Mayer A Cheap Jerk, Great In Bed


mayerLooks like flying to Miami and sending Jennifer Aniston flowers has John Mayer a little hard up for cash. Yesterday, while shopping at a camera store in Los Angeles (no doubt to create some hilarious commentary on the paparazzi by taking pictures of them taking pictures) Johnny charged a fan $10 to pose for a picture. Fan, whoever you are, there are much better things to spend $10 on.

Elsewhere in the world, John’s lady friend Jennifer Aniston is allegedly telling anyone who’ll listen that John is infinitely better in the sack than Brad Pitt ever was. “Jennifer is calling John the best ever lover,” said the undoubtedly reliable source to the National Enquirer.

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  1. Devastator Douglas says:

    John Mayer is one lucky son of a @))^& Enough said.

  2. crispie says:

    This doesn’t surprise me (the $10 part) . You can tell he’s a conceited d_ck by the way he carries himself. The only way I would give a celebrity money for an autograph or a picture is if the celebrity is raising money for charity. However….the great in bed part of the story does surprise me, but if my lovely and amazing Jennifer is getting laid properly, then good job, John!!!!

  3. nancy p says:

    unbelievable,, he charged a fan for takin a picture with him,,, all these people making millions of dollars,,and they act cheap ,,, shame on them,,,,,,,just like dustin diamond of saved by the bell fame,,, askes his fans to pay for his mortage on his house,, he has freakin nerve to do that,,, and with all the money he made,,,,,,,

    to the so called millionnaires ,,, stop being cheap,, oh and tip waiters n waitresses out there,, and people who provide services to you,,,,,,, that goes a long way,,,

    have a wonderful day

  4. krissy says:

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