Tila Tequila Calls It Quits



According to Tila’s Hot Spot Journal, the reality TV star informed Entertainment Weekly that she’ll shy away from fame at the conclusion of this season’s A Shot at love With Tila Tequila.

“I wanna do meaningful stuff. After a while you reach your goals and then what? You just prance around like Paris Hilton all day long and feel like you have to find the next scandal to stay big. This lifestyle is fun and I worked hard for it, but I think in the long run, it’s a lot. I just wanna be in love for the rest of my life and move to an island and have kids.”

Living on an island may fit her penchant for wearing bikinis, but will she be happy if no one’s around to see her smoking body? Plus, does the person in the following photos look like they’re concerned with doing meaningful stuff?


Tila, you know you need the limelight. It’s time to join us.

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  1. noisey says:

    girl i know you blockhead (^# aint tryin to jone on paris because you look like a `&!~! with aids `&!~! i hope you dont think you fine looking like a dog with raebies hoe man you know what you aint worth talking about looking like a rexic girraffe hoe you need to make sure you add some more make-up around your lips and check the mirror cause you still got `*~ on your lips from sicking my dogs ~%_~ and my daddys too you look like you will let a )!^@~ t-bag your stupid (^# you let a girl tell you what to do haha *($%! head (^# `&!~! but you know what that’s y i wouldn’t let my brother lick your *($%! cause you got yeast and you be pms in lil white boys mouth and #@)* you ugly (^# `&!~! HOE,DIKE,PUSSYEATER, $~&`__)~^)@+(((^%) ,DICKSUCKER,REXIC,YEAST HOE,ANDJUNKY THAT’S WHAT YOU WAS A JUNKY BEFORE YOU WAS A CELEBRITY AND YOUR DADDY RAPE YOU NOW LISTEN AND LOOK AT THIS EVERY ONE I PUT TILA TEQUILA ON FRONT STREET HOW BOUT THAT SLUT AND YOU BETTER READ IT FOR YOUR HEALTH `&!~! CAUSE YOU LOOK SICK MAYBE YOU WILL HEAL IF SOMEONE TREATED YOU BAD YOU DUMB TRICK AND THAT MAN ON YOUR SHOW THAT KEPT FOLLOWING YOU I HPOE HE RAPE YO (^# TOO NOW choose on that hoooooooooooe!!!!!!!!!! bye `&!~!

  2. SANDRA says:


  3. SANDRA says:


  4. Andrew says:

    I see that someone just lost their job and is taking it out on a girl he or she does not know a damn thing about. Go find your drug dealer and he will make it better. Did you sleep with her. OMG are you bitter that she left you and go so low to talk _)_( yet show no proof. I know it is your opinion in the crazy world you live out in your mind, but saying all that crap about Tila must make you some sort of hero to make her feel bad. I know who let me guess you are some piece of work and is bitter cause Tila left you for someone better than you. Get over it noisey

  5. lolli says:


    You might as well have just listed a bunch of cuss words rather than try to construct an actual sentence or two.

    If Tila is a hoe and a slut then you may wanna find her pimp cause your’s apparently doesn’t know any English!!!!!

  6. alexa says:

    so beautiful..someone just found she is wondering on an online
    community site seeki ngsugarmomma com. you know it is an ad*lt site just for rich women to look for extramarital relationship… you can guess what she is doing there if she really joined the service.

  7. Jason says:

    Come on people. Are you really THAT stupid? The show is produced by MTV. Viacom told that skank who to pick from day one. That ($+`) is getting out of the spotlight after the show is over because, oh yea, she never had a spotlight. Trailer trash. What a dumb butch.

  8. nancy p says:

    personally this show needs to be pulled off the air in mid season ,, shes degradin the asian community,,,,so the powers at the head please pull this show already

  9. Bobby says:

    Makes sense, I will move to an island, and start a family, so they won’t know what Mommy did for fame and fortune.



  10. Ariana Campbell says:

    U R the shiz-nit!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U ROCK!

  11. stuff100 says:

    Tila Tequila retiring?? THANK GOD!! This women is SO overrated!! She won’t be missed!! Now we just have to see what other crap MTV calls television will put on the air.

  12. Pammy says:

    I love Tila and the show
    Sometimes its silly…
    But overall its pretty good and funny
    I love when Jay screams in the confession things..
    and when tila asks wheres he from? “JERSEY”
    its soooo hilarious
    but anyways her moving on..
    i dont know about that
    i hope they have connections for her computer because
    shes a myspace Wh0R3
    she needs the limelight
    NO LIE!

  13. toya says:

    she really is a cute girl but she is kinda crazy thats why she hasnt found any body b cuz she is confused either u like men or girls choose and be done with it god!!!!!!!

  14. skydiver says:

    Wow. You guys are nice. HATE MAIL! WOOT! Just kidding. At least she’s thinking logically. You have to move on. Plan your life after you find what you want. I completely 100% agree about that Paris Hilton statement. I don’t really know how she’s famous besides her sex tape. The Simple Life doesn’t count because it got cancelled because of how much it sucked. At least Tila is thinking about the future. Not capitalizing on her fame going “look what I did” with an A Shot At Love DVD strapped to her forehead. Sheesh.

  15. Devastator Douglas says:

    If Tila wanted to do something serious she should not be doing that stupid @~& show; However she is still very beautiful and has a slammin body so maybe she can slide onto that Gossip Girl show. Come on you know it is going to happen.

  16. Carmen says:

    *!+## RAYYY! This slutbag is going far far away. Hopefully while she is gone she will find some class. She is to stupid to realize her and Paris are just alike. I am sure her father is proud.

  17. jacob says:

    ho my god look bo

  18. THule says:

    Good for her!..She used dumb people to make a fortune and now will reap the benefits! To all the folks bashing her,simply because they are “haters”, get a life. She’s just a person like everyone else..and she made her life what she wanted.If you didn’t sit around being bitter and hateful,you’d have the life you wanted! What goes around come around! Live and Let Live! These sayings are only cliche if you don’t live by them.

  19. DrumBoy says:

    Bobby Banhart is a … s.c.um-bag f.a.ggot and a biggest loser

    Bobby’s got a girlfriend before he entered Tila’s show

    His girlfriend , Brooke , helped him fill out the application for him so he could get in Tila’s show

    After the show’s over , he never talked to Brooke again and completely ignored her

    He dumped his girlfriend because he thought that he had become a big star now

    His ex-girfriend complained that he borrowed money from her but never paid her back

    Bobby used to live with his mom and he worked in a pizza shop and he washed dishes at Deloia’s restaurant

    After he got lucky and won Tila’s key , he moved out of his mom’s house and moved into an partment to live together with a girl .

    This girl , Bobby’s formal room-mate , complained that : …

    ” I actually lived with Bobby, and let me tell you that … he’s FAKE !!! . We were really cool while we were roommates , but as soon as I moved out , I can’t get in touch with him & he still owes me over $1000 for past bills he had me put in my name . He never dated Tila, never even slept with her . They never dated , so they never had to “ break up ” … Sorry , fans … but Bobbo is FAKE . Not to mention , he’s an A-S-S ”

    Bobby is a low life D!ck-head

    He took advantage of women and used them to step up the ladder of fame and to make a living

    In an interview with steppin-out magazine , Bobby said that he only used Tila’s Fame to put fire into his stupid hopeless struggling acting career

  20. ANGIE says:


  21. bruce says:

    She might be the most overrated person in the history of television-plus,
    i honestly don’t think she’s attractive. She looks like ET with tan skin.

  22. Crystal says:

    I like her show and i think she is a nice person from what i see at least. She is not disgracing the Asian race she is just trying to do her thing and if she choses to do i this way then so be. I think she is adorable and she looks like she likes to have fun which is always great especially seeing how this world is today. I hope its not scripted and that she really does find love. I dont like Lisa or that Jay guy though or Bo all of them need to go.Who cares if he got busted in the face you shouldn’ t walk up on someone if you dont plan on hitting their (#! back. Im sorry if someone did that to me the concert would be wearing they face. I would’ve jus had to go home if thats what defending myself meant.

  23. crystal says:


  24. Lee says:

    Why did you have to send george back home that makes me angry so please send him back im mad please.im only 9 but still please do it for me in george.

  25. Lee says:

    Please send george back he never got any a lone time you are so mean if you dont your nice but please send him back now please i beg you pretty please please george is cute funny in hot please i know he has went home before but you need to send him back please he didnt want you to send him back im a big fan but please send george back youll were meant to be you in jay wasent please send george back i beg you pretty please well commet me back but please send george back.ok thanx.or else i will cry i have cryed about an hour so please send george back.thanx

  26. myamee says:

    this is disgusting

  27. l.shanks says:

    tila want to do serious? what is she going to do shakespear to b straight or not to b straight that is a laugh.

  28. KillaB says:

    Now she wants to do meaningfulll stuff after being a disgrace to women every where…what is the point…if she does I wiill take this back but for right now she need to sit down some where with her non talented behind!!!!

  29. jane says:

    I have found Tila Tequila Sex Tape!
    Interesting, if this is a real F***ing??? Decide yourself!

  30. me says:

    shes about half way thru her 15 mins of fame, give it another cpl mos and people will be tired of her. ive met girls like her before and sluts dont last long

  31. kiely says:

    no why u didnt even give methe chance to hit that u r so ho i would love to get up in that ^#^*$^~*_&!$!&(($

  32. SHELLIE(carrie) says:

    PLEASE:Tila get ready for A Shot At Love 3!!!!

  33. Jazzmen says:

    You are the HOTTEST CHICK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am BI and give me your number girl i will hunt you down all those other low-lifes that dumped you they will pay when they see me walking by your side i will ~)$)($$~*^##@#~! YOU the way you wanna be ~)$)($$~*^##@#~! ED and LICK AND SUCK EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO BE SUCKED AND LICKED FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. trusha says:

    my opion is that tila should come back for season 3 and I feel bad for tila when she got her heart broken and tila would let you no that you have come long way my name trusha bailey and well I have to go bye

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