Miss Rap Supreme Recap – Episode 6 – Get It Poppin’


We do mean that headline literally, by the way…


It’s after last week’s elimination, and as well-liked as Bree was, it seems that everyone’s relieved that Ms. Cherry has stuck around.


A celebration commences. This mostly involves drinking alcohol straight from the bottle.



For some crazy reason, Chiba is nowhere to be found. How ever could these girls find it in themselves to have fun without her? Anyway, Byata checks out early, leaving Rece to drink vodka by herself. In moments, we’re shown just how damaging drinking alone can be…


You know things are bad when you’re throwing up in bed into a bag. They couldn’t even get this girl a bowl? Apparently not, because at least one of them is too busy taking pictures…


Hey, it could be worse. Rece could have woken up with “Miss Rap Su-penis” or some such scrawled on her face in Sharpie. You know how it is when you get sick. Luckily, Rece has a friend in Nicky2States, who figuratively holds her hair…


…but not literally, ’cause, ew! There’s throw-up in that!

The next day, Chiba and Byata fight about…wait for it: the dishes. Just like a real couple! Chiba wants help cleaning the kitchen, but Byata refuses, saying she can’t because she has her period. Like it’s gym class or something! It ends as productively as all of their fights:


Such a smooth-talker! It’s no wonder Chiba can’t resist her.

Then, it’s pageant time!


The girls must show off their hidden talents and, in doing so, end up proving that some talents are hidden for a reason.


Nicky2States hula-hoops none too well.


Rece Steele dances (well!).


Ms. Cherry does a “perfect cartwheel” that looks more like a round-off to my admittedly untrained eye.


Chiba double-dutches.


And finally, Byata kick-boxes. Rece and Byata are eventually chosen as captains. If only Ms. Cherry hadn’t landed on both feet at once!

They pick in the usual dodge-ball style, and, ho ho ho, Chiba ends up on Byata’s team.


You can tell that this thrills Byata so.

Today’s main challenge is called…


The object is to create an all-original pop song with no cursing or suggestive sexual language. The girls get two hours to write and then pop over to the studio to meet the man who made the beats they’re working with today…


Just Blaze! (I hope you read that in the same breathy voice with which it’s generally announced over his tracks, ’cause that’s how I typed it.) Blaze gives the girls scant advise beyond, “Just be a girl wit’ it.” You can see the relief on the faces of each of the girls for not having to grow penises today.

The girls choose their team names:



Suddenly, an image has popped into my head: Barbara Streisand in dookie chains. Someone! Please! Make it happen!

Recording starts. Rece takes a long time to record her verse. Chiba sings about being a nasty girl and is called out (pretty fairly, actually) for possibly breaking the challenge rules with her innuendo. Chiba sees that aggression and raises it a crotch-grab.


Meanwhile, Nicky2States can’t get the hook of her track to be as melodic as Just Blaze wants it, and so she hugs herself and ponders.


Once the tracks are done, the girls take them to the L.A. radio station 93.5 KDAY to debut them to listeners.


Double or Nothing go first with, “Ain’t What It Used To Be.” This is for their peoples who can’t stand somebody. The listener response comes back and…



It’s pretty mixed. But at least the harshest critic played with her pronunciation. That softens the blow, no?

Then Buttah delivers, “Make Ya Sweat.”


It is what Mariah Carey would call a stone-winner.



Serch and YoYo deliberate and deliver criticism: “Ain’t What It Used To Be” simply isn’t catchy enough, although it is cohesive. “Make Ya Sweat” has a sharp hook, but it sounds like the work of three individuals, not one unit. Buttah, it would seem, is curdling, but it matters not: they win and Byata is crowned Miss Popularity.


This apparently validates her years of not being popular in school. Chiba, meanwhile, thinks that Byata doesn’t deserve it. Mean girl!

Byata’s prize waiting in the Salt-N-Pepa suite is…


Popcorn and balloons!


Get it? Pop corn and things that pop for the pop music challenge? Now, if only Byata were 3-years-old, she’d really be able to enjoy this prize!

Elimination looms. Nicky2States and Rece are told to write a song about their pop. Jeez, “pop” is getting quite a few miles in this episode, isn’t it? All this episode is missing is a soda jerk.


Rece goes and is impassioned.


Nicky goes and is impassioned.

It’s a close race, as both 16′s are highly heartfelt. In the end, the judges side with Rece, who’s more of a rounded MC than Nicky. And so, Nicky, the often-outraged heart of Miss Rap Supreme, must leave us. Sadly!


“You definitely have not heard or seen the last of me!” pledges Nicky on her way out. In other words, try, just try to shut this one up. You won’t get anywhere! Not to one state, and certainly not to two.

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  1. liljt says:

    yoyo bicth

  2. lil mo says:

    rece steele is a beast, that girl is a mc. the final contestants got to show in prove. every since day 1 i said rece steele is just natural talent in the making. nicky2states yo ma it’s something out there 4 you too, you kept the house laughing you r very talented in many things and i believe the exposure will pay off for u as well . i think in all honesty this will be a hard follow up. chiba chiba ya’ll u got next i’m really want 2 see what u got , u been holding out girl, you r talented as well. byata got next that girl can write and flow very talented chick. i have spoke about my 3 favorites, about ms.cherry ms.cocky need 2 come on wit it i like that she is focused on winning only, rather not b buddies wit any one, keep that in mind good looking out but listen to directions so u want b eliminated and i like your hooks. good luck ladiesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. cut!3 says:

    nikki i know u fill played at the radio station bab3 i was crackin up when they said they didnt like yo song!!!! S@RRY SWEETIE

  4. rah digga says:

    yo this is some bull (*^_ nicky step off please she is one mc who showed u that she can be a very versitile chick unlike rece steel who is nice dont get me wrong but always come crazy hard 2 me can she take it down a notch damn i think it will come down 2 ms cherry and chia even though she is urking as hell but in all reality she is a beast

  5. Michelle says:

    Can I just say…Byata represent for the caucasion sistas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  6. evelyn says:

    Later Nicky!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nicky was the star of the show! I hated to c her go but its a competition and in the end there can only be one. But I know its not the last of Two States! I am rooting for Mrs. Cherry but I would like to see her turn it up a notch but dont let the pressure interfere with focus because these women are beasts! Even though I’m rooting for Cherry, Reese and Chiba are the real beasts. Byata worries about the wrong things. Stay focused and _*_( iness is not the right awnser. Get your mind and go get it mamas!

  7. Ria says:

    I think that this is just getting ridiculous. MC Serch and Yo-Yo are obviously now the worst judges
    for this show. First, they send Lady Twist home. What is that? One of the most talented to enter that
    house, ever. Was it a fat thing? I noticed that they eliminated her right before the sexy video shoot.
    Oh and lets talk about the video. Ms. Cherry, Bree and Chiba’s video and song was by far better than the others and they lost. Great, more booty shaking on a big, expensive boat, or excuse me, yacht to some song I can’t even remember what is that about. So Bree, who has talent and potential, just not a lot of experience, is gone. That is a great way to get some more experience, or NOT! Now, I will get to the most recent “B!t(h @$$ness……………Rece is staying?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHAT? I’m not sure I heard that correctly, because the crap that came out of that girl’s mouth was some of the most unoriginal, boring, and played out I have ever heard. So, NIcky 2 States, all I am saying is that you, girl, are FIRE!!!! You are going to be a legend some day, ma. You are pure dirty. I love it. So in conclusion, maybe next season’s show we could get judges who were ACTUALLY SUCCESSFUL in the field that they are judging. Sorry, but MC Serch and Yo-Yo are not really in my Top 10 (Hell, Top 100) list of talented rappers. VH1 do you not know anyone else? I’m just sayin’!

  8. neque28 says:

    I hated to see Nicky leave, damn I’ve been watching the show since the beginning. Nicky was cool and I liked her style of raping. I think that Byata needs to be out. She sucks and I don’t know why she is still there. I think they are trying to keep a white girl there as long as they can. But come on she aint got it. She’s cool as +#~( but not a rapper. My favorite is Cherry she is totally like my twin. She can flow like butta and she reminds me of Lauren Hill. Rece and and Chiba are again just as dope. Its hard to pick from the three, if I had to pick though it would be Cherry, but Chiba I’ve been waiting for you to knock Byata the f uk out!! Just playin. By the way I love the show great idea and YoYo is my girl I love that she is one of the host. MC Search is the +#~( to.

    I am still sad Nicky 2states is out!

  9. Differentiality says:


  10. G.I. FINEST says:


  11. simplymarvelous26 says:

    Let me know when “Make you Sweat” comes out in stores cus as soon as I heard it , it was something I knew I would bump in my car on the way to work. You ladies did a wonderful job. All of you keep it up its going to be hard as hell for the judges for final eliminations. Oh and Bree, think everyone saw at least the preview for next week. Don’t be a quitter, you work too hard. Your not going to be able to work well with every chic you experience in that profession. But that has nothing to do with you. You continue to stay strong, do your thing, smile and say ” Hi Hater”. Good luck ladies

  12. YawnWhatEvuh says:

    I feel dirty when I watch this show. Not dirty in a sexual way, dirty as in New York streets and alley dirty. The whole cast looks like they all need baths and even my hands feel like there’s a filthy thin film forming on them after watching this show. It’s dark, and the house looks nasty ALL THE TIME. I need to shower just thinking about it.

  13. YawnWhatEvuh says:

    BTW, I’m liking that Biyata chick more and more, and their “Make You Sweat” song was hot.

  14. MissPisces says:

    This was so sad for me… i really loved Nicky2States… i think she made the show… it will be interesting to see what happens in the next episode… i am honestly rootin for Ms Cherry… I think she will be more marketable than the rest of the ones in the house… i like rece tho but i just wouldn’t listen to her because im just not into the style of rap that she comes wit but i think that she is a very good mc… Man i think its time for Chiba to be up off this show… she just isn’t good, and like the whole drama that VH1 is creatin between her and Byata is dumb… VH1 always gotta have people on that drama tip… thats definitely not why i watch the show! I do agree wit Ria tho, YOYO and MCSerch?? Im sure VH1 coulda found someone a bit more reputable in the rap game… yeah its not about who sells the most records but it would be nice to have someone who had success as a rapper b a judge… What about MC Lyte??? I think that if the do another show like this they should switch up the judges! I will continue to support the show cuz its better than that Flavor Flav datin mess!

  15. kendreezy says:

    i like byatat. she good but there’s to much drama between her and chiba. reece is good too. she got alot in her. i like ms cherry too. she comes with it hard but she’s a lil %~__ y.

  16. Certifine says:

    i cant say if i would have perfer rece or nikki to go home but i can say chiba should have went home if was up for elimination. top 2 femcee’s in the house BYATA & MS. CHERRY

  17. b says:

    i hate serch n yoyo….dey sent home twist before her time…and dey hella misjudged those videos cuz cherry’s was soo much better. n now dey send ma gurl nikki home…ugh. im runnin outta reasons 2 watch dis show.

  18. ickyray says:

    Nicky looks slow, in the nicest way I can say it. Those eyes look like they want to cross…..and she can’t rap. It’s like she made a mistake and got on the show. She doesn’t even look like she listens to rap music.

  19. ickyray says:

    Oh yeah. How is this a show about rappers and VH1 is using washed up rappers. What the freak to Yo-Yo and M.C.Search know – to tell someone else – about anything that has anything to do with hip hop? It’s been over for Search since the Cactus Ã…lbum…thanks for that. But Yo-Yo: You knew you would be played out soon…is that why you made that song “Can’t Mess With My Yo-Yo”…don’t tryta playmeout..don’t tryta playmeout. I felt sorry for you – even when you were kinda popular – because I knew you would be a fad and that whoever was using you knew that too. You think Ice-Cube had big dreams for you…big visions? Sit down somewhere because neither one of you (hosts) are rappers. That neck and back girl probably made more money than you guys…with bad record deals back then & all.

  20. ickyray says:

    Rah digga would have been better than Yo-Yo, but she’s not washed up enough to do something so desperate.

  21. jojo n.y says:

    nicky definitely get respect. 4 a chick that been rapin 4 a year or so. she put in work even though she was havin her fun tymes she would delever her rhymes.

  22. Trish says:

    I am done with Miss Rap Supreme. I can’t believe they eliminated Nicky 2 States. I wanted her to win. I can’t watch it anymore.

  23. dasha says:


    love the show very much its the best show on vh1 ever night i watch miss rap supreme at 10.00

  24. lil d says:

    i think chiba or ms cherry should be miss rap supreme

  25. keke says:

    chiba yo u go hard .they can see u are heard u . i

  26. Just One State! says:

    I grew to love Nicky, didn’t like her in the beginning and the way she treated DAB. But she changed, and the way she took care of Rece(priceless) As for Chiba and Byata, both great looking, but their drama is played out (enough already) Byata, claims Chiba starts stuff, but it’s you Byata-always criticizing Chiba, leave it alone already. And you couldn’t even help clean up, you’re not Miss Rap Supreme yet, physical work helps menstrual cramps. And for Ms. Cherry, she tallks with a lisp, but what a beast on challenges. Look out for next wk. quiet thing Rece goes off, on who? Who else- CHIBA!
    And did anyone see Flavs future wife? Yikes-go and get Black or Seezinz, please Flav!

  27. K-rah says:

    Let me just start by saying I will not be watching the show anymore—I PROTEST!
    There is no way that anyone who is not deaf or dumb could believe that Nicky did not win this competition.
    Search do you love Reece’s Mom that much???
    Not only is Nicky the best MC on there but she won this contest hands down.

    Nicky you keep rappin Ma –cause you raw.

    Search you played yourself yo, stay tru to MCing not nepotism.

  28. kim says:

    rece you need some bigger clothes man

  29. kiDd says:

    Ok…first of all, everyone knows that BREE was the best in the house. She had the most passion for hip-hop and she could spit hard. Her delivery wasn’t that great, but that’s because of the time limit. The rest of them probably already pre-wrote tthey elimination rhymes cuz aint no in hell that out of all of them only Bree kept forgetting….they are not that nice. Bree is original and she is the best and alays be the best. Next to her is definately Lady Twist. Then Reece, Chiba, Lionezz, Nicky, Cherry, Byata, DAB, and Khia(omg).
    I LOVE BREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. ckv.djkvn says:

    chiba is goin to win yall already know that neptune all day everyday day NJ stand up!!!

  31. ROse says:

    I just found some of her photos on another rich men seeking fun site ++wealthymingle.com++, but my question is what she is doing with such a service. She wanna a rich men ? terrible.. ………………

  32. HOLLYRED says:


  33. sher85love says:

    i would like to see reese or byata win they my two fav left in the house cherry is annoying and so is chiba

  34. Sabrena says:

    I love Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme and all of the contestants. I loved Nikki2States and think she should have stayed longer. My favorite contestant is Miss Cherry. She is very talented.

  35. Biggest Mama says:

    Yo I have some strong feelings about this sh&t! Chiba got all these hoes not one them hoes can rap nothing but jealousy straight jealousy! Byata come on man she straight garbage kiddie $+_ rhymes have been coming from you. You are very consistent with the trash! Reese come on ma nothin about you speaks MISS RAP SUPREME, SUPREME YES, MISS RAP SUPREME NO!!!!! SUPREME PIZZA, SUPREME BURRITOS YEAH I CAN SEE THAT. BYATA TRAILER TRASH, DIRTY BYATCH KEEP DREAM. CHIBA where yall wanna be, SHE CONFIDENT, COMFORTABLE, SEXY, Yall scared of the competetion. My girl went home today true, but you will see her again I ride for mine. CHIBA keep your head up boo! I’ll see you in PHILLY June 19th!

    Here’s a lil rap from me: The show is called miss rap supreme, the ^%$ le aint what it seems. A bunch of chick with %+^~ ed up wigs trying to live out all there dreams. Got a cool chick from ATL, she look like she cool as hell. Got a white chick who think she thick and ^*`~& that’s got a *)+^

  36. Biggest Mama says:

    You cut my girl short of her time dats ok though. I see you didn’t need much requirements to be a judge. Not even talent, not even a hit record I think in order for you to judge somebody you should have been able to say you went further than them. The last time I saw Search he was white with a high top fade. Hummmmmm the last time I saw YOYO, it was either on the couch of Fazon Love in th movie 3 Stikes or when I see her play Key LOLO on my old Martin episodes. Yeah I got all the seasons!!! But she was a one hit wonder, maybe I wouldn’t be so negative if you could show how they can judge a competetion with out having the talent to do so! Between CHIBA, MISS CHERRY and NICKI2STATES they have written more rhymes on this show than the two judge have done in thier careers. So CHIBA baby fall back don’t worry cause just alone on what you have in your rap book out weighs the two so called judges that threw you off!!! For judges get somebody with some more history and talent in the game. I bet if MC Lyte dropped album today it would fly off the shelf, Salt & Pepper their reality show speaks for itself. All hail the QUEEn enough said. So please you were voted of by nobodies boo! Continue to be you CHIBA-CHIBA I’ll ride with you!!!!!!!

  37. miss me says:

    I just want to say that I love the show and to comment on ms chiba getting elminated off was wrong and byata was taking things to the extreme and reese when you were commenting about chiba’s rhymes so what you were just cought up in her and byata stuff and when you said you were going to stomp her you were apart of transfer of emotions from byata when reese and chiba were arguing byata was laughing she wants you to hate chiba too the contest is every women for herself not a firend compeption it is ok to be cool with each other but don’t fight you all are great rappers some will like it some will not but coming into the industry with hate you will be most hated and byata while you were diggin a ditch for chiba dig on for yourself! you were in the room saying don’t let her win they are not going to let you win either and ms cherry keep up the good work you stay out of their drama people want to see them fail because they are women and they are playing into it reese stop worring about byata and chiba and focus on not rapping to the ground! bost your confidence!

  38. miss me says:

    it’s miss me again I just want to comment again on when chiba was going in the house byata pushed her and when the judges checked kia for rappin about ms cherry why didn’t you say something about byata rappin about chiba? remember the topic was about the word b not +@)(! es in the house.

  39. stephenie says:


  40. MS.CHERRY FAN says:

    I’ll have to agree with MISS ME Byata did go first therefore she was talkin bout Chiba first. And Chiba got back @ her. But MZ.CHERRY HOLDIN IT DOWN………………………..

  41. THATS WATS UP says:


  42. Stacy says:

    Im so upset I think this show is apparently a typical show that put’s african american’s down, that was clear after they kicked off mz.cherry! I thought this was Miss Rap Supreme not Ms PoP star.. I mean really people.

  43. monique says:

    i think all of them was haitin on chiba exept ms.cherry but i wanted chiba to win!! but now i hope ms.cherry win!! chiba still gone be a female rapper

  44. angel says:

    i want to make u sweat is killing them

  45. Lee says:

    I just wanna know if there is any possible way to get the song “make ya sweat.” That song is hot and I’ve been searching everywhere for it.

  46. SYKE says:

    Coming from a true westcoast native .never though a newyork chick would do it for me. but ..biatta.. is hot!! There’s something sexy about her I can see her making it big! The girl got talent

  47. syke LOS ANGELES CALI says:

    Halla luya halla back..byatta all the way!

  48. erica mchenry says:

    I thought miss rap supreme was off the hook, especially during the last scene when byata and reece had to do thier songs. Yeah, i know Reece had no eye contact with her crowd but over all she was marvelous and cannot wait to see her as the next mc performing her 1st show! Keep me informed please!

  49. adrienne brooks says:

    These women is alright but if you looking for a diva that can rap her @+*+!*~($_#(*%( off then your looking for me.I have the skills to pay more than just the bills.Call Me for the next show please I am so good
    P.Diddy will want to sign me! 909-476-3801-

  50. LILA says:

    miss cherry dumb &`^)_@@$)!_@*^^&( DO you KNOW THAT I REALLY DON’T LIKE YOUR
    FAKE @(+)!~%%(~)^^)_ &`^)_@@$)!_@*^^&( BECAUSE YOU TRIED TO FIGHT MY AUNT KIHA
    AND THAT’S WHY I DON’T LIKE YOUR FAKE STUIPD DUMB @(+)!~%%(~)^^)_ &`^)_@@$)!_@*^^&(

  51. LILA says:

    ($*@(#_@+(++`_#$ YOUR CHEEP $+`!($)@`@^`&&@ YOU DON’T HAVE NO MONEY
    TO GO BUY A HAMBUGER $+`!($)@`@^`&&@ HOE

  52. denise griggs says:

    $~%_^&_&(`@_`*!) khia she aint ++&_~)(`*#&`(%`~ but lame she tried 2 diss my gurls jackio nd trina