R. Kelly Trial Forecaster: Prosecution Scores Points



(The VH1 Blog knows very little about the law. So we’ve solicited Mark Muro, a founder of the California law firm Muro & Lampe, Inc., to keep a running tab on which side has the advantage in the R. Kelly child pornography trial. Check back daily for updates.)

The prosecution wasted no time to fill the void left from an alleged victim who refuses to cooperate. This alleged victim, it’s important to note, is not just a minor character in the trial, but the woman who is alleged to have been in the sex tape with R. Kelly at approximately 14 years old. In an attempt to link both R. Kelly and the alleged victim to the sex tape, the prosecution called witnesses today to combat the defense claim of mistaken identities. The most important witness called was a former friend of the alleged victim, Simha Jamison. Jamison testified that she and the alleged victim were best friends from childhood, and that the two socialized with R. Kelly multiple times, including a visit to the home where the prosecution claims the sex tape was filmed.

After viewing the sex tape today, Simha Jamison identified R. Kelly as the man in the video. She also identified the alleged victim as the girl in the sex tape, recognizing not just her distinctive hair style (a mullet) but also her face. “I kind of know her like the back of my hand,” Jamison said. Jamison has not yet been cross-examined, but her testimony so far was probably strong enough to score some points for the prosecution with the jury. — Mark Muro, Attorney
[via Chicago Sun-Times]

Defense = -1
Prosecution = +2

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  1. chi-town baby ride or u die says:

    thats probably well is a lie bcuz if u go on yahoo
    pics you see
    its a different girl maybe in ha 20′s
    suckin on his %_$# so its a lie and officially a rap

  2. NOISEY says:


  3. Brenda says:

    I am an african american 48 year old woman, and I saw the video, years ago on the internet. IT WAS R. KELLY!!. I saw it with my own eyes, it was him, sad but true, I am a R. Kelly fan, I love his music, I’m not sure how old he was at the time, but the 14 year old girl looked every bit of 13 or 14, she looked like a CHILD, and it sickened me, for that reason only, Robert was having kinky sex with a child. I saw the tape when a friends daughter (a young girl at the time) brought it up for me on the internet. I’m not sure how a young lady that was urinated on, could possibly DENY being VIOLATED, and DEGRADED that way. Maybe she is ashamed and wants it to go away, or, she was paid off, after all it was a long time ago, and she’s an adult now. Anyone with eyes can see, that is R. Kelly.

  4. Brenda says:

    Oh I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my last comment. IT WAS R. KELLY!!!!! Robert could of had any WOMAN he wanted. Hey that’s honest. Had I not seen the video myself, I would be rooting for him, and in a sick sort of way, I am hoping he will come out of this okay, I don’t wish bad on nobody, but hey, you do the crime, you gotta do the time. So sad but true.

  5. liz says:

    he maybe guilty of havin sex with a minor, but how do yall know dat he knew she was under age. An even if he did she didn’t fight him off, i think the only reason he’s n court is because he has money, an thats what they want.

  6. Robbie says:

    “Prosecution Scores Points” … but not as much as R. kelly did with those under age girls.



  7. CCJS says:

    It doesn’t matter if he knew whether the alleged vicitm was under age. Statutory rape (i.e. rape that is a crime because of a child’s age, not because they “did not want it”…remember, minors can not consent to sex with adults purely because of their age) is what’s called a “Strict Liability Offense”. This means ignorance of the person’s age does NOT make it legal. It’s illegal whether you knew their age or honestly believed they were over 18 (or whatever the age of consent is in your state).

    I haven’t seen the tape (nor do I want to) but this is important to note. All “Strict Liability Offenses” are just that – strict liability. You’re actions are a crime, regardless of whether you knew your actions were illegal.

    Please don’t come back at me about this. This isn’t my opinion, it’s a statement of fact. So, it doesn’t matter if he knew she was a child. It also doesn’t matter if she “liked it” or “wanted it”. If the girl was younger than the age of consent at the time, it was illegal.

    Please also note that the defense clearly knows this. That’s why they are not claiming “ignorance of the girl’s age” as a defense, nor are they claiming “She consented.” The ONLY way for him to get out of this is to prove it wasn’t him in the tape. Or that the girl on the tape was not a child at the time.

    If what the prosecution claims is true (i.e. R. Kelly had sex with a child), then it is a crime.

  8. nicole says:

    if that was r.kelly owell…..if the girl was underage owell….once again this is a celebrity and for sure that young woman knew she was underage but she allowed it because it was r.kelly…..to be honest she may was happy with it and was ready to tell all her friends….but r.kelly didnt take her seriously so now she feels it was a crime and she just want the money…..thats it and thats all….even kids today thats her age you think if a celebrity wanted to sleep with them they would say no….of course not their gonna do it….but then once they dont get that attention from that celebrity they would be ready to sue…..dont always blame the male….us females play a part in this as well….true enough all celebritys can have all the woman they want….but if a woman can get a hold of a celebrity and have sex with them they are going to do it no matter if their 13/14/15/16/17 its going to happen….thats when the PARENTS is suppose to play their part and explain these type of things to their children….and the 1 question i have is….WHERE WAS THIS GIRLS PARENTS????? their proably the ones who could use the money…….

    I do feel bad for the girl….but she played her part as well….and now and days alot of young girls lile about their age….so i will continue to be a fan of r.kelly and he may have to face the consequences but when he get home he will still be sitting on a couple of millions…so he still will come out winning

  9. TEXAZZ B. says:

    Can anyone out there remember when Mr.RobertPEDOPHILEKelly did the same thing with Aaliyah? Yea, he did, and, he had her so sprung, she forged her age to run away and elope with Mr. Bump-n-Grind. I saw the tape. That’s HIM, all day, all night, with his PATHETIC PEDOPHILE AZZ! He needs to go to jail and folk need to get real! I am a fan of his music, but he’s a repeat offender and needs to go to JAIL!! Not the STUDIO, CRANKIN’ OUT HITS 2 HAVE US FORGIT!!!…… J-A-I-L!! The girl is pathetic too. She knows that’s her, but now that she lives with him and is PLAYIN’ WIFEY, her DELUSIONAL AZZ, THINKS IT’S ALL GOOD!!! Her parents got paid off, because her DADDY SHOULD HAVE PUT HIS FOOT IN R.KELLY’S AZZ!!!! JUST SICK!!! Those Artists’ that look @ the $$$$$$ and work with him need to stop and think, “Hey, What if that were my daughter?” He uses or misuses the trust of people and SLITHERS around to pluck the young’ens and have’em doin’ GROWNAZZ WOMEN THANGS!!! He was also found out by his EX- P.R. REP 2. He did the same thang to her step daughter. He tried to buy her parents off, they’re the Handsome Couple in his STEP-N-THE NAME OF LOVE VIDEO,(THE DANIELS’), but they weren’t havin’ it and cut his PEDOPHILEAZZ loose. STEP-UP KELLS AND FINALLY BE FREE FROM YO SICKNESS. YO MONEY’, YO MUSIC, YO LAWYER. YO AZZ NEED JESUS!!!! You need THERAPY, 10-20 yrs., and KEEP SOME MONEY ON YO BOOKS 4 COMMISSARY! SLEEEEEEEZZZZZZZY PERV!

  10. jrd says:

    To those concerned about whether R Kelly knew her age- she called him “godfather” for a reason. Her dad played guitar in his live band for years. he’s know her since she was a little child.

  11. NINA RO says:

    Well I am an R.kelly fan 1st of all he is a very talented man. I do think thats R.Kelly on the tape. But that lil girl was not a lil girl.She )+~` ed the !&*@ out of R.Kelly she got money up front it just shows that she been doing this type !&*@ She was not a virgin at all like a13&14 year old child should be far from it. And dat (`()* sparkle jus salty her singing did not go no where so she trying to hurt R.Kelly in every way she can IF R.kelly say its not him and the lil girl say its not her how can they make it be them I think what they say should over rule everyone!!!!!

  12. some1 says:

    ok # 1 Some of the jurors are clearly biased & should be removed
    # 2 There is probable cause that Jim DeRogatis could have doctored or edited tape since he had tape in possession & didn’t turn it in right away.

    # 3 There is probable cause Officer Delores Gibson could have doctored or edited tape for same reason. Also there is conflict of interest where she is concerned since she is a member of “Sparkles” family by marriage.

    # 4 “Sparkles” clearly had a relationship with R Kelly, they had to to be able to get far enough in their _~_ ociation to make a music video. And evidently that relationship went sour.

    # 5. “Sparkles” introduced the child to R Kelly, she contributed to a minor & she put the child in danger ( if the charges against R Kelly proves to be true ) so that is child endangerment & she should face criminal charges herself.

    # 6. If there really is a mole on R Kelly’s back, & the person in the video doesn’t have one, then charges should be dropped/dismissed based on lack of evidence.

    There are so many people out there looking to target the haves because they have not. I would not be surprised if this was “Sparkles” motive. And with technology today, it is easy to edit videos.
    It is highly suspect that the video wasn’t immediately turned over to authorities, this shows lack of civil duty by the officer.
    It is a law that in child abuse the “official” who is aware of the abuse must report it to the proper authorities.
    Doctors are mandated to report it and so must be other officials. But she clearly neglected her duties as an officer & violated her sworn duty to uphold the law.
    Irregardless as to who it was with this girl in the video (Could have been a family member of R Kelly that looks like him. Doesn’t he have a brother? I don’t know for sure) that is a form of child abuse.

    # 7. I don’t know how true this is but it was said the girl accepted money, if she did, she was prostituting herself, and this is punishable by law.

  13. Leah239 says:

    I am a huge fan of RKelly and people need to leave him alone!!!!!!!!! Dont matter if it was him or not……..Everyone has skeletons>>>>>>>>>>>no one is perfect………….Further more he is not a murderer like OJ……….he is a lover. I am glad he can go on and make some more bomb azz music. LOVE YOU R-KELLY……………..SEXY AZZ

  14. Sarina says:

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  15. Tao says:

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