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  1. Jay says:

    why dont ya’all have BRET Michales on there taking shots of jack from a rabid fan? DUMBIES

  2. admmyf says:

    i am not surprised at all. I just saw more of her bikini pix on a celebs dating club’Searching Millionaire. c o m’.i also noticed some of her hot videos there…is it herself who did that?

  3. Tawny says:

    I try and view the video’s and all I get is commercial after commercial. What is wrong with this page?

  4. Mossy Dale says:

    The celebs are lucky. I abused drugs & alcohol for 15 yrs, then checked myself into a Mental Health & Wellness Center for detox. It was awful! Most people in the program were ordered there by a judge, and all of us were treated like criminals, regardless. A hard-ass state trooper made us all stand up one at a time in front of everybody, and confess our drug abuse, and then he’d say meanly, “You ought-ta be in jail!” Or “You ought-ta be in prison!” It was humiliating. Dang, you guys are lucky! And I bet you’re getting paid for it too, right? Actor’s Guild and all? Lucky you!

  5. Cindy says:

    What happened to the girl Brett Michaels picked last season? Does anyone know?

  6. s mann says:

    narcissism to the core. Thats what dr tebot said in aa comes of age, long before dr drew made his discovery regarding same. putting these jerks on tv really does nothing for narcissisim but make it worse. big shots on parade. this is sick. but it makes a lot of poeple a lot of money. making money at the exspence of gruggies and drunks. keep coming back it works if you work it and have enough money.