Ashanti Psyched About Her Hot Bod



Woohoo! Ashanti, who performed on Good Morning America this morning to promote her new album, is clearly psyched by how damn good she looks. She’s almost as pumped as former famous dude Ja Rule is about now singing in her shadow. Ouch.

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  1. courtney says:

    why post this stuff

  2. woladaiez says:

    ashanti look nice in those outfit

  3. Country78321 says:

    She is hot, but not as hot as Adrianne Curry. I heard Adrianne is gonna be on Celebrity Circus with her husband. I think the show is airing on June 11th at 8:30/7:30 C on NBC>

  4. destinyV says:

    Ashant is in the best shape of her life why should she worry.

  5. tazz says:

    H@z $h3 H@d @ b@by cuz when $h3 f!r$+ c@m3 0u+ $h3 w@z v3ry v3ry $k!nny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. chris k says:

    I must not be looking at the same pictures as most everyone else. She looks a little heavy in the legs.

  7. mikejones says:

    You guys need to expand your politcal awarness and check out my new fav clip of Hillary,%20Clinton

  8. SassyLou says:

    Let’s look at this in a “realistic” intelligent way.

    1. She has output nothing musically that will go down in history

    2. Is probably the worst decision maker especially when it comes to motherhood or any other form of intelligent thought whatsoever.

    3. Obviously is on pharmaceutical drugs and probably takes them illegally.

    4. The VH1 site is owned by Viacom which writes these farce blogs to make ignorant teens think they are getting real news and opinion thought. These “artists” are under corporate contract which is the ONLY reason you know they exist!!!

    5. If ignorant teens looked back at the history of these “BANDS” and REAL ARTISTS such as Led Zeppelin, KRAFTWERK, Billy Joel, COMMODORES, Earth Wind and Fire, BLONDIE, Fleetwood Mac, Phil Collins, Lou Rawls, Prince, Giorgio Moroder, Hall and Oates, INXS, Huey Lewis and the News, Peter Gabriel, THE POLICE, PowerStation, Queen, Chromeo, Escort, SKYY, Shalamar, PATRICE RUSHEN , GAP Band, Sugar Hill Gang, ELO, the KINKS, PINK FLOYD….

    ..they will see that to be famous you actually had to PERFORM an icredible act of would be bood off the stage and no interest would be given to you. The older generation did not allow to be “Spoon-Fed” crap art.

    do I need to go show how today’s music is controlled and really blows?? Most “artists” today (young and ignorant) can’t play and instrument and only know how to loop 4 bars together???

    Most of the bands and artists listed above did not SAMPLE and had to CREATE their songs from thin air! Not told in a contract what they had to to.

  9. tanaya says:

    i think that she looks great and i know that her album is going to be great. but ja rule needs to come back and stop the bull !*(* and come back with some good music cuz that last song wasn’t all that good. sorry!

  10. algDDD says:

    She is really hot. She posted her personal pix on the celeb dating site’s she looking for there?

  11. R says:

    SassyLou, who posted on June 8th at around 10 something is SO ON POINT.
    I LOVE SASSYLOU>you said it.

  12. kisses 4 u says:

    ashanti is pretty and i wish her and nelly good luck

  13. Jennifer says:

    She looks pretty. Just saw her profile on millionaire dating site called last week. She is writing her blog there.

  14. Jerusha Dowdy says:

    Ashanti is always banging I love her she’s the best

  15. Jerusha Dowdy says:

    Ashanti will always have her die hard fans no matter how much bad things people say about her we all think she has mad style and a beautiful personitly,I think thats why so many people are drawn to her.I mean thats why were here on this site posting good comments about her.She’s the best 2 me. Hope she gets everything she wants and deserve. Calling All ASHANTI FANS

  16. Jerusha says:

    Ashanti is always banging she has sush a nice personitaly and a hot boyfriend.I love her she’s the best

  17. Linda Donaldson says:

    I’m glad that ashanti is back and I wish her nothing but many blessing and I was glad to see my favorite rapper JaRule.

  18. JERUSHA says:

    She is always banging