VH1’s 30 Hottest Stars – The Ladies


VH1’s Hot 30 - The Girls!

With Maxim releasing its Hot 100 list, we thought the time was right to round up our hottest, sexiest, VH1 stars for our own list. We’re counting down 30 of Vh1’s hottest stars to ever grace our TV screens, starting today with our 15 favorite ladies. (Check here for the guys!) Can you guess who nailed it at number one? Hop below the jump to peep our list, complete with a slew of sexy pics and an interview with our #1 pick. Drop your thoughts in the comments section below and check our 15 Hottest VH1 Male Stars next week!

15. Heather – Rock of Love
She may be known for her big boobs, massive hair, and getting a neck tattoo bearing Bret’s name, but the sexiest thing about this former exotic dancer is her attitude. It’s one thing to look good – but to act tough at the same time? She scares us and turns us on simultaneously! Think her Rock of Love rival Daisy would say the same thing?

14. Daisy – Rock of Love 2
Maybe it was the tears, maybe it was the tattoos. But underneath that monstrous mop of blond hair is a sex pot that’s about to boil over. She may have lost Bret’s love, but she has ours.

13. Shannon – I Know My Kid’s a Star
She may be better suited to play a hot mom on an 80’s sitcom that a stage mom on VH1’s latest hit show, but we’ll take Shannon however we can get her! Sure it may be a stereotype, but southern belle beauty pageant winners are hot. A Southern belle, pageant winning MILF? Have mercy.

12. Thing 2 – Flavor of Love 3
The twin proved that she could stand alone from her sister on Flavor of Love 3, and while it was her hotness that got her there, it was her sensitivity, wit and brains that gave her staying power. Yeah boy!

11. Gisel – Viva Hollywood
This fine Miami mama is in it to win it on Viva Hollywood, and is getting ready to fight for it all in the finale. Even if she doesn’t win big, this Cuban cutie has brought enough heat to keep our fires burning for a longggggg time.

10. Mo’Nique – Charm School
This self-proclaimed Phat Girl guided our Charm School students through the rigors of learning poise, grace, and both inner and outer beauty, all the while looking pretty damn hot herself.

9. Megan – Rock of Love 2
So what if she didn’t win Bret’s heart in the end. Megan was the hottest loser to exit Bret’s mansion. Not convinced? She has the Playboy seal of approval – hotness guaranteed.

8. Leilene – Flavor of Love, Charm School
In between all the tears and ex-husband drama emerged a girl with undeniably good looks and utter sweetness to boot. Plus she looks REALLY good in a bikini. Nuff said.

7. New York – Flavor of Love, I Love New York
She’s the quintessential It Girl of VH1, and has dominated the small screen since she first fought for – and lost – her man to Hoopz on Flavor of Love 1. Sure this HBIC had some, er, enhancements along the way to beef up her bod, but our girl New York has been hot – and bothered – since Day 1.

6. Brooke Hogan – Hogan Knows Best
Brooke may be Hulk‘s daughter, but she’s definitely not Daddy’s little girl! The reality star hottie is about to break out on her own show – we predict lots of singing and bikinis. Perfect!

5. Myamee – Flavor of Love 3
Myamee was set up by her frenemies to look shady on the show and in turn got the boot, but Flav shoulda kept this lady around just so we could have stared at her. Sporty + Sexy = HOT, obvs.

4. Jes – Rock of Love
This gorgeous rock goddess won Bret’s heart for a reason – her fine looks and grounded attitude. Let this be a lesson – pretty(and pretty smart) always wins!

3. Adrianne Curry – Surreal Life, My Fair Brady
Adrianne won Top Model for a reason ya’ll, she is ridiculously hot. But the sexiest thing about her is that wonderful, unabashed fearlessness and honestly. Curse words have never sounded as good as when they’re coming out of Adrianne Curry’s mouth.

2. Tocarra – Celebrity Fit Club
She’s sassy, full-figured and self-assured, which just makes us all the more obsessed. Tocarra is the real deal, inside and out. Did we mention she’s totally bangin’ (when not having a meltdown on Celebrity Fit Club, natch)?

1. Deelishis – Flavor of Love 2
Was there any doubt as to who would be our number one woman? Not only did she beat out New York to steal Flav’s heart, but she’s parlayed her stint on the show into magazine covers, radio work, and her bootylicious jean line. It’s one thing to be hot, but there’s nothing sexier than a woman with brains. Our number one girl’s got the whole package.

Deelishis Speaks on Sexiness!

On her booty: “I say it’s a gift and a curse… It’s something that men adore but at the same time it’s something they tend to look at as an object and not just a body part. It’s something that they fantasize about…” [Sister to Sister, March 2008]

On whether or not she’ll stop doing provocative photoshoots: “It depends on what it’s surrounded with…at times, as a woman, yeah I’m going to want to be sexy; I just don’t want that to be the bulk of what people know me for. ” [Sister to Sister, March 2008]

On what attracts her to men, including Flav: “But I’m attracted to charisma, chivalry. That kind of stuff is sexier than any kind of physical asset that you may have. I’m a different type of person.” [VH1 Celebreality Blog]

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