Lindsay Lohan Gets Lovey with her Gal Pal



Is Lindsay Lohan finally making her alleged relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson public? The pair – who go everywhere together (except rehab) – are currently in Cannes together promoting, uh, nothing, and they were spotted looking very close and cuddly last night! Lindsay’s always been more than open about her sex life (remember her rehab boyfriend?), but she has yet to confirm the rumors that have been buzzing for a while that her and Sam are more than just good friends. These latest pics are pretty incriminating, if you assume that holding hands and nuzzling means they’re doing it. And damn, we hope it does! Hollywood is desperately in need of a new, fun couple to obsess about, and Pete and Ash and Paris and her twin aren’t cutting it. Bring on Lonson!

Check out many more pics here! [Egotastic]

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  1. TREE says:

    OMG, she looks so hot. It seems that girl is dating online now. I saw her profile on dating site “W e a l t h y lo v I n g . c o m” last week. It is said she is dating young billionaire on that site.

  2. Mz.Bree says:

    that looks so gay she looks like shes a lesbian and she is probable not gay but she makes it look like she is and that aint good and she is a good person and i dont want my idol looooking like she is gay cause then that makes it look like i like a gay person as an idol and i dont want that to happen to me because i look up to lindsy as my big sister and i dont want her doing anything that makes it seem like shes gay cause i know shes not gay and she needs to stop doing these crazy things and be a good role modle and thats all i have to say and your the best

  3. Meathead says:

    Tree, you f-ucking liar!!!!

  4. deedee says:

    naste hoe but you are a good actress

  5. Kayla says:

    This Picture is bullsh!t its totally fake it isnt even lyndsay Lohan!

  6. mehaboob says:

    ever knew she was datin’ hot chicks.. OMFG

  7. saralehighiversonpa says:

    Did you see that CNN article about the riots in Oakland? It’s really tragic what happened but the riots don’t solve anything.

  8. Dyhopaphoke says:

    Why is A-Rod getting raked over the coals for testing positive for ‘roids in 2003 but players like Giambi get away with it?