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“I don’t hold grudges forever. It’s not good for your spirit,” a softer, gentler Chiba tells us.

Below, Miss Rap Supreme‘s reigning queen of drama talks about pre-written lyrics, messing with her competitors’ heads, how her oft-mentioned car accident has turned her into an inspiration for young girls, and her sexual attraction to Byata that resulted in a season-long feud and helped define the show.

Were you surprised how much the show focused on the drama between you and Byata?

I was not surprised at all. At the end of the day, it’s television. That’s what they want. They didn’t pick the best lyricists to be on the show. They picked people with personality, people that would give them what they wanted.

It seemed like everyone in the house was grouped up against you.

They were!

That seems like a really stressful situation to be in.

It was. But at the end of the day, I was able to hang in there for a very long time. I coulda got eliminated in the first two weeks. I was able to hang in there as long as I did. I felt like I shouldn’t have been up for elimination since I won the last challenge. I thought that wasn’t fair.

Why do you think so many people in the house were against you?

Um…Byata knew some of the producers who were doing the show. For all I know, who knows? Maybe they told them to gang up on me to see if I would break. There’s no telling.

So you didn’t think that anything that you did warranted their response?

I didn’t deserve that. Not at all.

In this week’s extras, one of the egotrip guys calls you “crafty” and says that you were trying to screw with people’s heads. Do you agree?

No! I mean, I did go there with a strategy. But I did become friends some of the girls, and I wanted to with more. They gave me their ass to kiss after I shared my clothes with them. I shared socks, I shared underwear. I cooked for those girls. I helped them with their rhymes. I was being myself, but at the end of the day, I screwed with them about the contract. I wanted to throw them off their rocker, just like they were trying to throw me off mine. I told them that my contract was different from theirs, that they would be locked in. They didn’t know what was going on. A lot of those girls didn’t read their contract. I read mine thoroughly and had a lawyer explain it to me.

Where did all the drama start? Was it after you said that Bree should have won the gay-bar challenge?

Way before that. It really started when Byata saw that I won the first challenge. She didn’t say much, but I felt her vibe of her backing away from me immediately. If she would have won, I wonder if she would have stayed close to me. Byata is fake. I thought she was a real person. She traded on me, and those were real tears. I was really hurt by what she did to me. She told me she was homeless and I told her she could move to Georgia with me to do the music thing. Once Rece saw how close we were, she wanted to come in to break up the tightness we had.

Do you think your kiss with Byata complicated things?

Oh yeah. There was a little bit of emotion there…

Was there attraction there?

Definitely. I felt like I was attracted to Byata. I felt a connection with her immediately. We talked a while before we even went to the house, before we were even picked. It broke my heart. I thought we were going to become really great friends. But I would still work with her. I would work with any of the girls, it would just be business. Nothing personal. I don’t hold grudges forever. It’s not good for your spirit.

Does that mean that you identify as bisexual?

Yeah. I love women. I prefer a man, but I had a girlfriend at one point in my life. That was years ago, and I hadn’t been with a woman in years, but I was definitely attracted to Byata in that way.

In your exit interview, you talk about movies and soundtracks you have lined up.

Currently, I’m working on a film called The Vapors starring Cuba Gooding Jr. Also, I’m doing a film called Knucles with Tyson Beckford. Make It Rain, and a couple of other films. And then just making my album, doing shows. I have a show coming up in Philly and then Pass the Mic in New York on Thursday (June 5). I got a single coming called “Do That,” another song called “Throw Your Hands Up.” The hits are coming. I’m working!

Do you feel like your career got a boost from the show?

Yeah, but what matters to me more is that so many people come to me and tell me I’m an inspiration to them. Girls that have been scarred or had been beaten up by their boyfriends. Now they want to keep on going. I’m happy that I was able to touch so many hearts with my story of being in a car accident. That was a big accomplishment for me. Some people criticize me for wearing sunglasses, but I do that because my eye doesn’t shut all the way. It’s sensitive to light and without protection, things will get in it. It’s not me trying to hide my scar, it’s me trying to save the vision I have left.

I was surprised that when you took off your glasses, your eye really didn’t look messed up.

A lot of people think it’s worse than it is, but it’s come a long way. I’ve had seven surgeries and I need more. Hopefully, I can find a doctor to sponsor me (laughs) so that other people can see that.

One of the main points of the last episode, which definitely played a part in your elimination was using rhymes that were pre-written. How many of the challenge rhymes you used on the show were pre-written?

Mmm, two of them. Only two. Byata and them had pre-written rhymes, too. And Nicky2States. And Rece Steele. They all did. When I admitted it, they threw it all my way, and that was bulls***. When she was up for elimination, Byata spit some rhymes she already had, and I knew that because she had already spit them to me before we moved into the house! But I didn’t bring that to no one’s attention, because I didn’t care. I wasn’t trying to harp on every little thing.

No one was afraid to do that after what happened to Khia?

Khia sold records. We didn’t sell any records. Our stuff wasn’t copyrighted. The producers told me, “Chiba, you guys can use whatever it is you want, as long as it isn’t copyrighted. As long as you haven’t sold any copies of it.”

That’s interesting because I thought the whole point of the challenges was to come with something fresh off the dome.

Right, and for the most part, I did come with originality. I sat there and wrote. You see me sitting there writing. But being that I admitted that, the girls tried to say that everything I had was written. And that was not true.

Do you regret admitting that?

Definitely. But at the end of the day, the show wasn’t about lyrics. The show was about drama.

In that case, Chiba certainly is Miss Rap Supreme.

Definitely. It was so much better for me, because it seemed like the whole show was about me. You know how many people called me after Monday and said, “You know I ain’t watching that s*** no more now that you ain’t on it?”

Who was the best MC in the house?


So much is made if your conflicts, but did you make any friends via the show?

I talk to Bree, Lady Twist, D.A.B. and Lionezz like everyday. Me and Lionezz already have a song together, “So Sexy.” It’s on her MySpace.

Any regrets?

I probably wouldn’t have been as open with someone I was attracted to so fast. I should have waited to see all of Byata’s sides before opening up so much. But that’s the only thing I’d change. Other than that, all of that’s Chiba!

Keep up with Chiba via her MySpace.

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