The Five Sexiest Hook-Ups in VH1 History


In honor of the new VH1 documentary Sex: The Revolution, which begins airing tonight at 10 PM, we’re counting down The Five Sexiest Hook-Ups in VH1 History from some of your fave VH1 shows. From foursomes to girl-on-girl photoshoots, we’ve got it all right here. Though compared to this clip from Sex: The Revolution featuring a porn star’s 86-man sex-fest, our shows pale in comparison on the raunchy scale. Shocking!

5. Mud Makes Flav Horny


Don’t tell Black, Sinceer and Thing 2, but Flav once got busy back in the day with his other final ladies on the first season of Flavor of Love. This sexy moment came to fruition after Pumkin, Hoopz and your man spent a date body painting with mud at a day spa. But the follow-up shower was where all the action went down, after the gals washed off the mud and went in for the kill! You can almost hear the words coming out of Flav’s mouth: “Yeahhhhhhh boooooooy!”

Below the jump: girl-on-girl action, a sexy stripper, a romp to remember, and our Number 1 pick!

4. Brady Bags a Stripper


In between all the kino, negs, and gambits there was actually a hook up on The Pick Up Artist, featuring that super-shy photog Brady and a stripper. Could it get any hotter? Mystery’s trainee scored his fine lady in the middle of a challenge, and actually got her to bail on work at the club to join him for a little bit of lip love in the back of his Pick Up Artist limo. We’ll admit it – we felt their kino burning through our TV, earning Brady and his beauty a spot on our list.

3. Tailor Made for Makin’ Love


We love New York, and we’re not alone. On the second season of her eponymous show, New York finally bagged her man – in bed. New York and Tailor Made got it ON – and even though we couldn’t see what actually happened thanks to a strategically placed sheet, we can, uh, imagine. We like what we see in our mind!

2. The Best Birthday Present Ever


Adrianne Curry of My Fair Brady fame is the best wife ever, and she knows it. So when it was time to celebrate her man’s birthday she gave him the ultimate gift: sexy pics of her fully naked, cuddling with her equally hot best friend. The fact that she got turned on by the whole thing is just an added bonus – or what some people might call foreplay. Think it’s time to rename the show My Bare Brady?

1. Every Rocker Has His Foursome


It’s called Rock of Love for a reason – because the love Bret gets on his show, well, ROCKS. And while there are soooo many sex-crazed moments in ROL History, there can only be one four-gy. Yes, the night notorious bad girls Lacey, Heather, and Brandi C. landed in bed with Bret scores an A+ on the sexy scale (and a perfect 10 for the gymnastics involved), and it rightfully owns the number one spot on our Sexiest Hook-Ups countdown. More is always better – but FOUR? Now that’s a record.

Do you think we ranked these sexy moments right? Let us know your thoughts on The Five Sexiest Hook-Ups in VH1 History in the comments section below!

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