The 10 Sexiest Stripper-rific Moments in VH1 History


Holy shizz. This video seriously needs no introduction. All you need to know is:

Seriously stripper-fific, booty-bouncing moments.
VH1‘s most amazing shows, like Rock of Love, Flavor of Love and My Fair Brady.
Mix them all together, and you get the The 10 Sexiest Stripper-rific Moments in VH1 History. And seriously, we mean SEXY.

Watch all 10 videos here. Then drool and comment.

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  1. Cynthia257 says:

    That was fun, It seemed they had a good time.

  2. threetimesalady43 says:

    Get this trailer tr*SH off this page Adriane Curry/Knight i’m sick of looking @ her she made a racial remark about black people need to just get over slavery its easy to say when you really don’t have a clue you dope head you just stay off crack and herion and maintain your life with Christopher old as* bye now biocth.

  3. jazzy says:

    yallllllll some nasty @!@ hoes sike just playing get it and much love to alllll my girls who ben on his show ohhh ya i heard my girl big botty is do the dame thang

  4. Vanessa says:


  5. sage says:

    can we stop making top 90 or top 10 list vh1 your shows are fine you dont always need to make little shows

  6. albina says:

    threetimesalady43 your &*( wasnt even part of slavery and anyone who was isnt alive anymore so get over your damn self it was 100 yrs ago everyone was a slave not just blacks we had low class and every thing and you didnt go through *“_ so sit down

  7. jeno2828 says:

    will there ever be room for Mr Bobby Brown to do his on Bobby of love show

  8. jeno2828 says:

    will there ever be room for Mr Bobby Brown to do his on Bobby needs love show

  9. Erik says:

    I just wanted to comment on the show Flavor or Love and the other show Rock of Love. I believe these are the dumbest shows on television along with the Tila Tequila show. How you can seriously fall in love with a person when you have so many other people around that are wanting your attention too is just stupid. In 3 seasons of Flavor of Love the woman picked in the end doesn’t even stay with Flav. Just as the “winner” of the 1st season of Rock of Love. The ony bonus or positive thing out of these shows is that the ladies and guys in Tila’s case that are not chosen get some bit of fame. All these shows represent is the misunderstanding of the word love and they are also watered down c-list versions of The Bachelor and Bachelorette which also are very ignorant shows. Please stop these insanely ignorant shows.

  10. kiara says:

    i think that was nasty and those girls look like stripers to me
    i will never go on tv to find a man.frog man was over there looking at them
    oh yeah i am talking about you flav wit yo ugly elf

  11. trixxx says:

    have your selfs some fun…visit us at

  12. Shawn says:

    Can’t stand the show – Flavor of Love – ugh! (I watched it once) it’s soooo bad/terrible! What do the women see in him is beyond me. He’s nasty! He has no talent what-so-ever! Good luck with these type of shows – I’m sure there is an audience out there somewhere.