Free MP3 From Duffy!



You might recognize our You Oughta Know artist Duffy from this week’s charts: the Welsh cutie with the soulful pipes released her debut Rockferry in the States and ended up in the number four spot! See — we’d never lead you astray. If you still haven’t heard her, we’re offering you a free MP3 of her song “Mercy,” which she recorded live at Royal Albert Hall in London. Check it out.

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  1. meathead says:

    What..HereIambaby, meetiru, absolute2…No dating site for Duffy????Why not??? This ones single. HAHAHAHAHA….You sh_t-bag fraud.

  2. layla says:

    i love her
    plz give me her songs 4 free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. noisey says:

    you a hoe and you look like a cat with fles and tics

  4. LOVLEME says:

    She is ok on this pic, but when she takes pictures she looks really bad.I just saw her personal pix on celeb and millionaire dating site ‘Searching Millionaire dotcom’.maybe just for fun?

  5. Wanda says:

    Aewsome white girl with SOUL. Girlfriend can jam!

  6. whatever says:


  7. mynameismp3 says:

    Would you like to talk about it, any sugestions or ideas?

  8. amy yonkwood says:


  9. Bruce says:

    Wow… bad is this “singer”…did somebody run over a pregnant cat giving birth? Wow, she obviously likes the great female singers of all time she just can’t hold their mike stand. Wow…. just how bad do you have to be before they refuse to sign you? I guess we know now

  10. pia says:

    Please god, if I hear her video “Mercy” one more time on VH1 I will
    lose it. It’s causing me not to tune in so I won’t have to hear it again.
    Come on VH1 host that compared her to Amy Winehouse, she
    doesn’t come close to having the same talent. I refuse to give Amy
    Winehouse my money but if you listen to her music and ignore her
    poor stage performances of late you can see what talent could be.
    You are really pushing the artist, Duffy. How many listeners really like
    this song…it’s competive lyrics are horrible. She overdid it on the lip injections.
    I wish the industry and all the females injecting their faces to look like
    Pamela Anderson or Angelina Jolie would realize they look ugly and all
    the injections in the world is not going to give them the beauty the two
    forementioned have. You have to be born with at least some of it.
    Duffy’s music is as fake as her lips.

  11. asmahani says:

    exceelent job~

  12. John Taylor says:

    She is quite simply a beautiful soul, & we are all just a little better when she sings.

  13. Jan says:

    Duffy is awesome, love her voice.

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