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Below, Flav’s most recent one who got away opens up about chemistry vs. connection, staying as drama-free as possible, those nagging rumors about her and Terrell Owens and coping with reality-show loss.

How was your time on the show?

I had a good experience. It was a little stressful being in the house with that many females that were fighting over the same guy, but overall I learned a lot. Flav is amazing, and so getting to know him was worth it.

You were the only new girl to really assimilate with the “old girls.” Why do you think that was?

I gave everyone a chance and didn’t come in judging anyone. I kinda got a feel for each of the girls’ personalities. I wasn’t fake or trying to act a certain way. I was just me and I think that they saw that I was real.

You didn’t clash with anyone until you did with Sinceer in France. Do you think that was just a matter of inevitability as the number of girls decreased?

I think so. I think all along, her strategy was to make the other girls look bad in any way possible. When it came down to it being between me and her, she did whatever she could to make me look bad. She knew I wasn’t questioning her about where she slept. It was a joke. We all knew where she’d gone the night before. She tried to twist it to Flav to make it seem like I was asking her personal questions. That was on top of her trying to say that I was falling for him to fast and that I was crazy and psycho and he should watch out for me. She tried to use that against me and manipulate the situation, so of course I was going to stick up for myself and tell her what I thought.

I thought it was unfair of Flav to get mad at you for asking that question, even if it wasn’t a joke. In a group-dating situation, it seems that one person’s business is everyone’s business.

I tried to explain myself, but he wasn’t trying to hear it, which was a little unfair. He said when my ex came, he thought my ex was full of s***, so for him to go off what Sinceer said hurt me a little. But we knew what we were getting into when we came here. We knew he was going to be making connections with other girls. It wasn’t that I was jealous. I had nothing to be jealous of with Sinceer.

Do you resent her now?

I could care less. I feel like she’s beneath me and I wouldn’t step down to her level to argue with her.

What did you think of Flav saying that his decision came down to chemistry versus connection?

Thing 2 had been in the house a lot longer than me. She’d been in the house since Day 1 and I always said that I wish I could have come in from Day 1, because then I would have had the opportunity to make those connections with him. Me and Flav, we did make a lot of connections. A lot of it was off-camera, because I’m kind of camera-shy. A lot of what we shared didn’t really come through on the show because a lot of it was off-camera. I feel like if I’d been there from Day 1, I would have been more comfortable. Maybe I would have had a better opportunity.

You seemed really sad after you were eliminated.

First I was kinda mad, then I was kinda sad, but after I thought about it for a while, I really was upset. I cried on the flight home. I really, really liked Flav a lot. And I never expected to come on the show and start feeling him like that. I said from the beginning that I was a fan of the show and I wanted to meet him because I thought he was an intriguing person. At the most, I thought he’d be someone fun to kick it with. I didn’t know that I was going to end up falling for him and having that chemistry with him. I’m the kind of person who’s guarded with my feelings. Even at the final elimination, when we had to talk, I felt on the spot and none of my words came out right. Nothing I said really made any sense. It was awful, but after it sunk in, there were so many things that I wish I had said. So yeah, I was hurt by the situation, but I’m doing better now.

Did it take you a while to get over?

It did! I tried to get in touch with Flav, but I could never get a hold of him.

What was it about Flav that you were so into? Did you find him physically attractive?

Yeah. Everyone asks, “How can you be into him?” But to me, it’s not about the way someone looks, it’s about how they make me feel. Being with him, I felt ways that I haven’t felt with anyone else. He’s very special to me and just spending time with him and talking to him one-on-one, just the things we’d talk about…he was able to tell me things about myself that no one else had. He really could see into me as a person, and I saw into him and I loved what I saw. He’s very, very smart. Very intuitive. He has a lot of wisdom. He makes me laugh and he’s very romantic, but at the same time, he knows how to take the lead. He’s great.

Do you think you were portrayed fairly?

I know I have a lot more personality than what showed. There were a couple of things that were cut and edited that I wasn’t happy with, like when they asked about my ethnicity and they made it look like I didn’t know if I was white or Hispanic. I also think that people forget that I didn’t ask to be called “Black.” I wanted to be called “Blue,” but Flav named me after the color of my dress. It had nothing to do with how I act or the way I talk or anything dealing with skin color or ethnicity.

Even before you were on the show, there was a spoiler online saying that you won. What did you make of that?

I have no idea. I didn’t even tell anyone the outcome. I don’t know how that came about, but I just kinda laughed about it.

There were also rumors about you and Terrell Owens. Were those pictures at the airport really you?

No, no. They weren’t me. But there were shots of us posted at New Year’s, and that was us. We used to go out back in the day, way before the show. Terrell knows I did the show and we’ve laughed about it.

What’s next for you?

I’m doing a lot of parties and I just shot Smooth. I did a Hype Williams video for Lloyd and Lil’ Wayne’s “Girls All Around the World.” Hype is amazing so he had us in silver body paint like robots. I did The Foxhole with Jamie Foxx, which was fun. I did a shoot for an Xbox video game, too. And I got a couple of things coming up that should be out by the end of this year.

Any regrets?

My only regret is not opening up to Flav more. It’s such a short time you have on the show and with me it takes a while to get comfortable around someone especially on camera, it’s kind of a difficult situation. It’s not like normally when you kick it with someone.

Any resentment for Thing 2?

No. She’s a good girl, and I know she was really feeling Flav, so I can’t hate her for that.

Do you think it’ll last between Flav and Thing 2?

I don’t know. I wish Flav the best, and if she’s what makes him happy, then I hope it works out for him. But if not, I’m still here.

Keep up with Black via her profile and her MySpace.

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