VH1’s 30 Hottest Stars – The Gentlemen


VH1’s Hottest 30 Stars - The Men!

With Maxim releasing its Hot 100 list, we thought the time was right to round up our hottest, sexiest, VH1 stars for our own list. We’re counting down 30 of Vh1’s hottest stars to ever grace our TV screens, and dropped our 15 favorite sexy ladies list last week. Today we present to you the finest male specimens VH1 has to offer. Can you guess which hunk nailed it at number one? Hop below the jump to peep our list, complete with a slew of sexy pics and an interview with our #1 pick. Drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

15. Flavor Flav – Flavor of Love
Sure he may not be conventionally sexy, but what other guy has successful made groups of women fall all over him (and in love with him) three different times? Flavor Flavvvvvvvvvvvvv!

14. Andre – America’s Most Smartest Model
The Russian model may be our most controversial pick due to his legal issues and drama-causing attitude, but we’re going on looks alone with this one. Sure he was smart, but who really cares? We’re just staring at his fine face.

13. Marcus Schekenberg – The Surreal Life
He’s the highest paid male supermodel in the f*cking world. Of course he’s on our list!

12. Scott Baio – Scott Baio is 45 and Single
We confess: we still love Chachi. What’s even hotter about this ex-playboy is his newly domesticated ways. Is there anything cuter than a guy with a great head of hair holding his baby? Nah, we didn’t think so.

11. Sargent Harvey Walden – Celebrity Fit Club
Forget his ripped body and stern but sexy attitude. What turns us on most about this workout warrior is his ability to tell off Dustin Diamond without blinking an eye. Hoooo-rah!

10. Ricco Rodriguez – Celebrity Rehab
He’s an ultimate fighter (read: hot bod) whose greatest fight was battling addiction. After his stint on Celebrity Rehab, Ricco embraced sobriety and got his life back on track. What could be sexier?

9. The Entertainer – I Love New York 2
Admit it – you were strangely turned on watching this pizza delivery guy suck on New York‘s toes. And even though he lied about his age and still lives at home with parents, we just can’t resist his New York charm.

8. It – I Love New York 2
It was hard work to see past all of It’s…mental situation to find his sexiness. Case in point:


But in the few seconds he wasn’t mugging, talking crazy or trying to shove his tongue down any of New York’s orifices, we could take in the fact that he’s a ridiculously handsome dude. He never looked better than on the epic and amazing I Love New York 2 Reunion, when all of his facial symmetry and 1,000-watt smile was on display. Take a look, he cleans up really well:


And anyway, his sexual aggression was more playful than anything. He really seems like a lot of fun. It could steal our flowers anyday.

7. Nick Hogan - Hogan Knows Best
He may just be 17 (eek, is this illegal?) but Hulk’s son is too sexy to pass up. The teen is currently mired in a bunch of legal drama after a car crash landed his friend in a coma and Nick in jail. Will he turn his sitch around for the better? A new and improved Nick would be super hot.

6. Chris Knight – My Fair Brady
Fact: Chris Knight is almost 50. Fact: Chris Knight has one of the best bodies on this fair network and a super sexy 24-year old wife. Fact: Chris Knight is ridiculously hot AND nice. Any questions?

5. Tango – I Love New York
Much is made of the impossible standards the media creates for women and their bodies, but men don’t have it much easier – even on the first season of I Love New York, the bulk of the dudes in the house were lean, mean and muscley. That made the jiggle in Tango’s step a nice alternative to all the male gristle. Thick in all the right places, it wasn’t hard for many of us to see New York’s attraction to this brick house of a dude. Some might say he’s chunky; we think he’s hunky.

4. Dr. Ian Smith – Celebrity Fit Club

There’s nothing sexier than a man who really cares about people. Even better, Dr. Ian does it while flashing that amazingly huge smile and tenderly admiring his wards with his gently, glowing eyes. Who doesn’t want to be his patient?

3. Bret Michaels – Rock of Love
The sun-kissed, silky hair. His tightly wrapped bandanna. That burning lust for the guitar. His lust for everything. He is the one and only Bret Michaels, and he TURNS.US.ON.

2. Buddha – I Love New York 2
New York may have rejected Buddha on the finale of ILNY2, but it wasn’t because of his looks. Have you ever seen a man so big, so bald, and so perfect? The real Buddha may be all about inner peace, but this Buddha makes us just WANT a piece.

1. Dr. Drew – Celebrity Rehab
Handsome. Intelligent. Sexy. Caring. Sane. VH1’s favorite doctor is the whole package – total hotness wrapped up with a bow. Even sexier? His shocked response when we told him he was at the top of the list. Nothing is more attractive than a humble guy, which is just one of the many reasons Dr. Drew is our main man.

We spoke with the doc about his thoughts on sexiness, and here’s what he had to say:

VH1: What do you find most sexy about another person?
Dr. Drew: The overall measure, if you really look at what people are attracted to, is health. And whether you put in on a rubric of pretty skin, or symmetry, or your weight’s under control, or you’re muscular or confident, or you have a good sense about yourself, or you want to contribute to the world, or you have a purpose in life. All those things are sexy, and all those things are about health.

VH1: What does being sexy mean to you?
Dr. Drew: It is a mystery to me; that I could be considered such is very mysterious.
So I can only respond to what other people seem to respond to, which is people seem to respond to the fact that I’m older and still healthy. And the other thing is, I’d put it under the headline of having something to offer. People may call it confidence
or being skillful or having an expertise, but when you boil it down, it’s about having something offer. And when you feel good about it, people tend to respond to that.

VH1: What would you say is the hottest thing about you?
Dr. Drew: My arms did something for Chelsea Handler, so it must be my arms!

Vh1: Do you have any songs that you consider sexy?
Dr. Drew: [Laughing] I like things that are comedic, so two songs popped into my head. One’s comedic and one isn’t. One was the “Humpty Dance,” and the other was an old Joe Cocker song, “You are so beautiful.” Both jumped into my head, just because I like humor, and I think that can be sexy too.

VH1: What is your biggest turn-off?
Dr. Drew: Rejection. And rejection particularly built on another person not appreciating what they are doing when they reject. To be rejecting, to be negative, I find that really unsexy.

VH1: What else is going on for you besides Celebrity Rehab 2?
Dr. Drew: That show is going to be off the hook! I’m doing a lot of radio these days. I’m doing a daytime radio program that covers general topics of the day, and then Loveline continues.

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