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Nicky2States signed her email to me “Miss VH1,” and that says everything about the state of her confidence level. Below, she flosses a sky-high self-image while talking about rhyming with four kids, her take on the Chiba vs. Byata battle and how she guarded against the sexual frustration that so many of the other girls in the house seem to be suffering from. Get a taste of Ms. 2States…if you’re nasty.

In one of the online extras from this week, one of the egotrip guys says that you were made for reality TV. Do you agree?

Yeah. A lot of the girls told me, “I didn’t know how to take you at first, because I thought you were just crazy.” But then when it came down to it and Rece got sick, or when I won the challenge and turned over the key to the Salt-N-Pepa Room, they got to see another side of me. Basically, what it is is there’s not going to be a dull moment if I’m in front of the camera.

Were you surprised to be eliminated?

Nope! I woulda been surprised to have won. I would have seriously questioned their judgment. I have been blessed. My name is known worldwide within a year of starting this career that I’ve chosen. I got exposure, I got to meet people that most people will never meet, I stood up there with the best of them. I went home sixth, I practically made it to the end. I’ve only been doing this for a year, versus girls who had eight years under their belt. Rece had 12! I made my mark. I don’t feel there was anything more I could have done on the show if I stayed till the last day. I shouldn’t have won. Why would a person who’s been doing it for a year beat out people who have years of experience? That woulda been sad.

You signed your email to me as “Miss VH1.”

Yes! I am Miss VH1. To hell with Miss Rap Supreme. Me, I was a figure to be reckoned with on this show. You either loved me or hated me, but you know who I am. I took a different crown. I’m taking the whole network.

How is it that you got into rapping later in life than most people typically do?

I chose to put my career on hold to raise my kids. As silly, as crazy, as wild as I am, I’m a mom first and foremost. I put my life on hold and raised the kids. I refused to have a babysitter, I didn’t want them to go to daycare, I wanted to do it. Once they were old enough to go to school, I just decided, now it’s my turn. I went back and I finished school for nursing. It was rough, but I wanted to have something to fall back on. The rapping thing was not a lifelong dream. It was an accident. I was joking. I was playing around! Other people took it seriously and pushed me. Because I like the limelight and standing in the front, the stage thing just came natural to me. I’m always shaking my ass, anyway, so…

You said you were just playing around. Does that mean rapping for your friends or whatever?

It was one time! I was dealing with this guy, and it was a roller-coaster relationship because he was more street. He had problems with the law, he had this court case coming up, and it reminded me of this Bonnie-and-Clyde type scenario. I was supposed to hold him down, and it was crazy. I decided to write a rhyme about it, for no reason. If I hadn’t dated the guy, I probably wouldn’t be rapping now, because I wrote a little rhyme, I got a little radio playing music in the background, and I pressed record. I taped myself rhyming to this music. I let this girl hear it, and she let other people hear it without my permission. By the time I got it back, people were saying, “I didn’t know you rhymed!” I said, “S***, I didn’t know I rhymed, either.” It just took off from there.

What do your kids think about your music?

Different opinions! My oldest, she’s my biggest fan. When I first started, she’d throw little things in while I was writing: “Oooh, say this!” My youngest daughter, on the other hand: “You’re too old for this. This is embarrassing. You can’t drop it like it’s hot. You look funny while you’re dancing. Don’t come up doing that hip-hop stuff in my school.” My boys, I could pee on the floor and they would clap.

Can you break down the ages of your kids for me?

No! (Laughs) No! Intelligent people can use the process of elimination and start using math. So no! I’ll never do that. I’ll say that I got teenagers, and my youngest is 9.

On the show, they said you had the most growth out of all the artists. Do you agree? Did the show help you improve as an MC?

No! That is not what the situation is. The language I use is a methodical choice to decide what I say when I choose to say it. I like to curse. I don’t have to curse. So when I rhyme, it’s just part of my personality that’s coming through. Me, I’m sexual, I’m playful, I’m silly, I can be rough. There are times when I want to speak about something motivational, so in that context, I don’t and I won’t be loud, screaming and cursing. There’s a time and a place for everything. I’m very versatile and I think that how they initially saw me was that cursing and sexiness was all I had to offer.

During the video challenge, Chiba and some of the girls criticized your overt sexiness. What’d you think about that?

One-eye patch can’t say anything negative about me. What I do on camera, the world can see. What you do behind closed doors, that’s who you really are. I’m not gay, I’m not bisexual, I’m straight, so I show what I like and that’s men. We weren’t around men on the show, so during the video, we were allowed on a 60-foot yacht to have some boys to play with and have some fun. She’s not going to speak about herself. She’s bisexual, so for her to sit up there and suck on Byata’s tongue in the first episode, I don’t understand the difference. I had my fun around men, you choose to have your fun around women. You didn’t see me stick my tongue in anybody’s mouth!

What did you make of the sexual tension in the house?

I’m comfortable around women because we’re the same. I’ll walk around naked in front of a woman. Women do stuff like that. We go pee together. We’ll go in the shower and have conversations naked in front of each other, and you still don’t want to have sex with them. But see, I never had any sexual frustration because I brought something with me to relieve all sexual tension. I didn’t have the problem that they had, to have to sit up there and fondle other women. I could just go to the bathroom, go to the shower and put my battery-operated on and take care of any sexual frustration that I had.

Then your excitement about the blow-up doll was real?

No! That was me acting silly. I couldn’t have actually done anything with the doll, because his penis was plastic. It woulda kept smashing. It was too soft.

What was your take on Byata and Chiba’s constant bickering?

I think they really were attracted to each other. Once they started having words, Byata probably didn’t know enough about Chiba at that point to know it was going to take this type of turn. I think they both bump heads because they both want to be in control. But I think deep down, they were really attracted to each other, they just didn’t know how to convey that message. So, instead, they fight like a couple. The funniest thing to me was when Chiba said to Byata, “You’re not gonna come in here and help me watch these dishes?”

Who was the best MC on the show?

It’s not one. We were all talented. My favorites are Rece and Cherry. Cherry is so animated, she should be a cartoon. I would love to get up on Saturday and watch her on a cartoon show. Rece comes at you like a lion. She’s got that energy.

The music you have posted on your MySpace is pretty hard. I wasn’t expecting your material to be so tough-sounding.

A couple of the songs on my page are specific. They were intended for the people that didn’t like it. I would get on the message boards and read people say, “Is this the best the world has to offer? I don’t think those females can rhyme well.” So, it was just a matter of letting them know that when you’re staying up all night long, running up your electric bill and staying on my page, what have you done? Where have you been? What do you drive? How you livin’? But I do prefer the hard style. Even now, I’m happy, I’m content, but my voice is strong. I have a lot of energy. When I’m doing it, the aggression comes out. Writing, rhyming, performing are all outlets.

What’s next for you?

There’s so much that I want to do. I want to write. Writing was my initial passion. I want to write books and movies, and I can use my face and name to go and write a book. Someone will publish it. I know they would because I am who I am. And I’m hoping that can open doors for more TV. I really want to be on television and stay on television. I’m putting out a CD in a month or so, and I’m continuing the music career, but I would drop it in a second if I could just stay on television.

Keep up with Nicky2States via her MySpace.

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