Nick Hogan’s Jailhouse Convos Caught on Tape


Nick Hogan in court.

Looks like Hulk Hogan‘s son Nick Bollea is having a tough time in jail. According to a recently leaked phone conversation between Bollea and his parents, Nick is not too happy with his new digs. Given that the 17-year-old is a minor, Bollea is kept apart from the general prison population, and the isolation has started to wear on him. After a tearful conversation with his mother, who states she thinks the sentencing too harsh, Nick gets on the phone with his father, and the two move on to plotting Nick’s next career move, a reality television show with the working title of “New Nick”, rather than the 500 hours of community service Bollea will be performing following his 8-month jail stint.

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  1. debi says:

    The Hogan’s have shown their true colors through these jailhouse tape recordings. They are a bunch of self centered, spoiled and completely ignorant bunch of fools. I hope their show gets cancelled. For them to suggest that Nick Hogan’s reckless behavior getting behind the wheel of that car is John’s fault is just beyond ludicrious. How dare they blame this on the victim! I wish they would put Nick in general population so he can be good company for all the “bubbas” in there. He has learned nothing from this except how to whine and cry like a baby because he’s not getting his way. Shame on you Hogans! Karma is a *%^#& and will come back to bite you right on your narcissistic +$` es.

  2. dee says:

    8 months for driving under the influence at the age of 17 AND hurting your best friend? and the mother thinks this sentence is too harsh???? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Im tired of hearing all of these reality tv people and real actors and actresses getting away with so much stuff. take any other 17 year old in the same siuation and his sentence will be way worse. And theparents of these kids. seriously stop buying your kids out of there punishment. This nick hogan should be punished even more, you injured an innocent person. you sat behind the wheel after you knew you had too much to drink. your guilty and your sentence is not enough! Stop blaming this on other people and feel bad for what you did. And STOP planning ur next reality show that will just show you and your families ignorance. This makes me sick. What a pathetic family.

  3. SAMMI says:

    VH1 shouldnt play any of the Hogans shows. That is one screwed up family

  4. Marcus says:

    I second the recommendation to Cancel the Hogan show immediately. . Ignorant people with some money – its a dangeorus combination . And these are Truly IGNORANT TRASH.
    I am disgusted at their hubris.

  5. darkskyes71 says:

    I have been a Hulk Hogan fan since he first showed up on the wrestling scene. It infuriates me that this “man” who preached about saying prayers and eating vitamins, and always portrayed himself as one of the last real “Heroes,” could act so self centered and disrespectful. It is HIDEOUS, the things he and his family say in regards to the innocent passenger that Nick destroyed. Hulk, you have let down all of us who believed in you. Apparently, it was all a snow-job to keep us lining your wallet. I have a son of my own, and given the circumstances in this case, as much as I would still love him, I would EXPECT him to pay for his crime. It boils down to the fact that Nick is a BRAT. Mommy and daddy were too busy rolling in the cash myself, and other fans lavished on them, to properly raise their son. If VH-1 had any moral fortitude, they would not only cut ties with Nick, but cease and can production of Hogan Knows Best. I, along with many of you, I hope, will boycott this show, American Gladiators, and VH-1 until they sever ties with these elitists jerks. Hulk, you have destroyed any trust or admiration we had for you. You, and your family may have tons of money, while many of us barely make ends meet, but at least I can go to sleep at night and live with the decisions I have made. The question is, one, do you have a conscience, and if so, how will you sleep, knowing that you have betrayed all of us who grew up idolizing you.

  6. tina says:

    I hope you and your family stay storng the old saying is the a family that prays together stays together keep that in mind us you and your family is good people and just make this a lesson and techer younger pleople about what you have gone thought keep your head up and stay strong love ya

  7. Brittany says:


  8. Rachel says:

    Everyone is shocked about what was said I am a hogan fan and I do think what was said was wrong but ya know they are human just like anyone else and u people act like just cuz the name is hogan they are different they are no different than you and me u are so quick to judge other people and their comments but have u ever thought about some of the things you people say…all people we are human and that makes all of us ignorant….it’s called”Human Nature” and we are all guilty if anything this should make u stop and think about things and what u say…. u are sitting here bashing them…that makes u no better then them…don’t get me wrong what was said was wrong but…..nobody is perfect no matter what their name is!!!!

  9. Tough Guy 27 says:

    All of you idiots need to learn correct spelling and punctuation. As far as karma goes. Bend over Nick. Here comes Buba and I don’t think they have lurication in prison.

  10. Insurgent Killer says:

    Nick and his family are a peece of work. So Nick has some problems. His mom and dad are getting a divorce(maybe the hulkster should’nt of have screwed his daughters freind). Well I have news for you. We all have problems. Boohoo. Nick can put the blame on his problems or on his freind John for being negligent in regards to not wearing his seat belt. Although when it comes rite down to it the only person he should be blameing is himself. Now it is time for Nick’s karma to kick in. Nick is new meat in jail and big Jerome is horney. And trust me big Jerome will not be as gentle as daddy was the first time he stuck it in.

  11. Charlene says:

    I have been furious since I heard the tapes. I never want to see these people on TV again. These are shallow, ignorant people, with no compassion at all. This family’s true colors are being shown to the world.

    My heart goes out to the John Graziano and his family. I can’t even fathom what they are going through. I lost my son, Jon 19 years old, in a high speed DUI crash. He was killed immediately; his best friend was driving the car. There were five boys in the car, all friends since childhood. And my son was the only fatality. There was anger at first towards the driver, and he did do “real” prison time. At the time the DA said “well lets see how sorry he is when he gets out.” He was sorry, and he told my other son that a day doesn’t go by that he doesn’t think of Jon. I have talked with him several times, his remorse is real. He was responsible for his best friend’s death and he has to live with that.

    So though I know of my loss and the pain and the repercussions to our family, I can’t even imagine what the Graziano family is going through having their son there, but not really there. Not only do they have to live with the knowledge that their precious son is never going to be the same. They have to deal with a “family” that seems to have no conscience or remorse for their son.

    Nick is blubbering about not having a window awwww, and being all by his self. Poor baby. The idiot can still walk, talk and has all his functions….well maybe not his mind, but it looks like he never had that! But at least it has given him time to think. Mind you not any inner soul searching BUT trying to set up reality show…where he can make the most money off of this tragedy! I’ve got a `%+ le for his new reality show, Nick the Devil in Disguise and His Evil Family

    Linda crying that she is the victim, that she is missing her son? What the hell does she know about missing a son? For God’s sake she is talking to him. She can see him, touch and hug him and have him respond. He will be out in eight months. The Graziano family is sentenced to a life time, and she is the victim? Then she is going on about the victim’s family wanting money? Let me tell you something that I’m not sure you will not understand Linda. All the money in the world will won’t replace what they have lost!

    And to you Hulk Hogan, you were a hero to my boys when they were growing up. You are blaming the victim that he must have done something wrong that caused this? By the way Oh Holy Hogan…. enlighten me please to what my son did so wrong that he died? Going to school to be a firefighter? Wanting to eventually go into animation? Not crying to his father, who has several Emmys, about getting him his own show? Maybe instead of getting a reality show Nick should be sent to the front lines in Iraq and then we will see how positive he is when he comes back!!

  12. lea says:

    Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervery, yes the guy from the Wonder Years and the Scott Baio reality show, are rumored to be the ones in negotiations to do the Nick Hogan reality show. I wouldn’t have thought anyone would be so low as to be involved in anything like this.

    It reminds me of the OJ book. This is a tragedy Hulk (in buying the alcohol that his son had in his sytem the day of the crash) and Nick were responsible for. And they are looking to make a few bucks off the Graziano’s pain. What type of person would be that heartless??? Nick’s track record for speeding and his parent’s track record for encouraging this behavior (see Linda on youtube talking about how cool it is to street race and avoid the cops and Hulk being in the car when his son was stopped for driving over 100mph) spoke volumes. These tapes show they are souless, for lack of a better term, people. They see nothing but themselves. Anyone eles’s pain does not enter into the equation. For Hulk to verbalize that this was somehow the victim’s fault and God was mad at him is reprehensible. I and my friends will not be watching any station that plays Hoan Knows best or is in any way involved with this new show. You have to draw the line somewhere and this is beyond the pale.

  13. mandy says:

    I wont watch it

  14. Brittany says:

    Boycott the hogans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. char says:

    CANCEL THE SHOW!!!!!! Fan no more! They are nothing but spoil rotten brats! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!! And to the defenders of the Hogans, put your shoe in the victim’s family, I am sure you will think differently.

  16. BettyC says:

    I heard all of the recordings and they are full of S….!!! I was a Hogan fan , but I was discusted with all the garabage that Hogan and his son said about Iraq Veteran, Graziano. he’s in the hospital with half of his brain missing because of his stupid and irresponsible actions, and Nick and Hulk are still trying to profit from that tragic accident!!! I will not see any of his shows or Brooke’s either. I will tell evreyone I know to do the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. jmano1 says:

    Those tapes just shows the truth about people that think they are aboeve the law, just becasue they are rich and famous. If anyone watches VH1 again if they decide to put the Hogans back on, they are just as guilty because you’re putting more money in their pocket. Corporations shoild not use the tragedy that one person has cuased to make a profit. If anyone has any children, then please think about the poor kid in a Coma that Nick bollea put there. What is this world coming to, I will never watch VH1 if they bring back this STUPID SHOW with people that don’t care about anything except, MONEY!

  18. Michelle says:

    I hope the Hogan’s read this and realize what scum they truly are. I must admit that I watched and enjoyed the show as I believed they were good people. They are some of the truly the most unloving, insensitive and cruel people I have ever heard. I think it is very ironic for a woman who has had her very own personal problems aired in the media to pass judgment on a woman who’s son is in the hospital unable to walk. Even if she felt that way, to voice it sets an amazingly cold accord that as a mother I am totally incapable of understanding. Hopefully they will see the light…..SOON!!!!…..and for real this time.

  19. jmano1 says:

    This is for all those IDIOT people that are sticking up for the Hogans! Just think of YOUR OWN SON/DAUGHTER in that Hospitel with half of your Brain missing and never being able to have a real life ever again. He will never have children of his own, he will not live to be what he wanted to be!

  20. Candace says:

    Geez…I can’t look at them the same way. Nick always seemed somewhat spoiled (his sister seems so humble) but to whine about a small sentence. My God! Drinking & Driving…wrekless driving that took someones’s life away from then. This poor boy will never be the same…le’t see he is still in the hospital (so what kind of sentence does he deserve?????? I guess they are ok with the rest of his life…I mean they feel it’s his fault some how)

    Nick get over yourself and tell your mother to get a grip….she talks about her pain and the the other mother is just angry and hurful…..well Linda maybe if it was nick laying in a hospital bed and never would be the same (no reallty TV show in his future) maybe you might be angry too. I know I would. Sevre your minor sentence and don’t complain…..remember you did this no one made you drink/drive/speed & crash….thus causing serious pain to your freind and his family.

    Won’t be watching anymore of your shows….unless you all get help…for owning your own problems.

  21. J says:

    Those recordings speak volumes for their character. how rude and unsensitive. Granted no one wants to got to jail but their son was being irresponsible thinkin he was cool speeding and it basicly cost his friend his life. and now they want to place blame on the kid(john) these people are ridiculous!
    they should truly be ashamed!

  22. Sunny says:

    My sympathies to John Graziano and his family. Also to “Charlene” and anyone who has lost a child because of someone else’s negligence.
    It is so unbelievable to hear Hulk Hogan make negative comments about a defenseless human being–his son’s victim at that! I totally agree with all who think the Hogans are insensitive fools! I have NO sympathy whatever for them!!

  23. Tim Manning says:

    Hogan knows best needs to be REMOVED from TV. This family beleives they are above the law and are a very BAD influence on viewers. Allowing these people to profit from the jail term of Nick is outrageous. If VH1 allows this show to continue, they are also benefitting from the crash which left John Graziano in this condition. Blaming him for the crash is totally beneath all human dignity. The Hogans (Bollea’s) are the true definition of White Trash! I also wish Hulk (Terry) would take that filthy rag off his bald head. Dude, everyone knows you’re BALD!

  24. madony12 says:

    This family is a disgrace. There is a young Marine who will need a lifetime of medical ))+ istance and the Hogan family is talking about making money and how God laid a heavy hand on John Graziano? Are you kidding me. And Nick is complaining about jail? What does he want? A day at the Spa, a trip to Disney Word? I will not only boycott anything having to do with the Hogans, i will boycott VH1 if they decide to show a reality show for Nick or show ANYTHING realated to this piece of S… family!!!!

  25. andy costilla says:

    Screw the Hogans, If I ever see them on tv no matter what station or program I will change the channel so dam fast It will make my head spin!!!!

  26. Patricia says:

    I think people are being WAY too judgemental here. Im not saying what was said was nice but I think if you were to try to put yourself in the Hogan’s shoes you might not be so critical of them. I dont think they ever dreamed these phone conversations would be heard all over the internet for starters. Yes it was a horrible accident which could have been prevented if Nick would have used his brain. However, I dont understand why people think it was only Nick’s fault. What about the guy they were racing? Didnt he have something to do with it? Also, John even though he is suffering the most and is a tragedy that this happened, had a choice in getting in the car. He was legally the adult in the situation and he did not make sensibable decisions either. He CHOSE to get into the car and he CHOSE to not wear his seatbelt. So I think blaming Nick only is insane just because he is the celebrity. I have personally had people in my life be a victim of crazy driving that wasnt their fault. Some of them even died as a result and yet the person driving causing the accident did not do ANY jail time at all. It is really easy to sit here and say, Nick deserves all this jail time and he just needs to deal with it. How many of you could sit in a cell without any contact with any one else and not feel like your going crazy? I would hope that if this situation would happen to my children that my child would be able to call me and cry about it without having the whole world judge me or my child. I think it is pretty sad people cant see that the roles could have been easily reversed that day and it could have been Nick in John’s place. It is an awful thing that happened but unfortunately happens everyday to people who are not in the spotlight also. Give NIck a break already. He is human and makes mistakes like we do. Im sure he is very sorry for what he has done.

  27. lukebandit says:

    hey if anybody out has a hogan knows best dvd from the first season i think check and see nick driving with out a license or permit. he was fourteen and driving while his dad was driving in the lead car. he didn’t even have his license when he was “professionally driving” and crashed it into a wall. i just don’t understand it. hulk has a ton of money. he could rent a raceway for his son to race anytime day or night. he could build one and make it liik like a street even with red lights;. a private booth to sit in and cheer the contestants racing against nick. oh yeah can’t keep the ladies out. tuesday nights ladies night. linda and brook could take turns being the flag girl. please if you find this on dvd please post it on youtube.
    i am praying for john and his mom and dad and family. you are in my prayers
    i am so sorry that they are treating you this way. i just want you to know there is hope. i had a massive stroke seven years ago and i survived. my glascow score was 112. and i survived and went back to college and graduated with my oldest son with honors for both of us. may God Bless you all.

  28. victoria says:

    I am among the many that will no longer watch VH1 until all current Hogan shows are pulled & we have the promise that Viacom has cut all ties w/this family. Let me go one further, if they continue to air these shows I will be contacting the sponsors directly to inform them that I will no longer buy their products until they disassociate with the Hogan/Bollea family. Please support the boycott of all things Hogan!
    Having said this, I want to add that BOTH families involved are in my prayers. However I do not think it is moral for the Bolleas to profit from this tragedy.

  29. ty says:


  30. Susan Ward says:

    The whole Bollea family is scum. They are slime. They are seepage. They are the stuff that you scrape off the bottom of your shoes.

    I certainly hope that this reality show that the spoiled, coddled, brat hopes to get to “make the most money” does not come to fruition. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to watch it. I will do everything I can to boycott any sponsers of such a vulgar show!!!!!!!

  31. FRS says:

    Patricia ~ Emergency personnel noted bruising across Graziano’s chest consistent with wearing a seatbelt. All evidence supports he was wearing his belt, though it wouldn’t have made a difference either way since his head injuries were incurred from the headrest on the seat bring shoved into his skull. The Hogans have been the ones perpetuating the no seatbelt myth from the beginning, thinking it would somehow make them less liable for their criminal negligence in allowing their intoxicated child, who was given beer by his own father, to drive souped up race cars after numerous speeding tickets.

    I keep hearing that no one put a gun to John’s head and made him get in the car. True. No one put a gun to Nick’s head either and told him to drive like a lunatic. So that argument goes both ways. It all comes back o personal responsibility. If your child is unable to respect the rules of the road and the lives of those around you by driving in a safe manner, then as a RESPONSIBLE parent it’s your obligation to revoke your child’s driving privileges. The Hogans failed to do this the first time their son was caught going over 100 MPH.

    I for one, will be boycotting all things Hogan. For their complete and utter negligence in continuing to allow their minor child access to race cars after he got caught speeding multiple times as well as for the disgustingly callous remarks as heard in the tapes.

  32. MRS GONZALEZ says:


  33. rose344 says:

    Whether John should have, or should have NOT gotten into the car, whether he was drinking or NOT drinking, whether he wore his seatbelt or didn’t wear it, does NOT IN ANY WAY TAKE AWAY RESPONSIBLITY FROM NICK.

    He had booze in his system, he was speeding down a REGULAR roadway, he is responsible. I find it disgusting that people try to brush away Nick’s responsiblity. Saying he was negative does NOT take away responsiblity. According to Hulk. “God got him back for being negative,” I wonder what God will do to an adulterer?

    Nick was criminally responsible, (hence being in jail), and he will be found civilally responsible. Hulk will have to pay up since Nick was under HIS insurance AND UNDER AGE at the time of the accident. If you have an underage kid..beware, you ARE responsible unless they are emancipated at the time of the ACCIDENT.

    They are scumbags, in my opinion. The women dress like skanks and if they were on ANY street corner a cop could mistake them for “women of the night.” Nick is a spoiled brat who didn’t have ANY trouble brushing aside tickets going 85 in a 40 MPH construction zone RIGHT before the accident alone with many other tickets of going over 100 mph.

    If this was YOUR KID, what WOULD YOU DO? I don’t think making a Supra having MORE horses is what I would do…not exactly “father of the year” material…In my opinion!

    BOYCOT all shows %_( ociated with Hogans. The “hogan knows best,” ( haha, great $_+ le), The Brooke reality show coming out, the american gladiators on NBC, (I think), and the newest Nick getting out of jail reality show gearing up.

    If you want email addy’s or addresses, let me know I will pass them along! T M Z has a lot of good info on it to email boycott info!

  34. rose344 says:

    To Patricia

    No, John has no liability here. You can be drunk as a skunk in ANY car. IF the driver has an accident or races, it’s NOT your fault in ANY MANNER.

    Laws apply to everyone, not just us “regular” people. Just because Nick is rich and spoiled doesn’t mean his laws are different. Nick of ALL people knew that racing was wrong.

    He was on a racing team and knew the dangers. Heck, he even saw a tape at a police station of what happens to racers on the street. Morgue pictures etc. He really got an education. The sense of entitlement was to great for his reasoning.

    In any law of the land, nick is guilty. To blame the passenger is in bad taste. He could not stop nick from racing anymore then nick’s own father could stop nick from racing with graffic tapes of mame and death.

    If nick REALLY wanted to, he could have gone to any “track day.” They are set up around the country where “normal” people can race on a track with lights and the whole deal. He didn’t want to do that, the thrill in other video clips of his mother, Lynda and himself was to “out run the cops.” That in itself, shows liability.

    Again, you can’t explain away liability either criminally or civilally.

  35. rose344 says:

    One more thing, and I will shut up. To the bloggers of this article, it would help if you put the WHOLE story. The fact that Hulk invoked God’s doing…that John deserved this and God got him back cause he was “negative.” It puts a whole new spin on disgusting behavior. I am sure that VH1 probably won’t allow you since they continue to run the show back to back every friggen weekend.

  36. Scotsmen3913 says:

    This whole family is complete no talent turds. Hogan don’t know Sh$t from Shineola, brother! Nick acts so hard and then whines to his mommy and daddy because he had to pay for his mistakes. The surest sign of a kid who has had everything handed to him his whole life. To be 17 and that big of a F-up is sad. To bad it had to affect the other young man and his family. I hope he serves everyday of his sentence and then some. His community service should be to be a caregiver to his friend for the rest of his life. Stand by for a whopping civil suit award.

  37. Rac says:

    If VH1 knows what is good for them, they will not do a reality show with this dumbass. They are disgusting people. Nick is a slimeball scumbag and his sister is barely a 1 hit wonder. Linda (`$^ ing spent all of Hulk’s money and that is why Hulk has to work WWE for another 20 years of his life. Hulk is an )!@ hole. I’ll pay a gladiator $1.00 to spit in his face. They are 4 big turds sitting on a mountain of urine stained wet toilet paper in a public toilet. It won’t flush either.

  38. Sam says:

    If VH1, or any channel plans to run programming from Hulk Hogan & his family, I think it’s in poor taste. I think everything to do with Hulk Hogan should be boycotted. I would hope that everyone reading this would start the petition the networks to drop & ban any Hogan shows. The ONLY way to affect these people is to hit them where it matters–in their wallet. They only care about money, and their image. BAN THE HOGANS. BOYCOTT THE HOGANS. PETITION THE NETWORKS TO DROP THEIR PROGRAMS.

  39. Mike says:

    I think Nick should get 8 years in jail for what he done. If it was a poor person the judge would’nt have been so nice. It makes me sick when people that have money think thay can buy there way out of anything. And if Nick makes any money off of any shows or books it should go to John Graziano and his parents. I used to by a big fan of Hulk Hogans but not anymore. Hogan and his family makes me sick.

  40. Leslie Compton says:

    VH1 should cancel any remaining term of the contract for the Hogan show. In listening to a radio program this evening, Hulk was heard to say that it was kharma that caused the young man to be injured (i.e., the victim must not have lived a good and decent life), the wife was heard to say that she is suffering more as a result of Nick being in jail than the victim’s parents, and Nick was heard to say to his father that this tragedy may be a great opportunity for a new and profitable reality show — showing Nick getting out of jail and getting his life back in order. I wish nothing but the worst for Nick in jail and in life, in general. I hope the guilt and the financial consequences of Nick’s actions and the words and sentiments expressed by his family members causes all of them to tremendous suffering . I hope the victim is able to live a happy life and that he gets all of the Hogan’s money.

  41. Jason says:

    I hope the victim’s lawyer has a field day with these comments in civil court; hopefully, he will come to own all their !)) ets.

  42. Brian says:

    Loved how Opie and Anthony ripped on the Hogans. Real nice on the head wrap, there Hulkster!!! Better send over a box of soap on a rope for your boy. Punching out!!!!!!!

  43. victoria says:

    Just found out that “Brooke Knows Best” will start airing July 13th on VH1. I hope the sponsors buying airtime during that show are ready for LOTS of phone calls. This info was just posted on Brooke Hogan’s website on 5/28 which means VH1 has gone ahead and given them the go-ahead with an air date. SHAME ON VH1!!!!!

  44. DanoMano says:

    THIS WHOLE FAMILY MAKES ME WANNA VOMIT! what a bunch of effin losers, plotting to proifit off a tradgedy like this. Nick is a little whiny punk a$$ motherf—er and in my opinion has got off easy. Hulk you are a washed up, over the hill has been and a poor excuse for a parent. Getting your a$$hole son a 400 HP car! What the F–K were u thinking? You are mostly to blame for your loser kids pi$$y attitude. Little Nicky pi$$ ant has led a life of priveledge and refuses to take resposibility for his actions. Looking forward to the civil suit.My heart goes out to the Graziano family. I will boycott ALL things Hogan/Bollea in the future and hope u and your’s rot in hell! Karma’s a &@`!# BROTHER!

  45. Samantha says:

    It seems to me like if you have money all your worries disappear. I mean anyone else would have received more time and not be able to get jobs or anything when they were out of jail. They will profit from this and it makes me sick. It makes me sick that Celebs don’t get the same punishment for the things that they do, as people who are not famous or have loads of money. I think that the Justice System is definately biased!!!! I think the punishment should have been more harsh. Thank god it wasn’t worse of an accident as it was. Maybe take his license?

  46. leanne says:

    You csnnot be serious about having another Hogan reality show????? After what was heard on those tapes are you out of your minds!!!!????!!!

    These people are moral black holes. trash tv is one thing. It’s all a guilty pleasure but this is something else all together.

    Guilty pleasures or not I can watch Bravo or some other channel to get my reality fix. I will not be watching any station that has anything to do with this family of scum.

    Been nice knowing you VH1

  47. yazzo says:

    what a lil punk. i knew when i seen him in court with his parents begging to do his time, that is was all hollywood (i must say bad acting as they are use to). why is it that when people with money do a crime, they believe they don’t have to do the time?? i mean the nerve of linda to say that the victims mother is not suffering but she is. i can’t belive that this spoil punk wants to cry to mommy and daddy about him getting a show as soon as he walks out of kiddie jail?? are you seroius. my heart goes out to the victim family and i could imagine that hearing these phone calls, opened up the same sad wounds. by the way, i heard the slutty sister has a show coming up on vh1, hope you guys enjoy all the hate mail you are going to get, because after hearing that 2 faced family true fellings about the victim, no one is going to watch her fake ~~^ none of them for that matter. i will be boycotting everything that the washed up hogan family does. anyone who heard the phone calls, plz do the same. i think now is the time for us “regular” people to let these networks know that this will not be tolerated!!! I REALLY HATE THAT FAMILY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE

  48. nancy p says:

    OMG.!!!!!!!,,boo hoo hoo,, suck it up nick and do your time,, and stop being such a whiny crybaby.. you are nothing buit a spoiled brat,,as well as your sister,,,,if it was a regular person we would get the maximum,, you got off with a slap on your wrist,, so i say again suck it up,, and shame on the hogans for blaming the victim.,,how could they say that,, this punk of a kid has been caught many times,, even on the day,,, this happened ,hell hours before,,,,,he walks away with a narcissistic attitude and condesending one,,,,,,,linda and hulk,, shame on you,, these klids or i say supposedlyi young adults,, do not,, know what its like out in the real world,, they got everything handed to them ,,so i say to all parents out there,,, stop stop being a friend and start parenting ,, cuz this will be happeninig to you,, i have a 25 year old daughter ,,, who would never,, and i mean ever,,, act in this manner,,,when she was bad she got a slap on the butt and a huge lecture,,,,,this is whats happening to the youth of today,, they do not know the meaning of a dollar,,and the celebrities they follow are not ,, i repeat not ,,rolemodels,,,,,,so they say hey,, they get away with it ,, why cant i?
    I will not be watching anymore of the hogans until they take responsibility for their actions.and stop being in the state of denial………To Brooke ,,,your show is gonna stink,, you do not have any singing talent whatsoever,,, you are a britney wanna bee……….
    Thanks n have a splendifious day………….To vh-1 pull brookes show,,,,,,,,and show this victim some respect,,,,,,,,,and for his family

  49. nancy p says:

    one more thing,, take away their cell phones,, ipods ,,computers, cars,any luxuries they are used to having,,,,,


  50. Tiffany says:

    I think it is not right to put someone like Nick in that kind of jail because it wasn’t his fault in the first place.I think if Nick’s friend wasn’t under the influience of something this would have never happened in the first place.I think the court should punish his friend because Nick had no idea that his friend was under the inflence of something.I think the media likes to start some drama with celebraties because they are the ones who are getting in their bussiness like it’s their bussiness to be and its not because the media could be suide if this keeps on happening.

  51. carol says:

    also, read the emt report, john graziano had bruising across his chest that resembled a seat belt restraint. so this crap about him not wearing a seat belt…someone EASILY could’ve unbuckled john BEFORE emergency personell arrived. but the main injuries occured ABOVE john’s chest, so a seat belt obviously didn’t do much. his skull being crushed by the dashboard, winshield and his seat’s headrest caused the most trauma. and obviously a seat belt can’t prevent any injuries of that magnitude on that part of the body…and the graziano legal tape has obtained tapes of hulk hogan buying liquor for his son…and this guy got a father of the year award?

    everyone go to viacom. com and tell them to pull the plug on this whole family. i can’t believe that tramp brooke is getting her own show and the hogans don’t feel not one ounce of guilt, shame, remorse for john and his family. vh1: CUT ALL TIES WITH THE HOGANS!! PERMANENTLY!! they don’t deserve one penny from vh1 and your other companies, they need to understand, when you break the law, when you permanently injure someone, you HAVE TO PAY THE PRICE!! pls. don’t reward this family with anymore shows, dvds, specials, NOTHING!! otherwise, expect a boycott like oj simpson’s book, the whole country *with the exception of the hogan “` kissers* will be behind the graziano’s. vh1, you’re gonna get the MADD org., countless other charities, new journalists, etc. that we all will have an ANTI-VH1 feel!! please, pull the plug on brooke’s show and do NOT give nick his own show and cancel the hogan knows best series.

  52. J says:

    ROFLMAO!!! It’s not often you see a family SO stupid enough to watch them simply MAKE THE CASE for the defense to hand over ALL their money in a civil suit, but this truly is the one.

    Seriously, the only way the Hogans are EVER going to realize that they did sometthing bad here is to take away ALL their money, and make them spend the rest of their lives scurrying around like OJ, ducking Sheriffs’ sales….. Otherwise, what happened here WILL happen again, and maybe next time, Little Nicky takes out many more innocent civilians;

    Am I willing to risk Nick Hogan’s future ability to buy racing cars in exchange for possibly keeping someone safe and alive?

    Uh…. Yeah, I’m ok with that trade…..

  53. carol says:

    my below post was supposed to say ‘graziano legal team’, but it’s late lol! but back to the topic, nick won’t be in isolation much longer, he turns 18 in july *i think the 29th or somewhere around there* and will be put in general population…so he’s getting his *$* kicked!! and will be begging to be put in isolation again.

    but vh1, see, NICK DOESN’T FEEL BAD FOR WHAT HE DID!!! the fact he wants a show right after he’s released shows he doesn’t care about his friend, only wants to make a lot of money, and agrees with his dad that john got what he deserved. CUT ALL TIES WITH THE HOGANS VH1!!!

  54. carol says:

    uh..the phone calls took place in a jail, where ALL phone calls are recorded and monitored. and paid for by taxpayers. and i’m glad these tapes were released, seems like john has some angels above him wanting to expose the hogans for what they really are. and also while nick is talking to his parents, there is a recording that says ‘this phone call may be recorded and monitored’ and yet, they still didn’t care and just said whatever they wanted. now the world knows what low lifes this family is and that john after 1 year, is still in a coma, that they could care less~

  55. robbie says:

    dear vh,1 ,,, ill be boycotting your station and all others you have anything to do with … as ive allready emailed all my friends to do the same ,,, im not the only 1 ,,, cash in on this nick hogan deal and you will lose a lot of vewers,,,

  56. susie says:

    NIcks whole family is disgusting- all they care about is what people think of them, money, how they look, they think they are so perfect. WAKE UP – Nick is in jail, and still blaming someone else for HIS actions – VH! needs to ut all ties with this sick family

  57. susie says:

    VH1 needs to CUT all ties with this sick family !

  58. FRS says:

    Tiffany and Ann Marie, please tell me you’re joking. It’s not Nick’s fault? Really? I understand no one held a gun to John’s head and made him get in the car. But from what I understand, no one held a gun to Nick’s head either and told him to drive like an as*hole. Let me guess, the numerous speeding tickets he got before Nick crashed the car were not Nick’s fault either, right? The cops were just being haters and creating drama when they stopped Nick for going 85 in a 40 and at one point going over 100MPH. See where I’m going?

    The problem with your theory is that you fail to realize that once you get behind the wheel of a car, you are morally and legally responsible for what happens as a result of your actions. If you want to blame your bad driving on someone else, don’t get behind the wheel. It’s that simple. It’s no different than if Nick had injured a pedestrian. What if the pedestrian had been drunk? Would your argument then be “well, he should have seen the car coming and jumped out of the way”. Can you now how ridiculous your argument sounds? Regardless of pedestrian OR passenger, someone was hurt as a direct result of Nick’s reckless driving. It doesn’t matter if your passenger is high as a kite AND egging you on. YOU ARE THE DRIVER AND IT’S SOLELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DRIVE IN A SAFE AND COURTEOUS MANNER. When you get a drivers license it’s understood that you are mature enough to handle the driving privilege because as we see, a vehicle in the wrong hands can kill someone.

    It was Nick’s choice to race, no one held a gun to his head and told him to floor it. It’s called responsibility and people wouldn’t be so outraged if the Bolleas took responsibility and showed some real remorse. My guess is that you’d both feel differently if your child were the one in a permanent coma.

    I do agree that it’s in poor taste to release the family’s private conversations. But in fairness, there are signs everywhere stating that your calls are being recorded and inmates do not have the right to privacy unless they are consulting counsel.

  59. sandra says:

    hey i am soo sorrry about what going on with nick. his so cute i hope u guys are doing good!

  60. Brett says:

    On the MADD bandwagon.

  61. Maggie says:

    i think u guys are all dumb, nick needs life in prison so he can suffer just like his FRIEND is…

  62. leanne says:

    Tiffany and AnnMarie,

    You know maybe we should punish John Grazianoa for not wearing a seat belt. Current Florida law is that he gets a $70 fine for this infraction. We can send it to the VA ICU where he is currently on a ventilator with a tracheostomy (hole in your neck to breath with) and getting liquid feeding thru a tube and has his linen changed every time he has a bowel movement. That fine should teach him to buckle up.
    Oh wait, he is in a permanent vegatative state since the front part of his brain and skull were removed so learning…. not really an option.

    There are different degree of guilt involved here. The state of Florida, along with most other states, put the most culpability on the DRIVER in this situation for the simple reason they have the most CONTROL over the situation. Nick’s RECKLESS DRIVING while STREET RACING and DRIVING WITH ALCOHOL IN HIS SYSTEM directly led to the accident. A a driver you have the RESPONSIBILITY for your passengers. His recklessness needlessly put John Grazianoa and everyone else ont he road directly in harms way. His parents encouraging rather than discouraging this behavior led to the accident. It was bound to happen sooner or later and it is indeed fortunate more people were not hurt by this souless kid who is only looking to make money off this tragedy he created.

    To VH1,

    I saw that Brooke Hogan’s new reality show starts July 13th. We have made the decison to block VH1 in my house, much as I do like some of the shows I can get a reality fix elsewhere. I will not watch any station that supports those lousy excuses for human beings.

  63. julia says:

    Just an FYI on the tapes. Here in the sunshine state, those conversations in jail are public domain. If you put in a request they will be released. That is the law. For every prisoner. The only conversations that are “privledged” are those with your attorney and those with your clergy. All others are fair game and can be used against you in a court of law, or court of public opinion in this case. Iit’s not like they were tapping Nick’s home phone. It is jail people. And BTW why the whining dude? What did you think jail was, kind of like spring break or something. The idea is for you to NOT want to come back. What an idiot.

    There are signs everywhere and at the start of conversations on the phone it warns you again that the calls are being tapped. If the Hogans thought that meant everyone but them it is not the first time they have made that mistake. Thinking they are somehow above the law the rest of us have to follow is part of what got them here.

  64. Chris K. says:

    Maybe this will teach Nick not to be an idiot behind the wheel of a car.

  65. DanoMano says:

    Tiffany & AnnMarie~We know it’s u Brooke! I was born in the dark but it wasn’t LAST NIGHT! Who else would be so stupid to defend this spoiled little F__K! As far as the phone calls as previously stated there are signs posted and a recorded warning at the beginning of the call. The calls are accessible thru the Freedom of Information Act. Can’t wait to NOT watch ur lame show, will be fun to see u fail in the tabloids. This is just the beginning of the end for the loser Hogan/Bollea family!!! This whiny little punk needs to shut up, man up, groe up and accept responsibility for his actions. I am absolutely apalled that Linda says John’s mom isn’t suffering, the f_ _ _in nerve of that woman (and I use that term loosely!) and for Nick and Hulk to imply that somehow it’s John’s own fault is totally disgusting!! Money, wealth and priveledge breeds cry babies like Nicky “PUNKA$$” Hogan.

  66. Jetta says:

    Tiffany and Ann Marie,
    Let’s say that it was you or a loved one inside that car with Nick on the night of the accident, what then?
    And personally, I think Brooke is the mature one in this whole family. It’s just sad that she has to suffer the consequences for her stupid family’s actions: Hulk for buying liquor for minor son before the accident. Linda for encouraging her son’s illegal high speed adventures. Nick for causing serious injuries to his friend, and he could’ve easily hurt other people that were driving along that same street at the time of the accident. And then blaming the victim for this mess instead of showing any remorse!! Ugh!!

  67. cecilenoe says:


  68. cecilenoe says:


  69. Dani says:

    What a joke! This guy needs MORE time. They need to serve time like REGULAR people! Special treatment for some reality star?? Well, not really a STAR, but you get my point. How can it be the passenger’s fault?? I didn’t know a passenger could control the car!!! I say give this guy MORE time and put him with the REAL prisoners!! Maybe he’ll learn his lesson. I’m disgusted…Hogan’s…what a JOKE.

    No one would watch that garbage!

  70. mella says:

    your son is horrible and so are you how dare you and your wife say you are in more pain then the fanily who basically lost there son do you have no feelings to come to reality and know it is your sons fault for drag racing and ha wanting to make a reality show out of your son being in prison that is pathetic

  71. D.J. says:

    I’m appalled at VH1′s even considering a show for the biggest Hogan looser of them alll…NICK. It’s disgusting that any of the family is making money by virtue of reality shows. Certainly you must have better progamming options! Shame on you, VH1…!!!

  72. carol says:

    why aren’t any of you nick butt-kissers not placing any blame on nick’s parents? nobody forced hulk to buy boozed for a 17 year old…nobody forced linda and brooke hogan to be in a streetracing dvd bragging the cops couldn’t catch them and inviting other motorists to race with them. this whole family is f’d!! blaming john for any of this is ridiculous!! and these tapes show the hogans don’t feel bad for john and just feel he ‘got his karma’. seriously, to the nick butt-kissers, you really want nick to drive again? you don’t think he’s a dangerous driver? if there were no passengers in his car and he hit someone else, would it still be someone else’s fault? just cuz nick is young and stupid? i don’t care if nick was 13, he got behind the wheel, he sped, he drank and drive *and having TWICE the legal limit*, and he crashed. HE did these things, so HE’S responsible for paying the price in some way. everyone, boycott brooke’s show too, cuz i’m sure that money is being used to pay for nick’s legal defense…vh1, expect a nationwide boycott like oj simpson’s interview and book~

  73. carol says:

    don’t worry everyone, nick turns 18 in july and he’ll be in general population by then…and i bet he’ll be begging to go back to isolation!! nicky-poo, bubba’s waiting lol!

  74. carol says:

    again, the emt report says that john had bruising across his chest that resembles seat belt restraint!! but because the injuries causing the most trauma happened ABOVE his chest, a seat belt wouldn’t have done much to prevent it…remember, nick crashed on the PASSENGER’S side!! those of you complaining that ‘john didn’t have his seat belt on’, read the report and also know WHERE the main injuries happened on john’s body. so nick is 10000000% responsible, he acted like a fool and he has to pay. just cuz he’s 17, his dad is hulk, he’s not too smart, ‘all teenagers do this’, that doesn’t excuse punishment when you break the law.

  75. Jim, Honolulu says:

    Disgusting. That’s all one can say about this pathetic whining momma’s-boy loser in prison. If VH-1 goes ahead and allows these sickening non-humans to appear any longer on its station, it’s a guarantee that there will be protests and extremely angry reactions from the public. The worst fate these four can face is to be exiled to celebrity “hell”: no one watch, listen to, care for, or follow them. THEN maybe they’ll know what pain is all about, because the fact that Nick is, in all REALITY, a murderer, doesn’t seem to register with them. Hulk, you must have done something horrible in life, because God is “laying down” something heavy on you right now.

  76. FRS says:

    Look, I think I’ve safe to safe to say that many of us are justifiably outraged by the Bollea family’s callous comments regarding this incident. Nick and his parents are 100% responsible for that young man being in a coma right now. Now one held a gun to Nick’s head and told him to drive like an idiot and guess what, someone got hurt. Just because it happened to be his adult passenger instead of a pedestrian does not negate Nick’s, and ultimately his parent’s culpability.

    That said, it is sick and wrong to hope Nick gets raped in prison. He’s still a minor, just a kid really. It’s sick and wrong to wish that on anyone. That’s not justice, it’s a lynch mob mentality. Wishing things like that make you no better than the Bollea family when they try to shift blame to the victim in this instead of taking responsibility. BOTH instances are disgusting and deserving of our ire. We don’t send people to prison to be raped, we send them there to do time and hopefully reflect on what they’ve done to land themselves there in first place.

    People, if you really want to punish the Bolleas and make them “pay”, your time would be better spent boycotting them and writing the networks and sponsors that are hosting their programs. Explain to them in detail why you can no longer watch these people. Don’t put another dime in their pockets. That will get through to them more than any griping or ill wishing will get here. Hit them in the pocket book, it’s the only language they’ll understand. Heck, it’s the only language any network understands!

    Honestly, I feel somewhat bad for Nick himself and hold his parents to blame more than I blame Nick himself even. He is the final product of bad parenting and he is what happens when you try to be your kids friends instead of their mom or dad. You should NEVER give your minor child access to booze. Nor do you encourage them to race in PUBLIC ROADWAYS where people like me are driving with our CHILDREN in our cars. The first time your kid is caught speeding, you take away the race cars and buy them something more appropriate, like a station wagon or something. The parents fostered and encouraged this behavior. We’ve all seen the tape of Linda bragging about her love of street racing and dodging the cops. She’s an adult and moreover, a mother. She KNOWS better and somewhere along the line she failed to instill that in her children. Shame on her!

  77. LeeAnne Cagle says:

    Ya know it’s not for any of us to judge what he says or how he feels!!!! We have all made mistakes
    especially when we were 17. I know that I did. I do think that his sentence was too harsh. Our justice system is the worst it has ever been. My cousin is in jail and is doing 8 months and has been in and out of trouble since he turned 18. What my cousin did was 10 times worse. So just think about our court system.

  78. callietaylor says:

    FRS, I agree wholeheartedly that the parents are to blame for not providing their son with the right guidance needed in life. And there’s also someone else I blame: What about the policemen who previously let Nick get by after being pulled over for speeding excessively just because he’s a celebrity? Did they not give Nick the message that since he’s a celebrity that he’s above the law? Maybe if they had held him accountable for previously breaking the law, this whole situation may have been avoided. Just maybe…

  79. d says:

    I know that when you’re 17, sometimes you do stupid crap. A number of people will admit it themselves. Bottom line is Nick was driving too fast and his best friend got seriously injured. He needs to stop whining and own up to what he’s done. As for the sentence, I don’t know if I think it’s too harsh or not. Maybe if it was a regular person they would get more jail time, but who knows for sure. I just hope John and his family have a lot of support for what they’re going through.

  80. mellissa says:

    why is nick so gay?

  81. daddyslilpsycho says:

    maybe if the Hulk was half as concerned about him instead of worrying whether or not Brooke is banging someone then maybe he wouldn’t be in this mess. that whole family is a trainwreck

  82. shecky95 says:

    You know what is really screwed up about this situation?Hulk Hogan went IN and bought the alcohol that his son drank. talk about irresponsible parenting IMHO. The son was 17 and should not have been drinking and driving in the first place! Second, Linda is whining and crying that they are being through heartache and not being able to see her son WALK free! Doesnt she realize that the other son of another mother CANT WALK at all! I have listened to those tapes and she sounds as if she fake crying at the end and through out it. This person that Hulk’s son put in the hospital served our country! And in the conversation they are downgrading him with every chance they get. After being a fan of Hulk Hogan for many years I find it repulsive that they have this attitude toward another indiviual especially Linda! AND on top of that they are talking of a reality show over this tragic situation! Talk about a ultimate low on the Hulk family part! *hangs head in disgrace*

  83. Dan says:

    This kid should be made to foot the medical bills of John for the rest of his life. The Hogans are despicable people and I know that I’ll NEVER watch a show they are on – will NEVER buy anything they are $#_ ociated with. SPONSORS – Hear this – they are poison and I hope they never make another cent from the entertainment industry.

  84. Lachlan says:

    For anyone who hasn’t spent time in jail, 8 months is an eternity. It doesn’t excuse his actions, but jail sentences in this country are extreme for all crimes, ranging from drugs to murder. I totally agree that this situation and resulting comments should leave the Hogans bankrupt. There is something fishy about Florida law and civil action. This is why OJ Simpson moved there and Goldman has had so much of a difficult time collecting. So the Hogans, unfortunately, may be protected from a civil lawsuit.
    Here’s one more thing: Why did Hulk Hogan always tell kids to take their vitamins?
    Because he hates vegetables.

  85. carol says:

    yeah but in oj’s case, the goldman’s can’t seize his nfl retirement…dunno if it’s state law in fla. or just a benefit from retiring from football, so that’s a different scenario. also, oj was acquitted…in nick’s case, he plead guilty and is serving time for these charges. even though it’s the same state, i believe the graziano’s will clean out the hogans and the hogans will go bankrupt.

  86. Ms_Tell says:

    VH1, SHAME ON YOU for even considering to host a show about anyone in this repulsive family. At some point you need to stop whoring for money and take some responsibility for airing a “reality show” about a family that does nothing but make this world a sleazier place.


  87. Marie says:

    I read VH1 has signed a show called “Brooke Knows Best” about Brooke Hogan. I am BOYCOTTING anything !&! ociated with the HOGAN family and VH1! This family is very disrespectful, trashy and disgusting. Please cancel this show!!!

  88. Lainer says:

    cecilenoe Says:
    May 30th, 2008 at 6:22 pm
    See your posting again Linda. Remember, just sober up first.

    Boycott All things Bollea/Hogan.

  89. nora l says:

    No more Hogan Knows Best for me. Or anything to do with the Hogans. Take them off the air.

  90. Patty says:

    We have decided to block VH1 in our house. Any station that would even CONSIDER another reality show with these souless moral black holes is not going to be on my TV. I do enjoy reality TV but I can get it on any number of stations now. Watching people make fools of themselves is one thing, putting money into the pockets of this unrepentant lying bunch of scum is something else all together.

    Jason Hervey and Eric Bischoff are involved with this as well, the duo who brought the Scott Baio show. They are also behind Chris Moneymaker, the poker player. It might be worth dropping an e mail to them. I’m sure they are on the web.

    If VH1 is dumb enough to put another Hogan show on the air, everyone can let the sponsors know their thoughts as well. Since this has gotten national attention I’m sure there will be more than a few people upset with VH1′s plans.

  91. Monique says:

    I dido what patty says they need to be forgotten…

  92. Cynthia Zuranich says:

    I think that if any show comes out of this(whoever is that much of a low life to produce it) tragedy, all the money that is made should go straight to the boys family for all the hospital bills and hell they have suffered. I am also disgusted that I ever thought the Hogans were sorry or decent people-they should be ashamed of themselves!

  93. Tiffany says:

    I think it is wrong to put a young man his age in jail because he did nothing wrong he probably was not drinking and they were not speeding.Maybe the reason why the car flipped over is because maybe it was raining and Nick got lose of the car and that’s why the car flipped over.I think the courts desion about putting him in jail was just wrong.I think they should atlease put him on house arrest, and they could put him on a monitor to track were is at all times.

  94. Fran says:

    Tiffany, are you delusional? Read the police report. Both the police AND the judge found Nick was speeding. Did you see pics of the car? There is no way he wasn’t speeding.
    There are many things he did wrong :
    1) Drank alcohol before operating a vehicle.
    2) Drove in an unsafe manner (speeding) and was street racing. There are MULTIPLE witnesses that say they were racing. You can even hear some on the 911 calls.
    3) Instead of taking responsibility for an accident HE caused, he blamed the victim for not wearing his seatbelt even though all evidence indicates John was buckled up. Emergency personnel found bruising across his chest consistent with where a seat belt would hit.

    Tiffany, I suspect you’d feel differently if it were a memeber of your family that had been killed by Nick, and his parents, negligence and complete and utter lack of responsibility.

  95. Dee says:

    I think it is horrible what happened to John and he’s family. Yes, Nick was wrong to be drinking and speedy in a car ( if that is what happened ) I wasn’t there and I don’t know. I think when Nick is talking to his family from jail it should be keeped private. I understand that the jail would have to record it but to have it leaked out was wrong. We all know it came out because of who’s Nick family is. If it was some unknown person we wouldn’t even being hearing the tapes. I love Hogan and his family. Hogan has put his body through hell in back for us his fans. Remember the Hogans are people too and they do make mistakes like everyone else. I think as people we forget they are human too. Just because they are famous doesn’t mean they have to be perfect.

  96. TheNewNickReal-alityShow says:

    When a bartender serves drinks to a person and they have an accident, the server gets held liable too. Since Schmulk Hogan brought his spawn into the store to buy booze, and then let him drink on the family boat, then why shouldn’t the Graziano’s also hold the parents liable for serving a minor prior to his near fatal car crash? And if ‘baby-hogan” wants to be in his own “REAL-ality” show, maybe Schmulk and his “fingerpaint faced”, butterball whiny wife should have a camera follow him around the jailhouse and call it “Nick’s New Reality Check” show. What a bunch of self absorbed narcissists.

  97. mikki says:

    how dare the hogans talk like that about that kid who served in iraq that there son almost KILLED. I think this is bs and i use to be a hogan fan not anymore. I cannot believe that nick is such a cry baby for only having to serve 8 months he almost got life in prison. Btw he does not feel any remorse for what he did. he rather do another reality show when he gets out and be on a boat with his mommy. I hope that there ratings suck after this and everyone will see how hateful these people are.

  98. carol says:

    i don’t care how judgmental i’m being, i have ZERO tolerance for wreckless drunk drivers. that’s why i don’t understand why the people who are defending the hogans, aren’t understanding that nick was underage, drinking and driving at dangerous speeds on public roads? forget there’s a victim, and let’s say he was driving by himself and he another motorist…and let’s say that driver didn’t have their seat belt on or it unbuckled @ the time of impact. so, is nick still NOT responsible for his actions cuz the victim wasn’t buckled, even though the main trauma were head and brain injuries? even if the victim didn’t get seriously hurt, NICK was the drunk driver, was speeding and shouldn’t have been drinking in the first place. nick should NOT get any special treatment just cuz he’s 17, he’s hulk’s son, or because he was never arrested before. cuz if you or me or the next joe did the EXACT same thing, nobody would feel sorry for us. nobody would cut us some slack…so nick just has to suck it up and take the punishment, LIKE HE SAID HE WOULD IN COURT!!, and try to understand why he’s there. and again, i don’t care if he were 13, he did a very dangerous and wreckless thing and he needs to punished like any other person would if they did the same thing~

  99. carol says:

    did you all see nancy grace yesterday?? now the hogans are blaming JOHN for nick being drunk!! they’re saying that john is the one who provided the booze and that JOHN is the one who should’ve supervised nick on that day!! what bull****!!! first off, the graziano legal team have security tapes of HULK buying the booze and nick being in the store with him!! second, hulk was there racing with them and the guys were racing with 2 cars owned by hulk!! so how is john legally responsible for nick when nick’s own father was there the whole time?? and why didn’t nick’s defense say all this in court? i don’t recall them saying john is the one who provided the booze and that john was supposed to be baby-sitting nick…does anyone remember that? oh but now they’re placing more blame on john…AFTER nick complains about his cell and doesn’t like his sentence. all of you, catch yesterday’s nancy grace on youtube and also today’s *6/3* nancy grace. seriously, you nick supporters, you honestly feel hulk has no blame in any of this? that all of this is john’s fault?

  100. carol says:

    also one more important thing, nick plead guilty to all charges against them, incl. drinking and driving underage. i believe he was also charged with a 3rd degree felony…FELONY!! he plead guilty, his legal team advised him he had no other choice, why? cuz there was too much evidence against him…again, you do the crime, you do the time. so what he doesn’t like his cell and is bored all day, he doesn’t deserve house arrest and he needs to understand what he did and to feel remorse for it. and so far, he hasn’t done that. seriously, him and his sister are such whiny spoiled brats!! any type of hard work or punishment, they cry like teething babies!!

  101. Jenn says:

    The Hogan family makes me sick! It’s sad because I was always a fan until now. It looks like the truth came out. Everyone used to think that they were the perfect family. Well, now the cat’s out of the bag. They are just like everother fake Reality family. All they wants is the money and fame. Even at a time like this, knowing that you have ruined the life of a fellow “friend” they show now remorse. If any station even conciders making a new reality show for the hogans, they need to be shut down.

  102. Red says:

    Nick was wrong in what he did. He needs to man up and deal with the consequences of his actions. Drinking and driving is against the law! This cat is lucky all he got was eight months. He almost killed someone, and now they are saying it’s this John’s fault? Talk about no loyalty to anyone. I thought these people would have some kind of guilt for ruining this kid’s life. John served in Iraq and was in a war zone. He made it home safe only to get his life destroyed by a punk kid who needs to have his prissy little %_` kicked in jail. He’s crying around about being in solitary confinement, throw his %_` in with the rest of the prison and see what he crys around about next.

  103. Lightning says:

    Maybe that prick should stop whining. If he thinks he’s old enough to drink and drive, then he is old enough to take his punishment like a man. He doesn’t need his washed up mother crying that the punishment is too harsh. Now that idiot kid wants to make a show out of it! Whatever, get a life and learn some responsibility!

  104. Kevin says:


  105. Kevin says:


  106. Kevin says:


  107. Kevin says:


  108. Tammy says:

    All I can say is the whole family has lost a true fans. I will never watch their show again and as far as Im concerned they should remove it from the tv all together. Let them all rot. Now as for the people on here who feel sorry for them. And say well the other boy didnt have his seat belt on. First of all what kind of parent buys there under 18 son and his friends alcohol then allows him to drive. And the boy didnt have his seat belt on but isnt he paying a huge price for that mistake. I have a 16 yr old and I will not buy him alcohol. then I heard that his friends who are over 21 bought it…. well guess what my son is to young to hang out with guys over 21 yrs old. What kind of parents are they? And everyone is so concerned because he is in solitary…. put him in general population if he is so upset about being alone. I bet he will BE begging for solitary when big bubby get hold of his cute little _~# Someone should kick the crap out of little nicki and give him some brain damage ( more than he got from the steroid ridin sperm his daddy contributed) and see how the wonderful Hogans feel about it then. I hope that other family sues the dog crap out of them and takes all the hulks money, his fake blonde fake boobs slut of a wifes money and that little slut of a daughters money. So they are all left to live in a mobile home like the white trash they are.
    i am also boycotting anything they have to do with including vh1 if they continue to support them. Does anyone remember when DOG made his comments on the phone and when Kathy Griffith made her speech and Imus had his outburst? they got booted and the Hogans need to be booted also. vh1 DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!! GET RID OF THE TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Whaaaa says:

    Kevin… are you kidding me? You sound just like Nick with all your crying.

    When did guys turn in to such catty brats? Geez. Nick needs to step up and accept responsibility, its only 8 months. Nick’s friend will live with his choice of not wearing a seatbelt for the rest of his life.

  110. Susan says:

    Kevin must be a member of the Bollea family. No one could be that stupid.

  111. 2good4u says:

    The Hogan family r being some ~@^+@ es about this. They need to take responsibility 4 their own actions and stop blaming that kid who will never ever b the same not even remotely. But at the same time people need to realize that kid is also at fault 4 getting in the car with a drunk driver.

    I broke up with a boyfriend because he used to like to go out and get drunk and then wouldn’t let anyone drive him home because he said he could handle himself. Well, there were a lot of times when I just met him at the club or whereever because I be dammed if he was going to drive me home.

    Then I just got fed up with the it and a month later him and three other people were in a car accident his fault, of course, he was driving drunk speeding and wrapped the car aropund a telephone pole. Everybody in the car accept one individual not him, died instantly. that could have been me, but I’ve been taought, seen it, and read about it to know better than to ride with a drunk and that boy God bless and have mercy on him, shopuld have known better, too.

    I wish everybody would man up about this situation and take responsibiities 4 each and everyone of their own actions and stop placing blame on a boy who is defenseless (but a little bit responsible himself)

  112. Ms. Carolina says:

    OKAY EVERYONE!!!!! I am just so sick of Celebrity offspring (like Nick and Paris Hilton), and Celebrity folks (like Brittany, Lindsey Loham, Lil’ Kim & etc.) thinking that they can go out here and break the law, go to jail and then want to be treated like they are in the Wardolf Astoria. You commited a crime, now do the time. I am pretty sure if it were me or my son you Hulk Hogan would want to throw the book at us. You better pray and teach your son to take responsibilty for your actions. And if he did want to be a race car driver you should have let him so he could blow off that steam on the track. Hulk Hogan I hope this message finds you. I use to think out of all the celebrity family shows you were the best father and the most real, being protective over your family, but now I see differently like you are just like all the rest. Just trying to get another check. If you are a real father you will let Nick take responsibility for his action and be a man. Meaning if you do something wrong you must pay the price. This was his friend and now he will never be the same. Come on Hulk make Nick a man and serve his time like a man. I know it hurts and he’ll be mad at first, but in the end he will become an advocate for speeding and drunk driving later and he will thank you for it.

  113. Ms. Carolina says:

    Oh by the way Kevin, you would not be saying the same thing if it were Rev. Run’s son.

  114. Is It Just Me? says:

    I just took a real good look at Nick Hogan’s mug shot. He really has a mug only a mother could love. The only thing uglier than Nick’s facial features is Hulk’s face in his younger years. Everyone on here who is mad at the Hogan family should feel vindication when this family of sun-worshipping bleach blondes eventually gets “Gods Justice” (as Terry Bollea thinks that John Graziano got ) of SKIN CANCER. All that suntanning not only fried their collective “brains”, but all those UV rays are bound to cause cancer.

  115. shecky95 says:


    Sounds like YOU need to get your story straight. And if you are part of the family who is suing the family of the man who laying in a bed with no way to walk again,you should be hanging your head in shame for even posting here let alone being &#* ociated with them IMHO.

  116. jmon68 says:

    Sadly we live in a society that is quick to make and accept excuses for bad behavior by folks from all walks of life. We can only set this right if we force the wrong doers to accept personal responsibility for their actions.

    It’s also clear that in america bad parenting is more the norm than the exception, especially for pseudo celebs. Until we put away the excuses and force parents to want to raise their children properly stuff like this will never go away. We need to start holding everyone even ourselves to higher standards before any change can come about.

    This is just a pathetic tale all around and I am no longer a fan of VH-1 or a hogan fan. Good riddance to both.

  117. Lynn Koont says:

    With all that is happening and the horrible things that Linda Hogan said about the victums mother, (How dare her!) I will absolutely never watch their show again. I hope you don’t re-new their contract.

  118. Tina says:

    Its sad to see 2 young lives ruined by something that could of been avoided. If Hulk Hogan would of been more of a father then a friend and NOT buy beer for the kids, this accident could of been prevented. Now there is a young man who avoided being killed in Iraq in a bed for the rest of his life and a 17 year old in jail, who probably after serving maybe 4 months will be back racing and acting stupid, for what??? I think the Hogans need a reality check and I hope the victims family takes them for everything their worth. Linda walks around like she is holier then tho, like oh my son doesnt deserve this!!, does John deserve to not wake up anymore? Does he deserve to not be able to get married and have kids? Your son will have that, he will be able to have a spoiled obnoxious life. I hope somebody sees her on the street and knocks her on her #$( They all make me sick, and yeah I enjoyed watching their show too, but now I could care less. Dont bring it back, they dont deserve any type of recognition.

  119. nate says:

    The Hogan Family is terrible. They have proven to the world that they are very self centered and when it comes to tragedy they are only concerned of themselves. Linda Hogan should be ashamed of herself. Privacy violated or not… why would you say things like what she said. Then the Hulk… I have looked up to this guy since I was a kid in the 80′s. I can’t believe him. I pray for both families but the Hogan parents need to stop their comments now before they mess up their kids lives even more. This will probably mess up all of their careers if they ever had a chance at one. Good luck Brooke.

  120. Tamara says:

    It is so saddening to hear what has happened to an innocent young man (and I don’t mean Nick). As a parent myself, I can’t conceive of how Hulk and Nick had the audacity to blame the passenger, and then of course, no time lost, back to fame and fortune. I used to watch their show, but they are a disgrace to humankind. Hogan knows best????? Don’t think so!! I will entirely boycott any show he is on and would hope any penny he ever makes (or has made) goes directly to his ‘negative friend’ and the poor guy’s family.

  121. Terry says:

    Nick, dont listen to any of these crazy people. We have all made stupid mistakes in the past. Good luck to your family and also to your best friend. Let me know if I can help.

  122. woolum24 says:

    hey leave the kid alone … go spend you some time .then talk….anyway 8months maybe a little stiff but other boy he knew what he was doing also ………FREE……….nick.. love the show

  123. Jim, Honolulu says:

    You Hogans just don’t get it, do you? Can you hear what you’re saying? For your entire family., it’s all about ME ME ME! And you still can’t see it. The only thing that’s unsure is whether it’s because you would have to put down the mirror first to think about it, or because you’re intellectually incapable of thinking about it (oh, sorry I used a word with more than three syllables), but you sub-humans refuse to take any responsibility, shoulder any blame, or have any sympathy or empathy (look that word up) for any victims other than yourselves. I hope your show, your family, your talent-less “careers”, and your future sink into the obscurity and vileness you so richly deserve. But you’ll never see it. God have mercy on you all. ‘Cause I wouldn’t.

  124. HKB says:

    What is up with this family…are the people in this country so bored with their life that they watch this fake wrestling haz-been. The family is truly messed up.

    You have the mrs. trying to be some hot 20 something and the big towel head Hogan trying to be some ass kickin tuff guy. Nick needs a reality check and being in prison just might find it in more than one place in there. Be careful all you homey’s in prison do the hard time the “Hogan Knows Best”

    If Hogan Knows Best why is it his entire family is messed up and will take a check to let everyone watch?

  125. HKB says:

    Happy Fathers Day Hogan…time to get things in check. This is not wrestling and its not fake, its reality and you are failing.

  126. hostilequeen says:

    i think he should have gotten longer after loseing two friends to careless drivers i think anyone that is that careless should get more than eight months.the hogans are whinning cause he is in prison where he should be it doesnt matter what the other boys past is he wasnt driving HE IS THE VICTIM
    NOT THE HOGAN KID if this family really cares about this boy in a coma they need to start showing it! i pray this boy recovers the hogans should have to pay for his care for the rest of his life!
    man up hogans and start thinking of others instead of yourselves!

  127. patrisha says:

    I think that he is just a spoiled brat, who thinks that his @$!~~)`*_@#&^%~ is better than everyone else. He thinks just because his dad is a wrestler, his @$!~~)`*_@#&^%~ should be set free. Nick and his family should quit thinking about theirselves for once , and think about the man he made into a vegtable. They are some sorry low life people for trying to make money off of that .

  128. maimi says:

    I really don’t think all the BLAME should be on Nick’s shoulders. His friend John Graziano had the choose to get in the car that day he choose to. I don’t think nick twisted his arm to right? If you know that the person who was drive you was drinking would you be a bigger person and say no thank you! I guess it was just boys have fun. If it was the other way what be the out come?

  129. maimi says:

    I really don’t think all the BLAME should be on Nick’s shoulders. His friend John Graziano had the choose to get in the car that day he choose to. I don’t think nick twisted his arm to right? If you know that the person who was drive you was drinking would you be a bigger person and say no thank you! I guess it was just boys have fun. If it was the other way what would be the out come?

  130. icegirl says:

    well i do think the hogans is a disgrace to the human race. its true how can a parent give alcohol to to their child muchless a minor. i was once a fan of their show but now im not. they are fake. need to step up in life and be good parents. all the wife does is walk around with her fake boobs like a big fat slut teaching her daughter also to be a slut what kind of familly iis this.. they got issues. nick deserves more time than he is getting. not because they got money they destroying their life and others if they dont know wat to do with their money i suggest they donate it to the little kids in various countries who have no food or noone to take care for them instead buying suped up car for their messed up son. not because they are famous nick should get 8 months. his friend basically has his whole life trying to recuperate his whole body and still might not be the same. vh1 please do not put them on your show. they all need to go to a mental institution. even if nick and the rest of the hogans get away somehow from all of this i believe its just a matter of time the true living god will deal with them in his own time.

  131. Mid Life Crisis Much says:

    Ok, first has anything been said about how the boys got the alcohol and where they were drinking. I mean isn’t it still illegal to contribute to the delinquency of minors? Secondly, isn’t the person who allowed Nick behind the wheel after drinking at some fault? Thirdly, Why is this getting so much more attention than say any other young man under the age of 18 caught in the same position? Can’t there be a court order or something to strip this family from the lime light long enough to get this case settled without bias for the kids family status?

    As for Mr. and Mrs. Hogan GROW UP!!!! Haven’t you had the spot light long enough. I mean look at the results already. Let your kids have their time.

  132. Stephen says:

    Go nick man you rock screw wat media says

  133. chae says:

    tv show new nick????

    nearly kill someone and yourself you get your own tv show-oh thats the american dream allfukn right. i REFUSE 2 watch that
    _AND stephan down here got his thong on cheerin on nick when he needs 2 learn what “rockin” is.

    JAIL DOESNT ROCK…Unless homie likes that a**hole tight!

  134. jimmy says:

    nick is stupid he already has every thing why does he need to street race his dad is a million air his sister is rich from her music nick is a person you call a dumbass

  135. BIG BOSS says:


  136. BIG BOSS says:


  137. tayler says:

    i think it’s unfair how everyone puts blame on nick! that other boy was doing illegal things to i am sure that nick did not force him to drink or get in the car that boy had a choice and he chose the wrong one he most likely incouraged nicks fast driving the only reason people are mad is because the other boy got hurt

    what if it was nick? how would people feel then? a parent had every right to be mad about the situation and they can console their son however they want it is just sad that news companies are so desperate they would invade peoples privacy whether it’s legal or not!!!

    the hogan’s are not cold or unsympathetic either or else they wouldn’t have cared so much about nick and just because that other kid got hurt that doesn’t make him any less responsible for being involved in illegal activities!!!


    im only 14 and even im not that dumb so everyone should cut the crap!!!!!

  138. hana says:


  139. evelyn says:

    He got it easy while his friend is in the hospital.he needs to do more time

  140. debbie says:

    had this have been someone that was not in the lime light nine times out ten it would have never made the new you people out there realy need to get over your selfs they were both wrong and they both make a mistake everyone out there at some point in there lifes have made a mistake the bottom line is they were both young and they both made a bad mistake you can not put the blame on just one of them they were both wrong in what they did

  141. shecky95 says:


    YOU need to “cut the crap” and do a bit of growing up on the outside world. YOURE speaking like a fan saying ” he cant do no wrong” BS! I suggest you speak for yourself and not others , maybe do a bit more reading and respect people who do actually serve our countries. YOU are sickening praising the Hogans especially Nick for wanting to make money off of the soldiers story. ARE YOU THAT INSENSITIVE?? Linda is more money hungry then ever. Did YOU not listen to those tapes?? Linda IS FAKE CRYING!! Even I can do a better job at fake crying then her( you can hear the “boo hoo ing). SO WHAT her son is in jail and serving time, her son gets to WALK dont he? YES. The man laying in that hospital bed has NO CHANCE OF WALKING AGAIN! But yet you think its OKAY for them to make money off it ?? It isnt right! Please think things through before posting on a message board your age is showing and and the lack of maturity is as well.

  142. michele says:

    there are a lot of people bashing nick when they should look at there oun lives and the mistakes they have made! No one is perfect and its not like he did this on purpose. I will continue to pray 4 him and his family as this is what we all need to do more of!

  143. cassidyyy says:


  144. marcus says:

    all of this is a bunch of bs,dont get me wrong i grow up watching hogan do what he does best and thats kicking butt and loving the peaple butt everybody needs to quit feeling sorry for nick cuz he did make a mastake but now he needs to do his time like every one else just because his hogans son doesnt mean nothing i was in prison for 4 years for being in wrong place at wrong time but I still did my time and that kid in the hospital needs to make better choices in his life yor guy realy need to feel bad for brook cuz she cant sing worth a dame but nobody have told her yet.

  145. flyngbirdsally says:

    wow..its a shock to see the whole story.I have a 17-year old right now,and he’s made some serious mistakes,but he has a new program to work w/right now.Sometimes “us as parents” I believe have to give our kids tough love,so they can have better tomorrows.I’m so glad I got my son help in time,because soon he’ll be 18.Its been a rough & sad road to be without him soo much,but he’s going to be a better man for it.I really feel & support the Hogans thru this time.I’ll remember them in my prayers.

  146. MysteryMan says:

    All this is honest is a bunch of paparazzi scumbags trying to grasp at loose strings, prob the dumbest three ppl I ever seen for that CNN bs, I mean they are doing there job but they did a terrible job at that, for one the convo with Nick and Terry (Hulk) was them going at nothing, Terry was very understanding that this John kid did have a hard time and for that he gave other ppl a hard time which he understood and Nick was in his own way agreeing and the whole Linda blaming John’s mother was her expressing her emotions the way she knew how, she was crying so OBVIOUSLY there was more to the tape then they played, stupid !*_&)!%(^~&_`$% paparazzi, I’m not even famous and they still piss me off. Love ya Hogans, my wishes and prayers to you all.

  147. mssddancer says:

    i totally think that they are taking this to serious its not nicks fault he ran into a tree and that someone got hurt its not like he meant to do it !

  148. joleen says:

    “its not nick’s fault he ran into a tree”? are you serious? There is a SPEED LIMIT. IT IS ILLEGAL TO RACE ON PUBLIC ROADS. SOMEONE DIED AS A RESULT OF HIS NEGLIGENCE. I think its another case of too much money, and not having to accept responsibility.

    The dead kid…well what can we say? He took responsibility for nick’s actions, and his own. He paid with his LIFE FOR RACING. SERIOUSLY….