Five Great Things About the Miss Rap Party



When you’ve got big ending, you’ve gotta have a big party. There was lots of fun at the Miss Rap Supreme bash last night at Brooklyn’s Southpaw club. The ego trip team knows about crafting a proper throw-down, and with several of the femcees in the house, and inimitable Sacha Jenkins playing host, the action was non-stop. A somewhat crazed audience watched the final episode together, got caught up in the show’s spirit, and partied down as each of the ladies (including winner Rece) gave us a taste of their skills. Five great moments, you ask? Let’s count ‘em down:

5. The Roar Of the Crowd
Battle rapping ain’t nothing without an audience, and with the finale blasting on the club’s big-ass screen (otherwise known as the wall, y’all, how Brooklyn is that?), the crowd had no problem bellowing praise for the incisive disses spit by Byata, Miss Cherry, and Rece. Miss Cherry said B was like “Fergie.” Bam – the audience was roaring. The Brooklyn babe fired back that Cherry had no juice, “you’re all dried up, ma.” Bam – the audience was whooping. Then Rece grabbed the mic and clocked both with a string of curses, saying she had check list and she was not only gonna “cross out” the competition, but “bury you where you live.” Bam – the audience went wild. The night’s energy started to take off from there.

4. Nicky 2 State’s Nasty, Nasty Mouth
They don’t call it the dirty south for nothing. That Alabama part of Nick‘s approach busted loose when she wielded the mic, got that gleam in her eye, and started rolling through some very (ouch!) explicit rhymes. Actually, the bluntness was refreshing after so many TV bleeps throughout the show’s season. Sex is one of hip-hop’s bedrock elements, and Nicky’s escapades weren’t over when the mic got passed. Dressed in what host Jenkins called “that gold negligee,” she looked rather hot bumping rump and popping coochie with enough fervor to seem like she was in a 2 Live Crew video.

3. Kicking It Old School
Lady Twist – there’s something fantastic about her, right? Cornrowed and in control, she started off rapping over Soulja Boy’s bubblegum anthem (with Byata showing some expertise in the “Superman” slide move), and as the song took off, her somewhat rudimentary skills became more and more endearing. “Crack that dictionary,” she roared as a challenge to other MCs and a dare for kids to increase their vocab. There’s something Biz Markie about her flow – she likes to have a good time with those rather simple rhymes. The high point came when she speed-rapped (that’s the “twist” part).

2. Camaradie In the House
Miss Cherry, Byata, Lady Twist, Dab, Nicky 2 States, and Rece herself – it was a nice turn out by the contestants last night. But it was even more impressive to feel the vibe that they shared together on stage. Rather than come up one at a time to spit their stuff, all the ladies stayed on the stage and added “Oh yeahs!” and “Uh Huhs!” as each of them took their shot up front. Byata was texting and dancing, Dab was always demanding more from the crowd – their unity fostered a family vibe, and it bolstered the energy level. Even Bellhop Willy jumped in.

1. Sacha Jenkins’ Motor-Mouthin’ Hosting Skills
“Lemme see some dollahs! Lemme see some dollahs!” Ego trip’s main man was on a roll last night, a non-stop hype man, fersure. “She might need some security,” he screamed about Rece, “cause she’s got a 100 Gs, 100 Gs!” Jenkins is a natural pundit, at home explaining himself, the music he loves, and the culture that surrounds it. The Jewels? On getting one of the girls up to NYC: “How many of you paid $5 to get in here? Gimme that shit back. C’mon, this is worth $15. She flew up here with her own money!” On having catholic tastes: “I remember when I was the brother wearing skateboard sh*t, and motherf*ckers from the projects were throwing 40s at me, telling me it was some white boy sh*t. Straight!” On the rivalry of the Bronx’s Rece and Brooklyn’s Byata: “BX and BK all day!” And his finest moment, on why Miss Rap Supreme contestants are different than those on other shows: “They wasn’t on TV trying to be Flavor‘s b*tch – none of that sh*t. They’re not working for some gold fronts. This is all about rapping!” At the end of the night he grabbed an electric guitar and skronked his way through some incoherent riffs. “How about that,” he said, “a black boy doing some white boy sh*t.”

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  1. Charsla Garrett says:

    Ms Cherry should have won hands down

  2. drake says:

    i miss byta she was my favorite

  3. addicted2chiba says:

    That party looked dried out bcuz the REAL MISS SUPREME was not in the building and it was evident. And the next time yall wanna claim the crowd was so hype….show us some proof pics!! We seen enough pics of them talentless already has beens.

    The REAL Winner: (btw, this is a hater free zone)

  4. afddf says:

    She is gorgeous. seems saw her before on a celebrity and millioniare dating site like Searching or something. But don’t know if it is her.

  5. CURIOUS843 says:

    OH WOW !!
    I Hope the ladies collaborate on some songs in the future. WHERE THE HELL WAS CHIBA-CHIBA- YALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL !! I think the ladies would have gotten along fine now that the competition is over and they dont have to live with one another. Chiba was one of the final 4 -she should have been there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. mom1 says:

    Who is Rece Steele’s mom?

  7. Grampaw says:

    Willy for President!

  8. platinum angel dangerous! says:

    i cant believe i missed it!!!!

  9. mzDee says:

    Cherry is a beast too bad she didn’t rhyme off wit reese cuz then it would hav been a real Competition between the real lady killas

  10. mzDee says:

    Twist got cut 2 short she would hav murdered it in the end

  11. mzDee says:

    Beyata did her thang on the finals didn’t expect that

  12. mzDee says:

    Chiba wasn’t there cuz they was scared that she would have taken tha crown 2 soon

  13. resa says:

    even if ms Cherry don’t winI Hope she continue this career to get a deal, I think she’ll make good music and I can see her working with someone like Missy

  14. addicted2chiba says:

    My sentiments exactly Curious843 and mzDee!! A party aint a party if CHIBA CHIBA YALL aint in the building!!! I heard at least 5 people wanted their money back, and it was only six people there, LOL.

    I’ll rep CHIBA all day bcuz she is da TRUTH…

    VH1 GIVE MY BABY CHIBA A SHOW please :)…!!!

  15. iRep4Chiba says:

    A party aint a party without CHIBA CHIBA YALL in the building….!!!

    Yall must be CRAZY if you think my baby can’t write her rhymes!!!.. this sh*t she spittin off the top of the dome is way way WAY hotter than any of that b.s. them haters spit the whole show…..u tell me if im lying.. ….(and she dancing while doing it!!!)

  16. jessica says:

    I think neither one of them should , because both of them weren’t that hot.

  17. luvnrealitytv says:

    I wish Ms Cherry could’ve won. The show showed her missin up alot, however when she flowed, she was the best. Too bad she didn’t shine on the diss rap in the end. Oh well the winner doesn’t always shine cuz I remember on Missy Elliots show, A sho nuf super star won, girl was bad plus some. And we never heard from her since. Reece Stelle is bomb though. Glad Byata didn’t win.

  18. MDRS says:

    cherry should have won. best flow, best delivery, best looking, i even liked her rhymes the best. yoyo and serch made great calls all the way until the end. i don’t get it. unless cherry’s going to make a living on the streets battle rapping, i think cherry would have had the dopest album with her $100,000. oh well, great show vh1. when’s the next ms rap supreme?

  19. !LuvMissCherry says:

    I agree Miss Cherry was the best she should have won
    dats my b**** se went hard on the show

    I Wish you the best Miss Cherry