageous. Whether his passenger chose to get in the car is irrelvant. this kid drove drunk, and caused someone permanent damage. Everyone is ignoring that he was not old enough to drink. he should have gotten prison time. anyone else would have.

  62. The Entertainer says:

    I think I need a cheeseburger from Mc Donalds…I’m starving!!!!

  63. natval says:


  64. Grady says:

    I dont think there are any winners here for sure I mean the prosicution come on give me a break John
    Graziano will suffer because of a terrible accident that know one wanted for sure.However John did get in that car of his own free will knowing nicks condition. I hope you get better John but accept some responsibility for your actions,friends dont let friends drink and drive.Nick you lost for sure 8 months in prison,a felony conviction with all the other stuff that comes with it oh man I feel for you.
    I can only hope that its all over soon for you, your wonderful family and John aswell we have all grown up for years watching the Hogans intertain us the things they did to make us smile.And lets not forget all the wonderful things the Hogans have done for the community over the years.Rich or poor It does not matter they are human lets let them deal with this very painful matter I wish The Hogans,and the Graziano family the best of luck in the future.

  65. jerry cox says:

    that is retated he should go to jail

  66. maha says:

    i think its harsh concidering lindsay lohan and paris hilton have been caught doing the same- but i agree with the mom- they were only looking for justice

  67. Mike says:

    This whole situation from both sides is sad and upseting. I feel bad that someone was hurt. These were two friends that bit off more than they can chew. Neither one of them shoud have gotten into the car, but they did. Even so, they should at least have worn their seatbelts. I believe that Nick received too harsh and negative punishment. For a 17 year old kid to be sent to prison can only make him worse by making him learn from and live with bad people. Who knows what will happen to him there. Despite what happened, I do believe that Nick is an overall good kid who just made some really bad choices. I say this not because he is Hulk Hogan’s son, but because he is still a kid. Rather than being sent to prison he should be on home confinement. They should only let him leave his house to do community service, such as working with head trauma patients. He should also have to pay sometype of restitution to his friend who was hurt. In addition, he needs sometype of counseling to resolve internal and external issues that may exist already or come about. Ultimately, society should want Nick to become a better person from this, not someone who is hardened from prison.

  68. Queen says:

    I agree with Mike. Maybe jail is not the place for Nick, but other places are. Please read.Therapy is needed here. Nick is probably dealing with many issues.
    WIth this, maybe Nick and his family can develop a non profit to aid victims and their families
    similar to this. `@& ist with their financial needs and caregiver needs and so forth. There are not enough brain injury institutions and `@& istance available. Another suggestion, Nick can give speeches to the public all the country about this tragedy and somehow instruct young people that racing can destroy.

  69. Queen says:

    My heart goes out to both families. Please forgive the misspellings previously.

  70. Holden says:

    I feel that Nick got off easy because of having wealthy parents and good lawyers. This is pathetic

    and sends a bad message to people—there are 2 types of justice one for the ‘rich’ and another

    for the poor!!!! Maybe the next time little Nick breaks the law he won’t be so fortunate!!!! By the

    way as far as I am concerned Hulk Hogan is a burned out celebrity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Wat a sad day says:

    I hate da way dey try to make it seems like he dosent care on another story dey wrote “dat he had a blank expression on hiz face as if tho he didnt care” screw dem im pretty dam sure he cared bout wat happened to hiz friend and dat he’s not cruel and to tell u da truth no tryin to say dat John’s parents are after money and dat dey dont care about wat happens to their son i would not be surprised if a few months later dey ask to have a million dollar lawsuit dats y wen their talkin i dont realli believe dem i mean John’s mother talked bout him as if tho he ment to hurt John or dat he was some sort of criminal he cared for hiz friend if she understood dat it was not ment to take place den mabe she would treat him wit more sympathy instead of treating him like sum type of criminal

  72. barbara says:

    To the comments below…r u writing in English?

  73. ilikethickchix says:

    queen, so if i understand correctly, you think that because he and his family are rich, he shoud be able to set up a foundation instead of serve jail time? thats a pretty elitist attitude to have. would a poor working man EVER be given an option like that? not in a million years.

  74. BrIaNnA says:

    tHiZ iZ SaD!!!

  75. DMalenfant says:

    Nick actually seems like a good kid (at least from the few seconds of watching the show that I have seen) and did break the law twice by underage drinking and driving drunk. But his friend is just as guilty for drinking and getting into that vehicle with him instead of stopping him. So the parents of the friend do not really have any grounds to speak because it could have just as easily been their kid behind the wheel and the other way around. People say Nick is getting off easy; 8 months in prison then 100 hours every year for the next 5 years after is not easy. I know of cases where there are regular Joe shmoes who have been repeatedly caught drunk driving, had their license taken away, caught again without their lenience and didn’t even receive half of what this kid is faced with and I believe after this he will have learned his lesson just by his personality. Personally, I think he turned out rather well for having the type of mother and father he has and not some little punk like half of the American kids are today.
    And speaking of the parents, one would think Hulk Hogan would show up looking a little more professional looking for his kid’s trial and throw his vanity to the side on respect for the courts. Man that dude is a real douche.

  76. Mariah says:

    I don’t think this is fair at ALL
    Poor nick

  77. aley says:

    this is sad not for nick but for the injured “friend” i hope he will be okay. see alot of people think poor nick you guys don’t even know him you’ve just caught a him on the show a few times … so what !!!!! now if it were him who got hurt you would want the other person burried under the jail….. think about it… well i hope everyone one in this situation is okay especially the person who was hurt and the families of both parties

  78. André says:

    Hell yes throw that spoiled kid in jail

  79. Clayton says:

    Having a celebrity dad doesn’t make anyone exempt from the law. Nick brought this on himself for driving like that, and for what he did to poor John, who needs to be cared for the rest of his life.

  80. zuleika says:

    its not fair cause nobody told his friend to go with him he knew he was drunk

  81. akeiya says:

    no i do not think that it is fair because it was an accedent not like he did it on perpose

  82. Chera says:

    i think its fair! why not? thats what happens when you act like a !`~)@^ maybe next time he’ll think twice before driving like a complete idiot!!

  83. carolyn dawson says:

    you should see what th boys friend says

  84. Hannah says:

    i agree he didnt get hurt his friend did just be happy it aint more then 8 months….. And next he should think twice befor doing something stupid.

  85. Ice-Man says:

    I think he should have gotten the hole five years. Not to sound like an %+% but after hearing that Nick’s friend John would be require lifelong care, eight months is nothing toward what his friend will go through for the rest of his life. In eight months Nick will easily walk out of jail in his two legs, how about his friend. will he be walking on his own in eight months?

  86. Josette says:

    You have to be kidding! The kid was 22 and chose to get in the car. Probably encouraged the racing and wanted to be exactly where he was in that moment. It is a sad thing but bad decisions cause bad consequences and now the family is suing. Nick will have to live with all the guilt already about his friend.

  87. joi says:

    stupid guy rich mother ~!!@ er

  88. cenasbaby says:

    i think nicks 8 month sentence was fully deserved however i dont agree with ice-man saying that he should have gotten the whole 5 years i agree that the condition of his friend is horrible and that he will require life long care and yes he most likly will not be walking on his own in 8 months but nick getting a long sentence of five years for that is not exactly justice that would be revenge john is nicks best friend i dont think john would want all this on nick plus john got into the car at his on risk and capabilty sure nick was driving and thats gotta suck beacause now nick not only is going to jail and on probation getting community service and losing his license for years he also has to live with this guilt his intire life nick getting 5 years would be justice served wrong simply for the fact that there were 2 people in the car 2 peolpe thought nothing bad about the idea it was just a total accidental mistake that was put on the shoulder of one of the 2 partys present beacuse that person was driving and the other got hurt sure my condoleances go to johns family but just beacuse he is hurt you cant over look the fact that he was just as much a part of the idea as nick he willing got in that car so i do believe nick got the perfect punishment but i dont think its right for them to pitty over john just beacause he is seriously injured and im not trying to put words in his mouth but i do believe that john would take responseablity for his involment in this as well if he could at least i knowi would if it was me and my bestfriend

  89. Damon C. says:

    Dude you gotta learn to take care of ur buds if u can’t do tht wat good r u doing them or urself? Nick was putting both his friend and himself in danger and now look wat happends

  90. cindy wood says:

    yes it is fair it is the only way he will learn not to drive like he did he will probably never do it again teach them while there young I hope the best for both familys and I am sorry for both love cindy wood

  91. Chloe Q. says:

    Watching Hogan Knows Best I always liked Nick’s quirky, young attitude.
    Not to mention his great sense of humor.
    Well, all the Hogans have a great sense of humor.
    Anyhow, just as shocked as I was from news of Hulk and Linda’s divorce is my same reaction to this accident.
    Although with Nick’s rebellious side and need for speed, something so unfortunate like this is really quite inevitable.

    Justice is not necessarily served in this case, in my opinion.
    EIGHT months in prison for a crime that left someone PERMANENTLY injured is a slap on the wrist.
    If it wasn’t for Nick’s status, or Hulk’s status, so to speak, I’m pretty sure the penalties of his crime would’ve been far more harsh.

  92. Evelyn says:

    I think that the ruling on Nick was fair but I just don’t agree with the 8 months in Jail. I think that he was really serious about his remorse about what happened to his friend. But all I can say is that I hope that he learned a hard and tough lesson about his actions. This also doesn’t make me look at him any different as I had before this happened.

  93. Alex says:

    He deserves what he got.
    This was not his first time driving recklessly. He has been busted on many occasions and this time he hurt someone.
    Obviously all of the speeding tickets proir have not taught him a lesson. Let’s just hope that injuring a best friend and this next 8 months will help him realize the gravity of his actions.

  94. ryan says:

    To the person who said give him a break hes only 22 is an idiot, Dont complain if he pulls this crap again 9 months frim now and kills someone you care about. hes 22 he #@_ umed hi fathers fame would free him if he ever got in trouble. it wasnt an accident hes not stupid he knew what could happen and he gambled and lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!actually his friend did.

  95. maryanne says:

    He should be doing a longer time!!!!!!! If it was anyone else they would of been doing alot of time.

  96. mariahis an idiot says:

    you are an idiot!!!!!!!!!

  97. nick hogan says:

    nick need to be in prison he need to do his 8 months Hulk Hogan i am happle that your son is going to prison i hop John Graziano ok see Hulk hogan all that money u got see it can not help nick i am happle that it can’t help nick yes it is fair that nick got eight months have fun in prison nick

  98. dan says:

    I guess mr hulk couldnt be bothered to wear some thing serious and appropriate for his “begging” session on behalf of NB before the judge. The clown wore a bandana and a tee shirt — the only diff bewteen his ring costumes and that was the jacket he tossed on over it. nice choice. makes him look very respnsible and like a concerned parent like.

    Notice what the Johns father had on for such a serious event. He looked like a parent and not a cartoon nuff said.

    you can take the clown outta the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto outta the clown.

  99. Lisa says:

    I think that the Hogan family is a great and loving family. I just hate that this happened to Nick, but the punishment does fit the crime. He is very sorry for what happened I can tell, and this has affected the Hogans in so many ways. I will pray for all of the parties envolved. =( Just a tragedy!!

  100. MatthewFeliciano says:


  101. nancy p says:

    good morning,,
    i think nick hogan should be send to the military,,, they would straighten this pompous additude kid out,, he has gotten away with this for so long,,,,the hogans spoil their children,,now look what happened,,,,,,,brooke cant sing worth to safe her own life,,,,,,her career never took off,,,,,the other family,,,,should get something for their pain and suffering,,, their son wont be the same,, for the rest of his life,,,,,,
    he should have gotten a year for reckless driving,, he has done this on many occasions,,and just laughed at the situation,,, and moved on with his life,,,,as well as the rest of the hogans,,,,,,im sure the hogans are a nice family,, they appear to be,, however,,, stop spoiling your children,, they will never know what its like out in the real world,,, its time they went out on their own anyway

    thanks and have a nice day

  102. fred says:

    Punk rich kid got what he deserves. He should have gotten more jail time! Take it like a man LOL from Bubba!!!

  103. So sorry... says:

    I am so sorry that happened, (the accident) I agree he should be sent to the military and not prison. The types of things are called accidents because that’s what they are. And to everything else that was said, it sounds like theres some “haterism”. Stop hating and get your own money & Brooke girl if you wanna sing Damn it sing. As long as you get signed and make some money, don’t listen to the negativity.

  104. achilles' says:

    nick, dont drop the soap

  105. cenasbaby says:

    ok people some of you bring up good thoughts but most of you are just being nieve most of the responses i hav read after mine have been nothing but bashing most of it because it “involes” hulk hogan if you dont like him or the show or anything to do with his family well get the *+~_ over it clear your head and think of this like anyone els… i grew up with the law being almost half ofmy family is either a cop or a lawyer i can pretty much %+% ure you that if it was some kid with of a fame dad or family things wouldve went the same way and but to what i stated in my opinion of the whole nick getting 8 months thing i agree with it but his friend willing got into that car knowing what danger could have fell upon them

  106. says:

    just because he has money he should not be above the law,he should be punish.

  107. Tattle says:

    I would be much more sympathetic towards Nick if he didn’t have this weakness for speed. Nck Hogan has been caught for speeding in the past but he has never really hurt anyone but now he has actually seriously injured someone who will NEVER EVER be able to function on his own ever again. This man’s family has to take care of him for the rest of his life. Nick Hogan has his life. So what if he has to spend 8 months in jail he deserves it he’ll come out of jail and can resume his life but his friend is NEVER coming out of the state he’s in. So if anything he (Nick) does have it easy. I’ve been a fan of Hulk Hogan since as far back as I can remember (WWF days) I am a true fan so I’m not saying this about his son because I’m hatin’ as for Brooke I personally don’t think that she has any kind of talent. The only reason people know who she is is because of her father. It’s just my opinion and I’m entitled to it

  108. tonya says:

    i think nick should have had to face the punishment that the law allowed. famous people and rich people are alweays getting off because of who they are and thats not fair. if nick was some joe blow off the dtreet he would have had the 5 yrs in jail. not the small sentence he got. as for nickj mom crying and begging for leniancy, speaking as a mother myself i can feel her pain and not wanting her kid to go to jail, but from a moral side, he screwed up and made a mistake that damaged another humans life, he has to face the punishment. thats life and its right to do. if the shoes were reversed and it was nick who was in the hospital and hurt, thery would go balls to the wall to get justice for nick. they shouldnt expect special treatment. hey hogans, at least nick is alive and unhurt and going to have a normal life again after 8 months. be thankful of what you have

  109. a.kattmann says:

    I think it’s a little harsh, Nick will have to live w/the feeling of guilt for the rest of his life and knowing what he did to his best friend. On the other hand, I think it’s fair as well. John nor his family asked for this and should not be going through this. Maybe next time their friends decide to try and be cool and race someone, they will think back and remember this.

  110. arizona1845 says:

    Let this be lesson a learned! Although Hulk and Linda were good parents when they were together, the split of Mom & Dad are accidents waiting to happen. It is unfortunate that these two families are paying the price of teaching others of what to be aware of. Yes, money is part of the issue. The other element that plays a bigger part is that we are pushing our children to grow to adults to fast. It takes them 18 years to learn who they are and then, BAM!, they must learn how to be adults. Plus we expect them to be mature thinkers. Guess what – they’re not! Found freedom, fast car, money and having fun. Hard for a 35 year-old to handle, let alone a 17 year-old.
    It is extremely sad that this has hurt both families so bad, my prayers are with all of you. And parents don’t push your children to grow up so fast. Keep them safe and teaching them does not stop any time in their lives.

  111. Jackie says:

    Watching there TV show Hogan Knows Best is lead me up to seem to think nick was a pretty good kid as he still is, his corky fun-loving attitude and lets not forget dare deviling attitude, like what the others have said let this be a lessoned learned…but everyones asking what the family knows were they there? sure we want there comments but shouldnt we know the to sons comments on this one? johns in recovery we all know but what does he have to say? they sure both were siked on the whole road rage idea im sure…

  112. ZIPPY9162 says:


  113. kels says:

    yeah he should do time more than what he got. if he was a every day person like you or me he would of gotten more jail time then he did. celebs shouldnt get special treatment.

  114. golfer24 says:

    I am pretty sure that this sentence is in line with what even non famous non rich kid without a criminal record. I think most people would have gotten 6 to 12 months. The thing his fame and money will get him is where he will spend the 8 months, if its a county lock up or the the FLA prison system then he was treated like everyone else, it its a minimum security day ranch type place then a favor was called in. I don’t fault him if that happens, if you have an advantage, you use it, I would. If you have a chance for a more leinant time in Jail you don’t ask the judge to put you in the state pen because that’s what you deserve.

  115. mrray says:

    He is still a kid why as a society do we punish kids as adults? Don’t make an example out of him… The Lord know I have made many mistakes as a child and an adult.. Nick made a mistake that he will have to live with for life, and now he will be punished… Should he do time in jail? NO… I don’t believe this will make things right nor make him more sorry… There are people and corporations in the would that do far far worse things to other people yet nothing is ever said or done about it. Where’ the justice…
    I my opinion jail/prison does little to truly rehabilitate someone most come out in worse shape…
    I wish Nick and his family the best, and the stength to survive.

  116. James says:

    To the Hogan family, I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless about the decision. I will be praying for Nick. This is a big blow to the Hogan family. Nothing has gone right for you all. Let’s hope that the eight months will go quickly for Nick. All this should not happen to a good family like yours. To Hulk and Brooke, hang in there ! There’s always hope ! Since Linda went her way from the family, nothing has gone right for you. I’m hoping that she will come back soon. She needs to be with Nick at this time of need. Maybe soon, you will get some good news about Nick. I think the punishment of eight months of prison is to long. I think after this is all over, Nick better get his mind off of racing fast cars and get back into training and become a wrestler.

  117. honey tuli says:

    i belive, if you do the crime you can do the time. just because him and his family are white known and have money dosnt mean he shouldnt be treated any diffrently. the sad thing is,if he wasnt known and rich and mostly white they would have put him UNDER the prison. and you already know this. hes just a rich white kid who will never have to pay for his actions. VERY SAD!!!!

  118. johnny says:

    Let’s keep race/ wealth out of it… In the past some people have gotten off the hook, but the trend lately is most everyone is being dealt with the more or less the same. Furthermore looks like he will pay dearly for his actions.

  119. fridah says:

    we are all vulnerable creatures… everything could be going fine this minute the next minute its all in shambles let us learn from this tragedy and stop and think before we do anything that we know has potential to ruin us . both families have suffered God be with them.

  120. cecilenoe says:


  121. William Surdi says:

    No one is above the law.

  122. cecilenoe says:


  123. J.R says:

    it is not his fault it is his best friend it was an accident and that ^@!$_ family is just looking for money and that ~%%^ ing gay

  124. Katty says:

    no i do not believe that anyone should be above the law….but this wasn’t an intentional wreck, nor was nick out to hurt his friend.

    the guilt alone should be enough punishment. He will have to live with making a stupid decision for the rest of his life. He doesn’t need prison to teach him a lesson. when i was in junior high my best friends brother was driving a car with his 2 best friends and made an error in judgment going around a turn and flipped the car killing his best friend in the back seat and seriously injuring the person in the passengers seat. It was an accident and no charges were filed against the driver for either of the boys.

    These parents are out for money, and say “they want justice” ? riiiigghhhttt… if justice comes on dollar bill (or a couple few hundred thousand) than yes… they are telling the truth.

  125. Mike says:

    This whole situation from both sides is sad and upseting. I feel bad that someone was hurt. These were two friends that bit off more than they can chew. Neither one of them shoud have gotten into the car, but they did. Even so, they should at least have worn their seatbelts. I believe that Nick received too harsh and negative punishment. For a 17 year old kid to be sent to prison can only make him worse by making him learn from and live with bad people. Who knows what will happen to him there.
    Despite what happened, I do believe that Nick is an overall good kid who just made some really bad choices. I say this not because he is Hulk Hogan’s son, but because he is still a kid. Rather than being sent to prison he should be on home confinement. They should only let him leave his house to do community service, such as working with head trauma patients. He should also have to pay sometype of restitution to his friend who was hurt. In addition, he needs sometype of counseling to resolve internal and external issues that may exist already or come about. Ultimately, society should want Nick to become a better person from this, not someone who is hardened from prison.
    I had two friends involved in a similar situatation, but one of them who was the passenger died. Well my other friend was never criminally charged, not because he was rich and famous, but because it was an accident. They were drinking and should have never got into the car, but they did and that’s what happens unfortunately. I also had another friend in a different accident on the highway who was not drinking, but was hit and killed by a drunk driver who he did not know. The case is still stuck in the court system. In this instance the guy who killed my friend should go to jail. It’s not like my friend knew what he was getting himself into. He was not looking for trouble, but trouble definately found him. These are two prime cases out of many that I know of that did not involve wealth, fame, and intense media coverage.
    Nick and his friend had an accident; they both made a mistake and have to suffer the results. They should try to make the situation better, by sponsoring events and fundraisers to help those to combat drunk driving and to help head trauma victim’s. I know that Nick could do more positive things outside of prison rather than being locked up. But that doesn’t mean that he should get a slap on the wrist. I truely believe that Nick should not go to jail, there are many other options for punishment and rehabilitation combined. Many prison systems are not designed to rehabilitate a kid like Nick. Prisons are for adults.

  126. Mike says:

    I had two friends involved in a similar situatation, but one of them who was the passenger died. Well my other friend was never criminally charged, not because he was rich and famous, but because it was an accident. They were drinking and should have never got into the car, but they did and that’s what happens unfortunately. I also had another friend in a different accident on the highway who was not drinking, but was hit and killed by a drunk driver who he did not know. The case is still stuck in the court system. In this instance the guy who killed my friend should go to jail. It’s not like my friend knew what he was getting himself into. He was not looking for trouble, but trouble definately found him. These are two prime cases out of many that I know of that did not involve wealth, fame, and intense media coverage.
    Nick and his friend had an accident; they both made a mistake and have to suffer the results. They should try to make the situation better, by sponsoring events and fundraisers to help those to combat drunk driving and to help head trauma victim’s. I know that Nick could do more positive things outside of prison rather than being locked up. But that doesn’t mean that he should get a slap on the wrist. I truely believe that Nick should not go to jail, there are many other options for punishment and rehabilitation combined. Many prison systems are not designed to rehabilitate a kid like Nick. Prisons are for adults.This whole situation from both sides is sad and upseting. I feel bad that someone was hurt. These were two friends that bit off more than they can chew. Neither one of them shoud have gotten into the car, but they did. Even so, they should at least have worn their seatbelts. I believe that Nick received too harsh and negative punishment. For a 17 year old kid to be sent to prison can only make him worse by making him learn from and live with bad people. Who knows what will happen to him there.
    Despite what happened, I do believe that Nick is an overall good kid who just made some really bad choices. I say this not because he is Hulk Hogan’s son, but because he is still a kid. Rather than being sent to prison he should be on home confinement. They should only let him leave his house to do community service, such as working with head trauma patients. He should also have to pay sometype of restitution to his friend who was hurt. In addition, he needs sometype of counseling to resolve internal and external issues that may exist already or come about. Ultimately, society should want Nick to become a better person from this, not someone who is hardened from prison.

  127. Mike says:

    Sorry guys, I posted it twice in error. I had a computer problem.

  128. Texanna says:

    No I think that the sentence is not fair, because if a poor person was in the same situation as Nick, then that person would be looking at more than 8 months in prison. Even though I am a Hulk Hogan fan, right is right and I still think that he is getting a slap on the wrists.

  129. j wiz says:

    he should of got 10 years but since he is a cracker with money they give 8 month

  130. ashleigh says:

    it was an accident but both of them were in the wrong racing at the time

  131. Amanda says:

    It was an accident. It could’ve happened to anybody. Going to jail isn’t going to give them justice. He already has to face the fact that what happened to his friend was his fault. He lost somebody too. Somebody ran into my brother and it killed him and we never got anything out of it and he never did any jail time. It was an ACCIDENT and you can’t put a price on a life. That guy has to face it everyday that he killed somebody. Anyways, I think the family is asking too much from the Hogans.

  132. Lauren says:

    It amazes me that someone who has training in racing would not appreciate the dynamics of a road surface and how critically important that it be perfect for high speed driving. Just like runways at airports, even slight imperfections can cause a loss of control at a critical moment. To race on a regular public street in traffic is just plain…. well it is not smart. Also, it is irresponsible for that family to encourage him to have a souped up street car and all the while look the other way as illegal modifications are made ( as plainly shown in an episode of Hogan Knows Best). How does this young, impressionable person learn respect and deference for the law and it’s purpose in the presence of this influence from those he looks up to and respects most? This was an accident waiting to happen – otherwise, it wasn’t an accident at all. Just because we don’t get a desired outcome, doesn’t mean it was an accident when instead we get the outcome we did actually bring about. It is wise to ask oneself, what did I do to bring about this outcome the next time we are tempted to call something an accident because we don’t like the way something turned out.

  133. wow says:

    what a loser _(!_ ing family is (*@_)& ed i still think 8 months is a little give him like 5yrs ..

  134. LEMONJUICE says:

    I Think He Should Of Got 15 – 20 Years In A Federal Prison. Thats Pretty Much A Lost Life Right There What He Did To HIs Friend.

  135. rita simjs says:

    nick should have not gotten off so lightly.hes dad is seen on the show encouraging nick with those face cars at a early age.hes always in a fast car licking his tongue out thinking cars are cool.well if that was my sonwho need life long care i would want the hogans to pay for his care because they can afford it and its only right

  136. Richiee says:


  137. Robin says:

    The sentence was fair, it was an accident – nothing intentional about it – AND John is just to much to blame he willingly and knowingly chose to ride a passenger in a rode race. Either one of them could have ended up critically hurt, but only one did and the other has to live the rest of his life with the guilt of the accident he caused.

    To those of you posted deragatory comments like “cracker”, and think he should get 15-20 clearly should never sit on a jury and obviously have no idea how our justice system works – rapist don’t even get 15-20!

    When posting a your opinion, the least you can do is make educated and respectful commentary no matter what side you fall on.

  138. hogan fan says:

    I think that it was harsh even thou he deserves punishment I think thats way harsh. I hope that he gets thru it alright he seems like a nice kid and I will pray for the hulkster because im a parent too and I cant imagine how hes feeling right now. Also Brooke because she is still young and her familys going thru so much . God bless the Hogan family.

  139. ashley says:


  140. lil miss me says:

    oh well

  141. kristina says:

    That judge needs help nick should not have got so much jail time or probation

  142. roozy says:

    yes is ex-friend will no longer be able to have a life nick should have gotin more jail

  143. mslovejones says:

    Well i think that he got off way too easy and that he shouldve got more time. Im sick of all these spoiled a** rich kids gettin off the hook so easy but everybody else in the world gets worse than they do when it comes to stuff like this, honestly I think he shouldve gotten at leat 10 yrs, its only fair!!

  144. Stephanie says:

    I kinda feel bad for him

  145. Vince MacMan says:

    “Whatcha gonna do, when you get locked up like dog stu”

    haha! good riddence to that peski brat!

    you still owe me 100 bucks!

  146. sheshe says:

    What do you mean is it fair? Is it fair not to punish him just because he is a celebrity? When i use to watch the show, he was always into fast cars and fast racing/speeding. He knows the possiale ending results to that! I would not allow my son to be apart of that. It is too risky! If you are going to race and drive fast, do it by yourself because everytime you are dring with other people in the car, you are responiable for their life as well as your own !!!!!! iF THE TALBLE WAS TURN AND IT WAS NICK WHO WAS INJURED, IT WOULD BE TOTTALY DIFFERENT, RIGHT?

  147. roger says:

    JUDGE YOURSELF FIRST… The people who want Nick to do more time I wonder how you would feel if it was you? I would argue 100% would cry that it was too harsh. Some people should look at themselves. I’d bet they will or have done worse things. Yes he is white and his family well off. Is that a smart reason to hate… Hug it out

  148. eric ridgeway says:

    i think it was a accident i like all the hogans exspecially brooke lol i think nick shouldnt be punished that bad but its to late he got his time he will be ok as long as hes got his family to suport him and i think vice macmahns comment i think he should rot in hell cause i dont like him anyways and hulk hogan is the best wrestler ever ……good luck nick and i love the hogan family just type me on my myspace or type my headline name 12 gauge or my full name

  149. loretta says:

    I do not think that nick should be punished that much…He should not have a 5 year probabtion dont you think that 8 months is enough

  150. y hate? says:

    I think a great sentence for him would be having to do eight months in a simulated state that his friend will be in for the rest of his life on the outside of prison so he can know to some degree what his carelessness & reckless driving has caused.

  151. crystal ga says:

    I think that 8 months in prison is totally fair just because hes a celebrity doesn’t make him special

  152. MRS GONZALEZ says:


  153. Andrea Flores says:

    I don’t think that nick’s punishment was unfair only because he is a kid and yes he did injure another person but after all this he will know that it isn’t a good idea to race outside of a race parkway and out on the street. there are ways to live life on the edge but i guess we all have to learn the hard way sometime or another. I love you nick and don’t worry you will be fine. I’m praying for you.

  154. Dustie says:

    i think this is bad well i really like nick and he is so cute and all but there is kids out there that will have an accident

  155. Kris says:

    I think that his sentence is fair. He is a young child who now has to live the rest of his life knowing that he ruined his friends life. We need to remeber that John chose not to where his seatbelt. The accident was Nick’s fault. I don’t think that the judge in this case treated him any differently than he would have any other 17 or 18 year old. i don’t think that just because he is a celebrity and has money that he should have had any harsher of a sentence than Joe Dirt w/ no money. I only hope that he will slow down and re-evaluate his life and the other lives around him. I wish all of the families and friends involved the best and I hope now there will be some privacy for both families involved.

  156. shemeka says:

    he did not make that guy get in the car with him true it was a stupid mistake and he should be punished but only for his driving not for the injury of that guy it was an accicedent that nick problay never exspected to happen or the friend exspected to happen and it did. my heart goes out to nick and his friends family.

  157. butterflyi says:

    What about making Nick financially responsible for the lifelong care that John will require on top of the rest of his sentence.
    We all know what is required of us every time we get behind the wheel of a car. And when we especially have others in the car, we are responsible for any blatant actions that we take.
    There is a reason that speed limit signs are posted and seat belts are in vehicles. Those laws are in place for a reason.

  158. Holly Loomis says:

    okay i know that nick is a good kid but lets get real, if any one of us quote un quote “normal” poeple did this you know that we would be in jail for triple what he got!!!! i know that he’s famous cuz of his dad and because of being on tv but the sad truth is that he’s human and i think that he should get what any other “normal” person should get!!!!!!!!! no matter how famous or how much money they have!!!!!!!!

  159. Realistic says:

    okay i do realize that Nick made a huge mistake by driving wreckless but in all fairness this statement said that this young man was Nick’s best friend right???well lets ask ourselves if he would intentionally hurt his best friend, i think not! i had a close friend of mine who lost control of her vehicle and her child ended up loosing his life due to the wreck, does that mean she should go to jail for that??? now if nick was under the influence of any type of drugs or alcohol then by all means do what you gotta do but this was obviously an accident so the community service is valid but the jail term isnt needed, the fact that his best friend is going to need @&_ itance for the rest of his life is punishment enough!even after nick finishes his sentance that young man will still be in the injured its not going to change anything so the best thing to do in this situation is to chop this up as a lesson learned!

  160. Tera says:

    Is Nick’s sentence fair?

    No he should have been punished for years and they should throw his parents in jail with him.

  161. Huggy Bear says:

    I agree with Kris.

    And his friend CHOSE not to wear a seat belt, just like Nick CHOSE to drive fast. Did his friend not know what he was getting into? I bet both of them were thinking it was cool until the accident happened. Yes, Nick should be punished for reckless driving and being negligent. . but how many times does this happen with so called “normal” people? A LOT. I hear racing every Friday and Saturday nights where I live (in actually a GREAT part of town). . so it’s not unusual. Yes, he should be punished for the reckless driving, but I’m wondering if it was the other way around and his friend was driving and Nick was hurt if his family would be suing or would just realize it’s a horrible accident fueled by poor choices made by both kids. Hopefully this will teach Nick that reckless driving and speeding isn’t so “cool” and maybe sometimes you should have your own mind and not try to show off to your friends. JMO.

  162. The 30-year-old Drea says:

    Teenagers often think of themselves as invincible and above the law because they are immature and their minds are not fully developed. This can be especially true if their parents have money because it is seen as a powerful equalizer. But so is stupidity. Both of these immature men are forced to deal with life-altering consequences to an act that only took seconds to do badly. Nick has to live with the guilt of destroying his best friend’s quality of life, the pain that he has brought onto his family and others involved (as well as himself), the humiliation of it all being captured on film and blogged and commented all over the internet. It will never be the same for either of them. I am hoping that it doesn’t matter how long Nick’s sentence is because he will have walked away a smarter person because of it.

    Perhaps if John was wearing his seatbelt, they both could have walked away from this accident only to have something worse happen later. Sometimes something drastic has to happen for a person to open their eyes and stop being so stupid.

  163. David Timms says:

    I think that this is a bunch of crap, Nick is a bad (#( I know that what he did is wrong, i think that they are just making another celebrity example. Don’t you think that the loss of his friend is loss enough. I’m not saying that he should walk away, but prison, maybe some jail time but prison… I don’t know what to say. To all of those people who watch the show should know that he is not a bad kid. In this probation period if there are any screw ups then he should go to prison, maybe. Give the kid a break, and Nick I’m sorry, and I’m on you’re side.

  164. Tiffany says:

    I guess I’m looking at this from a different perspective than Nick’s fans. I’m a 32 year old mom of two. I agree that his reckless driving should carry a punishment. I’m fine with the jail time that he got, but the additional 5 years probation is excessive. With regard to the comment posted earlier suggesting that Nick be financially responsibe for John’s lifelong medical expenses I partially agree. In all honesty, John should have been wearing a seatbelt. It could have prevented or seriously lessened his injuries. I can only see Nick being perhaps responsible for half of the medical expenses considering that…call it 50/50 fault.

  165. bRITT says:


  166. andra says:

    i fell really sorry for the hogan i now that nick should not of done that but he did not mean it

  167. Lisa says:

    I think that he should have gooten more. They said John is going to need lifelong care.

  168. Russ Graziano says:

    ( No relation) They made an example out of NIck. Sure, he’s a teenage punk, but one of those adults in the car (maybe John Graziano) furnished the alcohol. You can also bet the farm that all the guys in that car were encouraging Hogan until they hit the tree. Believe it.

  169. Bri says:

    Ouch, maybe because I’m from Wisconsin, but my sister in law and her brother were seriously injured by a drunk driver out with his ex wife celebrating their divorce in his girlfriends truck. Obviously I wasn’t happy, come to find out that this was his seventh accident involving drinking and he hasn’t come close to serving 8 months in prison. I fear that they are throwing the book at Nick because his name is known. Still not fair, it used to be that if you were famous you could get out of trouble, and now, you get the book thrown at you. Nick really deserved a slap on the wrist and a huge fine, not prison time, he’s a hogan at that and get schooled in prison. He’ll end up meeting real criminals, not just other kids that made a mistake, and we’ll see what happens to Nick Hogan

  170. Christine says:

    first of all i would like to say my prayers are with both families.but i do feel the punishment is harsh for Nick.i believe John was not forced to get into the car. that accident could of happened to have ppeople killing innocent children everyday that hasnt even had a chance at living.that just get a slap on there wrist. i truly believe he should be punished wrong is wrong but damn that is too harsh for a pure accident .nick did not intinally say let me go out today and harm my best friend.i say to the hogan family be strong the truth will come to the light.

  171. SorryButDotDotDot says:

    Okay, sorry but:

    That dude knew who’s car he was getting into. He probably cheered on the race. No offense, and it sucks he’s in the state that he is, but he made those decisions..He also decided not to wear a seatbelt ;/

    It’s like when I see a crotch-rocket rider here in town flat on the pavement with no skull because he didn’t wear a helmet.. No matter the cause of the crash, it SUCKS, but at the same time I think well they shoulda maybe prepared and thought this out a little better…

    once again i mean not to offend anybody, and it sucks the condition that his friend was left in.

  172. Tonya says:

    I am glad to see the justice system working.Nick could have injured alot of people for driving fast.The system is showing that celebrites can get punished too.8 mths will go by fast.I think he should do community service taking care of his friend John.

  173. Damo says:

    no no no,
    it’s all wrong, people drive reckless all the time and injure others and get nothing for it. plus his friend had a choice. he knew whos car he was getting into and he was the one that decided not to wear a seat belt..and i mean come on John’s mother, father, sister and girlfriend, if its not for revenge then how can justice be the way.
    John Graziano is nicks best friend and best friends no matter what do not do things like this to each other.


  174. hunter harris says:

    i think thy shouldn’t of punnished him because his friend got hurt didn’t have to go wth nick he was probably lauthing in the car

  175. N.Gillette says:

    John Graziano’s family should just get stuck footing the bill for their son’s lifelong injuries that occured as a result of Nick’s reckless driving. As a driver you are responsible for everything in your car, whether someone doesn’t wear a seatbelt or leaves behind their crackpipe. It’s sad that celebrities are granted special privileges, they are no more untouchable than you or I, if we were John’s family I am sure we would all say “Oh, John knew Nick’s driving habits, he should have walked home, this is on John for trusting his life in Nick’s hands!” Give me a break, stop looking through your clouded money goggles and see the world for what it is, greedy and corrupt.

  176. N.Gillette says:

    I AGREE! You know, people should plan their every move around a celebrity’s actions and choices, if he was speeding at 100MPH down a residential street and ended up hitting a two year old child, that child’s famiy should have to pay the Hogan’s for their child inconveniencing a celebrity and for the body damage on his Supra due to their child’s blood and broken body.

    What the Hell is wrong with the world when celebrities and other wealthy scoialites should have to actually be punished?? This should only happen to the poor!! Wealthy people are just naturally better and deserve complete immunity from responsibility. FREE NICK HOGAN, make John’s parents pay the Hogans, John was probably distracting Nick by breathing his air in the car, which caused Nick to become lightheaded which is what really caused the crash, damn him for breathing at the same time Nick needed that air!!!! Reckless driving requires as much concentration as brain surgery, didn’t John know that Nick is more important than he is because of his bank account and family ties??? Lousy commoner! The feudal system is the foundation of the greatest empires!!!

  177. N.Gillette says:

    Hmmm, there is no delete button for my comments…. Hmmm… I like my other comment better. Oh damned VH1! Create an edit button!!!

  178. Laquisha says:

    I think Nick hogan’s punishment should be way worse. 8 months in prision are you serious, it should be more like 2 years he critically injured someone and he gets off easy beacause his dad is famous? hes not even famous his dad is, just because he is a “celebreality” wanna be doesn’t mean that he should get treated better than anyone else. if any joe smoe off the streets were to do this there sentence would be more like a couple years in prision.

  179. brad says:

    Whoever N. Gillette is that made a comment on may 14th at 6:39 pm- you are a complete *($ hole who deserves to get their *($ kicked and I will gladly do it! are you such a @_@% ing loser that you worship celebreties…Go back to your &*$ gat lala land where you worship dumb people and for everyone’s sake stay there you inconsiderate prick!!!!!!!!!

  180. brad says:

    oh and by the way N. Gillette since the computer screened out what i really said let me just tell you, you are a disgrace to human kind, and i would gladdly beat your “butt” if i ever get the chance. by the way is nick hogan famous?no… thats all that has to be said

  181. Jamie says:


  182. Todd Peterson says:


  183. brian says:

    no thats not fair cause both of them was having fun in it was a accendent i think he should got less then what he got yea the boy hurt but he was having fun to til it happing u know

  184. nancy p says:

    ok,, kids of today should start takin responsibility for their own actions,,, personally,, they get everything they want ,cell phone,,ipods,,,their own car which some dont even pay for,,,,credit cards,,,, i say stop spoling your kids out there,,,,,,they will never know the meaning of a dollar,, never know what its like out in the real world,, that goes with celebrities as well,,,,so i say nick,, do your time,,,maybe it will make you a better man in the long run,,, you will appreciate things in a clearer sense,,,
    our insurance rates are sky high,,, health insurance is sky high as well because of reckless teens and young adults,, so stop the madness already,,,,
    to the youth out there,,,do something with your lives ,, because you will regret it later on,,,,

    thanks n have a nice day

  185. aries says:

    IIt is Not fair. He should do more time. This is not the first time he has done that. He was always getting a slap on the wrist. If they would of thrown the book at him before that kid would be walking. They have places for you to drag race that is safe.I felt like nick was so +^!% y and lame.

  186. Damo says:

    brad your the one thats a prick and needs your head kicking in. everyone is intitald to there say on this forum. so why don’t you shut your mouth and stop trying to act all big and hard, you silly little puff!

  187. mandy says:

    yeah, I looked at that web site below me and he should og got more time. did not know he had some sot of a record.

  188. sonya says:

    I think that the punishment does not fit the crime. I feel like the punishment should have been a lot longer. The hogan family says that he is not a bad kid, which is true in most of these cases, but its not the fact that he is not a good kid, its the fact that he got behind the wheel of a 2000 pound automobile and put other people in danger and unfortunatly for him the odds were not in his favor. I fell that had it been me or any other non celebritiy we would have recieved a greater punishment sentence. however i do feel for the hogan family, no parent wishes to see he child in jail. I feel like the court let down the city in which this happened its giving people the outlook that no matter what i do I wont get that much time in jail, however that not the case, I feel that money or celebrity status played a big part in the amount of time Nick as sentensed

  189. t-tyme says:

    Let Lil Wayne or another rapper or child of a rapper have some sort of accident and injure someone. 8 months, it would be more like 8 years.

  190. Megan says:

    i think it is fair. i love the show but he was always getting in trouble for driving with out a license. just because he is a celbrities son does not mean he should get off easy. thank you to the judge for giving fair punishment.

  191. Linda Brown says:

    For a so called “celebrity’s” son, 8 months is like a life sentence for the rest of us and was Hulk a tool or what? In one breath he says that he did not want preferential treatment for Nick and then the next, he says but don’t treat him harshly due to his Dad’s “celebrity status” HUH? Wrestling is not a sport of kings but of rednecks. John is a veg in a bed and I really don’t think Nick was that remorseful until the moment he stood in front of the judge and then I think it was mostly for himself and I think the judges are sick and tired of so called “stars” and real stars trying to get out of charges for who they are and this time, money did not buy a stay out of jail card and it is refreshing. Of course the brat has a private cell, Daddy’s money must have greased a palm somewhere. As for the civil suit, it is a slam dunk, many shots of Nick speeding and acting like a jerk-off on the show like tearing up a golf course, and laughing about it and that is plain white trash and to me these people are trailer trash trying to come off like Hollywood royalty.

  192. EMILIO says:


  193. john says:

    8 months is fair Nick was drink driving and could have run some one over or caused another acciedent may even killed some one (over here in the UK you would get about 4 months to a 4 year sentence about 6 months for what Nick did)
    how ever Nick cant be blamed for John Graziano injuries with Nick being the minor in this case only being 17 and John being the adult at aged 22 he sould have known better than to get in to the Car after they had been drinking and not wearing a seat belt. If John Graziano had put his seat belt on he would have half the injuries he has now.

  194. GREG S says:


  195. jason says:

    i just dont get why he got in trouble because hisfriend knew what they were going to be doing when they gotin the car

  196. Bobby says:

    the spoiled &($% should of got 18 months driving like a &($% in idiot!

  197. roberta says:

    wot a load of bollox

  198. katie smith says:

    nick got nicked wot a (^&~ i think it woz fair that he went to prison but he should not get the blame for his (SO CALLED FRIENDS STUPIDITY GETTING IN CAR AND NOT PUTTING SEAT BELT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the two familys should be happy that both there sons r alive and nick only got 8months and not 5 years *!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S ONLY THING IM WORRIED ABOUT IS THIS THE END OF H.K.B OR WILL THEY DO A SPECIAL PRISON EPISODE (HOGAN DIDNT KNOW BEST)XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  199. hanz says:

    he should not be arested because he didn’t mean to it just happened

  200. charles leach says:

    sorry for what happen to u but if john family trys to go apter u for wat happen i think it is wrong because it was john chosce to bein the car and race he could of said no let not race let’s just go some were and that be the end of it or he could of got out the car. but know they were going to race and he know that some thing could happen well it his fult not nicks. yes nick was wrong for racing but don’t put everthing on him john share the same gult he wa in the car to may of not been driving but he had a say in so if they going to charge nick i think they should charge john to for being there. Just like if u are woching the race and cops come u are charges with woching the race or something like that.


  201. Andrea says:

    I have heard the recent phone calls between Nick and his family since he has been locked up. He should have been tried for attempted murder. He essentially killed this boy and he is crying that 8 months of his life is being taken away. How about the man who will be a vegetable for the rest of his. His mother is a self centered, uneducated, moron (I’m keeping it clean for this comment). She actually said she is suffering more than the boy Nick hurt. The whole family is nothing but trash with money. I hope the family of this boy sues and wins big since the only thing these pieces of trash understand is money. I hope this kills all their “so called” careers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. jessie says:

    Hopefully this trash family will get sued for all they are “worth”. What a piece of crap that Linda is for claiming Graziano’s mother isn’t the one who lost something -that “poor Linda” is the one who has lost everything because her punk a** 17 year-old son is in jail for 8 months.
    Hear all phone conversations at
    These people are greedy, selfish and the epitome of white trash.

  203. scorpiotwin says:

    This is to let you know that there will be a major boycott of your
    networks & sponsors if you pick up and/or air any show that the Bollea aka Hogan
    family are a part of. This is based on the just released audio
    conversations Mr. Bollea had with his incarcerated son placing blame
    on the victim of the tragic car wreck that Nick Bollea (who was drunk
    courtesy of his father who purchased the alcohol for his minor child)
    caused. It also shows they have no remorse for what has happened to
    John Graziano (the victim) & their only concern is for their own
    financial gain.
    This notice is also being placed on TMZ’s website for others to
    follow suit.
    Thank you

  204. scorpiotwin says:

    TMZ has all the disgusting tapes of the conversations between Hulk and (cry) baby Hulk. If you people want to know how really obnoxious and un feeling this family is, go and listen to the tapes. It’s a real eye opener to see how these white trash people think. I was repulsed by them. I hope mama Hulk finds out that Daddy and (cry) baby are plotting something behind her back.

  205. Lana says:

    and deserves every minute of it!!!

  206. Sexy girl says:

    _`#( you *_& holes hes just a kid and its not like he did it on purpose … I hope carma comes back to all you ~$$% talkers….. Leave the poor _`#( ing kid a lone

  207. Bubble butt says:

    This is messed up! It Wasnt nicks falt for any of it. Hes only 17 and was just trying to live his life to the fullest he could. Carma will come back to you for saying all theses mean things… I know how it is. My fams been through a divorce and my 17 year old bro has been in an accident just +&$ bad , Give the paople some space. I mean how would you take it if some little b…ch say you needed to go to jail for 8 Mounths thats 8 mouths some of you would cry for your mommys so shut up……

  208. LuvU2 says:

    Shut your mouth lana cause you have know idea what its like Ive been throught every thing the kids been through.. I have a 17 year old bro and hes been in a accident just `)& bad and my parents have had a divorce… And just to let you know you would be crying for your mommy with in a day! And the kid is taking it like a man That kid is my hero….

  209. Kristin smart says:

    You people need to know how the real life is you people are going to make a mistake and do something just as bad…. You just wait and see

  210. Hoganhater says:

    This was an incredibly light sentence. His father was fully aware of his history with street racing. Anyone who has watched the show knows Nick’s love of speed. That fact you idiots keep using that was only 17 is EXACTLY why he should never have had as much access or freedom with that car. The car he was racing against also belonged to Daddy Hulk so he absolutely should be held responsible. The only victim here is John and his family. The Hogan’s are arrogant and have such an attitude of entitlement that it was only a matter of time before they got into trouble. He will be out of jail before he’s even nineteen. He will get to live the rest of his life while John will need constant care. To those impressed at how mature he is being and how he is taking it like a man, you definition of a man is twisted…he hasn’t even said he has done anything wrong. He was speeding. He was drinking, he was racing…he is responsible. You are exactly the type of people that are easily impressed because he is a celebrity but why? His father made a fortune at a make believe sport. He has never done a thing to earn any respect on his own. He is a spoiled little brat who thought his celebrity made him above the law. Street racing is illegal.

    By the way it’s karma not carma and had he been given a sentence for attempted murder then that’s exactly what we would have had. He basically walk…at least there is a good chance he’ll only be able to walk after they lose all they never deserved!!

  211. Hoganhater says:

    LuvU2…”That kid is my hero….”

    Are you serious? With all the soldiers at war ? With the thousands of kids even Nick’s age living with cancer? With the hundreds of children who wake up EVERY day without anything to eat and manage to do something with their life and Nick Hogan is you hero!!

    That’s pathetic.

  212. Hoganhater says:

    LuvU2…”That kid is my hero….”

    Are you serious? With all the soldiers at war ? With the thousands of kids even Nick’s age living with cancer? With the hundreds of children who wake up EVERY day without anything to eat and manage to do something with their life and Nick Hogan is your hero!!

    That’s pathetic.

  213. D says:

    I would hope after the latest comments taped from the Hogan family that VH1 would cancel their show. They are horrible people and there is no way in hell I would ever watch their show again. If VH1 continues to support them and pay them then there is something wrong with VH1. In no way should they ever make another penny again.
    As for Nick he is a spoiled rotten piece of Sh… and I hope this follows him for the rest of his life and he never forgets what he has done.

  214. chris says:

    hey thing happen but maybe nick should of got more time and he probley feels so bad about what happen thats his best friend that what has happen and i bleave he has learn his lesson i like the hogans and it not very nice that people put them down i just think that nick dosent dever the comments that people r putting him down its not right and he have should of had more time but he has to live the rest of his life in gulit so people maybe be a little nicer and I WILL WATCH THE SHOW AGIAN ……:) everyone like them but after this happen noone like them remeber peopl Nick will have to live with the for the rest of his life and i know he feels realy bad about and just dont jug them yes it was sad and i feel bad realy bad i want to just cry for them just people dont trun on them and GOD bless with Jason Graziono

  215. Angela says:

    I truly believe that these celebrities think that they can do no wrong! It makes me sick that the Hogan’s portray their family as almost perfect on TV, if it is suppose to be a reality show then make it reality! I think Nick is a &&^& y arrogant little boy who is in desperate need of boundries and disipline!

    8 months is a joke compared to the life long battle that John Graziano and his family will now have to live with. My heart goes out to John’s family. As for Nick, like all screwed up celebrities, he got off easy and that makes me sick! Just because they are famous they can do what they want and have little to no consequences? THAT IS WRONG! The whole thing makes me so very angry! And Linda’s statements regarding street racing were just disgusting! She seems to be trying to be her childrens friend instead of a parent, grab a brain lady, these are your kids not playmates! I used to love the show but now I can’t stand this family, they have no morals or values!

  216. finewine37 says:

    by all means blame the nondriver, shame on you, what kind of role model are any of this family.
    my son got a year for drunk driving did i blame anyone else no did i support and love him yes. i will not watch their show again, they are heartless

  217. shelly f says:

    I will never watch anything to do with this family again. You pretty much killed somebody and now you are trying to make money off it. You made your bed, now you are going to have to lay in it. I cannot believe the lack of remorse. You should be doing everything you can to help this victim and his family. Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll be back in your mansion within a couple of months.

  218. charlee says:

    I just heard the comments between this family and their son while in jail and am truly appalled! I totally agree with the majority of the comments concerning this pathetic family! As usual, because of their celebrity status they obviously feel like they deserve special treatment. Their behavior is so typical of America today. No one wants to accept responsibility for their own actions and it’s always someone elses fault. I can’t even believe they have the balls to act like they are the victims here. And, to those of you posting here trying to sympathize, or justify their behavior, your are as delusional as the Hogan family! Why must people continue to support these morons? When will people wake the F up and stop the madness. Stop supporting these folks, the networks that broadcast this trash, and the advertisers. It’s a sad world we live in.

  219. shuman says:

    I too have just heard about the phone conversation between Nick and his famous dad and mom. It is not hard to believe that these people are truly irresponsible cry babies. Hulk Hogan never showed any class as a celebrity. He is rude to fans in public and is a very crass individual who can not handle his success which is not based on anything he did but based on a low classed fan base who love the phony sport of insane wrestling which has never been real. It’s all a show as is the life of the Hogan’s. All that money and fame and nothing else!! I would be ashamed to be his neighbor or even a fan. Those celebrities who think that the rules of life don’t apply to them need to keep their mouths shut if they want to keep their “success” in tact. Mel Gibson will never be the same after his tirade. People look up to these successful people as winners and are let down when they find out they are just losers. And the Hogan’s are the biggest losers of them all. They might be lucky to get jobs at a Mcdonalds but that may be hard as they have standards.

  220. Deanna says:

    I wish the hogan family nothing but complete sorrow and misery for the rest of their entire lives…they should be ashamed of themselves…they are the most hated family in america and they deserve everything they get

  221. Angela Fishburn says:

    I stopped watching the show because it made me SICK how spoiled his kids were. If someone would have made it so Nick ended up a veggie, do you think Terry & his wife would think 8 months was too much time? NO! Bottom line is… Nick is a horrible person. When this mess is over he’ll be getting into more trouble, because he’s never been held responsible for anything he does. The entire family makes me sick. They don’t even have enough class to know when they should feel shame!

  222. shelia says:

    I think it’s about time these celebs who think they can get by with murder be shown you are not above the law that if you commit a crime you will do the time.

  223. Pat Tillman says:

    Wow! these folks are just bad people. Just heard the audio tapes and was very disappointed (not surprised) just disappointed. I knew Hogan spoiled his kids but he took that to a whole new level!

    “Hogan knows best”? I think not!

    Keep coddling your kids Hogan it’s what you do best!

  224. tBone says:

    Sexy Girl can suck some sexy ba**s. wake up dumb a**. Not all of us were born with a silver spoon jammed in our a**es so drop dead.

  225. kamote says:

    its not fair it should be longer than that .. he needs to be thout a lesson this time

  226. randy says:

    he should hafe to pay money to the family that he hert not make money on this.

  227. Daniella says:

    in da fist place ya all b**chez ok
    second no one told that dude 2 ride with Nick in da car its his fault for being a dumb a*z ok so that dude should get sh*t from da hogans and his mom should of told him 2 get better friends wut a dumb mom

  228. Daniela is a hoeee says:

    all ya just haterz okayyyyyyyyyyy haterz!!!!

    ya just wish ya were famouse and rich bak off ya dam haters b*tchezzzzzzzz

    Ya need 2 get a life

    the kid wus just leaving his life 2 da fullest dat it can bi dam ya haterssssss

  229. tina says:

    I have been watching wreslting now for about 40 yrs and I am appauled how these people want to make a reality show out of all this mess that this spoiled brat has done. Hulk Hogan is nothing but an opportunist…. Yeah Mr. Bola you sure are a “real american” like your theme song goes……..MY $$* Not only should lil” Nicky be reasponsible should should the PARENTS, they are the ones that did’nt control this child. Yeah I said it!!! So, what I just what everyone else is thinking. Mr. Hogan (BOLA) you need to really look and see that “you” didn’t ” put the smak down” on this kid like you did your daughter (seen it in the show). I am a mother of 3 and step daughter ! (4) with 4 grandchildren and I’ll be damned if my children are going to get away with anything. I made my daughter get a job at 14, she did not by her 1st and only car until she was 23, my other 4 well lets just say at 24,19,18 they are not ready for that type of reasponibility. I guess I am very disappointed in listening to those tapes on “Nancy Grace” now I WANT TO BURN ANYTHING WITH THE HULK HOGAN BRAND THAT I own!!!!!! Hope you know that you little precious boy has ruined your career and your fans. I am well USE TO BE a hulkamaniac. By the way my GOD have mercy on your souls. MY heart goes out to man and his family that your son has ruined their lives as well.. “Nicky Noodle” how do you sleep at night knowing full well that you that you ahve basic taken a life from another and his fam.
    Nighty, night NIcky.

  230. lynn says:

    I used to love their show, but I will never support anything they do again. An entire family’s life is in ruins and this is how they behave? Where is the remorse? How could he do this to someone he calls his best friend and then say such things about him? This won’t be Nick’s last screw up. Karma is a b!tch and I imagine Nick will get his sooner or later. Wow. Just wow. People never fail to amaze me with their selfishness and sense of inflated self worth.

  231. chrispy says:

    Disgusting. American values have been hijacked by the media again. The entitled, super wealthy brats of the world like Nick Hogan and Paris Hilton deserve no place in the media spotlight, except to showcase how sad their lives really are. They will never have enough, and the networks of the world will continue to give everything to the undeserving. Makes me wanna throw my TV out the window. Really. Thanks for the wakeup call, VH1! I feel betrayed – like Tila Tequila’s first “love.” Joke’s on me, I guess. Not any more, though.

  232. Shadow n Arizona says:

    America stands for freedom and justice for all!
    We must support Nick & John for excercising their God given right to Freedom of Choice, to do what they both loved to do “Go Fast”.
    American’s we must understand that no one is more remorseful for this terrible accident then Nick & John… best friends which feel the others pain & guilt as their own. Just like they were laughing & sharing the excitement just minutes before.
    Racing cars, just like anything else, can become an addiction and that’s what we should be addressing.
    Prison is too risky in a case where you have a heavy grief & emotional trama going on as well as the overwhelming guilt of harming your (brother) best friend in addition to the rocky road that families are living today.
    Nick needs to be close to his family and undergo Grief Concelling. Nick & John should seek Rehap concelling that teachs them all the things that are addictive, how we know them and how do we keep them under control.
    I’m sure there are creditable race care family members that can help Nick & John get the best out of this and get past the worst.
    We love you and your family very much Mr. Hogan.
    Remember that we all carry guilt for not being perfect or giving our loved ones a perfect life…so know it is done now, nothing will change it back and John needs you more now then ever.
    Respectfully Submitted,
    “Shadow” n Arizona and “Family”

  233. Kimberly Hohman says:

    Well i just want the Hogan family to know that im here for both familys. The Hogan family man i love you guys and aways will. Now on to the other family how the hell can you jugde another life your son willing got in the car with nick i pritty sure nick didnt put a gun to his head and tell him to get in. Your son is nicks bestfriend and i dont think he would want you to do this. To the Hogan Family im sorry that you have to go throw all this crap from these people. F them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I understand that Johns family is upset but come on nick and john are best friends and are like brothers everyone makes mistakes and this is one that they both made it takes two people to want to race and im pritty sure nick asked john if he wanted to race the other car. And to the mother of john you are such a lair of corce your out to get revenge .

    so i think all of you are at falt for this mess.

  234. John says:

    VH1 are you !&$@ ing kidding me – Just listened to the tapes from prison on YouTube. I used to love “Hogan Knows Best”, but after the prison tapes – you can’t be serious about making a reality show about Nick Hogan or any member of that disfunctional family. Hulk saying that he would make Nick the president of his own show – it’s all about the $$$. Show some respect – if we cared one ounce about seeing the Hogan’s on television – the show would be still on television as we speak. Someone decided not to continue the show, and that is the reason Nick should never have a show of his own.

  235. DALE says:


  236. scott says:

    the kid got what he had coming to him .when you think your on top of the world and no one can tell you how to live life has a way of telling you to get right in life .no money no power dad to save him now nick blew it and now no sponcers no tv show back to being a young kid . get it right this time bucko

  237. Laura says:

    if VH1, puts the Hogan Family back on their station, i will never be a view and urge the American public to do the same. The Hogan Family are a dispicable family. Their family values are disgusting. Their son Nick is a pathological narcassist, he has no regard for human life and values money over the life of his own friend. I don’t even think he knows what it means to be a friend. if Hogan Knows Best, he would have told his son, for him to think about why God is punishing him and why he is sitting in jail and to think about his friend and what his life is going to be like. His mom should have also advise her son to be thankful for his life and to think about how John G will be imprisoned in his body for the rest of his life and how his mom will not be able to speak with his son for the rest of his life. he will be in a bed and need to be feed from a feeding tube. his quality of life will be be nile and void. nick should be asking for forgiveness instead of thinking of money. What a loser! I urge people to boycott any stupid reality show on this family. anything they put on the air will be anything but REAL. we now know who the real Hogan family is. Brooke is talentless. Nick is a selfish Brat. His wife is nothing but a plastic woman and Hulk is a big cheater. they all deserve each other. let’s just get rid of them. I think the judge should make nick work in a nursing home for spinal cord injury paitents so maybe he can learn what compassion is.

  238. Debbie says:

    I totally agree, Nick is a no talent, no brains, nothing. Who wants to watch him anyway? What kind of parent encourages their son to get hurt (or in this case hurt others?) by supplying him these super cars? VH1 needs to keep the show off. If they air a show featuring Nick or any of his family EVERYONE should boycott it. What losers! It does not matter if someone got into a car willingly or not- he never agreed to be almost killed and left in this horrific state. The Hogan family should be ashamed!!!!!

    For the idiot posting how wonderful this family is- since you can barely spell and make no sense even when you do, you should stay off the net fella. Take some spelling lessons or use that ‘lil device known as the “spell checker”!

  239. BUCK says:


  240. destiny says:

    All i have to say is UNREAL. First of all everyone that said no one forced John into that car is right. And i don’t believe that Nick should be held responsible for that. BUT what i do think is that HULK HOGAN and his wife LINDA should be held responsible for the alcohole that was involved concidering Nick is underage. And I don’t belive that vh1 should make a show out of this. That the current show HOGAN KNOWS BEST (WHAT A JOKE) should be removed from the air. Once again it comes down to should the RICH to held responsible for their actions. If you have money go ahead commit any crime you want all you’ll get is a slap on the hand. And if you do get jail time just cry about it, and you’ll be out the next day. with a paper that says if you commit this crime 20 more times , your next say will be longer (3 days) Come on people if it was joe smore he would be spending 10-15 and get our in maybe 5yrs with good behavior….. So for the Hogan family you do make me sick just because you want to make money over this tragic situation.
    And for Parents of John. I thank your son for his time in the service, and i thank you. and i’m sry for the way things are for you and your family right now.

  241. me says:

    Everyone who is talkin &~!# about this is a dumb !*~ Graziano was one of his good friends think if you crashed your car with your best friend and had all this happen to them then you get a felony and 8 months in jail and some of you need to read some reports the car wasn’t going as fast as people make it sound

  242. steven says:

    i love the hoganso they do no need this this is

  243. chris cain from, on, canada says:

    After watching and hearing that punk Nick and his daddy on the Nancy Grace show i will not turn your channel back on for me or my kids until i see those sad excuses for human beings taken off the air. Just in case you are related and suffer from the same recess genes I,m talking about the hogans(losers)

  244. Love II says:

    Dear Bollea Family,
    I am so very shocked that you guys have opted to turn such a very tragic incident into an even more tragic incident. I hear you guys on these tapes laughing and talking about a damn reality show. What about talking to Nick about the important stuff. He should be focusing on his spirituality, religion, his friend that he injured and his future. What has he learned from all of this? And even more so, what has the family learned? Apparently not much when you have a father saying that this kid (John) is being punished by God for being aggressive and yelling. What the F—K is that about. As a sister that has had a brother in jail for stupid sh-t, I have to say this is not helping Nick ast all. I so missed my brother when he was away. It was as if I was in there. But I must say that I tried my best to show my brother that he had made a very bad decision and that was the end result. You’re wanting Nick to have a cell with a window. Are you kidding me? It is jail, not a resort! I also had a sister (age four) that was killed by a drunk driver. Nick, you a young man, and you are going to make mistakes. However, your actions nearly killed this young man who was supposedly your friend. And for that you should be reflecting on how you can make a more positive impact on this thing you call LIFE. I pray for you and your family. And I hope that one day you will be able to understand the magnitude of your actions and what you all said on those tapes. It is not too late for you to turn this around. But you got to stop blaming everyone else but yourselves.


  245. DeeDee says:

    I am not sure whether the sentencing is fair or not, but they both are at fault. Nick and John both took the actions to drive recklessly even though Nick was in the drivers aeat. John could have told Nick to stop and simply asked to pull the car over to get out, but he didn’t.

    As for people not wanting to watch the show anymore after this is simply childish. The Hogans lives is no one’s business, but because they are celebrities everyone has to know about it. People should put themselves in these people’s shoes and see how it is when people are all up in your own business…It’s a shame.

  246. ballistic paintball canada says:

    We can’t control what happens to our family. Rest ^^* ured that when there is blood in the water the sharks will come. Stick together Hogan’s, I’m sure that you already know that no one in the world will watch out for you, for nothing.

  247. mallory says:

    It is fair! I love Nick, but he should have been more careful. Also, why did they make a point to tell us what kind of dress BROOKE was wearing? The Media these days..

  248. Jim says:

    I watched the wwf when I was a kid. I cannot believe the Hogan’s insensitive behavior towards the Marine that volunteered and fought for this country and came back to it to be injured by Hulk and son. I served my country in the Unites States Marine Corps. in the early nineties, and I can tell you that is not what we were trained for to leave this world. Terry Bollea a.k.a Hulk Hogan and Son Nick, need to understand that today to show no feelings by injuring a fellow brother is just barking up the wrong tree. By sayinf they want the most money for a TV show by being responsible for the injury of this Marine,is negative behoavior and shows that they need to be desenstized by there actions, and be held more than responsible for his demise. You need to be put on the chooping board and lose the things that you love most that is green. Lets see how you and your family does if you are stripped from the green that fuels your life the most. Regular people make it in life all the time. THere is no apologizing now. This family hit a nerve that will not be healed for tears to come and I hope John Graziano’s parents pushes a civil case against these monster’s.

    Semper FI
    James Murray

  249. Ted D says:

    This kid is so warped and so is his family. He’s a spoiled brat and his parents let him down. He’s lucky he only got 8 months. Now he wants to be put on house arrest until his 18th b-day in July. What a friggin’ JOKE!

  250. Heidi says:

    I think Nick should’ve received a longer sentence. I used to be a Hulk Hogan fan but not anymore. After listening to Hulk and his son talking in jail, it makes me sick that they are blaming the passenger in Nick’s car for all of it. First of all, don’t drink and drive Nick!! Secondly fake Linda Hogan is just as bad saying that this kids parents don’t care and she is the only one that does. I wll never ever watch another episode of Hogan Knows Best or the reality show that Brooke is coming out with. I hope VH1 reconsiders their decision and not put anything on your network that has to do with these disgusting people.

  251. jenny says:

    To the Holgan Family,
    You are a great family. Do not give up! Bad things happen to good people and eventually this will all be over. Terri and Linda you are doing great. Your son needs encouragement through this tough and scarry time. Alot of kids do stupid things and they don’t realize it is dumb until it is to late. Your family would not wish harm to anyone. It is just a tragic mistake. You have a right to be greatfull that your son is alive.Your son learned a hard lesson that he will carry with him for the rest of his life. He is not the first person to have this happen to him. Hard times also bring families close together. Hopefully sooner than later you will have you son home. Both families are in my prayers.

  252. Debbie says:

    I find it hard to believe that there is anyone with a brain that could think that Nick “Hogan” didn’t get what he deserved…if anything…he didn’t get enough of what he deserves. This is a kid who thinks that because he is living a privleged life that he is above punishment for a crime that he comitted, and then when forced to serve a minimal amount of time…that he should be released early just because he doesn’t like where he is. How would he feel if he were in John Graziano’s shoes? Nick is really just a spoiled brat who has parents who are enabling him. Linda Hogan needs a reality check!

    As the mother of a son who was fatally injured because of another young mans stupidity (drinking and guns…they don’t mix just like drinking and fast cars!!!)…I can tell you how John Grazianos mom feels! You NEVER get over it. Your life is altered forever! Has Linda given any thought to anything like that….I doubt it! She is as fake as her hair, boobs and fingernails are. The Hogan family should be doing everything that they can to help the Grazianos through this tragedy…not bash them and say that it was everyones fault but Nick’s! Nick obviously couldn’t handle the alcohol that he was drinking (UNDERAGE) or the car that he was driving! Nick thought that he was so far above reproach during his court appearance that he showed no remorse. Shame on him. He thinks that he is too good to be where he is and wants our early…boo hoo. Get over it Nick…John will never leave the prison that you put him in…NEVER! If you want to “MAN UP” like your father said…then stop crying to your mommy and take responsiblity for what you have done! Don’t blame bad karma on someone who has served his country in the military. I don’t imagine that you are man enough to serve in the Armed Forces yourself! You would be crying to your mommy to come take you home. You are a spoiled, narcissistic brat! How angry would Linda Hogan be with John’s mom if the shoe were on the other foot? She would be trying to have him executed for murder…or at least serving a life sentence! You are a punk Nick…a crybaby punk. Shame on you and the rest of your family! You better remember that what goes around comes around. If you had been half the man that John Graziano was…you would have stepped up to the plate…taken what was coming to you and tried to make a better person out of yourself! I think that your punishment after your short stint in the county lockup should be helping the Graziano’s take care of their son. Not just financially…..of course you should be meant to help out with his long term health care bills because no doubt it will cost a fortune to take care of him for the rest of his days…but you should have to be there every day for the rest of his days to help feed and clean him ….just so that you could look at what you have done instead of getting out of jail and making as much money as you can on a reality show that NO ONE is going to watch because no one cares about what you do any longer. You have no talent…you are just riding your father’s coat tails. After hearing you blubber to your mommy and ask your dad to get you a reality show that makes tons of money…you will get out of jail and immediately forget about John and his family and what they are having to live through because of you.

    Hulk Hogan made a great career out of his talents…I used to respect the way that kids and adults looked up to him…but the way that his family has handled this tragedy has taken that away and shown the world that he…and especially his wife and son have no morals and no regard for the lives or feelings for those whose lives have been forever altered by Nick’s behavior. They should all be asking for forgiveness instead of lienency on Nick’s behalf. There is no jail sentence or probation of any kind that can make up for the life sentence that Nick has handed down to the Graziano family. I hope that the Hogans will be reading all of the posts that have been written about this so that they can see how so many people feel.

    The Graziano’s will remain in our prayers…I’m not sure that even prayer can help the Hogans.

  253. Mike says:


    I beg you not to grant Nick’s wish in getting a reality show. That would be horrifying and completely disgraceful at BEST! The very thought that this little douche bag could profit on his poor decision making, that has destroyed the lives of John’s family, makes me sick. Hogans….you should all be ashamed. Nick should stay in prison and the rest of you should get a life! Do something with yourselves! You all make me SICK!

  254. Mike says:

    To Jenny,

    Your comment was questionable at best. A good “thoughtful” family doesn’t talk about profiting through a real-ality show (as Nick pronounced it) while in prison for practically killing his best friend! Where are his morals? Where are yours?

  255. megan s says:

    i think that this was a serious incident, but myself have been in jail, is no place for a young man. especially in solitary confinement. nick hogan has made most likely the worst mistake of his life, but he could have been granted some leniency. i understand that celebrities get off way too easy most of the time, but he does not need to be made an example of. i think that, yes, he does need to serve some time in a correctional facility, but also he needs the support of being with his family (face to face without glass) in this hard time.
    my thoughts and prayers are with both families in this tough time….. stay strong.

  256. edb says:

    I think Nick should be forgiven and his record cleared . . . as soon as he goes to Iraq for 18 months sweats in a 120 F while wearing full gear and dodge bullets for his country and buddy john. maybe nick could go to Iraq and watch his buddies get shot and blown up and than whine like a baby. i think maybe nick should should grab his sister and head to Iraq, pick up a gun, man a post, keep watch, be kept in “the box” because they stop lossed you, maybe you should do something for the world instead of just for self. the hogans think they matter and maybe they do for a blip . . . but some day their names will be invisible traces of scent floating on smoke leaving the atmosphere. the hogans are narcissistic, self-absorbed, greedy, shallow, plain, simple, ignorant, un-talented, and tacky. they have no class and would not know how to perform a good dead if a saint walked them through it, in fact they would probably try to make money off a miracle and pimp it out to “get” something else. John, regardless of anything else, is a brother in arms to me and the shadow of eternal night has fallen on the Hogan family and world relative to me and my house hold. I will close my eyes, turn the channel, or whatever it takes to remove them from the entire universe. the world gave them gold and they complained it was only one bar (old southern saying-that they are ungrateful heathens.

  257. NATUREBOY says:

    HI hulkster whats up bro??Guess its time for the little hulkster to MAN UP…………..Hope he suks better than your tv show….HOGAN KNOWS BEST 4 wake up alice its time to se the light your old news to star wit now your daughter/son [NICKIE] has put the final nail in your has been *(( I felt better today…and all it took was to drop VH1 from my cable teir….SO long lossers

  258. kayla lowder says:

    I think they should give Nick Hogan a break he didn’t mean 2 injure anybody it probably was an acident.I mean it’s not like he said hey i am going 2 make my friend get hurt just so i can get 8 months in prison and hurt my entire family.

  259. Jason Stillwell says:

    eight months – what a joke! Then the little prick is complaining it is too long. He should have got eight years! I hope to never hear from any of that no talent scumbag family…

  260. Dave says:

    Dump these horses asses in a pile of their own self-centeredness.

  261. Beth says:

    I think that John Graziano parents are being a little hard on Nick. Not saying he din’t deserve a punishment but I hate that john is in the shape he is in. But aren’t we forgetting that John was drinking as well. Nick didn’t make him get in the car with him. It is very sad that things has happened the way they have and my prayers are with both of the familes. I The things we read and hear, no one knows how the Hogan feel. They have been friends with the Graziano for many years and this is very sad. I have to say that I would be upset as well as the Grazianos, but have to realize that John made his decision to drink and ride as well as Nick chose to drive and drink. Nick shouldn’t have as much freedom as he has as a teen. He needed to be more strict on. But as parents we can do our best but how the children turn out is not only from how they are raised but also with the influences they hung around.. There is no excuse on what Nick has done and he has to live with that. But the media make it out like he is the only teen who as did this. We only hear of this becuase he is a cleb. But I know of many teens who have did the same. But they aren’t all of the news and that is sad. If we make them so public maybe some teens will learn. I doubt that. My prayers are with the Grazianos and and the Hogans. God Bless you both.Remember only God can help you through these hard times.

  262. minda williams says:

    I support the Hogans 100% because they are still trying to help out the boy, John, in the hospital. they are good people and Nick shouldn’t have gotten that long in prision, John is fine. Good luck Hogans and Nick should stay strong. god bless.

  263. Sue Lawrence says:

    I think VH1 should take into consideration if they want to be associated with a family whose only concern is for themselves. Nick Hogan may not intended for this to happen but the fact that he is putting all the blame on his “friend” so that he may get a lax sentence is ridiculous. At some point people need to stand up and say this is wrong and we will not support this family. A family who doesnt care that this boys life is changed forever. A family whose sympathy does not extend beyond themselves. A family who refuses to let their son take responsibility for his actions. He was driving that car. John is already paying the price for makeing the decision to get in the car and not wear a seatbelt. Shouldnt Nick do the same?

  264. sonshinemom says:

    I hope that after minda williams ridiculous statement that she never has a family member laying in a hospital bed because of someone elses stupidity and out of control ego….

  265. chris says:

    this is crazy i dont feel that nick should be sitting in a jail cell just because he wrecked his car and his friend was hurt. his friend willinly got in the car with nick so its not nicks fault it was an ACCIDENT. i know how they must feel 2 of my best friends were killed by a tractor trailer driver who was being careless and he didnt get a damn thing and two great people died.

  266. Jordan leigh says:

    this is frickin crazy! they have some dumb people out there but it goes both ways nick did it so he should take the blame for it but it was an accident so yea get real people!

  267. Jamie says:

    Hogan know nothing. Boycott the show and this repulsive family of idiots!

  268. mark says:

    yea i just had a ??? if someone could email me when does nick hogan get out of jail i have been looking everywhere or is he already out or what i just want to know.

  269. ashley ames says:

    People are dumb.Like Nick was trying to hurt his friend.Nick doesnt deserve that bad of a sentence,a person can go insane like that.Im not trying to judge the hogans,but i think this
    is the worst time to get a divorce,i mean for gods sake your son is in jail,and it tears the
    family appart more to date a 19 year old boy.I really feel bad for Brooke,she has to watch her brother suffer,her mom date a 19 year old , and her mom and dad get a divorce.Terry and linda i want you guys to sit down and watch the episode where Terry writes you the poem.

  270. billy says:

    i hope he gets out hh :}

  271. brandon says:

    nick is cool, but is a dumbass! he has no idea how to drive, he @@%~!%!()%(#`$)` ed up a viper, he ruined that poor supskie! that nice expensive car, he killed it, little prick, i’ll continue to watch the show, but will have a grudge for what he did to john and all the cars he ruined.

  272. kayla says:

    i really think they should give him a break i mean they let OJ Simpson get away with murder so why don’t they let nick go for reckless drivin.

  273. jennifer says:

    i think that it is very sad that this happened. I have a younger brother his age and would be devestaded if this happened to him because it was not done on purpose. It was a very bad decision that can not be taken back and he will have to live with for the rest of his life. He has to accept the punishment but I know the guilt he will live with is far worse. I hope they stay strong and deal with it day by day. Hulk, I am a big fan and I think you are awsome. Brook, I think you are strong, beautiful and know you are by his side. Linda, you got a great family and stay strong. And to Nick, people make mistakes. Unfortunatly some will never go away. Stay strong and everything will hopefully work out in good time.

  274. DAWN says:


  275. Kate says:

    Dear Hulk,
    Maybe you should encourage your children down the road of EDUCATION. As Brooke really has very little talent and your sone is a spoiled brat. Stop babying them..Threat them like an adult and stop partying with them. The more you letb them feel like like is a big amusement park the worse things will get. And NO I am not watching BROOKE KNOWS BEST>>>Brooke knows nothing as does your son. And get your wife on a diet.

  276. Kelly says:

    Dear Hogan Family,
    You have really messed up. You may have to call OJ and see what your next move will be as you will be a lawsuit like no tomorrow. Your SON has ruined himself and his whole family for the rest of their days. NO ONE will ever forget this. He is a fool. And needs to grow up.
    The father participates in his drinking and foolish activities. The father may think its COOL>>>well, COOL has ruined peoples life. Time to stand up and take responsibility. Stop being their friends…the last thing these kids need is friends. Be aparent…or maybe your brains are fried from all the punches you have taken. Brooke needs to get into Collede and stop PLAYING with music…Its not her thing a few CD’s does not make a star. She just doesn’t have the talent. She is a girl that needs direction and she is getting all the wrong direction from her mother. My family will not be watching the show anymore…poor images for young girls..and especially for young men!

  277. Jake says:

    The next reality show will be “Hogans on TRial”

  278. Tabitha says:

    Ni.. i cnt believe yo woud do smething like that.i loved the sho hogan nows best and you semed like the most awesome kid i the world!! im ashamed in u

  279. THE ONE says:


  280. john doe says:

    kelly your a dumb stupid $)+$*$(_#^~(~^(^# and you suck at life

  281. aaliyaah says:

    nick is a nice boy in just because he makes one mistake he ghot jail time thatz nt fair umm…i no didnt mean 2 hurt his friend n yes he was driving bt who was in the car with him nt his mom or dad no one bt john so let john decide bt i dnt think he need that much of jail time,or jail time at all
    i plede mi case

    jus a gurl from charlotte, nc

  282. WHATEVER says:


  283. krys says:

    he was never drinking and driving and hes a baby he learned his lesson, my god thats why kids are too young to drive in the state of florida…I think his punishment was way harsh…His friend got in the car with him and knew what he was gettiing into…what is nick suppose to have everyone sign a waiver when they go racing?? I think that his friends family deserves the money they need to take care of him and let it be at that!!

  284. debb says:

    his blood alcohol level was.05 he wasnt wasted maybe had a drink yes he was wrong but it was an ACCIDENT thats why they call it that and i think he is being treated unfairly

  285. tayler says:

    it’s not fair and it’s not justice because john also drank under age, got in the car, and then incouraged nick to drive recklessly. yes nick should be punished but NOT for his friends poor judgement!!!!!

  286. dwreck says:

    thats #*#*ed up i was in the same position not to long ago . 8 months is to much that kid was old enough to make his own choice to get in the car. but nick wuz a man about it and took responsibility but hes being punished for the wrong thing.

  287. Danny says:

    This is outragous it was just reckless driving! Nobody got killed or anything. His friend’s family is asking for to much punishment!

  288. briana says:

    i think nick is awasome even if he is in jail.brook was right nick would give the shirt off his back to someone who needed it. this all is realy alot of bs. nick is a good kid and would never hurt anyone purposely i mean anybody could lose control of there car i mean serously. all i have to say is that nick never should have got out in jail. now his friend i mean he must not have had his seatbelt on and that’s his fault not nicks and i’m not an attorney i’m a 11 year old girl that loves the hogans just not what linda and terry did they where both wrong now linda was more wrong than that’s all i have to say.

  289. Big Mike says:

    I really dont think anyone set out that day to hurt anyone, and John was 23 at the time and knew nick had some beers in him, He chose to get in the car and to not wear his seatbelt!! It was just a horrible accident and I believe Nick is serving a appropriate sentence. I really feel for Hulk Hogan going through all of this mess with his family,he looks terrible!!! Hang in there Brother we still love and support you her in the Ocean state!!!!!! Hulkamania will Live forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. kelsey greider says:

    that is bull crap he is only 22 if im right just give him a break people and i think he needs out of prioson

  291. kelsey says:

    ok ppl all i got to say is that im going out with nick hogan so in ur face but facwe

  292. kelso says:

    watever it is cool wat all u guys have to say but it is ugly for all u ugly twinke eaters and eat mcdonalds all day

  293. says:

    This is the problem with this country – no justice. he should serve his time. This poor kid John will never live a normal life. Nick needs to learn now or else he will be a bigger problem later. Be responsible. Also, it is irresponsible of VH1 to give Brooke Hogan any air time. She is not a star. Her dad is and forever I will Hulkamania live on. Dude = get back in the ring – maybe Nicks punishment is to get in the ring and get his axx kicked.

  294. kdog says:

    Linda gave Tony Atlas a HEAD JOB in the back on a limo.

  295. paul says:

    People are you &$*@ KIDING. Nick don’t get half of what he deserved. John will never have a normal life again and hell he will need some won to help him the rest of his life. I would like to know what you would do if it was won of your family members. See that’s what happens win you get in a car an speed after drinking, but john should have knot got in the car with Nick. But John probably had a few him self. I know Nick is sorry but hill have to live what he did for the rest of his life.

  296. paul says:

    Hey Brian, May 15,2008 @5:31 am. O They were just having fun, I beat you will be in jail because of drinking and driving . I just hope your friends are knot in the car with you.

  297. christina says:

    This was just an accident. its not like he woke up that morning and said” i think that i will have a wreck and hurt my best friend.” the only reason his parents wanted justice is becaue they thought that nick had lots of money and they would get money out of it. The hogan family are in my prayers through everything that is going on with them. God Bless All Of You!!

  298. PRISCILLA says:


  299. Tom Whitehurst says:

    No i do not think “Nick`s” punishment was fair. I feel for his injured friend and his family but, its not like his friend never knew that Nick had, had a drink, they were both irresponsible in my book..”Lads will be lads”

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