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  1. Cynthia257 says:

    Jessica Biel

  2. fluxy says:

    Jessica Biel

  3. madonnaleerose says:

    jessica biel

  4. Travis says:

    Christina Aguilera has the best _+^

  5. Brittany says:

    Christina Aguilera

  6. Cheyenne says:

    jessica biel, no contest

  7. michell says:

    Jessica Biel

  8. Lia says:

    Jessica Biel !

  9. shygyal says:

    Eva Longoria Parker

  10. Chrystal says:

    Christina Aguiler and Jessica Biel!!! they both have nice @$$3$!!

  11. Sara says:

    Jessica Biel

  12. 1sean17 says:

    Jessica Biel has the best Butt.

  13. jessica says:

    jessica biel baby

  14. cal says:

    christina aguilera or jessica biel its a toss up

  15. rio says:


  16. niyaz says:

    christina aguilera has no competition

  17. niki says:

    Jessica Biel

  18. Joe says:

    Eva Longoria Parker

  19. dianaw says:

    jessica biel no doubt

  20. Sara says:

    Jessica Biel!

  21. FSDASGF says:

    Jessica Biel has the biggets and best NICE AND ROUND

  22. omarion says:

    jessica biel for sure boys whooo

  23. sroque55 says:

    marissa miller best $@&

  24. spencer shepherd says:

    eva mendes

  25. kelly kelly says:

    Where are the big booty black girls? These white chicks have no curves @ all. this list should be called all flat white $~# es (lol).

  26. :) says:

    Jessica Biel

  27. john says:


  28. hank says:

    Christina Aguilera

  29. Q says:

    MY girl…aint none of these chicks listed got no &`%~`!#!_#)_&~% come on.

  30. Matt says:

    Everyone knows Jessica Biel’s $)_&#(&&“)&!^* will be the juciest to &#&(_+~@`)^@_)(` Scarlett Jo is easily second, a threesome with them is better than life itself. No one else’s $)_&#(&&“)&!^* comes even close, except J lo.

  31. Cam says:

    Eva Mendes

  32. Rakesh says:

    Jessica Biel

  33. Viktor says:

    Jessica Biel and Eva Mendes

  34. Ron says:

    These chicks r great looking ,but most of them have nice little butts not great . There is big diff!

  35. Isaac says:

    are better piks of christina`s !%%()%#^)_#`_&^ jaja but it`s ok she is perfect!! i love her!! make a special from her, her fans can`t wait for her new album, movie and frangance jaja ok bye

  36. The_Reaper says:

    Marisa Miller BY FARR!!!!

  37. dwilson says:

    1)Marisa Miller
    2)Jessica Biel
    3)Christina Aguilera

  38. Bubbajoe says:

    I’d rim and do anal on all these babes….

  39. John says:

    Jessica Biel

  40. Matt_Wolfram_87 says:

    Biel. No Question Bro.